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J. B. HICHOU ARD tONa, p&iirrKU, 

25, PAMJllttKTaTBKIft. 



TiiK completioii of the first of out- Iialf-yearly volumes for 1S53 
calls apon m to iwldrosa afvvr words to our readers; aiid this neoee- 
Mtyr and tbe aeuoQ in which it occurs, remind tu of a brid" mythic 
story which may serve for tlie nonoe by way of apologoe. 

In the ^ttering rcnlraa of Soiiy-land tliere lately dwelt « rattier 
ioipcriouB moc of gnoineit, who were admitustered to by a trot^ of 
dves under an accomplished euporintt'iidcnL Tho gnouics lived 
upon the breath of flowers; and to collect the latter the elves Hprcad 
ibcnueivcs abroad and pintbered ttie precious caaencci aa gay of 
spirit the while ns Prince Charles and Endyniioii Porter when they 
went " a May-dewing " witli the coy intiutaa of Spain. 'Hie sole 
reward asked for by the elvish gatherers of floweiy essences was 
that they might be repaid by tlie smiles and protection of the way- 
ward masti-rs whom they fnitlifully served. It wiis wlicii flowers 
were at their bri^hteitt, and when the willing labourers had borne a 
tribute of rich Bnuiiu to their lords, tliat, at a signal fnirn his chief, 
an olf who bluslied at being so honoui-ed, stepped diffidently forward, 
aod ventured to express a lic^ie that llie [)4iflt fatigues of liimself and 
worthier oompocrs w^re acct^jitabl« to the lugh mightinesses for whom 
they toile.1. " Sirroh," replied the gnomes in choms, "the atde 
characteristic tlutt we liave in common with mortals is oblivion of 
past soriees ; our gratitude, like that of the sons of earth, consists 
in the same ' livdy sense of favours to come' If it be true, as one 
id the most tuneful of lliosevartldy cliildren has said, that even 'God 
is blest when man reed ves,' why should you expwjt furtlicr nclcnow- 
le^gment than that we consume yuur tribute, Hnd nit expecting for 

It was all tliat tlie Itand of workers desired, and tee are, oven as 

'j i:i , ■ i-rriiiU'-" i' v-t Imi. — uir ^wc niiitfji. w* '.-ijiriyEt — incrtai!*ji2 
'j-rii>iij' uii'm: uiAii uii' iiiitini: . 

■ ' t. -.'U' tuu: tii*n^ » L iuiMiur vluok ^itsyBi-.t yen., aai sncii ft 
(iiw^u' v' A" > »«iiuiui M luuiio II intcumn:. L » bul ir JTsecii' 'inu 
.v v^'^*^ »^^*n _^tatn luf Hu'swi^ unci tuit ruer Baaniec u< lum lqC 
«t *> Iff iaxyt- i\f zw. iw^ ttiir lit bsr^ iter . Timfc. osftexid t^kid it, 
lijf ity; t« •tti uiti Wjiiuw; lit »i3.}K?ri'2i'j*!C d&lii:bl in iraterinc in* 
vi^Uf^ ijuvuv * Hiiviy. iju' uvjuuK tLit?% w t iidr purUKr in bs icd. 
»»vf. tiP^Auint taw^^tuWn^vjUMiiuBJiij^ ID "Onr&Hf^ gt ewi-udc:, sod 
ttA BU'-': Muti •^■rttLtL rvi'jm-fi'^wi'jT h'J tr, tii>- end. LakeJaeoii^ too, 
w« Kf-i; wiUiu;,; Vj Im^^jut. um«i whii muci erieodim UD our loal tint 
»wtpfyvn. iiix, tujd ItujAL w &t Jt>'4«d. w'icb Leali in {nssesacD. for 
tiit^i'il ui yrju\^r^ ]>ik>^ liim. H' me Lsre kthiered mndb, we shill 
**Af»\'ji\^t v^ ^w^-ve iu-fpr, aud tf ihe EUciid trf' onr bopes be die 
*:f/iut^i'jyaA xMvd '/f' 'xu* oidearoorf — « ocmsimuiuaaoD wluch we 
tuui V/ vl;i^»»f bv reoewtfi extrtioos — gnixmide wil] lemj increased 
vaW/Iv v> ttit virt ju^■^dIii« aiid vigTffyu!! beaH of 

Stlvams Trbax. 





JANUARY, 1853. 



MUUUrOn>tllOt.-S«UuD «( lU tnl Skd or Omtrrtm tfrnttm tt Hm 
a«w«aaniwii— AiMifrncu**— m>*Mi>it*a>iACiiwa(fan(i<ihtljUi)r. Hmwii • 

VMt ClUtflMlbe Rn( ia lh« likleor Wight S 

Orifin*] Ltltcn of Benjamin Pnmklin ..,,.,. $ 

FAitnclU and pD(B[Mdoiir 9 

Henry NewMiD«, lie PoritMi ^TUaticlusUT , Ill 

A Jonrcinr frosi !.xwiM to Plrij In the jnt IIM : b; Sir Alcxaadtr Dick, drt. 

of IVc>tc(ificl4, BMi Edinbnrgb M 

The CloKtrr Uk of the Einptrar Cliulo (lie fitih 26 

Wnulervip of m Anlii|iiAr)r; bp Thomai Vrrighl, E«a. F.S.A.— No. IX. A 

Vbtl to the lim rnlrtnchmcbt* ox thr Bonbn oC Walca {vilk Kttfratimft) 37 

Kepott .'f (111: (''■"imiiuMitiera ou Uio Uiii*cr«U]t of Cambridgv ** 

COIRlr' > SYLV.AMIS CIIDAH -The ilocnnnraC Ibe tounnniUtc CKHicvplWu 

Ml iu nlattan to Art' HL Marf Aib— SL tjnuli and Hit Ebnn TliuiiMibl 

Vtrtla'-Tc.-; '.'Ill tat MirCittKt>MUlIir1eT.3ti>vpitil>i>-K)Ti»*>l(W^tl>*w"l*l*'i} . *T 

KOTU or TIIK MDNTH^rropOMd Natlonat fBlac* cf tbe Arts *nil adaseei— Bay*l wA 
AM« — ii *alB«(«tf-Aamh»laaorEinT»r<tinolwl!-"-' •m' -"■tHn>--ABnli«n<ary«( 
tbaB«taal(*ltMlFly-t.'iilrcrit»«( OuililUiiv- fcr^ i >.<a]KiJ<iii4- -nw(uffi( 
or HiMllard'McKM tke Srhoob UHI Ho^plUb nf Li.i.i .'i tIeuH ■) SIM- 
flirt.apiHi-Ann -Aiitsanipb Lrctsn rf bdrM-CODtiiui.-' i- ,„ .it» of Aulo««pli»— 
Anni|n*fU» Work* ID i<npmntiaa M 

UmCKICjU. XSU^ 1-.>:VIKIVS. - Tba Lidr of (fat Lak». ItliMMkl tiy 
rvlHruHl UiltMd.M; 1. ilioGouMntbliln AnluniUakaltndKil. UIMorr 
Saefrtr.A: Doi't ni<i<>r.' ' .vn^Mitilvf l.roipiUiiri.aii: tlodvlD't ttlnmtiu 
RaUH.M) lli»Mr<M Ji><. .n. A, i Piud.117'. Piopcrwii tod IVir U>«. CI i 
taCTilHIMSttiaalauulcr, ikl, lu^'-lsr^ nrt«L A»nTriihi>. H; X«w BlMluil AlluaiiJ 
teqitBN QBoMNr. M t Aduu**! I^IUidmmit llanAbuk. it. ■ I^mou.. hj ■>. It. rirk*. 
A.) fclaiiA'UfeMdCwTeipailiteiHVcfJuIiii FiiMcr, ifl, i Uoultric*! PikOc^ Utnoitu vf 
Wm. mnr irUlECT.«6i Uml HmIOi.Ui Dantlni'a Vtlkt aflor Wild rtowcn. 89: _ 

Cnut>*'HDawiIvt.*xfan,«iJHlBarlbTlt'< •» 

AXTIQCAKUN ReSCAJtCaCS-SKiMy of AriUqnarhM. TH Aicl^ivalMlnl lulHnto, T>: 
SttlU* ArtbMloaksi .Uatduioii, TS : $«cIMr of AuHqiuiHcdi nr NrmiUe-Dpoit'Triia, «h S 
TorlibtrrAn^lwliicvJStciMy ^ t* 

mSTOBfCAl. VlUOnCl.t.- l-arctn K(«i. I'DiiCTKl of Uu boko H WolUnKloii. Mid XM- 

laMli OwnnWKFs i» 

hnnuOnu «Bd PiManaontt. U: Uiritaoi'I Mini^u *^ 

OBtTCinv . iHlh Itnnnln rf Ttw Curl ot Shniiibuiy ; The CmioW- (rf I.ftti.Iai» : rioiiiiMr 
L«tT lltclMMi > Mr Julin L. limine, lutl. . %U Wm. £arlc Wrlln'. ttan. 1 »tr Jwlali 
JAbOoM, Dart.i Ur-vl -Giin. ^ir II V Ilciu^rtc. lJr.'iit,.timgnJ WMorui •(Ir KdoiPl 
9U>k7i Ootaral fimrti. X r. ^ <'a|ii. T. L Icof. IL Kiie- i Oipt. T. V, llaUcr, It ^-i 
Mt. SmjkDI lUlnmlii Him lUrrv ; K<*. I.ituunl llaneint Rffr. llMirjr HaMsl ; mftv 
•vr Rai-ani Jslici Sunilhni ltr^iuldi>, Bni.^ Wlllkm tWteiiUnr, Kmi. ; Ucv. I'sUih' 
ni«M>: Ito. II J. 8. BniWtMi if r. tlunnv Filrbnil i Jam. V«ii>lwi)n) iK-lo* 

.•mai{«4in Chnnolwlul tMa -■ ■<» 

(MraMienjiiM'i IMumt «f tbuMIl/ ta tM lMio»«ll*-'lUrhal>. Ill : MMeorgloclcil 
Omn-DtarttiMol ■HitUt -. ■'> 


King Charltj in the ImU of WighU 


pAMil, tn loilor-wriliDi;. N ij-bt clwcd 
in i RUppcr-tiiiio arrJTod; tbo gnliuarjr 
Attooduit* nsMmblcil to air ait the cool- 
ing of his majnlj to parUkc of tlic 
CBstotawrj ia«al ; aRcr aoiuc litllc de- 
laj, ll»« iikrliam«nt*r]r cautinimoiH'n 
and other pcrtonv in aalborilj, vho 
were in ttic habit pf vroilitig ii[k>ii hii 
uuyerty tit thai tiuiVi bcj^i to auspcci 
that •onitLhiog wm wtmiI);. Oraniw^U 
bftd tilroadj mnic<l Culoiicl W'luUojn 
who wu tho cliicf military |)cnoB 
llicre. of the rutnoun of noiac nltvinpt 
Rfaintl Ibc King, and had urjint kim 
t(i"baviiacare"«fUi»gnarda. nliidlc; 
and the catnBiiNwtMin went itnight to 
ihcKing'a Aparluii:nt,wk<uvlhu)r found 
ao King, but iutlcm dinsutvd to then- 
•dTM. Dj lbc*e explaiiatoi-j uuMira* 
llic parliament nna nation were ap- 
priseil tJtat hii niajot;r> aiiiiTchnnitirc 
that some da)|;eratv |)«nuDii tutd n du- 
ilpi to aMMsinato liliu, bnd withdrawn 
Imuairi irith, iritcniion (o remain coa- 
waled until the parliamuat and amy 
bad ooioe to an agmnnent >a to the 
tenna of peace ia which llivr ilccmed 
it fit for luju to cuacur. 'Adinga of 
tht* gnat eruit were iiutaatly ^dia- 
pakhed to ibc chief ]>^r>ont) tn autba- 
rilr> Aoiongst ihvruil, \Mkall«jr|)oelcd 
olf one of bLi dngiMtia to Criju)nt.'l)t 
who won then atationvd iit I'uLncy, and 
at iwtilvc oVlocIc of ihii same iii);bt — 
the very ciiiit of Cromiveira fate as 
well ai the King'a — ]i« urnouncol the 
event to llic H))eakcr lu )ilaiii WLiblicr- 
Uke Icnnd in a letter froin Uamptoii 

In the iQCitDliiiic, wbtrc wiu) tUn 
Kins P Si-nrthin)f nyiinrl the jinlitcct 
irawn of bonea were fuuud at tliv back 
duor of the pirdcD. There was a war 
of conimanicatioii frofu the Kings 
apartiucntiDlo thegonli:n. Thalwuy, 
it wn» riKhtly coiieJudcdt ibe Ktiig hml 
gftae- He left the palace a lillle before 
nine, ncfuiiipinied only by Will, I>evg. 
At Dicimi. A.ibburiiliHiii mid Ik-rkelry 
wcru wuiUiiK iur liiin. Aftvi' ii i;oii- 
fercncc between the King and Axb- 
bunihsm they ull four oUriott oil* 
thraugh Oatlanilti Pjirk, the King lead* 
Ing the way. The iii^bi ttan »i> in- 
tensely dnric. that, fRmitiur ox tin- Kiii^ 
was with all that eoumry. liny losi 
their load, went len m\\e» oul of ihe 
way. nml, imteiil ol rc;*rbiii^ 8«ltoa 
in llarap4liire. [Long Siitlon ?] wW- 
tlicr a ivhiy of honca lud bemi aeiii 

funrnrd the ptcrkHUdA^, thno hviir». 
a* they expected, bflforo diiybrwak, 
they were not there unltl dnwn. Tber« 
they Itatl, al»o. a jiKwf of the ftrange 
carclcnneM niul want of farerifpU 
wlueh yhnraetcriieil lli< whole proceed- 
ing. Tbcir i<T"rfl>il| wb* nud tbo 
ebnrg* of Uie bortes, came vut to 
uiMtt (lietn with tidings Ibut a county 
comntitteo of parliament - ucu wad 
lodging in the inn where they ioleu<led 
to take refrvthuent- 

Wet and weary oa Uufy were tbc 
boTMa were ordered oul, and Ifadr 
journey imnnodialcly rMUDWil. Now 
Uicy bcgnii to confer wluther they 
were goinfi. Ad tbey had luft Ibe op- 
porluuity i>f couveroation in tlic inn, 
ihe^ walked down the next hlU, with 
their honoR in thar handa, and as iboy 
walked "consultcl whnl" Ihey "wens 
to do." AAer soino were cbit-ehaUos 
it would MNUn, the Klu;; annuunocd hjif 
deteimtnallon to " go for the UIo of 
Wigbl," but, before lie did so, directed 
Atihbunibaii) and lierkdcy to cron 
over thither and oonfls- widi tli« new 
governor of that iaUud for ilic pnrlia- 
ment, Culnnel Hammond, and under- 
Uaud l^wu hiui what kind of reception 
be WHS willing to give the King. In 
the aicanbmc, tlie King and ^VilU 
I>e^ were to make their way to Tlch- 
PieM, where they were suoure of |in)|ier 
Irealiaeul at a residence of Lord 
Southampton's, inliatnted by hit mo- 

Tocar^out thin plan tlie pnrty.inin- 
raled. Tlie King readied TieUtidd in 
the cvcninj; of the I'ith NoTcnibcr, and 
A»hbiiriilinin and DtTkcley arrirod ut 
l.yoiinglun tbe same iiij;lit. Tlia nn- 
iher wu tto bnd that they were unable 
to cross to Yarmoutb until tbc next 
morning. By ten o'clock ihcy reached 
Cnriibronk. The gorcmor — a young 
man, nephew to Dr. Hnminnnil, King 
Charles's ehajiliiin. but sun-tn-biw to 
IIani|)d«n. and eilremely intimatt; 
wilh Cromwell— was not at bnme. lie 
hiitl JUMI nxlt- uul lowHnI* Ncwjiorl. 
Aihburnlinin and Uerkcley went after 
biiu. 'niL-y overlook biin on tlio high 
rom). Bcrketey, byAsbburnbam'a de- 
sire, broke llic iRibjcct of tli>>ir cora- 
miKiinn to biui. tlr. him at lint almo«t 
overwhelmed wilb imtuuiaJuneut ; be 
grew pale and tremliled " Ibat 1 did 
really believe," nay* Sir Jului Berkeley, 
" lie would have fallen ofl* bis hone," 



King ChwU4 in Iht Itte of Wight. 

but after a litUc redeotioo he beoDM 
raaanml. Ilu set bcforo tbem his 
dOuUciluiy. Hixl voiiI<l unilm-liUca no 
fiuiber, ibiw Uiiil, il' hii luajvcty put 
himwJT iu kia jiower, be waulit iki 
ufaalevv roald bo npcoUil A-om n 
pvmn or lioocnir and honesty. Ut' 
coane. ibit iboulU not luivo tatitlitnl 
ih« King** meaacBgci*. Bui U iVui 
utbry tliem. Wben, snerwonb, tim 
■arid uxrhinipil n^ioFl their folly, 
lltev tbruw tbc Ubma on utio unollier, 
uta on tlic bcM jiHlffmont wv imn 
forai Ajlibuniluun wu the more rHulty 
of l&i> two. Thii aceina (wnfinni^l 
br what cnsuod on tli«ir return to 
Uiarla wilb Kimmonil nnil I)Af.I:et, 
lb« governor of Cowc* oiutic, in their 
ly. "Oh Jack, you hdve un- 
imel'*nclaiinc(l tbe King. Aab- 
ibARi inilntillyiook tbobl.tbiL'Upon 
wlf I.J ndcnnff lo Mt ibe King 
lugunbytbeMttOMinBtianof Ilnm- 
■nd uaaket — « propoadL wbkli 
I ihowildnowMUindiavrirtion of 
h«rBClcr. " Uiw mojcsity j udgoJ it 
wu Kow t<Ki \tJM Co baeglt-'," mivn ftir 
John I(«rkd«y, tud yielded biiuli>.-il' lu 
tlw lk«w cm^wly wtiidi liia followers 
hftil ihu) MTonged tor him. It is of 
Utile iiftc )pcculBtioa ufon po«nbi[iti(«, 
but it •ecDui la iftbuKingi lifu might, 
bATe been uv«(l Mml Ibu wIiqIu ctuivat 
ofKngUtbbtitoryaltvri.'diif, inetcalor 
Muding Afhburtilintn nnil Dcrki^Iv^ to 
UMDmond, Chorlticoukt Iutc awutt<l 
ikv arrival of «ouie am nil croft frotn 
Fraiicv, or bav« iu-r«ng«<l with i»obi« of 
1^ fi«li«rni«a of !>ouU>aiii|it>n valcr 
lor « pavHgo to tlig voBtincnt- 

At Carisbrook the King avta bcgnn 
to QBUrd, in ■ very undifpiilioJ my, 
witJi IIatnmon<l| luxl to plot fi^ un 
cKspc ilia old tcrvunU were n- 
MOTcdi and a«w onva [iW«d kboat 
luBitorac of whan were *pic»i oUiort, 
u Tiliw Mul J^lrvbrai.'Ci |irori:i,l tmo 
UDdor all cinuwiUuKLii. Tlii: first 
cadaftTour to cITcct an cstapc tooL 
io ilATcb 1&I». Mo.1t of Uic 
nMT pnblithci) roiulu to Llie 

cr I. if writtm by tlm King in 
Ini Drdimrr linmli nud it tignGil in Vv» 
ftccuitoinrJ wn; . It ia tlirixtvil " Fur 
C>fK TiKuv" Inil due?! nitl Neuni to bnvu 
been clmed ur folUml like »n urdinary 
lctt«i, but uicrdv to bavfl been doa* 
bletl up in ■ m«U oomtiau. It mj^bt 
htttrc D«cii put into thu liugcr ot h 
glova OT bocu tuild with cnoc in itm 

pnliu orthi.1 bnnil, ao h« to be pvsed 
tVom haud to band witbout obeervm- 
tion. The Kino dectarei hi* necMsity 
to Iw greater cWn vrer, nnd pleitgcs 
hiRMulf tlint fCrvioiM <l«tie to btm at 
tliis time aliall hiivo tli«t 6rAt pliicQ in 
bii thuugiiti^ wh«utV'cr be ilmllbc in n 
i.'on<li[ioii to rtiqiiito hid frioiida and 
pily IiIh Liiemie*. " Lastly," lie adil*, 
"nxnuuru rrcry anv thnt with lue pw- 
Miit Mrricen wipcn cut former fajlt." 
Xhid was proUibly a Ivltcr writt«n as 
a kind of nutliority to be ahown by 
Tilux to oth^ir jiurMni who wore to bu 
employed in mdins ibe KingV etrHpo. 
It a Ululated. Tberc tt a fac-tumik 
of llii» letter iu Clutterhuolt'a Uert- 
fonlrhiro, i.'.34.5. 

Letter II. like nil llto reinntnilei' \a 
in a feigned legal band. It d<IdreM» 
Titus 9U Vi'. and \s txjfam'i J, TkLt 
t«tter, w)ii<h [ik« th« fanner iswilliQut 
* daU, v!\i written nftfit the Kiii^'a 
inetT^ctuol iilt<.-]ii|)t nl an vscapc, wWn 
he WHS unable to na£s his body be 
twoen Ihc barn, lie roti-r* Titus to 
tbi- beartT, ixubably Fiivbrno-C; for 
piHicuUrs of liis fniluTi^, und ru<|ue«l3 
"O'lvieo cinL-crninj^ runioving of ob- 
strtictionti." It kii'l been Mi^eal'iil 
that by the nclioa ol' lujmt fitrfit and a 
flic be might veiuovu Ibc l>ar,an(l llicn 
t)0 ikUu Ut let kimaelf down. 

Letter Ul. doted ^(ith April, Ifi-lt*, 
from J. to W. ilcnyiii); that llie Kiiw 
ha/\ written soinctbing about bit aivAi- 
taled eK»j>e, wliicli it wii> .-illvEU'l had 
ooine to li|f !it fi-oiuan intei-ueptetl letter. 

Letter tV. undaUtd. Tlic Kijjj;' Oi- 
rocts ITitu* to give full io(lructiou» Iu 
Ovboni oiidDowvctlilwovfthu King's 
attcndauto wbo were iu tliu ploti tnil 
one of niioin ul thu IciisC wah a >py. 

Letter y. undated. The Kinj; icndf 
bis file to Tituiiiuid wi^bcn bun "to 
woke good trial) nud )pve him good 
initruutionn i for 1 Lnuw uul,''be a&y». 
" huw Utiai; can be without luuch noito 
aiul lime.' Fircbraci* had xiggcrtcd 
lliivt the Kinj; tuigbt piua the guordb 
nt night, and gii nut ut oiiee thiil way. 
Titun is diruclcd tu try tbut wny by 
uuJ^itig " this fellow of thu bnckilnim 
try bow he ean ei>ndiivt liia fricndii in 
und out lit lliiil time »f iii^ht witboul 
Htricl exam i till I ill II of tlie );uiird». The 
pruvidiiij; ul' a »hip i* Ult to Titu«'s 

Letter VL without date. Anawer 
to duspiuioDis enterlitined uf -loiue one 
iucuiuuiuuicuLluuwitbiL'uKiug. XUua 


wm pimskil to kuoir dmugk whom 
iofiirnntiaii of wbat pu>od bglfrecn 
biBMclf ami llic K iug got abrMMl. Tbe 
Kisr Mja — ^ I tat caifiilcBl ilat no 
SuDasy Hoco 1 cwn« bcrc (oKtfA (1m 
IwO I reatl on nnj >ucb bovJit u Ar- 
Rfua." Us begs Titiu to " niljaal pv 
iMialan" aa Moa as ii« ctm. 

L«lta VU. niidatei). Aiuwcr tu 
ibe replr to the hat : " I prar joa 
think itbicb vi»y I sball rvmoTc the 
bar out of mj wimlovr vritlinut noiM 
and uDpcrccivedi aiul what tune itwIU 
tiike UK l« ilo ii ." 

Letter VIII. andal«l, ■■ 1 Wve 
htm oootHiL-rinjE thv hnr of taj win* 
doW) and fiml (liiit I niiut cut il in Iwci 
liUoei ; fur ihnL \i\aice wbore I miut 
cat it aboTC I can hid« it with tbe lead 
lint ties the glani but there h Bolhing 
that ran bvlc the lower parti wbcrc* 
tan I n>ii(-i-ive It caniul bul be dia- 
eoveroil il* 1 latre it off when I have 
onoe bogoD h : and bow fo maha bat 
one labnur of HI canDotyvtconcaive: 
but if t had a forc«tr I couU make mv 
waj wvU «DOU|b, or if /on conld leacb 
ma bow lo make the fire-abovel or 
tongs lup^y that place, which 1 be- 
lieve not impoMiible. I pra/ jrou to 
be tere oTa tbif." 

I<etter IX. undated. ThediAloultr 
of lemoviag tbe bar lead* the King to 
preAir tbe plu of going out chroutfb 
tbeguardc, "ifv? ooeodBoor can be 
enga^ in it." lltna b to lUte his 
opinion wbelbiT |)ro or oon. 

Letter X. undaiad. The King baa 
but one uticry, " wbotlMr," he writae, 
" 1 thall have lime enot^h aftar 1 have 
«up[icd and belbre I go to bad to re- 
move tbe bar : for if I had a forcer I 
would make no ^picstion of it ; I much 
doubt thai Otj line bo too tcaat." 
Uc aim add*, " tbere mttat be l^mimu 
orf (/Mm, u well as trrtHimu u ano, 
thervfort^ I dc-^ire lo know whitbor 
Xou intend lUsl I stuulJ go aHer f am 
over ika valo'." 'i'bii letter !s printed 
br Clutterbnck (Dlit. llcrtfordtiUire, 

Letter XI. Souditj 1 4ifa May. An- 
fwer to foor teltcn received IVotu 
Tiliu tbedajibcAire. with many olhiTi 
IVooi other ]Kople. " As for uurgreol 
batneM, I d^iirc you to bqt<)> t*< ^^ 
tbr mv on Monday ncoit, and so after 
every nigbt for a week tocethcr, bs- 
eaoM one oiitbt uur tH aadToootbar?] 
MeompUah It; oih it beiqgDOCli troti' 
hlwoBoe and dugenw (o iokI off 

KiMff CiuirltM m lh» t*tt of WigM. 


word to yotk . . It is my chaMbw 

window on wfaidi 1 most deevcndt 
tbe other being; m watubed that it 
cannot be cut. wherefixre i must first 
to bed, so that my time of coniag 
frmn my chamber may be nbont eleren 
at ni^C YvH muni ;^irL- vac a naae* 
vonl ^l 1 Bjuy know my friends \a 
tbe dark." 

Letter XII. Mnudsy, a:lnd May. 
Answer to three Itticrs. *' I willoSor 
lay life, if 1 hod a uliano*s that the 
(hsoowee oonceminjf Con [tbe P&pal 
agcoi] and my wife is adanned uo. . . 
1 d«ae yon to oMure all my fincads 
in niy notiK that all this ia puncttmUy 
true^ and in particular lo M7 (LaJv 
Carlisle); and that if, njyoo baTsaoia, 
there sludl be any treaty mide me by 
the Parfiament partv, I would only 
hare use of it in onlcr to my escape. 
. . As you hire adriscd, WedneiUsjr 
neat may be tbe ni^il I idiaU en> 
daarour to eecape, bat 1 desire yon, \t 
It be pos«ble Mfare then, to aMurc 
DM that you will bo rcaily <m that 
nignt, and end me a password, whiub 
yet yon bare not dona. I bare now 
no nun lo say, bni that I hope yoa 
will ranenber to order things so that 
1 shall need uo stop until I go to the 

tetter XIU. WadoMdsy.tMlh May. 
"Touraof yeil«fday'« date I hare re* 
ceived this afkemoon ; wliidi, though 
Bhort, jrave om much satHfaction, and 
to wliiSi my answer is, — Ily tbo help 
of Ate I shall try to eauape upou Son* 
(by ni^ mnb The cauae why we 
coold not do it tliia night is, tiecatiaa 
the eoune of the jn>*rds are aliinw), 
fbr tmt men have it sottktl so ibiit 
their turn ootaes but on Swnday nigbt 

On the night appoinladCliBrkaagabi 
iiiadtf the attempt. Ue cat Miudsr 
aod removed the bar. lIcopMied the 
window a£d prepared to doecend, when, 
looking downwards, he beheld a eon* 
MderaMc number of pcmoM oaaembled 
round the spot at which bo w» to 
alighb He liwkinl i^<un, oWTviaif 
more attcntJvdy, and Inuixl tliat Dow- 
ccit, who WM to be hi* Buidrt, wm not 
Iheru. lie rightly uonoluUcl Uiot his 

Klan ba<l difCOTCrcd. lie drow 
lek, cloH-d tbe casement, and weul 
Iv b«l in an OBoiiy of diaapfiointjneni 
which no eye belmld and no heart or 
\xa con lelt llammuiid wrotr the 
ami day to the Uoum oi' LonU thai 


Kimg Charlea m Uu Isle of Wigiii. 

be had boea infomtil of ili« King's 
iatmiion to Mc^itt, on Uie Bondny 
■emiiif, bf two of the aoldioi wtio 
lad b««i lobonwd; bat, in truth, he 
fcMl bMB mnwilttuit there itaa '•aqua 
fonu goQtf (Inwn from Londnn to ro- 
no*e thai ohflAcU whJdi himkmd, 
aatl thai tlic aanc cleii|rn U to b« put 
in cx«i;ui»on in the iioxt >Urk nighl^," 
hj u lutb-r I'rotii Oi-iintrvll, il&l«il m 
long l>«fora lu the Cth April. 'Ilie fnet 
seemi ta be, Uul (li« Kinff iriu mr* 
rouiMlcil hj- penplg who tM»j-cd him 
faUc- Rvi^hiiiff ho iliifwits mucie 
to the IoaJVm of iImj »rn<j and 
rliuinent ; uul [trnhAhly all, nr 
ij all, bis l«tt«ra wcr« tritciMrptod 
Moi read. 

L«ttorXI\'. Satunl.y, l.I,ilj.H>18. 
AmoothDfS«r the litilnrcof th« Kinjj'f 
Btlcmpt, Titus rras ogjiin ahle to get 
into rorrcopooilcncu irith him. "I 
hi»*i> n^nly Kieciv>,-<l," Ihc King writes, 
"yonr* i>f the 'Jiimi .Inni-, fw whiill I 
Icncw not i*lii:4ber u_v utoniahrnvnt or 
Bijr KMT were the gr«nlcr : for iii'k-cil 
I diawpairof beariDK any uioru fruai 
nVfOr auyotiierof my fncndttduriu;- 
tbtu damnable tiiucf. without bUoiing 
aaythiog but my own uiKlbrliinc, 
which tuaVen mn the: uiotv ol'li);eil tu 
yom- IdniincM ami iniltistry furhuTing 
louDd neaoi to oonvey a kit«r to tae. 
H« add*, that be will M»d him or Ui> 
other iKundf' IcUvn, il' he he uMiimd 
Uwl- they will ixaac Mkl'v lo hiuj. A 
facaituile of Uiia luUcr t» dvuii in Cliil- 
terhuck's Ucrt ford *h ire, i- 343. 

LeilwXV. Monday, lO-lulj, mis. 
The King rcpor(4 that [laRimond the 
govfjuur bad been endeavourinc <o 
estnwt tkom luin soma iuforuialion 
which inJjtbt be nanl (n the criminal 
proeewliiwt inititiitcci ogainvl pvr!<on^ 
napliuitvd in hW nlmrlivc nlUuajU ti> 
cwa|K. 'IV King ttalcs that "oil 
the answer the KEd; woulJ ^We hint 
wia, — If Ik knew nothing he could t«ll 
hSm Dotbiog, or, tliough he knew nny- 
thing, yd m wouM tvll him nothing; 
Iccauae hla muxlm ia, — Never lo clear 
one Dtan to the prejadin: of nnotbcr, 
or of his own icrTicc.' 

Thin u the lart of tbov tctti.-r«. In 
mir abfiract of tbcni wu hiivr iivaileil 
naraelvea of Mr. IlilUer'tt rendcrioK of 
the ripher In which tame parts arc 
wrtUen. aad have iir one or two plure* 
«ii|)|iUeil omuMon* in hi< trnnwrngilx. 
Hii^ midouhtediy coniiilntc a reTy 

eunotu coIlMlion^«nc which wo ai* 
delighted to find at lail acltl^il iu rta 
jiropM- dewHrltoTT, ihe nAli'-Kil collee- 
tioB of JffRS, They o«labli'h, by un- 
rjucsltonnble eirldAiiM, th<- fH«t« r«- 
qwclinfj the meditated e«cnpe* fvam 
Carikbrook ; tboy prove with wliom t lie 
King w(w at [Rut linie in r"iiinmni- 
calioiii tJwy ])Tvj>cnt it to4tchii>(( j)ic- 
ture of thi> troiibU^* nltcndant upon 
MkvereiffDty " fallen from ilf high ca- 
tntA." The narrnlive of the luoce*- 
Rve ri-^p. by whieli (ho last fnCaJ uud 
wi4!k«d renull wn* brought nhont eaii 
nerer Rgutn lie written without rc- 
ecivinj" ?>:iaie »J'.litit>i)id •.■erlaiuly, nnd 
Komc tew now fiicti>, from thee«: Itfilcrv. 
'nicy are u tuppicniciit lo the Uttcra 
o( firubniec uinl the narraliTca of 
Jterkeloy, .V^hburnhani, Ucrbert, and 
Cooke, aii'l, couoitiercd nuiirt from the 
narrative in which nc bnd thaini, we 
cun only rejgicc thnt they have been 
ptaeed heyouil the reach of acvidcnttU 

Xk-liuictiolj ii» were the crron of 
Kill}; Charles, and [he folly of bis con- 
coct down lo aii'l even beyond tJie 
time to which l.heu leilcra relate, all 
feeling a forgotten from the moaunt 
he rejected ihc prn]>o»aIa of tint army. 
*sve pity fur lits ubvioualy optiroaehing 
fate. Witlioul the add ofttuvb rmudu- 
Icnt endeavoiira to excite commisera- 
tion ai the liner entitloJ fiUjcftty in 
Misery, which ore here reprinted witJi 
the namp of the editor'a npproral^ tliu 
facta of the lait flAeco montlia ol the 
KingVlifc ctiDilitutcorc ofthosaddcat 
luijwagcs in our ■mln'^ — a proof alike 
of tJie iriTlnin ^r^uILa of nmtiniiti; ad- 
hcronce Ui miagovurnrnt'iit, aii<l of the 
fearfbl wtckcdnc^s to the comtnisiion 
nf which cTtn Wfll-inraning Tnen raayi 
under {Mirlicutur circuuMUuees, be in- 

'flie Append ix to the present Tolame 
cmtaiDE KTcral papere relating to the 
DiMioB upon which Tilii< wux wnt by 
Charles II- frtuii Smtlanrl iiiin Kraiiff, 
to ciiu&Dlt Iknrii-ltii ^lariu Ufmn a 
uiarriogc between Charlca II. and n 
iluughtcr of the Mariiuia nf Argjie, 
auKgcabed, aceording tn Clorcmlon, in 
order tn atnuw; tno Murcjiiii. 'Ilie 
King's inslructioni art- here by a mij- 
Tirinl ilateil in I6<17 InilenU of 1G5I. 
fhc Queen's answer was — 

I am not uninrainird nf my Lord of 
Argyle'i abaily. credit, gr afleotiani, ner 


L»Utra of-Benjamit Pi-aHictin. 


how UMntllr he tiMh uap1«j<d tiMm ii\ 
for the tooi »ai bclwAt of Um Emg m; 
aeo : then U ixilhing new or ntnerdinarjr 
that • penoti >o <rdl bora u lh« Marquia 
af A)g;^«'< diaghier should Im n»nicd to 
the ermra: (owardx Uii* diufhtcr there 
oui to no cxcqitinn in regard ot htntV, 
the beioc a p«noo of wbitm I iic*«r heard 
■Bjtbinc but T«rj sood. Bat it U t« b« 
oaaalilwvi), tbtl the mifrarlune* under 
wUok «* ire bileo are of a larfe niea* 
aloo— thai (he trttleninit of the ofaira of 
Scotland, though it be a Krcal anil diAL-ull 
vroik, yet not to he nated to nithoul Uir 
raHrrcrrorBaglaadi iliatthalitit«d6in of 
EngknJ, upon mrj g:rcat olatma. U lllir 
to require a |iart in a c^Duocil te which it 
it lo much «'oni'««npd. buiI votili uhc 
thriacctve* m be loo JDnIl; orTciiilcd if hj 
a pmeut ninduflon or the thiiiR In qiiea- 
tion ihejr aboulJ f>u*l thciuRlKB talatlT 
cseleded Trcn It- That even SentUnd 

itwlf nuvnothewitliottt partlea, nrjcon- 
tiJerafalc lo the |>re*eat aflUra. that would 
be Ml far pcrhapa troia eoDeaTriiig now tA 
UiM mttUi that a doutung of It u^ht 
iadnce a moat nnteaaonable trtitation to 

On lfc«M!j;rouiia»Uie Quccd adviaed 
thai a>e Ihiog remain for a white io the 
aanc itatv it doth, b* which bi> [CharlM 
11.]^ haTO the opporluDity. iribo di(B- 
cultlM tbal now occar ahould hr rrmored, 
lo 1^ thm waaonabi; ihroagh niili iu 

Titug ileUyed ht< p«turn, ArgjU 
o])MiiK.i] Cbnrlw's march into Entrtoiii], 
and the battle of WoPCMtcf j)ttt »a end 
to alt Oioi^hU of matrimonv far ec?e- 
ml jrc»r», Awing which Argjlc re- 
turned to thai dnw alliancv with 
Cromw«U which ultimat«'1y IH to bis 
rery iniquiloUB execution. 


[■ a oalleetion of aalofiaphf of eminent Americmaa, now la the pMtaaian of Mm. 
Jobo Goqk'' Nifholt. are two ffoiu the hand of Benjamin PrwihUD, whieh we beticTe 
ar« hitherto unpublithed. 

The fitalwa* itHHfti la tlie jcti 1769, when he mu [n Loailon, anil "about to naks 
a little tour ia Prnnce," It is adil»M«eJ t« hh banker* oti jirlrnte baiinMi, and coa> 
diidei allh ordcriag a loiter; Uoliet to he purcbsK^ for i friend at Itutton, 

tliP aecoiid u a paper rriClen on a mUL-h mure imporlant cxy-Mion. It tt a diapateh 
onnotifliPlBg Ike aihial in Europe of (he nitifioatiaa al Uit Driinitim Trtaty of Peaca 
belwien England aiid Amoritia, after it had been delated by the sererii; uf ihi- winter 
ia Atncriea. It it dated from faiaj, near Parij, aii<l a(ldr«3ied in the joint name* of 
BetijtniiD rranlcliu and Jnlin Jajr. the Coniinltuonen for ne|acialinf the peare, to 
Parid Hartley, eiquire, who then held tome other tlifjlotuatw apjioblmchl froai the 
United SlalM. 

Betjfomm FratMiii lo Mevm. Jfnilh mti Co. BtinJifr* m Iiombm, 

GenlknwD, Vravttt SIrtH, Jnlg II. IT8B. 

I have tleaire-t Mcmw. Freeth of Binningham in apnd nne of their 
Corn Mill* jmck'd uji and iliretted to your Care for mj Son. .\% I aball pro- 
bablj' be abroad when it coinci up, being nbnut to niake a little Tour in 
Fraoce, J beg tou would be so good a» to rcceivv it. nnd shij> i( niib Caut. 
Fnlooner. pnv Alcsfir*. Frwili for it, anil chnrge it to mj sux'. 

I tliall he Vnrthti' olilig'il, mil IitvJiig lime to coiiio into tlio Ott^, if you mn 
send nw to imirrow J'urij (iuineiiH. 

MiiT ! farlhor eivt- you ifai- 'JVouIi1l> of biijlng for me litn Loiiorr Titkirl*. 
t(» Ik- *Mit nii- with (lie Money — Or rnthei-. iin tiecnnd 'I'houglilm keen ilmm 
writins n to Mr. .lonnth.iii Wtllimiis. Meroli', Botton, aiMiuaiuiini; hiui 
•rich tlicir Xuinbers *ot ih'ry nrt; Tor liint. 

Tu 1 am, witli much Eat^ni, 

Mitg" Smilli. AVri((Iit & Qr-y, Tmir*, &«. 

Ilfliiken., B. FHAJCauir. 

J.ouiMrd btnvl. 




LtUera iff lienjanin frttn/ctin. 

Benjamin FhutJUin and Join Jay In Datid liarltey. 

Sir, Amy, March 3t, 17S4. 

VValiav* now tbo Pl«a«urd of^'.-quiiiiiuni; juu. tliac ihe lUtiflcKlicin of tbs 
DcGnitirc IVcfttjr ta nrrircii here by nii Estirciis iVoiu Coiigrc». Vou hivtv 
alnwlv Wen infanncd llwt the Severity «!' the winter in Aiarricj, which lun- 
•Ind TnfiJlitijj, luid ouiriuiuii'tl n Delay In tii« ii>»(.-riil>]iii^ ol' lliu StaUw. Aa 
toon ai a sullicicnc Dtimtwr wure got UiKcLhvr. tlie Trcutj wud taU-n iulo Cod- 
sidvritiinn, and tlte ItatlficAtioii paw'd unanimonst^. Inclos'd yau have copica 
of tbo IVoclaniation iwucd on tbo occmi^n, und of the rccomuicmliiior)' Uc»o> 
lulMii. Ha UcaMncer nk.i di:Uuni:il at Nev York ticir a, hy (he leu 
-whidi pnvcntnl tbslV^vt-lIoal'a mUIni;, uchvttviso tu w^uld probably have 
1>ccn here in Fvbnurr. Wc arc now read; In cxcliniigc the ItntiKcutions wiih 
juu, nlitncTrr Jl nbtli U: cuHTcniunt to toh. Willi grcaC nad sincere Eatcctn. 
wo have tbo Uoimmif to be. 

Voar Kscellencj'R moat obedient 

& moat bumble Scrrnntf, 


Hit Ez««)lener DstmI flartlej, Esi]. 

tic. tie. &I.-. 


"I HAVE atooptd w flatter Pan- 
n«llif why ihoald I h«9i(iit« to pruUc 
PowMWlout?" la this )p««ch, uttered 
li^ Maria. Thcroft wlicn political nr" 
ceanty WAi bcndiof; bvr inipvi-ial neck 
b«D*«lh the heel of a Frctn:h Kiuji'e 
mtf trv)i», ibcre wa* n ruixturo i-f iovult 
aad injurjr. Fariitt'tli van a* h«n<'»t a 
mnn ni atir in the court of Chnrlct VJ. 
— ^laria TlierenH's fittlivi'. I'erhapi 
PflttnadouT was a* hoii<t«t » woman a« 
aaj in tb« court of Louii XV. ; but 
hQBesljr WB« iu>i to be found in the 
«atfv«n^ ofthsl able yet idle, accom- 
pluh«<l jot wi)rllil<fMi,ii>oiiart)>' lb>)iour 
and lio«>c«l)r mnintaiDetl a dull but 
m{)0<:lat4L- glat« ii> the laloonn of hii 
CAtiiort HFid of hi^ rcyii] daufctitcrs- 

Tlic King'* own circle wfi» iiiaiie up 
nt incarnnlu iniijuity, galloping pnil; 
(o meet the drlnge which I'mnjiadour 
had i)rvpl>e«>ed. uiid in the eJd>\-s oH 
which M) Ruiny French ^jov^rniuonlii 
hare cncotmtciMd dcitnictian. To 
pjace Farinelli on the taiae level ni 
Pooi^-ulour waa iLerefore to inllicl on 
the lofiDer do JDcoasidcrablc wron;;. 
Toadmire ihcartitticakill ofcitlivrwu 
i>o cunileaceniion, even in an Euipresa. 
To *]>«''k of Pompadour a» an arti»t 
ii (o rioli<:e her in a eharacl«i- which 
looju itrangc to Ihc KencraJ public i 

Hvfn. Mao. Vou XXXIX. 

but in truth her Un« of art, in which 
t« uxL'cl the needed hut ihn poor <|uali- 
Gcalions of neceesity ami *irtin', w»t 
«iiperinr to that by whitrh Fiirinclli 
achieved renown and fortune. Let 
u> glance at both lu their rc«p«ctivc 

\t ihe court nf Vlnnnn, at th« bo- 
citinina of the lait century, the chief 
tnvounte of I ho iinjieriul amateur 
Clmi'lci VI. wa» I'orpora, tlie urenl 
lua^lcr of r«c-itativc and mcaiturod art, 
a man who»e tuition enahk'il inany to 
becouie rieli, but whose profuse uenu- 
roaitj ri>iiil«r«d hiii exirrnic old a|[e 
one of loiKrabte penury, Porpora 
owe) hrn ponlioa at Vienna to what 
would have ruined & composer any 
where aim: The Einperur, who caren 
only lor solemn niu«ic, and was never 
known (Ji smile, buret into a fit of 
uncontroibble luuijhter at heariuj; a 
«Imw<T nf trilU in onv of P<tr[>«ra*ii 
capering fu^uc*. The nian who eould 
excite riath)tity in it fardonie Kaiser, 
was aecouiitcJ im eoiueihiiig ubuvo 
the coiniuoii, and Purinira wiu more 
cutecmcd than if he had been a phi* 

About lliiti time there was a war- 
vvlluuKly tuneful boy at Naples, who 
waa distinguished hy the title of fl 


Fai-ineUi vud Pompadour, 


Jibgazsa, or "At bOT," but wtioM tmtnt 
wu Carlo Brawki FnrintlU. Thif lid 
btvflini! llie [Wnil of Fnrncira, who jitch 
duiwl him lit lli« aj(e of mv<:»H'«i lo 
ibe t.-rilii.'iil piiblioul' lEoine. Tbc ti»c- 
e«M ot K.intk'lli «xoiiil llie jcnlnuji}' 
oTtbi! lungi.-it'«ririih.'il triii!3|i>.-ii.-r I'vet 
known, tuid ib« two (instrutiietitnlisl 
&n>l vocaHsi) iii^lillj on<i«tivoat«il la 
cxorlondt lUkt-r in iimrin^tlkc^rpklml 
niuuiiiit afaotft niibnul lakinic br«tttb, 
white the iiiiolIceLu*! uuiliiMicu Hat 
mnlvl^ lUtenin;; wllli •!nni|)<iiri>] carA. 
On (>iii> (if^miiioii iliv lriini[>cl>'r cciil- 
U^rtMl Kholc svnliinclir* nrtiannil, while 
Farirtcllj (■oiii[X!t«tI willi hini in ncver- 
cndiii^ "run*." 'i'ho iiiMrum«ni«IUt 
wiu lad in bi« own coiiiintuiiAo of 
karmontout noiact till lit* trviubtin^ 
tim »iruv« in vain lo puff, bDwet-er 
biitillj, s cmirninff note. We loiull^ 
ikdaghl bo bad gam«il tbi> pnii', but 
kb atfoui ill went wan jtreat U huarinc 
FarinclliduhiDg on.iti Ibc same brraili 
will) whiob h« bni) itarictl, now nr«ll- 
Ing, nt>ir (Jinking upnii tliA nntc, anon 
runtiing tlie idimI rupld and JifflouU 
divisions, anil at len^h n-a^iit);, nnt 
front Mbaa«lioB, but UL-caiUi!, llirniigh 
tk* t4tinultaau> apnrobntMxi of the au- 
•lienro, bo could be benrO so more. 
It WM ajrartainrd ihnt ho could uo]; 
tbtee huti<In-d u»li.-« wilhout drnwinj; 
breath. 1Vbi>H it i« n-OHMiibtivd that 
few iithcr vocalists have been able to 
ncAoinpliih mora tbnn filty under tbo 
iAtnc condilioni. •aiii« idcn may be 
cntvriainMl oftht' iMircn in ibU re* 
»pei't of young Funnelli. 

('harli'ii VJ. n«l only rritirridpil piyvr 
Porporn, bat he condcsnendnl u j^v« 
cobrmI to bi* pQpil; and, wbib- the 
Ebip^rdr wuD en|tnf;»d in averting th« 
ruin whi'-h ihroaUnwl his jjivat in- 
kAritanee, ha found liiuv lo ■hmv Fnii. 
Mtli how he night add paihoii to *pint, 
imit« mmpltoily with sublimity, find 
CzeilA nn much nilniiralion *« it<UiiiIiih- 
incnt. GhnrW Vl.f^nuld nut (^nquAF 
at lJcl'p-Aiti>, but he nould mskc a 
fini'hnl iiiiif>er of Fntin<:lli. 'tht flut* 
(«ry paid in ibe Iiill«r by Miinu* 
Tlifrciw wa« therefore but fill.-il «uloj^ 
adilreML-d to a bilhin- who wa* uii in> 
difierent Kniperort but who woutti 
have miide an invaluable iMOin" of au 
operatic orchr*t«i. 

Hn^dand wan iinxiouB U) Ixar a iiiiin 
who unites) in hi* own pcrtoti Ihc ex- 
Cii|l«nc<rk of ull DtliLT voctaliiti; nnd 

in 1734 be appeared in llaaao'a opera 
of " ArUMtrao," for ntiiob the worrk 
liad bc«a ttxprcKily furnisbetl by 9Je* 
tustaiio, Tbe lix-nlily wub the bouw 
in I.inooln'i-imi-liolils, a rival to ihMt 
in tlio Hnj^markel, where llnndel 
rdgnctl (uprcme, yut fouud it difficnlC 
lo caunt«Tact th>> altrsmtoii of Fari> 
ncllif BUpporlod by ih« ex(]ui»Utt and 
waywanl Cuioiii,~« lady who mi);bt 
hare rcvollcv) in eolil like " Miss Ki«l* 
inanseg;t,~ but wlxj lived tu fw) atnr* 
ration, iind who that <pent n (tui»«a, 
vivtTn her in charity, iu purchasing » 
bottle of elar«L 'fhe dunor wonder- 
ingly beheld her poor th« oottly winu 
into H basin, dip a "pennyworih of 
broa4r' tlivrcio, and ki ihuv bow a 
fiimi»bcd N<MrcM lovwl lo breakfast. 

'Die ttri'*-l pToduretl by Karinclli 
in I'lnf;!iinil liad nrver Wfure bc*en 
O'lunllotl, and certainly ho* never tinee 
lieeii rifiralLeled. It is laid that on ono 
oc««Aiou, as he was playinj; tliv part of 
a enptivo Tirincri<s the tyrant to wbuia 
liA wds pleading for liberty ina w 
touched by bia sweet and plunliro 
diraiiij that he »pontaiieo>Mly torn ike 
light fetlt-r* fmni the linibn of the pri- 
•Mwr, find gav« a new reading to tke 
cataitrophe, lo the ini-^ae delight 
of an enraptured audience, la tba 
famnai ni r of Son ^tuf A'nw ha perfbedjp 
eWtiiHod hta keaHn. Soanda aa 
tnusicnl, M meUochaLy, tmd »o tweet, 
wi^r« novel to tho untutored but 
j-rwnlily ivttontive ear* of our great- 
grand fntlicru, anil «h«n tbe»c liiitc(i«d 
lo (li« lijtlitnio^ rupidrCy of rooladca 
which l*;nring violins slrorc in rain to 
kpt-p up willi, -nf'h arnlion* fannied in 
honour of Ui« (icrf'irroer a* had never 
bMK eonferKO upon lh« hri^hresl of 
Ike MBS of philoMjph^ and goen-e. 

(till the nniue of I'lirinrlli will cvor 
rl^nulin rotiat oonneclc<l with S|>ain. 
He procfoilcd to Madrid in 1757, 
lakiii-{ I'iiiia in hia way, and even 
(hurniiiis a French t««rt wliei-e, tboa 
uk noWfllnlian aausicand Italian tliroMta 
wcve iiceountcd a« thing* very inferior 
to wLit Pmnec cuuld prvilucc in the 
Miinu line. On the arriv&l of tbe jtreaC 
arl!*t in Mailrid lie was at oncn *iun> 
moncd to the ptilficc, where lay n king 
ciulavcd b^n meUnchoty wiiii;li it wai 
til ought uiijiht be made to yield lo (he 
iiiaK*<: f^ till fwrtfiK" miiiBli-el. The 
jtarlicular niadnc^ of I'hilip afliumed 
the final of an unclean imanity whi^h 



farineUi and PaiH/tadout\ 


ti mural enough in ibont vonlincDUl 
citTa wherein men aeeui ■l«lerniin«'l 
that bciirdi are niuural and ioTiolable 
ap|ipn'bct?4 to chins. In oiliir wonlii, 
Fhilip orSiMin ivfuM^ii ia nhave or bo 
AaT«n. Ilu rvlaliun* nixl iViun-b, his 
uipiliL'al iKvn (birl>vr-9ur;i;<.Mn9), and 
waa bM Kanfmeifn, in vnio aMaileil 
liw mjwi var wilh r«aBinie)i(ta(taiia b) 
U/down itw birante talwrniiel« nbich 
vMad tho rofal faoo from ilie re- 
iM gm of the iNigw- rtiili)> 
' iwMr It word, bul i;onlitmL'il 
I U* lieard, llian wlticli hi^ car 
wa< not ileafer to remonstrnncie. Ttio 
irhnlff (Mturt wi' nt itit amall *rir« ru<I 
when FarincUl arrive)! to work a vurc 
which had dcliiHl the faoullj, and 
wbkh was to be wrought bjr ton;;. He 
waa plnn'd in a room adjoininK lltat 
wherein rcfliiied ibc mnoily aiKnoriv- 
Iwr ded. majesty of Snain. Aj tlic 
fint notes of (ho jrifim miniilret JV-11 
OB ihe aick unr nl tin- Kinr, a frown 
daricened fab brow as ihvu^ he were 
daCenuiied to rcaisi the voic-e of Iha 
charnvr, eharm bo itprcr no wiacl/. 
The fnr«ii,bowoTcr, fuon gave wa^ in 
A mil*, and ai the doIi^i loll in liijuid 
■wa ln aaa from the lipe of t1i« hoii of 
■ongi closr and full and fiJrnin n« 
Ihoit^ HI arCfaaagd were dL-liverIng a 
u i wug e of ocnaolalion from ih« skills, 
iho band nf the monarch ilr(!j>|i(>d rroiii 
thebcnrdwhii^h it ^rranpi-i) utirl ^urdvd, 
and Won began tu lluw itv<r\y Iroin 
ajta that for we«kA had been drr, 
ngid( and (leeplms. Tlio citn> wiw 
•coMiipliahed. an rtutatiu eirtlis knelt 
amana the King, and llic latter siib- 
ttriltnd binuelf with )rrni'efiil alni-rity 
to the rud^dcill ami Inng raxiirit of 
the Fi);araa of the cnurl. The merit 
of Karinelii Muld not be allowed to 
unrowajde'l. Thy tnyal liimily 
■opolhwd ht( ponpn anil ulenti, 
.H»cd him exclusivelv todKKTviee 
Ibo eeart, and, holding (hat the 
aan inatriimvRt wliwh had 1i''en 
divinulf aent 01 a reme^ly to louil a 
Spaiiiaii monarch to rcn>on nnd n mnp- 
ttnb, wai tno gnml In In- p^rniiiti'tl iii 
enriumt ibe urcnn iitni ol the |ii:!u[ik% 
I-arineiU was lotlijed in tho palnoe, 
eraated a knishi. and a ix^niiion «»• 
otgnnl hitn whrraby (n tnainuin hin 
■ew dignity with the nir of a LMTnlier. 
"The dew of groco blna nur new 
knight, tn-dar.~ i« the wiih wliioh 
Bnnmont and Fletcher place on llii? 

lino of VnlcllA in l>t?half of Mimnda. 
fitw aueh wIulnli'Mi* Fiiri* 
nelli. Tlie lurliiat prrtui wiu jealoon of 
one who liad achieved m<>re tlmn a 
wsrrior'a fortiinc, aHcoiiim'/i, bylrilla 
rather tbim lliru'ln, by Iho tongtui and 
nut by ilio aword. An M MtUnd 
odirar who liitd Ion;; waited in the 
royiil niitwhomher in exp^ctatinn of a 
pvrwiitn, ouo ilny, acving Fnrintilli cmuii 
into the luoDuvb'a anartment without 
cervmony, exclaimed that it was a 
abiuim tliAt such ?iiimkrnj*d(dl<«tiniild 
be elothcd in gold wiglo ohl Enldiora 
wero left lo mg* and aiarvaiion. Fa- 
rinclli i^cnlly glanced at the bold 
■ppaki^T, lenrned hia name, cxuntined 
hix clnini), liberally aidod him tram 
hia own piirw, and (IniiUy obtained for 
him Irotn the Kins the honour^bU; 
sruluily wliirh the old iiolili«r'8 tervicea 
hft<i nobly earned. Such trail* ni 
thc>^e were common in Farinelli's daily 
cantr'r, nnd abu who praiaud the actor 
hod hardly have neeoed to apalogiie 
for it, or to cflit the eulogy a stooping 
to flattery. At all events oiia thing is 
cinar, naiocly, tlint the fuuiity of Fiiri- 
nelli woa aec^uatonied to hanoun fram 
crowned bendi. Thda the uncl« of the 
greut ariiii, who began life an c-nm- 

Biaer, violinixl, and uoTici^l-raatlirr at 
anovcr, lived not only tu be ennobled 
by the Kins of Ucnuiarfc, but nctiinlly 
rcnideil nt VenTM n» the r«prr<*vntntiYa 
of oiirflu'irge I. 

Farinellt continued in ihc vocal 
Bprvitw of the crown of Spain for 
ni-nrly a ipuirtcr of a century, and, by 
wenrin); hiii honouni modeilly and ap- 
plying his fortune litiernlly, lie ncquitvd 
n popiilnrity which pxli-nrli-d to all 
claiuea, It i* raid thai during the 
whole of tliat time ho r.irely sung in 
public, rxrcpt when commiiudi-d by 
royally und fioiiiiurvd bv iiji tuisienee. 
Innuniorable ure ltie<iloi'ie» lolJ on the 
iitb^'r hnnil iif the finilairpinpi udnplfid 
by individiiiili to gel wiihiti buaring of 
hia wonderful voine. The trndi?<!n<>itple 
whom he paironiu'd, di-^piniiig dm-nta, 
cored only tu lie paid in aun^ : uiid 
luelnncholy tailon olf^red to receipt 
hiabillain full if he would hnt tntat 
ihum til aa ninny rtiulude^ lu hia ac- 
count coittained pistoles. 

Afier his long triumph, as aoon sa 
limw that «fta of ifiiicw aa well na of 
othc^r ibiiiga, beyun to make gentle 
imprcssian ap(m the organ for which 


Fat^tfti atut Pompait^Hr. 


■It liwreis ■oulct liavG deured ui im- 
mortal raxlaraocc, Fxrindli witUlrvw 
to tiu nalirv llnly. niul in lii* ii[ilftidiil 
pabazo wolcomed ill oorBen, aod pv 
tiouUrIf hii BngHah vbitor*, wiih ih« 
gTMQ Of « prince and tlio bwirliiirioi of 
■n honnt anil ninivra itinn- He vtu 
It lhi« Uin« uuwne emiujfli to make a 
tbart prol^MOiial sojourn in bngUnil : 
but onr gnnibliben could wuj tlit- 
en\tr in him tl»«xcdl«nt mitthuil but 
no longer tba inooiDparablo voira of 
tbc Karinelli ofwell-nigh half a ccniiirT 
Iwfon*. He scocplcd tbe Imroh uf hm 
neaa, ftod, onee more Inmins bti faw 
bomewaid, hedied "abtaiaeMs man," 
in thejimr \7Hi, in thv 84ih yoar of 
bb age. TIi«n> aiw yet pprainva living 
who were conleinjiorary Kilti the man 
irbn vaa sinfiinR in fiis youth whpn 
" fintit Annu ' wan our yiict'ii ! 

Siii'h wan Faiiiieiti ; an fi)r Jtladaaio 
dc roinpadutir, if ate mu leai worthj 
oa an iDdiriduil, she was even greater 
n*aBBrtiet,and, liiilfor tbetcaiptatinn 
In whtvb «h« yielded, ilie might have 
li«Id iliQ mon (li^ili^ place in the 
Dit-iionary itf EnDravorn. 

Wliou Lnuia XV, marriiiil Uarin 
Leosin«kH. ilaugfat«r of Slanblui ex- 
King of Pobnd, the mnlcat bridG- 
Kuuin ma* but IUU»<d y«an of age, 
e hfiAe atNiK w*ea years obW. For 
aeveral ymra t more exemplary camAe 
eouUI not have henn found ; but nl last 
it nii^ht Iiavc been mid uf the Kins, 
sa Milsiillou raid of bit niyal j^rand* 
father, ha fbtgot evtsty duly owing i« 
theQueen,Mivo tliot ofpulJtcncu. He 
fiuici(-d that hia infiddity wiu well 
paid for liy ex«i>mivi;ly candying hii 
OOurlMy. tt bi» wife livvr vMHurwl 
lo tax him with wi(.'kedtieai. the at 
lenst rnuiil novi^r mv he wia iindvil. 

It WHS Cardinal Muury who loil the 
young monarch into inl'iuity. The 
Kill;; Imd i-tipiioity for liimneu and 
wi>hc<riii rxiiri-ikit ii, tint thi' Canliiial 
tint in li's WAV tlieyiiting and aliDplu 
Madame ile ilailly. Thisyonng lad*'* 
ffuilty graalBMi was onviod by bsr 
nsl«r, a Itttln ni>vie<c, who uinmI lo villi 
her Hi Vemailles. and who contrired 
lo have h«r ejectwl and lo Rocvced to 
her (li^hnnniir. When llio h'Mvt (Dc 
Ventiinilte) died, ifae finEt coaeulilne 
waa n^iOTcd lo biT old disgraoeAU 
dif!nitr. from which sbc waa finally 
de[>nKsl ■■]■ aiKrtber iiii«T, Mnia. ile 

Toumvlle, who drove ber aister into 
a connnt. forced tlw Kins into active 
life at the bead <>f Ilia amiti?*, ai)d dis- 
played her own brilliant beauty in tlw 
eainp u Diiclieis de ChuU^aoroux. 
The DiK'lii-w waa tbe bdr of ihe boar 
when the King wu atiooMl by dan* 
peroua iUneas at Mctz. Like uioUter 
i-elebnted potentate, he woa never sick 
without longinji to l>e a naini, and hi* 
confeasor induced liiiti to diiini«t llio 
mirtress. 'ilie I>uchet3 re-appearod 
wbe« the King bvcnmo well attd 
wicked. Death, lutwevRr. noun cIoKcd 
her tnief reign. Uer sister, Madame 
(le Lanmgusif, wis unable to keep 
long llie ptxl which hntl boen beld by 
three so near akin. A fit^rvu mrucgto 
cn«ucd among ladies of ibe liiuheat 
blood lo Miixecd To the vacant iniuny. 
aad, while intrigue wax at Ha very 
hottest and highest, in >leppcd.a ii«]iio> 
tuaa but peil and pretty girl, who oon> 
trirod to sabdue the monaTch aa oom- 
pletaly m she emlavvd tli« man. 

Her name wn<i,Ieaiiue PiiIiM>n. Kie 
waa tliff duuehler of a ralber gay 
uotberand ufa clerk in a gorcmment 
office, who once very narrowly CMapcd 
hanging for fruuilufent pnt^iices. She 
TtiwtrmI a brillinnt eiluculJon at the 
expenw of a eerlain Jtl. lo Normant 
de Toumeham, whose piamtal rcganl 
Ibr her wa« not exercised wiiuout 
reaauu, atidwhi>lonk nn honest fatherly 
pride in *e«iiig her in lieriiirlitHil youth 
prolicieDt in music and drawing, and 
Mpecjally in cnpper-plale engraving, 
and in iiagrariii|: on gems. M. l^a 
Nurmaat gave this aceoinnlishod lady 
in marriage to bb nephew LeKormant 
d'Ktiiillea. The young liuibsnd wni 

Claiu, chitdislily aimplif, but warin- 
MTted. Tbe young wife was enehant- 
ing, cunning, and calculating. She 
del«»ted her runxort, anti wan even 
then looking toiilularcontoriabipwilh 
a King. In the meaniiuio she uiain- 
t.iincil a little court aronoil her. ths 
chief ofUcrn of wfaicli wen; Voluiiro 
anil Cshnsac. Kontenelle, MutiieMiuieu, 
Uanpartdi*, and the gallant AbM de 
Banut, of whom ehs rahapcinrotly 
made a Ciirdiiial and a Miiiisler <>f 
Foreign Allitirs. It will be m-hi ihal 
Khe liad taa>«in selecting her followers. 
Tlierewitt not afoni ajniingihem. 8ha 
iio wiinhipned tolellcct ibal I i|umitioii 
if »l«; would liavc e*en cared for the 
King liinitelf, but Uial, among other 


Furinetli and Pomjtadour. 



I qQaliti««i be pawned imfeittondi ng — 

■o unil«r«lniKliiiswfaM)h iteowniirniiH- 

kuptied. aod irbich JtMiiue PoiMon 


In Um King'* iervi(!« there was a 

^brvoorit« ■Iteixliuit, ■ in«I« coutiii nf 

' Slailaoic ^Eliulliw. Oue i<llii inoruiiiu, 

• wImii tlie nionarch itemed lo'beniri^adj' 

mumr of the ilay, tbit ittieti'lnnt \vn* 

\ tunta lo rcmkrlc Ibiit Iw UxA hmrd (if 

I'ft stnnge nud-L'aj) of a ^nuiig wife 

■ho bad laogliiiiglj tol'l her hu^banJ 

I UmU >bt woulil hv cnitfiUnt la him 

ranlnttmll dieworkl.pxwptiugoiilylbi: 

t-Kuig ofFntDCe and Navuriv. Louis 

I «Riile<], or(]«T«d bit hunting equipage, 

' alH>l a ling in ibu Forvtit «!' N^tiiuirL, 

I aud «at«riii]( tlie eliilvuu d'Etiulles, ua 

> th« skirta c^ the foreit, preaented tbe 

tinllert lo vh^* tnasier of iha house! 

(Toutig liuibuid. Of «rwheliiit'd with 

iir, ■o*pefid«d llie horiu uliuve 

of his drawiDff-rooDn. At all 

Ftlie King'* mhMrquent Mnling niLrti>^, 

lllailnincd'Etiiilleiiwiu prvwrit. •iri'sxed 

" I frealervariet^of ooslurue tli«iic*er 

'wu worn by Diana, and liiokiRg in- 

Girituly morf iK>wiiching. Sin'Wii* an 

■dminUi! ridvr, luii) at U-ii{,'tli nlii: 

rfairi; rode awa; with the Kinj*. Iht. 

'd'KtioUM reoeiied a liltlc bitU-l thnt 

nig;ht rmm hit i*tfi>,politvtr informing 

him that ili^ vu ou a riklt to Ver- 

■aiUest vttA did Dot verjr well know 

wlicn (h« dwnlil be back.'ii(il)i.-« 

looked tip mufingljir at (lie rayaS pre- 

lent over bla drawing- rooni door, and 

•book his bead at iT oppre^wd l>; llic 

we^bt of liis Tirrjr Ihouglili. A day 

DT two laler he began to give to these 

thoB^ta inoantious utterance, and his 

indiioretion was rewardeil hj nn aji- 

pnntiiMait which exiled himto Avljinou. 

lie faere the baniabinent far a year 

with feverinh impatience, and then ca- 

|i<lulal«l. Rt- purrfaitfed a puruibsion 

to return lo Pam l>v prunimiD^ never 

to trouble hin ermnt spouse^ nnil nev^ 

to rater a theatre after iiitimaliuu 

^vitn lo hiiii that abevai liktly to be 

preacol. When ho rcturncl lo tli*; 

va|iita] be heard no morv of hi* nil'e 

fay nanie, but luucb of a Mjircliiuue^i 

fie t'oriijiiiduiir, whaie wit, vtTRcity, 

and grKe bad esi.ihlithetl a |ivrinniii;iit 

ecstasy at Vcraaillci, whuw accoof 

plljliiDent* bad excited an interest eren 

m the ii!ied>Hp King, and whoix; pni- 

dlKiaui extrara^uon.' <riu> the wonder 

and indigaatiim if tlic Farinant. \s 

for her old father lie WHi placed in 
Ignoble ease. Of her brother she had 
in»de n Man|uis do V'andiore, — n tilla 
whidi iki! wilx of the eiiiilta] hail cuii- 
vei'led inio Maiviui* (T/lMiiif-Aiw. op 
of " the liny before yeslerday." The 
woundnil gvntkman failed the puii^'tura 
by ebaitging bit luuniuiiuie lo that of 
" de Marigny," and by prooiiriiig hia 
appointment to the lucrative offices of 
dn-cetor and ccintroll«r<giHieral of the 
building*, woodii, foreiit*, aria, and 
mannfoelurea of the kingdonb One 
of the finest lino enfrmvings I have 
uvor ai^-ii, and partly ilui work of hia 
aiater, reprcseittt him, with hi* tillva 
annexed, aa a portly young man, look- 
ing perfectly utiuuiis(;i»uit tlint hia 
bonoun were thfl price of hi» u>Ccr*s 

The treaiurea of the kingilom were 
niiido I» fliiw at thn JVI.'iri!hiani»N'a 

Souil plL-uHure, uui], if alii? suuietimes 
ireftfd them in ii pratM.'wiiriIiy wiiy, 
tihe too i>ricn lavinbly uiitapfn-upriated 
th(.>in. Itoyal reRidenoes were assigned 
her, and revenuoe to nippnrt tFimi. 
The inagnificeni ehAliuiu of Udle- 
Viic, woll kuuwn to all wlta have 
viiited liie environs of I'ari*. sprang 
up from ihi? ground like i fiiiry palace 
nt iier bidding. The ni.-iglil)ciuriiig 
liiiiJ!ioldu-rs were eum|)elled lo lur- 
rcJider dielr land at prices fixed by 
the conri, thill Khc iiiiglit Iiut« apucs 
enoufjh of ganlen -ground toentcrlain 
Iit-r royal lover and hia nnmeroua 
Buile. Wiieii »lie purdia»eil ttn; uri»- 
tocrutii: luniiiiion of tbe D'Evivux in 
ruria, mid, riuiugiltothegroiind.boiU 
uiiutbcr, above whoso nurtit^u iibe 
placed the vhii-lil i>f ihe anciriit hou«G of 
I'ormiailour, as tliough she had bctii a 
duu}(uU.-r of that noblu nitc, the wulls 
of her rc»iiii-«c'; were covered with 
placnnli which bore the well -ex pressed 
and aarcailic opmiona of ibu eupital; 
and, when tlie shauielesH mistre^ won 
impuileul enough to encroach oil th« 
pulilic wiilk* in ordiT lo cnlsrj;e ln^f 
own nririitt: );roundi, the people at- 
(uekea the wurkincn, pulling down the 
wall as lltst at it wua ntlHrd. L'pon 
which the mtmari:li, aa imprudent ua 
bi.i mi:<(reM W3» iinpudi:iit, dutpuUhed 
a detaelinietit uf bin ruyal guard, who 
rqiuivd the knif:'& subject*, while bis 
concubine triinquilly buUt a wall t© 
eunecwl »ml pmlwl her bower! 

Then; wii.1 Utile luercy in ihoseJaya 


PvtYwtlli and Pompadour. 


Ibr thote wba ofTeddeil the iiniwrioui 
farouriie. On one oraHsion. trbeo tha 
iiirnnt Diiko of Itiirgundy wo* ex* 
hibil«il to ibQ |)oiMiI<.% — iiib) Um little 
gvddcn cndle in whicit he In/ btthiuil 
a gilded pitingi Mate one coulrired 
to slip a wnilen (kTiuniHulion ogunst 
th« moiinri-!! and liiii itiiiirM* — an of- 
ftnre wbioli ruinod inaiijr tuiptwud 
penoDF, witliout striking i1k> oue that 
Wks guilty. So wlivn the |>ci;uliar 
COndilion 'oi* tlic bnltli of tlic Mar- 
cfaioncM raduocd the liai*t» betirMO 
beneir Mid tbo Kiiij{ to one of n pU- 
Umie aspect, the wit* of tin cnjiiial 
flung tlinr aarciMiu venet iuto ber 
njutrtiucut^.ftnd meekly resigned tli«m- 
wlves to tlio ni|>tiirit/ and Ion of 
pUv« wtiicli ruwartlud tlia bold cxor* 
ei»a or Lhuir humour. Her laiailanli 
were mtuniig the noblett of Lh« land, 
but sbc Baiot« tb^m aa moraieettj u 
though shii lind boon « Rielioliou in 

It it > strange circDiDitiuice iliat faer 
Brro;>an(y> increased at t)i« |>revJM 
iBOiiiL-iil. ihntons might bnve expected 
her inl1ituiiiM> lo be on the wane. iVlien 
shft WM nn rmtrila, if I iniij *o cidl 
bvr ooiidiLiuii nf ex-coi»Hibii>e«lii]i, 
UioM who attended ber Icicm in ber 
drewing' room Tound lier seiiti'd in tlie 
solitiiry rhnir that wn* in llie npart- 
inmtt. No one could dt in lit>r ywe- 
■enoe: but the Mnrijais dc Soiivrt' 
WM oncu Ixild onoitgli, wliilit [ia>'iiig: 
hi> oott>[iliini>iiLi, lo ■cat bimai>ll'<iii the 
■rm oflbc oh>ir iu wbicb she l« v re- 
cllniog nnd indignant. Tlie niidncit^r 
h*i1 ■roll nieli ruiDval tli*.- MjiniuiH, but 
Ibe King miiuvuduil fur liim, and 
bif piinl'in MM reluclAntlj ntvordeiL 
WI>on Louk attended bt-r le»i.'i?* "he 
would omdi'-coflnil lo oritiT n utmd to 
bo brougbl ill fur bi> une; but nben 
prinfm pr the blood and (.'.■knlinals 
addr«u«ed their tintnn^r lo li«r, idi» 
tvAi'ived tilt '1)1 *l audi 11^ bvfuri.' bur 
■olitju'j ckair. A i««t fur ihem would 
have been to bwer her own dignity 
to thn grouDd. A jroung noblunian 
nertud bt-r u srooui of the cliombera, 
and 4lie compelled the King to coDfer 
on bur butler, a coinrnun ineniid, Ibe 
tlien gbinniK ndliinrj fnnlun of tbo 
Ofder of Sniiit I.iiniii. "AIhh!" luid 
an old chtivnlitT, with n nigli. " the 
King, by plaetog tlie crou of the royal 
wunt on n livery coal. Iiii'< dmiit (or it 
exactly what ho did iVir Engltili ' Nnn- 

kcena.' * When bx: wiibwl to destroy 
tbo popularity of that rurrign niato- 
rial in KrniK-e, lie orderul it tn be 
worn by orury oxwuliooer who ap- 
peared en the teafluld." 

The two objeota nciireat lutbnhoarl 
of^tho l^Mnpailour " were tu be ru- 
eeived by tbu Dauphin, and to beoomo 
lady in wailins to tbo Q^ioon. 'tha 
dm was easily aocompliahed ; but 
when the heir lo the thmoe bent 
for ward to bet tow ihu (rerenionial 
kiM. he simply tbriut hit tongiio into 
bU cheek, and so lL'f\ her. llie Kins 
instantly aunt him undvr an««t lu bw 
ublteau tie Mvudim, from whioh bo 
waa freed only by tli« aulion of a 
double lip. In ojien court be aMurad 
tlM Marchiom'M that he had not boon 
guilty of the insult, and iliv otniiiiiirly 
relied that ehe believed biai incapablo 
oroominitting tuvh an outrage. Ilad 
there bun an Imiiipsi man among 
the courtiers wbo witiiVE<«d the «cetie, 
he would bare ultered, truiiipet- 
tonguod, the royal snyin^, that if truth 
were bauisl)cd from atmins all ntliei- 
people, it should still find rrfugo in 
the breast of princfi. 

'Hie ntt«iu|)t 141 wring from llie 
scaiulslited Qunen the nnniinalion of 
the MarobioDcsa to an liouuumblu dig- 
nity in bsr ivyal and rirtuous circle 
was a ninredilnen1tachieveiii«nC. Hur 
in^Mty protcited against being eom- 
pellol to receive a married woman 
who was living separatod of li«r own 
will fratn luH' buslMnd, and who was 
of a notoriuuily irri>ligiotis llt«. A 
rare ensued. The mistrcM 
wrote a penitvntial letter to her dis- 
carded consort, who, undtrr tlie direc- 
tion of the Prince iv Soubisc, specially 
eha^ed Ibr the purpmte, retnmod for 
anawor that Im waa ilultgbteil at her 
restoTnitun to huarciilv seHtitiMnt«,anii 
waa f\illy eonvinoed that the salvation 
of both depended on iLvir living tiepa- 
rate. The next step was to iw i-e- 
oeived at publii; eoinraunion by tbo 
celfibrat«d Jesuit Father d« Saoy ; but 
the pricat waa inc-xornblo. He would 
not Dclieveio tberepentaitueof acoit- 
oubine who oontiiiued to reside In llio 
King's apnrlitivnte. Her wrath wa.* 
MTveroly lell bv tbo order, but the 
Cburcli generally expniaiod satisfae* 
tion at the course we bad taken : a 
scnru of easy bisbopa honoured the 
epnuony of her prawiioe tU tbo sacra- 


FafintUi aaii Pompudour, 

merit, utd Jeanne roisson became 
fint tnii^ in vailing to the iDsultod 
Qiit-vn wT Fraucr. 

Tliv kniTu uf DainiciH, wbicli had 
nearly cut short tbe cni-eer of I/oaiK, 
plaveii io t«inporarv peril lliv tli(cnil> 
niti] rxjiiuriKiuii* vl UM Morduoueas. 
Hm JcMiibsttluMualiehadhuiuiliatecl. 
atfiued beraod ibe parlianicnt of bar- 
ingeonfjHTed vitli tlio Knglith govcint- 
mral to Mwaaaiuatu tha King, llic 
nocuiation wm loo grooa lu iUe!)', and 
toa vindictively IVamed, to oilmit of 
belief, and the mistress lriuin|ilie<iavur 
bar anvmin. A Mttlwl iin-isTuliKly, 
bownvcr, dcacuiidvd un (be K'lv^. lue 
inRunout remedy for wliicli wiu ilie 
invenlion of the Marchio4u>s», nitil was 
annlii<cl in onlirr to mcuiv bur own [mi- 
•itina b^ keejHDg IriMn tbu mooaivti all 
inclination to eilablitih anolher cancn- 
biB^ondertherooror Ven^ilUa. lulu 
titta iniquity I caniHA vuUr I'urtlicr 
than bj alattng tlwl <1ui [wuienteil bor 
oM lover Hiibtka ** UermiUge" in the 
CiiDoaa Arr on Cff, nml tlii» iho 
peofJwl witb pr«itr (imialc cliildivii, 
vrlio were iminoInCvd therein to a Mo- 
l(w!h, c<>in(NU«d wilb whom the fi^nil 
•o-ealled of old wju n rery nnge) of 
light. An awfully clisracttfmlie imit 
of tjouii i* conaoctod witli tlir cliro- 
niol<!ortbi<inbceoj'ncn&cc. Hewss, 
afl«r bis fashion, eminently relijziotis, 
and his c«nfe!Mor declarul, vrith a rntx- 
tOTf <ir bliuhv* luwl priiU-, llmt vtSlur 
he l(M>k far the bond th« i)«tiD&(l^oiit!i- 
(U viotiin of ibo niebt, be might bo 
hectrd tenchingber Inn ealMibinn, ra- 
p«iitiiiff wilb her the ironing prayer*, 
and adjuring ber ntsrcr to loiw bur re- 
verence fur the blesaed Virgir, the 
Mother of aur Lord ! Tho wmuhti] 
old aavagn ^ipoar* himself to hure 
been stmcfc by a fntnt idcit ttiat this 
sort of sanctity fell short of whiit iiax 

Siiired tn MMruro hiii«iilrniion. The 
nnK in IIcAVftn'* nconunl was de> 
ly against bin, but h« turned the 
ant in hia favour by building ihnt 
loas ebureh of St. Genevieve, which 
(o )>ratil>vd lb« ecclMDa»tic* nf the dny 
that tli«r thought it would evfti in- 
dude Ikbdame At I'omjMdaur in Ks 
wvinj; dTeoC*. and wliicli ha* htxn 
afMiben of by tl»e cxcRiplary " Kspo- 
leon Til." Bi a louoliing iDonamcfll of 
ibe e»lied pieiy of Laois XV. The 
4)o«srnvnl wm worthy of the act! 
Wilbin the eireuil of the Phrc an 


Corf, Sladiime de Pompadour bad nnr« 
hcrwlf ntniiiwl the King by her dm- 
iiialic pi-rl'ciniiuii('iii>, bur cuix'iTt*, and 
by eRi(-riiiiiiQivntii in whkfa shu up* 
pearinl in a loore of clianict<>r«, vii\ 
wiw [iiTfret in nil. Now, while iho 
King ihi-te diri-'lt with fiiTouritr« pro- 
vided bv lier*i»lf. ilie novi-med nod 
mint"! trnnrc, answering every coua- 
snl. n.'inotntranK",niiil propliepy by the 
now prnvi-rliial wiyiiif', ''AlU-r ue, the 
deluge !" AbriMiJ IIS itl home, Frunw; 
kiii?>T nothing of glory andorbcr iway ( 
and when with one dnsb of tier pen 
sbu overthrew th« entire swtem of 
Henri IV., of Rit^Uvlieu, .ind'iif I.ouia 
XEV, .ind entered inlo a Irenly iif 
alliance witli Austria, it was far no 
iHitlvr niason llian that Frpderick of 
rruaaiu bAil siiukon of hur t^ " Stilliina 
Sinciek," anil ibat Murta-lltinwa, 
■tandin^' in need of her Hs<iistanee,haid 
ei)iiik'wx-iirtei] to addrets her in an 
epidtle wliieh enininoaeed with *' My 
iJeare«t love ! " She wns forly-two 
ywirs of aye when she expired iii Ver- 
>iiill«s,iiuthi- 15tUofAprn, 1764. Tlio 
"deluge," which nins »iiid would mnna 
afl«r her, sefinK-d descending ttava thd 
dou<ls na tlio hearM wbieh eontniiied 
her rvmiunit luft llio eourt-ynnl of ths 
ehiteau for Paris. The upntliutieKiiig 
aaiintercd to one of ike windows ta 
witnun the departure ; ami nil ths fu- 
nurul omtion uttered by him on the 
ooeojiion was lo (hi; efti>cl, ttiiit "tin' 
Mnnrhioiie^ lind satAni^olty bod wea- 
ther to tmvel in, and would not arrive 
in Pari* liefom Ion o'clock." 

The ■■ vhroniijue soan<liilcuse"of the 
Courtexso has l<^ft me but limited fpoee 
tospeakoftbe nHi'l. In linc-uu^raving 
shn wait vxiwrl, but in un^ravinif on 
ttonot she woB an almost faultlew 
"exeeutnnte." Her portmitji of Uio 
Dauphin nnc] Datiphiiic, of the King, 
and of hiT "euvulier serveute" the 
Abbg do Bends, her pigton, as she 
used to Mil him, were only privaloly 
(■ire u luted, .iml any oiii! of them would 
bi> iieeoiiiitei} n trea&uri^ liy ci>llectors. 
The "'rriHni[>h of Konteii'>y"wii?niie(rf' 
A [irnjecte'l perir^of illuitrstinnsof the 
ercui cvi'iitK of tin; n-iyii of Louis XV. 
riiii suhjei^t the enj^ravcd altko on 
eoppcr and on n gem. It represent«il 
Viptory crowning lliu Kin^, who holds 
by the bund the voung DniipUin. both 
(tondins in a efinriot that would bo 
drawn oy four horws, only fhut the 

Ilmry iVimvom*. the Puritan of Manrhtator- 

tncc* have been otoitud. llie " Vic- 
Xmj" of Laafeldt nprMOitti ttwl ^vJ- 
ilems wiogol iinil erenti »taiiJiuj{ upon 

Tbu Vtvtor; u % portnit of tlic fair 
orlttt, whoi !t must be :«i<!, hsd in 
luoil of her workti iL« bviu-fii of Llie 
»iijn!:«3*'vc couiuci of tlic ne<»nii>ll»Iii:i| 
cngnvcr, OuB}'. TIk Prcliiuiiiario 
of U>o I'cnw of 1T1» »bv illuslraio.! 
\tj rcnrocDtiDg ihi' Klnj; as llcrculi-j, 
•tMidiag b«twc«n Viclorjito whomhii 
toXK is turninl, ntid Pcacv, wbo is of) 

iroTM tban ia Ibe Iwt illiMtratiooof 
IIm nrork, for ttio at^mmpliihinvnt of 
whicli Maria TlKrc^A •l'>n|K;J to iUtt«r 
hert on the ^ruuti'l itat bIw liiwl c»»*>- 
•lesctinded to do lb* Rirno to Forinalli, 
i hHuJo to ihc Alluuicc of Aiutria 
Dod Froncc. Tlic t«o oUl foes and 
new r<ricn(b mm Bwn in tlw ri|>urM of 
u cmiiJe of slalvrsrt liuwic*, who aro 
hliBt^ini;; hnnda, M if they were nbout 
to coinniGticc n pugitislic encounter: 
thv Uircli of DiicoTil And tli« niMk of 
IIjrMiCTitj lie ftt tlicir ftiol, but un- 

tti« oU»«r aide eiiilMvuurinx 'o »ltrart troddeo Upon, and cvidciitlr fCadT for 

fail attention. To mj tbinkinit, it it 
tb« Vert of tlio Krics. It i» far tu* 
perior to tli« eoKruviag of Ibu " BirUi 
of the Duke <^ Bamtndj," wliereio » 
rcrjr itoni-ltmbcd Franca painfulij 
stoops to pick up a child, over whom 
IVIut (tliat it, Madaine do Powpa- 
donr) hold* her proloctin^^rluGld. Tb« 
figure cf France, who, in another «&• 
craving, ii kneeling nl tbc altur of 
tijceia] prajfioc fvr ihi resturaiion to 
IimJUi of tk« I)au[iliin, ia a far more 
granfiil figure than tb« lady of the 
nine name in llie prevcdinfi piece. 
The Mioi:rTaa anil Apollos bare tli« 
ttuednaHcal »pirit both in fcatnrtond 
bearing, but oer imjxinonatiooa of 
DRttons arc gcovroily dcAwlive, nerer 

itivtiinl UM when n>([iiire<l ; nbUo S 
livelT MTpeiit, wrMthinjj hinnelf round 
nn aUar, U>ok> full of miiK;hior,Bn(I may, 
I think, be accepted a« a caricature 
of tifc [»oek rrligiou* rites by wbidi 
(b« fatal alliance was eonac«rate<]- 

Hricf nud iiupcrritct *» wonl of ipaco 
ncGcanrily contpcia thoac nottceo to 
bct they perhaps will induvo aomo who 
have only known Joanne Poisaoo m a 
pervercv King's arrogant au»lT««)i, to 
cxnminu die engraved »cri?f of her 
works in France, — worki which only, 
aluat tend torltuw how evil protperily 
iiiarr«l that |)erfvctti>a which a Ittilc 
healthy ad TCTvity might have rendered 
Dot only existing but iininortal. 





The Ihary of the Kn. llmry Ncrcoaie. ffirni Sept. JO, 1G61. to Sqit. 29. 1661. 
EJiUd by Tbuinia nrymooA. e>q. F.S.A. itinleA for lb« tlwtliatD Sorinty. llUfl. 

The Aatobiography u( Utnrr Nswcone, M A- Edited by Ricbvnl Ptrkinton. D.D. 
F.S A. Piincjpal of St. Baaa Co1hg«, and Canon of Mknebcstcr. PrJDtnl for tbs 
Cbstlun Soeiety, IM2. 

^ W£ believe every mder of Ki^lisb 
biitory and biography is. or may be, 
at litis lime better acquainted w Ith the 
{{en«ric cbanicter of Puritan miairters 
(nndcr the Couiukiii wealth and aAer) 
than tho»e trcie who lived luiiong tlicm. 
We nt-ff know, not their outer life 
jnorely, but Uieir inner— tlic «oun>cNs 
and tfae ancakuit;. and the rrnrlty, no 
Ic** than the jiemiu pelf-abnirtiatinn 
and the ramci devotion. We do not, 
at least we nrnd not, now coofonnd 
the ['rcjhyleriin and ibe Indcprndrnt 
branches of Puritunbin. Tlic iirt^lfn- 
swoa of the former, almost as high *» 

tlioae of the Church of Rome itself, to 
have a church of divine ftppoiolntenl 
^thereby rendering the rmoDsilioDS 
made to its uiiniiters on the Kcslorn' 
tion. of subuiitting t» upiiH-niisI ordi- 
nation, about the niost insnltiiw that 
cnuld be oScrcd— the stent aitd fiery 
Independent, then first osacrting the 
jirinciplcs nf C'hrivliau liliertj, and 
chiir;;ing his people to renieinlier tliat 
tlie^ were fiot come to a f\i)l rUip or 
pennd in rclizioiis knowledgr. for that 
"thi* Lord hai> tni<re Irutli still to 
break forth out of iii» holy word."* 
With fdl tbcac family mcniUane«c 

t^nd.] fftnty Nemcoatt, the I^rUan »f Mattcheater, 


the ehamcter bcJbro na has nbo an in- 
•ItTtiliMlitr. A I'liritan, ami )-ct a 
BoykliM, Mcnry K^ircanic ntocreil bis 
eonne Moording u conwienee <li^- 
totod. ThcNm, indeed, laj both !in 
■ArvngUi anil irnkneM ; for, while he 
■Hnu la have bc«D {voof tij^in»t pnrt^ 
' fViends a&d intenut, ta every ciuc 
I bit miiKl liad aitaincit ta an 
•t convicUon of tlii.' psth of duty, 
l^tortnrctl liiniMlf nnd nlhi^ni by rv- 
__wacaU of acrupaloMty in tbc inci- 
(I«nl« oreTer7-d.iy I ifo, wlucli, dcwribxl 
iabagaMr«ori|>inaIlT pvlntTn;;iuil, a»d 
now iiuainl and itbtolcti', nm«t provolto 
It fre<jMCi>l Hnilo irom tbu lucHt vcrious 

Ilonry H ewvoTiM wu l«fl an orjiliau, 
ptiicr with tcvan Mhcr cliitdivn, on 
I d«*tli vf tltC fatlMf nnd iti oilier in 
II -'2. He wM iho fonrth fon, tni 
eoulil not luLvcbMn more Uutuloui'tu«ti, 
Ui cldml brotbcr bcins buE tncnty- 
ooe, and tli« yoongcit cliil>l ju^t iKrco 
nontlii; 'ilieir fatlicr hoA iM-cn rector 
oTCfttdecot, in lluiitiu|*donsliirc, and, 
dofigniag Iiiv eld«oL»uii fur Ibo clencul 
aSiMi Iiod Ibi; |>l«iunro of bearing tiini 
itcarlv lu> firvt Kniion ou tbc 
nsa 01 l&ll.* But this errut 

at WM aucoeuded bjr mrc ti-ibuln- 

t)4M. St«|ibcn, Ifac noeoiid *on, fell ill 
alnxwt imfticdiatd7 afterward*, but rc- 
COriTed i one of the iett ionet (roA< 
hi» Ire; aud I'mulljr the father binueir, 
Mlwtbcr frocu biriiie c&ngfat tbc ditOEiae 
of Ilia sun or no if not eoid, took to bia 
boi), and rent for a hntf^a to make liia 
wUL 'rboreia|)oa bisirife fdl into ux- 
b'cntitjr of (^ief) and w«nt to licr bod 
also. Ho died on Monday, »hv: tlic 
VVfln-Mday after, baving eotruntvd 
Uie byitAwlun not lo bury liiin till 
tbc wna rcii' ly alio, ** And sg ibcy wtrc 
bvricd ta one tsodiii, P«b. ^d, 1 1} 4 1 ." 
Ucnry Ncircoinu'a education was 
hia eldvtit lirotber bccanie oiMter. Uc 
ma tandofnukiosEngliili diKourscs 
icrnionwitc at all vacant tuucs." und "it 
m» Via onlinary {day anil olticv tu ad 
llie minister anonjtet Iud playri:llowi ;" 
bcndcs nbkh lie had ii love of reading, 
and rurfiii-il witlt iulvrcnt, lu fir as liu 
ooubl, titi; itltuiy nf luturul Litlur^. 
At t1ii> wjie of BWcnliKn, iiiunaly, in 
lfi44i bo vat oduiitled ii uluUctit of 

St. John'dMllcgi!, Ciuuhri<]j;i;. Il wo* 
in " the very heat of the wars," ajd, in 
eontequf^ce of Iho outniu-d imiiblAw, 
the jiiung (Indent vrnn r^ninp«ll«ii le 
dis<>ontiiiue bi* catle^ coorvca till th« 
May of \fA'i. Even then, Cnmbridtfe 
tiAi anythinj^ but n scene for quiet 
fttudy. Tluii wof the ymx whon tlie 
conimiuiou under tke EnrI of Alan* 
elieetoT was sitling, ihc consequeDoe* 
of wliieh wore noon etcn in tlio removal 
of many of the ancient fellows, and tho 
nomination of n«w oiicn. J b-nry Xcw 
oomo, a niodiMt, tbou)(litrul nott^r uf 
thinjp na ihvj pniJ«od, aimply 1«1U ua 
Ihrtt " ino«t of the roli^oui were (or 
the iMirliamt'ntMidforliuinowfellfiifil' 
party," but judwa the Other side with 
inodi>rfttion. A year hnd »careely 
pnaKcd before he hnd tin oficr of n 
HChool, — iabry 30/. per anmim, — and) 
not boinjt v<:Ty proud, it Neeii>a> of his 
unirenilr priviregee, voold willin|;ly 
have reaignod ihem, had not the above 
laerattre plMC been nnexpccledly 
wrested fi'oin liim. The foillowirifi 
year he went in good I'arnett to be 
iniurlcr of CongletMi acbon), wbioh hta 
bnlhur bad now Icn, taking hiadenee 
of U.A. and pcrformiTig the fuiine dutv 
to his younger brother Riclianl whicit 
Itohert, the elder, bad fillfdW lowordn 

A bachelor in the ordinary dense 
rienry Ncwconio wns not long to re- 
muu ; for. in 1G4^, lie took the ruh 
Ktep of marrying, owning afterwards 
hif wron^-huadvilnew in not aaking 
COtiiiscl of bis friindt, lieinp only lUcii 
twcnty-oiic. nnd, though hu Imd "Ukn 
to prcmliiny;," not ordainiid till llio 
luotilh ufier his mnrna};e. Certainly 
ordinotiVD ideas wcrv nt a -lc>w poM 
jnit thgoi for, aay« be, "1 did not 
think of it, but, caaually nakinj; Mr. 
Ley whcthor tbora would be an oidi- 
nation or no, he told m« there would, 
aud aFkcd would I bo ordttinedi' I 
tboufclil of it, and w>«n(erod on oxu- 
niinuiioii." It wns JoubLli^n performed 
after the Presbyterian model ; and tbc 
new iiiimatvr wc;nl to live .It Goowlrec 
fvr il yeor and u half, serving nchapL-I, 
und lifLvin); " u fair reapeoi '* from Vwth 
tbc King's party and the IWliarnenl's. 
He livcil amoiij; his wifvt'n relations, 
the ilainwttrii)];^ p*oplc of some oon- 

* Yet It is ■ftvrwtrds saU ibat "be was unordalnfd and nndiw age tu lake Ibo 

Rg-*' It Diust tbcrefiwr, we mniiow, bn*c biMn mutr trhoTlation. 
tCB-^T. Mac. Vol. XXXIX. 



limiy ffeKrome, iJur pyrHa» of Manck«M«r, 


■eqoawo U fA« ttdgbliourhoMl i and 
h«i«,tiic llr»t <<hiU, It djiuafater. vas 
bora, about Ibroc niontli* bIUtt tlie l)«- 
Tu-iullng of CtiuHe» lli« Kint — an*Miii 
«rUiuU ]Hit » gv^ivral ladnir-M on Henry 
H«weome and Iiii fVicnUt and dit- 
coMMocd him grcMtlj in Uf Sabbath 

n«n tUs timo bo appoon to bavo 
bcco Inerciuiitgly mndor (he po««r «f 
twliftioiu imprcaMon*. Before. " being 
vtvy votiiir, and Rotten anwng Ike 
aenlrr, and ruiiCTiui; fine dollia nnd 
RMlUhnns," L« IiikT not been anaicnil 
fev tlie toKKKj of llw moiv •icTOlvd 
ininukn) of liia (LC'iuulntaticvi but itow 
ho K)>i|>lit tbciii. Ub prajen ai»l aelf- 
ox(Miiitialioii»wi;reiuorcfr«qucnl( and 
from tfaii linK dates Ibc comtncnot- 
iBcnl of tbc Oiarj, kept till within a 
f^ days of bli denlb. 

In ] 6^0 be settled u HtiiHor of (inin- 
wfirtli in ClKabire. It i» c«rtaiiil7 a 
remarkable trait, and augurt-d wl-11 for 
Uw joung minister's future iniluencc, 
that be had snflirnrd ao noc " to defpuc 
lu* TOOtb" bitberto. At Uo09ctrc«, 
whin jvl xsrod/ of lUll n^, bv haul 
nlWcd tbu aacmmcnt to twn of kin 
priiKipol paridtioncn for drunkcoBMa, 
and nov he bad a tnUlc to fi^ht at 
GairBWDTth. Ywl it wn* taken in no 
long while in good jiart. lie carried 
bJs ]>oin^ anil held lliatliTlnfc for acTcn 
jcar»,for wmc tJme himadrperibriBnig 
Cuuiljr TTiinMl) iitorning luxl evening 
at ibo tiouM of \he I.i'J; of tlic iwuior, 
finding it doI otherwise evjr to cetublieh 
tbc ciutMB. lie aigtMMl the CovctMnt) 
but adcrwards exprcawd come pam at 
Ibe recoUcction, (or, mjs be, " I alwaja 
nbboned tint pncllces of thai put;-, 
• . .and Itwaaloiq[f)o roj heart wi one 
of mj ertat tnnMremoDh" In fiict, 
bad be Inxn ailleuiiiion to act np to 
the letter of hin eii){a2eiiirotA, it b 
ncnrce puaslblc but tlul nb coiiRiIeDcc 
must bare rvroited atill laorc, being 
far from a repuhlicnn, ni'd no way 
boatik to ilcBO« and i-linpleri, nor, in 
uindi^iiiuii. lo cplKt^l f^Tcraincnti 
vhirb, liy tlii: Covenant, lie was bound 
to ct)ili.'uT(>ur 10 cxiirpiitv. To ibe 
]ndi.-[icti<lt'tit |Kirl]i hr wa." iiIwiijm pnr- 
llcalurly diuticliued. 

Th<^ (4:ii(iui' uf (be good ])AAtor'? life 
vrnj uol a verjr chtwi^d une. He 
vu poor; lli^ Inniily Iin.Tra.iiiitf: M>1- 
dJera w«ro iianrlered on biu ; lie was 
not atrong In hcnllJi : and had Uw 

aful eanaea of vexation and diMp* 
TMuntm«nt in hi« |)«]>itb, and aooie lii 
bb Aunily. 

TlioM wlia arc well Aci|aalnt«d with 
wiU not be turpriwd at the frMoent 
notice of intexpoartwna of I'MridVoBB, 
(oroetiiDea of an almeat lndierotMl; 
tririiil nature. The gwd man anr* 
nHtljr longt for booba, and h» aetodly 
bovflit tlum, but ntinerou tnm cir- 
cumatancM intervene to proTsnt Ibeir 
airlvat. A recklcM uiter porcbaMK 
tho book* indued, but puts " a daal of 
nigar in the otbur «nd of iba bag wilb 
tbctu," and forlkwitb forward* all bj 
B carter from London, '* wbo lata wet 
come to (bent, and tbe »^gfr iwH ^d 
UMlipoiltthebookaawlly." OnanoUMr 
occ*non the deetred volutan (|utotIy 
t»ke their place witfa a (ri»d \ after a 
time, bowcTcr, " Ibe Lord Mnl tliem 
in, and they were not marred at alL" 
It h dilBciilt to avoid anuDng at lb«i« 
cnneuita : but more Mrioot fy for are 
the comadcnlioDa wbieb aruo when 
wo note (be habit, ao atreiijrlf markotl 
in nlmof I every page, and wucb H»m i 
lo be engnJled iu tbo idea of daily 
duty for a minuter. — thai of trying IM 
Invranl conwicnco* of hi.* people, and 
dcdding oil tbcir fpirituol ttala with 
the ootiAdcncc of a pfayacian of Ibo 
body fedhg tbo pulse and esamhiing 
Into syaiptnms ofboilily health. Tbaae 
ioquirica were not atnays tenderly 
condnclcd' There was 

an eTVaneaaa Mlow, ana llarvisoa. that 
had been anoavrt laj people this Mnmer 
%(fi»R, anil bc^ (o lafittc reqrdaneefrna 
leneta tnionpl tbeiu, (ubTtclins the M(h 
oi MOM. Suaufic tliiDfi In: lndnu*t«il to 
AtaM tbvm oB ordlnucu, Ac. In proee«. 
of due aa« of the neigbtraun branghl Un 
to me, nd Bbondanee of tlUcoune 1 hod 
wHh hbn, and be aneried Jcapenic blai. 
pbemoua (btni*— «■ tlul iba loa) wilhin a 
•Mn wa* Ood. aod that there was aeitlMr 
Vaven nor hcU but in a Man'i own nlf, 
and •onaotbortbingavery gnim. Sann) 
naifhboiifa wvt by. that took notkw of 
the npnwkioR. He >liU contlonhiK to 
hinder the woik u( (be people's wait, and 
prcr^lim nitli iranK to luru off with bin 
— I. Wiof had (apon llis comti^ of il 
obI UI t)>« bt^ning of that yaar) an Ael 
timt me, Miiiiut BtatpbcRiMiS Ten«l«, by 
■ay friend Mr. Tbonuu Pimclt. ilini Uriiix 
at London, oafy /«r the noor/Zy ^T it, 
withaul which I mieht haply never ban 


1853.^ Henry Nevscotne, the Puritan of Manrhe$ter. 


tbongbt to bare inqaired about bdj luch 
thing; botbavuig tbis Act bf me, and ice- 
ios tbst wveral of hia aaaertiODi fell under 
it directly, Ididseriouily, out of design to 
remOTe blm from tay people, make com- 
plaint of him to the justices at their 
month'a meeting, and Mr. Stanley and 
CoL Hen. Bradsha'^, upon our depositions 
in the case, granted out a warrant for hia 
appteheuion ; and after a time it was exe- 
cnted, and UsiriaoD waa committed to the 
priwn at Cbeiter, where be was to suffer 
iiz mOQLhs' impriaonment. Somt qf my 
ptojilt wunti nu to have vUhdravn pro- 
iteiitioni but I did it out of conacience 
for their aoul'a aafetj, and so did rcsoWe 
to proceed. It was at such a time, when 
BO^ men bad so man;- abettors, end minia- 
ters were ao slighted, that some more wise 
men pitied m; uudertaking, and thought 
I made a great adtenture in such an ofKr. 
I foresaw not the danger, and never felt 
■nyi but I looked OD dut;, BudGod stood 
bj me. 

Harrison was not destitute of friends 
and abettors, of wliom Newcoine names 
" one MinshuU a pragmatical fellow," 
— "the deputy governor of Chester one 
Smith, and Mr. ScUter a gallant sjiark, 
a fanatic preacher, and several of the 
high'llown blades ;" besides whom, 
among the magistrates, Mr. Gerard of 
Crewe waa "downright" in his favour, 
and Colonel Croxton wavering. At 
the assizes Mr. KlinshuU attempted to 
procure Harrison's release by habeas 
corpus, but the judges remitted him to 
the sessions; and in thecnd the justices 
sent him back to prison, where he en- 
dured his confinement of six months, 
and it "proved a means of our utter 
riddance of him out of our parts." 

An amusing diliiculty is recorded 
in connection with a request made 
that Mr. Kewcomt! would preach at 
Manchester. "That great people" 
deserved, he felt, hl:4 be^it eHbrts, and 
he carried with him two of his choicest 
sermons. One niis more likely to pro- 
mote edification, he thought, than the 
other, but untbrtunutcly Iwo ladies 
were to bo among his auditor.i, who 
came from Chester, and might have 
heard htm deliver that rousing sermon 
there, lie chose it however, nnd, as 
the lollies took no notice, we are led to 
infer that it was not so exciting as he 
thought. On another oceasion when 
It liiHt was observed in the churches, 
and he and a brother minister were to 
preach, Mr. Ncwcowe prepared his 

discourse, as ho thonghl, from a text 
unlikely to ho selected by the other ; 
wbcnbeholdjon their arrival at church, 
and on the brother minister giving out 
his text, it proved to be the very one 
chosen for his own discourse r — 

M; distraction was great. There was a 
kind of competition between him and me, 
■nd I had rather have been cut out hj anjr 
man than he. A vast congregation there 
was ; and I believe several, upon repeating 
the words, were in as great fear and trou- 
ble for me OS I had been before. How- 
ever, the hand of the Lord was mightily 
upon me, and then I could diicem out 
matter and method to differ, and I had 
room enough besides him. 

The result of Air, Newcome's seven 
years' service at Gawsworth, being a 
great reputation as a consistent, sen- 
sible, nnd moderate divine, it became 
nn object with the people of Manches- 
ter to obtain the benefit of such s 
minister on occasion of the sudden 
death of their own pastor. Other 
, churches also sought him, but Man- 
chester prevailed : — 

Preabyterianism bad been established in 

Lancashire by a special ordinance. Octo- 
ber 1646, and altbough persecuted under 
Cromwell, still, in Mauchesler, the con- 
victions of the ereat mnjoritj of respect- 
able iohabitants insured to the sect pro- 
tection, if not power. It 'a evident, from 
the names of Mosley and Bjrom to the 
invitiition to Newcome, nnd perhaps from 
those of Syddall nnd Coppock, that tho 
EpiscopalianB joined in claimmg the ser- 
vices of one of such known moderation. 
Tlie promoters of the classical mode of 
government had frequent hints from pass- 
ing Gcents that theirs waa not destined to 
be the National Cliurcb, and hence they 
either invited, or listentd willingly to, 
overtures of accommodation from Inde- , 
pendente, or Kpi::CO|)alians. (Mr. liey- 
wood's Introduction, p. xiz.) 

Here lie waa minister of the col- 
legiate church, with the proniiso of 
dOl. per annum from the titiies, and 
;1-1^. per annum from the rents and 

iirolits of the rectory of Jioehdnlc. 
'rom various eireumstances this sti- 
pend never Ciune in with any regula- 
rity— voluntary contributions imiking 
up his income. Five years afterwords 
it was reduced to iil., and then it 
ceased altogether for a time. 

I'nder llic date of the 1st. Jan. 
IGi»7-t*, we find the fldhiwing evidence 
of the shifiing principles of the times. 


Hettry iVeterame, the f*uritaH uf Manchrater. 


Mr. Ncwcomv's prcdM««*Or Mr. Itol- 
liawortli lMdbcen]iccuatoBM>lto{««Mh 
on Kcir Yur's Day : — 

t TU wiltinBla Iwrc dOMlli bai Mr. 
llpfml'" [the Wardral look tnc off. But 
it «M not wvll Ukm [br ttir miunjt*- 
Uoft],ai»(l I n%t>\t*t\ ll (iKiuId iu>t be 10 
dona tgain : and to I iliJ jKrarh etcry 
New YcH*) daf incr a* lunff ■• i 'i**^ ■»]' 
libm; U> prtadi ta Mtncdcsia-. The flrit 
jrear whea t would kite jinaclwJ, thu 
tru mU t» obtlnct it. Sidm iU holy- lUy* 
<»rn mit 4«wii, wlijr ihoiiU thit be 1i«pt > 
Tb* lut, I prMchrd, thi* ■»« ahjecinl, 
Tk«l it «■■ OB* «f thr pnncijinl fnlimb, 
and viima I »»iild imacb about tbc cU. 
nmcMoB of our SaTlosr, it woi not odd' 
vmlcnt I ibftBld pttwh. So much alltra- 
tWK Ibcro vai ia the itniu of the timH in 
a tt» fcan. 

The following nuatj^ at the cbec 
of tlifi Mine luontli a not ks* chinic- 
tCTistit? of an nnaetllc*! fbitc of Knti- 
mcDl in the mnttcx of pcrwnU do- 

I wu about Ihi* time mach niril to ko 
to KachttTT TijIiM'i at so PTralBi. to pUf 
at ifcailD boanl. 1 wn* oft checked (or 
thA*t ImI I K** l<x* nach cottcccBed in il t 
aa aA«r, about fotnf to Mr. Mifulroll'* in 
an n«ida|. And I tboo^t tbU a nUonAl 
rMoIotloa ia tbe caM.— Not to {Oforib 
for tbia Tccrution unlex I had been cIok 
M terimui bniloeM bII <l*]r i not to go fjrtb 
(o titii too, if I htil been diTWlnl From 
bmaiMK »tli<t V.1J1. And for wilrtb, 
which I frvt aitiiil of takwg too areat a 
latitude in, — i thougtit il wa* my dtitjr to 
let aomc nvourf thing bll, where I tusl 
(jioken aerriljr i or to oouat urMilf tnilj 
In debt, for u amcb Kri«<u diooourM, for 
cnr; jctt I had tolil. 

On tbfl Restoration Noircome vaa 
no loogor pcTTnttin] to ocrufiv hut nul- 

Iiit at tb«' collegiate church, but there 
i« r|uii>tl^ iiitffiiilisil, and, ho hi>m|il, 
" met with fomething thnl diil Iiiin 
Bood." In lfifi.i, whffti Uio Fiw WAe* 
AetwM pocMd, hr sli[i[>cd beyond llie 
bonndarr, ytl being not caurrijr «• 
leD»(l. lie prcttcked at aennl places : 
be ninilc oxcuriioDg on boncbndc : 
viaitvi] Lronilon with his daucbtor; 
■nd li«tiflitl}r biilutl bin lime. He did 
not wail Id vain. Tlic King** decJa- 
rnlioii of iiidalgence (Mftrcli IGtb. 
l<i7l)ona)d<>d him la getaKconeouid 
preach freely in n bini. Tot ia tfao 
wintonncaa arpowcr tnA reatrictioni 
taiaa, aid Newoome dvUvcrcd bii 
iBMnge alUmately in bouw and field 
and bun fbr Bevenl ycnra to come. 

'Ae iuidin]! of Kioj; ^Villiani, or at 
l«a*t the 'toleration Aci of 1 089. rc- 
more*! nil fear of l&^al ]*crHx-ulH>ti; 
but tbcT« WM still rootn for much 
cbureb dissetuioo \ and it was, be laye, 
luaid KMue cnnK* and reimMMibos Ibat 
the fowidMioQ of tu< dcv cha|M!l in 
Croas Street wu lud. Ho opvnvd tt 
with f>rayer and a acrouw, .luoc ;i-ltli, 
I(W4 ; knt, t>T ih« Uaie thi; corthlr 
llcnisc of God wu finished, tbo a^cd 
tuiii!»t«r wBd well lu^h worn out, aaj 
r««dy fin- hti tnasMvn nborc. lie 
preaebed frOcmoBaUx, bin lant dii* 
cwir« being dcIiTcrcd. Juiio ISth, 
l(<t)5, and he died tlu: folluwtng ilc|)- 
l*»ub«r, ngtsl 66. 

Ncwcame compooi.'d three joamak. 
Tho finti which rocwnlcd )ua private 
actiona, and uoKMt tbougbia, being 
<kiii|[n«d aotely Jbr hta own uac^ wa» 
oomDKUoed at Caiahridn in 164t>.«nd 
earriad oD to lua death 10 lOftS. Tho 
locoixl was tarmcd " Hw Alislroct," 
a *«l«<:tion from tbc fonocr, iotcndeil 
for tbc use of bia chtldrro. BcsUc* 
tl>cw, the painrtakiii^ divine kept n 
third jonmal, as a record uf [uueing 
CYfnlit of a more [mUic nature, Imt 
which has not been preBCTTDil. Of tbe 
oclnal diary tbc only portion now 
known to bo extant exlcoda orvr tvra 
ycon. from IGGl to 1G6S, and funm 
the yolumc which w» printed for ili« 
Chclham Sooiely in the year l»4!). 
IIk Abfltract was continnttl by its 
author to the year 16S3, ami com- 

Elclcd to tilt.- pcnod of hu death, during 
!■ Ijui ilh)e»s 1iy tbc hnml of hit mo. 
VCliit maniifmitU a* well ai tlw former, 
wai in the pnucwion of lib dcwendant 
tbc tnte itev.Tliouuia Newcioaiei,R«ciar 
of Shcrlcy, r«. Hertford, and was 
phced by that gvntlninan at tbe <lis* 
posol of tlic Cbcthnm Society. Tbe 
webxnu which KTcwterl i1m> i'm-mcr 
Tdluue indflced uk Society to ooif 
tenplate tbc publication of {tie wcoud 
maouscript, xnd the iliifirulty whi«h 
attended itn Toluminoun pniiiortioni 
ha* been miriuouiited tr " abridging 
the moral retfeotioRS, wuob, however 
exocllent, aie somew^t monotonoa*^ 
and pretuaungupon tho rDwleT*i know> 
ledge of iba hinlorjr of ntoat of tbe 
name* that occur in the nnmtivo." 
The first mrt of this Kheaic (ibe 
abridgmcDt} we think was judicious: 
the latter is. pcriiap*. an npology for 
(he appticntion ofloa cdiUria) twour 

1653.^ Henrtf Newcome, tht Puritan of Manchester. 


thaa has been bestowed upon moat of 
the Chctham Society's works. IIow- 
CTCr, it ia auggestctf that the parties 
menUoned arc generally to be tbunil 
ID tlic former roluiiic, or tii the Ale- 
moir of Adam Mortinilalc, another 
work of the Society ; and both of the 
Ifewcome books ore provided with 
complete indexes. But we Khould be 
uojiut towards Mr. Ilcywood, did we 
not reiimrk that " Tlic Dinry" haa the 
advantage of an excellent introduc- 
tion from his pen, containing the 
. salient points of Newcomc's history 
and character, derived from " The 
Abrtract." The Abstract itself, now 
called the Autobiography, is prefaced 
by a memoir on the Newcome family, 
written by the late lie v. Thomaa 
Neweomc, of Shenley, in a good- 
humoured and amusing strain, but 
the liveliness of which, we must add, 
hu apparently blinded Dr. Parkin- 
son to the admission of several small 
inaccuracies.* More particularly, the 
writer betrays a very imperfect ac- 
qoftintonce with his ancestor's Diary 
when he states his ignorance of the 
fate of Daniel the second son of I lenry, 
for, OS Mr. Heywood has remarked 
(Introduction, p. xxxlv.), "the Ab- 
rtract, from 1665 to 1670, is chiyllv, 
we r^rct to say, occupied with familv 
details, relating to Daniel Newcome s 
misadventures as a London n|)pren- 
tice." Daniel was twice married ; but 
we find no traces of hin liaviug had a 
Km James, whose ileath ia regarded by 
the Rector of Shenley oa having accele- 
rated that of thonged Puritan.! 

Daniel himself from first to last was 
a scapegrace ; falling into numerous 

perils from his roslinoss, and unma- 
nageably violent and obstinate. The 
uireum.-^t.anccs of his dying illness arc 
beautifully related by the old man, 
whose heart still fondly yearns nflcr 
bim, and who, after many a sorrowful 
entry rcs[>eoting his unhappy son's 
disgraces, winds up the whole thus; 
" And now we have done with Dan> 
All that is left is to rcineinbcr him a 
little ; but it is pain and grief to nic." 

It is therefore dear that the Kcctor 
of Shenley was incorrect in stating 
that "the three sons of the Puritan 
were all regularly onlained, na tlieir 
grandfather and forefathers were, and 
all held preferment aft^r the restora- 
tion of the Church and kingdom." 
This however was tlic truth as to the 
two surviving sons, — Henry, who be- 
came Itcctor of Tattenholl in Cheshire 
and Middlcton in I^nncashire; and 
Peter, who became Vicar of Aldenham 
in Hertfordshire and of Hackney in 

In the preceding generation it is 
true that there were three brotlicra 
"ministers of the Gosi>el," as Henry 
hinHclf and two of his brothers are 
reported as preaching on one day in 
three several churches in Klanchester, 
{jrcatly to the delight of their hearers. 
The Xowcomcs have, indeed, been a 
remarkable line of " beneliced clerks," 
extending from our Refonnation to 
the present time. " Few," oliserves the 
Rector of Shenley, 

" have llourislieil out of holjr orders or of 
the scholastic proffBEJon. None hare 
been altomcys, bnrriBtcrs, or judgcn, and 
none have left landed estates worth men- 
tioning. Bui one lived and died a coun- 

* These tre obTfoDS : page v. Bladon for Bladen Capel ; page i. note, " Ciiild- 
Widi, Bury, near St. Alban'B," for Childwick-Bury, and " Beformalion" for KeToln- 
tioa; p. xvi. "Curate of Hook in Hampshire" (there ia do such pDriah), which wc 
believe should be BasingBtoke ; ibid. East Willow for Wcllow, and Kadconibc for Bat- 
combe; p. xii. Freimanllcs for Frecniantlc; p. xi. Ear! of Stnnley, nc presume 
Derby; and p. »ii. " sufTrein" for Ihc French Admiral Suffrcin. 

t " James Newcome died 2.)lli Jiinuary, IGUj, in the nineteenth jear of his age," as 
appear* by an item in Henry Newcomu'i.epita|>h. Sir. Ilcywood {p. i«i:i.) erroneouBly 
regarded him as s son of Henry. lie was doubtless the grandson mentioned in p. 'Jfl.t, 
hut whether Daniel was his father or no does not appear. Wu way state (as It in not 
noticed in the books htforc ub) tliat there is a pedigree of Newcome in Clutlcrbm-k's 
History of Hertfordshire, vol. i. p. 183. It e.ttenilM from Stephen Newcome, temp. 
EUk. the grandfather of the Diarist, to the late Rev. Thomaa Newcome (who died 
Sept. 1, IH5I), and his children. The name othisbrolher, the Archdeacon of Merion- 
eth (who is still li?in(t), is notiood, but his children are not insprted ; and llii« pedign-e 
is not to complete bb to ciintain the collateral brandies at Cnldeent, Wyminglon, and 
Horbnry, to which some sliglit references are made In the Rev. Thomas Newcome's 


A JnuTH^frotn London to Pnrit m 1796. 


trr •PAlkMMT ; midjime beeam* m MUI*r, 
•od Maribon^ Itft Mm (■ lh« ttrnxkn 
of UmU, noT. One or two vbbI to tea, 
•■d irera l««rd af bh moK . • . • Thnt 
icboobiuilan mMla (iKWnn ; »a« cImIl 
Ikcmdc Arohbitkoii of Ara>slii* mi« 
JUtlMfi of St. AJifih. «no Diwn of OIm- 
(Mter, and oue Dean «f RoehMtor, in ths 
ri|1iti!Enlh cMilnij ; and one t* ArobdoMOB 
or Mriiuucih in the ninetecalti Mntnnr. 
Thirty or mure bars beta rictor*. rican, 
iit. 1 b«*e, or hid, l«o wni, Ihrvo 
««|4i*wi, thra* *iKu-iii-b»— all, U ^t. 
owatf* only, bnl Rood iiaMori on atinted 

Ouruwonntorttt^NnroAinA DUritei 
tlMHijt'*<^xteudodb*j'ond > I -oi 

gives but fi faint id«a of tl :^> 

0*T<l WholA. It i# ric-U ill pii.iiiiK- xraJU 

nf (^lisrLii!t«r, whoro w^oIumm aJtcr- 
iul«d witli itreei^b, gT«v« thou^iU 
with trifling irMii(lcnla,oiM] qnatiwt*^ 
Mntcioiwe. nieh na miiclil welldnnsiid 
lli« Wt l«itiirc of iii'-U-ucli.-d siitrte*) 
wilb pcttjf matter* of iicriiplf- MOfa W 
kI>ou1<1 linve ticco diimiued bj one 
(lw>u;:hi t<r Him, who Iodj; before >*• 
Itukol nl) iiuall Moctimaiiioiu viewjof 
dutjr in his ddUiiig with tbc I'luuiaeb 



SIR ALEXANDER DICK, Dirt, ot PrMtonMd, iimt Edinbnrtli. tbc witter Of 
the Jminwl of «Uiub wk propoM to Uj tb« nbaliMC beS>r< enr rwden In tUi« Mti 
•DIM aubaoqumt portloni, wu • mtn of mnoh weiiht and eilianatioii Id Ike apfantjflc 
VD(U of Kdiabnifh dnriai ttie htt amtarf. la oarlr Ufe he bore lib pateroa] uma 
(irC«wila|bain, b«i(v tbetUrdaokof Br WIUUju CnaalnghaBi, of Caixlagton, DarL 
Ilia iROtbor wai Janet, onljr cklld and katrtai of Sir JiniM Dick^ of Preatonllcld. He 
wu bom at PrvotaofleM on Ibe tird Oct. 1703 H>*1*k itndled for mmm time at llie 
Unherillr «f Bdiabargk, h« rff«li«d la Leaden, where be b««a)ue a i-upil of tlie 
itiiutriuua BocrbMTC. *ai look llic decree of M.U. on tbe 3Ut Aug. ItVi, wliM 
lib tnaufiual dliairttlton wai O* Bpilipna. On the 23fd Jan. tj^tt he recel*ed a 
dljilona of the m>u dcifrec frotn the Unifrrritjr of St. Aedrvw'a. H« thaa settled aa 
a pbrafclan U Ibe S«iti«h netfOfoliai und ou tho 7lb Nor. foUowIiiK Iw wm 
■dmittnt a Follow of tlie Rajal Cotk«e of Phjrdeinn of Cdinbtintli. 

In 1T36-T be uado an eUeniire eontinMital tour, of which the itret portisa to bow 
bill Mon tbe reaitr. Hia oompaniou wns Allan Roimwjr tbe pointer, ion of the ccik> 
biaCett Srotiah poet. Dnriac bia tnrahi Dr. CnnaiagliMa uddnouelr proeecatod Ua 
mcdlea] Inqnirlet, and U the eunc ttaw groatlj IneWMeit bia prevlMi "f'^ViMmr 
with claieiGal litentwe and antiquitim. 

Altar hie ratvni borne he wu indoceil lo aettle ac a phjrelcian in Pmhrokeiddre, it 
tbe mention of hit IVtf nd >fr. Hookv, of Ibat conntj. He there pnetited medidM 
w^tk (net repalaUon and louoti iucoom durioK leroral jrtm, uaiotolnlos, however, a 
toutant corrapondcMie with hii Aricbds in Scotland, and |urU<T0Ur1]r with Allan 
Hanuj tli« pcct, wkoae lelten, wttb aoBic nnin)bli*li«d pooua, aIm addrcaxd lo S(r 
Aloaadcr Dick, are ib our pOMeMion (bjr himt ot tbe Utc cilocioed Sir Robert K. 
Ktk CniBfaixbani, But, at Preelonfidd), and rorm |iart of Inedilod nutenala wbleb 
«re Intended to be <mi>Io7ed in a npw BlopB|di7 of the Author of Tlie Oentk 
Sbeptierd, ia tHnwdiate prepnration. 

Upon Ue bratker'a doatb, Dr. CnoDlniliun *ii«c<cdod to the baronetafo, aad 
atiunied the naiBo of DIek. He then took np hi* retidenee In the bmiljr naadoB 
of PrsetotiKeld, widcb Um nt Ibe bate of Arthur'* Seat, at that time a little ntiwc Ibcn 
B tnBa dtittM IVocn lUkhBFjb, but now ncailf Inrluded ia the Kntiorbin diitflrt of 
HevlngbNi i and, whOal he nlimjniehed for hi* own jurt the ioiiT« pwraint of hia pro- 
fkMhM, be WW eo freat b ftvovrfle wtth Ita Menken, that tkcy pbced iita for mtmi 


A Joumeg/i-om London to Parit ia 1733. 



•aMMdnjcm at the bud of llietr bnd;. 11* wnti int cImImI PrMiiinrt «f Ike 
Callage of Pbytieiioi of Edinburgh in tlic j«w 17M, and iflcr ms re-etcetioiu. lie at 
Ingtli rcUaqttlilitil the clislr enllrclr vpav. hi* nwn runlutlon, " thnt It irts tine to the 
mail* of citbcr f«ntleiBn thit ihcm tlionlrl tu> mme rolatton." He did nol, bawem, 
nkz Lit rxcrtKiiu in the Mrrlcc of tb« Collrgc ; »ii<l be ww oae of the mgd libml 
tmbribntora talfaobidUias of ilieir HUl. Ai i mirk of gratitude for hi* wnicei tba 
pfayiliriuu pfaMd fail purtralt in tlinr library. 

Wr Alexanda- IKek «m not leii ctrfvl (» dcIim public Imlilntioiu in EdinborEb. 
He was ■ scalona ncmber ef tbe Royal Societr, and took an tetixe pari In procarlnn 
Itadiarter; aad, at a inain|cr of th« Rojal Inflrmiry, ^o vnilraroarM to |iramt]te iu 
ntilitgr U a m«di(«l *cbool, m well •« a refuge f<>T tbe unfurtuuAte. Wbvn ti'v ■cc<U 
at tbo trac rbobarb wcro brovgbt Ui Britun by tii. MawnKj, be b»ta<tcd grcit 
■UeotDia on tbe (.idturc of Uie |iUat, imd ia iti pneporation (or the marliDt, rqiI be 
reoeiied tor bit tnooeM i> tbii motler tbegoldinedal of the Society of A(ta in I^njon. 

Bk dtetb ooentnd M the ago of dgbl^r -(*><>• on tbc lOth Not. I16i, Ht bad 
married twin; lirat. In 1736, Sarah, danghtef of Aleinndet DIek, ionr«b«ititi Edln- 
bnrgh, a r«lati*e of hk nolbft'i family, bf vhom b« l44) tva daughter* ; and •eeomlljr, 
U Iillli iUrj, ilausbtcr of DaTi4 Butler, e»q. of PcmbrokeaUrc, bj wbaai be bad 
UuM tena «m1 ibne dau|bter>. 

A m^Boir ef Sr Alexaadcr Qeb, which mu piibti*bed won alter bU death in tbe 
Bdlnbuifk HciDeal Comocataiteft w reprinted (for pmatc diitiibnuoD) in 1819 Djr 
Ilia deMendna, tbe late Sir Robert K. Dirk CaDnln^baaic. Ilatt. ; nnil rromthatMinrtt 
we eaodnde tbcae introdortorj remarki oitb tht following eaifnatc of bit charatier i 
lb " WbaltTtt ob}ecl cBgaftd bU attention be waa itcady to tbc pvmut; sad bu cmi- 
dittt WW aJwai* narked by tlio tlrictMl ftlmtaa and Inicgritj. Thdi dispoNlion led 
Ub to be conatant and warn fa bla friendidup : and Ibii candaet procured to bim 
■nlTcraal km aad wtocin. Bat be we* not more aaiiablu lii public than i» pritatc 
Bfe : far, with all bit diffioiitloQ (or actitiCf and ciertloci, the ftrlkiiif fc^ima of bia 
ijtar>ct«r wtrc leltdntei and tweetneu of iemper. lie poi«eued the hajipjr <]i*|io«l- 
tioD of Tieirinc tbe Ur lidc of cTer7 object, nkicb wu iiot onl} the bouicc tif luucb 
b^ipiaou to hjeaadf led tiU fuallj, but of uuiteriil beoetulcDce U> manldud. Tbc 
acMaitj and ebaetfolsoia wbleb eceomiiiinUd ki* oondnet tbronch lif«^ were the al- 
bwdanta ataa ef hi* laiC tnoiaenta, for be dted In the culeat wajr, and with a imlk 
upon bfa eenatenancc." 

Tba M9. eontai^ag the jonraal of bla lour baa thti tnemorandnai on iti flj -leaf : 

" Alexander Uick 

/rtm ptp»r» tMTt dictated t>i Wn>, C'ruuracJ, Ai« Amatiuntir, 

foe tbe hm of hAa fbniIlT ond/Wradi onlj, bnt not pahltahed." 

(Tlievorda la Italic beini np^iareully JWHitrfa moau.) 


]736,/d!y 24.— BIr. Raiuuy ant] I 
left London and caiue to Dover in the 
ocMcb, laitb a jollv Kiigliili pantun, a 
crabbed biwycr, a Fnsicluiuu) nho was 
Lonl Vuk'* tHiH'rintciulanl.aiut a very 
otld-luaking, )>uiri^i, hT|K>cliOQilniu)u 
nua. going to Aix-U-t-hupcllc lor bis 
health. Wg adniire'l Ibo vi-nluni and 
the fine cnltivMaU fidib in Kent; tbe 
BUDMroiu liop-gaitlcni ready to Uos- 
aoen, and lAdTyorcbanls ; llic people 
aDil I'^tlo tu gcMMl pii^^bt; tlii.' lowtiii 
Mid fftBign n«t Bad dvjui ; and ilit; 

A. B. O. 

market-places fdlcLl iriili abundouce of 
«\eTy good eatable thiim Iba roads 
lilcManiaiiiiguod; ths inni Dtuscroiu 
und wvll-»erTixl; tbe nMehmeo mtlier 
rough aiid abaolule, nnd mara attcn* 
tivo tn ib«ir horses than the compaojr. 
UurcunvomtionbrigbteniMl upas the 
(Uy ndruiicL'd, a^ur wo liml vnt and 
ilranlc Logi^ther. 

/u/y 'i^. — Vie took tlie packet-boat 
Qt Dover iu tha cTvniiig of tbu iS\h, 
and Uy nil night itlwve deck on our 
jniNM^ U> Cahii*,wbidi waaverjagnw 

A Jowfi«i/fr9m London In Pttrit fa 1736. 


able, with a fnir wiixJ. Our oomjiaajr 
were Dunkirk mercb^ints, niut Mrvenl 
French gcntlciDen, wlUi whom wo on- 
tcred into convimnlion in tVoncb, lu 
Mr. K.imsnj and I hit>l bcvn oarljr nc- 

CU'luni^l li) ^.[l^y.ik tlliit llUlgUllKV ut 

liuiiii>. )x>tli ri-utu iny father'* carlv 
JDitiating mo in it, which be hinuolf 
ipoJw well, but likewise from mj 
UTiqg been chrou yoon Bbroail u s 
6tad«at of KTeiliciae in lloUutd, and 
tlirae noontba at Vtai* about (en jvxn 
biffora this period. Mr. Itamiiajr antl 
1, tliorafore. nuda a rosolulian ta npuak 
IIP olhur languwu but Frcocb whil« 
wc roniained in Fnrtix, and, upon our 
•rriral in llnly. no other lanzuago but 
Italian ; ns wc h.f I Ihtii wflll linindc^t 
in il liulbrv wc left Kdiuburgli. 

Jaltf rfti. — On tlic morning of tha 
26th wo arrinid nt CaJaiis and wcro 
k'ra truublod wilh cuituni-lMMUC (ifU- 
Kiy* tknn at Dover, over^tbiDg of that 
kind being Letter Kgahlcd in FVuiM 
tban in Enj;land. Qtit of oar b'Icinid) 
Bwrcbantii wat iii iNinum tct; liku my 
brolher. Sir Willinni Dick, und gave 
us a fayoumble ncrouRt of his tr&vi>b 
in Knglnnd, and afthe llmirkhing (^>n* 
drtiou of till.* ciijr uf Dunkirk. At 
Calaii there was n verjr lean genlfe- 
man who dined with ii; at tlio inn. 
anil, rnnii rarcumnlancc* llut wu hiul 
not lei«ure to iiKjuire JJitn, csprcMiHl 
a groat reluctance for paiiing with us 
ni we WCTc immodiiit«ly to «ut out for 
Piarix. It being warm ni-athn*. our 
poatina c(|uipagQ happuntil not lo be 
tuitab^ to the modes of »iuieG : but 
wo folhiwed our awn way. Tor coolness, 
l>uinj; ill otu- while et<»king> without 
Itools, to tliu grotl >urjirii>u of ill the 
I'VeDChnien we fuel. 

Jidi/ 37. — Arrircd at Iteukigne, and 
rranarkcd, at w« cam* along, uu o])cd 
country, and, indeed, the Sootith an- 
peamDCo of Fioardy. A Dr. llay, who 
liad been in thu reucllion of 1715, and 
a great partiniii of that cuutc, found 
us out tnimcdintoly when wo tirrircd, 
and oai-o ua a very kind nwplion ; 
and by him we were invited to dine 
widi Mr. Smith, the great iicotefawine 
mcrvhaat then.*, who had bfi«n for* 
merly in that mnie ata*e, and eBti>r> 
tiiincd MS widi many various teenca in 
wbiiJi thay both had been eonocmod 
in tiiat diaastrotu bunnecat, of wliieh. 


he atiA, he made the nKMt of it by fol* 
lowin;! a traide very beaefidal, whkli, 
he hoped, toon afnrvar^ wouht hmd 
him to Scotland, to pnrrltnra s laadud 
(.Tttnlr m his own cotuitry. 

Jtdg -Hi. — Set out ia the routninf 
for Amiens where wc arrived in the 
ufleniaon; mw (he catlieilral; liked 
the nlaoo much. Both AUwvilU; ami 
Aauent are thriving towns for manu- 

Jtdg 2n.— Our kkmI wai thronsh a 
fiiw com country, and. ai tliat time, 
the peufile were all ei>i{ili>yed about 
their har*e«t. We diuoal tit Cterrnonl, 
and saw the Duke of ISerwiek's house 
opposito to it. From oatine mooh 
fruit, antl grano*, not iiuitu n)ic, the 
wmiher aun being very warm. I fefl 
sick upon the roao, and, in a eominoo 
byo mn, wilhin a post of Chnntilly, 1 
was ol>l«jud to put up, wtion^ wc wi'ce 
but indnTcreiiliy UMd by the aurly 
landtord ; however, alter naming a not 
very eomlbrtabJo night, I (bund siy 
KCirvtry well noaC morning. 

JiJy :I0. — Went to Chantilly, where 
the Duke of Bourlmn's fine palace >■: 
there wg «iiw th:> most RiAji^tficont 
itablct in Eurow', which eontnin tnanv 
hundrcda of the line«t hunu% with 
every accommoduiion for tbeiu. On 
every hand there were lino gardieDB 
and watcrworki without, and n«h fur- 
niture, painting*, lapo«try, and >tntuus 
withrn ; particularly (hoM of CanihJ, 
and Turenno, with all thnr balilea 
pnintet) near ch(>m. Catuu to Puns 
Ibnt niglit, uliout four o'clock ; wont 
lo lodge at Mr. Itoberta' bagnio, where 
wc were well bathed and lerved, but 
lukl vorydoor for what wo hud in that 
iMNtM. We mr I then; with Mr. Horn, 
Lord Drumore'* -tom, itnd Jlr. Oiwald 
of Duniekean. Went with them to 
»oe the Pilait Koyal, and, in the evcn- 
iotf, wont to tlie ilahan comedy; both 
wnii'h pbuM save ni very great cnl«r- 
tainment. 'tha firet hat the oobleat 
collection of ptcturea in Ewrepe, and 
bclonsM to the Duke of Orlenna, the 
nin oT ibo Recent, the finrt Prince of 
the fllood in France . 

Atifpiiil'2. — Wentlo Mr. Alexander, 
our baiiki-r ; sin thire Dr. Ilickinan, 
whu iTAVclleil wiUi the Dnkeol'Kiug- 
slOD,* and one Mr. Digg*. That day 
we dined with Captain Unjnhort, A 

' Svel;ii nem^lnt. the wcond Duke of Kington, aocceaUeil i7:M, died 1773. 

1853-3 A j9umejf/rom England to Parit in 1736, 



Santa jtentlemui in Ibe Spanixh Mr* 
Tice, wbo ws> lo Ro witJt Mr. Hoin lo 
meet the Eurl Ma^slat.* tli(>n nl Vn- 
luncij, in Spain. S«ir Ibat itay the 
LuxMDbnurs cnllcrjr, n>it)i :ill thf line 
paintinip of Riit>eiM ilwrc. Walkwl 
iftermrd« in tl>« itanlcns, which arc 
vdl kept, bnt; aai in Ibe beat lsst«; 
litUuof anlnne; nil i« rtaiilnrity; t]ie 
mlks am vorjr broai), wntro incn* i« 
oft«B a Tut nvorl of oooil couiiniiy, 
exbcnielj well draBsed. The ladio* 
an all pniitUtl. oiiJ the rc<i of ibeir 
clieds ou A rvry famine nppcarnnce: 
the married ladies ebiufly, biiiing lulil 
at williMit lUOTcy, whivli Ruk<.T> n uiil 
hnvock on mtural lieauly, but ia or 
particular nolaeo to lodiM coining into 
T«sr9; for, by corcring tb<>ir wrinkles, 
tt pnta them ttpon n l«vc^ with iha 
jrotuK bMralia* wlio would «cioei ecli))«o 
ikem In overy reciwul. 

it^rnrf 1 — Tootlodginesin ibe Kue 

Dai^Aine; met at tlio Hrili^h Coflici 

HouM theK Willi >(r. Al'Qtivrj;or, n 

Mfrtleman fumons nllcrwni^ in the 

3«leoea oi* tli« young i;etitl<!miXD who 

cbimod liu estate and titlut of ihc 

Eu-l ofAtqilMey -, al*o in«t Hr. llitik* 

nim, Mr. Digs*' i**^' ^^'^- l^i'idgc*. 

IVcol with tbom to IIm: Acnd.iniy of 

Puinling, dinMt with them ut the 

Croidiw, an-J, nftcr itinnar, wont with 

tbein to Ibe Cardinal da IVIifinicV; 

ibene wc saw tiio fiiwwl collrction of 

Greek sinlues in Eiir"i>«, UMly >.r*uRl.t 

fron Bomc, »!«, t Ihe siorj of AcUillea 

k(^tl«d )>/ UlvMC9| with the >iriti«ur 

lie prueiit«>), &c. From thence wc 

^^^Bit to tlu Invaljdo, a tuvul hmpiul 

^^HLwoDiMkd uid old wMJun. 11 u 

^BV%i«at extent, great eloguiicfi and 

V migllW'frf' in th>: mdiitvcture, and 

W hoalLe but eontrivuicc in tliL' arrancc- 

raent of llic war^, and good rcKuiur 

onkn. that I bavc uxa ; the but tlutt 

iirei>becrvcO in nor lion[nt»l In Kuropu : 

it contains wiue tuoutnttidd of men who 

httw. hruTcly and long icrrcd tiicir 

oountrvi or have bled in it«cuuiu, Wc 

went iroin thence (o the Oiicrat t>ut 

did not niucli mliiurv thu iiiumi;i whidi 

entirely in lliu Frcnf!i liuic, loqtl 

noiijf, great in tbi; cueulion, but 

Hustnandltttluin tbchnnnoniuus 

part vbicfa lieloDg» to good munic. 


Anftui 4. — Wont lo ifio cnihedral 
orXotrcDamcnn St, Gencvii'v^'sday, 
llie jiatroii)«8 nf Fjirid, wIrtp there 
were gteat proMMiuiiiB ntul soli'iniiilivs. 
In the afternoon went witli Qtr. Diffg* 
to the church of St. Geneviive; there 
Mw the pious Dake of Orleonc, and 
his *i«ii-r tiw Quoon of SpnJit, who 
came to aatisL nt the »ot«iiiiiity. 'Hio 
nuiic we bcnrd (here was »"ery good. 
Wont from thence in the evvniof; to 
Iho Coiiucrt S[)iriLucllG, in tbu King's 
paboe in the I<ouYr(% whore wv hood 
the beit pcrformcn in France^ and 
the pompoiilion of the Italian ta*te. 

From tItQ liuft date to the end of 
Aujfunt wii employed every day in 
ri»iiing aIJ t.hrtpkr-es roiinil Pann, as 
fnr ns iii-i Kina*i palnci> at \''(TKAilIe9i, 
twelve milea tVom I'nri*. W« went 
with Mr. Oswald to see Kin» Stanti- 
luna, tho (jiicon'n father, at hiii c^^oitritry 
paliu^c ai Altudon, wbcro he livud in 
rciiremont nnd elegance, nl^i^r tlte 
busllinj; disogrcwahla life he hn'l while 
King of Polan'l, from wliiirh lin vi\vi 
driven to hia eooiL The Kit);:,^ nrid 
his daughter the (Jueim, ino'ti: him 
frcfiueiil visits, nnd often cn-'ailtp'l 
him in m.itlers of *taCc. llie neolhar 
being yciy (iiic, we sUid lit Vtfranilles 
and viail«d tho palace nnd pardeiii 
with accuracy, but witli arionisliiaont 
At evmrtbing in the nirdcn*, whitdi 
were of great extent, bat no waj» in 
the stylo of ualurL-. Art only pre- 
vailed, iind thut at an immcBMaxpmM: 
the atatuei wcrv uunmrouf, and hut 
very li.*<v of tbcui en<|uiaitu, nnd those 
only by Uirordou,! bf whoni,' indued, 
tlicr« wcra aoato noblo £r«up«, iMiidei 
Mngl« piece*. The wnUw woro very 
broad, nnd, in tome pboM, <:ould u'buit 
of the Ivinif'a coaches* nnd -aix, nnd bii 

Siarili and attenilante, to f;o throuvb 
cjn. Tho wnlerwor^c and cnneadM 
were extremely tJiowy ; they were 
erected nnd kcj>t at a» iinmenaeobargej 
they ploy but Boldom, and that nn great 
occiuioDf. tt waa our good fortune 
ibnt mitnb I'ulltli lailJL's Inivln^ arrived, 
wbo wure rdutioiu to tliti Qncin (one 
ofwbicliwae iiideud cxn>edinL' liarnl- 
fiOLnc),tIic Wnterwork>< ncre orili'j\:il in 

{liny fur tlieir entcrlniunicnt; and ihi.- 
adiL-a wcrec«iiilui:l«d in little linnd- 

* One of the koiliag ndbcrvnt* of the Frttender, auJ who hail li«ru attainted far tils 
ooacrm in tli« Rebrlllan of ]TI3. 

t Loab XT. t Francoii Girardon, dicil ITIS, QEcd 93. 

Gmn. U^. Vob XXXIX. E 



Tht CloUter Lift cfthe Em/mtor CKarlet V. CJ" 

rhnin, piM^il fonruilii hy mwiio of tlie 
gumb, lo all the wmlarworka in tlw 
gii*d«os, whidi gvK lu Ihc but of an- 
jinrtimitiw of Mttu Uic wbole. w« 
olU'rmrrls wafted tBranrii the [wlsos, 
nntl Um lone gaUwy, w)ti«b i« vfrv 
nafali! uid loJtjT, anJ umunentMl wilb 
the »cv«nil pwntiitR ckxM oT Alexun- 
dci'a buUoi by Le Bran. In tlic 
nptrttnpnU wa nw wv«ra1 enpiul piir- 
tun^ of iho b«rt iumUmm, iMrtioiiUrly 
of Kaphad. The King'* ctabW arc 
T«T7 nMgni&i^ttl, and all filled wilh 
lh« Eii«»t liorMM to Bcrve tbem fnr di« 
iltronion of liunliii/, in olitrli lio i* 
every da^ occiipi«<l, witli n circle "f 
bis ooutticH ant) fnvouritoit- Wo m<w 
btm <in« daj in (bu cbupvl AtUtn<liii){ 
Um mominf-'ii ntOHs; Iw hna n puou 
CdnnUouincv anil niaiilj-, but is uiiiler- 
limbcd ia bia wjilbtni;. jcl ho makoa « 
fine figiirv un kvrwlnck. ETd-ylliiag 
ill VonKilleti biw tbe look of too grant 
nri cx|iciiac and loa muvh sbow ; coo- 
Hxjuentljr Uie taste is not uniroraidljr 

gao6. lb«agti, rt mnit be owiwd, thvn 
atv prv-jt many lino thiiigv Uivre. I 
bought up tbL-r« lh-> irurkt uf I'nrcUe. 
vhero Uic dMcTi|>tian of WTuml snit 
vnj cl«^nt priiiU an bouikil up, in 
my library. In tbnw ibi; bcut gtmCt 
■nd buiKfinffi In Vant, ami alsn tin 
fiMn jHrUibnildiaiiB, ud mfdoiM of 
VemaitlH, an moM clonnU; whI >» 
nmrtolT daaeribed, wkioh ootleetfam 
lud bclHU«d to &I0BS. Claiido Benmd 
AuiUvuHKa CoaiplM, n gentlenu in 
hif|ta oHmo, who hod dwd tomo tims 
!>«&»« our arrival, by whick uwaa [ 
purcliawcl litix ai»d aoma Mborof hii 
ibini^iiwlica lltfty wen brought to sale. 
To all «rliich 1 T«r<!r for tnapootioii and 

Ill nurtiuanM: of our jaunta rotmd 
tbi> vij of l^irift, wic oWrifgJ what 
wM rcniarluiblo ut Trinnon ooar Ver- 
]MlaM of St. Cloud, but found thcai 
at! i-o)ii<.>4 in inuill of tlic Kind's gnjater 
wurka a( VvraollUs. 


Tbe Clotitcr Ufe of the Bmpcror Clurles the Ktb. D7 Wiinaat Stirling. AoUior 
AoimIr of ihc Ani»U of Spain. IZit, Sn. 

NO CTcnt in hliton hai bcca nwni 
miaondcntood than lao rwignatlop of 
tb« imperial tlirone by Ihc Emperor 
CtiirUui ili<< Tinh, mill hia aubeiMiuant 
uluiator lile ai Yumv. Tliv want of 
ilooDiDCnU rendcrwd tbe nurrativoi uf 
tUf period unperfKt ; or, ut leojt, tbcM 
do not appear to have boon exUiuifwly 
oenaultad.* Tbuf tho miiM and thq 
notiva for tbo reaignatiuii nod thi.< ru- 
tireinent boiBg but partially kiiuva, 

Ibc Ad «u (loatribod ipevulalively — 
raiheriliaii hial»ricsUy— aa it appcarod 
ihrougb tbe nitata or tradition, or na 
it naa nicinred by tliB itaoginaliou. 
llenofi iliLi conilMi of ouiHiona in tlte 
iDunil vftiiiialioii oC Ibnt rvaalution 
ff hioli V111 fiijual to exchango Iba gran- 
deur nnd th« pow«r of empire for tho 
narrow cell and llw ralij^ui ac«luai«n 
of thudobitvr. lliv hiftArlnii (Ururibcd 
tbi! act B« tbut of a uiind worn out by 

* A* nsorda docaoKota nbdn t« the raiga of Cbarlea V. a f roat deal baa of bte 

bam done. Dr. Kari Laai hai nriatad at Latpcig, U 3 vfth. Hvo. UH a, Ihe " Cot- 
reapondana du Kalwra Karl V.' fioai the Royal Arehivca and ihc Unrgundiau libru-f 
at UriuMla. ooiitatnlng docuiuenta, with but (uw et«iithiDa, aov tor ilic Ernt line 
piiiiicil, and or icreat Iniporlant'e, aa detcxsiiiioc tbe cauae of Chartea't ruiictuUtin. 

M. Gachard, of rtruucla. Iiaa -ininud abo macb dacuaKnIsrjr nattn ichliiE to tliB 
aSiiira of tbi: Nttlttrbuib, and |>n)uibe> ftuthei contribatioui tun-ardi the hiilory 
of C'bartn'a rvi^n. Tli» Pnachgo*tnim<i>thw iocvuneof pub)i.~ntiQn, in thocricaof 
" UMumcnia IiiMitf," " N<(4V^t!«(» Diploatatiqaea eatre b Vrnnw ct I'Autriche 
dttrant Im Timte ]irriii)^rt« Aimi^rii du 16* SUde. paMlfM par Le Glay. 8 voji. 410. 
I»f. ;*■ - Papbm d*liui tin Cardiuil tit aranrllle d'apres tM MSS. de Beaaafoa. 
poliMtpar Ch. U'eiw. d *ala. -Ito. isn.l^ji):" anil frooi varieaa puUic lihrarica. 
auil llicMllmioiia in Pnno), f)p«ii, Purlni:it, iml Uitjr, M. Cl.anpnlliofi Piccai; bu 
cOntp>l(«l a vnluntnuf grcatiiiUrr'l,^''* ('a|>lrvil^ Jii K;i rriin^»ii I," 4li>, |^4(> Muall 
•bi> ba> t.mi lul'l^l III our fi/iiriBKtititi 1>< xhi'rr^* <.r< lti,i,f iiftulinii ■o<:i<4ii'* bmI jiubli' 

eatiooa la Cirrsanf . Tb«re if n«w ao dHith of laaieriab Mr • ii«ir lift of Clujrl<t V. 

1853.] The Cloister Life of the Emperor Charhs V. 


the caren of government, crushed by 
adverse fortune, struck duwti hj the 
recoil of unsuccessful ftmbitinn. The 
moralist deacaritcd upon the inaulB- 
ciency of worldlj state to f^atisfy the 
longings of the immortal soul. The 
politician deplored the superstition 
which induced a ini^^hty monarch to 
forego the government of nations, the 
association with great warriors and 
statesmen, for the society of ignorant 
monks, and the observance of a de- 
basing ritual. Another idea conceived 
of the act may not, perhaps, be unfairly 
illustrated by the futiowiiig note in the 
mnsterlv translntlon of Ariosto's Or- 
lando Furioso by Willimn Stewart 
Rose. It occurs m vol. vii. p 157, to 
canto 40, etauza 76, line 5, of the ori- 
ginal. " Dudon finished his career as 
tihertrut, — a very cooimon practice with 
the supposed knights-errant, and, like 
all the usages of romance, paralleled 
by many instances in real lilu during 
the middle ages. Arinsto's own age 
furnished the most noUible ciampfe, 
tit the aelf-Mcluxiim of the Kmperor 
CharUa theFifth." Wu submit this to 
be the poet's view. How fur justified 
by historical evidence Mr. Stirling's 
volume will now show. We only re- 
gret the name of William Stewart Kose 
IS no longer associated witli tlie plea- 
sures of literature at the present day; 
no man treated history and historical 
character in a more fair and candid 
spirit; no writer more temjiered judg- 
ment with the grace of an accoTii[>lished 

Nor, indeed, to a late period, if his- 
torians were the guides, could general 
readers be censured for wandering 
from the right path. The little that 
was accurate was narrated by Spanish 
authors; but Sjianish literature has 
never prevailed with any great force 
in £ngland. Its noble liallad history 
n still known lo the majority through 
the translations of Soutliey, .1. H. 
Frere, and J. 0. Lockhart — the criti- 
cisni of the Bcblepels — or the pk'iising 
History of Southern Literature by 
Sismondt. Cervantes' Don tiuisotc 
is a household book; and if wc add 
the best I'icires'iue novels, wc have 
we think di-scrilied the jiencral extent 
of our informntion ;is re^anls Spanish 
authors. For Cliarks the Fifth we 
are referred to llobertson. To esti- 
mate the value of this historian, we 

shall briefly enumerate the Spaniards 
who have narrated the Cloister Life of 
Charleti, derived from the preface to 
Mr. Stirling's work. The first, and 
perhaps the best, account is to be found 
in Joseph de Sigueu9a'8 History of the 
Onler of St. Jerome. This was pub- 
lished in 1595-1605. To great learn- 
ing Sigucnga united a style remark- 
able for its simple eloquence. In 
relating the life of the Emperor at 
Yuste he had the advantige of con- 
versing with many eye-witnesses of 
the facts. Fray Antonio de Villa- 
castin and several other monks of 
Yuste, the Emperor's confessor Regla, 
and his favourite preacher Villalva; 
and he may also have had intercourse 
with Quixada the Chamberlain, and 
Gaztelu the secretary ; and at Toledo 
or Madrid he bad opportunities of 
knowing Torriano the Emperor's me- 
chanician. The next anthor is Fray 
IVudenciodc Sandoval, whose History 
of Cliarles the Fifth .appeared in 1604- 
leofi, 2 vols, fotio. In the latter 
volume a supplementary book is de- 
voteil to the Cloister Life at Yuste. 
It was founded from a MS. narration 
written by Fray Martin de Angulo, 
prior of the convent. Juan Antonio 
de- Vera y Figucroa, Count of La 
Hoca, printed his epitome of the Life 
of Charles the Fifth, in quarto, at 
Madrid, in 1()13. He added but little 
to the preceding, but may have con- 
vcrscil with persons of Charles' suite. 
The Jesuit Pedro Uibadencira, in his 
Life of Father Francisco Boi^ia, pub- 
lished in ISil'i, gave a circumstantial 
account of the interviews which took 
place in Estr.imadura between that re- 
markable man and the Ktnpcror, which 
he liad ample opportunities of hearing 
from the lips of Borgia himself 

We arc now to consider the history 
by liobertson. If we compare Ko- 
bortson with Macaulay, he is inferior 
to hini in brilliancy of thought, energy 
of narrative, and copious felicity of 
illustration. His imagination is warm 
and glowing, but docs not present 
such striking pictures to the mim). 
His f'kill in generalisation is less, be 
cannot jKirtray character so power- 
fully, nor does he recal the past with 
that ileep dramatic etlect which both 
actor and event awaken when revived 
by the research, the imagination, and 
the careful study of the later vniter. 

The Cloittrv Uft v/lh 

If tra oooipaiti Uobcilaon vrivli Iluinc, 
bbitric it leas ciiricbol whb nliilow- 
pbical raflccdoD, is nnciiitnl in tireodtb 
of drwinptton, (lor« not present to ns 
ihooQ <1m|i ihougbb nrhich nriM; from 
tUc nomuve, an<l \mnk dwbj like bold 
liVMlUiKli [rom ibc plaui, uur arc ibe 
grunt acton on big scents am/ed with 
so inucb dignity, nor bis events to 
boldly mftMitl. Hut ill tluw rardinol 
virtacs of nn bJsturiao, cure niid in- 
dtintry, in rrscarvli, loipnrtialily, tlic 
bivc of tnitb, and nnimpasionecl j>uja- 
mcut, li* in (■ininenlly ffU|i«nor. To 
bolb iluuic and M«i:nulay liu i; oginl 
in intellectual JucIJily, «n(l by many 
will be prcrcrrcd. through tbc sb«cncc 
n( ntl uxMscntion, tht' anifitnn nub* 
jcction oftu* iinuginntiuii, the wlcction 
of bU topics the ulef:ited iihii[ilicity 
mill throonaequcnt dignity of lib ttylc. 
Ills gTtst dencioncy irisef from hii 
uoi>frferl niithu<rili<i> ; liu comM imjuu-t 
di^tuity iimi fri-are to lupcrficiil luiuw 
Wdgc n|K}n aoiue jiolul*, and tliir hi 
•lid. yel ereit ou tbew ho mual b« 
judgod ill n^lntton to hii opportunitiM 
and Ilia time. In Ihv ituv of Ibc 
CloMtvr Life of Charl«s the Fil^b hi* 
tnactninwy luw bwn bina admiltoil. 
Ciiiu)](, »ay» Mr. Stirling, thu r»poct- 
ablL> names of Sanduval. W-ni, and Do 
Thou, be secins to bu*« rulit?d cbivlly 
iilH>n I^^iJ, one of tlic TDOit live); and 
livtul iriixliTiirlliy of Ihe hisCoriuna of 
liiH time, llu don nul ajiptnr to bnvw 
U^n awaiY! of the cxitlcTieu of Si* 
guon^A. We will Bow deurribe the 
autboritics fur tlio nrcBont nork, in 
iildtliftii l4i till) flnlburs alitwily no- 
tfool. A viiit Mr. Stirling pnid to 
Yu«te in ISH> Rnl }ml liiin to look 
An articiv hy M. (jachard, in the 
Dullctiiu of UiK Koynl At-aik'Riy of 
BruitHdii, vol.sii. {xirt i. lK-15, towhirb 
thcatlentionofoui-tviiiUini b direvlcd, 
ttlfonocd him ihaL (lti> nrriiivM of the 
Foraij^n Odiiv of Franco contiuncd a 
]e»g nix-iiiiiii of thi! mtincnHint of* 
Charle* Iki: Fifth, illu'tnilrd wi(h ori- 

E'nal kllcTd, ofwbiVh lii-givirstlii,- fol- 
w'atg BOcoont. At Uw rculoration 
oT Ferdinand llic Seventh lh<; rayal 
archive* of .Spain, prvMwv«il in ilii^ 
aitle of Siiiian<:ii*, nrnr Vnlltuloliil, 
^•iiix^Ux, &inon ftf Ilnaoncirt. From 
thu docunifnttt tliciv i'xi»lin;'C^un£aWii, 

wbvM n«tt>c is held in dcHrri»l rt'iiutu 

• Emperor Charlet V. 

m a ninlribulor to the Ucinair»«r tb« 
Rfiynl Acailetny of History of Sjwin, 

1>n-parcd this accoantof tbo Euii>croM 
itc at Yustc, and bud fairly copied it 
for tbc prcsf, nbvn death broui^t hi* 
lidioun li> a jiicButurc close. Ku 
boolu nnd papcn dcrolvv-^l i'> his bro- 
ther MbdhcI, who succucilcd him in 
his port at Knuuicas. In \%S& Mannd 
wa.s (liofJaccd, and being rvdoood to 
jiovi-rty, odTered his MS. for anki and 
finally dispoaod of it in IK4-1, fur tbo 
Him of 4,000 frunc»t to >l. Mi^ct, 
tbon dirMtoT uf tlte archives of iW 
Fn-ncli Foreiffn Office. It w entitled, 
" Tiio Kelircmcnt, Rctidenrv, and 
Death of the KnipvtDr Charles tbo 
Fifth, in the Moniwiery of Yiiat«, ft 
hittitriral nai-nitivv founded ondocu- 
menta." The bulk of the nienMnr con- 
»i»ts almost wholly of original letters 
selected from tho corn»poodence aw 
lied on Iwtwevn ibe covrla at Vnik* 
dolid and Bruwels and tbc rctiml 
Eui]»rur and bis Imnsehold, id iIk 
years I55ti, 1J57, and I5.5«.^ llie 
Ijrincipnlwrlli'rn on- riiilipllie Second, 
tbi; InfAnia Juana, Juan Vazquex de 
Mdlina. wcrolary of »tate, Francinco 
Alt Eraio, lecietary to tlic Kin^. Don 
(rarcii Aq Ibleilo, lulor to Dnii C-arioa, 
llii- Ivmjiomr, I.ui»Quixnda,Uiiieham- 
liurliiiii. Martin de Gfixlelu, liimecrc- 
tary, William Van Hale, his gl^nllcInan 
of iho chnmber, and Matliii>io and Cor- 
nelia, Ids jihyitieianj. Tlic ihroad of 
tbo ntti-raliv« in *upp1i«(l by Gonzales. 
wbo baa done his part willi great juda> 
msDI, ipermitLing die stor^ to bu laid, 
as fiir as pceaible, by the ongiiial aotura 
in tlwir own wurda. Such ui-e the an* 
tlioritin cunrultnl liy Mr. Stirling, 
fnini whon pages wo shall now ox- 
tract HMh pMMgea M may htvo to 
presoit tho Cloirtcr Life of Charlua 
the HfUi to our reader*, and of wbtob 
M. (inchard promixv alxo a nnrmlive. 
CliirUi (lie Fiflli had long nouriidied 
the desire (o oxehango the pouii) and 
care which het)j;c % tnrano wr the iw 
elusion nnd rfjxMttof tho doiitcr. He 
hud agrci'il witli tbo EinprcM Isobella, 
nlio died in 1^:1^, ilint as soun aa stale 
alTairs would permit they were to ro- 
tim fur IImi reniaindei* of tli«ir diiys,^ — 
tie into « oontviil, iiha into a nunn<Ty. 
'i'liiK ilcnign h;id bceuci^ runtoiired 
nnion){ Uif courtiers. In IJ4S lliilip 
the SvcDiidwoiri tent fvr to nrccivc tlnS 
oath of allegiacioc froia U)e Netbcr- 



I8.J3.3 The Cloistei- Life n/lke EmpeY-ov Charfa V. 


Uails. lu l»>il Itff »A5 inv<%tvd with 

tbc dnchj of Milan, lu ISim C\»a\i» 

cmlJcvl ibc staliM at BtuskLi, nml 

ring comiucoccil liif c(in.-vi' u^ rc- 

I devotion W iniJuciug Philtji tn 

fiiith n!th hLi fATOtiiitv wler's 

ly cliild. 1h! abilicali'd yoou after llic 

■ituor the tioiisu of Bur^unilj ami 

^_ Smeni^h kmg.linns in his farmii-, 

^mA jituMl inthuhamUorWilliniii llic 

SilGDl ft A>m\ of rcuunciatum uf iIic 

imperial cronn. Early iu Scutcinbcr, 

IIU6, ■ Hcet i»eTnbl(-0 at Flmliing 

under the cofnnunid of Duii Luis <le 

CftTVftJal to eoavty him to Spain. 

The Toysfi* i* thus «iocril>ed : 

T^ tcskI prrpanj for tlie Bmpcror 

ns s BiaajBii tbip of livo liunilrcd And 

tiMtj-tn loiis, tba E*inrltii Snnto, but 
all J nntd tiM iWtesiloni. The 
I of Cfaarlea wm fined up arltb f rteti 
ingt, a iwiiig ImJ, with onrtttiu of th« 
culour, snil d|lil i^ku irinilowi< 
Ilia p«n«inl «titlc iwnMf'cJ of OM tiuailrcd 
•ad flftj yntOM. Hip Qmim* vere ne- 
eotnmodatcd on board a Flamitb vcMet, 
and tlw eatlr* leet nuntbmd fifty-tix 
niL Tbc n>nl \»nj cuih«ikc«t on the 
13lh Bqil«mwt, but tbc tutc i>(-Ihv 
Ktatlicr (lU not allow Ibtm to pat l« k« 
satil tilt Kill. TliR ntxt di», at Ihtv 
paaiad IwIwom the while eUflh of Kcal 
and ArtoJK, thvy (ill iii vtlh ui £iigtiih 
•quadron orflre tail, of Khich UiBiidniinil 
came on board tla* r<npcror't thiii anil 
kbard Lla liand. On tbc 20tU coatrary 
vinda drow tbcui to take tttdttr under 
(lie bla of Portlaad far a night aad a day. 
Tba wtalher «MtJi»iin( iinfB*ourable, nn 
iIm 32nd (bo Bmpxar ordered lh« ndmi- 
ral lo atMr for tha laid of Wifht. buC a 
hit brccic tpringiinx np oa they cimc in 
ai|lil gf tbai Itlaad ilic Acct once nwrc 

■ooL a nntvrlj cOu.P«> >iid guincd llic 
(Oait lit tiitctj, wltiiout furtbnr ailvRnlurr. 
CatUng aiHb«r (a tbe road o( Ijariilo, on 
llie allBiaaou i>f Mouday the S'lltli of 
!tt|rt«Bibcr, tb< Boiprrur wr nt aihorc Ihnt 
anaUigi aad waa Joiuied neit lUy by tbc 
tmv Qtwcna. 

I^tihIo if n \Amx of note : it bud 
livcn a ItomancomtnCTuialiiliitj'ou, aMil 
*'"■'"■* an iiDportant arsenal af Hi. 
IWdiauul of Caitilk. From Lnredo 
Kamon Bonil'az sailed to tho (■uiuJnl- 

7tiivirand the conquest of SoTillu. In 
i>3fl tbc Inwn km Rriidl)- icnekcHl by 
the Ar4'l)lii>l>op uf Bourdeaux, iu thv 
dajr* of tbc Krcn<^b •.■harcli militant of 
Jticbdicu iind LouH the Thirteenth. 
SanlatitKT Mn>> U|>ofi its ruina ; but, 
tnw to it) uoitial faUiCi it t«ut a gal- 

lant band of seamen lo pcrisb at Tra- 
MgaT. Chariot InmJcd liirrv on thu 
evening of ScplnnWr 2s, 17S6, and 
TTM rcci'ivnl by IWro OtloDiiquc 
Bialiopof Siibimunui, and Durango,>Ln 
alcalde oi'lbc courl, in waitin); tliiu'O by 
order uf ibc Inffiiiln Jiiaiia Quvcu of 
SiNkiii. Ili.i [irriviil naa uncxiit-'ctcd, 
and all wa.i in cnnritHDn. llalf uf 
CliarkVs MuiU- were ill, cigtil of tlic 
uiuodaoti were ilwul. tlicrc wi-rc no 
doctors, and n diflimlly in llndJng a 
prim to wiy mam. 'I'liwe vat even a 
X'ftrcity of [jTOviaions, bot (lie wtU- 
.-tiirtd LirUtr of the Bitlio|i ridictcd 
iLuinfroiu slarvnlitm. Tbo I'Tiiiiinga 
of the suite were diaconlcattd, tbo 
alcalde h;df*cTn7i;d, Cliarlcs uiiwfll luwi 
nut of humour: bul llio arriviil of 
Coluiivl LniH (^uisnilti, the Kiii|H.ror*B 
cIiambBrlain, chan^jv-il tin; fftcc of 
affiiirf, iiiiil ibc inaitli to Yusto coni- 
meiiced tlic day after lii> nrrivjil. 
CItarlesV hcallli wna delicate, nml tlie 
following was the mode of travel : 

Heperformedlhejrjarnay [to Medina i|g 
Pomar] willi lokrabic eeie in a Iioreo 
liitiT, a-liicU lie cxchnn^Ed nbcn the road 
w»i nigged. u( Tcrjr t\w\: for a elinir 
earricd by tbrte mvu, Two of thfte elurr* 
and tlirce litti;rfc, l(i«»ic of arridcnt in llic 
wHd liighland marrli, roniipil liU trarclling 
eijiiipmttiit. By bit tidv rode I<ai* Quixnila, 
or IjacUiulx. it the iircseitcr of ihc eliniii- 
ticrlain, itko acted cia niaiibaland Qunrlcr- 
moitcr. was n^quircd cUcwbtro. The teat 
of (he (illei!Jiinl« follow.l on borsebnek, 
aod the cavalcade wh prvecilt^l by the 
Bluulclt* Duracii^o and ftie aLauuib. attb 
(heir waudi ut ofllee, a Tansnnrd wliicb 
Quiindu laid lundG tiii; put j look lilta a 
convoy of |>riBinicn> Time alKuaxili, aad 
itic gi;itc(iil ghiiliLinoi of tli< regimont 
ua<l<r hi* roraimnnil, wcru iiiutlvn of 
BTl^»^ coiiMrn to tlie colonel, but Idt rc- 
moiMtriniiea met with ao f<rn>|>4tby fmm 
The Emiiervr. nlio *ald tlic ttpitavta did 
very well for lunii and iliat he did not 
mean tat tba futura to ban any snnrdj 
attached lo his liauMhuld. 

It would hv iiii]Kiu<ll)l(! to namiio 
willi luituili-iiosH titu progress of thu 
Ktiiinror to yutli'. We iiiuvl how 
ev^r endeavour tn point out the 
iimnncr in wbiob ho wan received in 
tho prineipal f^itii-* thn>ugh which he 
[tassoil, lu icfuii? the idly Btmies oflhal 
neglect which even Spanish hislminiu 
have loiiil Iteen in thf Iiihil of di-pict- 
iag, as if to tUitor |>rin<.fi IVoiii the 
dangorous experiment of abdication 



Th* CMittr Jb^ Afth* Xiinfuror Chartea V. [Juu 

Duiins the dtj of nat tl Medina tlw 
iarc*Ul<|<urtcrs vtcrc tliraogtil wiUi »ebk 
■DM ciiic littluri, nbo imIc into tbc town 
(i<oeaftU|MinU<rf lt>c<n(n|uuH. A(Unsm« 
<ame mm Uw ci>r{>ar«tkHM af Bnrnic, 
StJMMooK, Palmuii, PunploM, ami «tb«r 
dtiet, IVoii (be Ardibithop of TMmIo anil 
other itreUtn." 

On iko I3lb of OctoUcr l!»cy jour- 
ucjcd over vwt uadulnling ii«fttli«, 
rou^h with tbickcU «f dnoH* onk, 
wlucb 1<:J ta tb« ilomiuiu of tbo C»l, 
l>e>OB(l wbkb n»c tbv iuici«nt gftU- 
ftnd be&utifel twin niirca of Ourgos. 
Xwo k^ucs from too city the Kaf 
perw wu met hy the ConaUblc of 
uutiUct Don Pcdm Fcmaii<lvz Ju Ve- 
1b8C»i waA a nlUnL commujr oT loyiU 
ecntkoKn. lli; iru oonijuUcd in aJI 
booour ta the noble |m1icg of ibu 
VcLucus i u he maili: Ma cnlr^ the 
hella of ihc city nuig n peal ol wel* 
CDBt^ an<l Itarfjocw tht: mourner of itU 
Caetiilei bhre I* aside her snm lire trccdi. 
to A grand illuminaiion of its stccplca. 
QJs Slay licrc wnt a periiclii--il li-roet 
and be pmocciLr<) to Vnlln<l<>lid, ihcn 
at the hi-tght tii \\a [fmaji-rtty, as the 
rich anil floumhing ripitnl nf tlK 
Spanish tuonarclir. Tlw Ehiiktot aiid 
bU mile were kxlgvd io ihi; koosc of 
Dor Gomex Pt:rex de ba UartBaa. 
tie wbs here recdred br tbc gnuuke«i 
tbo disnitoriet of Uw cnarch nd tha 
Uvi iSc council of state, and tlic coUq^e 
doMora, who condurtod btiu aiul bm 
aaile Iota iho dly in tritnn|ih. A 
banquet vasgnren; it vaafttllnwed t^ 
a lull, at watch the Rmpcror wu 

Il was imiliaMy »^ ibii Inll that Cliarica 
cauMtt Ui« *iita of all bit |i«r«M>al at- 
tan^BBts Co hg uaMiblsd woand him.inil 
bads omIi la panlenUr fsrmtl. Pvrioa 
<fa Saint Brw, a ttnoas jcsUr o( the 
coart, paistBg by at the noment, llie 
SoMKir KW>d-haaiotiro>ily aalatcd him 
by BMi^ bia bit. Tbi> bttffi>»a bad fof- 
■B«rlv bean woDt to niftkc tha B«peror 
Uub bvcalliu hU soa PUUp Senordo 
T(kw— Lord cf All i lad aow that he «•• 
a», <Us opporliuilly of rrriTisg the oM 
joke iraa too good to be loM by tbc bHIor 
fool. " Wb«t 1 Aa yo« nncnicr to n>« i" 
m\A the jcitcr. ** doea it m«aa that you sra 
DO toDXDT BO Emiwror V " K», Peilro," 
r«|tli«d th« object «fli>ojc*t," but it ni«ani 
tbat I have aotbinf to ^t yon buyoiul 
tkia tuBrtcay." 

lUn CDndact bcn> nj^n reftitca thu 
idUi alorjr of his exelitwin iWitu public 

alTain tfter hii aUlicntkni, by the will 
of his sin Philip. He held ever^ d«j 
long oMirvn-iwea with the IVinceai 
Rc^t anil the Secretary YeUaoDCz. 
Ue gar« tbo siiHlea of toe (talc tacrc 
bis partitig adVicc^-ndTwe tnoanatud 
sabsMiMUlly from Yuste, and wUcb 
ondad only with bia power* of bearHiR 
and diclMlnx dopalcbes. If be ab- 
(tained from tntcrftrrpnre it was tbc 
resohition of lui own mind. 

T!w duromforts of Laredo wet* re- 
newed at XnmndilU. The wuitfaer 
waa had, Ihc i-onms at Yuiiv not ready 
for liii occupation. 

Meaoirhilr tW ba«*ebi>t>l, o^iecially Ibe 
Fltmidi sod nofe nsBtcroM portion of it. 
was In a atau of datcontent bordcrini on 
lautiai. nicchoaenpsnitiMorilwuaatat 
was rcKordcd as a sort of beU upon earth 
by tbc RCTTHiti. ThcnayordoBvaodtbc 
•Kntary po«ml bj crary post tiicir |ricr4 
into Ibaear of tbc icereta^ of «t*t«. Tbc 
ooiuit a( Oropeta, wrote Lais Quicaila, bas 
heen diiicn (raia Xanndilk by tlin damp, 
— sodYinte «u wril kiMi<*n to be hi 
daniMr tkaa Nanaililla. His niajestj 
had ben phwod to appioTc of ihe abode 
pr«|inrrd for hiiu, but kc lumicir bail bvca 
thcr*, auU knew tliM t( km Nil of <I«iecls 
ami disMiaifortt. 

Rut it would hn imponilile Io tm- 
scribc at ti^n^ tbi; cntaloeae of criefi 
aftbcuiilu>p|iy Quixada. uutctuwAS 
equally dcspoo'ting, and they chanted 
ta^ellicr a mclancliuly tltuny, of win* 
dowit Uia lar^ rooDU too small, nwk- 
iiiX with mcMStttre. and condcfnncd to 
utter darkneas. oIorcoTer ** tlie oar- 
den waa pnllrf, the onmgo treea ie«i 
and tbe booatad prospect, what wfta K 
tiutahiUandaomaoalciracsr Never* 
ihctonm In sjiite of their dt)ctrc«ae». 
their physical eonditino trluia{4ied 
orer tlieir moral. The Flemint^ to 
tlu! auuiement of tbi< C'SatitUana, 
looked aUek ami lUl, and M vora- 
ciougly " on llic baiiiii aikd ulbor bucolic 
nimlH of Kxiruinadura." Nuw ns this 
matter of eating enters lamly into 
the cotuldenition of tbe £mpcror's 
mode ofSf^wc must extract Mr. Stir- 
ling's detaib upon Ibb mattor: — 

In tbis natter of eating, as io many 
otiK-r habK*, tbe Bmp<r«r «u ttimiclf a 
lni« Fleming. Ilitearly teadeaej totAut 
«(■ iacreaied lit hU iailalfsnes at tal>lo, 
whirl! leaerallj tu cacosded hla feeble 
powcra of dlratien. Roftr Atebam, 
standlBC bwrJ by the Imperiul table at ibe 
host of tbc Goldcu Fleer*, walditd with 

1853.] The Chistet Life ofOie Bwptror CharUt V. 


[^■oadar Ihs llBperor'* prafKu Ilirau9<i 
1 bae^ tout uution, tiiki<d h»rp, aftrr 
be hi wdl of n capon, drinkiim 
Kf tW fdbnr o[ Si. Joh«'*, itir 
•ttr I atv ; tic kaij tiii Itcwl ui 
i liTe (i«ica All loaf; aiaoj d tiicia, 
' anil imcv ilnnk Irs* tban a good qtuti of 

lUieuUb Mine Till- sii|>f>ljr iJ hi> 

Ulite an* ■ gnaln (ibjrrl of lh« cnrcr- 
■nanJrnce between tlie tnajnr dnnio niid 
tbe Mcrccarjr of *UXt. Tht ncckljr cooricr 
from V*lhJ«lid lo LifboD vu orilcTcd to 
«lMD(e bb route tbat lie mieht hntig ercnr 
Tbunday k pravnun or «da and othet 
riek lith far Wiitejr'a ful. There wu a 
GDDMaBt tknunrf foraiMliovka, lusaj, and 
['odwT potted fiak; unetinct acoiuplniat 
tkkt Ac tmita ircm too aiuAU, tLc olirei 
were too lar(e, aii4 titc £ui|W['>i nirlicd 

faMead («r oltT«* «f Pcrgoa 

AnotlMr A*j muajni were wanted, of tiic 

rtoJ vtiidi tbe Ctueea Jnao*. now in 

f, mcd lo priile hcnelf in making, in 

mmtab fiubfain, at TordoUlaa, and 

ba receipt for wbicb tbe aearcUr; i* 

■(An«4 to Um Mar^aeu «f Oonia. 

Tbe Eiiimarcar'a vaakncH bocunc 
koowDf uiil was |)n>intiiii«d tluxHi^ 
kig BlucoacL — a )|7V«lvr ukjtuI a;^t m 
\he kITiutb ufliuiiuti lil'i: tUuu uur iii- 
teOoctna^bepropanidUtwiiait. Lui^t 
QnixailB rinigglcd tmvcly sgainDt it. 
"but U'u offiw of inirrvjrgr vru more 
cvaiiiwailjr uxcnnsuJ uixJtu; iirutctdi 
uid b« iiitvr|)Oso(l between bif uiuetcr 
uul to ccl-pic. u in oLhcr lUvs bu 
mmU have tlirgwti tiimeclT K-iwccn 
Ibe iutuerial peroon tuul tbu [luiot of ;i 
Uvoriui boce." 

On (tie 3r4 of IVbru^try, Ud7, at 
Uirot o'cloi'k, ibc EmiK.Tor viu placed 
in bU liucri tiiid UiuComil iiT Oropcsu, 
ami Ibe atlviiduiita, uuuiited their 
boncS) and craaaing the Icattcu foraaL 
it) tno hours, dio caTBlcadc halted at 
tk« gatet of Yu5le. lie viu Iinx; re- 
Dcivcd bjr tbe priur, nlio, in lii.-) )i]i^j>y 

?noraace^ ai]ar« biui as " ^ our 
alcmily." At the Owir of llit cliurch 
bo wa* met bj tbe whulc brothcrbooil 
in proccMion, cbanliiig ibc Tv t)i-uni. 
lie altar wus Ijnlli.iiitlj liKbl«l uii 
ami rkblr dL-coiali.-"!, ami Cbarltskueft 
and n-tumed thaiib lo God fur the 
linpp; tcmiitiiition of tlii^ journey, and 
tbL-« jinncd ill ibu w^jHrratrvicei^tbc 
frt*t of Si. BW 

The fallowing U Mr. Sllrling'a ac- 
count of ibe £cQperor's boiue : 

Tbe ElafMOt'a ham, or palace, as tb« 

friant lartd to rail tl, allkou.'ii inanjr a 
conntry notary n-aoinofei|i1ptiil'i<>)' lorigtHl, 
HOC more dnrrring of tlii- nprfoifilion ac- 
corded to U bj ihc raoniiicli Uiio nf lb* 
abut* UiiUliGd upon it by Uia LununbetUiOi , 
flacbed lif tbe inaniTc wiui:- .-oil of the 
cliurt^h, tir bttiliHng prceenled a •impta 
frnnl o( tirn RioTt<^iL to ILe jpinten nnil the 
DOOBlidc tnn. liach itnrjr contaiiMd four 
cbambcTf, tno od titbcr ddc of a oorridori 
■rlilch tfavcrud the tlrnctiire firoin eaati 
luid neat. DuJ ltd at either (nd into a 
bruail porcli ot co^trpA gallery, *iip|]0(te4 ] 
by pillar* anil opro la the air. E^cb rouB ■ 
vtf f amUied witfa an ample fitv-plaee In , 
gccoidance witb the Flcmiah waatj) of Urn 
diillyiDTilld. Tbcclinmbcnwhiohlookod 
u]i<m lliv garden were bright and pkaiantt . 
but IlioRC on Ibc uurtti Hide were doocay 
and even dark, Iba light being idraitted C4 < 
ilipm only bj vinilaits opening on thft I 
ccrriilur or an tbe ettemal ntiil deepl|r^ 
»lk«(lo*ied iiarcbo*. Cbarica iiilubitcd tha { 
npt^tr rooniiaDdalcntin Uiatof tlic anitb^ i 
««at turner, frtim wbkh a door oi windairi 
Iiad been cut in a alaatlng diroctiMi lot 
Ibe okiitcb, tkrougb IbH cbancel "all i 

ckjac tu Ike bigb atiar Hie i 

penr'a cabinet in ittiicb be trao 
bnaneu «a* on tlio oiijiobjil' aide of tht j 
GDitiilor. nnd looked ii|iuu tbe gotdtalB J 
Prom \U vindow ki* eje riuued o«(r ftj 
cliutcrof rounded knoll* dad in wtlntti| 
and chcitnut, in wbicli Ibu mouotaia diet 
gently away into the t)ro«l buOBi of tha 
Vera. Not a buildinjc waa in ai(bt bul a 
■umincr'.hoUM: peering aborc tbe mulberry • 
top* at tbe lower end uf tbe garJeiii and a 
hermitacc of Uur Lady of Solltvdo, about 
a mile dittflnt . Hung upon a rooky helgkt. 
ofaiek niM like nu tile out of a eta 01* 
foreaL Imineditiely ticlu* the wiodtiwa 
the tarden atoEied Eeutly to tlie Vera, 
•kaded hero and tbere witb tbc oiaatiTe 
foUagc of tbe fig, oi tJit futhcry bongb* 
of tbe nliDODd, and breathing p«rfume 
from tall erangu trwa, cutting* i^ vrlticli 
■one of the Alar* tbm>»«]»M mn»ptantrd, 
and in after days Talnty (trorr to kc^p 
■Utd Dt the blew Bacnrial. Tbe sirden 
waa toaily naclied from tbe wotlcrn Dorek 
or gallrry by aii inclieol path, Hlueti bad 
ticefi i-oaftmotad to lare the (onty 
inocari-'b tbe pain and fNtiiue orgoiuf up 
audguiii|[di>*iiatalrt. Thi* |rarcb, vhicU 
mu miujli more apacloiu tban ibc N«lcm, 
waa bis faTenrtte icat wbcn ftlleJ with ibo 
warmlk of tbe deelining t!>y- Connna-nd- 
iog the aaiDC view u thr cabinet, it looked 
alio upon n unall parterre with a foiuitain 
in Ibe ecoire, and a ihort cyptn* alley 
Iruliiif to the principal gate of ihci^rdcn. 
IVeyDni) ibia gale ana wall waa a liumlont 
farteC. a «ido apaae in frout of ilic oaa- 


7^* Chuter Life t>f the Jimpunr Charta V. [ Jm. 

kingdom from C*du to fAtru; ikon 
vm liAKlly n opol trhk-h luitl not raf- 
furotl, niiil nAti« whicli felt it»cirta£n 
friim the wilil imtnuiilcr* fnun tbe 
itborc!! if NumJdiii. It t* necdlcas 1o 
suti: ibe Cnmnc^i of th« Suic men 
exhaaat^d. 'Willi the wealth of Ane- 
ri««n miriM, ium) a crvatt-r rnnjcf for 
ftoK'oltOii <>{ iVotilk cTuui«cllor* of ibc 
cxdimjucr ifanit luw ercr been cniojrcd 
br Ibc " nia«t rnvourvij nulion, ' lJ>c 
butorjr of fititince in Spain ta ibat «f 
waatci if^nonnce. ami l>e»);^''}'. T« lUI 
thaw onls the £tupc[<<ir ikviMsl r«uu;- 
dics. Ills cbwf <lillicuity wn» witli the 
cl«i;gy, niti rcjpinl to lUt-ir ndviuicu 
ol' tnl»itc lUtMKj' unto'. Ttiej 
bdi] lliat fitilb wus liinilcJ but In iinc 
bolf of tfac iujoiKtioD, and lougfat to 
reader all nntn ihoniMlnja, u due 
unto God. He rcociTcd tlic avitt of 
Uie Uttlc of Si. Quvnlm witb the 
grctitcot mterwt, and ordered lixi mcfl- 
seoj^r to bf reir aided with «gold chain 
and It hnn^lMnit lum of ummkt. Not 
so, bowcTcr, <lid he rccciru tno news 
(if the lvrm!i n{,'Tcod tn bj Pliilip, ia 
his diapulc witli llic Unman scei when 
Alba hml crosswl the IVonio, mardicd 
into the Cvmpacnn, and tooli iin a no* 
ntioD witiiin sidtl of Home, lie nitil 
ever regarded l^iil's iwlici- with in- 
difinntioD, which had lalttri'ly l>erainc 
mingled with fout scorn. lEnl the 
mnttn't tay,« Mr. Siirling, been left in 
the faardti at tin; Eiiinenir, Pntd would 
hit?e l««n tli-All ntth in the .item 
roskion which brou^thi ClfiuLtit lo bi.i 
arnfea, Albn would hiivc been directed 
lo ndrnncv. Rotiic would havu been 
xtoTiucd, itiv |ioiit!lV nude prUoner, 
aiid the nriiuaie of 8j>atii. and Uie 
prior of Tuste, would nave been di- 
rected to put their altar* into moiirn- 
in;; nnil gay iniusM far his spcoljr de- 
liviTanro. Tliia tjeaty ww the cmly 
aftair of iini>orUincv tnuirac.Cwl during 
iho Kmpcror'ii so)oum at Yuatc with- 
out his opinion Dcincr first a)l:ed Uid 
hi* .tpproviil nbtniniw. Wlien llie nc- 
count of tliu ni^ocialioiii and n cojiv 
of the treat]' rcacheil hiui. at meli 
mrograph tho Emperor's anffer snir 
fiercer, and before the nn|ker hnd oeon 
anne (liniii<;1i, lie wouttl Itear no more, 
tie wiiK liiid up next \lay wilb an 
allai'k of iliQ gout, and so divp ww 
thi- impnaition of the nffuir ujion hit 
mind llial for weeks oltbr be woi fre- 

Ttnl Iwini tmtnA by tht ihade ol ■ nag- 
■Ul<«it walnnt IrM, e«en tlHv kntwa aa 
tka (r«at wahuit tree oT Tuile, a NoUir 
of the wood), which b«* Kan tbe hcraiii'a 
erU rlM into n n>y«I cwittul uiJ ainli into 
• rnlniaudbuaurTi'red Ibc i>td<«'cir Joroina 
Hil the Anatrian djnaatjr of Spain. 

l>iMb WM the Abode. Our estractfi 
shall now be mailewith the purpow to 
pefnte popolai cnor* on th* Mihjoet of 
(Aariei'rt TCliTement, and to lUtulratC 
tbe cloblcivd wldicr'n lil^. 

It lias bora frt<{ucetly nurrUd lliat tlio 
Eaapfror'* lite tt Yntte w*a a long rv- 
fwolaiite fur Iiii reil^nitlon of |io««t, and 
that riiiiip wu coniluati; lormeaitd In 
Bnstnni) at in FlnuJcn b; ibc Hear tbat bl» 
faUicr micbt one daj return to the thr«n«. 
Tbb \i\e tale cna W iiix>Ju>itr() fir nnljr 
bf the melsaehe); fact, tb>t biitoriana 
haT« fonnd it etnitt to Lotenl tban lo ia- 
TCsllfah). So far bom re(tettln|; LI* r» 
tirsment, Charlca refbaed to cnterl^a 
KTeral ptapotoli that tic ahenld quit it. . 
, In truth, rhilip'a filial affHlion 
r«Tcrc!aoe ihinm like a srdn of fine 
AA in tbe bue metal of hit ctinraeler-, 
£U ftthervii the ona iil«e and tiron; 
man who cruncil liii i>tth whom he nerer 
tnnweccd, undervalued, or usod ill. Tbe 
JcBuniaj of which fco «s« |iu|>uUrlT ae- 
caa(<i)i hvwevtr, aeama at fint light i>ro- 
bable, oontlderiag tha maar blaokcr erlmw 
of wbteh he atancU Movleled. Unt the 
repete of Cbariet cannot ba«e btca trou. 
tiled wHb rtgnti for hU rettgned jiowfr. 
*edii| that In truth b« ufvit mifnld it at 
all, but nlcldcd it at Yuile as (liDdr aa be 
bad aX Ait<*bBrc or Tolado. He liad 
I^Tcn up but llttb befond tha trapping* 

of ro;»lt;r> ^^ ''■* **■ "^^ * "'bid to re- 
gret Ibe pagrnut, tlie guaidg, and the goM 

•tick a. 

ETery document yet jirewrtred sIl(lW^ 
in fact, in whnl conntaiit i-oDimiiiiicjf 
tianCbiirloiemaineil wtlh 1tiilipiip>in 
aflaini of stJite, and nitb wb.-tt wamilb 
he entwed into their lUscuuion. In 
IS57 the fDreigD flUbin of ^ipiiin had 
anamcd ao gruTo an oapiTt ibat tlti> 
Kin" n^lrcleil Ituy Roinex de Silvo, 
arU-rwnnU knuwn n« IVince of Kboli, 
to lay thuii beforo his ffltbor. Tho 
cireinnilanoca dtMerrcd the nlientloii 
ofUtC num. Warwiuc nijpn^ nn tlic 
fhmiioT oflhe Ni'thnlimlK, und thnnt- 
ooeil on till' froiiLiur nf Suvarre. Italy 

FrONVnled grave eniisN for anxiety, 
iraey dcvBBiatcd tbe shares of the 




qnmUjr overhMrd lUDltoring brafccn 
•encmoea of dufileMure.' 

Not CTgn our Enited BfrnttQ permiu 
ui to |MUi uanoticetl ibv infortnatidn 
oburinod by Mr. Stirling relatiTO to 
tluethcaaorbsd poetry -Don Carlo*. 
W« nt^ect Ihu mt«rast Tek in thie 
priooe ariaea IVoru our ounvietion of 
tlu) cmol perfidianmeaa of bu ladior, 
nther thin fmni any merita of hia own. 
His education ww m gmt Eiibji^trt of 
anxidtr to the Eoipewir, H« bud ncrii 
biiB at Valliuloti)), and the imprtwinn 
maide upon turn hy the boy was iiii- 
laToarsble. iltaravemor.DitiiGnn'in 
He Toledo, (teMfiwa him in lii« lutt^ra 
to Chu-lc* at picIcEv, ta\ky, anil buck- 
•rani. It cannot be nnMrtcd that hie- 
tory if deficient in dctaila, al IcmM lu 
to lUa pan of his ureer, since nothing 
ii too mioule to a*ciip« the ntt«ntii>ii 
of tbe Emperor, or th« wrupuloiia 
Alklitjr of nia comapondeiLt. Thiii, 
one aubjcct of oomplnint on the part 
ofdwfoveriKir if,uiat hin pnpit '-was 
lujp at his booka. and coBoiip^iiM] in 
bit txiwrlp." A month later, Aaguat 
2Tlh, I SS7, )ie wTot« that hia pupil wna 
better in h«olih, but ao cnoluric in 
ixraprr, ' that they were thinking; of 
pulling him nndDT a onirnr n/;>A^ri<? 
,/W tkat duordfr. but that they wuulit 
watt until the Emperor's pleasure were 
known. Tbs gvtHiral rrault ii, that 
Don Carloi wai da&cJetit in iDt«litt(- 
loal and phyiicaJ power; Dnwiliin^ to 
tearii, inoaintit': of ipplii-ntion, nvene 
to >1) maaljt ezurciaca; of a trmpcr 
capricmu^Tialent. and rooody; ami hi* 
aiann«n carabaa and onninlf. But 
Dcither politJca or I>on Ciirl<Mi octu- 
nivdexcluBTelyt he alien tioDofCharli'a. 
Wfaro in tolenbic health he hobblcil 
out with bla Kun, paswcd mn<-Ji of hi* 
ttnif in the open air, and cave ffreat 
attention to hii garden, lie Iiud out 
iIm (;rofin<) beneath hin window*. 
planted it with Howera and oraiise 
t i taa , aod dag a couple of &ih*pondi 
Ar trout and lencb. H« made drnw- 

lnf(B for addition* to hi« rooma, ig 

dulling nn oratory for the vie of PhUi 

who woa U> vioit him as toon aj pubB 

nGiun permilled him to roloni to 

Spain. Nor wore bis religion* dutiea 

ncylecwii. ~ 

The Emnrror himMlf uaoally he 
■uiw from (li> iriiiilow at hia bad-cliamb 
wbidi IcMilicd Into the rborch ; but at cog 

Silinea be went nji into the clioir wiili ' 
■then, and pnyed inailrvoulaiiilaudibll 
T»l»tn bia tribone. During (bn leud 
of Lent, wlilali eime round ttriM dntin 
hi* reaxleuM il Yuxtc, bo te^larly of 
pntrcil on Friilitjs in litipbcc in tlie chutrj 
•ad, at titr cod of the appoinlcJ \naycn 
cvtinguiBliiii^ (tin luiirr wLiirli )>■' Ii1>r UiA 
rrU beld in hii hnnd, hn flngir'4 himsnlf 
nilli iDi^b Birljvrily of pnr|ii!J<.n lliat the 
■oourgp wu auinri] with hlood, and Ihu 
ploui alnguUdj ediiicd. Some of thca»j 
aoounea wen found after lib death in bia 

phKrobsr. ttaincd with blood, und btyian 
prci^iout hRlrlonnii In tlie hoiue of \uit< 
and bonoured r«1irt at tlu iticurlal. 

Tt does not nprie»r. howeyer, tlinl- 

Ttic briik uoinplc acvcr f\\U to laoTe, 
wu true in this particular; nt Imu( 
there is no record of its having; excit 
ihu minila of the monks, or of the stout 
t'leminita. hin nttKudnnta, to limitar 
art* of nhysicnl picly. 

On llif .Ird of Xtay, 1348. Charle 
was acijuainted "timt all the fonn.i i 
his renunciation of the imperial crowik] 
bad l)ci;n gntic ihroiiKli, and that the/ 
act agsuwtt wliiili Pbiliji and tliecour 
had io frequently remonstrated, wa 
now comrilctt:." He cxprcsscil th»| 
^n-ati^at delight, onlered a conplc of | 
seala writhout crown. Ileece* or otliot , 
dcrirc to he made, and tbnt in futur 
he wuj to l>e mldri'sAed n(>l at Kin- 
tieror but aa a private person, — ibit ' 
latter injunction was not complied with. 

No r.hajittT in Mr. Stirling's hii* 
tory ia more deserving of attention 
than that on the Inquisition, \l3 allies, 
anil ilM victinu. \Vc mutt omit, nciil 
with great, reluctani^e, notice uf ita 

* M. Oacbard rather qnaUnes Charlea'a occupation with alTaln. "La rerlU eat 
aocore tfut la priaccMe Dona Jaana foiialt cnvoyer rtfa114rement i son ptre ducaat 

aa ratrwte k Tuate, ua liullitin ismtcnant I.^ return' de* nODiclUa \e* jilun iiii|>i>rtiiitct 
«|«'dlB recetail, aeit iei Paf^ But, r>ii Phili{)]« II. tc trouvait. loit d'Hutunnr, d'ltalie, 
oq d*ail)aara, que ChBT\ai t'oe^upa dt fuW;v*> o/ijilt jui CinUmnient paTticuiiirt- 
aaesf, 1B^ (fa'H drmeari ^mnRcr iiii RTindpi affnlrcii qi>'nt»l en ee teniint Id tin 
•on Itli, E( la prmvcmtrr bpnucoop dmitrps. cVrf i)U*LltiUina tnn tivemcot aiiBsitot 
<IbM In conaot \cs trniiAi cnncliu \ik \e Due d'AIIw atcc Paul IV," Bull, dn l'.\i-a- 
d«aiie Roralc d« finudtn. tome II!. 1H2&. t". 2i9. 
Qttn. M*o, Vot. XXXIX. F 


Th« Chitttr Life oflha Emperor Charitt V. 


gmvnA detafl*. to ilmKt tbs sticniian 
of our r«ti]«T* to Ibe ipirit in which 
Oiarlra riewed to liit last tbe Rv>- 
tonncrt, nwl iiphpiil Ihi- Inquitilioit. 

If ever C)i*r1<-ii afiiiieil loKrntlian, 
it wu ihe perTHlious jjjpdcrujr ha (■m- 
plojol to msHk .ind to nuiliire liic pu- 
liliciin'M em!. On tlw lliranc, nr sur- 
roiindoii by hi* court nt Aiia'I'U''j. bi» 
mi^ht (li»cnib!c; but inScKim, in com- 
manicatliin wiili i'hilip, in afux'intinn 
with Valilt-H, mid al Yiuic. «urrDiiii'l<.>il 
by monl*, bia mind waa emaiiftpaliil 
fron the tbraldnin of hia pnilier \\(e. 
C1)iiTch abiiiM, fn>tii thu U'ginning of 
ihc nistrrnlh cenlury, had tiwn ile* 
noiiii^H.11 in Spdin; ntxtut the middle 
of till) ptTKiil Sjunivh trani.Ialiani 
mriBiiiaileoflhcScriplun.**. Commpii- 
tftric*, gloMG*, and expUnxtlona auc- 
rc<<led. PcTveoudon rtpidlj follntred 
llicir diXributian. Printers wero im- 
prisoned ; ncrcrlbeleM their wnrk« in- 
orcncl. and, tlic «nle bcins forbiddi-n, 
tbejr irere sniD^lnl in balci over the 
motiDtaiBi bjr inuletci-ra, ur run in 
cub br Englnh and Dutch tnidtTt 
im tbo Miorvs of Andilitnia. Strange 
rniDours were now hrnnl nf novel 

Juvntinn* raiicil in ilio sclinoU, of 
oubta oil doctrinnl pnini*, hilhei^a 
ruled by ihc Church. TTirrewM ibnt 
fimnMc unrntiineiw in thi^ public mind 
nhic;U deiHJlt* ibc pitticring and pre- 
cede* the »tnrtii of public opinion. 
TV laity were routed, nmtlemi of fiiilli 
were dcbal«il, and (he clerjty Ktmid 
iinmoTedi but when the Itcfnrnicrs 
began (o pry into the natiirr of Chnreh 
itutJIutiiTno, "ibc black ipirriiioii nt 
imci! saw ibe full i-xt?nt of the dnnjier." 
They unit«Hl and ruilird a2nin«t the 
for, "Willi nil the )kiwit of ihc ttate 
and nil tlw; tcmir of the key*.' 

RocnjniMFd «M the Biiipnurwith tlw 
intycet thai h* p(Hi|>fi[i(.il to it for mtliiti* 
all Ibe nthi-r (Bairi or niiirp. If« (ir««il 
thr pilncet tu trincnibrr tint l)iew«lHirf 
a( Ihc kln^ilvni. mil of the churvli of I^nd, 
WM bound Up in Uicmppreiitiinnrbcrriy, 
and that thnrrbrv il oenaiided |rrc«ter 
diligenec unA tntt l.liin soy tpn>p<-ra1 innt' 
ter. Ha had \wan infnrnied tbAl Idr fatw 
Imchen liid lirrn Kiitr.ulliit p^Uus oier 
the Untl lor nrarlj n jrii — a lenijlh of 
daao lorwbicb Ihry rmild Iihtc ctiiiltd r)i»- 
e«Trry ontf thmnfih tlie aid or thfi con- 
nfranM ofn errat tnit-* «f llie pi-eplr. If 
it trpre po*»lble. t\\vr*ff'n. >i« aoulil hir* 
tbelr criMe treiied in a *hait idiI ihk]- 
mary manner, lihe itrdliliiii or relicllirjn. 

He wrote to I'hilip: 

Son.— the Ii1ii<:k batlnou which luia 
riien htre. tai ahrvlird Die in mieh aa 
fuw can tbinh or ■uppaw- Von will aeo 
■ hut I t<n*owriltm shuut it loyoar tiater. 
Il I* fUMittnl IhRl yen write To her your- 
ftfir. lail Chat jaa (iki? all Ike ■nrins in 
yoiif poncr to cut cut Ihc toot i>f the eril 
■lih jigrnr and mdc hiDiiliiif;. . • . . 
At the end of May, IS-'iT, QuianU, by tbo 
ECtii))cTOT'a order, taw V>lJn<,ilii! Inqui*!' 
Cor Georral. and tir^4 on hlin tht M^iir- 
tlirBty n/ilitpettHin httdtaliuQtirilk At- 
rrlirt. nnd ^rtrrn dii^^iulii) InlMi ratrt 
««M lAr orrftnory/orMi ofAU Iriiunal. 

Sticb leal atarioed even the entho- 
licily of his hoiiaetiold. Charlca's phy- 
Kiciin, 1>r. Msthitiio, had a smidl Itible 
ill French, nnd without note*, which 
ha feared mitchi introilucc him lo the 
tribunnl of llic Imiuinilion. He. a(>- 
plieil to the ■ucrelai-y of mate for pcT- 
miatiuii to reail tlie Tolunu;. ^'azquez 
replied that the Inquinton deniun«d 
to iia retention anil bis renueet. The 
pniflent doL-tor burned llic Dook in the 
nresMico of the limpwora confiawnr! 
With Rcfita. (hu« FununMied to this 
act of faith, Charles IVef^nently con- 
reraed nn the auljitrcl nrhirh iio much 
en jtroaiei] fail thou ;ihl*. tlcDdinitleil, — 
•' that it r«M rprr Ait iffirrt thai he had 
not pal l.iither In ilralk vArn Ac hail hita 
in Ail potter. lie hnil «|)nrwl him on 
HCCOUDt of his pirdglil wiinl ; but be 
now unw that he hml gi'^al'v erred in 
preferring the ubliKalion I'f hi» iiro- 
niisc to the higher duties of avcnEinit 
that heretic'* ofTeneo ^sinit God. 
He njoiced that he haqrcniacd to 
hear Uie pointa nt iKUC belwoen the 
Clinreli and the M-hianuitica aKued in 
bis presence. For tbia can w he had 
foreRone the support of wmo of the 
PriHeirtant prioecs ; lie ha"! rwrnsed lo 
bay (lid nt this price when dying be- 
fore the iirmy of Diiko Maurn-o. Uc 
knew the danger of parU^intt with 
heretics. "Supjiow one of their >pc- 
eious nnpinmnts biid In-eo pbnte<l in 
hill Bouj, bow did ho know that he 
coutd have ever gut it rooted out." 
Hut Cbiir!«i waH sorai lo te »uininone<l 
Wfor^ that tribunal to which, ninid 
torture, hatred, and nil unchariUiMe- 
ticM, by cniel dctitha,hu was burryinj 
the imila of othrra. In the ^ring of 
lAAA his beallii rccoTcrcd frotn it* 
winter's dciiline. He "till atu vora- 
ciotmly, and enjoyed liia draujthla of 

1853.] The CloUter Life of the Etnperor Charles V. 

Khenisb, syrup of auinces, and beer. 
He could still uupermtend his garden, 
occupy some portioa of the dny with 
Torriuno, or in intercourse and affairs 
of state On the 9th of August, how- 
ever, Dr. Matfaiaiu became seriously 
alarmed about the state of his patient ; 
his disorders increased, and the reme- 
dies did not answer. 

And now was to be performed that 
ceremony which has so ol^n excited 
the attention of moralists and histo- 
rians. The reader will remember Ro- 
bertson's account of the performance 
by Charles of his own funeral obse- 
quies. " Masterly as a sketch, it has 
unhappily been copied from the can- 
vaa of the unscrupulous Leli. In 
every thing but in style it is indeed 
very absurd." " Some doubt, how- 
ever, still rests on the question. Gou* 
zalez treats the story as an idle tale ; 
Si^uen^a docs not conhrm it to the 
ftiU eitetit, nor is his narrative of what 
took place improbable, especially since 
it was published with the authority 
of his name, while men were still 
alive who could contradict Li^ mis- 
statement. M. Oachard supports the 
view of Gonzalez; but it is strange 
that, while denying the credibility of 
the story, Gonzalez should have fur- 
nished a piece of evidence of some 
weight in its favour. In an inventory 
of state papers of Castile, drawn up by 
him in 1818, and existing at Situancas, 
there is the following entry ; — " No. 
119, ann. 1.537. Original Letters of 
Charles the Fifth to the Infanta Juana 

and Juan Vazquez de Molina 

They treat of tnc public affairs of the 
time, — item, of the mourning stiijfi or- 
dered/or the purpose of performing his 
funeral honours durihg his life." This 
shows intention, but does not prove its 
fulfilment. We shall content ourselves 
by placing Mr. Stirling's narrative be- 
fore our readers. 1" 

About tills time, accoriliog Ci> [he his- 
toriau of St. Jerome, hi9 thouglits soeraed 
to turn more than usual upon religion and 
its rites. . . The dailjr masses a^iid for 
liis soul were tlways accompanied b; 
others for the souls of bis father, mother, 
■lid wife. But now he ordered further 


solemnities of the fuuereal kind to be per- 
formed in behalf of these retatlons, each 
on ■ difftrent da; , and attended them him- 
self, preceded by a )):ige bearin; a taper, 
and joining iu the chauut in a verjdevoat 
and audible mMnner out of a tattered 
lirayer-book. The^e rites ended, he asked 
his cuufessor whether be might not now 
perform h-s una funeral, and so do for 
himself what would soon have to be doae 
for him bj others ? Regla replied, that hi* 
Majeity, please God, miglit live mtof 
jears. and that, when his time came, these 
services would be gratefully rendered, 
without bis taking any thought about the 
mstter. Bat, persisted Ch-irles, Would it 
not be good for my soul ^ The monk 
said that certainl; it would ; pious works 
done during life being far more efficaciou* 
than «hen postpoeed until after 'death. 
Preparations therefore were at once set on 
foot ; a catafalque, which bad serred be- 
fore on similar occasions, was erected, and 
on the following day, the SOth Augivst, a* 
the monkish liistorian oarrstea, this cele- 
brated service was actually performed.! 
The high attar, the cataialijue, and the 
whole church shone with a blaze of wai- 
lights, the friars were all in their places at 
the »ltars and in the choir, and the house- 
hold of the Emperor attended in deep 
mouroing. The pious monarch himself 
was therf, attired in sable weeds, and 
bearing a taper to see himself interred, 
and to ct-lebrste his own obsequies. While 
the !io)ema mass for the dead was sung, 
he uame forward anil gnie his taper into 
the honds of the officiating priest, in token 
of bit desire to yield his soul into the 
hands of his Maker. . . . The funeral 
rilea ended, the Emperor dined in bis 
western alcove. He ate little, but re- 
mained for a great part of the afternoon 
sitting in the open air and t>aaktag in 
the sun, which, as it descended to the 
horizon, beat strongly upon the white 
walls. Feeling a violent pain in his head, 
he returned to his chamber and lay down. 
. . . Next morning he was somewhat 
better, and was able to get up and go to 
mass, but iiill felt oppressed, and com- 
plained much of ihimt. lie totJ his con- 
feiisor, however, the funeral service of the 
d»f before hod djne him good. The sun- 
ihiiie again tempted him into his open 

As he sat he occupit-d himself with 
the portrait of his impress, over which 

* See the entire argumrnt in Stirling's Preface, page iv. 

t Cloisier Life, pp. 194, IUj. Bulletio de rAcaJemie Ri.yale de Bruxellei, tome 1«, 
1H2,), p. 255. 

X Gonialei denies this : Mr. Stirling says, on insulBcient groundi. 


Tka Cloitter Life of the Emperor CharU$ V, [J«i. 

figure of Uie S«Tiour. mud theu clupod It 
iDbUbonui. TttOKwho uottd noLmt U 
the bed, now bckrd Ua aa^. quickly, u if 
rqilriiiK l» • e«U."y» TOjr, 8<iiot,'" " Now, 
Lord, Igo." JU hia itrengtli (ulfl. hit 
1in««ra rriaicd tboir hold or the vruFifts. 
which the primate took, Odd Iwlcl It beltara 
btm. A iem inuiiicnU af ileatfa-WTWthi 
bctwnVQ (odI aad bodj fbUowad; alter 
whicb, oitli bit qr«a u«d <>• tl» er«««, 
and *itli a ioIm lomi «M»t|h to b« beard 
ontaide the raooi. ta« erM " Ay, J«u*," 
aiiil Fi|>ire(l. 

SodoMd tk« earner of Charlea; x 
^reat mut, eertainljr, HltaU>er liA b* eon- 
sidcrMl in rclntion ta bU contcmpdrK- 
ric« or Ilia a^. Ilia miiwl was «<)iib] 
to m«aaure« cf great import, to ac<> oT 
gnsnX dariag*, and of e*vat military' 
tkilL III isKuant nctlrity goremec 
bid own viut riNiIrns, forwaitl«d hit 
unbi^on, cbcckml %oA BiaiUnNl fSoaX 
of kia mo*! fofinidable rtval*. Nor if 
it on!/ with vmr and politio) tliat IiU 
nnino ii auociatoil, but, to hii greater 
hoiKiiir, wiili ilio peaceful arts of U» 
vni, " thu cIumI of Leoni, tke pendl 
of litiaii, and the lyre of ArHMto.** 

Il ia niHKJIi'M III mMMniiicnd Mr. 
Slirling't Htaturjr. It u valuable both 
a« rt^ardj matter and atjrlc- A master 
well actiuainU>d with hAr liiatnn', iii- 
di^fati^ble in research, he baa for the 
lintt ttnie oarralvd nith iin|«rtiaUt7, 
with Judgment, and with tnilh, lli« 


THB Empkrok Cbablu TiiB Firnt." 

he hung for a Ions tinulofl ui tbougfat, 
and next called for a pictar« of our 
I/H<d praying in the Cardan, and lliun 
for a ucotcb of the Ltut Judgiaeat by 

Ttiu* occDplcd, lie ntoaSucd lo Iodr ab- 
Mractcil and malloDUaa, thai MatblMOi 
m\o su OD the watcb, tliav^t it ligkt to 
■oahoi liiiu from bi* reverie. Oa being 
i|iok«nli>. be tuniKdKHindandeoiiiplained 
Ibil he waa ill. The doctor (etl hii pulae, 
and proQOOOCcd bim ia a fever, \gaiii 
Um aftcnwon aan «aa ahioin; oicr llio 

CI vtlaut trea ftiU into iIib (pillcry. 
n thia jrloatant ■p'lt, Allril irith the 
fra^nuicv Of the garden, and the murmur 
•f tha foontain. bnghl with iho nhinpari 
of tb« Balden VctBi the; carried bini Id 
ibcKlooia jr chamber of kit ilccplui nighta, 
and laid bint «n the bed (rgis vbioh !•« 
w*a to ri>« uf> more. 

Mr. StirliiiK f^ivea tfai> most niiualc 
nftTliculam ofliia illneas. Cbarlpt ili^ 
Sept. 20, \M%. Hu wan i-pni«-i(»iix tu 
ibv laat. Vjllalvii aililmaed bim amid 
the tvnvj^ti cif death. 

Al lul ibc Bupoior iolerpoMd, aijing, 
" The time ia coine ) bhi^ nie the mdiIIm 
and the L'rucifii." TtiBM a«r« chorlabad 
iclica ahich he bad king kept In rf Mna 
for Ih)< luprcmt b«ur. The voe waa a 
taper from our Lailj'a sbricc al MoDt- 
accral ; Ibt «tber, ■ <!(ueifii of beautiful 
worbmaathlp whieb bad l>»ii iiken from 
Iba dead hand of bin nite at TuUdo, nnil 
wblcb afterward* comfDned ifae Uai mo- 
menta of hia >on at ibc Raciuial. Ue re- 
ceived tbeu cagcrl; rrooi iIm Archbiabop, 
■ad, taking one in esob hand, for mm* 
moneata be aUeaiCly contetaplated the 

.V»fe. — There are two error* In an article oontiibuted by M. Oacbard to the Bul- 
1«tin» dr I'AeeJftmie Rojale du BriiuiUr*, upon thu oft diipdlml i|iM«tioii a« to Iba 
exlalcnca of the CoiatnentarlM of Charlra tint I'iflh, whieb It majF he at welt In rnciify. 
Commenting upon aa aitlolf in the Edinburifh Review, 1A42, "The I'oaniWri of 
Jcauitiim, " in which It ia tlaloil " Ibit (EtorKitl alill toactird tilt Inio with anrivalled 
dilU Id ibe biUi of ibo Eaeurial," be tdda, " or lo moataif re de I'Eavurlal a'ciiatalt 
pai Ik oellc epoque, et la piemifre pierre o'en liil |ioa6o i^ue plu* de trtiite aua a^rea 
ea 1563 I" tad attiitiulct the urlicle to Mr. MaMUlay. Now tlie articU in qutatloo, 
"Tbe Foandert of Jeenitiam," wa> iiol wrillvn hy Mr. Ma<riulaf, but bj Sir Janea 
Slepben, and it b evident Ibe Kx'iirial and llie loie are \\vre ininiiturni iimply aa il- 
liialrativF of Borgia'* life at ila cuuctljr period : the mcnlion of anjrutbcr pilace wotild 
have aninFK-'il tboaatnceDd. When liuwocr M. Gachard adda that tbe miowrrrvrilrs, 
"que Dim Frsnciaci fut obar^ pnr rB<»|>eieur d'ciaaiiosr dana ton crriitiiril I'lmpj. 
tabic* laabille, oeewf ge'an i« dMen<lf J Miu U* eorriCHz Ar TlitriiriaJ," li« hinm<ir 
eommlia lb* error be eondrroiu. No tnjih paaaige ■■ la br fiinsd in thr original. M. 
fiachanl liat been mltlpd apparently hj the tmntlalDr of ihe paper lo the " R^nie 
Ortttnnlquc" ile Bnucltci, \Mt, to whom bit roncctinn appltea. Dr. Aac Schekr 
baa adoiitcd the error and irauatatcd llic cntidaiu in the Seraueacu, No. 13, Vt Jnly, 



Br Tbuma* WaioBT. F.S.A. 

i\.— A VlltT 7t> THK UlCX IXTUNCnHtiKTS OX TBI BoKliBM or Walm. 

FEW towDS present inore muav- 

llioiu to ■ nutnmcr visilor tliM U»t of 

ILmltcinr, lid Ui« tiordcre of Shrnpaltirc 

land Hcn:ion)>l>ire. 31ie Unra iucif 

lb l;aiultruU]r (itiutcd on an ctcvalcd 

tlooU, wkicli it> cut off front tbe hillo 

[MrvlcbiMg to tli« MUlb anil vtKut hy » 

t4ixf fOfgfi througb nbicli liie pic- 

|'Vire*>l*i« lirvr Tvme Bon. The town 

Triopca bjr«];rii<lutt] dweeot to lliL- batiks 

raf tbc rivpT, but on ilie opiioettu aide 

I tbc kilt of WliitclilFc rifca in pcrjwn- 

kjiudlar iii»w«» uf ruck, rrotu tuv kuio- 

[■■it of whk-t], a ravtiuriu^ jiruiia-iiu ■)<.■, 

E V« look Joiru U|ioD the Iohd, nml ub- 

[faia to tW norlli««nl an cxicnfiyu 

r>a« over dw ridi Mtttura uf Curvu- 

dttlc WkucTcr uir«clion wc lukc, 

||li« walks wkI rules arouiul Luillow 

(■ncxtreucljr Uwutifulianil the scenery 

' I iii&uit«lj varied. Tbecnuidfestiires 

TtlM (own arc, ibc noMc ruin of iu 

lutig tbo t{ui.-ci) ul' tliu tjorilcr 

h and ita line old collo>;uie 

'fhcac alone, »Incc tlic op- 

I Lag bcva facililulcd by niln-uyi, 

ICnnnot fiiil to utlnict lauililudcB of 

Id a rccvnt viait luy allvutiou 

cfpvcinll^ difvulctl to the 

around, wkifib uliouuds in lu- 

tiog luoniuiitiuta uf AjroiKt JitvB, 

cuuld not belt' rcmorkirg iliu 

■Qoa intn:ncbin<'nts on liitr-topa 

pBTv M-otbrrcd tbrou^b ibi; tici^li- 

Mod, pMiicultirljr over Uie billjr 

i)U7 toirard* Wales. 

\. Ainooc tbc most rcmATkablc ob- 

CU of lliia kind uvar to Ludlim urit 

intrcacliiucnti ua tliv dillvrctit 

[auuutiiU oi' tbc Clot: llilk to tbc 

urtk-ea«t> Wc Icmto tbe town on 

coal, bjr ibat uuiutcr wbklj, iVuui 

ilMtng Uk Ml«tM the prison, ia colled 

dford. Tbe road prcacnii ua wilb 

b« >uiio coimlant sococmod uT pic- 

intHiuc riiral vkwh wbtcli wv bcre 

BMt witb in all ibc lower grounda. 

CnniiDft oil' froni tbc direct rood, at 

,tiout two niilea frcitu Ludluw, wc uuiy 

pait tbo >illaj(c uf Middluum, tbe little 

lid cbarcli of which coolains a rart: 

exaiuplG of tbc ancient ruod-loA, in 

I'arTcn wood, uf an vtc|[anve wliicli wc 

should biinlly oxpeet to Und in tliia 

sccludL-dBjjiic. lu (be lurnoftlieroiad, 
luiiiuluti uf considerable inng'iiitade, 
with atrre](ruwliif[ upon it ; but ttivaa 
monumcDU tsin no thickly scalltinid 
urer thU country that wc cannot stop 
to notice llietu «1). Almuta itiilu I'ur- 
ihcr we bc^in U> sacetid the slope of 
llic Clec IIill, nnd n little way up we 
readi llic churdi of Ditlerley, rciuiirk- 
able for ilie beftuiilully sculptured 
vroHK. which rlill rcnuins, thougU sadly 
tnulilnled, in llii: cliurcliyuril. From 
the ganleiia of Ititturley Court, the 
swit of the Wnlcot-s the vicir of Til- 
turatuue, riniiig iii lully grandeur ba- 
Kind, ia truly majcttic. From bcnce 
is the mntt direct, though not the 
euaiusl, iiaceiit, repaying ua at urory 
atep witb ionic new fcal lire in the wiin- 
derfal vi^rw, uiitil, on orriviog ut the 
Buiiiiiiit. we liiid uursclrea in the centre 
of such a pauoraimi as noue who hare 
not seen it can coiictavc. It is atiid 
ibut tliirtecii or fourtveu diiTercnt 
counties uru M.-eu fvuiu tUU aiiu-l, which 
ia at an dcTatiuu of uboul eigbtevn 
hundred feet above the level ul' the 
ava. Tbc sides of the luountuiii are 
very ru^^ed, on aooouul of tlie lunu- 
Dio'able uiaaaas of bualllc rock wbieh 
project throu";lt ihu cod. Tbe aluioit 
circulur plutlornj al the lop of lUu hill, 
an aroaof coa»Iderabk- CAlcot, ia bur< 
rounded by a wide bond of luu»e ilonest 
whieh present a vv-ry reuiurkable Mp- 
peuruiicu, but ri^cenl cxainiiiationa luvo 

tirot'cil tlial tbc^ arc tbe remaina of a 
iroad wall built of stonei without 
tuorlur, the lower pari of wbieli, very 
rc^ulai'ly and •uiooibly tiiced, ia found 
in the middle of the band. Thia wall 
sceuia to to uf very reiuule auliijuily, 
but it la uol et*j eveu Ui eiioiw lliu 
came of ita overthrow in so eiiigulitr u 
manner. 1 uudeniand that a lnr'{o 
amber iHiaduoJ i90iiii.'>>Lber early rchca 
Lave been found within ibe iiicloaed 
area. On the western edjie. where llio 
hitl ii uluiust perpi^udicular, are somo 
which look like litllcu etoinlecbf, but 


lyunJeringt yfan AutiyiMiy- 

which mnjr be ptoec* ur Uie rock lu (he 
iHJMiioD given them bj natural f:au»eB. 
I'tiojr M«ni U> hang mvr iIil- vui |>n-- 
«![»<.■« iM tbonuh H litthi lualtur iruuld 
lull iliem donn, and henc« tiief tay 
llii* iiuiiinlAiii rccoivvi] il« iikinc of 
TiiUTstiine. Suuie anliijuurivx bare 
suppMeil ihat tbi.>w cuuctfa of rock 
uncc runniffi n rock! ng*» tone. Thu 
ppasuiitry caU ibeui (h« Giant** Chair.* 
If, uul«ad of puniuDu the route 
ilescribed abore, we bxd (timed olT 
boTara k»vin<; ibu (own along ■ mail 
through wlui( iii-nlk-il Lowvr (Scolfordt 
no ihcinUI have rt'athed, at soineirfaat 
mniv Ui.1t) Inii niifr* rrntn LuiUow, the 
|>ictunu<jiie viltafii! oT Cavnlinin. A 
niU behind lti« villa;;!.*, which rorms 
part of R low broken ridj^ vxtund- 
tuf! froiii the dot Hitt in a south- 
westcrlj' direction to the river Tciuc, 
«oiuevhat more Lhnn a mih; lo the 
RUUlli of liudtow. ta uniwntrd with a 
deeuiQlrandiment, nenrlj' L-IrcuW,an<) 
inclMing an an^a of liT« ur sii acres. 
Thv iiilrvnclitntrnti an now ciivcn-il 
with a lii-h uf tre« and undi'rwoud. 
through whk'h a walk ban been ml, 
with acata here and tliin'i; nc n[H)t« which 
coininandi (Jiron^h opening iu the 
tnn, rich prospccta, cxtendrng in one 
ilirectlon U th« distant Ualvemt, and 
In aiiuLhvr to tliv llUck MuuutniiH uf 
Walra. This is known as Caj-nhaiu 
(!iiin|i,nnd lut a ^ninll bnwk tlowxattbt 
fhut of the hill to ihi^ iinrlli, railed ibi; 
Kij, it ifl probable that die naiue nlg- 
uiita iIm; hiHnc cr dwelling on the 
river Kay. It hanpcn* by accident 
that wo ]iuve< in tnv cunou.i Anglo- 
Norman history of ibc Kir-Watinea, 
an early notioe of this sjiut. wliicit, aa 
we learn from Doincxiay 13aok. bad 
balonsed to the celebrated Snaim earl 
lfor«ar, aod passod after Lh« t:on<juedt 
iniu tbi! piiMcuidM (if the Mortiinort. 
Wo learn Iruiii ihf Innlory jii>t nlliirled 
lo, which muflt hiivc been cani|X)M;d in 
the ibirtci^iitli rcrKurr, that, coHy iu 
the n.'isn of Henry 11. wlirti tfocc dc 
Dinnn laid Eicgo to LuUlciw raatJe, he 
pwl«d bis troops witliin ilic c»m1o of 
Cayuhaui, sltuatud on a hill iibaut n 
Icaeiu) fVoiu Ludlow, ami ilicn "very 
old and the gates nitiL-ti." llie holders 
of Ludlow coatlc called ibe Welah 
lo tlmr auittaiiGc, nnd Joce hiiuacif 

nu bended in the mined luclnw 
which lie hail cbouMi aa bia bead 
MiiMU-n. There were, ibcrd'orei at 
taia iiui« (i. e. the niiildio of tlw tarelfkb 
century) huilditi;;)! within the iaircnt'b- 
uiMiM. for an An^Io-Nurnian writer 
would uul apply tlic nnmv nf cusllc 1<j 
the inlreiichmentK iheiuMlvn, atul 
ihew luiilittiiKK iiiuti then bavc been 
of iXJiuiderable aiiitiiuity. 

The other Clw "ills known as the 
Brown CW llillx, lit; u short dislaiice 
to the iifiTtU iif the Tiltcritonn, and 
cuittisL uf two very lolW cune*, the 
one to the south called Cfee Bury, and 
(hat to die north Abdon Bury, the 
tniminSt of each being atnmgly in* 
trenched. With'm the nonhvm in- 
trench mifti I, which I* of a ruundoblotig 
foriii and much Inr^^r than the other, 
are tuiue senulchral inonnib. Beluiv 
theM two hilln, on a kiiull advancing 
iiito the plain, ut atutther oblvcit in- 
trenebineniciilledNonlyBank. There 
uro other lo-cullcil campa both t» the 
north and Ln the south of Ludlow, but 
we will cimline itunclves at prvsent to 
two n^ulea, both reaiarkablc for thu 
cxcrcmv boiuiy of ihdr aceiicry, Bini 
each aiHmnijMuicd by a wry iuivrcst- 
iocscries of hill-intrcnchin«nia. 

The first of these excurtionx lies in 
Lite direction of the pleannt village of 
Lcintwardtne, n Ihvourite n»>ri fur 
fi»hin;{. We le-irc Ludlow by Corve 
Street, anil iutii o(T liy the comer of 
the Old Field, ur racv-courve, to Uniui- 
Gvlil. On ihi) race-course are Kvenil 
lumalt. IVom Bromfield, • winding 
road, prcicoUng a continual suoccuion 
of varying viewi^ conducu uh to Leint- 
wardine, a large villnK<\ about eight 
miles fVnm Ludlow, situated at the 
conllucocc of the rivers Clun and 
T(!ni<-. \Vtthiii a tliuTt distance of 
Lei lit wardine are kwo remarkable in- 
trench iiients, Brandon camp and Cox* 
wrll knoll, the onu to tliesoutli and the 
other til ihv west. Brandon camp niay 
be visited by auotlier ni>d in souie re* 
apccts a preferable ronle. At about 
two iiiilr» from Bmiiiti<'h), we iiiny 
turn i)ir from the riiaJ tu Lrtntwimline, 
and pass through the beautiful acenetr 
of Duwnlon castle. Tberc if a cem|^ 
or intrcitebmvnt, mi a bill at ih« cod 
of Uie twkj gorge thruu^b which the 



9 Our auttorlly of tbts aaose is Ihs Bkf »f (he Ordusu«« larvtfy. 

laiS,] Thf ffiil IntrtnchmrnU oh ths Jit^rJtrt of WaUt. 


Tone ben! piusc«, at Dtmnioii on Uie 
ItwcJc. Kroin this [K>int nc ilMonnil 
■fkin tn liiwiT c'wuiM^ until we coitut 
to the niiic til Wiginiir*' iibhpv, ihe 
ancient gnn;t« i>r«hitli. clnti' fjy llii- 
roail-itilf, \» wt'll worth a [lassififi'vi.iit. 
An mv [irni;i>Ml along riniti^ crouiitl 
from Wi)[iauresruii{[(! til thptiOiigv^cif 
Aillvrtoii, wcobiaiti an c^xtreiHeljr bunu- 
lirul vk« biwanlii Ihr south anr ibc 
villagi! Mitl mttl« of Wigmnrn. Uran- 
(lun ramp ia about thn>« quortcnt uf a 
mil* to tW nonk of Adfertan. 

Brandon catn|i hm a pnrtinilar in- 
lervst as tbe §u[ipoaiHl .liii.- or ilic Itra- 
vibiutDoriliv ltDtnanf,t)i(!iiii«niie<liflIe 
town ur atalkin nn iti*> Watling Street 
between tlagna (fftnciteafr*-) and IJri- 

coniuiB {WnisetfA. Il is (tlniktml nn 
H liilloriin great Meration. ruing Trom 
th(> middU of tbc pbin, almost pre- 
cipitouH on tLE> west »idc. hut i)c4cpml- 
iTig viTjr grfliliinltjr to tli« 6a%l, It ta 
nut iritri'iidicd in llie mnie manner as 
tbe Uill'tuim of whicli iFo have Iwvn 
^^neaking, but » Mjiiarv nrcn uf jivrhnpa 
•i« or t;ighl ucT«<. pounileJ fit ibe 
(^ornl■n, is iiicloted Xtj a tntly rallnm, 
and the natoml foi^i of ihu bill baa 
brim taken advantage of, so that uii 
the wMiern *iile the ateep characttT of 
tbe bill acrrea tbe puisne of [h>fi>iiw, 
and the vnllum ia tlinri> vmy liiw. The 
muthRrn Talluiii, ihu pr^teut uppear- 
■ncc of which is ihitwn in itie uocnin- 
panjing tketcb, is th« iniui [)err<.>cl. It 

Ifrnniln'i CtDip— i->irilwr>i lallw. 

*itt» to tht height T.f perhnp« elphlo^n 
tit iwHily feel, ifid, a<i far as 1 roiiM 
dincaTcr hy i1if;btlT diuino into it nt 
drl&rpnl ipot*. the Interior la compnsod 
fli" lie awioe of Uk apot throw n lon'^1 y 
tt^her. Th« eastfim vallum, wliirh 
i« alia vny pOTr<M>t, aeeni* In be cnm- 
pMfvt nt t!tr\}i. In the niiditlp nrtbi" 
nuii-m title \» h tvgulnrljr Inrmipd en- 
trance, the only puMHC into Ihe urea. 
It in m bu r«niarK«<l Inat ihia entrance 
ttjO^mj Iftok* direct upnn the jftr-it 
RaBon niHil whirb riimt nt a «hort 
dicUuuw lathe awtlciflbe hill. Icon- 
Am that 1 aee no alnolute renson why 
Ihii mar not be the Kotiian atalion of 
KrarinMtui, allhnugh it eertaiidy pre- 
•enu »>R>e dMHcullies. Ttie oilier 
Roinan atattnnt nf the Ilinainiry iin 

ibli iitw wi>re regular walled lowna, 
nnd why Ibix \>\act< *linulJ Iw *ur- 
roundnl liyn mere eiubniikmeiit is nnt 
cQsv tft explnin. NePprthclew, thin 
einniinlinienl, iKriiltcil frniii the ground 
willinut any irt'ncli. and bears far 
mnrp nimlogy t(j n town-wnll Ihon any 
■■ih^renrlh-wnrb I hate «'i<n. Another 
ri'mnrlinhli- cin-uniitaiicc connected 
with it ia tbu nbaenec, as far aa I cniild 
leiirn, of anv Kcimnn antiiiuiliea. I 
cotiM hc-nr of no (■(»»* futinil either at 
iir Mi'ar ihe place, and I carefully ex- 
amined tbe ground wittiin tlie area, 
wbidi waa plantei) with tuniim, but I 
could find nftt ihe (liuhtest Iragment 
(if brick orjiollerj. This i!i Tcry uii- 
uinnlonii ttoman »ile: hut it biiMbeea 
kuggeateil In me Hint die jiecutinrity 



iIqiwkII Knoll. M 

of tbe vatlum may pt^rbsfia lie cspUinuU 

on Ae ni|>poitition ilinl ihbi nun a verj 

caHj Boinan cMablishinent, — ^pcHiaps 

one of the earlwnon Iho WcWi bonier. 

Indocfl ir, sa ttippMcct, k be Ibc aame 

town as ibat nicntit-nwl br Plolcmy, 

vho irrotc aboat the year I'JO, |iv the 

aaniff of BnU)DO){eniam(&mv(fyir(gK), 

tl mutt haro dated from tie firat uta- 

UitlinientDrtheKoiiituia in thcae parts. 

The poaitiuii of Brandon cuiDp ih re- 

atarkaolj doe, comiuan'tinK. (tota ilc 

digbt dcvatioD, lui exlinvrdJiwrj view 

ta alld!mtu>D*,aii<l Iw^ins donn im- 

nadiatel; upon the rivirr Tcnio- Tbc 

■coooipaBjrina rkctch is talcen from Ibc 

outsij« of tli« souUiem rallum, tbe 

western exlr«niily of irhich form* ihe 

|pr«ground. Th« bill lu (lie lell rnrni* 

port of Braiupt'ju Itrian purk, be- 

.t«r««n wbivb, and tbe liilla of ibo dia- 

tancc, the >al!c» of ihc Tcme run* up 

. into Wolcx. The dark nooJoct liUI in 

A^nt isCoswall KdoII, no which (he 

* lin« of the nncivnt intrencUmcikt* mav 

E'le tra«cd from tlii> 'liftance. Cox"all 

fXiioH M about two titilM irMtwani 

from TtrKiMlon camp, and the vallay 

, bclnvMi i« rnthar thickly acaltcred 

ith a»i>ivfit tumuli, llif? !ntrei>C'b- 

' iDC'Jit on ibis hill i«i a n>or4 ruiloly- 

LliM-ined firiM. KUrrounditig titc unpcr 

*pnrtcf tlic bill in a very irrcgwUrlini", 

and itfi priiii-lpitl rei^brity ariMi IVom 

lU havinj; hoen tnL-<-n, on v«ry ullgbt 

eruunilii iihIl-iwI, f.Jt tbo secoe of ibo 

last battle of CartkClncus- 

Coxirnll Knoll Iil^• n littlo Ia Iho 


■CEO lk«m InaJMi 0«np> 

tbe nortl) of tbe rirer Tome, and of* 
bve-rond wbicli loads to the Tillase of 
Ifucknallt wbicfa is aitualed on a saiail 
■trcani that falls into tbc Clun about 
a mile nhtne Leant wanline. Thts 
rtrcam riins down fmtn tbo hills of 
KiMJoorxhirt-, and pur*ue« ita caunc 
along a narrow ralluy which opctx out 
at BucJcRall. A pleaiant country lan« 
mm along the biuilu of thia stream up 
into the iiilU, with pieturetHiue hiil 
fccnory on aaeb sid^ As we n4lvancei 
tbu country bocMiiea gnduaUy rcry 
w'Jil, aiiil at a dulance of b«twa.>vn 
ibnM and four tnilo from iIk' viUa^> 
of Bucknall, wc reach a loll^ bill — we 
may aInio«t call it a luouutaiu — witb a 
^railuul slope towards the west) but on 
tbc otber »>deii, and ctpeaally towards 
the eiut, rcry ttL-ep. This anil tbv kills 
around luv wirren of everylLin* liut 
henlh and hill>crf7-bn«bc«, which in 
llie vummerand nutumn p've tbem a 
rich pintle tint. The ca»l«m brow of 
thi* hill, eoQiinandinf; the exlcnnva 
pro»pcct down the ml lev ibroa^ 
wbicli we luLTe u[>prc<a(;ui^ it, in 
crowned with a rery OkUtuvivo tn- 
trenehrd area, of an irrwulor oval 
fomi, surroundcl liy two Jeep fouea 
and lii;;li coibanknieolfi. Tbo littler 
ATt! built, not of earth, hut of the tmalt 
flat ttonci of the locality, thrown 
loo«eIy to};etber. Theae iDtmnchnwata 
ar« known aa the G&er I><(vhft», and 
the ttpot ilHcIl' in ca1I«<1 Cnrr Cara- 
doc, but wc niunt not c>infoond k with 
the more oulehralvd Shropshire Caer 

1«6S.] . Thf BUI IntrMchmnti m th» BoydM-t i>f Walt*. 


Cnradoe, near Cburcb Strctton. It hn 
UUwIjr beea anuaKd tbnt tbis ii tho 
' nt« oftbe laat battle of CaracUioufi 
4 tlic vlctoriotu urius uf tbu 
■a>, kdJ ingenious altcinpte \u\ya 
ii tnadc, I tbink <]uitc uniucccss- 
full^, to reconcile ibc nppcnrnncc of 
(iifi covdUt arountl wiUi ihv ik:»cr'\\i- 
lion giTTO bj tlic li!i>tor!nii Tivcitim. I 
will not throw nwnjr time in cuaniin- 
ing wbot sppeMTS to me ih> falilL- n 
']<ic«tion. 'nMdcscriiiU'oitofTndcu.^id 
giTua incretj thini DMna^: it h bo 
extrand; tBdefm'rte that wo migbt 
Gml Iwcolj portlon.t that woald luuvor 
to it in anj biUjr counlrj, and it docs 
aoi npi>MT to mc to spplj- at sU, at 
least without Tcrj et-cat stretcUes of 
tb« iiaafpnatioD. It u, at the best, oni? 
of tlww Avitlen dticujoinni wbicli 
aRti(|iiaii«a wouM do belter to nvnid. 

Onr noundoB hns taken us to a 
ooadderabte di«lancie fram LtuJlan, 
and Uionfli no cxwnlr^r i-nnlil tn- more 
inlemliDg and lieauiiful tlim ihiit 
npoo which wc hnva eumvil, we will 
noraac it no longrr. Iluving left Lud- 
low by the some route a» lliiit do- 
soribcd aboTe. let ub [iroccvd to Binru- 
ftdd,aiid ihencv. instead of uktufi the 
mad to Dowoton or I.ciiilwan)ine, 
we w!U nroceed to the rillngr of Oni- 
burr, wliidi U abuut live iiiilai ir\im 
t.udVm. Tlic roMl pioceeda tbence 
thnmgli llic bcautiAil vnlk-y watered 
It the river Oxttj. .it tlip furtht-r end 
U whkfa stand the inicn-alinj; ruin* of 
~ ' •; Castle, a catlelhituii lujumiun 
km riventh century. Wo are now 
ing a northern course, and arc 
nearljr uuon the line of tlii: Roinin 
Watlins Street ; but rather leas thnn a 
mile beyond Stolcc Castle, .it a cele- 
brated old posting inn calli^rl tlie 
Crarea Amu, wlwre thenj in now n 
nulwaj itattoD, we turu olT lowanb 
the west. Ihe road heoce to Clun 
fena* one of the nod beautiful ridn 
that can eoMty be iin:i);iii»d, a sucoea- 
iKMi of lodly and often ihicklv wooded 
hJlla risiaf; on each side, and bounding 
a narrow and rich valley, througb iha 
middle of wfaicb flows iliu picturvmiue 
iiTer Chtn. Tie first buld etuiniiiic>> 
thai presents itself to our view is a 
wootKil bill Mnae three miles to the 
weal uf the Craveu Anns, wliich risi^fi 
iUo two kuolla, tlw m«re northorlv cle* 
valSnn lieiDjf oalled Burrow Ilill, and 
thai U> tlw MUth Okcr IItII. Uo the 

Qwi. iUo. Vol.. XXXIX. 

^ tJ whict 


top of llurrow Hill llicn^ ia a yprf 6iie 
oval inUi-'nf-LDtk^Dl, Burniundcil by 4 
double Tftiluin, »nd t Iwlicre (here li 
annthiT introncbrncnt on Oker Ilill, 
The country norlhwanl nbounds with 
small intrcncbukenbi and liArrnwy. 
AtVr pnsiinE Durrow Hill, the lofty 
«w<'II or Cl«ii1)ur)r Ilill presents a bold 
object flti tbo left, whiU- nl n grcaUr 
distance to tin- riBbt wc bave n man 
of picturesque hills, ihc lofticat of which 
has on ita stininiit ibc liai.>at of thi: so* 
called camps that nre fiiimd in this 
nnghbourhood. It U known by thtr 
i)Aiso of Bury Ditches, nod is lu form 
nearly circular, and iiicloscil by three 
very lofty vuBa, <ri>m|Ki:ii»l, tike ninny 
of ihc olDOT siinilitr works tti ihi.i imrt 
of ibc country, of loose stones. The 
(.■xt*!n.iiv<! nrco in ihc interior is covered 
with heull) inuirmixfil with hillicrries, 
whicb arc hero very luxuriant, but tlic 
iiitrencbmenf anil a part of tbc slope 
of tliti bill arc covered with liiruu fir- 
Uixn. Tbc bill itself is n Urge and 
lofly knotl, very steep on all siiles but 
the north-cnsl, where llic ajipniwh in 
tnore jp-ualuiil. Thu entrance to the 
indoaure \a on the western side, and it 
isi I believe, tho only origiDalcntrancOi 
for that on the oppoaitc aide seems to 
mC) from tlic ntlii^ bosty exnuiinatioa 
I i^ve it, to be u mere road brokea 
through tho intrcuchmcnts at a Liter 
period. The pronncct from these lu- 
Irencbments, looking towards the 
south, ii mn^uificeut iu the extreme. 
There are several tumuli in tbc country 

The access to this iiiiercHting spot 
i» by a rural lane wliich leuves the 
hii^h road at tho TJIlnge nfClunlon, 
and wliiuh nseendu thr tii'eaKr part of 
thr way :t dixljiDce of a full mile and a 
batf The pedeilriau who would prefer 
a dcliglitlul counti7 walk mnv pro- 
cwit over the hilU to l.lin sonili-wiriit 
to Clun ; but, if on lior^eliack, tbc vi- 
sitor munt return to Clunton, whence, 
if so iaeliacd, tic may turn olf to visit. 
Iloplon CmLIc, n small lortresf cele- 
brated in the civil want of tin; seven- 
teenth century. The mad to Ciun 
eimlinuea to present the same pjcm- 
i*i>M|ue cbaraoter, Imrnedintoly Wlow 
it is the river, wliidittg its way throii<;li 
piulurrs iiiiiL cop^^i. and uverliuu^ uii 
the other tiitlu by a iieiu' rnih(;col' stei-p 
hiili : wliile hijtb grounds, though more 
broken and r.t(her more diiunitr al*a 


Omit tfao tW-w lo the twurlb. CluniucU' 
oceupica • ^1 vberc tba oounu^ h 
ratlwr marc open taminki tlM iinrlh, 
but towuti tint wiulh it in iiirn>unili-4t 
))j B aemidrelo d biftli im-((<iiiu' hilU. 
It i* ft blue TiUi^ mou-kftblv for it 
■Imivh which pacNMM fonw vclii- 
teelunl intcrwt, and fiir tfaa rarauiu 
af X fiiiu Noman CMtle, built Mon 
alter the Coaquert by the PiuAluik. 
n« outie, tie renaiBs of whidb cob* 
■iat eUsflr of tko ruraod kcap, in itadf 
afiao olJMl, b litoaled on imgulariy 
«lovatad graDnd oa tba west of the 
villura, and aotaauKit ibo riv«r, of 
•hiu ft afiarch lu wroral pioturciqutt 
tiawi, aqMoiallr thai wUcb loidcs omr 
lk« ancdCDt brio^. 

Tie eouBtrj> rannd Qua oSint in* 
nameraUe attraetioa* to ibe anliqaa- 
rian waadorar ta the abafiaof intrcfwih* 
manta, barrows, old booMa, and olbvr 
ta«b ot^eota, which are loo many to 
allow nte to hiclada tham in a oaiaorr 
aotiea : but thm* la one remain wbieb 
aa Bntiqiiai7 who Moies tfaut Tar ooght 
to return without vuitinp. TIiin u 
tho oelobtateil earlhworh called Ofla** 
Df k« — the anoient lioondary b«tw<Mn 
Itferoia and Watoa— oxtoniliiig av«r 
Ull and valley ri«m Iho monlh of th« 
Sevam la thai oT the Dec It ia to«n 
hi a aUto of excellent nreMrvatioB on 
tfca billa to the arwt oiCliio. Pawiog 
over Olun briilge wc turn to tliu right 
and MMB enter a father w (hi euuntrj 
lane. At a diataaoa of tomewhat more 
than a mile from dim, in a fi«ld to the 
ngbt, nvar the bunlcl of WbiMott 
l^jMtt, irtands one at' thoac axlraor* 
diaafj itoDuawhirh are umalhr clamed 
tmdev the title of Ihniidical moan- 
meata. It ie a flat broad Moaa of rery 
Irngolar ehipe, plaoad upricht in the 
gremd, in whtnh it b e*wcntl7 in- 
•erled to a eonridombledepth. Atiove 
eronnd it meunraa oighl fiwt tbroo 
incliM in helffht by tcven feet IiroMl. 
It bimpoanUa la ooiyaetnre the object 
Aur which uigla etanet like thb were 
raieed, or tha exact ago to which thajr 
belong : in fiicl, ih«y nre, pcrhap*. not 
all of the lamc antiquity, but a goacral 
ropemblanoe in charartw lui eaiued 
them to Im HawMl with llip iTromloelia. 
RfltlMir uwN! Uliii a inilo >>cyunJ thU 
0fitA, »nil uliiiiit IWA iniliii iii») a bitlf 
ft-oi" Clan, WD roneh tho vilUfje of 
]^w(^ hpiMil. wlMir*lMb'> Ilykki, nr, 
H it ii Unn vtXUii, (XT** Diluli, ctmn* 

Wa»J«ringi ofn» Attliqtiary. 

CJan. ^ 

the «kep narrow n.lkiy thmnch whidt 
Ibo iTVcr Cluii flow*. 'To aac Uli» W««- 
derful Mrihwork to wivanta^ the 
viiiti>r kIiiiuIiI foUow ila votirw up to 
ihu Iff of Sfioad hill, whore ila ap> 
pearaaoo ia nmsi iinpaainif . U coniira 
ofn regnlar vallum, about twelve Aet 
huh, ud of a oonMhwalda braadth., 
with a bmad &« on tha Walih aUa. 
Wfl nayheaiMaMtUainuieiiaaeaitb* 
woA pnnraiag ila ootina MMtthnrnd 
over uie ekwatml groniul on wUoh m 
aiv Riamlhig i an) northward it is i 
rising up iho hill on the appoeila i 
of taa vatl^y. it ia compnso'L of looaa 
eloneit ami earth. 'ni« wlxdo extent 
at Offa'n Dyka oannat he ihort of a 
bundrcd miles. Within a ven amaH 
eireuil roiuMl the point at wuah we 
are now (landing, there are several 
intoratiag hill-cm^ia. Two of tbaaa 
are aitoatad OB siMp eminenoM OB ap. 
poaita aideB of the vtUaj*, a titlk trn- 
rend Offii's I^he, and are renurfcablt 
Ibr ih« beautiful views which «r« ob- 
tained from the two sammita. Thoro 
ia at least one tumulu* in the valloy 
below. 1 faava before )Btinui«d that 
very InterMtinf; medinvil remains aro 
teatteted over thy part of the border. 
In the vilU^ of Lower Spoad thcra b 
a very anoiOBt and primitive looking 
fhrm noitse, whioli bus a remarkably 
One old ar«plac«. A large carved oat 
beain,ooveitngthe op«iiiugof thafirv- 
place, and repr««enting a ilag-blul, ^ 
apnwre toboerthelifleeaihoaatarj, H 
and ia well worth a visit. The boiiH 
ia mid formoHy to have pomaaeil other 
earvinga, whic^ bare disamicwatl. 

Aa We wander arer tliia benutifiil 
ooantrr, and find o«r>alva« afrealcil 
•*ontinuiilly hy the intrenthmmiU o» 
tlu) liill'tuiM, wv naturally a>k what 
can have boon iIm purpoae or p«r- 
poseofor which tbinrwerviaado)' I'Mpk 
bare been in tho habit of oalling them 
all caiHp<i sad, imagining llml lh«y 
rouit have loun iwonevtwi with the 
movements of srniiv*, tho Unve dia- 
(«T«re<l wan uttl oanpaiKtis when 
they prrthnblr never eatstoil. Suoh is 
the Case with all tho UmoriM m Iha 
morcha* anl IwUk* of Canotamu. 
which have btvn huanloiuly put to* 
celher by persons who iiuginml thai 
UMy bail only to «>y this ti a itoman 
viiiii|i, :iii(l tliat i* a lli-itiaii cninit, nii<l 
■hat IIm Miolt^t Wo* Mltli.ll. Unl il 
ii evident tlial ire mighL (o haro aoaa 


1353.] Thr fJUl IntrtwInMnb on the BtntJers of TFalet. 

$ll«f tlUailliordtKTilllilinlir-tilliLiIlOui), 

fni it U itKloeit vei". ibnl 

Uti> inorv careful v:s.iii i < : thu 

IiLm aF tnonuiuuutd aliouM Ixj mnilc to 
[ii>l]lcu*tofi>rii> II inorv accurate- notioD 
F^fthoiidiireroiit ()iilo» ttD<| ol>jcc(«. for 
[It M uot iir<>lM>)lr' clthT tlint th«f all 
' Joeg U> V * ■ 


) r lllat the? 

-et iM be^^i ■' '■( r:i, -nil] [L- and sclF- 

cvi'k'iit jiTiiicijiK* tK;it !t vxrtjia nuinbci 

lir inCTi, witJl iijwlef ur oIIict tiiiplc* 

fjn-;-(it5, loulil, 1(1 a certain tya-x of 

I liriK', oikkc nn in tr«ncli incut of ftnv 

Ifcrtn whith might owiir to Ibcm, or 

ItHut ttii|;1it \>t rvmirod bj clrcam- 

nlwiM*; wbcn they und led tbuirwDi-lc, 

|^<l carried tnaj tbcir toolj, wbat if 

|itbcr« Iril to slwr *ho were (hc-wort- 

nm ? A mound of corib, or a dilcb, 

fbatcrcr U iu slixiv, will not tell 

Lilii». ^Vc muat ibcrcK-rc look i'oc aoiuc 

|OlIier- ' iiltlut iniut bciougbt 

lib c Tiii; ori;lia:uli>gy of 

Itllis. L.iiiy ut;. "i iiitul imkvl tlcpvtKl 

fetttdW on Ok |>kk iiud tb« fxiadc. It 

llTu m Qalural (o t'oMn «n inclosmro Tor 

ni'j |)urpotMs bj suirvuudinz it wilh o 

fInJitk, tbut w« ore vul Juatiueil in c»n- 

"" ' ' ercry incisure aa btiag a«- 

1I7 a canip. Tbun, Ainofi» wlmt 

^ Brc considered ns Britiili rc'tiiiLiiiS) wc 

[find a buTOTT or sunaldiral uiotinit 

fro<|Ucttlljr iurroBitdcd bj nn intrcacb' 

tDcnl, nliicl) lonictiiDM iudo'oit ttT'> 

tir tlmx^ iiiuTows, and it olbcrt a uliolc 

Ccmclcrj'. UATTOir.H are loniutiuxu 

foiiiid witbin Uic intrciicbincnld on 

litll-ti}[n; awl, na nc ktioff that lucb 

svtttad ^wtawcru fnvonritc |ilap«i of 

On tieU-ileio 
bdu 1 Jlcat. 

Xbo IniikilnM withia tliaac niridcoco 
•rere iiroliaWy mntly huitt of limber, 
"!»(I «Tcn if of Binjonry thijy »oon dts- 
1, and ibc- inlrcnchmmt atoiio 
I6d,witfa nothing in outward np- 

,^ Bp* to id(rntjfv it nil Saion rather 

tlinn (19 Hnt-'h ,ir Koinan. I fjel i-on- 
finasl tliit nikjiv of tho «iiritM>-i-i( Bri- 
tish or Roiiuui i"i!nji' in ilio i-iiimtry 
jaw oolliing tufjw I'ijII tlii.' ii,tr?nch- 
(AiodIh of ibc (nin^'jUB of S,ixon cbicf*. 
[In our all'iuipl lo iu>t>>rtain tliu triio 
' la of nub intreucbineDlit, wo must 
t •Itogetiwr overlook thcirdJMinctive 
\V9 know that the Anglo- 


litu-iJ, wc iur\; jtintifivd In aiippofing 
Itiiit iuoiti of iLo ao-^'ulled cuiuiu aio 
uotbtu;^ tiiurc tbniiccaiclcma. A^'ntn, 
wkxt ngbt liavc wc to >u|>pOdi: ibat 
Ifao Uodiana did not moke inttu>cb<.*4l 
incloJU»» for otUur i>urf>oiict tban 
campe ? llie ooiiuiu liiut lioiiiun Iii- 
trcDclunctitA intuit be iK|tULrc h but 11 
vul}^ anvi, and wc cun Itnrc no nuuoD 
tu jud^^t; diut aiij iulreiiclimmt is 
ItomaD, or ttiat it \s not Roman, bat 
oircuuubtnccs cxtrHncoiu to its tucro 
forto. Morcovtft tlicru 1:1 anotbta: 
f)Coiile irtaiii iri; tuusi ncrt otciIiioIc 
in n (|iiisi)ou like LliU) and wbosc uapn- 
InlHj of creating cnrtbiTork« will Iw 
undenLood \iy crcr; unu wbo biu acoi 
Ollii'a Vykii — iltu Aiiilo-Sasons. Tbo 
midcncc of tbi> earlier jVn^lo'Soxon 
cliicfs, ns wc know it (Voni lliwc povtry 
ni>d rtuniiiKC, lU wtill as (Kiiii lu.itory, 
coua'Bled of u iiuU, buirotuidcd bf 
cbombcrs and other building*, thu 
wbolu tii*;lu}od by &n eattlian wall, or 
inlrcn clinical ofijdoncc. It was coiled 
a Itorv, or bw^, from tbc Auj^lo- SiixoQ 
verb Wr^n, to defend. Iti eiCo won 
uauallj selected on lui etevutod sjiol, 
wlicnev tbc dbiof could tou aa mucnni 

KBeible of Ub lau'ti. Id Ibo 
imscy Clroniole we read of oiiu uf 
till: Suxou buncfnotora of tlie n1>licy, 
who WU9 eUnding at the aatrnii'Ce of 
bi> residence, aifiieutiagbUcyviovei' 
l)ti laaila uruunJ, fixed ou ouu piceO 
whicl) he duU-TUiiiu-d to give to tho 
abbey. Ucowulf, .lUudiug to tbc rc- 
ndcDco of Hoitbgnr, »ya tliat cliit^ 
will endure care and troubli! — 

u loDg u rviaaiactb tberc 
OD tiie lofty pl>M 
the iMst oi housoa. 

Bnw^, I. Mi. 

Saxoni applied Uiq nsmo eatltr or 
cheHer, a word dcnred from Ibc Latin 
eatlmm, to Kontan forlilientiona : and 
1 Ih-Kuvi; tliat not a Hiaglo instrmcc in 
knciwn in which a name having (bat 
won! in il« i-oni|Kiiiilion hiu not Ixjun 
[Ii»-oTi.Tt'<l lo belong to a Romiui ailo. 
Till! KosoD U a plain ona : ilie Saxons 
icnew thc»c biiiMin^ not a$ their own 
erecliofu, hut as Uti wurkK of tlieir 
give ilifiu the naiue wbich they gnva 
to tiwir ownrortiliuilreiidunood, waich 
went iliiTurent lurta of thtnn. but ■ 
ntnio wbieli tbey learned mm the 

TTW Cambridge l/nivefMils Comuiurion. 

people who made them. This la n mode 
of prococdiD? vihich |treralls waonf 
alt inO|)li: 4uid nt alt liiiits. When «« 
briog a new fanhrau orer Ironi Fnmcc, 
we gOBsraUy g^tc !t n Frmcti nami.', 
not the nunc which wv oursclTca have 
been uoctl lo upply to a aiiDilar thins, 
but of a difTervnt fuliion. The Wdab 
a»«l the wonl rarr, (.-orrutiteiJ into 
A-xKr (derived aimilarl; TrcMU the LatJn 
iMMImm} in the muo way; thui ire 
hara Caerlcoa fcaOnm Ifgionit), 
Caemcnt fautnan Ven^), &c.: bat I 
uin not aware how far tui|mnc3 bare 
been inudc to show whether ihc Wehli 
eacr rcftrs u unitbmily to ISoumti sitt-s 
a* the Sa.tou cwlnun. It is cunotu, 
howvvcr, that of throe Caer Camdocs 
we know, Boiaan rcmama arc statod 
to have been fouiul alutut one of tlictii 
(Cacr Caxsdoci tieu Hridxend, !h tiU- 
morguahire), and that t\\ii celcbrntol 
Cmt Candor, nour Church Strcttou, 
orttrlooka the graat Uoman road, the 
Watline SueeU Are we not Iberdbra 
jiutifica in presamiDg that the Cacr 
CaradoQ of tho Uavr Ditches, which 
wc have been visiting, m^j paatililj 
have bccD u Itoiiinn work. Again, 
nben we fiud the word hnvtvA, or 
bwroto, or bury, \a tho iiaiues of attcit 
intrcuchmculik, it seems to ma that wc 
hare a primary |irc»tunptioa that it 
ma; havo bc«a a Saxan ntnnsiop. 
flaccs called Ktiig»fnoy, wore m^MOiu 
bclongtug to the king— we buvc an 
itiataucu i» Kiuj^bury near V'enilani, 
ihc intreocbincnta of wbicli iu^<: atill 
visible. In Caynhaii], wc bat u iJu^ 
muni ordiuary Siuuiti terra ol' a man's 

maDsioDj Kam, or Amtf, in llio muoe ; 
but I iktnk (Void what luu been before 
laid that tltc Amt from whitib ii took 
iU name wu the nuuiaiuii within tha 
intreiichnivDta, and ihut ihcso arc 
Saxou. I confeM that when I stood 
within the Bwy Ditelut in the noigh- 
bourhctod of duo, and beheld the vaat 
procpeet of hill and Talley aad wood 
and Hold below, the dtaeriptioiu I had 
read in Anglo-Siuton poetry fiaahed 
upon nir mind, and I tboujibt I atood 
within Lbi3 icditfiu (or intrcnchmentO 
of some jiowcrfnl SajtOQ border cliio^ 
tnin who here held the wide estatw be 
haduunimcrudindufianceofthc Wclah- 
iuen« hiii»ularlv cnoarii, as 1 walked 
aCTOae the miditle of Uic vast area, I 
ohacrvod to a friuid wlio waa at my 
side that I suspected if a trcoch wen 
dug there traca of buildup nixht be 
found; and within a wmk aiier I 
learned acoiduDtally that Lord I'owi^s 
kceperi dljEning into a rabbit burrow 
on that very apot> had ooroc to a vail 
of rndc niacoaryi U> hu own no luaa]) 
surprise. In condtu^ou, 1 would re- 
mark tliat there are re&sont why itic 
Snxon wonl Oiiry or fmrrou: may lutvc 
been much more generally applied than 
cutler or chraiar. The AajilO'SasoiUi 
iu giring the name, knew no doubt in 

Ecticral to what tlioy were giving itj 
ut lliey might, nt a Inter pertud ot 
Uhuir binLory. nuxi here and inorowith 
old intrcncnoieiits for which they hod 
no PiKv'iid iiiiiiii,-, imd aup[>on!n^ than 
to lie tho reuuinii uf an old bevrjf ot 
mansian, they would nauo Iheia ac- 


TH S loni-espaoad Ibtpart of ibU Com. 

kaappendliB balky volnme. Th» reform* 
rceoBimnided an Icm iwerplnic than lliotc 
propQwd Vy Uia Oxford CenuniMiou, die 
Camhr4dg« lyitein Ii4\uig been fur imim 
T«>n in CODTM of gradoivl clikBgei, and (he 
CoiBBliaalanen reiutik tint llie rcpnrl of 
the SyniUcate apfwluud ia 181'J, wlilch 
awaha Ao approral of ibo Etrnnlc niid run- 
innation or the Croxii, 1* a gratifjinf 
proof of the iloirc of ihr Unit«r»ity tnt 
itaunaitaptoiremcnt. ThciCoinmiMioncn 
luve not to compUin of ti\y ^nnnal un. 
willingDOu to futniKh infonnitioii chhor 
oa tbe part of indiTideali or pahUc bodlea, 

moM ol the hta^ of MUegM, Sic. havii^ 
rF|illcd to tbeir fai<|UlTlet. 

'Die Itrat obaanrable reeommeadkltiNi 1< 
Tut tlio tcamnEcaicDt and conaoLidaUoD 
ef ilin ordora «f the Scoktcvlticbforo the 

[Ini-lau*. Ak lo (lie cxuliulTc jnrijdictiaa 
of th« Unireriity, by itatate of lilU«t>«th, 
to bear anil drcids all coiilruTMtiu of it« 
tacmbcni and olBccn in a lanmary man- 
ncTito paoiah Iraaaneiaar* uf the ttotulca 
or of good ardtr aa^ dlidpline, &e. i and 
i(a furtli(r|io««f«, byoharlerof RliaabaUi, 
to tnko exelual** eofnlcanoe of all partaaal 
I>1««*, dabta, aeoouDtc, nmtracU, arooM, 
•iidbraaehMof lliapMcalD tb« imlTtrMy 
precinct*, whcfo one at the iwrtiea ia a 


T/ie Camhridge University Commiriion. 


muler. icliukr, or eHuw oftlio unkenity i 
tbe7obMri« (kat the Hwitioo of this prt- 
«il^ n lUcfided with couMcrabIc diffl' 
coltjr ig oouMqwooce of tkc fonosUtlat 
nqirir«l when a ptrtj hu ai>|<Uci] M tlie 
Kianidpal Mi^tnU or in]>erior cuurti ; 
■nd tktj mbfiilr for canndtrrKtiixi nbclhor 
•MnegrMterracilitTnight not be aflonlod 
to the UiuTenlly. Aa to caMi ol dUci- 
plia*, when iierMMB In italm frapitlari are 
ehu|^ wilb offaooM (caiiul IM Lnwi uul 
amitr uf ike URirtn^ir, Ihc; oltKive that 
tlw fora of proowdlag in tbs ViM-ChUf 
erilar** Cowt tppetm to be vcll-adiipt«d; 
aad i» caaMof iutenml dudpliiic publiclljr 
maj ii«t be MKatUl. But In all tlrlctlj 
JBiSaial cftMa, nborc Lkc accu»cd ptrty u 
AMancroberof theUiiii«rtitj, thav Uunb 
tint Ibe Court (hflntd bo opan Mtd tho pro- 
Medinga poblic. At to ih« oMba taknn in 
tfcc CImt AjaemMr by the MAjrar, two 
Aldmiinii Ibnr ftnrgMMa, and two in- 
habit»st> of Mcb p«ruh, to keep Ibc gicacc 
■nJ warch for ciil-dixrt, tlirj thiuli lhc« 
proTHdis^ are practically i>ipfrr>«clcd by 
(1m borough police, and reoammuid tbeir 
dbcaatiBMtKe. witb Ibc riew tit rcmotinc 
B W iioimrf jeaJoiaybtnten the town a nil 
anitcnJty. Tbajralao rtcocniuenil Uig ic- 
UDi(|«iabiscnl of tfao pridlcit «rfraut!ng 
wiH nd ala lietncea, and of Uoendng 
ihcaCrea. eiMpt in Cambrtit^ ItielL Tba 
ri^t potaaoad 1^ iba UniTcnIty autbo- 
rfdea of " dlKOinniiiniiis*' an otfeDding 
Itadoman i* vannly dcfraded. 

With re>i>t<t to ccitaio acadsDiicaJ «(&■ 
dtn, ibe Coaainuiiafici* rceammcnd that 
Iba High Sl«wird ahould alirayt be elected 
awrvAarTfiuiaiin— that ii. bynpoll. Tliey 
anprvra of tbe diKtiitinarjr paner at Ibe 
rneUtr%, but adnae that, in ouca of dia- 
nt« bttHven tbe IVMton (tnd tbe town 
ItuMntM, Iba charge* ahould ttt cog- 
nbuU onlr in tbe aDpetior coaria el law, 
nd mA before !>»■ local aulboHtin. Tliet 
■drlM Uial the Tajon b« iiil]i>ll)t iiluliibni. 
■b4 tbe Buinbcr of fiaqitire Bedetla reduoeil 
to two. sad ncoBBflitd tbat Ibew gCDtle- 
mtn Haf no longer be ebligei! to carry 
tbctr naea* tn putiUo, noept before the 
Cbaacaaor blniMir, or tlie VIce-ChsDosllar, 
oa ttry aohmn i>cciui(Jiii. 

Tbe conaCitulionof ihc Caput tbeypro- 
Bouooe loo limited iu Dumber, end dtMp- 
prerc of tbe Hgbl uf abaolule rtlo uav 
eeatad (a aMb nenber. Tbey eomnend 
BOat Ugl^ ^ <tkaii|*a propeecd liy the 
Sttialw Raelnon ^ndLocte under tbls 

Wlib rcapeel to di>ciplio« aoiDUK tlmau 
in«'af(i^n7>4/^i', tbeComiuimonrrK -■:riii 
lo lUiJi that Ib<reia htUeneedof nra«iiil< 
meal, and Ibey mueh (oiamemt tlir t!«<i"rDl 
SMderation vf oiptuditiire aiiioni: the un> 
dcr^fiadiMlca. Tbcy ad'be. boweT«r,for 

Iba farther eheek of uadua etpendilur*, 
that tbe law rolMing to minon ibotitd be 
citciidcd (u all uudBtitnuliLite linitcjila. 

Tlia ComtnlMiuner* ciprcae cbdr ap, 
liiobstioii i>f the prcdoeatoanae of matbo- 
mulical and datafoal aludica at Cam- 
bridge: but thry wvnnly oemmeod tbe 
nrw triiiutiti nf moral end natural icicncea, 
and adtiiu the creatl»D of a board al ela«- 
aieal alndin, aniwerlDg to tbe board of 
matbenMlical atiuUcB lately npuointed. 
They rccomntond. ebo, the addition uf 
exaninaljona la eiTil engioMring, modern 
laiirua^, and diplanigainm. 

Tlic CoiDDiieioncn mggeat that tbe 
prBTloos euminotion — cuiumunly called 
tho Little- Go— abu aid be made lu include 
moat uf tbe tabjeGta now indixpeoiable 
for the ordinary degree. tM that, after 
tbat 01 ami nation, every student, for liu 
rrroainiiiE four tcrnia, ehould leleel any 
linr DfrrcognisrdiaideiaUalalady, which, 
witb the eanttioD uf hii college tutor, he 
may feel to be noet luitcd lo lil* epiiludot 
enil taitea, and profMiianal d-catliuitiiin. 
TlilB plan ih«y nito think wnuld oSurd 
^rceit faciUtlc* fur tbe tpeclil ttudy of 
lb<olo|y, for which Ibey oie of opinion 
tbat a)ucb more proriiien caubt to bu 
made by the nniTcrtiCy. They jirolt^ 
■j[*inil eo railing the atnndnrd for the 
ordinary degree aa tj ucludu mm of nnk 
and fortune froni tbe adraniagea of a unl. 
voniity cxmree. They dincnt, however, 
ftosa tho reconnnendatioQ of the Statutcb 
IlevI lion Syndic* t« ai to tbe abolition of 
the len-year-men prlrU<^ ; and they even 
adviiie a tort of i^heap degree, tu be exiled 
■■ Uceiillate in Theology." tor the tn- 
creue til the uumijer of poor clergy which 
tber ftuiieipnie. 

In oonaideritiK tbi< wholr firid of the 
academical cwrWeu/u<ii, iha^ r»pi>rt urfea 
the nipediency ol coo Ktitu ling brKirda of 
alndlee tn theology. \a law. nnd in medi- 
cine, aa well ea in cliiaalci and nutthc- 
mntica. In tbe caae of mcdieiae, tbu 
tcna of oompuliary reddence (a prepoacd 
to be ihorteDcd, in order to put Cain- 
bridgi! oil ■ level with tli« Iteuich and ilic 
liondon ntediial iichoula. In Ul degrecii 
the practice of enforcing nioiiey cauiinria, 
in lieu of the perfurmauov uf certain anti- 
quatnl ada iLml ricrui^ea, ii recoinmcnded 
la be illMiitnd. Tbe Cominiaeioiiert utgo 
the abandniiment of Ibeologicol t(sta for 
any bjt tbeolofical de^rei^i, uid. while 
they decline to olFer any ujdiiiuii <iii [be 
(|uc*iion of tbe odmiikloa of Dieaeatcn, 
tlicy fbcw tomrthini; of « leaning lu that 

Ai to lliv practical wauti of Ihc mil- 
irraity, Ibe report dwellacappcially on the 
■icooailj of iDani Tbcii1ii(;ir-il t'rDfcsioni. 
The CominiMionoiBporceiTc the want of • 


Tin Camtriige Vntterrity Commisnon. 


better naiBoot «f a|i|MiMlng ibn pnMIc 
BBu ri u tw. tmA framt agtlnit «« q^Ms 
smnlatni (coenDr. nej prapOM ibat 
At Iha IWmra the lU«iiu Ynftman iliould 
KUuaJM, Mcfa In lib onn dc(Mrtiiitnt, aiiil 
llivj ««a«l Mhtfnt* or elccttan for 
botiri* of dalv tptai'AeA p^nou ti> «ea- 
riWTt the pnblM nuiinidoni. 

Tbora li « uitiJvMkin for the «nla«- 
n«nt «t a |»rDCnionlil|i vT Mcdbnvl Art 
Ib gdiBfalt and of Arcuteclun in parti- 

H»in| AArUed tla*l aftrr Uu Rftb t«r» 
«rtnr nndcrfTMlnaU Aevld elfct tone 
■fMUHtj (br kia fttnlMr uaclf , Uu> Com. 
ndnlaiMn itrocerd ta n«Mt that, fron 
lUf pnl«d of the kcadeiBMil oonrMi (ha 
iMtreelloo oT all itadaita •bould be tin- 
dertakM eidniTclj bj the anivtnil;, 
■ii4 M> loager, ai U pnaent, by the j*t- 
lirabr coUtigMi Bat, a> (he prewMt bodf 
■ould be inauOkleat fur the thoroogh in* 
Mracllou of the m^rgrsdiiate) Airlnc 
tliclr MDclwIiag terau of tendnce, It ii 
pe^oaaJ la UfytatA a latn ii«aib«r ol 
pqbBe iMtfcan, M ba <^)«d " Lcetorert," 
who an to work rnider the praf^aaon. 
Thh, In Debit of fkct. la Ifae pvlnctpal 
cbinj^ adtoeaUd br the ConiBlMteiiflri. 
Tber b»p«, bj the appolBtaieat of Lcs- 
tann, to g'tc • dt«l»-bl<H* ta the prewat 
•f itoia of pfince taition. The laotiir«r* 
an !■ bo allomil to marr^, and aiv to 
bare iwNfenite tied tabrleK, with tli« anldl- 
boa of pafiBnit* from mch ■ti>dnU u 
-ihall raortta tbdilectviea. Thejr adrlae 
tb* cadoBincDt of one oe* Di*iiritj pro- 
llHHnhlp wUh 5MJ, at Um ptertnt in- 
Mne of the LmI; Margaret I'ralt'Wor: 
aod thar nropOR to niintaln ■ Uolaaa 
DlTfalti rrofcBWi oat of Ifao fundi of tbc 
llalH foDadatioQ, ooir spsiit te (bu 
C(B(*« of Ckri*liu> Allocate and HalMaa 
ProMlitr, Ther prspMc, la iddltioD, 
that two mm tbcwocleal m>l*atonUpa 
abootd b« andowad wiu> cuili tn El; Ca- 

UpoB tba wbolo tboy nxwmmend, nndcr 
000 cancnl caaadl of MBifln, Mren 
boudi of MdHw, VM. tbutoif, Lm, tMA\- 
dot. maUwnaiioi, elaaika, natural aei. 
enee. aod norrf aslcnM ; *!tb labildinry 
bmicbcaef eagkneriiig md modem lin- 
liMgo itiMKas. CoosSUerii^ tbe Wnrti 
hwedalioii of tbe Iraeelllng Baobelore to 
ba qoH> nuiiilad to niodmi haMta and 
wmma, the raport adrfaaa that (heao foada 
ihtnU ba nado a*di>bl« for irtrlajt ■■> 
onortnltr of education Id the ptlndplei 
of AifaiiiscraBd tltc law ofiiMloM. 

TboncK picfcMOrihip*, and iiMnaoflTlc 
ciMtbm «B«a wbieb bare bat AemAtt ta- 
dowmanM. arc, It b aoggcAed, to b« pntd 
mna vvfing froin 400/. to 80(V. per an- 
na f which it ii Iboaght lb« UaWritj 

co«U lucir afford to pay, if r«lMf (d by the 
LcRUIatma a( Ibo burden of the ptvaaM 
luea upon dcgrcn, vbich aretug* bboot 
S,0OlM. B-rear, aikd whkb ore not auolMl 
from tbe Scoiob «»lvenitie>, or that of 
I^ondoii. In retora for thU relief th« r«. 
port piraneaee tbnt the Ueitenift; •hotrid 
rcllB^iitou lt« etnim for lendr; iiaill pa;- 
inaats bow nuBde to rariuoi profeMorabMM 

5 the Crown, ooepdns the Profetao(di)|i* 
Uo4cra Hiatoty wd BoUar. •hicfc 
wore fOaadcd br tcWeri pilpat. The Pro- 
ftaaar* ■*« id be bound ta a ilx montba' 
reiUeoee. aod are to forfeit thMr Mlarl«a 
II they omit to Irdorc. 

Tbe wnat ul tnorc aod atore oonTcnleDt 
lectwre-tooDe, with Uboraiorka aod apM- 
rahUi if Nivcli arged by the Conii^- 
lianeta, who adtlae tk* we etto it of aoeh 
iinmaaaij bvUdlBga on the ilta of the old 
Bolank) SardMi. 

With Tmect to tbe Pnbkc Library, 
they KrangV Bdrlse Che addltku of a 
rvadtus'roouii lu whkb, uodor condttlou, 
■Diderfradiut** tmj be edenltted. 11>ey 
Pteofiunaod alan th« enbMitntlaii of a 
onnay-payiont for tbe pri*ll«|e bow oi* 
joyed by tlM Untntndty of a copy of erery 
book irohllabed ndtr the Copyrifht Act. 
They wlab that power ihvald be cfren to 
the Senate to t«i at) mcoiticr* of the 
Uairereity fer neeemry leadetnlc p«r- 
poeee. Tbay drtaraitDe out to reeonmend 
tbe matarimlation of tny *tudeot* ool be- 
longing to a ooHege ni hall ; bnt they ad- 
rlae, InMaad of the oftaenl lyateni of 
lodging* ID the twwai hm oddlttoB of rooh 
nUcMa aa nay want more OMomiuodation, 
of aAliated htfllior pctiflaBariM, la which 
lo lodre their itndRiU. 

tfitb re^ril to Fdlaw*hipa the Commii- 
don Aott Dotadtlae oonpiilaary raldacc, 
■nd «riab«aloBboli)htbeoatLorobedltiice 
to nalnlM. It U tiMftBtod that ell re> 
itrtotlnna of MIowmvi AmM be fbr- 
inally abaBdoned. all bye-UtoweUpf le- 
rlaed, and nude like llioie on the founda- 
tional all peculiar methoda of tlectton 
abrogated, and no coodttUaf, mtSi ta 
proeooding to tbe decree of B.D. retaliiodf 
but eellbaey U ttlll to be inip<«wil. 

The eleetioQ ol Hmdt of Houwi b to 
rfnmia ai it l«, fur the matt pen ; but the 
offlce b not lo be held loteCbcr whh «0- 
clohialieal prBfcftncot. 

The CommUiiooeni roooiniBeBd Bcate- 
tal mUIflB of the ataiote* of lb« eol&jaa, 
■ad adriae th« throwing open of Khw'l 
Collrgt, and ilio detelopnient of Trinftf 
Moll aiarloce of legal educuHon. Th« 
ttntalea of Ibe (wo lait- mentioned colltxra 
the L'oiotniMtonon dtiire to (c« abrogMed 

All the elalBti of BAoeb are reeoB- 
mcsiM to be oniiBMtttd fbr eihibitioDB, 


•o M U prvrUa for the ranofal of all rt. TIm ktmii xneamm n( ih^ MnrenUn- ;«!](«■ 

iUktiuu DD Pdloiraiiipt bbi) l^bolv HMtimtteil at not low than l^j uOo/. nor 

•li'p*- uatim. Tlic CommUaloncnobMmUiBt 

Uttf«M tfnmiM.— TIm CnmigiMi^ucrti " gnat prasrcM Ua> been inaila ilurioi \axt 

nc«ifa<t Uuten^BU of income (nil ri> yoan io llw in^rovvcocnl of UMCallcKe 

poiillUite rroin inlvo aw af the ictsduwo MUre*, «o<) Mpcciiillf i» tMccMaliiK tbe 

coUciM, ifc Mnd; Clan tisll. Caioi. nguUr iacumH ol Ihe ee]l(«u by runiuni; 

Csqiu* Cbriail. St. CilhariuD'i H«ll. and oat Irawa on finm. nod latllne Ac pro- 

Jcaoa, luTHig ilKlioail to fnraiali inrarmi- ptrllraou ternia of ruk-nni." Tliey tliiiik 

lion i »ml tfc<: jru*- IncouMal the praent It of InipirrlaiicD that tttia »plrll abuultl Iw 

Itoie of Ihr Hill loeltc «o11egu an ■• c'ncourftgt4i»n(l KOotDaenil MieiiscliiHint 

Mlow*:— X «. d. byllM Uodaturr tUt, vhtn a bcntltainl 

St.tVler'a. 7^17 3 loua hatbeM allowed to ciE>i'C> oolcuu 

Pemhfolic* 12,013 ti a nf coUe^ iini)ierty khall be rolid "for 

TWnitr Hall 3.917 2 10 which aiij fino or |Ji«aiutn U nccrptod." 

Kins'* • 2D.U7 ; 11 Pfnsllr. tlu Coukinfuioncra remraneDd 

QuMoV. hMl V 1 rv'^D'iicaltialteUonai andaiin«al. ai the 

Chriifi. S,17tl U i hot (.raiiiical BicwH ef aaizjrinjt thrir re- 

.Jolui'a. 16,166 II 11 eommendttioiu Ideo tffect, the lofinii 

fapUlma 4,i3U duwo. hf nn Act of LcgitlatuM. of th« 

iaitj Zifi'i} 19 10 t"^x>:>pln °pon "hich rvTorm tLcraU ha 

aatt 6,&l6 16 A ctiududcd, and the eutriuting a-Bntrd 

|idw I Sua*a .,,,,, S ,392 16 IQ lith tcmrarafT iKiwere lu appli them. 

a»B 7,a3» 17 V ^'^' 


Tta itortrfna •< llie IinnatnUteCancepHaii ol the VKitWi.and iti nUUan to All— St UuT iu— M. 
I.'rtidi and Uia Brum IlKiDiBnil Vli(lii»-Ttiii olil aaa nm Cburdici at Barler. MfopahlK— 
ttjmiaa uta* vefd Ibv. 

Thb Oaprsiirv or ins iMUAcut-ATK Cohciitiom or vm VinfiiKi awr na 
Aii-Ariov TO Anr. 

Hr. UaaAX.— Thennpliifinait of the 
idM of IW tminicuUtc Cdiic«iitlan uf Ilie 
TItfiu Harj aa a aiifajeoi for ptiutlne. 
aUwlnt |p ta ihu Minor CorrmpoDdtRw 
td jFOw n««nil>ar Maniina, forma an 
IMonrtiiv rntaaito boU in iba hicMry of 
doctriiaat and in Iho hUlor* of vt. 

nataonw tndlrldula of lli« human fo- 
nir turn rauMlncd frea IVoiuiliC||^ct*l 
com|iliaR of man'i naMre waa an Idaa 
eiricftaiaed, Itot only by the bar<lic tVla- 
nDi,batalM> b; Ibcotlbodoa Albaimtiot-t 
jftti apiwaa BifiitmU bt ndmlltad b^ 
tiuwlapana bafora &n ipoculaiiou of pn- 
laMinl ■ritera and dw jad(HM«t of tbc 
Charab bad atlao^id a ^jakal and berc- 
4iUrr chara«t« to ilw notion of Sin i bst 
l*ng Mora IW period of tbe Sdroolmcn 
the doctTUM of UnginaJ Sin, ai now bald 
bf OclbodoiCfariatJana, had bamme firmly 
otabttahtd. A new difficulty thrn an»c 
in the Band of tboac acute thrnlciKtana. 
Aa luog aa iIm Mother of Jam «u tup- 

poatd to be alalaed vitli original *in, It 
trai Impcuafble to <s|iljiii xhc mritrTy of 
the aialaa«Deai of liia Sariuur U|ian |>hy> 
■i[««l i(iouadB. It wu nut nilSaicnl (e 
aMwrri. that mna luJ no pift in liia genera- 
tion, cinna it wa* tmpoanbld to deny tbe 
ahan liiii molhar bad hid In Ihat went. 
II«nc4 the iloctiinu of the ilnleaaaeia uf 
thoVirjin licfan in the tarrlfth OMitury to 
linin ureal authotilyi and the Cauona of 
Lfoiii ill tbe year 11-10 jaatttulod a fetlival 
in It! honanr. In the ooalrovcny inhi^ 
eiMUcd tlie Mbonlmen were divided. Al- 
bert tbe Great. Bonarcntuni, Thomu 
Aijiiiuoi, nnd llcmnrd of Clninat diat|h 
piOTcd of tbe step taken, while Dun* 
!>ccitu> lent hit ^ubtID intcKect to tbe fUp- 
poriot ihencwd-MtrJDB. TheVirjuia, it waa 
teieited.wia not only free from acl«iJg«i)l. 
but t!aa from bcrnlitary eormjition: nut 
only cum tametilalf nmla. unctlfied in Hir 
imnb.aa llemord uught,; bill hUaab timia 
oriyntU fuJpa inimacil/ila.i Th« doRins 

Atlian. Opp. T. i. 

* Uelidlng l^ttllU. II. lOd. tbe Balaoee tor HaiUii^ Fund. 

t noAX^i yifi aZr oyioi y€yoifairi naffapoi WiMn|t aftapTiat- 

oted by Ha^tmlini-h. Itutnry of Doctrine*, f tItS. 
I Bcninnl. EpUt. (ad Cau. Lngd.) 114. 
k Deone of Goaodl ol Baale, A.D. 1430. 


Corrtiptmtience ofSyltntnus l^rban. 


«iBBi>t,b(H<vr«t,l*ti)nded tolnriplyamirKln 
in the ptijnicBl circmiiaUncei of h<T binb. 

Tbc fcatiTtl of the Immkciilatc Con- 
M^iM fTM not omlimtd by Mtharit; 
rata tU Ml) of Uw fiftMHth wotUTf, 
when Psftt Sitra* IT., In nnetionSag in 
obMfWKr, dw.lnml ibtt the ducUtnt wii 
DOl to be calliil hrretirjil. without, liow- 
ercT. DTohiliiiinK those ir)iA differed rrom 
raMlniiiis cIm^i' O''" Tie<**.* la tbii itsle 
of fiupoiK <ru tbe conuovenj l«ft at a 
ttua Klien more prstiag t^Mtttoni oT n- 
tipoua nolidea urf polenuei were iglbtliii 
■he Calbulic world. 

Mare ImportoDt iK rdalion to art was 
thi rariral of tlib oonUvicnf in Spain In 
lb* b«iiiDii»K «f tb« I7lh ovntnrjr. The 
DonioMuu bail itkb«ril«ilfrooi tlMai»rder 
(■ earlj llaua lbs tndlllon of oontanAini 
■faiiut thb InmovatlOD, wbHo the Pran- 
dacana, foUanliie Itielr illiutrion* Dontor 
Duna 8coliu, were iu conitant cWn- 
piooi. Tbr oM diapuU liannf htvn r«- 
virtid In Snrille bctinxn IhcM two ordera 
la 1CI3, Iba populace took tn mlhnai- 
witk and mimbat violmt part in tbe 
oaMnvtTtf, and eitctini; iha iJgure of 
** Mar7 coaodTcd (rUhnut Sin,'' upon a 
atandard, called a "Sin p«c«do," paraded 
tbc city, liagutg bjmni in honour of tbit 
flofioiu mfUaj.i Tbe eulom wblcfa 
then origlBBUd la ititl meinTalned, and 
proccMlona in honour of the Conctp^ioa 
BR atfl) IhuuoDt tn tbat town, wblch boa 
derolvil itMlf to Ihe tcrdca of " Mario tia 
pModo coooobiJa " «!lh •« ma«b «n. 
thnrium n tbe EphMlut* to that of 
'Apnfiu ital ri Ittawvn. An«ltni)y lb? 
nixMt wdinarT watckword on anterUig a 
boaat la AaaaluaU ma " kit Maria i)u> 
rlrisia." tatrblcbtbebinatc replied "sin 
pccuJe cODMbida i" a roode of lalutatiou 
■lill not uncooiicon anKiDi tbe lower 
order*, wbiite devotion bla not been eof- 
TUptnt hj forci|n maanu*. Tlie main- 
ttitanc* al iliii doetrino hcenme a />un- 
dtaJr villi Ihr Moal Catholic kinca, and 
tba Import unit J o( tbo Cbnrcb and Croon 
of Spain dnrw from fops Paul V. in l£l> 
A Bull forbidding (bo tMtrhin^ or prMtli- 
Injorthe eontnirj opinion.; 

I believe tbrre li do inatanor of tbl* 
dogma beloK madr tbc mbjert of painting 
In earl* ItaUao or oUicr art, Tlic naioo 

I* «b<riOUai iho Carlv Midrn riatiiivlljr 
cba*e tbeir (Dl>Je«ts trom Uett and Iq^ib, 
andnot frotnmpraibatnctioniorUiMlogy. 
The whole of tbe real or legendarr blaUry 
of Mnrjr. from bcr BUtb to ber AsniaiptloD 

and Coronation, mptilled labjecta for 
piclnrei in her honour. It rcanajnod (or 
Ihe polemic rntbuoUHn of Ibe SpanUnti 
lo drmBiid of t)>cir nrliit* i reprewatolkai 
of iilMl tial^nacii In the pprion of Ibcir 
adi>r«l tAiiy. Hra<:t the matdileM en- 
bodJmFnta of tbli injratery bjr Alonao Cans, 
and Mnrillo, tbe tiller of wham in pre. 
cminenllj '' The Painler of CoaoeplioiH.** 

hehvco, tbe (r«at Spani^b autbofitjr 
cmon ori, fa bia rare work, " Arte do la 
ratnra,*' lift down tbe ralei uneHoned 
bj the aathoriiy of Holy Church for the 
rfjimcnUliun of Ibi* lubJeci.S TheVif^n 
was to be pilul«d "In iho )t<iwer of her 
asce, frotn twelve tu tbtrteea nara oU." 
Her iob(^ wa* tu bo white, her oaantle 
blue, thix being tbe dre«« in wM«b tie 
appeaml to Dona Bealrfi de aiea, tie 
foDodrcaa of the Order of tbe luBMcnlau 
Conccplloo. She wuto trampltittie ilracon 
or icrpcot tinder bor feel, and tba atlri- 
butea of the crteccnt, >ud, and »t«n, were 
horrowod fnm Reralali'ia*, lii. 1 . 

TImm atlttbnlee were not alwaja liKr»- 
dnced Into the unts picture i Paebeeo 
enmaea moat mulltr ibe omlniott of the 
drsKon, of wlilch he laja no ani> ever wit. 
tingljr made uae, Murillu adopted ibe 

cmumil uiid the hdo or (iin srOnod the 
cntifR ligurc. sail In tnioR of hit pletorei 
the frown of lUni. There b an earW 
Cooocpcion »r hi* inlhe MuaeoatMadiM, 
which nprrKDC* Onr Lady ai n acarael; 
fall'Srown slrl. bul ihe I* Aj^urttil u a 
wonMn in lilt motl famotti (licluiei. The 
raimliftl part of ibe cubjeti of Uie " Con- 
ception " li tbe ideal poritj and innoceaee 
of the Motbe* of God. Cnnoeimd wKhout 
■Id, unconieiou* of an unholjr tbonght, 
tile rim in the itrrrnKtb o( her lonocanoe 
nbore the world, nrronaded bj objects 
which belong to lleavea. Tba moon Ik 
benecth her feet, but it ii net that which 
■uilailii her. Aogcli lurroand her, but 
aba DBcUa not their oapport. The hand- 
mtld of the I^rd, ihn ii lniud(iiml In 
beatific eeatasT bjr ttin Ditinc power of 
lore and holinew. Soch are MarlUo'i 
*' Coneeptiona i^ tneh pre-eminraittt U Die 
neai " Concqition "iiili it Sctille, whwh 
J do not healtate to prcfa tu ihst rhicth 
haa joal been tranifeired from ttir nailery 
uf tlic SpoiUr of Aadalusia Lu the Njtinnal 
Muidini of the l.i)ijvro, and wliich foT- 
nterly adoniKl the rrtath of tbe Ulrii 
AlUr In Seville Cathedral. 

It la a rurloni qneetioii whether pahtt. 
tnp nnlnlor lo the freal Scriltian Mactevi 

* For lefbRDoei to uthoiltlM aM Hennbaeb, HlM. »t Doctiino [Docinrneeaeb- 

I See RtirlW* Art ""d Artbta in Spain, *«l. it 
\ Pwimo, tvi, (looted by Stirling, Art and Ariiflsia Spate, ti. HC 

hMtii, p. .V 
llnii'* Art I 


Cormapondenctt of Sylvamts Urban. 


ought properiT to be termed " Concep- 
tions." I incline to think that if Murillo 
had not painted, we should never have 
heard of mis name. 

There is a beautiful picture in Valencia 
b; Vicente Juanes, a contemporaiy of 
Raphael, which haa long been known b; 
the name of" LaPurulma," of the paint- 
ing of which the following hiutory ii told. 
On the CTO of the PestiTal of the Aitump- 
tion, the Virgin appeared to the Jeioit 
Fivy Martin Alberto, and commanded that 
a pictnre ibonld be painted of herself in 
manner as be then beheld her, Juanet 
was tbe painter chosen for this bononr. 
The artist, 8,fter preparing himself by con- 
fcuion, penance, and a conrse of religious 
exercises, produced tbe picture which long 
adorned the altar of the Immacalate Con- 
ception in the Jesuits' Chnrch at Valencia.* 
Mr. Stirling, from whom 1 have taken this 
narrative, adds, that since the Diaaolntion 
of the Jesuit College, " its mbsequent fate 
has not been recorded,'' It is now in the 
Church of San Juan close to tbe Mercado 
in Valencia, where 1 had recently the 
pleasure of seeing it. It is atill treated 
with the respect due to Its miraculous 

origin, and six candles were llghte<l before 
it, before the cnrtniii wns removed, and 
the pictnre discloeed for my ingpectioti, — a 
proceeding which shewed n devotion to art 
more religious than eesthetic. The fignre 
is colossal, fall of beauty, expression, and 
reverence. The Virgin stands on the 
crescent, the dove descending upon her. 
The Father awaits her ascent into Heaven, 
while her Divine Son meets her with a 
crown. A concert of angels fills tbe lower 
part of the picture. It should rather be 
called an Assumption or Coronation than 
a Conception : the subject is the Glorj 
rather than the Sinlessness of the Virgin. 
There is another well-known picture in 
which not only the attribute of the cres- 
cent but also the crownofstars is borrowed 
from the passage in tbe Revelations. I 
mean the great Guido of Bridgwater Honse. 
Here also angels surronnd the Virgin in 
attitude of worship; and, in spite of the use 
of the attributes usual in Spanish " Con- 
ceptions," the subject is, I think, the 
fieatiticBtion or Assumption, and not the 
Immaculate Conception. 

Yours, &C. F. M. N. 

St. Marv Axr — St. Ursula akd the Eleven TaonsAND Virgins. 

Ma. UftSAN, — I send jou for the per- 
asal of your readers a document illui- 
trative of that passage in Stowe where, in 
his Survay, under Lime Street Ward, he 
thus speaks of tbe non-existent church of 
St. Mary Aie ;— " In St. Marie Street 
had ye of old a parish church of St. Marie 
tbe Virgin, St. Ursula, and the Eleven 
Thousand Virgins, which church was com- 
monly called St. Slarie at the Aie, of the 
sign of an aie over against the east end 
thereof. This parish [in ISClf] was united 
to tbe parish church of Saint Andrew 
Undershaft [that church in Leadenhall 
Street which faces Lime Street end], and 
10 was St. Marie at the Axe suppressed, 
and tetten to be a warehouse for a 

Old Stowe, like Homer, Bometimes nods; 
and in the present instance his "to '' ap- 
pears somewhat inconsequent to the cri- 
tical reader, for be does not inform us 

how St. Mary at the Axe was suppressed, 
but leaves us to conclude that, because the 
parish was united to St. Andrew Under- 
shaft, the church was suppressed anil the 
building used for secular pur[>0Ees as the 
inevitable consequence of the union, — 
whereas the converse was the fact. This 
church had been in early times appro- 
priated to a religious house,; which, having 
received the personal tithes and offerings 
of the citizen paiishioucrs, neglected to 
provide for the cure and sustain the fabric. 
At the time of the Dissolution it passed 
to the Crown, when no provision wos made 
for the performance of ilivine service in 
this ruinous edifice, an oversight common 
in a vast number of similar instances, 
several of which at this very day afford a 
subject of scandal to the objectors against 
the Iteformation ; and thus tlie ruinous 
building became abandoned to secular pur- 
)io«es, Rttd the parish was necessarily united 

* Stirling's Art and Artists in Spain, ii. p. ToH. 

+ The words of Stowe are " about the year I6(i5," but Neweourt ftivea tbe Act of 
Union, 3 March, ISGl, Also Bce iu the Appendix to Newcourt'a Kcpertorium, an 
instniment (6 Oct. 16.14) for the confirming of part of the ground where tlie Church of 
St. Mary at Axe, now demolished, stood, for a burial-place for and to the use of the 
pariahioners of St. Andrew Undershaft, London, and for ercetiog n I'rec Grammar 
School upon the said ground. — Neweourt, Reji. i. 'Jliti, 709. 

1 The Priory and Convent of ^t. Helen, adjoining. — I say in early times, for before 
the Stat. IS Kic, II. c. G. which provided for tbe sustenance of the poor and the endow- 
ment of the Vicar, it was lawful to appropriate tbe entire income of n l)enclice to a 
religious house, they ftudinj; one of their own body, or some one else, to serve tbe cure. 

GiMi, Mao, Vol. XXXIX. U 


CorretpoHtlfntt ofStflvanui l/rhan- 


ta 8L Aoilrvir UnderaWl, in order tbU 
Uia qiirltiHil w«»ta of Uia paridiioam 
fkoald Im &olj BlUaded to. 

The ilocuaml la whicb I qok ilmw 
joar rcodert* aUcntLoa i)tii»OD«trat«* the 
■btte nf l)ii> chiin:li niiil pariali m fc* f«an 

pretiauc ta tbs RofortutiMi, and •!« 
Mliomtlut ifacliaooriginorthcilUluictite 
appalluion " ■( the Air " vm not knowa 

He pOMCsttou of one vr Uic tbrcc axct 
that vci« will U> bavc bMn imciI at the 
ItgtniMj uurljrrdata of tk4 EInen thon- 
Kuid Vir^M in every prahibilitj added 
tnttcriatly to th« r«««nnM of the relij^Diu 
buuu to whicb ihi* neglMttd churcli had 
bMii ainmiprUleil : but iliekienilaTi fane 
of (be nr^Bi uimi ben dccUa«d. or the 
tacte for vivKiag nub abject* or luper- 
atliiona revmnoe have been «n the wue, 
b#rai« thr jiamhiainen uf St. Har; Ale 
cuiild liare been compenid to pnaenl the 
foUowiuK petition far a brief or licvnoe to 
make a collecliait for the bcnvflt of the 
dibipidatrd cburcb poaeatiag Mcb a nJk, 
putlioj ih« conituf t of tbc t«liKi<>u« koaic 
out of lbL> qunluin. who it mijr eiuiljr be 
credited did not trouble ibcnttrlfes mucb 
■bovt the aerrici.- u( a cue Mben it pn>< 
OuceJ them nu gmt gain. 

Hie hllotttiig it n llttTallm tratucript 
of thU iwUlion, which \j tlic ugnature 
" lli>iir]r R/'ippranto bate boMi pwittd. 
Th* rer^rmce ibercla la Bilit rign»d 3 
//«. a. i\o. 10. 

Tu tile KiDK o* Souv'nin Loril. 

Lameiilatilj SbcKjtb unlo ^u' H>|hna 

ya' paore Orata'i «nd 8iib|;i<<Ci of jouiv 

ftriMhe Chnrcbe ol Saint Mar; Ak w'io 

jro* Utie of LumlouTlist Where ai it bathe 

Beaiad dii'w pope*, patrjrtrkn. Arcbie- 
Mhopyi ftud brMiiopji, boUy Fatler*. 
■nd uenbcraOirtliaA^CBtalisctoufRontc, 
I har iti bkTjn^ powr, m Ibr hQaorcofDUr 
btjwcd ladf , and in tie rfoierabiBacB alao 
of Saint Unulaianil^mea King'i Duujht' 
of cltia Realne of luslnnd uiil aim uf Ibe 
■j. id', virxjriu tiDlu ber ■uudali? that 
tenUrctj acnril ihcir blude fur uurc CtislEn 
fajtli aiii] bel^TO In <*b«*o Dane nnd 
FBT'eiwe lh« laid paor« Churche yt edeffed 
■nd houoreJ bj Icepf&e of bb hollj rclfke 
■a •!«, con cf tbe ilj. that the ij. m'. 

Virfjnt were be bedjd w< all. the Khiebe 
holl|r relrke ai )«lt rcmunjrlh in tbe «dd 
CbnrcbcThe aud hollj EUera bavefenn 
and Kraanlcd and conTenaed fnte In* 
(Inlfeu and pardone to all lni« Crjatoo 
peoprll *;«eljD£ lite kaid poori! Churolw 
•t oertain Fcatea b; tbt jm lymjljA, the 
whiche great Indulgona and parilone 
graunled to Ibe aotne Chnrdbe bjr Ihatr 
boll|« [J. e. halb] and SEaUis rrtnarnjnf 
in tbe Mue Cbnrclie reJf to be *b«wcd 
more it tiri^ Tbi> siralB Indutfoic* and 
[lardon thrralo grannt^d not «>*staiulia( 
DiuoM gracium Souv'aia LunI (Soe it j% 
that tbe 101(1 Churctie jt xa aoo great 
■locate that jrt va Ifke en'; day to fall 
downc) And bMioea lliat the pviaabTiu n 
•oe BM4 and peorc that tbej aiwrt aballe 
to perCerme ib« Bdjffoaeioa aad Majro- 
teii*nae of tbe ntne ner tbe evebn^ion nor 
tjoAja^ of the parioii and mrate Aa jrl jra 
well knowne in mm nncfan that the paraon 
yadepuljd froioo Ibe MBie Cburchc wfacro 
it pkaaclbc hjnand left tbe pariHhjrtM 
wSrale any Bianor of de«fD« tfrir* fee- 
chynt; or tcebyng onj dafc tbuntj^ tbe 
ytrt Where ili Lher y* in the uid pariaabe 
an C. huirti«ll}iii; pmpylle and a bo*a to 
thcr grcatc hnci ind p'jutiicc oanica (In 
refocmadon <ihcti>f) tltit yt mayc nlcaae 
yo' bicbnea of jo' nii>o«t liabaodMUlc 
Kraoe the p'Blwet p'reU^te and freat par- 
done to the larne place ani! Cbwche 
gnanled tendtrlj to be conridcred the 
whiehe ya to the bole noralire and aonie 
by the holte yen of CCC and iiij". W. 
ycm nnd C ilayc* of pardonc lliat jt 
■nyiht picjuc Toere Uighoci to giwalc 
ya" i;raeiaiu L'r" Mj«»Tte« In he directed 
to ftrure Chanceler of Ingtond to makn 
oute certain proteeeyon* unileryo' create 
iraln to lU and lingu^cr tchyryi oiid bji- 
■hoprjks in IncUnd tu gadrc the Dllinjii 
and beocrdmiM'ji* of all good true Ciy»toa 
pFojtrll Ihc wbiobc "oil of Ihajr e*rytl« 
titl]* la r«l»c tlw "uic |>oore IVt^aabe 
Churcliu, and Ibal the protecliou* may be 
made in the luine of oun Jaba Suelite uon 
uf the pariMhyiu of tbe njne imriobe and 
John ScTjren another of ibc inmc |>arisslic 
And tbajc ihall er'nort prayc to God for 
the bl«*Bt^ prMcrrao'on of yo* nooat 
noble and RoyaQ Gitate long to endure. 
Kmir*.\<. T. B. T. 

Tiix Olu jturn Naw CiiVHcitn at Hahlky, SHRontiinit. 

leTi as lie jmimlcd from tbe town of Wcn- 

Mh. VanAH, — The old cburcli of Har- 
ley, Khropttiire, »o long neoeisted with 
til* iiiiino of tba R«v. Bonjamln Jenki 
(whtKt negl^eied blognphy I etiiUavoored 
to ivfovw tu your lad nnnilier*), wa* an 
object itrlkinjity picturetqae to the inrel- 

lock to bfarenabury. It contUicd of a 
tinteTi nave, norlb aiilu, aud ckaneH. 
Thr wsllt (i«rr of red iitone, |>iirll]r covDr<<J 
with cluilem of frj. and farihrr over, 
tliadawud by a venr-mhlr ye*, trer nf hige 

&(« Dtmnbrr l»M, p. (VS. 


CwretpondMet <>f Siflvantu Urban. 


TIm OHOnrr of ttio oaie hrnl cviil«nilj 
boan raited rov fc«t abiiTe itn nritinHl 
liri«il><, and w« tIaakoJ bj l»o buttTCtwt, 
til whicli, ■• indirstioo n( Im- 
am» D|>|>ir«st lo llip AnlMiBg, an ntUition 
of itonMiark ma iiluvd, uuiil each prv- 
Mnted n nalqas idabapea muii. A porch 
of ilaber ftiaunrerlt atoual before tho 
MMth dovnrsr— • !»<* snb of tbo uriicut 
piiintnl »ltlc. Al»*e Ibir, in the roof, 
wBf ■ hi|li-pitdi«i) dormer' wiiKtaw of tbe 
iliH of CliirlM II. The Mfiera vnA at 
Uw rhaacel ma plrrcpl hj time wfIU 
yfoiHMltoued laacrt-vlndom, andiun Ihi! 
■onhtiilti, *rere two rottikJ-licaidcil loop- 
Iwk«t flv« iadin ia nidtli. but ipUTcd 
InUnwlly lo the «strnl of (hraa fc«l. Tbc 
tOw«r«niwn (a K«i» be«D creoteJ apon 
«■ oU toawlatlaa, kuJ probablf , fruin itt 
dttwuad itjtfl, ml; In Uii liitiiaaili ctrt. 
nrr. It wiirfr«t9t09e,QUil fiDblit-iI nilli 
■ pulii cmbcltled |Mt«]>ct and (ijinmirJu^al 
rnaf. E«cli Ku« of tiie tMllfry-*U>r} ilion i 
a wiDJ»w of tvo li^iU, witli hratU nnrly 
•enridrenlar. In ihe hawfntnt Is ■ IsU 
l*f riwndtoiJar vioilaw o( thraa Huhti i anil 
vtikla, ■ pointed arct, t|>r)niiiuK froai 
M|«are (den. opcai Into Uic aaic 

IW Interior of tbc buUdii^ bad alto- 
gvUlcT ■ prinilii* timplicJtjr. A irUBlI 
polBiad well of the thiriMnth nntury ili- 
vUod tfas Mt« from [bo rhanecl ; xaA four 
ootancBbr cnlnnuia or ttmbcr, rouglily 
varkcdr Htd rtating on iqiufc atcne po- 
iliwili. i«|iiiartod the roof af tbe focrncr 
on iIm oorui aide, fomiug an oprniug to 

1 nsrroK sUlf, biiill prabublj in Ibu reign 
of Uuccn Etmbelb, luiil. aa Iridicion re- 
Ulc*. bythu fanllrof Uaraaxe «f ^nit- 
wardiue (m aJjoiaiaK (ovMlilp lo the 
ikuiih ofW^hlua), for tbrir entitenientfe 
in ntlending divin* woribtp, nnd wbvri?, 
in a ranit Mttotb. Mrvrnl menibcn of 
Ibo mat hm^j ham b««n Interred.* In 
ibe cMt ml) wat • iquar^boadcd nimdow, 
divided hj « Dinllioo Into tna trcToilcd 
)i(thU. Tbe pnlnit and dadc «r«re uf tliii 
time of Cliarle* 1.; IUr farmer oclnn^ulu 
■nd pinclkd in up|>er and lowor cmniiuU 
mnntii, with n loienffi anil •unk Hover in 
each. The looriTBt npcii. aiiilfiuia tliu 
priacipaUirttVRUupcnded (iiincd pcudonU 
of fir-coan. Tbc fonl, Ur|;c and cj'lin- 
drioal without ornaownl, stood on a round 
biue. and, with tbe aooieat uakeu piri&h 
Diieat, hat be«ii reniuved. 
Wtt'bia tlic bucmi-nt of iKe lower ii 

jircBtrwd a filir.Ij-riecutrcl mwmimrnlal 
bran, wbieh ferokcdy mlrd ou tli< Etui" 
of th« cburch. It dit|ilii)r> " tatAa figure 
tu armour, barebMded, with litt Imlir at. 
llr««! in a boriionlally-frsnind limil-diaM, 
tDcti bailni tile hnniU joiiwdnii tlio bmiil, 
M 111 prnjcr. The formrr i> clolbcd in a 
luic of iiktc-armaur, of clcgnnt ilp»ign, 
tbc bead rc)<osinh* oa a lUling-UeiiuCl, 
.^rrkund hii lutck is the liverjr-cuUar uf liS. 
Tba iword ii mujicnded on Ihe left aide 
bj a belt rri»»Lag the luins [liagorially. 
On liii lielic lido ii tho anclacc ra duggcr. 
Uclw hi) feet ii thv firlbiring tucriiilioa 
In black letter i — 

Patrida lapsa earo cnsumit vt fun^ agro 
Cartic cu flnto de^ erigat ethcre claro 
Et cui p dextra |M)na? corde repulsa 
Gla afiexa nit lacr)'ma scmp avulsa. 

QuisquU PHH qui trasieris sta plege plora 
Su quod en» fuer^^, quud es p nie pcor uni 
Murs vill iiiuctat a'iatn xpsc^e revivat 
Terrain ?rB tegat sjiiritus alta petat. 

figuroi of ciicbl ma* aui &Te 
I ■ith Ibcir bandi elupcd aUad 
th« f^gfea of Ibtir parent*, nail 
bilwiia ttwM an tbe toWwrn^ irmarial 
beaifncf. I . t/ooom. Qiiitrtccly, par few 
indcitteil, cnnloe and trare, in the fint 

([Uiirter a btrd ; inpaliaf;. Sable, tliree 
bond* ardent. . . . and, Argant,au ■ ulilcC 
or n ravcii prnpt^f (lluord). 

Thia inRniurlal probably dcnnloi Sir 
tUcbarJ Lnccin, ihDTiffofSbrgpihlfo 17cU 
Edw. IV. (lt;T), and iai llenrjr VII., 

* Tlic oburck of Leicbton bcini; iilu«tcd at n dittimce on tbu oppoaite riile of tbc 
iirer Sctcnii acoeta ibcrclo wrnt nl htmt pc^riodt of tbc year. In con*ei|'>cnvc of AocmIi, 
diMcnU »ad daitf^rronf, aad by roii] very clrcuitoai. The Shmptbtre fniiiily of liar. 
Mg« d^rivAd itt naiiM frank a nciehbourio; hamlet In the parinb of (.'land, and bee'sme 
nMdent at Bebmtrdlna .'t:l llcnry VI T1. whrti Tiinnm* IIi.iiii)|[p pirchiied Ic frirui Sir 
lotm Uudley, .iflcrwarili Vtirount L<*1c, Earl of Wuiwii;k, find Dake nf Narlliumbcr- 

had. Tbo ftvaeiit regimcuUtin: of tbe fimily itRir Gcorse llarnii£C, of Ddnwitdioe, 



CorTftpo»dmut ofSyhanitt Urban. 


whff nwtM Alioflt tln^tar of Tbauw 
HoorJ. Hmm »m • lUeU of rtywti 
gUM with tlw Tia» of LuoD in tha M«lk 
wiMdow ia liW. Tha iuum pfmiOBrfr U 
l&S'l iru «Tiued Ukra, or l^jm. 

Thf hbilc tbOTc iMtliatd bcinc ^bb d ib ^ 
raiaoWi it wm fwolnd in ibc >priB( of 
IMi to nbuU tbe Mine, •rittt the «>cefh 
tiM of tbi toiitvr. For Ihw puriMM * 
■ubHrtetioB mu eocniiwneKl, imnnb 
«Uch Ml Gran tbe Dake of CleTBlaad, 

Cnof tho llriait. Sir ncciiKc Hbtwiib, 
, w>A oUier indiTiduali liWkUf ooo- 
Mbultdi and tlM Iter. John GibUmt, 
rtctor of Ibo |iwuli. nuJcrtook la rcl>iul<l 
the eluikwL The nem edift« 1* tuna « 
dMisn bir Mr. S. P. Jtmltli, of Sbttm. 
\nrj, inii tnmpotBA of ttanc (bmiil La tbe 
ildidly. ItcoafiriMaanHeMilctuuueli 
lbs rarmnr. forty-tlint liMt m koKtb. ba» 
tbrrc windom on lb* nnrlh boiI tiro on 
tbe uulli %vit, <A iloublft lights, in tlw P^r- 
pandknUr •i)tlc ; Uia ihaaoet I* loenlj. 
nra fast hnif and tenniaatnl by tiipb 
lanoM windors, the bead of the eeaurc ill- 
Tiwoa rUar Ui|lwr tban (be dik BcbU. 
nd nrtinf tntanuUj on Blrndw coIubim. 
Vb'u oont^n* taiit«fiiII)r-)Mjnled attbtteta 
te iMbiHl g;UM of lh« •• Satntatiaa" aad 
Ihe " Nalml;." oopMd (rom daufu by 
Oirfdo. ud iba ■ ' FHcbt Into Bcypt." rram 
Snbeaa i the otbct* Mine filial nWb rich 
KOmi^ dBMRB*- Tbng, witb fire nara 
windewi «f follaled paltenu, «n« Ih* 
lift af tbe late Re*. Hicfaard Soalt, of 
8bm>b«r7, and etfcutad by Mr. D. 
Rtwu of that towfl. A good painted ircb 
MfMntaa tbe na* e tnm tbe dMBcd, and 
tiic pvwe of tlia old cbnr«b baie been re> 
ItiM «iid placed along the lido valU, tb« 
BitddLe apae* bdng ownjibd with free 
tittlDa. DMneaerriMMinmeswdla the 
nevdiBRhJvlf SIh. 1HI6. 
Iliere ant no regiatm at Marlej eailJcr 

than the jroar 174b ; lliamhirt I ba«« im 
laama of notUMf Iha rfcton of tba pariifc 
helbra thoaa UuU fbllow, vte.— 

IW8. BmjaBiiii tmOa. 

ITH. J. PatBU-r. 

IT-n. Janea DewhnnC 

17HI. Bdmand Dana. 

Itt03. JohaGibbMU. 
Tte ■Uaitioa of th« village la < 
(lope of high iat tutd (tatnc* |irahablT lis 
mum), near tlia baaa of the nrediiitova 
barrier of Wenbidh Edge Bdgot saa 
paCMaatd of ITarbgt at tbe tuna of tba 
oaoapiUtlon of Dciaaaday. Rlcbnd da 
ilarl«T, SIkb Bdnnnl I. had a grant of 
ft«e wnrrae la HarlM. Kanley. wyialf, 
and Mbct manon- Be taarrM Dorfa, 
iraMldaDsfater and hdnai oT Wamar 
do Wtlilcs, and irai nnoailar of tba Bar- 
l>j« Earia of Osfonl. Sr Rubanl Lnaon, 
ikcriff of Slirapfhira in MIS, baring 
naiTled Elbabeth dMigbtw and heir of 
Hammond Pvdiall, wbo had married Aliaa 
the divgbter aad heir of Sir Robert da 
Harlef. of WTkley, KnL. tbe old 6biop> 
■biro ctlnla of tlva BaricTa wm arpn- 
nted tiwo tba name. Tbe manor nv« 
baking* to tbe Unke of Clrrrlanit. 

IVaditioD itaiMthai th<r« «u formerly 
a wtia at Hai lev i a tMldenoc in tlie tH- 
lege b ttUl aUtd " Caatla Hill." and 
which If coDntciod «iib a tmall catale 
(thhe fm) ibe [iropntr of Samnel Maka. 
aai(. •]■« drairad it froia kla matenwl 

Silai DouTttle. alia* T^jlar, a great 
lorerof anttoaltiei, waa born at Hartey. 
He wrote a Hlatory of OamlUad. Lun- 
don, 106-1, and aeTeral mmpblela ia thn 
time of tlii; Rci^illuD. He alao pnUuhad 
a dMeH|>IiOfi ol Hannob, at Hbicb place 
be vi< tccfprr of tbe ilorH, and whet« he 
dUd in (he ywr IGTK. 

Yonn, Sic. Hkurt Fipobox. 

Tbk ErtuoLoov or rat wokb Mukt. 

Ma. UneAN,— U;r wa; of lapiilemeul 
to tbe obtemtioH contained ia jour Cor- 
reqwindcnoe of the laM nanbev mon the 
etjtnologT of Ihe wonl wumiat, aUmr roe 
to eontnbate a ftnr mnarita npoa iIk 
erkUi of Eta radlca). ni«qr or mrAw- 

Itbaf^ineat ooeanence in BngUab 
etavolon that, o«bg to tbe douUe aoarae 
at the bngnage, two or more distinct 
origin* of a votd oan be tncnd, Ihe dif- 
fereni mnaM of wbicb bare beoome in 
medam aao ao Mendedi that tbe arigianl 
diattaction of neanlog 'u only dttcorcred 
bjr thoM olio Kcar to tbe fonntaina of tbe 
lingnlgft. IntlaocMoftbb im fa«ud ia 
the «rord hum, in ihe einremon " mean 
atature." tu. (ftooi Ibi FVrucb BMfenand 
Ui* Saion aMi**). and pctbapi twAafer, 

tbe etymolmj of <*Lleb waa fcotnttr Ak- 
ea»ed in yoar oorrrafkOadmee. 

The no«n tabitanttve mmiy or mriny la 
aauibcr eutofla of thli doobb origin. 
The word aMay, to eipvaa mnltMnte, it 
both an a4jeedrt aad a MkaUatlre, Aa 
aa a£eotlTe it I* tbe Saxon maai) or met^t, 
the deinian meadUc; m a *ab«(«ntJir, It 
b the G«nBan mtng; Utt Saiun nwiM^M, 
nen^r. and m*<|jii. Ttiocgh It U BHiall; 
now uad in the fotmer r«btimi, tbe latter 
atill IJagcn n the fona of tiic ntiraalaua 
a prmf HUmf and many ov (Aim. It ia 
remarkable ihot in Cbauoir a»d tba otbat 
Mriv Kiiglikb pooU tba adjeeUre mMf b 
uaaJ moat eommoniT la tim idi^pibr nnm- 
ber, followvd by tbe arttcda a or an, a 
Ibnn of cipreaitoa *iill bi oae, eapeolally 


Corrtjp(mde»c» of St/liiutuii Urlmn. 

in pottkd «r tetfiiuiive ^(tua, U«nt 
ToofcafDtoBraloiii of l>iubr,pL ii.) mmw 
to hotil th*t mamp It in vcerji imtucva 
ntMUntIr*. ill! inlerfireU the cifnwrion 
Mmt A mtuoft u Wiim a cKtrniption of 
An pbme ■ n«M o^ meuaft*. uul dici 
• b illoatnlHO vf thii thccTj IJp. Gmr^iiMr'* 
Dedwtlion agtinit lojc. M. -i*, ■• I have 
fpotan * DtMBj o( wordei." 

I dilBk Oiii can hardly be eoaiiiW*)! a 

lM\tl»starj aeconjit uf llm phraxc. Tbi: 

Ocmaa mtMcArr ia dmilulj einplajvrl in 

tta ■iiiKniH' — ma»ektr mtmcA, mancAf 

9l«il, ■««; ft (Mn, m*ay m town. Aad 

. Buy cf tli« faniMin whU^ llu> ai« of Ibo 

^ VOM «««irt in early lalkon etnool bo 

I ■XpUMd b; tbe carTii|iliaa of q/' into a. 

'Ji wimIiI not be ttaj lo to •mount for — 

Uiiij mubfr mMi vnrthy >l*l>i, 
\ tad lilfU tcM lor tlie czpnnioQ In the tittc,— 

JLad bartA cudW 1 ictli^Binroaa. 

C^oanr, CtaaaMf Tanamiia }W>. 

Tteke raeofnbo* oitlf lb* «iinu of mnl- 

litaitc. Mid, wDootAin^ ta hk mi mu] mle 

of BtyimolHT • refer* nusy in ciivy owe lo 

tk pwt participle of ibe Antlo-Sura 

. tMD)Mii auMettv- Bui tbe labiMutivc 

'■MNyw Mitay (two (UffeMBt *|itlltii{« of 

I flw HdM wMud), hu ftka in old Rogliili 

SMibcr ctigia uid ukKIwt ineiininK. A 

^aedwnl Fmri) word tor (unilf or liouic- 

\ h*y ■ iw wrf * or me^mit. Dm:aiiE« jcItc* 

UufclkiinBCaoeoantof lliuword: " Mu- 

■ lUg^ mmitnatla, mainadb, faouU*, ^uui 

['-putiainnsta; Itali* MitJitdria, bumm *P<"' 

•erifiORs GsUico* medin «Uti*. Will. 

Gaiwt. •una IZ9<i: 

U (trani Sal«9Mr«, «l tear ■mmU*,'- 

Aaodm fiinn of tlil> word Is found In 

n uoowrt of the fonndntioa of Wigmort 

' PrIofT, {iTta in Dogdalc'* Moiuutioou, 

; vol. Ii. p. 219 : ■* Sjre Roger de Mort«- 

KMS IM ehentLnaBt ortik m mc^c." tsd 

['^ftaftlicr oa, " et dbt a lotc n mrynM." 

Pkoa the (owe of booMtioM to tliat of a 

cotnpuif of anacd reUlaen voold be to 

hndal tioita no Aitatit tnoaltloD . I £nd 

An early jnafaneoof theoaeorthiiword in 

' Earikb m tbe reraanee of " fijr GawitTn 

■adtlM Oicoo Knift." nlilvd by Sir V. 

Madden for t&c Rtunatync Clob in 1 839 1 

Hat* avrr in "T *»'■ "iV I'w^ Uwlottai. 
^i. «. my tiooaeLaJd love* tin). 
S« la Clia«eer'« Shipsan'a Tde : 

Aftfr bir ilD0T« 
Re T>*« tbe lent aM riliiioi hli mXiMr. 
man 4lwl W« «*Ma, ■«»« aiuw tinawt Uitiwc, 

So in tbe Mancipk't Tale, — 
Oat AwUu ITMOI l> ol er«let luitfii, 
Hf forca ef imM* Ibr Ui (Ia doire rffbi. 
And fUr tlM niiUaire Inth bet nnall iMMe, 

Fram lliia word maty b derived nHwIaf, 
■o rK«'|]«wt cKain[ile or the oHeinal uic of 
•rhlob ii cltct by Mr. RIcliarSfon in hit 
Diotlonary.fhiinNvirliC* [raiinlntlon of the 
SLTlfititifi* : ''Grcte ye xell her meyntaf 
chirclio," (nji' hot' ou-op (iCtmb tiuiiaiiriaK,. , 
Rom. iTi. A). It i* rtmnrlinblc ibAt rran 
op lo tiic last mitury iht most oontmon 
(thoDitli Incorrect) prwtnt uce of thii word, 
whh Uie «Mae *f "oue " or "(crTiU," wit 
not nwogniwd. I>r. Jahnacm mtpi, " Swift 
icm DOI amiD to hat« known tlis tnHnlnf 
of ibia wonl." and, as an biatuoa of tbti 
ifnoranre, he oitee the foUawloK : " the 
"Veooa otlmtlnittf pcrfonn only ttie mast 
oi«nf«f [mconlns boJe or atnilej offices." 

To rHuTn (o th* aubatanttvc mmy, 
Thli iTMtl, M II t« aied by Kbaliipare aad 
bit oontAmporarloe, mtr be referred lemfr 
timea to ih« leme of one of tta raotit 
loroctimM to tliat of ibo other, and in 
Dome pa*M|^alti> difficult lo fay lo*Uldl 
ori^n t( oncht to Ic attributed. Mtxlcra 
editon of Shnk«(<rre bile tried la A'm- 
linitnicti tlirBTiiitnof li(iuiw4inldlT(iint1iniof 
RiBUltudB by tbo di<fnr*Tit ii|>ittl)nj[« ntrfi^ 
end mnnjr: bat when licnrj IV. laye,— 

I Ti»1 n t<nrvow now 
To Icid uur monr lo Vie Uutj Luld.* 

it topm« aa if the idaa of tho ineiiij or 
mnctial fullowin^ of a feudal kin|i( waa 
mixed upwllbttieienuof multitude. Co- 
rioliuuil't "unliable T*uk<>i;e(ilcd inrynia " 
ia no doubc merely ibu nitiltitudc> and 
tbteeforc, ouon tfao (irinciiile of iruJdog[ a 
£atinctIon, baa boon lubtly »p«lt many [o 
the, recant edblona. On Ibe other baiul, 
in Ihe liae Id Lear,— 

THojr nnirionol up thoir awloy, itnlglil tcok 


Ihc word may with Ibo ian>« certalnl} bt 
referred lo tba other oHgla, So in the 
naa*a«> in the Paarv Qnoon (b. t, easht 

KnA nnli tw load with all bla nuMp teit 

Sliaktfcre aod hia contcm|iDrarlea vere 
Dot careful to divlit^nijli the iliJleraiC 
etymological aenaet «f worila which itntck 
the ear wltb tba tame aonod. WitsaM 
Tjbalt'i f>acu with Ucrcutio :— 

MatcBDo. then immtMi wiih Heowo. 

Omo-i / wDai, d«Bt Uioa Bate «■ mlnMnlt r 

Uut in Iki* eoDTiMCien of tbe word 

■ la Ifaia j^^^ alnoat all tbe edition* nati, " To lead oaf aiuir," lu. Wir- 
baitoB (U|tt»t«d our i> a oonjcetnral emendation, la tbe copy of IIm fir«t folio to 
['Abidi I hate bad aiHicaa, tlie type ia imperfect, Imt aiori: like r tJiiui /. There can be 
Ittk dMriM that ear ia lb* tna rauliiif . 


Notes of the Jtf»ulh. 


tort mth nuBieal hkrmoaj Sb>k(|i«re mu 
not ilnfttlv. Spnwer imm Iha w«rf in 
Uie auM uaodMJon of idn*,— 

IW «ll Itwl iilcuUw u to Unnc wr. 
Wa> Ikcn MUMtnt In one h*naaii7 : 

utA the triiulklon of Uie Rible, vrilb mon 
manifetl iiH«curM>]r. *■ A M«ior( of ms* 
rieke in * banquet of w ior U n a lictKl of 
carbaocle atl !■ soUt>," (Bovla*. miU. 
ft,} « Ik n-. Ihc modem Filitivna h»re «ulMti- 
tatcil ilic vord c»iK«ri. F. M. N. 


Fl«»«Mi4 )U«MMl PabN *f Ika Am and SebHieti- IW lb>]nd oai AMmnnlcal todi 
o( Cnifmcn Is M Refd At»4gnl.*»n* - AmW ntwy of IW BuUaluJ Koctdr- 
tl>« t<M« AiclUMtivleal SotlotJ 

Cnirfnit]' af CunbHOsn— hTHMul Ukfwrt tmiad k mn 
B^^matelWtt lUMMik ts Bw MwoU ud llM(lnl(«( l,«nAM-Butip««^ RMuaal Sta«f 
fDrt-nraa-Avon— Auugtiffe UMtn af Bnm»— OMMncMil VOfixtKa of Antepiim - AKIq ai lM 

Wvk* IB fMIIMMiM, 

TIm CoauDiwioDcn of n« KriiAUiM 
yiUllwre publuibeil tlicif Second lU- 
port, kDnoimciDj tbnroumcriBBhichth'y 
prapoae to deal with the Urge *mftiu tv- 
nainin^ in tbdpliuidi. In tlicirfamter 
report it wn» atated tliat Ihu lUTploi 
vanU not bo leu Uian l&O.OOO/. Il nam 
•jipoan proWble lliat iti ikI unoiuit will 
tcaob na.WOI. Tbfj oXki !•'}»«(» a col- 
lecUon of wUc1«i prr«iil«d on thr DurlciM 
of aTiaclHi HuMuni, uvi Ioiii|>i>Krilf ile- 
]io«ltO(I In Knningioin lUicr, tboTalne of 
wliidi b enimatcd at 9,O00J. TUe Oam- 
■oluloncra hul |ir«Tiau»I]r hddoudniI tlw 
gtf>«iBl |>riiici|)l(i D[>on which llicfsnil* at 
Ifcoir diniOMi wvte ta br npf li«d, lo Mm* 
tilan which would ir^rratp llir BMni of 
mdnXrU edttottOD, and riumd the in- 
Auoteci of tdtaee tnd art onm prodactlve 
ladoatrji and, Ihoaiboiimberlcaiiu^gta- 
timu hbTc been uriteii upon tbdrcoDtldcta- 
tion, the greater part of ihvm h«fc been 
dltmitMd bf thc! rule thty hxl Uid doim 
for Uietr |«idancT, ibnt ih>; tlinnld not 
enlemdn anjr proponla of a " Umilcd, 
partial, or loul cliAracter." In ihdr to- 
port ibc Conmbdoncra flrit paaa aadar 
reviev the ui*tinj| iiMtitutimia for tndiu- 
tfUl iiutructiao kt homo mil abroad. Our 
own ikficigndo* in thii roapert krc Imowa 
and DUtDrioat ; while the KjrtCpinalio rtcr- 
lima of other uMioaa taKf be tJuMratcd 
br nfemco to GcnDaay aloiui wben 
13,000 mta nannallr rtcclM ihg bkh 
(M-linical and (oientilie iiatiiing Oif the 
TraiU School! and Polytechnic Inxtitu- 
liaai, Dior« than SO.Oflfl tfarinBii mn 
being (jntematicnUjr taujilit thc rknM^ta 
of 8citinco and Art, and, in nddiiinn lo the 
Trads Schools, lhcr« uc important intii- 
lutii>n*<^u>Ta1cnt tain>lu>lriitl iiiiiitr«iliei 
In tbe capilali of ncarlf ill tkt Stuici. 

The Cusmutiaacrm then refer tutfhac 
haa been dune in lUa countrjt to pi»infi1« 
ihi- intcreiti, vid citcnd, ciilarjr, nod 
diffuM a knowtoilgo of Science und Art. 

Bn little aid ha» been (ivcn b; tbo Oofcra - 
ment nntil tliia Wl ijiiarter of h*lf cmUdtt, 
that lb? irpan la of cottrM In a gnitt 
Aefiree limited to "but the |im|il« MM 
dutkc for llic:iiM.-ltct ill furtheraDv* of IhcM 
abject* ; and, iactcdibic m it maf at lirtt 
nppcir, il ii abono hj tbc tioUaoc blm-ta 
of ibc di€crcnt Sndrlifo-^wlvcli e>e«d 
one bundnsi in nninber — that in Lon* 
don iloite the amount it not lata than 
IGO.VPO/. a-jrear, a eonriderabla portion 
of which ii ahMffbod in rent and laxm. 
AddiDf ttf this list the great Qottmmcitt 
MUUkbtDoato— ancti la thf Bfltlih Mu- 
tevtn, tb« Nalional Galltrr, the Mnanw 
of Praotlcil Geology, and the OciuTtRifnl 
of Practical Art, Dio total m'eau« of the 
metropolitan liiallratli>ai and locielin lot 
Ihe promotloii of Kiencc' and art U placnl 
at 2l0,0<HM., the ParlLaiucnUrr nai r«t«l 
for llic aatioaal tuitiiullviu bei(i« K.UOOf. 

■'jcar. TlwCuaimiMianertbnJ twDCaiUea 

In operation to |T«Tent lh« oODBirj rtap- 
iug ih« full beneAl which wu to baTebcen 
oxp(«t<il finxn Ita ciertlona to protiioie the 
Intorosta of Bciencc aud thc aria 1 flr*t,tl>e 
want of united notion amoai; todctlca and 
notional ntubliiiluiicnt* j Mooudijr, Ihe 
want of room. Tb« firat want ia net ex- 
pUiaad in the raiiort, nor do the Con- 
miailanvr* appear to han talon tnaoy 
■tcpa to aaccrtaln whctfacr union U prac- 
tlcablo. AatocUlcd bodict arc jiroicrblallj 
chai; of tlitir lnd<i>«DdeDcc, aud thci will, 

no doubt, wigb lliu ■uhji.i:! (lel! before 
tli*f coiM«nt lo the pM|ioMd eenlralita* 
tion. On iho want of room, the yrwant 
state of the Rojml Socltty, tho Scliool of 
Miiwa, the School of DMiRn. tlic Collect) 
of Cbynilitry, tho Nationiil Q<allerj, tho 
Socict)' of Art(, ihe Boyal A<adeni;, end 
tlw Itriliali Muteiitn nro appraJipd lo; add 
to Ihne ease*, wiib whi4<h the public ara 
mofo or lea* familiar, ara added the de- 
mands (or space on behalf of a eotlecUon 
of medliciral iiri, furionl wfUi reference to 


Nolf* cffhe Month. 


thn Nmt PiUoe St Wutmintter, uul for 
* dup i>ff(«, «hf rn DMpi ftud rhorta miglil 
bt lolUbl; ili*plBjML 

llavliir tboB lUtlo oat lh« ncoceitjr Tvr 
r IncnMH BCcorawodatKini L1i« Commin- 
Aoin'* rcttnacut l^t the two Iliing* to be 
lMceiBplttt«d «re, tk« ulaplbD oraiijriteai, 
I moA Ihff Hcnriof of a looUitr «b«K tUivt 
miem nHjbrdaTcloped. Tte ijsteia ur 
pUn itUck llicj announce follons thif cc- 
aeral clM«licBtion «f objccli at ibc Ex- 
hibilkn, lata Raw M*tcriiiU, MscbiiK-rj, 
MuiulacluTi!*, ani] PiniC Art*. Tnkiiig 
1U« Blaleriala fimt, tlie* ar« dliitl^J iiilo 
the nJDfnl, Ui« Trgilablc, itui tlic uiUuil 
ItlualOBi. In Ibc mineral kisxdom tlie 
' tctm of tfacMmwum af PractJc^GeoIon 
Bad iu aiKK'Iswil School or Mine* u 
poinlcil Mil ; iu Uiciegctable kingdom that 
of Iba K<ir MuMium ; anil in tbe animtkl 
liikf^oni IbM of tbf! College of Chruiiitry, 
■bleli, V put ill connexion witii tbme 
bniKlict of tilt ontnnic kiitK^luin wbidi 
are doadj alllrtl with ibe lutare of iu iu 
TCatigitioa*, Bi%bl bare iti naoaKca marc 
••cfsrj a|>j>!ieil tlianu [beoaie atpr«*«nt. 
On tbt MCond iliTiiiim of tlic new wUene, 
nnhr tha hmd of Machicetj, tbe report 
nt*n in bmnt of grriit ailuiraUDii lo the 
C«aaenUolre iln Arta ct MiHimi in Patui, 
■md kllnJM to a dctlie cxprciMd in reoent 
jHiniiilnna nn tbt piitcntlant for a plaoe 
wbgro DOileli of new in-Kntioni might )>« 
4l«|)0*U«d. "nicthirdJivicionof Iticauliirin^, 
luulcr the haul of Maufactarct, leadi the 
ConuiaUoaen to anticipate macli bmclit 
ftvBi the co-opcralion of the Sucictf of 
Ana In the reraalion, ammgemcut, m-] 
aBp<«WeDJ«tic» of a pcatTiute Miutum, 
«uge«lei) md abl j uNor^I^d b; VraUaot 
%Wj, now the iwroUry of llinl locifty. 
]■ tlie depattmnit at the I^nc Arta tU« 
npoit cuaicmptala UrinjpnE toseth«( tlie 
National Gallerjr aail tbc .S«bool of Uo- 
apt, and tbo formatloa of ■ Grcnt Mu- 
Man, for vbich the lealEriala exiit at, 
Mtriborongh Ilmue, at the Mtuimni iu 
J«rtnya-etrMt, at tlift Hritiah Muarum, 
and In Ibe 1*1(0 aiunbM of ccutN, (),i7l in 
munber, coUeeted In oniuiction «itb thu 
boiUUtv of dtc new Palace of Wnlmioalcr. 
Sech i* Ibt ocbcBac nbicb Ibc Cotaane- 
doaera ita*e dravn ep for conndrmtiou. 
To afford lanljliet for it* practical Eiiwa- 
doD. Ui«f maaoae* that thcjr have pur- 
chaaed tea ealMn ailjoining «cb other at 
Kcnilii^toa. For (be Giiro Iloiue otlatc, 
SI 4 acnaleutcnt, and Laving a frno ton 
of front 500 to 600 [cet tonnrdi Hfdn 
Park, tb«r Lave |>nid CO.riDU/. r anil for 
that of Baron (3e VilLint, IH a(-i«4 In n- 
test, tlw; haro agrnrd to pay 1 Ji.riOOf. — 
tbU puicbaec btins ni^oompnnird witli aa 
M(igcmciit an tttc ixnof tbc Guxniunnl 
lW| if tbc C'ffouiUMioo laid out 1^0,009'. 

in tanil, Xhny iroiitd rNommond (o ParlU- 
inmt itip eontribution of a llko amouot, 
Tlic rcporl iletei that this la the last Op- i 

Eiort4ia]tjr of iindini; am unoccuitied apaea 
It a dMlrBUe aituatiun within ific limit* 
of tbc oielropoli>. nn<I it urgn* PscliainaDt 
to obtain pOMatalon of lh« wbelo nnoo- 
capird i^iind adjolntDg, wherab^ i total • 
dXeoX or l->') 8cr«i would be i^carcd for 
the tlevrrliipiiiciit of j^reul nntiooal objocta. 
It Is pritiiosod \fj tin; CoiauiiMiooErs that 
thu ncir NblIuuiiI QiUi:rT ibuuld occupj 
tliii vlfTHtiiJ Hiti) frunliitg H]ril<: Park; that 
the Mii<«unt of Manufadturea nhoulil RLnnd 
on th« tile fronting the Brorapton-road | 
that ibn different Inrneil aocletlea ihonld 
enjoj JuKtA'posltlaD in the onnCre; and 
that the two remniuine aide* abould be de- 
lated to ihe departmeala of Praciical Art 
and Pnctioul SoLeno*. 

The Comml**lonen hare ant(et|>alMl the 
objecllona that would prolMbly arlte to a 
■ttuntioi) 10 fu weal of llic centre of the 
nietrouDlii. and ilii-jr vi'uluri' tu nllirin thut 
Bucb iliiitaiU'o " hiu not u|>|iearcd ID lu to 
bf in sny i>aj nn i^irjcctiou to tine citr we 
haie oblaiapd. Thnaucireaii of the Eihl< 
bltion, on n spot nlnoai ciuctlf oppointa 
It, to ntblch npwanU of ait nilllinn Tinita 
were paid. Iini ckdrljr ihuwTi thut that pnri 
of Lundoii IB not loo rcuiDIc foi' riMtort ; 
whituit liubociiotctrtxini'd, byuii uiioljiaii 
of their addreaieii that llir gnat iirojxir- 
tion of the merabera of tlio iirinctnal tci- 
«ntine bodiea live coniideniblf to tie neat 
of Charing Crota." 

Anii thej coiiL'Iudc bir remarking that 
" Wc propose to Irual, for tlie cari]iLiije 1 
out of nut plan, to tlie name I'riiiciplef.l 
wliicli olonc bare rcnilered tlie earoutioa ' 
ot 10 Lirge an anJertaking ai the ExhI-j 
bitiou of IHbl pouilile withbi io limited k] 
time. vix. the flniUng room sod iyiteoOt 
and Icaring it to the voluntary I'lTurti of 
uidirldoab) nrpvrstions. aiiJ Buthoritlce, 
to carry oot the promutloii of the dilterent 
intertatt wiili eliich thry are thrnuplrca 
cannfeted. on whioh thoy are dnpntdfnt, 
oDil of which lliey are therefore Ibr best 
^uardimii and judgM," 

The Royal Socitty hsvc alrudy ex- 
prteaei an u)iiniun uu thsl part of ilila 
iclicme oihiL'ii slTcctf thrlenrnril So<!ii:IiMi. 
Whiht approring of tbfir bring annKin- 
bled In one locality, they ilpprrcnt« ttie 
Ohoica of KeDslnjitDi) Qorr. At llir An- 
oireraary Meeting of llie Socirty on tin: 
30lU of Korembcr. l)ie Prrtldrnl, iu hia 
annual addreei, itated tlial li* liad orno- 
luuaicsted to Ihe Earl of Derby liie fol- 
lowing rcpreaentaiion : 

" TTit Cauticfl of llio Boytl Sodclj huTUiB lioard 
reiionii Id Uw etftel llial j^tvukI Ii*< liern pin- 
i-htM-J m KerabuiUin ciora fur uie imrpiae nf 
iwcmruneJailng Um ewMia tu)liTiiUi>c imtitral 


Notti oftht Month. 

tJni. ■ 

, «irtd> m now ftmMMl villi (psrl- 
In HMMMl Uowa md «la*i«ni U Um 
■*(n»alb, »< Ibr aA«r hUc oUnta mnawOA 
vU* mrlad mIodm «■& ne liia««rbl un,— 
*M* tb«r «««■ H ft>M te ailUmtedM Us h- 

un« «UEk Qonnwwn hw Umm filMX in 
I irf MMnw, «Mm IB NM* Ibilr OM- 
. ibU Um t»«aU» rdk(t«4 to «*«U In 


MUMMi •( As Mml SmMt, Ml «l I 

SmMm »bm u a> B«dSod*iri>i 

TaUmt <f fMlunl kuwlolyo. Ito *>di at Um 
naa Uioe ID aqraB u (flaMa «Mtlt ta tlnacl; 
Uk ttM U wmM tNtf cratftr •• i^idvumwnt 
M MMM*, Ml *«|U ta wn iHMtM* W Itn w- 
•aMvUdiMlaMBilMMUwnm » I'm **()«■ 
will, IT AM Mtmi fccttUat Nllim-1 W Mn 
kmitilliBtfbv In <«• cffAml lonJItr. «M V 

CIU* MkiM • <■•■** raot Akl Um iMMN 
B*fl Of Hmw, rrMtail aflM lloid 9«^, 
iMMrtHifc » In (Ui UMtt (VWiia Mbn Um 
mZToI br lli^Mtri OmraoMBl.* 

The AjtMaOHiDd BotMj, wlilch ftliu 
haa apftwiti in 8oai«rwi Howe, liu 
fodmnd Ibt exwaple o( ibr Ro^il 8ocl<lx, 
lijr lanloK ■ MBleBeat that t>a-t)ilr(b of 
in laenlKr* un mitieat to the ttttwwrd 
«r IkMt iMttlilf. It if rvnatkabU, botxr, 
that all the lamed SoeWita wbo oompj 
houw ar apartnenti of thdr Mrn, an 
lootlod nun or 1h* to Uw weaUwd of 
SofMnM Hoiu*. aoit it b well kaovn 0.M 
aU ibe older bodla, u iha R«tb] Sodtijr, 
tba Sodcly of Anti<iii*r{rt, tkc Royal 
AMd4B)-i *■■' '•^ CiMUgii «f PhfiieUnc, 
haw all bantofoM ramwcd, m4 aona of 
tben rap«al«dl;, to that dlraeOiw. 

It mwt be admllM thai lCfMln|t«i 
Qon laiiin at pirsent nut " ibo rniraJ 
looalit; " ibat ouuU be Jaiieil, uporial]; 
for anainc MiMtiog* i but It U hlghlj 
pMbaMe tut tha nirflk of ili* town v«*^ 
wai4, aa4 lawvaaed (iullllln of tnnA, 
«ni alMr ttrmmvummt la tUa raapMt ta 
the oovne of tka nmt iwrniy ycm. Wkn 
Mr. Cliarlea PcarwD'a tdtime for "a 
fraqnenl, rapid, piiKtual. and ebaap l»- 
taTMiniaiuiioatMn bgh>«tn tli* «ll* ud 
MlMfba " ibail bar* tea aooonfinahsJ, 
foeli a dtttenHr aa llili Mil haw vanlaliMl, 
llotranr, ihe CbaBMllor of Ridic<)ueT 
»D tba 6tb cS Dcntaber. obtaiiml from tba 
HoMc of CvniMaa a rota »f l&0,OWy. 
for the pr«po«ed Vnlvenlljr of lodualry. 

Hcf H^t7, aa the )M*d af th« Jiaya/ 
Attdtmf, hat baolcei a patltloa Ktd« to 
thu body by tbo BBcnvef*. «fth tlw 
Eiadana noonaMndatfcMi of Ihair farjtt 
(9 1)0 ellglbls for admlaalaa to tba gtMa of 
AMdemieian ; hmI tlie Pudjr, in obadkDOt 
Id RojnJ vlibe*, anil in c«ni(4iaitcei <lo«bt- 
Im«, Willi ihelT mm (caat of the JoiUm of 
Uw denaiMl, b**« noMatod to admit a 
cotatn tmmber of enpaven (vt bo ben- 
after delenntiicil on) to i he hill boaoan of 
the AlaJcBij. Thn*, tficr nearly m 
jean of heartbamlni, tliii irianoM ia 

Th« tUtMutii aBBlTenarir mttOBf «f 

Ibc JlobnvfMf AWffy wva hrld on Hoedajr 
Hof. ffi>. Dr. J. B. Oier. F.B.R.. IV- 
■iikul. in Ibc ctmir. I'roin llie rep<>rt «if 
tba ooancil tt afpured that fourteen M<r 
naaibon b^ ban ekeUd ArrtiK tlie jnv. 
and tboi (ha Ktoirtr eouWcri of 302 
■eaobert. T\e dlilrlDartUia of firltbbaiid 
iiirdgn apedncai bad beaa earrioil un nitb 
great aueooM, aad mn*j tfcouanJs mm 
iirworlni for dUtribntion in Jaautrj n«i. 
J. Bal, «^. M.F., 9. F. PWeor. eK|. 
rUS.. iod J.T.SrBw,nq., wcrsctecM 
warmanbcraoftbecoanoll: andtbepml* 
dent nooiinatcil J. Mien, r«|. F.R.8., and 
A. Hrafrey.caq. P.RS. h tice-pttsidcata. 

TUi £m«v jJrcA*«i«y<M' £oWr^y. tbc 
fbrmatioo of wliich ^e aaMvaecd in oar 
NoTWMbar namber, ba« baen d^ itkaua- 
nt«d, br a inaatliw baM at tbf>Ta«B Hall 
In Coleheoter, oo Uu Idtii of Deeonbar. 
A Report wbldi ma raad tnm (be )ir»- 
tUonnl ooainttUa Maed ibg obieoti of 
tba aMocfatticm ai btkx. 1. tbe calaUMi- 
aievt pf >■ arefcaolo^eal tanMUm «mI 
Ubtarr I 9. Uu eanrlmoB of tba oomMtj 
Uatorr i attil 3 the pramoUoa of a foOMiI 
lute nr a»d knowledge of arckmloa. 
There tinoAj cilnta a conalderabb ow- 
ledian of uiLianltiM which will b« placed 
in the Soelel; ■ iiaieeailow M Woo «• a 
lottabh rooM bu been mwrldad tot Hi 
reoepiion ; and it b hopea thai It will be 
naited with tbe valiuUe eoUeodon of aa- 
liqnlliea baqoealbed to tbe tow« hj tbe 
late Mr. Vint. An Inaaforal leetnm on 
ihe toate* at areh«ok>gj «a* doBnrMl 
hj Ibe KcT. J. II. MwaJce, B.D. KeCtor 
of Great Ooklrjr, Esiei. and IKinejr Pro- 
fcator of Arahaolq^ in (be onhreniiy of 
Canbrfilge. The Rct. Gu^ Bryui then 
rend a paper aicgcated bjr tbc dtMxiTcry 
of a leaden bnlk of Po|w Innocent VI. In 
tbe psrith of Mucklvg, where an eatale 
btlonce<t to BMkins •bbe^. 

Some TAlnablr MSS. of Mor«nt tbe 
county blaloritn >cr« ethibited br C. O. 
RouDO. 0*4- together wllb l*ro ntbliial« of 
Koraui coloa. iiollcctcd bj Mr. Grnv. 
There wvre aba dbphived epon the table 
a telcctioB from ■ cabinet of Aff! ooloa 
coII«1c4 bj Mr. baac Rebo«, *<>« of 9ir 
[aaae Reboer, who died 1731| and pre- 
tented to die CoMaotcr Mnaenm (pa* 
noted to bo foraed tome Ibir yaart apt) 
Of J, OnhkHfRebow, ceq. ; tiid a tartc 
nninber at dnnary orw, dec up In IflW 
from *«nMi land *i()olain| Wetl liodgt* 
LeidFD-ioaJ, the propert* of Mr. ]. 
Tajlor, JuB. Tbe proceodfnft of the daj 
were chAnI with a dinner at the rup« 
hutel, wliere John Oiioej. i-h). iti« Cre' 
(Ucnt of the Sooietjr, took ttic clulr, uul 
•ImiiI Ihlrtj-Arc f^ntleenen wtrc picwat. 
Tbe n-y. IMward Lrwe> Cnti*. U.A. a«ta 
ai lloaoiwi- Socrttarf. 



1853. J 

Notes of the Month. 


At Cambridge, ILe Le Bas Prize has 
been adjudged to Mr. B. A. Irring, of 
EmmnDuel college, the subject of the essay 
being, "A View of the Routes succei- 
tneVf talcen by the Commerce between 
Europe and the East, and of the Political 
Effect produced by these Chaogcs." On 
the 24th of NoTember graces ptissed the 
Senate for affixing the UniTcrsity seal to 
3 letter of thanks to the King of Praasia 
for a copy of Lejisius's Monuments of 
Egypt, sic. ; and granting 150/. for the 
expenses of arranging Dr. Lemann's col- 
lection of dried pUnb) presented by his 
executors, A retiring pension of 100/. per 
annum was assigned to Mr. John Boutell, 
library keeper. 

A pension of ZOO', per annum, through 
the influence of the Earl of Rosse, baa 
been conferred on Mr. Hind, one of the 
most indefatigable astronomers of oarage, 
and the discoverer of aeveral new plHnets, 
A pension haa &l«o been conferred of 75/. 
on Dr. Charlei Btchardton, author of the 
nev English Dictionary ; and the like sum 
on Mr. FVmcii Ronaldi, " in consideratiOD 
of hia eminent diacoveriea in electricity 
and meteorology." 

A Tacancy baTiDg occurred in the Prus- 
aian Order of Merit, by the death of the 
poet Moore, the cross has been given by 
King Frederick William to Col. Batelin- 
ton, the eminent Orientalist, at the re- 
commendation, as the custom is in this 
literary ond scientifin order of knighthood, 
of the Berlin Royal Academy. 

Tlie schools and hospitals of the city of 
London have obtained from the mnnifi. 
cence of Miit Hardwick a testamentary 
bequest of a large sum of money,— said to 
be upwards of 20,000/. A aingle ex- 
ecutor, with the Lord Mayor and City 
Chamberlaiu, are the administrators of 
this somewhat onerous trust, these parties 
baring full powers conferred on them by 
the lady's will to apportion the funds 
among the aeveral institutions according 
to their own judgment and discretion. 
Miss Hardwick's motiTe for disposing of 
her property in this way, to the exclusion 
of her relatives, is describeit by herself as 
being a regard for her father s memory, 
who was a merchant in the city, and there 
made the fortune which bas now returned 
to enrich its several charities. 

The conservation of Shattpere'i Houte 
at Stratford -on- Avon is taken up by the 
Government authorities. The Solicitor 
of the Board of Works has given notice in 
the London Gwette, " that application Is 
intended to he m.ide to Parliament in the 
next Session for an Act to vest in the 
Commissioners of Her Majesty's Works 
and Public Buildings, uiid their successors, 
certain messuages, tenements, and here- 
Gbnt. Mag. Vol. XXXIX. 

ditaments, situate in Henley -street, in the 
borough of Stratford-upon-Avon, in the 
county of Warwick, a certain portion 
whereof is commonly called or known by 
the name of ' Sliakspeare's House,' upon 
tnut to provide for the care and preserva- 
tion of the said portion known eu< ' Shak- 
speare's House,' and to permit tbe public 
to have access thereto at such times, sub. 
ject to such conditions, and under such 
rules and regulations as the said Commis- 
sioners may from time to time prescribe.'" 
It is further intended to empower the 
Commissioners "to pull down certain 
other portions of the said premised," 
which has for its object the isolation of 
the " House," and its protection against 

At tbe recent sale of Mr. Tait's library 
in Edinburgh, much interest was excited 
in a Fo/tniM of Autograph Letter* Jrom 
the Poet Burnt to tlie late George Thom- 
son. This coUectioa, enriched as it wa* 
by some of Bums's finest criticisms on our 
Scotiih melodies, and by many of bis 
noblest tjrics, attracted the attention of 
all connoisseurs and literary men. After 
a brisk competition, the volume was 
knocked down to an English nobleman, 
at the sum of 273/.; but it is understood 
that, in all probability, it will remain in 

Wc had occasion to draw attention 
some time back to the extensive and very 
able forgeries of autographs and lettcm of 
distinguiiihed personages of olden and 
modern times, made uf late years in France 
and Germany. More forgeries have just 
been detected in the sale st Paris of a vast 
collection of autographs, which belonged 
to a Baron de Tremont, recently deceased. 
One of tbcm is a letter purporting to have 
been written by Rabelais from Nice, giving 
an account of tbe negociations in that city 
between Pope Paul III., Francis 1. of 
France, and the Emperor Charles \'. But 
it turns out that at the very time Rabelaia 
was at Monlpellier, and that the letter, 
which is in bad Latin, is a literal copy of 
a passage in a work left some time after 
by the Cardino! du Bellay, in whose ser- 
vice he was. Yet the paper, ink, and 
handwriting of this epistle are so admira- 
bly imitated that they would deceive tbe 
sharpest connoisseur. 

Whilst the funeral of the late Duke of 
Wellington was in preparation the column! 
of the Times newspaper daily contained 
a string of advertisements offering for tale 
specimens of bis Grace's autographs, at 
prices ridicalously exorbitant in propor- 
tion to the intereit belonging to most of 
the documents. It is now stated that the 
Duke bad lithographic blank notes in 
gresit variety to suit various coses. Many 


XiKtlhmoui RwUwt. 


at Ikon bm bssn Hdi u bit own baml* 
•friUsfl. Tfer an b^a "P. M. tbe 
Duka of WeUnftOD." aad «rc, of couie. 
wUltoat iigmtt«K. 

W« om hn>|r]r to taiMMnM tlut Mr. 
14J«n.,llw Ubnriu to the Dnk* of Bed- 
ftnd, b pn^ariu a SfmiixI RdilkiB uf hb 
nrj cnnoni and latcrntinii Cal«lacBe of 
Prt«st(lr Primml Uoolu. 

Mr. CbaflM Bridser, F.&.&. bat alM 
mnei prapoMU r«r a CitBl«|M of Pri- 
nlalj PrinUd FooLi no GMwalcn and 
tuaMoil SvliiKi*, to ba priatad nuMDrmly 
Kith Moola'a BibUatheca llaraldNM. 

Ur. CImka Roaoh Smtib, r.S.A. b 
prqiariBf a costliuMiioa of bia CoOKlaiiaa 

AMimt. U b to be rntriotcd to Uw nb- 
acHbora of «<■ «-}ear (to U paU in ad- 
ran«c)aad to b« iMaedfnaboBtfovi'inar- 
ltTl} JeKraiiaa. Ur. Snhb bat awbr 
MfuUacaUofi for tfaia *iork tlw Aatfo- 
Saxon roBMliu diacoTHed al Oatn^ In 
Thaaet. to b« itiiulnlnl b; eifbt pWtCoW 
PUrboltt and aoo^oatai Ramaa anbi- 
loctunl ramaiaa fbund at Wrozatar MW 
Sbrewtbarj ; ib« Ronn bridgp naar TU- 
ouiari Roaaawpaldualreautaafnltat^ 
•ataUni Itaa KoiMn anpUtbeare, Ac. at 
UDeboBM on tha Seiaa; tbe aib: of iba 
PWtaa Adanil : recant diMonrioa al Un- 
cdId. Cokhoitor. Chaatar. I'etttuey, aad 
olbar placak 


7«f iMfy «/ Ihf Ijakt. Ay Sir U'aUtr 
Sevit, B»H. triiA aii Ai* mirvJuttirur, 
*«Wh r— ifcif » , dwl IA4 Bi^iiop'i AFafM. 
Utmlrtlfd ly mmmtow AvraHaf* o« 
iriMJ.>f«aa iffmHa^r »|< BirM fWar 
aaif 7»Aa Oilierl. (Adun aod Charles 
Black.)— IV Irlhr of Anouti, mith Ui<jr 
wfianrnnnii Un*so of tntijiid nonlctlea 
aadbdiflafCMpMirY.ltliuUat*') tnrtqaallj- 
ttOMtoMU and ucflaoih^ print*, tbs 
darfpi of wUdk me* laBBraBr vuttlf 
BBWortkytlM UmuaDdmMoMMftonit 
hi eagntiiai tbeta,- baa dmh wdl ex* 
obasfad fbr anck moeoMota ea tbai nov 
balon *M. TW danaod for gifl-bookt i« 
nam |valUl«d kf adapting th« boat worki 
of oar faaa{ wntrn, and making thcaa Uie 
fCUdaa of tho«a coatl; etubefikhaieiila. 
vbidi at ooot gTUlfj die ere and inqirove 
ib> caaie. In tba louance btfor« a* ibe 
jtmti i k wortbf of tb« aeltiiu. The auatula 
wore book* «pb«ai<(il in Uictr cbaraclfC, 
■n «bieh naeh cou waa thrown airay, ud 
lb* actual i eanlt a fair tcnap-booh ptinta. 
Thii iUnitratcd editkin of Tbe Ladjr of 
tbc U(e b a book irhicb will he an onM- 
aanC to a fibnrr at *iiy fatnro time. 
Mwrinirt Poater and Gilbert, the artirU 
OBfloyad, are eqaaUj admimbte io Ikcir 
mpaaOre d«|iartn»(nt«. The furnMr baa 
inntrfbalad lweBt]r-e%ltt bMlacwca, and 
tbc latin tUrly tinn dniciw. i1m on* 
eraten art MiMsn. J. W. Wbjmpcr and 
Edward Btaiui and wc canoot p»f a 
bigbar compliment to Uicir nork Ibaa br 
Uyiag thai tha efleut ia pcrfEcltj «t|iul to 
that of lioc-eiignringt. To the aaCMiahil 
•manplUbairni of ibj* reanli tk^fu) work- 
iMnubip at tbe preaa ia oHonilal ; and 
Ucrara. R. anil R. Clark of Bdlaburib, 
tba priiiUr*, arr vonKfjucullj doMrrlnz uT 
Ibrir tban of praiae. Tkii odltlon iu, 
bMidn, all tbr titerarf aOvHtapa In tbe 

wax *f annotaUen ibnt bave aocniMi A«t 
Ibe eoiapo*itiaa of tba porai frMn tba oara 
and attanlloa of tba anihor and Ua cea< 
iMiiUiora, loKatber with tba apiniona, 
wbelbar fai praiM or nnaurc, pMaed on 
tbc leading paMaaes b; Jofroj and other 
JeadlnK cntica. ]l l«, ■> wc hata already 
•aid, a Jeligbtfu) idcqaialtioo Toraaf librai7. 

N*viia.\L llitTonv iJociiTT. — f wgaa rf 
infj at tht antral. (turltrtf.andAmuul 
U»tta0t, hM Jmria§ tkt ^art ISiSamf 
ie.Vtf. B(«.n'-193. Pntwdimdmrmg 
fA( year lait. eM.p^. lift!.— tbwa two 
valoB** MotpriM th« TranMcUooi dn« 
rii^ tba tbtae paat xoar* of Ui ftiMaacm 
of Ibe rerf aoiha and riBctfBt SodaH 
wboaanoMit mMtiiw ia tbe eftr oTBaih 
was reported in our Korenber M<eani»e. 
Tba Soatnalakire Society baa ita ocnlra] 
point and head quarter* at IVnotoa, and 
it war fMnied bjr the oxcrlioat of natk- 
nnaa living in lliat adgbbovrtiDDd in the 
*|wliu «f XM9. Ita £r*i aanual meeting 
waa heU at Tliuoton in Sept. IStft, the 
•econd at Wdla in Stfil. leSO, tnd tbe 
third at WHtomtapcr-Maniiti Sept. IMl, 
Bondea Ibcte, quaitcrly in«*tin(< were 
held b tbe firac year at Bridgewater aad 
Frosw I bat ncii ha** latiarljt boen ei- 
changed tor Ccnreraarioiui neetinp U 
Tauntoa. Dealdea the ninnw!* of pro- 
ceedings lb* two folaaiea before lu con- 
tain Mvcral of tbc mora im]>'irt'Dl paper* 
«l leagtk- Aaaoos Ibcaa am cone valoable 
dMcriptiuo* of ihe primnnl tnci^uitlec of 
tltr eoanlj, eapeuakllr one on ibr mtniaiee 
llrliUb cnanMineait or lonn, u ^Vork 
UlU, ciplurwT by Um Rct. F. Warre. 
Hian ore alao aevetsl (ood areliiiectural 
pu«fl, OM of tbe nM*t important of 
wUdi it IhU by Mr. freeman on Ibe Per- 


Mitcedanectu JievittM, 


pMHUeukr Snia, •» etlublt«d ia cbe 
CtiBcthM of BooMnet] ofoliich a con- 
tinaihni waa nad at Itie recent bmbIuk 
at Balk, aa mectad in <i«r Nov. nanbca. 
at p. SM. the R«T. F. Wim> ii lb« 
tMhare(»**«fal paper on lb« dutiDetiDa 
b*(«am Aaglo.iiuim uid Noniiiin Arvki- 
laOan, bW be diacloimi in bia iutra- 
inelorj nHUKka anj lirfe ainouoi ot 
•risinalalMerTatJon apDD tbesnbjtct. He 
v, altefelber, ooc »f Ibc aiMt efficient 
ooBlribnIen, u liv fbrnMioa othct pip<n 
— m titunmimj ibb«7,UptiUI old ebureb, 
and ui aadant ankwotk >t Norton. Ttie 
H«*. D. M. Clerk contributBi ■ paper on 
Wclla eatbedral. which mu rud Ibore at 
Urn undaf ef 1850,— the jtar boron Fro- 
f i H iir WilH* «adcrto*k tb« Mme subjeot 
for Itia ArebiMilefiMl liuiitut«. Mr. U. 
f*mf. tbB trchttecl , jprri • itigb I iceoiut 
o( tbe cwtad aUar>pfeae«, and «t!nlp(u«d 
MMtKtua, diactmved in Si. Cnthbert'a 
ckud) at Walla, ■mitk a UtbcKrapkic flale 
<rf Iks icraiea of the Lad; CliBpel \ bat 
^ had hoped to have aeen Ihow mterMt- 
iaf diM»Tefie* omm fiiUjr illiulralMl. A.i\ 
uavnaeomeac rnaie by Mr. (J. K. (nW 
U V«IU in lUO aba udtea oar corioiitj. 
" He there ataled ibal be had nwl with, a 
fawdaja ago, in tlie chnrdi ai Nethnbanr, 
Doraet, a mtMrkable aerie* of TigurM hi 
freaeo, niejr leomed to b( of Ibe relj^ 
of Heavy [V. and repnaccileil tbenrioBi 
ViMB cail ViituL-*. Over aenval lllin- 
tiatkn* of cbxity «rere wrilceu the wordi, 
^■r Jratti Mkt. L'afortuniitcljr (ticjr 
could Dot be iimrrrcd, btil be had maiio 
tndofa of tkcm." TliU aaaoiiDccnienl 
loans lo doaoU worltt of aa nniiaiutl cha- 
racter ; andifirf (be period oanjecnrcd, 
tbaj an lurelf worth; nf fartfaor Dotbc. 
We hope UMtfn thg Sncinir'n iictt TOlune 
■e tliaU flail addidonililluiiiintinnaaf tfac 
•calptuioa at St. C«thberi'*, WolU. and 
•oaa* «f tfceae at WolUa^Ot aaif alio of 
the oMlinci <t Notheiburr — uoImi 
iBdaad th« tatt are oat of iIil- SodetT'i 

Cnoofren bdn; in Donetibire. Be. 
wo canclvde we will read. Tor the 
beaeitt of the Sociotji a riddle vbicb we 
And pnpoocd in the volutno for liUl, nl 
pan 31 ;— 

^neTUT.V.B, ^lUnannhibileda mb- 
Uftg of an bueripiloa ca one of ilin bnlla 
ia Ibe dinrcti of Staiile Pllipalnc. lie hml 
fbrvanled It (o ibe Brliisn Miiarum, but 
■o ooatbcn had bcou nUc to ducipWr 
lb* ar«ei«d word !• tbo Jim, • fau-uanile of 
■Uahbliaro^via. [la tbefae-iinileihe 
latttra look taoat llko— 

'' 11w micfiplton iuqb Oint, — 
4l e«l * ' tall.iluili ikr telllll 
itQittnl onKihtiii." 

Now, iht Ret. Mr. I'onruiui and all 
ibe uUier memberi uf Ibe Soncncl*hln 
Socktr. wtll at oDco nod lUa patalloK 
nord it titnj lorn ibe (ao-timile the rigUl 
nuj upward*, for ah printRil lo tkelr boolt 
It la r*««r«ed. It will then bf win thai le 
renla mirQt. tn whMi Maanir tt was uul 
to write NiiM, and the wbe)l«*(raeirilll»— laliti cotliiQin Jnn» litnil nqmm amnluiD. 

Wc ahould not omil to remark that Iho 
paper* on the GcntoK; «ad Hatiual Bia- 
tory of Ibc counlf »re oo nunnTiwi* In 
tb*ac volanoe* aa thoae on it* ArehRolag; 
and ArchStecture. Mr. W. Bnker, of 
Bridfewaier, i* ib« brgett eantribator 
an tlKoe xubjeRi*. There i» alao a nlao- 
b]e caeaj on tb« Tnrbtriea betwcea Olaa- 
lonburj- aod tbc *o«, hj Mr. Strodlioy, 
■nd one on thv tvry rFOiarkabtc Iithc- 
•tone oavem at IIoI««ll. b; Mr. Andrew 
CroMB. FromliiL'TurbHrie* Mr. Slrnilling 
baa collected a lirRo iiuinber nf curlooa 
priina:val relic*, ahicb the peM kw srre- 
•Mfcd in n state of srot perfe<non. 
Aruong Ibm la "e bowof jew, formed 
eridently bafora tba Briton* knew tho om 
of brua." He alas diKO*Frrd tiie ails of 
a Rocniin potlerj, and ni»ny mnuld* for 
carting Ronan cotoJ, Tlie Adilrta* of 
the Dean afWealmlTitCrr, Dr. Duclibnd, 
at cbe onnnal ntelirw !u H ii, wai one of 
bi* lait pul>lta efloTla MfoM hia lataentablo 
lllaeM, on J ii gJT«n at length tn pp. 9—80 
oftbe nr»t volume. 

A OampilalianofvarioatinltrtrUmtfTir- 
tarieal Aieb, Mh aacitat oxif modfm, 
pr-ntifaUy rtlaliiif lo lAr Qcriinly qf 8t- 
mirttt and the Stmtk. \Pf»t*rM pari ^f 
Bmaiit. AIM a lUttriffh* Aetotmt tf 
tkt/iantM •/ t^mpthmi, Samtntt i vith 
HQlirf Iff HU ifaimm inJ CWafeiMi >/ 
Ibt iffdai, Btlffit. amJ OfAar d/ JA^earftitf 
/i»Aa»Ua*tr« <tf l*t*tov* pfat,: lllmtfra. 
tit« ^ rAe Pa»l mud lk< JVeMui. fHm 
trutluittlr r*trrtt! irift rono «ri^a( 
Ptrett. ay Ucnjauiln Coi, Lfrnftham, 
Sw»*ntt. IZnto. pp. lot. — Wo hare copied 
(he whole of iMi Ut^t tith to a email 
Tolanc, becaiUT it m*C4 iu iri a ([rcat 
mcamrc from dcMnbing In ntVn'r wnrdi 
the conteeti aod chan^ttr of tht ronpa- 
aitinn. The Utile book 1* wonilnrfnl at 
once for it* IomI of abainiK Icamins. and 
for ill aniaunl of Ituocaratc KhoUr«hlp. 
It.i carlf P^C^ BT* lntcr*p«r««d.wiih Mice- 
Diciao and WeUh, and Tarious dialMla nf 
Saxon, all abevnifiDf in mlaprlut*: ami 
when the Luin epUapha in Lyuii>*haai 
chorob arc IntrodoRd it i* no brtlcr. 
Iade«d,CTGa In the plain Bngliih tb«e 
■a the uBie dcftdracr. Very nnAiiioiu 
•enlioiniU fill ahort of their (ntention tram 
a falltira In (he comnuinMt rale* of gian* 


^luefU*ut90%u RetiitwM. 


tnu. For butuiM. In one |i*(e ncur 
tlie*r two Mittencn : " Tbn* peiish dUee- 
tinoa uibBie. ibe frail liok wUck conuMt 

tbe *TinpMli[M of the Itrlnit, «itk (he 
MMnoryof lh« AeaA." "The liglin o* 
Ibo «hanh U andpr (be ra)tr*in( 
«rth« MlaiMtr Md two dmrdiautlcu." 
Other (tatMMnli m no leu Mnnfe. u 
(^ Si), "I^M-pca-baa. otiimilic Lint- 
ptl*-haia, er LjmpibuD, b a {wmh of %o 
ivry evuideriUt *jl*<tt, ili fori* bfing 
(intilar lo tW l>l» of Wiglit, aoj iu cir. 
mmfrmiei- aitail n^Af nifw, wliilp it 
rangr* aver |;^6(> ■nd (hrce^qauter acm 
of rirli nnil frrtile soil." ThU w« pre- 
MBii- U uol a uiull pMub for Uic wcM of 
Ellflail4. A local naniBUnninatiDginirr// 
(■"probably ileriicdfroinlUaiKilMit Brilitk 
■Ui^iuUioa Btim«MW.caai|iouiiiI uf Bf ■• 
nsrainK dnp, uid iMftrf ua. 'aileFitiM,' 
Mbtngh [H is tAM] the ptrtib it now 
naarir d^t mlba fim lu tM-eoMt." 
Wa Imra not (ba ■lisl'trat iiW wbo Bvaja- 
nin Coi m*T b« ; bat or cuulil ncA allow 
kia proddotloo to |iaM wiUi that dten^ard 
whMi It majr probahlj be aaU to deaam. 
n tt Lt jutt from such DngaiDlf and abonln 
Uumpta «t arcbKologJiMt anlbunhip that 
hita dianfittte, and Ibcy arc oaloDUitMl 
nihar to oflbnd snd dia^t than tu altnict 
tlia tynpathin of *' the yovnger bnncbM 

of MKirly," for wliDM t|KCul U*b thr in. 
trotluiMJun Blalc* ibtl tlic buoL ii inlriidcd, 
Suck a [i«rhinnaiic« will aurrly make tbc 
"anlifiuary'a lang;htng-at««l( ainoiijt Ibc 
Tintun at Wraton anpar Man, the jiaot 
wlictp li la priateil and puhllahed. 

fliitory in Ruiat : a S'rirt 4/ f,etltrt 
in o L»dy, emAsifjrrny n P'jyular Sttieh 
^m* HUtory ^ AKMtteliirt. JOrQtsntt 
Godwin, F.R.8. Cnvn t<M._'ni«a«ri«« 
of pajirn of whieh Ibit volnnie ooaalMa 
hu ber.n wriilea iriUi tlie v\nr of alTonl. 
inf[ lo Ihc Qalcafiteil In aicliltM-lnre a 
EamUkr eapnaitloD of iti biilorj troia thr 
caillMt timet, and of the isiiuo* itjlea 
wblcb bar* prrvalled in all parla of Ibo 
world. The letter* Jinie appeirwl from 
ttmii lu tine in The Builder. «r wliicli rx- 
i;c11en( pcriailicil B^lr. Oodirin ti tha 
editor, and lb«; arc now cittleetcd in nrJcr 
lo form a papular Handbook of AroU- 
tMtniv. The taik ia uiecut«il id a very 
plaaaiDt and aprcable manner, and ii wnll 
oatculMad, Id oar opinion, to aceampliah 
its object, of altractlnc aotne readm to 
llie iludy of arohitcciurc hIjo hnic hmmrto 
Ncardtd tti« >ubji:>.-l witli iTxIifTcreaoe or 
■nrrion. Mr. Uddwm'n n^ln in <-mj aui 
bnlUar 1 be endeataun tn enbvMi ib« 
teclMitalUiea of hl« tntijrrt b; ch« Mower* 
of hnoy and |iih-ii)[, I'Iiht nrc wdl In* 
tHidii^ but aRDarigiially wt think grow 

MMnewkat too luMrioiulfi Mod woald haw 

cropping. Tii^f are ii\, bowcver. oon- 
otTcd in fOoJi apiiil, nnd kit rrilieal r«- 
■narka. alwttwvon arvbtlcetursl ur other 
ntattpn, ai« |cn«rsllT portinrnl and judi- 
dona. In proof of um we mar qnote the 
fbUoiwiiw panap. cxprnnns aentitHata 
whfab it la tnc are MW (BMraily aAaaw 
heed, but which It la well to preamt dU- 
tinclly to the tyro In arcbitncliuc : " Von 
■laK att InagiM. aa many did at Ode 
time, that iha arehtlacta of Ibe Middle 
Asea worked wltboot nilra or cuidios 
prlndpln. The norc tuttj our niicient 
editoa ir* itiMUed, the m<m clearly doea 
it hcoonn app«i«at tlial nolhinc *u in- 
iToJiiMid aiiiMwr««ril; or deoeptjvcly. for 
m*rt appanraneo' aahe; thai the eiMllenee 
of tlTMl. wbkt) b apparwit. naultf d front 
the BM of aonnd prtaripka. laid dow« not 
wiih a tiew of prodacing that eSiwt. bat 
with ixfertnce to alability. oonrcMcoec, 
and ftlM«*i good taate and grnat ahill 
being anrntardi eoiploye>l in aJar«in|; 
that which w«a nronMry. anil making the 
Uaeful a prodaow of Ibe BeanllfiU. IHana 
wore not made to ancord wilb a fanciful 
rkvDtloB. entailing tbenby Iom of con. 
veaktica aal MMww j— ry ootlayi bwt 
were arranged tnat, to auil Ibe r«|uire- 
■neotn of tlw time, and npon Ibeac natn- 
ralij tho pIcTilion followed. All deoara- 
tloa gr«w not of thr ranslructwa, and 
renana goTcmed initrad nf i-aprir«. Thai 
ta nowheltcr nodtrelood thaa it wa» n 
few ytar* ac«. aikd will doubttM* prodnce 
ita ffuiC id iu aMaon." 

Mtmolf Iff JeMn fWiffrir (Marlia, 
P»moT at Am tf* to Roci*. TnUli tH~ 
linn. ([lagslM'O I^mo. yji. i, 3;3.— 
Tmi Talbht or Uoikc Good i* wd to 
haie been tbc motto of l>rinoe Henry of 
I*riirtag*l, the edebral«i ■ia*ifBti>*'. There 
ii a wurK entitled *' Kaiaya (o do Good,'* 
by Cotiun Mather, to wiijcb FrenlcKn 
tliua BTDws hii (ililiKnliona, in a letter la 
tht autbor'n aoiii— "If I Imtc been a 
iiaeful citinn, ai you iven lo think, the 

C' lie owea the Bdt«nt«c« to that book." 
wbola oareer uf Oberlia wm an «• 
nBptlllcatiaa uf the motto, and a leries ol 
andt caaaya. We do not rentember tliat 
«n)r lilt of workn, iTopoied by iuthi)rily 
for ilivinily student*, cuulaina o «cl«rtion 
of bbtoriMi hirt^iaphy 1 but Moh a Kit 
wwiU bo iDmmplete ifthe \M* of U(i«rlia 
warcomitttd. It is, a« Mr. Blckeraioih 
ohaervet In hia Chritlian Stndrnt, " An 
intcrcatln^ memoir of udo who wa* ■ de> 
rotcd nilftiaur.** oddiiif. "with mm*" r»- 
Mpiional iHrii-* i'' aiud th***- ih* |>nmnt 
bio|[ra|> by nn Miwna diu«cahlpt. but 
draw* bi* brro*« portrait, a* Cnwiwrll ilr- 
■ircd Ltfjy Co dr>vhis,wiili iQ the wrinkli 



Miscellaneous Remewi. 


PecDliarities, which olt«n attach them- 
selves to persODB of eialted beoevolence, 
offer a sort of compensation to ordinary 
minda for the excellences which eclipse 
then. But, indeed, they do more, by 
reducing the personage from romance to 
history, and from Che colossal to the 
human ; so that the virtues which else 
would seem to defy emulation attract 
with hope instead of repelling in despair- 
In France, independent of bis purely pas< 
tornl labours, Oherlin is regarded as one 
of the benefactors to mankind, for the 
transformation which he effected in a por- 
tion of the Vosges, from a wilderness to a 
flourishing district. The interesting de. 
tails were laid before the " Soci^l^ Royale 
et Centrale il' Agriculture " of France, in 
a report presented in ISIS by M. Francois 
de Neufch&teau, who had formerly tra- 
versed the ground as a functionary of go< 
vemment. We quote a single sentence, 
the importance of which will be fullf ap- 
preciated St a time when the miseries of 
Highland and Irish destitution are fresh 
in our readers' memories. " By his ei- 
traordinary efforts and unabated exertions 
he averted from his parishioners in the 
yean 1813, 1816, and tSlT, the horrors of 
approaching famine." (See p. I9G). Had 
be lived in mythological times, he would 
bate been transmitted to posterity as 
another Triptolemus by Greeks, or Hu 
Gadara by Celts. His heart's desire, 
however, was not celebrity, but that he 
might be brought only to wish, say, or 
undertake, " what He who only is wise 
and good sees to be best." (p. 319.) But 
ne must remember that our province is 
to recommend this work, and not to 
analyse it, for a tenth edition ma; surely 
Sparc us the trouble. We need, therefore, 
merely state that it is an enlarged one. 
All sources, French and German, have 
been consulted ; some additional facts and 
obsei'vatioDs have been introduced \ and 
some letters hitherto unpublished have 
been inserted. A chapter, on the more 
prominent parts of Oberlin's ment«l and 
moral character, has also been added. It 
contains several portraits and plans, with 
a pretty vignette of bis church and parson- 
age nt Waldbach. 

We wish it had contained a more ex- 
tended notice of his erudite brother ; but 
for that defect the original French me- 
moir, by M. Lutteroth, is answerable, as 
it bos been copied here. J. J. Oherlin 
is well known in the classical world as 
the editor of C»sar and Tacitus. His 
jiraiiies, sa such, will be found in the 
"Introduction" of Dr. Dibdin, and in 
Klugjing's Supplement to Harlcs.* His 

* This nriier'a same is sometimes ipdt 
with one noal *, and soinetimei with twoi 

other works have procured him a con- 
spicuous place in Peignot's " Repertoire 
Bibliographique," wim this concise but 
copious eulogy : — " La profoode tradition 
de rauteur r^pond de son exactitude et 
de r^tendue de ses rechercbcs." (p. 20.) 
As his " Essai sor le Patois Lorrain,'' ii 
briefly alluded to at p. 2-1 of the memoir, 
we may add, that Peignot has given an 
analysis of this work, which he consider! 
worthy of comparison with that of M. 
Champollion Figeac " Sur les patois ou 
idiomes vulgaires dc la France." (p. 440.) 
The personal history of J. J. Oberlin is 
also interesting, from the sufferings he 
endured in the Reign of Terror. A me- 
moir of him will be found in tbe " Biogra- 
phic Universelle," nhich might advan- 
tageously be copied or condensed, in the 
appendix to the next edition of the volume 
which forms tbe subject of this notice. 

Pauptritm and Poor Ltaet. By Ro- 
hert Pashley, oneofHtrMqjttly'i Couneii, 
late FeUmc of Trinity Collegt, Cambridge. 
Author of TraeeU in Crete. — Honour be 
to those who still ply their thankless labour 
in exploring the causes of failure in our long 
attempts to deal wisely with pauperism t 
In our narrow limits, it is impossible for 
us to follow Mr. Pashley as we could wish 
through his painstaking inquiries ; but we 
will endeavour to slate a few of his data 
and his conclusions. 

It is, indeed, a sad and harassing thing 
to find the sum total of our pauperism 
still so high ; to know that at the close 
of 1851 the amount expended in that year 
in poor-law relief waa no leas than five 
millions. Still worse it is, perhaps, be- 
cause militating against any fond ideas of 
country simplicityof manners and economy 
of habits, to find how much lower oa 
the downward scale are the agricultural 
districts than our towns, so that the pro- 
portion of relief required in ten of our 
agricultural counties is at tbe rate of about 
9e. id. per head per annum, while, in the 
metropolitan districts, the yearly sum of 
(kt. 3\d. would nearly represent the amount 
per head — the amount of population in 
the ten aforesaid counties being 3,514,637, 
while in the metropolitan districts it ia 
taken at 3,3C3,336. 

From numerous statements like these, of 
melancholy and disheartening significance, 
Mr. Pashley turns to the question of what 
are the principal occaaions of mismanage- 
ment of our actual pauperism, and he 
makes a vigorous attack on one of the 
worat among them — the law of settle- 
ment. We have never seen tbe absurdi- 
ties of legislation more amply exposed. 
It is true that at different timea endea- 
Toun have been made to modify this law 
and to check remoTali. FncUcally, no 


MiaerlianMVi Rrvi»»9. 


VtAaaa nd PhUim in otehuviat |ht- 
mcbt» to Ute «an-nwMl«*t p«op«Ti r •till 
Um fakdtfn«nt«l «*i] puaaiiw— Iti* Mmmon 
IHk of thi Ubounr im irtofoaaly mUtlsnd 
bf tb« dittmlty of abttfntng a eoCtiM 
MW kb work: hs fi lowereal In tlM wu* 
lanf bofora be ivqnlmi paioobial aid. hj 
bdi| pui»ked ^oal and nude Ibc (object 
of oppKMive AounrM, U»t Im ihoulil in 
fOBO rnUn \ime beeonB chwfMlile. Hie 
IbMhwh ■ddnwd b; Hr. hulaf m no 
■noentiam or cmrpdaail OHM. mile 
tbc tettkunt of uie Aitun ly^ wtJ 
pauper It an oljact ever before tbe mindi 
of (•udiani and rBl«p*Tn«, it >* r«in to 
bo|ic for orijbHoarljr tinton— far a kind); 
iMendMBgi of fMlLni between tbe poM 
and tbe rieh. Sullen or vlaleal nalal< 
■Boe OB oae »dr. and pfBiinc appnadaa 
oa tbe oibert will bo the preeaiUagfMotacte 
wtibaUbavetowilMaa. All that bvnero- 
leiVM dettrM to do by Moam of ediieathM, 
ar b; leau or aUohneala. or an; tpedat 
of IbuU; aid, ti nearljr oMlen aov. Thft 
dailf feeBnc tkut m inlereatod ejre 1i 
wBlcbing Ue tcantamta , aettljag Ue oltDe 
of abodOi uJ kecpiDK Uai out or tbe 
egubtia ef a deoenC dwiUiag bonte, la 

SU aad weraiwood to tbe poor Uboorer. 
itelia eaaeon wUeh we oannot apeak too 
■tranfljr. Sorel; the nofted nice of In- 
•pMtora, Koaidiaai, and eoonomitiUi •rfll 
prvrail at lait to proanra Uie attoUtion of 
•o degtadim a law. 

Hr. haUer by do meau make* Hght, 
bowerer, of the iDflleiiltv of fcrlD«ioB It 
about. The »hola mode cf taMng tbe 
poor rate iniut be allcnd dnaltaiieovaly 
aHtt aacb a oban^e. Hia own pTOpoml u 
developed in a lew pagea at the ona of the 
vohiine; but, tfon<4i« hi the itateutat la, 
It li 100 teng for ai. nnd we imnit refer 
to tbe Tolacne Itaoll 

These b len bt Mr. PaabIrT'* book 
about ontdoor ollowanoM to the able- 
bodied thaa we abo«1d bare eiiKctod i he 
cannot be ignorant that tlii* la bow th« 
•nUMt of gttM oontMt hMw«en Unlooi 
ana tbe Poor-law Board. Ererjr one mmt 
•giee with Irbn la a larfo extent tn wkal ha 
Mjn of woaUiiMMi. In aobr aathetrtat- 
BMinl, or ct«a mlmlwlim, of lanntico and 
iiliiiln in cone<ni«d, il it aca'DO poialble 
in o*etmite iha ealatfiea and mbnitnago- 
ment the* InhllAljp entafl upon the eom- 
moD Unfoa Honw. We aie ntber inort 
doubtful aboBt ihc School (juettlon. Itenie 
raperienoD and esach In^ultj liaTc led 
«a la aporehnid that If tbe dliMct hooaea, 
fbr children onlf, were much aiore nn- 
neroai ilian Ifeey are, the workboaic 
WDotd loae the benrflt of a retldent 
frhoolnutei : and the conaUemlion of 
tbe lar(e •pilnhltag of children whlcli moat 

atwatv he retained tbrr«, a* (ar m w« en 
ere, la a eerfow* onn. l^ere fa tood dona 
Vj aaearlnc la a Mwinwin Union Mouae Iha 
vraaenee of a MdwolMaatar «)» wfll keep 
MbN the oyft of tlw ipNrdiaiM of iho 
fHUlrfm the eoMteohi of better teaedilnt 
than on often in food In naUtBal igfcoe l fc 
Sir J. K. Sbottkwofth'a ancMakig iMm- 
tl«a to lUa po'Bt, dorinK thr •Ama Of Un 
Poor \mm inapMtonktp, wa«, «o hn« 
rcaaoa to kiMNr, fbltowod by tbeoa mod 
cfltcta. By Ui raconnMndMloii, wnnol- 
■aetera wera biOBi^t fraan faetlend. and 
appantu aad boofci were bcdy pnrchawd 
for naany of the Uoioa Homm*. But an 
vnnt mn oooanllted in tMnleinf a ntd- 
ilracn Bl the workhoMw for thene earn. 
We eeanol lee why Mmj thoaM be can- 
ptlled to a mode of llfb and to toUncMM 
and aaaodata wUoh noat to Bnany hare 
been dl«f«allnc and pednhL It II not 
fair b> rzpoc* fVon orery BcluMliBaeterp 
othcrwiae food, that he ahonld be cntifalv 
fNMMaaad by ibg mHalonary apiril; and ■ 
nottiinc tee* Mold make the workbooM 
life endiirahlr to a man of cduoatkin. As 
WM to be expected, tiieae laaeUm qnkUy 
becaiBc dbeontealed and nnfjuti ihdr 
oKee ; and, ia nuny plaMi, tbe xJioul 
wt* diteoBtlnued or shnlled ol lo the 
fneetei-'a dnegbter or eonio olBrial who 
happenedtnbeofttbntpot. Dialrlct Kboole 
at wiJr inCrrTili, for orphan* and anpro- 
fidedchUdrca, wbo cia there bo properly 
ttatneii in indotlrial babita, art ofrtwaly, 
howeeer, deairablei bullet the worhhoaae 
aehool, bTneenible, go on and bo iinntnTpd 
apon. There ia not nneh farce to Mr. 
Pbahlay'a objeetion obont the dtRtcalf j of 
olaaalMallon* ItlaciiwHBr inronTrnicnHt 
with tbet which meeta ti* in many of oar 
naUonal riUl^ school*, whieh are no*Uy ^ 
for all age* and both >ctM. H 

Seeing no preseot remedy fOr Ibtt, w« 
Ihtak tM mnd Mint is that onr tninod 
laacb t w mooM be a little Iom tdlT and 
unbeadlng.* llicy unji, It ia tme, attire 

* We ate flad to find that our af onr 
beat training aehootl — The Hone anil 
Colonial Modal Intant Scdioal at King*! 
Croaa— ao r«n(niee* the neual want of 
the igricvkuml dbtrict* ea to hare latdy 
tnetitutcd io addition to Hi other ■ch<K>U 
what 1* ntkvr aaiuiingly calletl "An 
AgricDltnral tiehool."— the object being 
to admit jnai itiat eitituiv nf agM, les. 
and, u far aa can ht dotie. •oHal petition, 
which I* genetally eoen In tbe aehoolnioa 
of a vtllaga. There \* a KOTemcan, and 
there are Urae pnpll leaehem. No other 
Bonllora are emiiloyeil. One of the |vapll 
learhrra li employeil with the infant* In 
a daa* room daring creai pcut of the liair. 
Tbe Others glre the lavona. Tencherano* 

MiiCtUaneout It«vitu<t, 


/«r gnlcr in tlulr wfaiMki bm tba idcn 
tbvaJd Iw gotMnf/ti of wi end ihAt U 
U(li«r tk»t Uw laeiiH— of accoiumod*. 
Qoo M ttufilkbtila ctrouiiialaiicea for Uut 
mkt of doiBf gu»l. Aiijr mMter or mil- 
ttMB omnpdml to imlrucl pintU teashcn, 
wbq b ■iHWMl tile un o( • «!■•« mat in 
■Uitioii to the »«h*>olfaMii| Haj, b<r 
Mpwatioi) of (bo Bwn' lahaU front the 
fluer MbAtan, keef ritber a wiukbouM 
KliMl or ■ commaii <ilLi(a Mbool mtb 
gntf enditi wd we bclinc thitt witli 
nnwt ta the tonmti, it wmU Im * tariouc 
fl*il if il wK (liKoatiaiicil ar indttctiialj 

r for (At adkOtlmttUr. Vol. f. 
—Tbtm^ but one volHue «f tbl> eu«U 
Inl MUintiDa h yvt mde up, we haie 
canlUIr m/umiaei tbe iMoocMdn mootblj 
■■■ben. aoj an b>|^y to bear ear t«»li> 
■iMjr ta the •dnurabli) ipirft and execu- 
Ifan of lh« vholiL Wk bnon no wvik 
Mtapltd like thir to the u*ea of pupil 
■Mdicn moractpemUr. It in out ujior 
too mnek to ••Mcrt, tlut enrj puptl 
tnctKf ia tbe Uad would <k> well rtgii- 
Urlf lo eifrod Ike tridiajt ■•■» r«qulr«a 
hr e*Mri^ eotutaM at*em to m ng. 
gMtiw md 10 bMCTotont ■ book. 

Wchannad, udneurtQ it.iguo ind 
■fiia, mUh neoMmg tmi nsiiect— nal 
for III dctcnns BCTcljr. thirasb nqr 
dercr it certain!; M, but (or ibe uaifonn 
pfc^DBUUDcc giTvn to rcUglou* and noidl 
a|eacf. Kat withMit sppreheiiiian bare 
«a watebad tha worhiiift of GaTerameBl 
laipcallon. 1 1 cuinot be liairied that there 
ia *4ateT from the raoliiiual stimulu,— 
llw artUcial po*ilioii, in thort, in wbldi 
1Iwa«io«Bstaacb«r*fiBiilbcm>iJ*e«. And 
tb*B H h OTiiwaifinaabla that oar laifwo- 
totabBwattak a( dw paataat dimunitr 
bafora tbau. Wa tbink Uw Hrioinljr of 
lliB afaaraolw of (ba fTa«£<^rdfor(Buaa 
■jipeatfaf hardly mora (ban oocc or twice 
la an age) oot u bate auuij miaginnia a» 
to Iba nodt in rbkb tome worth;, well- 
infottacd, bat rather cvmaion- place, miodl 
n»f iwrfom thdr taak. Of iwuenicjr 
tbcf Hiaat be g«ideil io a En>*l mcniure 
b; what ij act down for them iu the 
Miiiulta of COHMcdl. A ajratom hu to be 
punued fiTMD jnr to jreari and tb« luc-* 
eetaTuI yc/f orwoaoaa af tbe pu|'il tcacbcit, 
asd tba naitffra and niiMTatiea alto, wbeu 
Ibay cnM op ftr nanination, mitit be 
BinaiTgJ b; the ■tandard tber* laid domi. 
Of citurac I'haractcr li Inqnlied Into and 
rrDortcd uo, bat pruAcico^jr la bcMl kiww- 
higa, — aMbapraAdmicjaatclliinanci- 

ander Iralninf wfll here Me what hind of 
■ara^Buat trUI be rt^alrnl In leboola of 
IkU mint unaftUiuL 

Mniaatiao,— i* tLe vki«f that an iiiapactar 
can know aboat th«m. Wahaiacertaiolj 
KL-Hu mitai very bud lencbcra, ntlittf; oT«r, 
or rather tnia-ruliiig, iiiual undlKipllntd 
achoola. who hoid jrct poMCd eilnnnalj 
well tiioiii«d*eB. There b alao aDoUiar 
dangeTiniaipeetcdKbooli: CromoDCiriilt 
to another, «bnt niil cnaUe tb« pupil 
teaohwa la carry their point, and get their 
atiptodl, in apt lo he inn cTmutiiatl; before 
then ; and we Ibiiik It rcquirri (rrat «atcb- 
fulnna Id prtfvrul the achool, iba foraard* 
nasu of vhicb ia oiie of Ihe tcaCa of pro* 

inun, beiug Umpcred with in auj itapect. 
'here ara alwijrn tewptatkins cnounb to 
leaf hers to nako loo maeb of «Ievsr, for- 
wanl cUiLdrcn— the difliMitL; is lo bring 
rurwsrd tha alow onoa. It ii tcarcci; jioa- 
sble that an impeotor can ace the whole 
in a qoiot natonl atale, and there ia rca- 
■OD t« foar that the poor 'Spirited cnea will 
be depre«ed, vhil« clit foatidcnt and eai; 
will be routed lu i|hcii1 but partial uer- 
tios. All tbia i* uid nut ia the Itaat with 
a view to diopBTigiii^ Ibi: jficnt boon of 
govemmant inipeotion, but merely lo 
point out tb« ntoeaiity it cnt^Ia on the 
ooHciendona Icaeber and tlie patront, of 
niUatalnlag inviolate Ibeir own idea* of 
what il of primary iniportauue ia «duaa* 
tiod, while yvt they endeavour to laaka 
the beet uae of the intdlei:lual ttimnlai 
atroTded. We [bank UaTrmnient /or all 
it doe* now «iul may d'^ f^r iiatigual edu- 
cation, but w«p1iu«our>troagcalbopai in 
but only OMiit. Mow true it t* that every 
where tbere are minda to wtirk if ihry did 
but know their rooation I '' Evory one 
who Loneatly loalu for it will And lomB- 
thing peoaliady lui own — •ometblng wUeh 
no one elae ia either pbeed in alrcum- 
Mamsea, or endowed with i)ailiiin, to da 
equally well. Theeain ties bin proper 
work, Bubte and beautiful becanac it ia 
hit own) * * * hut womia* the duty that 
belongs to ua for iiant of timplicity of 
mind, from Ignomace of ourMl*c*, and a 
reotlen anbition to b« what wa are anL" 
It ia in the vlgUaat anperistaodanM of 
what ia done and doing Ui adnoation that 
tb« duty of many pcnona aoews lo lie. 
Same want the tal«at of laacUogi and 
aomu are bad itrvtuta to a »|«CBn, who 
yet intnitiiclj ae« nbat u iiaed*d, and 
ptMBt the vay la that which un<i«tliea 
all ajitema. If curli aro viae, they will 
be atrupuloudj mrvrul of pronoundng 
diBftiuiacinc wordo, ercu wbeu the; tec 
much Kiiiinkc. Tbc b&ie fact that kindly 
iatdcovric b takiuK plu« betwetu the 
rich uiil pont, xbouliibe haUed a> u good, 
for rrejj tUsg tlial aatoura of broiher- 
bood ia to be urbwd for ba own Mk«<, and 
U be foatcmf it the germ of what wlU 


JUUeeUaneutu JtmUmt. 


lKrcBft«r cipuul «ail cover lli« bad, wc 
tmit, wilb tu pncioua frnibL 

KMDrnBc «g«in t« the " Pi|>«r< for tb« 
SdioolBtilK," Ift ■( tuUitoe (Mb n- 
nirk* ■■ ibOM liea^eil " My Cliildirn,'' 
]>. 101. wbich *Km la u to b< tdTeaeil 
wllh CMcUy ttw ksvca ira tnuU Here 
the «mI b IwU BP M it oagbt (a be t fw 

•• Runinatioa," th« " HuJm," Uie 

' Tminlog CallcM," tke " Cfttlllut*." 
Iban had tbetr dajr, Iml IhMe arc llu- 
Ua^ llA behind: and now, for «hat 
irc ibc tencbCT't garaered itona b«n 
allrctci), for nhal lua bia tnhu) Um 
epaowl (JiH dimrlpllnctl, but fur '' Tbe 
aildrm?" Thr ClirMlim locticr hu 
not amljUiilvD IcMon*, hahaitamauld 
dMnnUn. Froapcdl^r b« with him! 

Uhi' Veterii Tnlamenli Apoernii 
Or»tr., Mi.—Thut^tmiaaithe 
[On-pi Ai-ccrypka l>rl'>tig«l ancindijr to 
^iil|>7'« Sr|)tu^nl, and, not Mat inttr. 
ralxodwirh lh« book* «f Ae Old Te«ta< 
lUBjii [u hail bem doM bj Grabe and 
BnWagcr) Ita conveoloioe hm enkUcd 
Mr. Dunlcr to n-iMiM it iu ■ MiMnilc 
feiin. Snch a volmnehu lung been itant- 
Id|; [o Ihii nnintrTi thouali in Cfrmiiiiir 
itkHi* irsi tho •dmea of llmcrkfl (ITIH 
wllh an Inlroductiwi, «nc] another imntM 
it iUlk In I74'J, fnini the tetl of llnilt> 
inser'i LXX. besides tbc Mveralimbllai- 
tiont of Fabridnt. Il dow not, of conrw, 
MUtain thc' S«««iul Book of Etdnu, nbieli 
1« not riUnt in Gmk ; but it u mors 
taluable tliaii tiie Eiigliib cdiliont, a« it 
inelide* tbt Thitd Book at iIm MacM- 
bets. irhicb, in iiDint of hrtlonr, 1* Ibc 
JInt, «• it ntUtci to the prncimiiaa of tbc 
Jem bf Ptoleni; Philnpator.* 01 the 
Apocrjrphi, Mr. Cttril jnttlj remtrki in 
li!> Rtmnini, u nn iUuftratron of nULn*ii 
being faml of ettrvniM. thai " the Pijijat 
pWa the AporiTptia into tiU Canon — th« 
ProlCituit Kill tcarMlr rqiDrd It at an 
■ndnt record.'' A fair aumniarf of \ia 
U*«> i* ^rcD ij Dr. Pjc SiuiUi iii liil 
"ScriptQK TMIimoiif," (vol. i, |>. :i:<lj: 
'*Ai a collection «t the moat ancient 
Jcwiab rcoordi nrii to tho inspjrail booka, 
a* dociiniRiil* i>( hii>tor5,sa lonouaof pro- 
dra(« and orten nf I'lclj. and as rlucldallD;; 
tW pbrBK«locT of (L« Ndw 1Wlani«nt, 
Ibc Grc«k A|Hicrit>lia ««]] iwenn the 
frcquMit pemaal of Kholara, and etpedallj 
tlwdogieatnndRiti." Ughtfoot, ind««J. 
Id hi* " Dulaa for aSlodaot." rWotki. 
vol. ii. I'. D.Kiro.) iirtfcrt tbcTalinud. but 
lie ta naturally partial to the £dd uf hh po- 
csliar Ubouri. For partinikr* rapcctins 

• Tbe/M Book* of ttir MaMkbeci bat. 
been edited iu Kn^Uth hj Dr. Cotton, 
wboK acrvicva la literature m nwnoroiia. 

(diton uf Bcparatc booka, we mnat refer 
tl)e reader to Harlrdi, ** Br«tinr Notilia 
Llteratur* Gnm," 1.^%. W'i. p- 
m;.lM2i to Dr. Adam Claritt'i ** »u< 
ceaakin ufSnercd Llier«liin>," voL i. : titd 
to the ■■ Bitiljotiii^iic SacT^" of M. 
Nodier. Paiii, I8£fi. Co^ova analjrwi 

of Ibc MTCrsl books, and liltl of cOOUMH- 
tatota iloim to UmI liinr, will h« foowl la 

"th* EncWMiluin Biblicnm" of J. H. 
Hrideiuer, Ziirii.-li, I'M.-t $ine« tbm a 
rcTival baa taken place of ibe tiae of tb« 
A|io<rjfba. " quBin auiicrun Mcnilo dof- 
ualiun hialuria dimdu iTKlari inclpBrcl 
atadio," a* M. Beitb«aw nbaeriM, in a 
IVaia on the SnMnd Book ftf |Im> Maa«- 
b«M, delivered at Gottlngen in 1929 (v. ft). 
It ia on the Maccabeva tbat th« nlu ot 
the Apocrypha ctildiT rat*, na, nMwitli- 
■landlac Incir blembnca. tbcf rnmlab oM' 
terlalt &r &7ixi>JadKaii hiaiorj nUdi no 
profane miUiora end to IMppb- t^- 
GtlliM, who hu nuda osniMwtblo mb of 
tfaem tn hb •■ IlUlory of ili« World," mo. 
traitathetr " tabUmebreiltr" In I Maoc. 
c. I. &i, IU. wllh ibe ■' Gmk doqaetioB 
orJoaenhua" (I.4&1, note 19). Acata. 
ot p. 46g, note 26, he Hja, "IntlnAM- 
(-■i^T'lia Ibe war* of the Jv*a arc dMaribnd 
witli priBtttin tfaipKeli;. JoieplMa bmb 
the term* of Greek laotlo*. but i« not 
more infomilni;." But the Doetor's bold 
•iiumptlon llial the lurraliTe in 'i Mace, 
c. i. relates Iu the death of AniivcbuB 
8iJ»lft ha* not been adopted b; anb**- 
qoent wri ler*. Tlid eijireBcion 9vrr*r*tt 
la 9 Mace. x\. 1, which i* tronalalrd "tltc 
hlu'aeonnn," ho* been ba|>pily expliincd 
bv LelnuinB to be a neretitlr, "jBUocln 
Portngnl nnd Pranoc eecrf peer it eallod 
MON nniH." {Sn NiebuW'a Le>vlurca 
on Ancieat Niitory, *i>l. tit. p. tUi,\ Tbo 
bialorioaj value of tile ■'M<«aabooa" 
formed the ■xbjert of n conlron^iji in thn 
last oeiiturj, in wlitcb the ln-o Wema- 
dorlFt were engaged with Proeiicla oud 
Miehnrlia, Tbctillo afone of tbo Tolamn 
I'ruitnccdbjit iaquiteamrlosity. "prop- 
ter eingularem bamanilacem," aa BojFlet 
tbe anUgonlat of Dentlef, would have *«id i 
"AnctoHUa utriu*()n* libti Maccalwo- 
nuni canonieivhialaTifa aucria, et Km«U> 
.chioni attaaleadefrnfiadrgnnacumineatn- 
lionrai Gotlliob^VrmlJorfli, euju InaniK 
rt oRucJK pualtn delc^untnr, • quudani 
■oeictali* Jcaua Mcerdolc." ViennK Aaa> 
triD, I7'i;i. A wviler wli.) adopted Uii* 
il^e wa« right to iFinrar BBonjmonily. 
Tn thia «(i<n M, hrrtiteaii prDbabljr 
allndea, and >• ciritlj ai lir tieirrved. 
" Sindnil i)uii(cii> mGnadiu* b[c, qui 
Wernadorfii rrfulaftdl iiucepit proTtn> 

f The eof) of lliii "iirk im* btfora u| 
brlon^ to the Dnkc nf Kft>aex. 




Mitcellaneovt Reviewt. 


■^iam, antiqoam ratiooetn (cbroDology) 
defendere, ted, quod Tideo, ne tantillnm 
quidem proluUC, quod Wernsd. demon- 
Btrationem rejiceret," (p. 45). We have 
not entered into the reaaoD^ whtoh have 
caused the Apocryphal Books to be re- 
jected from the Caaoo, aa ihey are familiar 
eveti to junior itudenta in Bibliology. If, 
liowever, a particular reference on that 
subject \i desirable, the reader will find 
it treated In the works of Lightfool and 
Dr. Pjre Smith alread;r quoted. 

Tht Nev> Biblical Allot and Scripture 
Gaieltttr. Imp. 8po. pp. 96.— We cer- 
taialjr live in an age of literary auxiliariet. 
Burmauii, a century ago, enumerated aidi 
for the atudent, in no leM than eight liues, 
beginning " Leiica cum glouls " (Poe- 
maCa, 1746, p. 39), bat what would be 
aaid to those with which we are now anr- 
rounded ? Formerly, when auch helps 
were fewer, eminent scholara were formed, 
became they bad to toil after the prize, on 
the principle inculcated in the fable of 
" The Farmer and his Sons," the moral 
of which is, that " Industry is itaelf a 
treasure." Now helps are become ao 
numerous as to make ignorance the ei- 
ception, and we will hope the beat for the 
result, as the intellectual tendency of the 
age baa eitinguisbed the Sulteos, the 
Westerns, Ibe Brutes, and the Trolli- 
bers, of whom our grandfathers could tell 
us. The Introduction to the " New Bibli- 
cal Atlas " informs us, that it is designed 
aa on improvement on a former work, pub- 
lished by the Religious Tract Society in 
1840, now that a considerable advance 
has been made in Biblical Geography. 
The ptiocjpal guide for lliis work is the 
Bibtl AUa» of Heinrich Keipert, of Ber- 
lin, who executed tbe maps, and wrote the 
accompanying memoir, for Dr. Robinson's 
" Biblical Researches in Palestine."* 
Other anthoriliea bme also been con- 
sulted, and the " Phyotcai Map " (No. ii.) 
is constructed eipreaaly, by Petermano, 
for this work. Descriptive notices of the 
Jewish Tabernacle And Temple are added 
to those of tlie map*. Tbe literary por- 
tion of tbe work is compiled from Burck- 
hardt, Wilson, Barth.JCitto, &c. Itcon- 
tains twelve maps, with tbe aforesaid de- 
scriptions, and an Index or " Gazetteer " 
(as be term now in vogue Is), referring 
both to pawagea in Scripture and to tbe 
maps. It is ultogetbcr a comprehensive, 
useful, and elegant volume. 

Ad»n»'» Parliamenlary Handbook. — 
Tbe tint Part consists of a concise List of 

* Fjr n revie.T of this work, lee Gent. 
Mag. Oct. 1841, p. 402. 
Gknt. Uao. Vol. XXXIX. 

Peers, in alphabetical order, with their 
conneiioQB, seats, and town resideocea. 
The Second Part contains tbe Constituency, 
Population, and number of Electors of 
eacli Place, with the Polls at the last Elec- 
tions : and the names of the Members, 
their families, connexions, seats, and town 
residences, all very conveniently arranged. 
For many of the longer notices tbe Editor 
is indebted to the members themselves ; 
and this forms tbe most interetting por- 
tionof the work, particularly at the com- 
mencement of this Parliament, which con- 
tains so many new members. 

Poemt. By B. R. Parkea. — We are en- 
couraged to say a few words of this volume, 
less from what it accomplishes than for 
what it promises. Whether tbe author 
pursues the path on which she here enters, 
or carries the same earnest spirit into 
fiction, or into some work of more con- 
tinuous thought, we believe she will do 
something well hereafter. But in order to 
this, she must not allow herself to be mis- 
led by admiration for modern models. 
Mrs. Bro#ning in this way is. an unsafe 
guide. We do not mean to say that any 
one poem in this collection is distinctlj 
imitative, except in so far as a genend 
turn of thought and a fondneas forirregn- 
larity of metre may be reckoned so. Bat 
tbe peculiarity in Mrs. Browning, whicli 
renders her able to deal with every sort of 
measure, is her exquisite ear. In this It 
is plain that very few can vie with her. 
We have another and more important 
reason for liking carefully constructed 
verse, — that ne believe the Ihovght gene- 
rally comea out more clearly in the pro- 
cess. The most harmonious verse is in- 
variably the moat intelligible ; while faulty 
hnes most frequently accompany a leaa 
understandable thoiiglit. We are told that 
Miss Parkcs is a youug authoress. We 
therefore hope she will go on and prosper, 
uniting simplicity of expression with ge- 
nerous and expansive thought and feeling. 

Tht Life and Correspondence of JolM 
Fotltr- By J. E. Ryland, M.A. Vol, I. 
PmI %t<i. (Bohn'i Standard Library.) — 
A copious review of this work appeared 
iu our Magazine for .\ugust, 1B46. Onr 
reviewer theo observed that aa a writer 
Mr. Foster " must be allowed to stand in 
the first rauk of those who, in the present 
age. have been distingniahed for originality 
of coDceptiou and elegance of language.'* 
We need now only add that Mr. Ryland 
(whose name is associated with the ac- 
quaintance of llall as well as Fosltr) has 
undertaken this work under tbe most ad- 
vantageous circumstances for a biographer. 
Its republication in a more popular form 


MitetUant^tu A«trtrw<. 

ii not only a proot of tu vklue, but con- 
Ten a faooo cw aiaj rMilcn. 'oillun wboM 
icaoh i( U ptnraDMitljr btouf bt. SbcIi « 
bi<wr«{ikj oucbl Bot lo pau off in tli« 
npld clrculilion i>r boak (ivwtl(« ; tot an 
orrwinrnl KrurrpiiM la il will l«ii(] ii> 
fortUlM Uie mind of altenUM aud rrflcct- 

3*4« FMfteaJ A*nMiiiu «/ M'tMasa Sitf- 
■Hy H'aWer./nnwrr/^ ftW^r i?/" ^Hni/y 
CXUtf*. C4i>tMdft. tUiM. leUh a Mr- 
moir >if Ikt AtilAor. tf tkt Rn. ti. 31owl- 
irie, A.M. — Tliti tulume, ttunifh imall ia 
■iie aud little oUtwIiie la ooincnou mukn. 
MMMt ba piaacd om bj ua nttlMnt tb« 
aotiea, dao to tba Reoiua and leamiiv of 
the itnliappf nbjoot of it. Thoaa vtlia 
kiwi* the dMoated vill ba graUSed and 
|i1eiin] with aci jodicioui aiid kind a rrrard 
of tbdr liMt frieiid ; and lliuor n Iio did 
not, (dll be etrimk hj a Mugular aud r«' 
muLabla porlrail, tbe attracUoo of «Udi 
will not ba aoon nit Mnlj rmnorad frvio 

WUUaai SMoar Walker wai bomat Pen- 
bmko, la SouCb WalM. 4 Um 17tU. ami 
Mcaad after bb (odfalbrr 8It W, .Sidnc; 
Sstklii Ha waa 4aKcnd<d bj hia crond- 
BUtttHT (po« the old MiUfra of tli< Noith, 
and iheraToM firont tbe kiatdrtan of the 
Cbufcb. Hf <nu bora aiiniMl blind, btit waa 
M hr laatored t« aigbt by Mr. Wotr. that 
■ dim Bpeck in tacti ej9 alaae ramMaed. 
Uif falber died tu IHII. Sidoar waa 

SU«ed fintt at Doocaalcr School. Inaa at 
onil Hill, and IMII7 at Bloa. To defray 
the upeaMk of lii« eduoatioii of bar aoD 
hii iDOtber mrlitd a ttv yoonc ladin to 
cdunut. Sidnujr tlbiinn)ah«d biaMlf at 
S«M bj ueoplary coaiduct and bigb cUi- 
■laal alUln&wnU. obtains) many \>t\*t», 
aad two aeholatabifi*, b«fore lio wnat lo 
Canbiidga, wbere b« soon bMatna enU 
oeni, bdn( a Trinity Scholir, Iben goinlnf 
Lbe Fonoa Priie, tbcn a CraTea Schnl«r, 
aad, laitlj, a PeUo* of Trinity C«Ua(c. 
Ub appUcalioa and 0*01017 *"* o^trnor- 
diaanr ) he coiUd r«|>eat t«tfy tin* 1/ Ho. 
mtr iy rdl* \ and, induced b* a jocular 
renark of Sir Janaa Uaeintoah, be turned 
a^nceof the Court Guide intaOreeh lene. 
Tbia ia tbe Itsbt aide of the piolHrci bat 
tbc ahadori lie rrty darkly over tfaeother. 
Tbe ntany pcmlliriHe* of bi* f«r«o«, 
BunMea, and dr«a«. excited tbe ridicule 
of llwboy«alEUiD, and tliprvninutbinj 
oonofUatory in bli coodun towania ibem. 
This tndad in a n^^aiar aw? prmamni 
qialTM ^ifmrttailn^ ptrtrcttmn, and tbe 
OOflokuioB lu whicii hi I att»olied and 
fMeadly editor airirr* >■, tbat " from bla 
peeuliirtUn \it wan enllraly mftt (0 a«M. 
riafa vifA acAeoftuyi im pntiaK llcace 
ha amwcd binuelf (fur sonio aiiaibioe 

wai ten aaiid lbe •lotma) bf writtaf niirea, 
cpignina, aad aOmi U^l affuiow, and, 
loatly, by an epic poa« oalied Goataviu 
Vbm. Uie four firit booki of wbirb were 
Itabliibexl by labMiriptioa la IHI^, wbea 
he wsH ii-vetiiwB year* old. 

Whilr ni Tri dity College kaatlaohcd kirn- 
Mtlf lo Mr. Siioocm'a lediaaof tbe Cburtih at 
England 1 but tbii waaonly for atlaae, a«d 
wat ■<acc«od«<i by n kind of ntft-tirm, 
which aeooapaaiecl bim IhroUgb tb« r«- 
DMlnderofUf lift. Tbe actMMBt whleh bit 
biographer gitn uf bit alali; of tnlad, hit 
Tiewi. bopn. and liia dMlrei . alter ba had 
honourably oblMnnt hia fcUonhtp, aail of 
their incompatibiEtr with tha dtalnbl* 
ailna&D afloedied hy thai (to kim) mh 
refagfl and harboBr tiem all the dbi|alat« 
of life, li (nil of F4laftil lnter«iti Indeed, be 
aeemeil under the iDflueoM at an evil fata, 
and frmn the tine thlanoaCdoilrablelUlov- 
ifaip waa obtained, br bad ao dit/teei et- 
/rcf ar ect^^atfa« in li/r, be choae ne pro- 
fcerion, b« eojcwn! ■■■ on r«guUr «altrM 
of atudy, and be w*i onlj anfafed in 

iMUy and trivial eeonloynMnla. "lie will 
Ite all bli life (lald one who knew Mm 
well) a bookaetkr'a drudfei and at laat be 
run oTcr and killed by a badtney coaafc. 
while pauia^ from one ahop to nnolhef. 
After a few yearn, to Iho aetoniabnient 
of bb frienda, he waa found to be beiie- 
loMly and deeply ia ditl: tod what makea 
the matter more (straonUnary, thii i« bo|)- 
poaod to be uicufTvil, to a vonndcrnhle 
calcnt, for/tnia.|«iwtadlen, wlio obtained 
on cxtraordiaury iuduenoc over bioi. 

In I8U he aleod muneceetfulty for Uio 
Ureeh ProBwioirtbip. In 1829. frofneome 
*eru]i)ei emoaniias the doctrine of eftr- 
iHf fmitkwitmt, which liia friendt oo<i1iI 
not renav«, he raelned Ua fcUawebrj), at 
il oould not, aMordlot to Iba nilRi of lbe 
wrilept ba bald fbr any lon|er time by • 
layman. With tbia rengnation. tc ia re- 
marked, " be nnberitatinily teiigncd bO|it 
of futurt indopeadenoc, and alniott all 

froTJaioii etcn for |naaent luliaialencc.'' 
a IHM bii penuitaij embanaumeata 
ircre fearfully great and jieeMlii^: be owed 
iTJOO to Cambridge tradeamen, without 
any DKana of paying tbemt tnd beinforine 
bia friend Mr. Freed that he hai exprrl- 
cnceJ a tllgAI dUvrJtr ^ U# .AraAlM. 
Dy thia gcoervna and Iclad frieud he waa 
inetantly raJieecd, bia debta were paid, 
hit. a year waa aeoufed to him for Wt, %a 
whirb Trinily College added SOf. more. 
On iliii incuiRC he aubaiaird till bit death. 
DuiiDg tlic kit BstMn year* of bh life 
bo occupied girretii «r aontc (ueb miaor- 
ahlc raoma. in aone court in the itciglu 
bUDrhood (if ^1. Jaiiii»i'>, wilh ooeutanal 
(llila ta bii ftieiidi. 
We miul, liDwevcr, draw co a ctoia tbft 


MUeel/aittous Rtvwmi, 


■IngvUrlf |>*itrNl Ufter^r, jtA not aitboni 
OHM nore qiioUaf > ii>mmi;« from Uie 
Ufr. wilbMt «likk miDuultl iMte sii iin> 
perfect imprsfuan uii Uif midtr <it tlic 
irAAbolSUaej Wdkcr'icliaroctfr. " Ul- 
now bt^iN tv l>« Mniititvlr cmiarloua 6f 
tb* lingttUrttf ft bit sf>p«ArSB«a, •»(), 
InagldiBg that tU cyn wera flied npon 
Um *tiene*er bewral abroiit, ka wovld 
coodoe UmhK to liii •olllarj room for 
wmIu Icgetkar. Ub nnM of hearing 
bKuncM MarbldlT Mutc tbat ema b ilio 
oMnllT. aad tMM mmv Id London, li? 
«u BM 10 iMy Ml can with «Mton, 
■nd^ flBcBBf tlHt [Dunelent, trtn with 
kneuod mmI* ofArMrf. OnapmicnUi 
occaiiOB ka callcil npoa a incdlrnl frianil 
M ten is llic iDon^Dg villi a coinpUtnt 
Ibtl hi* bnd iMd beta enuhwl flat nith 
the whMl of • *«««•■. Vtl amUtl lh*tt 
AaftadM/iim JiU tUtUtcl Ml rH»in»d 
all Uioriflnalwtfom-mJiK<ilmuu,a»dit 
if«t pv»ai*f ttuditt aad prtiJmeingviiTkt 
fnm KiUcA ktanlieipaifi, mit bU/riaiJi 
B*a^ B*a/fMiW to •Kfinipoftm Am ^Ma^ 
lAr «miAmiJ rtimMiim ^ a Htrmam «r a 
J>««M M B^glitk liltrtlvn.'' la IMC 
ba wai (<nn4 niferiBg aiidtr ui nttnck of 
tha U»M, which b«caoic incurable, and lio 
StA M bb lod(ln|* in St. Jsmct's IlacCi 
In lltf aNtnniii of ibat jcnr, hii lut iLiji 
bci^ tol t e t t \>j tbc kmdnciB aa^ fjiu- 
nUhj of Mr. Ucrweat ColcridgF, hit 
friMK ef tltCBBd-twrnif yon, whoae 
{■tarutini tvcord of tbotc ft* lut iltyiof 
Ufe dote lb« naTraiive. AU nc now hflie 
rsnm fcr is a aptoncD or two tnm tb« 
pootrr of the totiUDC, whteb fbUf anfipvtt* 
Ik* ewneiar ttr«« b; lb« IMIiar of the 
iBlania at Ma Meail, afiatowf maj b« l» 
iffaot apoa llw genant miitil afthe public* 


TUi I>0«fD wta MTiltm lioiuttanevoil* 
with Htothtr by tiMt late BIr. WtlliBm M, 
Pnud, tbe tiN> poela aittiw tide bj' aide 
■nd rbywlnf In frkadtjr nralry. Mr. 
Praad'a pwB U anbjcdned bj the EAtor. 
A ebmi la OB mv ntirifa wing* 

Whan lhroD||h the crawdrd toirn I fhrv, 
SpaU-lfka tfaa imtaat round mc clinp. 

A bUodlnt ^lui. a ttiiliae air. 

B«t «baa aotid tha ralka looe 
Of MlMr da;*, 1 «aiid«r m*. 

Hj iflrlt IMa lu Ittuf • Hoao, 
Asd aoan In >aj and Ubcny. 

fMth airt blow o«t ma froB tha pue. 
Sltateli'il BUI abovf me like ■ ik*. 

' We miut idd ihnt inliiiaiaoDa noWt 
on Skahptr* bj Sidney Walk«r, are In Ibo 
bandt «f Mr. W. N, L«tt»cn, ttid a Uff« 
toMm at miaeeUaiiiMiit eviticiim i* waiting 
tn an editor. 

It* (tnrry dorae, mrttcriailf, tut, 
S*lial«« my (ool a eapadma eye. 

1 hear the dM|i. the ana-Uka roar 

Of hamaD a|;i:* billowiag on, 
No liVm^ voice, do br«e*e, no Mr, 

One iwfnl louiid ii btard ilena. 

1 feel the tnirct, woDilroti* lie 

OrfcUonHli!)) willi B^r* flcdj 
Wanii in wltli iiitn, bitt pure and Ugb, 

An wilb tlie nierpd, changeira dioil. 

Wliale'cr ibej fett, wtiate'er tbey mought 

Apiiear, lubUm'd froia nrtbly ataiost 
What trmnaient wa* i* leet to tiKPDgbt, 

Wbat cannot die alone remaiiu, 
n'hat ore oar woe*? the pnln, tho fear 

That iloom the worlii of time lod 
No (hinight can enter here, 

No hope that Uai a boandad range. 

Tlion ttood nnaera : tbon eodlew end 1 
Lait KOal of bopi?, lut boiim of love t 

To tbcc [lieco tlcepleaa jMiiilug* tend, 
The*« vtewt beyond, ihRtcflighiaabiiva, 

P«it lintr, put apace, the aplrit fllug* 
It* giant anna In aearcb of tboc ) 

It will not ri«t In bonttdctl lUnga, 
lu fioedom i* infiaily. 

HOW CAW I aiNfl ? 

Ilov can [ ling ? atl power, a]l good, 

The high (leiigna and hope* at yore, 
Knowledge, and faith, and love — ihe food 

TbnC fed the Are at (otig — «re o'cr. 
And I, in dnckneiii oiiil alona. 

Sit ei»(ring o'er the rmbert drtar, 
ilcmembcring bow of olil It ibonct 

A light la gnide — a warmtli to cheer. 
Oh : wbea ibaU care and tlrifa br o'er. 

And Ion nllbctlon ceaae to mart! 
And peace and lore retara oacc more 

To cbcer « lad. and itatleM heart i 
Tbc lamp of b«)ie is iincnrdi'd In nicbli 

And dull ia friendtbip** aoul-brigbt eyci 
And (lueiMbed tliC hearth of borne deligh^ 

Asd mule the velee of phnatasji. 

I *cek for ooanfert all in rain, 

1 dy to ahadow* for relief. 
And call old fnndea haob again. 

And brctitbe on pleamre't witber'd iMf, 
In nin (or day* gona by 1 mourn. 

And feebly mnrimir o'er and o'er 
My fretfiil lay— tUtam, nlnni ; 

Ala* I tho dead return no more. 

II may not b*,— my let of Ihnll 
Waa d(«lt aao by a nii|hiier band t 

The grief llul ani« not at my ealt 
Will not ilfpoTt nt my com maud. 

Tben ask nx not, aweet friend, to wake 
Tbe harp 10 daar to tbeo of tot* : 

Wail till t«a ehMdi of Mimw mak, 
And I csa hope nd Ivrc oooe more. 



MucfilnHeout Itftieira. 


When fiaiii hu dime iu pirt uttga'd, 

And Mt the cfauttn'd (pirli tnt, 
Mj bcvc uncc more n loirv (ball And, 
And lu fint nolc* be iionr'd fur ibcc. 
We ihoiifht of giriog & ipoeiaKii (^« 
the (rm Idtin irannt. wbldi mw cUalMt 
ud G)(-nnii tlKittj]) In Ihe Akolc Oite 
wlikh cloM« tkcTDlaoic — "Qaalcniinpn>- 
fvada gnnitibw Man*"— a lorcrr ciiiio 

IBif kt fbd WCBfl Imri of in«tr« not nlricllr 

nOBfillfd «lt)i. Ttl puliapa «ur r^aden 
nnvnlljr kilL )m more niewed iritb llw 
MgioiiiKs of ilic (hirteeirtfa Diad, tnuUUd 
!■ Walter Scou'a ballad andronwDCcaljte 
of fjMutioa. 

Pram Ida'* peak high Jore btbrU 
Tlie tuoiukt of tbe baUlc AeIcI, 

Ilic foiXvtm of tbu tgU i 
He narked «litr« bj- the <Krai flixid 
SloU Uwtnr with hia Trojani ttani, 
And Baingled jo Uw itrife oT bbod 

Ach4ia'a aUlnrt ml^ht. 
Q« MW. and Lurncd Us itin-brlgbt cyea 
Whwo Tbncc'i now-capiMd uiDitniMBa 

Above \»t tiumrm Wr ; 
Wh«w .M^inu, fmr'd in battlr fray. 
Wilh far-fiinipd IlipprmDlgiaiw fln}^— • 

A imet remoLo /ruiu carci 
UuUin'd b) fnud. uatUia'd b; blood. 
Th« mttk «f nure* tbdr umpte food,— 
Thitb«r bU tight thn god incline*, 
Nor lunu to liew tlx! nhihloj llnci 

ConniU'd ia Itghc ifai ; 
He dMtu'd act. he, Ihoi litxrtnljr tighl 
WodU iwcII tl><- biodf of citiicr fifhl 

Winn k» rorbodf Ihc v«r. 


Not to ibe mnnirch of lh« deep ; 
On Samifthracn'^ to|i(noit atMp 

TIlc gtlot ISarlli-sIi^tT ttood. 
Wlioaedoudj tninnill ticv'daflir 
Tka ero*d«d Icnti, tlic uiiicliog wai, 
Tk« iuv]r dani-iiig oo ibii DiTp, 
Hm lM(!ui9r-d town, (be hilla of Id*. 

And all the «ecne at blond. 
^Mra Moad be, and niih gTl<d' *iirTe*'d 
the Greek* by adierte lata uutnriKh'd. 
HebMinM IbcThmiilm'r'* pwtul irjil, 
And bartaird dcrnn llm rrafxr *■■"- 

Down ihc atetr|> movniain alop* he iitpd, 
Tb« mountain rork'd bcnnUi bu troid. 
And trcmbUng wood sad ecluiiig ca<c 
Sisn of iniBiOrtal preamcc larr. 
Thri-c ttridca atJkwwl the pLiii he tiiiik, 
'riirw liiBU the plain bm •■(h Kim iboitk ; 

The londhfCKli'd Ague'* wittTfilraDd, 
Where, fa boiaath tW gnca tea fuam, 
Vaa boUt iba moaaidi'B palace Iiueu:. 
DisUaoL with KOldea tjilra and doaie, 

A&4 doonod (or aja to tiand. 


He eaten ; (o the rir he rrtus 
Hia brua-hoofed ateedi, irhoae goWea 

A atream nf s1or]r caat i 
Hiacotdtn 1»b he fi>rirai>d beiiJa, 
Afraid in eold Iht ear UMada, 

And, a«llVr than the bUit, 
Acroa* the eipanae of ocean vide. 

Unlouclkd bj «««n. It paaa'd. 
TLg w&Kri of the gtMer tide 
Jotfikl before it* coerie dividet 

Not round Ihc aite preai ; 
Aroaad iu nhccU tbe dolpbioa pUj. 
Attend itp duriut oii tli way, 

had Ihcir prMl lord confcia. 

Suck ore fime of the h-m reliiM, na« 
eoUfiCted bj Ihe hand of friand«hi]i. of 

■ ino«l aeconiulUhcd mind, trhich, nnder 
milder faC*, mtxht liatc liten to (he world 
the lidwal frnil* of ItN kiinwkdir.lo&minit, 
and ecalita. YcC eien Ihia tittle *dI«b>c 
ia nSidalt to fpwv tot^iite of bHter nai 
greater thing*, that might hare been, and. 
*hu 1 which er* mol. Tu Ibi? Editor, ulto 
bu »o fiithfaU; gaiLmd iigi ttic >cnUcTcd 
rtlio* of hia dcpurted friend, and pre- 
■rated ua with t mcniuir aCvwlug at oeus 
the judgment uf a rcttolm ind Ihe freliega 
of a hiond, onr thtak* are jetlj dae. 

TA* MlomtUy Vetmmt, No. 36. Cwiit 
llrallh. \*vt».pp. !!».— Tbe ConUtiU of 
this eolumc nceed iu jiretcveion*. Thn 
cetiictlilcoiUbeitiiidiaBteaien. "Good 
llnllb ; -the poeiibilitj, thity, aad nM«n>, 
of obUiaiBC and keeping it" Pjrthageraa, 
orr tiboerer »aa the antkor of the " Golden 
Vcnei" whieb go by hi* neme. inculcate* 
tbe atine Irwon : Cnrjmrii mttrta nm- 
•vow cenfmne mhlfm. (Grotiua' trana- 
lation, I. 'i'i.) And llccrrB ■dnit* it ea ■ 
KwA, Ibotheprcicribed " n eettaln manner 
of lite, whieh wai dullngultbeil bf a niuat 
oleauljt but not luiiirlou* clothing, a re. 
eular diet." \c. (Political Iliilorr of 
Ureccc, f. 'itb.) We hare no doubt ilut 
tU> attention to health km om of the 
caoac* of tbe emlneooe to vhlcb lile fu|. 
loner* aUalned. And If we no* meet 
lomctinx* whh eicopCioni. the; ouichi to 
be regarded a> tueb, and not ai maJcle, 
vliuh (* one of Ihe voral deliuiooi in 
bodilf ethio. The author of iM» little 
Tfllume, >bo cvidcnilj unitenilaiiila the 
tubirtt irell. lep, " llicac ffv* ar« 1d> 
tended lufumith bdifidiwl* nith practical 
Migawlloai." {{■. iB.) The metfiein a Men- 
nT^a not been oaillted, but (reiied aj 
en important port oif the wbjeet. When 
M> BMch informaLtun on i topic which ii 
neccMory to all U compritcil In id email 

■ >|>aoe, ncglrrt bcidinei d-uubtjr Uanse- 
eble. TbU volumo ii acllbor intended W 


Mixetlantoui Kevumi. 


superwiiu tlic phirtickn, oor to mike pfr- 
wantiammta, bat to prataote uieti a c*n 
of ant*! tiwllh u k If la the power ol 
ntrj bodjr to obMne. It would be an 
fpioval»i*ftfaeM for peiMas omitntiog, 
or enlerbg o« aay eoiuw of life ia whkli 
Ibe f««a(rT*tiait or Iwoltli bga^niri fvcu- 

lr»M» ay/fi- inW ffiM»?r» , or. Iht 
B^amjf of tAt Bahtrt*M. Bji Klcbard 
DnnilL-n (Rlcbard). IZnto.— The iiarcn* 
thai* afirr tlic author't ontnt {iu{>uce< M 
WA iitMumi:, llic aiiciuilun; luiilfr nbivli 
pOctMwaar thw Tolnixf Imvr alrcaidf uj. 
pcarad in Tint Cork Idajfaiine anil in Thr 
AdrooUc, aDnblln joatnal. Tlie Holic- 
raea* are ihc xrccn Utm in the nMxhbadT- 
kood of " lh« tKMtifvl eitf of Coik,"— 
"nMild*" w tbe word raa; be tieiu- 
iMed, vkick fito ilielt'r lo plant*, anil 
Undlf intiie the batanival viitlor whii 
atdu Dieir inlJiiMcjF. The liltic bond- 
bo«k tbey haiv mfgeatcd ia Mted witl) 
much p liwea pt 8oaH|i about the ItauUra 
and viilursof *UU pUoti , forming a tiaaue 
oftlnnjc (and ^(tco kpoorjphal) otymo- 
legite, quniot motalidin*, poetUel quota* 
ihntt, auti all aurta i>( lieterageneous allu- 
rioBi. amnatiis niCluil, bnt coDi|ioundcd, 

I petfaop*, wilb tDO mucli recondite learning 
Br " pramiecnuui'* indcrt. \Vc glv« l>f 
wajrcC (pedmen whet the aitlbnr terma 
lu«"tfiie]r" daivatioa (i( Un*tard:— 
<*JHMMiapA<Mli 'bvmlnjibolTiiwKir.' 
There ««■ alvajri la Uic noild'i nnflcnl 

.practioe aotoe mcthntl of wiuiter-in-ila- 

-tEant St. John lan%'* proetcdinp wete 
■ol an «ri^aal IdoUlry, bnl an agj(m**it«d 
reititil i>r anvirnl pracluet, for ire find 
tkat tkwr- van an old care roadc aitli 
bottiflg illHCSr, or wine — for butli ircre 
called KMu/ — and adding tt> tU»i: ilic 
Mvderofjinspii made tin mutiait arJtnt. 
It WW ai^pUcda* a calAplaim wbenbolliiig 
boll and it vru ofl«n a «ura, n« donbt; 
b«l at timei iu onir cHl-oI wai to ' (raud 
|ioor ftfetcties.' lliK ewliailotic «•», in 
B nilder TonD, divtrlcd fioni the out*ide 

I to the iande of tbe body, an^ iraa taken 
bf Sap4r«goa- drinker*, aikl other fire- 
eaten, a* a dram ; of ranr^ the Tiae^nr 
Atettttrd aiut llie «i"c and ardent tpinta 
tocRued, la Ihia muiltiin aritn*. At 
kogthf boncrrr, it ictlled down inki Oitf 

: [■hie muHard, and Ha* eaten, aa Timer 
telli na, willt cierjlliins i 

■■ Brann, pnd<lin|. and touae. 
And good niuaitrd with all." 

TothU day eoroe bnuiikccMra makcilirir 
rvoatard «tl)i vinrcir ; and the L-oriimga 
' dreoM^ fvr cold and natery aalad*— llie 

Mte-oci^f of oM eookery— ia rouatard, 

nll,aad vintgar.'' 

Orttim' Momwrk Lf^rinn. I8ae,f— 

Thla ii a rfrpubliciti«n of an American 
iraiuhiUoD of the originul Gerfnan work. 
Aa an aui'ciunc uf the Ilumerie vocabularr, 
it dues Dot aitd muesli la what Eogtiab 
icbnUrE aad acliuolUiji ncrt nttcedr poa. 
Meiad of in the Diclioearjr of Pseaow, a* 
odlt«<l and enlarged bjr Mrian. Liddoll 
and Scott, in aome retprct* it i*, how- 
flter, nore Foniplel«, eaf erially In the ei. 
ploniltoBt of ni^tholoKli^ and gcogra* 

Sbical namFs. Siudcutt of the preeeot 
ar bare a grtal advantafu in bvrln[ ot 
hand >u(A iwnistann? In ihc cempnlioti- 
don of aneiont anihor* in the ghap* of 
(lintionnricu of antlqnitira, critical maniinla, 
Rod Iriirjmt, IB enable an ordiniuy icholnr 
nf modcmtc power of Imiflnatlon to rr> 
nniniate for mnaelf ike beroM dine in ■ 
way of wliiofa cren men of geoiiu vf ■ 
prcviou* generation had neidea. We have 
here. \a a tana learecljr Inr^rr than that 
of the podiet dictioDarira to CMctitial lo 
Ihr tiuilL-[its o( mudern langnagu. a Iciirori 
wliicli puniurta to jiire a Muplctc crilicat 
account of ererj word nacd in the Uiad* 
OdjoMff and Ueawrie Hjnnoi. A« far ae 
a eDTBory obeerratiun will enable n* to 
determiiWi the leiioographer eeeroe to have 
ftildlled Ilia porpiMc of oombialns in a 
luall conipaie, by (be aid of a ucat print 
and a coeeieo atyle, overjribing nceceaenr 
for undirni landing the language of hia 

BmgtUh H/t t/twrtin. By Williani Moant- 
ford. — No oidinni y book, — but one of con- 
sider iMe paver uf thought fou<bcd in 
very cxftctiirt Unxnage. The charaelew 
are nat wt^ormly well drawn, and Ihc au< 
ratite, ilight aa it l>. w.iiita the cliarni ol 
perfect ilmpticrii; in the iclliiii;, tiui it ia 
on tliewliuleMr. Mountfoid't li(*I«rltt«ii 
■nd Moat M|ge(1)To book — and thia i* 
wgrinf mneh. 

SicJtntn — ill 7Vr«f« iterf Bieuitifft. 
lUiHafftvH. ird itlilha.—Atnoitg «b«t atu 
called " pTacticul " bo»k« how few are 
there »o pithctieollr uracticnl fu thi« 1 
[t ii trne that not mcreijr the health; hut 
eren they who bare had eaperieitu* of 
much bodilj vcekoee* and inflnoity, will 
uol infallthlir app/ccials ur undertlaoJ it, 
for it rtijuitea Lht dii<i|ilinc ot a long 
landincaa, tlie quietude «f a ipirit which 
hM paued through muty foenia oraufFer- 
tng, to lake in iU varied rounaeU, and feel 
ita ijmpathclic power, and adopt ila 
humbling ;ct comforting tic«». It U, iti 
abort, tho toucliiDK coofoMion of a kdmlar 
who hai only loamed 4lowljr — a« all miut 
iFim wboai; knowieilge U wiirth the hat- 
ing— leuuiil of love oud gratitude dm 

M aa Almicbljr Teacber. We havi; hurd 
fnm iTMnbling lips Ugh BcatinMnic* to 
iU **lue, ftitd fyei (bit DO wbon «m • 
raoooDBtmUtiga uT Mcb « wotk b« owt «f 

7^ n^rtna q/' Nme EiirlimiL Bjf 
Mn. J. B. Webl), n/ior q^ iVMMf, S(r. 
— Jk ulo ooiB|;tkd frani food Batbocltiact 
ta4 rlnriiuhr toUi thoagh not rery *'' 
gMWU or uotlag. 

Zlf SarfA Mtf >U JUattfMM. ^ 
UaifiR* B. l>«Ttaa.— Tlu* ii ■ ntuUs 
raluaa. i»Ud»iQ| ■ ivrj ckw, ranwt 
•Meunt of lbs undUig Adi aaww«tt(l 
wlili Uk« nrfaM of lb* MTth tttil ita iaW- 
ImIuIi 1 Int RtoidiBg Um Mt|iwt of id in- 
tntor ■tTooluTB, lU noMjM of primervl 

tinM, •nil iiiMj of Uiwc nlmaiMtiA 
wUcb mU m rmil; (o ifaa pjctareaqve- 
MH of pbnlw |W>cnwl>r- The (lib ii 
■osmut (00 ivge. The AtiiNa* InhaM- 
Unttof tfcaMrtbve kU it tnatt oTi jnit, 
■I br M It goo, tt i« GooiptclnaM**, i*«n 
writtaa. Mid ioMmiiuK, wMtbr of Ibe 
daofbterol Maria Haok, nlioaebooluwfll 
alvafx be dear to tht yunns auti the M. 

7%t B^HA, Pttml$, aatf Mm. 7V«M«. 

OtnaoM (/ JCafo//. Bt Artbar l1«Drrty. 
ffA.S. F.1,.5.— Ooeaf Mi. Jloltn'a ue- 
Tul TolnaiMi whicb maiF vrV Moompanr 
Mn. Dortoa'a Sartb anni lb Inbabhanta, 
•QfplTiSK fa) tbo eowptotaat tunntr that 
plijmU Mfiiniaclaa whldi bar work doai 
not oonvejr. 


aooiKTT OP AMnavAmtK*. 

Mw. 25. In can«n|iieDee of Um Tune- 
nt of Ibe Duke of Wellinstoo Ms^ 
aa1araniie4 on tlic Ifltb Normibn', tbo 
daj Aaod for Iho rominrncfMnt'nt of (lie 
aOMrion of thin Soctclj, the lirv. mretiag 
did not uke pUm until Ibe 3Mb, «lten 
Lord Vjaconnt Mnhun. tbe rrmldent, 
OccD)>ird (lir rhrrir. 

W'iUiin) Henry C(n>1ic, taq. barriater- 
•t'Uw, uf liic IniKT TeiDTile, waa circled 
• MIov. 

Hie e*vnlag waa i1«vot«d to Uio (Hmu*. 
akin ftf a prupotat to renrae tbe dcddon 
of the 8m Maylaal, wboreby tbo annual 
aabacrlptloo to the Society ma rtduoed 
to tou gvinaaa and th« autrtnoa Iba to flrv, 
and to ratnrn to ll>f formor oapMOt of 
foar luiMM mnoJIy wtth in aiuniMlon fas 
of e)«tit. Tho moiwii to thii ellbnl na 
propoood \if Mr. Drnutj Lott, mil ir- 
oandad by Mr. OaaU; trh<rvuiKin an 
aawodnMnt *aa meted by Mr. Uralir, 
Mid •eoai»dwl by Mr. Tlt«, <lrd«ring 
that. In Ibe oplnloa af thia maKlng, the 
rar«rul i>f allaratiana wblch tiad bfcn re- 
ocntly a^mnl Io> Wfbre Ihdr nlTKt lud 
lw«tt praMloalljr Italcdi iras Incipcdirnl, 
and wooU tend to Uatea lk«t ioflueDCft 
wlUeb tlie Sodelj, aa (he onljt etuutered 
"tody of AntiqiHrica in iliB kingdom. baa 
tbe ponr of eiertinK, uiil whtcli it ought 
to esemiac, id ibc uroaeculluu of ibe 
atoih ef Anli^iutKB. ' Tbe diacuinoo 
whi^ felloirad, ami the reanit at (be ImI- 
lat (whereby the nMndBMnt wa* canted 
by a iMit^rlrv of !>\ Id S9) have oiieady 
been aotloea Id oar Docenber numberi 

J)iK>. 9. Sir R. H. Lnelii. Ban. V.?. 

J. U. Partier. tm\. VXk. exhibited a 
b««M coJte, tupBuacd to be of ibe Ibtli 
Dcntsn. irbkh had boen Ibnod by the 
Her. r. Bayot, on the piantel-piecs of a 
f*rm-h«uae in Sooenctihin). tt ia co- 
frared with inaertptioiia, but they are ap- 
parently maraly a nOTtlon of tbe onuiDait, 
and vithout meantn^, 

Mr. Cole ethibllcd a rtcol bax of tlic 
civone-ctnto prrioi), nid to bato belaD(ciI 
to nanci* 1 . A |H>r1rait of Napolcoa in 
enamel baa been icierted In tlie Bd. 

SirTbomu Phlllippa, OaR. dhiUieda 
fiiie maniucTipt, bi tellum, of the alith 
OBDtnry, containing Uie Minor Cnundls 

Mr. Out ry exhibited a miaiature, •(• 
trflnited lo Cooper, and aald to repmeat 
tba Dnke of itlchmond, BMural ton tt 
(liaric* 11. 

J. Pajno Collier, raq. T.P. na^e a cotn- 
muDicoHon rdetlie to tho bmlly of L«cy, 
of Cbailecote, nrar Stratford, upon -Avon. 
It referred ti> three pohiU.— 1. That Sir 
Tliomai Lucy had deer in hia park at 
Ctiarlecotc (denied by M4oDe) which 
Sfaahtpeare miebl bate been coaeeruad la 
■loaLiao. Thie fMt mu proved b* aa 
on([lnaT letter tram tbe tleward of the 
eaUte. 3. That ibe Sbakipeam uf Row- 
iDjIuii, DSar Stratrurd'Upon.Aruoi wtre 
TctT aaral^t and bad bad violent dlipatea 
wilii tl>r f ivnr anit par(iliioR«r>i for witlch 
they were proaeented «o two otwBtlaiit. 
3. Tbaiihortlyberofe 16oi>\Vil!Uni$hah- 
■jieare aold a imill (nrt uf bl» patrimotilal 
property b llinle^ atrect,— a fart not 
bilberto kjioirn, and of tmpertaiioe la r^ 



nhf iMiriatt AcmokAm. 

kUoa to tlw bill now in parliament for 
T««ip(llMtfllUt«intl>eCra<ni. Accord- 
iagla the dooamcnt prorinf; it, tbo ori- 
cta*l froaU(« tdirardM llenlc]> itnetmiut 
■m bMB ooancUrnbl]' grvBi» ihao it ap- 
MtntoharebMnsi tbvljaieoribe \iotCt 

Edward HawliinB, t«q. F.S.A. thm 
broo^t fonFird Uia motiva of whieb Iid 
bad given doUm, tlitt 4 commiltM of the 
SmIhj ihcflJd be appoinltd tt> rcTtM Ui 
■ttfniM and b;>-Uvi. 1 1 liad pretiuuil} 
boot intHiMUed bjr llic Cuirnci! that no re- 
^UBM WOoU he atUsai an iheit fiiirt lo 
tbit prapMitigii, an llic undomUailing 
that the pe«|>o«cd r«ri>ian •iioold not 
effect Ifae rooenl alteroliODa in lli« t<Tin> 
of adniaioa and aimital tubKri|ilion, and 
that Iba intcrral u( a fortmiflit ibuuld take 
wne appointed. Tlie liot propQied br Mn 
Uaoknia ma then delivered in H folww« ; 
Kdwnrd liavkint, r^n-, SiP I'orlatialiii 
DNorri*. Jinet Ilejvood, eaq- M.P. Oet^ 
«iiM MM|aa, eai). M.I*. Fr«(lMlL- Oirny, 
eaq. CqiL W. H. SwrEh. R.N., V.P., and 
WilliaH Tltc, ctq. [TheK geDtknen mtt 
afprfnted, noatty «iiuiinoaBl;> at Um 
■leetiMit of tbo lUtb Uec,} 

iJee. 9. Ij>Fd ViicDunt Mahati, Pna. 

Sir John Boileaa, Uirt. of Kenarinaham 
Hall, Nurfoilc: llcur; Keifte. eaq. of H.M. 
Privf L'ouiuil OfRce -, Kutitrrt Klcliardson, 
•ail. tif the Middle Temple and Swaiuea, 
asd David Jardinat aaq. bairiatcr-Bt-Iaw, 
•Bibor of " Crini&al rrisla," and (ilh«r 
«»rlu, •rare elected FelliMra of tlie SedMy. 

The VUt. E. Ikadlejr exbtbliwl. b; the 
baadi o( Mr. Tbuma, a dnwinc of the 
—*"—-' to Hit UarrjF CueiaE^bT, In 
tba bitfial graund ot Arley Ktiii*!, Won 
eMdnbJTB, w nwiat i ng of a tiuadraB^Ur 
ptU gf ItcwD Mjnara atonaa, on which are 
iHMtted, i-iTBOLoaiHA in ovabc aa- 
raimcK aiit aaiiaT. 

The Rev. J. Fenbertati BartlMt ex- 
btbated tva denatii found vltL man olbcrv 
bi tbe New Fareat ( the; wtrc of JnUaa 
An AptMtaU and Valtiw, and bolli of 


na Earl of VtnUaai eiliihiicd a iarft 
qoadnngnlar glaai raaa conlaioinK human 
booa. ncentif fbaDil in Etaci. and which 
haa been praaented by hk lordiblf w the 

ioHfih Mdarn, wi- of tht Innet 
Tmbtt, ooaiaanakattd an accunnt of the 
cryjvi U Ro}*ian, oatled the Lad; Rowa^ 
Caw. wfaicb im baa laiel; ezatDincd wtth 
gnatattMntian. This place wia diicwcred 
ebon • eentary ago bjr aoaa vorlimm 
coHod in Smt a pent is the markrt- 
plaoa. Dr. Stuetoy at oaee procaeded 
te faraiah m eeauneat nivea tbc nata and 
Ma coaAaab— a laauldehnf ah afaibm, which 
fee declared to Ik ibM o( KW«iMD,wid a 

•arlca of palottags on ibe walla. Tliii ac> 
Munt vnu ridicnled bjr tbo Her. Mr. 
hrUn, and tba rontroveray |>roduced 
mucli an^^ry feeling. — oVfrvthiDg, in faH, 
hat the tnitb. Mr. Heldum rTjirenwd 
hie onnvlction lliat thr opinion that thti 
cave WBi in ri'alll; a Rom in rolnnibarlnn 
(•• nig(e*((d tj Mr. Akrrmani »oo our 
Jaly nanbcr, p. 7{>> wm "ell grounded, 
althmgh it woa probably tealljr uied ■■ a 
Mil or orator; in tlit niiddln •;«*. Thai 
B rcelnaft wai liviag in Royaton in tb« 
early part of tlie aiitatnth nmtnrir la 
prDttd b; Ibecbsrehwardana' booka ot the 
[larinb nf BoiuIngbAnrn. 

J>rt, IG. Lord Viiconnl Malivn, V.p, 

Sixtoen new Pcllowi were Hldni to the 
lint of Ifau SuuielT. tIx. : The Rl. Una. 
Lord Ueiiuiknri Mark Anthon; Lower, 
of Lewea, ictiixitinailrr. nuthiir nf The 
CnrJoaitiea of IIcraliliT. r.«a;t on Rnglliih 
Sernamtai &c. ; Ltcui.-C'oloiicl Cluilca 
Sicfiney t'owdl, of Hertford-it rcet, Maj 
Kiiri L'liarlei Micbay, ei^. LL.t). aolbor 
O* Soap of the I'rople. the History of 
Modem Fopniar Uelniioai, &c. 1 Richard 
Prankvin, caq. of BvrlinfloD-gaitlent, 
awBeoni Jobn Ttkarnbain, H.D. ofDc- 
Thee I Franda Hew; DickeiMoo, t*n. of 
King'a \V'Mton Park, Sooi. late M.J'. f«r 
«o. Someraot i William lleokbam Caf- 
penler, nij. Keeper of the De[«rtment of 
Prialt and Drawiujea iu the BritUi Mn> 
icnin, author of ** Sir Anlbqnr Van Dfck 
anil bta Ceotompor«riae 1" WUGaB Kali, 
m[. Town Cterk of Gatedtead i Williwn 
Hfltoti LongataB*, «(q. of Oateabead, 
avtfaorofa HtaUHyof DarllnilMi Joaepfc 
Clarke, of Stratford Plaee, Otford-ilfeee, 
archiuet ; Ibe Rev. Jobn Cotllncwood 
Drvoe, M.A. «f Newcaatle-uiiou-Tj'aei 
aqibor of •■Tbo Roman Wall," Junce 
Croaale;, <a^. of Mancbeiter, PreaUpnt of 
the Chethan SocMf ; Jobn renwick.mi. 
wliiritor, of NoMcaetl* ■■pon-iyQe I Jobn 
Bvana, of Naib Milla, llcmelbeninilcd, 
paper- aoani^acturvr 1 and William SBitb, 
c«q. of Upper Svntbwiek-atreet, Treaaarer 
of the Anindel Sodet;. 

I'ho Riabop at OxfarA, V.P. exhibited 
two globalar veaaela of eoloored glaia, or- 
tkatBtntad with wav; natterna, not long 
■Inee dog np new Coddeadoa. Tb^ wiU 
be ftgnred u Ur. Afctcnan'e Jtemraa of 
Sttott Fegandoai. 

Ur. Lanon umowieed that the lavita- 
tfen rwantlj laad tnm the dtair vrHb 
ra^MKt to tto Socletjr'a ooOaetloa of Pro- 
clatnattou had bvea verv budaomtlr re- 
tpanded to b; WltllaiD Salt, ef. P.S.A., 
wliQ baj prcaeiikd aviloablc lenea. which 
coaaweneaa exactly where that alrcad; lA 
tbe tcdttfm poaevloB leavea off. Fortj 
(aribr PrMamalloiH bave nlto been ac- 
(|alrcil by au pi<4ia(ii{eof <liiplicatr« aeg6< 
elated with SUIG I'apa OAve. 


AmiiqvariaH IteMaix/ta. 


Tl* cctdtna wm then co m —BrpJ of > 
paf«r bf J. II. Parker, nq. P.SA., in 
cPDliniMtion of bU rtmirk* on Ibc Eccle- 
(ImiImI Arcliiicctim ot Prmec, alteadjr 
p«Ui«bc<l ia ihc ArclMeal«cM. It com- 
■aeneu with *>>me rtrj tvmttkMt d6> 
Uili rMpeeling tlw BjnnlfM edBoMcf 
AiigoiilAiiM, udiRnomifnfedbj'lMUtl- 
ful (Inxring*. The raorindtr wiU be read 
kftcr tbc (:bri>tiim reoeat. 

ARCn.KotoaicAi. iMerirprc. 

Z)«F. 3. Tbe lion. Riebard NeviUr.V.P. 

The attcution of tb« Soriplji Iiaiing 
bono >pmUUt directrd, duting llie amting 
■I NciMMlle< to Uie iocoDTTiiioacrs ui«ln( 
from the etwting km of Treanrc-trovei a 
rciolatton knil b«4ii puaed mtOio previous 
naonthly niHling, w«peaeil byMf. Nevllto, 
aad aeciitulMl l:^ VlaronnC Stnogfcnl, l> 
panaaDce of Nhicb Ihe FreaUloiil of the 
Intlitdto, I<4rd Tnlbot Je llaliliiilB, liad 
rtqutstcd an intcntien with the Earl of 
Uerlir. Mr. N«iill« iio*r infanard tlie 
wei^ting. that iii «)tu|«n)ri«lth llielr nobia 
PmldFiii, and a deputation, tuclnding 
Ldrd STtaniifoid, Mr. UcUflui Mor|Bn, 
Mr. Wriiiic, ProfrMor DonaUion, and 
other niemlicrt of tbc Inatitntv, he bad 
otlf-iidrd tli« iatrnir* with llie Prune 
Minuter, nho hod g;ltm neit MUiteoiu 
Bltenlion to tbe arpiiDenii adtin^eii li; 
Lord Talbot In ftvouT af a tpecial irniuiT^ 
into the kwi of Trauore-lrarc, and the 
riaqaeat [injudic* OGcationed ikcrthj'. 
Ha might furtbor *tatt (hat l^rd Perby 
had aatared tha drpvtaiion ihat, althouah 
Ha* Majeat)r*t Miitlaierrf mrnld not be 
JIH>Oiad 10 ofl(tnalc an; Bsaann on tkU 
adfcjcci. he did not apprebnid iW, if aajr 
Meuibcrorttic llouacof Commoiu ahoald 
raotc for tudi iaiiuiry, Ilia |lrai>0«it)OD 
•rouU he met wltli ailvorvc fMliog on (he 
jiart of 111* Gon-rnioant. 

Mr. N«fille (hm r*ad a menMlr on re. 
•carchc* carried out during the iircvioua 
DKmtb nndcT hia ditmlkiii lu Eaaei. In 
the inimedialc ovijthb.»urhood i>r (bo r«- 
nurlcabk UarCloH Inmiili, vliiph Lad |iM> 
duced •uobiutvinlinffnuliiiuilint of Ko- 
mtn Untca, during Die Fii-»<rntiooa (larried 
ont bv Ibo late Mr. Uagu HuLcatode, Mr. 
NrrilU had bniui^iC tu light uienalv* 
rcnuuB* of a tiUb, oo>1 ataay otktr tr«<at 
of (ha RoBan cci;u|iniit* nf that diiAricl- 

Ub laidbafan tlic meeting ]>Utii> «f tho 
boildinfi diMovorcd, witti nrioiM onu- 
Bcnta a»d ofaiccia ot Honiau workmno- 
*hl|i, obulacd a fen daja ilnce. Tlie 
Ipualilj ap)iciirt4l *t> |in>niUin( lliat th* 
woikt virealill conlinneil, unJ • furlhtr 
raport wat proniKed for Ihi nett nxetlng, 
M. Qerard &lo«illri« gate ad account of 
princial nMuiuneau euiltng in tbe lik 

of Arran: h« p«i}da««d a fac-nnllff of an 
iniciiptiou in Runn, «hti:l> hr had tcmmA. 
in a cBvrrn in that liland, itjlh lariMH 
liputa and deaifn* tnoed Ujion ilic rocli. 
He waa doairona tu iaw'M attention to the 
cxiatenoeof nnnerciaiatonrelrclca, atooea 
of memorial, and other veatifaa in Ikat 
Ittaod, hiihertu nndMcrlhed. 

The chief wanicT of Die PonUnrl PriMn, 
Mr. Keale, sent a notice of m-cnt ^a- 
cVTcria in tlM bla «f {■ortland, which 
appeared to aford iwdaniable eridanceof 
tta harhw been wrvpM in Rooua timca; 
and h« rested ceveral intnrtatititi hcl* ia 
ralallod to the Interinmis of tbai period 
Itl^ eiaulBcd under hi* direction. 

TmRsv. E. Trullo)ie productd drwr- 
Lnga of iluguliir aopuli-knil niemoriab, of 
a wf «u\j date, flnnnd built in mnteriala 
In th« iralla of Rancebf Church, Lincaln- 

The Rer, C R. Manniit][ rrjinrtod a 
rwcn( dlacorcir or certain arcUtecbtnl 
rtmuii*. bclititd to be of the Xnght- 
Saxoa 1^, in NotfulW, Roraaa niatonala 
be)n| kin aBplO|«d in tbe eomtmetion. 

Mr. WfMwoM prodocvd a aeiiei of 
adnirablo hc^^nllca ttctm Analo.Sason 
HSS. al Ltmbetli. LicbAdd CMhednl. 
and in tbc Britiah MaKuui. and edtc bd 
iatereatlni dii^uiiilion on llic |iecaLiar 
ehanetcr of theae irorlta of the ifnbca in 
the <d^h and nrntli eentnrin. 

The Rtt. V. Warre deicribed the latnt 
niulli or hli rtiilnntioiu at the grrat hill 
fottru* tailed Worlchnr}-, on the cant of 
Someriet, vherc a loxc nnmbcr of primi* 
titc iiAbiC AtiOM li A re been bnm|^bl li> light 

(*te tbe ratii*" of tbe Somemtiihlre S»- 
cielir'* Tnnuiriiuni in our prnciil Maga> 
line); recent eicntaLiaaa have prod uoed B 
larxi! depoait of Roman coina, aith otW 
nocient ranaina. 

AtaanpltAnttfjnilin tthiliitcdvcrerin^ 
and oraamentt, and dmciofi^ of frtaco 
paintini>,fro[n till! Roman tiUu opened by- 
Mr. Neville ; andolbtr ubjecla of the aan* 
ngccollcolad in^llfaliirr bj Rirv. K.WiU 
ton. Mr-Uuncaabrougbtslargccoltection 
of fragnwnts of potiiijr, cv'iuf, decoiDiiic 
liavemeut tilef, ind ether ui^lenl reliM of 
various periodf, Utelj found on the aita «f 
Kilbum Priory, nn* Lonitoii. 

Mr. Oclavlna Mor^u tuntribulrd n 
rcvjr cuir «aBiDiilDof the liblc-clui^k, date 
about IS25, nttli other «pccisieai of mld- 
dlf-aee voricniuiahip. Srienl anliaoitleH 
from Walta wrre ahon-n by Mr. nfnna; 
Bad tome riug.libtilte orprwrpr,rr<irniblln( 
the ligiu wuru by uilKrima to notr<l tlirinm, 
fivn the romanablc dapniii nt HniiUlie, 
on tb« Cbnbini coatt, by Mr. Rnbinaoii. 
A i.iinjkrt and a calivtr, of U.c (iiuc of Sir 
Philip Sidnaj, ir«re breiugbt bj Mr. 
Urwitt, mho aade aomc intcmting ra* 



Antifwxrian Utttarcfut. 

tnarlti on ihe earlint fbrmi of fire-«rnu. 
Tbate ctiriuna ciatnplcB liad been prctcncJ 
•t huibunt Ciutlo. 


Nov. yl, T. J. Peltisrew. ci«|. V.P. 
Xlr. Uaigent cihibilfd a pilgrim'! taVr.a 
of lead, rooad at Wincboiler, rvpmi'ntiiiK 
the Corondion orthi^ nirucil V>r{;iii, anil 
luppMcd lo be or the time of Edward 111. 
Mr. Warr«D cjdiibjlcd llie driwiiiiE of nn 
i-DtBrllrd Abola, vliicb Uc rffen ta llio 
Suoo period; Mr. Burkiti a rublijog 
of « br«M i>f Ellielrtd King o( Wnwm. 
in ibe dMnce! of ^\'ilalK>tlrl1^ Minxicr, 
burvot. Mr. LtdcIi ciliibitcd a bonk of 
office* of tbc fuurleeutb ccutury. bstiaE 
tbt InitMl letter* iUumiatteil. miJ iLc arnk* 
oftiie Barlaf Animlel. ihc Earl uf Laii- 
Earl of Salbbury, the Duke of tiloui:e9icr^ 
an i ollieri. painted nithiii Lbciii. Mr.Loit 
cihibiteil fanr tmleinea'a wtulib, re- 
ccbIIj due op near Oorud'* Hall, of tha 
tine of Charlei I. bsarlDg a eraiea lUf- 
taoisitiiig ifai- letter C. Mr. Brewer fL-tid 
a p>|Kr uu Ihe mtiijuit^ uf llie ciutuiu at 
mariins and iCamping neighia nitit tncBt 
MttEH, parlicularlT lliciao ul ihu citj uf 
Loodea, anil mlnnilltid ■ colleetiuii r^f (tu- 
lalee and other dot^ijimcnlf on llie tubject. 
Mr. Lott illtiiimted ih»e hy levtttl epeel- 
Qi^Di fruin Ihir cite, ami Mr. Von Iriiag 
uuile loiiic ob*erei,tio(ii ou tlie neiglili 
and oieaiunu of Scotland. Mr. Pciilgnir 
exlubited a nombcr of tilra buluniritig tu 
K. Milwoid, ctij. of TliarE°rtua Prioryi 
Uie Iter. Mi. IIuro four ipoooa aod a ecln 
oftlM time of EUiabtiii, found oo Ihc i[te 
of aa ancient bonic at a plu.t'« nltvd ttie 
Rancirt, near Cenpcr Kuld. in ihi^ luwtiililp 
of Walton -Ic'Dilr, lionculiirc : Mr. Itulfe 
an iTvrr drinkiriK-Win, iibtaiiLtd al Mr. 
CutUdk'* *>k at Dcol, ipjiarpattjr of tliu 
time of Ed*ard IV, - Mr. Cunstoti rihi- 
biled tome rabbjngt from military biAiwei, 
to illaitfite tfieciiineDi of cbiiu-uiaii mud 

soctrrr or AMTiacAaistt or nswgas- 


Dtt. I. At the manlbljp meeting, Wit- 
Bam Kdl, ciq. town derk of Gateihejd, 
tn tbe ohi^r, Maik Anion) Luwrr. I'ai). uui 
■naniinoualj- elected an li.imutiir)' meuibrt. 

TbcNeircattlcTolunie at iht Aralia:olv- 
(ieal lottitvte^ n«<r la progress, furmed tlio 
lubject of ■ brief converiation, aiid tbe 
merabrra pment eaprMi^il tlicir ileierml- 
BMion lo prc-iDctir ita lueceu tii everjr pot- 
nihle "Dj. Willi ihii vicu. it «iu riaulteit 
that tliE Sodi-lj'a KODilLtita and cap per- 
pletea iliould be placed at tlie DOinaiatid of 
the IiT'litUle. \Ir T. J, Tnjior liM »«. 
■lUircil, aincc [lie reading ol hi i paper on 

Uvxr. Uau. Vvi.. XXXl.V. 

tbe Ardiieoinn o^ 'be Coal Trade, much 
addillannl and ralunble infarmalion- — and, 
in ptrticular, ilio ncrounl* of tbc Cran'n 
lr)«cc«, to b caniiderablc Mlcnt, under tbe 
KCuirta. Theic uuiiantLta thow that a Iax 
of Sj. 'id. wDi bnrne by eeerv Neweullf! 
childrnn of eoals eiptirCod he^oiid the 
■nu. nrlnaiee of tbe " Iticlinioiid SbiU 
liag/' Tbe iHipcn bnTD come intn the 
haod* of Mr.Tijlar Ihieujth ibc kiudiicH 
af 1.0 rd Dae re. 

Mr. II, G. i'aller read a pnper an bix 
recvnc eucaentions at KurdtMwald, «hii-di 
hare brought ti> light i fourth Riteway, 
fur ■uipiuinti tbe nilicn in itrlc of orclu- 
ttcture and tinUb. Tlie tiriC tram of it 
ffai diieoTcred during tbc lut niater, bgr 
Mr, Bouktcnd, ibe (nrmer 0)i the »pat, 
who came upon oae of llie p<4^r<i nrbtle 
disymc llie tuuiidntiuu of a butl.ilied, 
Mr. Putter, with hii brother, lubteqnentljr 
uauoinl the Kork of eiitiTation i and tbs 
rcButt of their labonra ataj now be aeon 
bf viiitor«. A noble daublo gateway baa 
been laid bare. One of the galea has bean 
H'ili(.'d-U|i, not by tliL' Koioaii* llipmMlVM, 
u> ii proved \tj ifie difference of iMel be- 
tirwii Ihe niMir of Ibe Roman ijatc and 
iluit on H'bicb tbe birrier now atandi. 
Manjr oireuiiitt4Dca:<> fclitcli prcaent^^d 
th-emivlret during the researchen at lliird- 
uiirald. faavti led Mr. Potior lo helleie that 
lliii ctiiip wan ueciipled a* a toirn t>>ug 
after tbo deparlurn ol llie Kouiao*. Tbe 
llaoii, fur csampk, of sunicof tbe Uoegca 
are about four feet aboie tbo flacked 
Itoman footpath iaride tbo walla ; and tba 
ruin* of (nppaiviitlf) R«man itrufturea 
form the fauudalioiu of Uter cdlAces — 
which, ill llieir turn, have bren deitroyed, 
ur lulTirred lo bu to raiii. ixnl carib aiid 
herbaKC co\cr Ibeir remaius. Qildat and 
Bcdu tcU ua in wLat luanner tbc Picle auil 

.Scuts conquered tbo Itritunii jllcr Llie lut 

Puiman legion had loll, the UUii*l, nnd bow 
Ibcy NvaKcd thp cotintrr. droiT the iniia- 
bilaiitt before tlit:ni. nnd inriile their babl- 
lniii>ut like Ibe abodce of wild batula; 
and tradition adit, tbat near Burdotwald 
(d»iieghiniH\, at 1 plucc eiUUd " Tbo 
Gap," Ibe Plola broli.^ thr.iugli the Wall. 
The ttsllon, It ta probuble, «m rMlecod tci 
riiiua. and »o remained until tbe cauoiry 
beeantc wore tettlcd : wlictG, tempted by 
its cDiuiiiti tiding pDsitlou, and Ibe fiict of 
its beiug ti^ierved bj live Miudtu WaT, 
KODDC Saion cbicf of the onine o( 0«*aiii 
tiiBj baTe tepaircd ita walU and gBteK, nnd 
built a (uirn witliln — the Burgb of Onwald 
— easily mrtupllble iutu Uurdoawnld, 
Birduiirald, or (u ll li dor often called] 
UtiJuucl. Hero, alao, tliero ia reaeon to 
anppofi Ibe Dune^ moio n>ci-iitl)' dwelt. 
Tlif wrceV i>f llnrtow* (or Harold'*) Coo- 
tie (ttU ior»i»c«. Ita ttoncB were remored 


Anh'gvarlan Eeteorchtt. 


mne jvu* ago to buiU Ihf Hill Utwl 
llaoH, now oentplcd b; Mr, RaaialM;. 

In Mr. Putter's qiurlo tract on Atnbof - 
kan*. priatvd inieAl, \»a mlaniioii of 
the " Dc««HW OtW," fa> fUcti tie hu 
Ikrawa >KfcM orar the calrwsy ; ^f^ U><) 
Inlb of th» (IfloD wMeh, witli learned 
ofld ngKletu »;». ^e tben InulMd bai 
been ttaiticated bf hli Ule Acwtcfka. 
Tkumeafthe picnortlic Ba(ei'a;>8|fcet 
hi^. the prowdint inpofl i« ttlU M- 
tocbcd, mnd Iba tN( ItDae of tke ardi 
ncta tlMnon. Ila noMdr la t«e fcat 
loiv. and 15 Inrbra tblrk U tba broail, and 
III at the Barrow end. At the <nitrid» of 
(be laulhern Uiwer at tfae K*tf, on th« 
BTdnivl, ml fooDil a brvlccn aUb. It ap- 
Msn to ba«e fallen from iU plaM, and (o 
bare b«n ftvctvind bf a alone wbieh had 
altewania lUlm flnon K— and wtiiefa. tn- 
d«nd, na found Ij^ns npom It >till. Tlti 
thb bean an lciaeri)idDn which maf b« 
Ibna i^eo (tiro or three of lb« loltcra 
lidng EOQJtciiml} ;— 

avkMO via it 

LfO LIB AVO rft 

rn CO II lAvt. nc 
evt vaawaaT h 


1 > I n 

Mr. pAttcr ntvnda the InierfpUim ai Tol- 
Uiwa ■— " SubUno DloJatlo Lrgalo Ati. 
fnati Proprvlvri Cohon Prima iCIb 
Dacomin cni pratat Marciu CUndiBa 
Mcnander Tribmna." Jallua Scnrvi, 
tlie nol>le Roman whom lie ainpoici to bt 
lm« aaiuFil, vai lurnfrvlnr M BritalB tn 
tb« line of HtilrEut, and «<a nmIM. at 
" tlM BOtI coutaceooB Vt Ma tewrala," to 
%o Bgainit tbe Jo«*. IIU wn* in 134 ur 
li'l A.U.; ODil it may tafclf b« cODcImtril 
tbal abuut tbnl limt «u tlic gate rrrcled 
bj Juliaa S<>t<n». mid IW tish initrtcd 
hi the wall liy thr ^r*t Alltn mhort of 
the Daciana, oter whon ManaAtder wai 
Irihtn*. Ur. Palter, bowceer, do«) not 
aMvHM Ibo roTmailoo or tliB caaap to 
Ilailrlan. Tb« ;at« nim laid bare If of a 
lalcr and (fijicrior *tjle of nrdihertim ti> 
■be ramp fientnlly — more fa%blf fioidied, 
tbe warl: of a more rcAncd age. Tbe cmp 
h of tbe lime, Mr. PoUcr Incline* la Ibink. 
of Acricok. Tbe tminrbtum laj withoiu 
tlie prcaent gale, and it* rvlo* majr atQl be 
tracM with rnae, iillbangh porpfed with 
T*getatk>a. Mr. Poller ps|W!ti to Sod 
Ibe hnindntiao of a alniltir gaU vn the oil- 
pnalle aide »f the camp; and If to. the 
nnnbn- of ittc nto would he aU. Poui 
hiTc brcn afaMilj ifcocribvi} t ona icmaiiu 
to lie rtcavatci) i the eixlh or Prwt<iH«n 
gale «■• jMtrojed aoBB tiia« aga, In fonu 

a ban. Of the fmr galea tbtt hate bees 
apoaedt oiilj nne gateway ku iwl been 
walM-ii|:i. Stonea. itiaroBJedured, werv 
rubatimtcd for aoidiert. Mr. PwUti'a ■■- 
tereatmg Mper <ond«dM whb a few n>- 
uarkt on tbe f «d« fefmentath^Bi of ■ palm 
brsnA and (wiord. etn'jlttni of Prace and 
War. wUch are engratcii on tlic Imcribed 

ToatauiaD ARciiiTtOTCXAi. •ocibtt. 

Ott. SI. The annual meeting at tbli 
lodaty look |ilace in tbe aoeMf'a nxm at 
Yart, tbe Vas. Anihdeaooa Chuton In 
tbe diair. 

Mr. V, n. Djkea, one of the accra- 
tarice, read the report el the ootouitlee, 
which eoiuratDlated tbe Mctnben on tbe 
Inrreaard fntnrrat new genaraDf takts In 
the objpela of tho aocletf : and aasgeried 
%ti« propriecr of altrtInK tbe tenth r«l«, 
which rondnci ila meciiriKi to the rilj of 
York, whcreaa it aeemed dmirable tkat tbe 
aaautl modisg ahauld t>c beld in Voric. 
and dial two t^r pubSc aaeetlnga (hoald 
take plnee In otber Iovdi of tbe ewanty. 
Two mtcraatlru mmingt of thi* cbararter 
haTc been hald during ibe patt year, one 
at Leeda, and cht other at Tboratmi 
Abbey, Uaoolashirr, Ibc latter being ht 
coBBKlioB witb the Axcblloctoral SocwIt 
at that eeuntf . The natnoiiltM fufn^Mtea 
that BMetlnp during the mauiTig jrnr 
ihould be beld at Rlcbmond and Selbj, 
which lowna poatcued arecral attractiona 
and claima upon their atlfnllon. Tbey 
bad only one j^aot to record dnring Ibe 
year, «i(. KM. toward* the rebuilding of 
the diani-el-ar^ nf Arkwotth etinrch. 
Otber grantu Uiey had been roIiKUntly 
roropcDed to refiiaa in contNiKnce of tb« 
narrownoai of their ntenni. Scieo Mpcra 
on nriona inbJMto bore been naJ d orlng 
Ibe pa«l ytar. Certain moral pabitioct 
bat hie been dUrovered la rjck««nf 
obarcli. Mr. beaa*. tbe ledety'i ardtt, 
hai been aent to Pickering, and the mnlta 
of liU labour* wore eiblbiied in that raom. 
It WW ei)>cctcd that tbe original paioUiijt* 
wonl'l be obliterated, bat tile oneatlon rc- 
mnined for the dedaion of tbe ArckbUlwu. 

Tlie Rrr. R. B. Batty read an lnter«u- 
ing paper on Poatefract raMie; after which 
R. M. Mllnea. eaq. M.P. for tbal town. 
eiUUtcdaoRie original letlera connected 
with in blalory, va. aereral from Sir 
Thonaa Fairr», Oliret CroBwell, and 
elhen, and an order relallm to the as. 
icullon of Ktns Charlc* I. 

Mr. W. H. Dyke* then read a naperon 
llic i)iiiiliii)[a dticnrorrd rn PIcKeting 
churrli, olilch are lllnitralire of the life 
of MT Saviour and the liert «( the aatnU. 




Oft the Ut of De«<nib«r iht nsnll of 
Ika appcftl Id Ike Preacb pcopls ratpwcliig 
Um re-otabiUliinciii of thr Empira, wti 
dcclucd by Uic Corpii U'£itlKtfr, wLich 
■■MODotd tlui ihc mm of rate* >u, — 
Kjn . . . 7,i<G-l,l^!> 
NoM . . . m.XAl 
Nnn . . . «3^S 
Hj a drerM datod on th* Zd Dm. •' Nt- 
polfon, by thn gncc of fiod uid the 
lutioiMl will, Rmpvror of (ba French" 
MMamcf thenameof Nspolcon III. thereby 
(ecgfnMu tbc «biliMlloii naOc by the 
Ant Napdieaa t» fttour of hi* hoh. He 
bu inCinutftil, IiAw«*er, la Umn^i |ii>fr»ni 
that til iMnininj thu title Iir hnsDoin- 
Intian to u<«ri mi hi-r<«litnr>' cUiai to 
ibBcnwn; but thu, on Ihc oiiiiniTT, he 
icUa hia Mithorlty npoa (be chuior or tlie 
pmpld «ii<l rccQgUica aU ibtt ha« tt]i«ii 
|i|ac« Knoe ISM, 

Bgr • Mwond dMtee of tb< ucm dale 
thrM gen«i«li of dlridon Mtain the dignity 
»f Minfaats of fmtcv. til. L* tt<^ de 
Salnl Arotud, MInitter of War ; Maicnan, 
CoDiBtDilcr- in- chief of the Brmy of I^ili ; 
■mI 0« CutdltB*, CoutnisndcT'iQ'ctiicf of 
lb* artuy of Ljtoii*. The Emperat'* diil 
lift M prApoMd to he fixed at 35 miltioru 
of friM», to which nil! be nddeil the 
Cn»ii i«>cl« md mnvriblri, nith the 
lni|WrUl |«laoes and the fntert*. th« inu< 
MUma aud factortM of Scma, Cvtictiot, 
■nd Beauiaii. Tbe rcreaiicn from Vkt 
fonala bring three mUlioot. ilat the 

Cnxrn la cbftrxcil mth tlie turn of 
TJISS.OtKlf., tbe (Minatcil ci|)C[i*c at 
kecfdng the palatea ta repair. T« th« im- 
perial princta a fdrlhar tam ot l,&00,iXK)f. 
ia dcatined. It iaandeniood that the i 
Eoipire will he i^ncrallf ncknowkdnd I _ 
die othn Continental powcre. Mcaa-j 
while, for tbe firvt tine in the liiilory < 
th« two nationa, a «i(it lujt boeu |iaid tft' 
Berlin by the Emperor of Aiutrin, aod it 
in augsetted that thit viiit ia taeant □« a. 
Milatary hint tu the frrocli that the Oer* 
tniin crEDt pa-wen lemnin conHaUy auite^l 
fix Ibe taaintcQaace of the ircatin of 
ll*l5, and that any attcoipt to diaturb llir« 
arr&njeiDetits on wUoh the [wace al Surope 
liu act lon^ mted would meet with an. 
e(|niUy prompl and foriaiilable rq)ulae. 

An Important nioio lias been Dinilc liij 
proaccvtltMi of the Bunuov war. Promo , 
wu caftnrad oo the !lth of October bytlw 
foree nndur tlie emmmand of Cainnaodore 
Lambert and Grneral Godwin. Very littla 
rtaiatance wu made by the BornMae, thft-J 
British IcrM only amooDCiiiK to ooc inaa| 
killcil and eight woandcd. rive thou 
Buniiete *rcrt poatod abont au mil** rroaj 
PfOinc, bat Genenl Bodwio did nat wick 
to altaek then until hr. win rdnfnrced. 
The Admiral (C. J. AtuCen.C.U.)liad died 
of cholera, but the trwipi were partieularly 
healthy. Tbe rtunnne Geaeral and Uia 
ex-Uerera^r of Rjidkodq hare aarrendtrad 
thtmiclvu nt the Briliah <unp. 


Since tbe pathUoalion of our Uit Ktagaaine the Supi<Un;ent to tbe London Uaittttf' 
of Friday the :id 1>«.'. (No. n.Wi) enablaa oa to abitract, from the oHie^aL record 
pnblabed by the II emldii' Office under Ike auDiOrtty of the Earl Miralial, the following 
Mrreet aecoont of the CMemealil obaomri in the Duke of WeUingtun'a Vuueral :—' 

Om the aornlag oflbc ISth of Noreoibcr, llic iroopa aaMinbled in St. Jamea'a Park, 
under tlMixKnuaod of Ulajor-Gcneral II.IL.U. the Duke of CambridKe, K.G., tft 
w-bom tbe foDoving Staff waa altaebed i Colint) ih* Hurl of r.'nrilifau. aaJ Colonel 
Letd Da Ree, who |>erfonaed the dntiea of the Adjutant and Uiinrtermniler-gcneral'a 
dapartmeiMa, nadeF hit Ronl HighneUt and Om.-Col. l^ord WLlkiant rmlel. un>t> 
tnebad: LwntXol. LordOeorce Paget, 4tli ltj(lit drag- 1 l.irut..Cal. Tyrwhiti. S«ou 
faailicr Knnrda ; and Oafit. H^.H. Prince Gdward of Suc-Wcima), grtu. giiardi, 
acting a* Tbe broe coualatci oi 
II fdaott of Artillery, 
B (quadnoa of Candry, nod 
$ WUllona of lofaotry, 


Romalie OecHtrenet*. 


M^M-Gen. Fane 

UaJM-Gen. 8)Mir 

Mafor-Gen- JaclcMn 

rbicb noted air At e o'clock prKbdr, praoHdtng ap Coulitaliu* UUl. la ilw fvUewfas 


InranlfJ, tii Bittaliatt. 

Bud of Ibe 2Bd Battalion 9Mb Brit*de. 

Snl B«m]ioB Rifle BrigMle. 

B«ul of l>t But. RoTtl MariM^ CataikaB DIr. 

l*t UwtuJkio KojrtI MkrtBM. 

liMid o( 33 rd RcgiiDcnt. 

V Her Majcftjr'i 3Jn) BsGiinrDl. 
Band* of tkc Rcou Fniilicr aad Cnldilrean Uiuid*. 

j Battaboo Pinilicr Ourdi. 

V Battalion ColiUtroun GiurJi. 
( DUtalion GrtBadier Gurda. 

Bmd of Uw Itojal AitOlnr. 
AnDlary— Nina Goni of Fidd Baitetlea. 
BmuI of ITth Unean. 
Cmnirj — FWo S(|naJmWi via.— 
I7lli iMoett*. 

Ilaail nf 1.1th IJiht Dmgooni. 
latti Li|hi Dnfooai. 
Oaml of 9th UaiMn. 
8tli lliuMr*. 
Band vt Seota Gfeje. 
, till Unfoon GnanlB. 
B Qnitt oT tbe llonc Artillery. 
The 11 iikooa, commanded h-j Cot. P^ C. Whinjttha, C.B. 
Dana of lie Itt Life Guudo. 
Ro^al Rwineiil of Hone Gutrdi (Blaea). 
2nd Life Guarda. 
lit LlfcGaarda. 

AJIti the troofw tail mocrd off. the rromwion was furni«l, in Ihr rnlloKiiitt order :— 
MaaMngcr of tbe Callt^ nf Amta, cm tool, id a moaraiog cloak, iiith Lbc CKvldicOtt 
ef Ui« Cotk^ of Anu mi hi* ahoulder, cirrjtag a atadf. 

Nin« Condooloni in mooniiaK doalit, witb atat«a. 

ClKiaea renionen, ia nnsbf t 83, on foot, who Ml Into Ihc proccuioii at Cbarvtf Crow. 

"nrahre f nrollMl PetuSonen, on foot. 

One SolJin froan ertry Rcftirocat in iler Matvvlj'i Sienice. 

Tbiw fioldien uf Artlllonr. uid IbrM SoUIInn □( Infantry, of the Ka*t India L'om- 

pujr'a An>7. rc]>tcKnlUig iho ArlUlcrr and Inranirj of iho ihrcc PrHidcnclci, 

TUrtMD Tfilinp«1«, and KcttlE Dnami. 

SeiJMBt TmmiwWr. 

nirntranl* of Ann*, ilmrr Matraf Lane, e%W. BlacmftDile, end Rdward Stephen 
JUoodf , imt. )txMge Dragon, in a noaraing ooarb, in their Ubarda vra OMHuning dMli8> 

Thc $TAKD«ni> OH VtttxoH, lioreB by tJnil.-Col. John Ganock, lupfiaited by 

Capt. MortinKV Adjc. It. A. and IJc«l. TbOMa* SvKiDt Little, u« boraebaek. 

8(>rT>nt* of llio Doewwrd. in a monrning touih. 31r. Collinit, Mr. Kendall. 

Lieutenant of th« Tomtt, Major-Oen. Sir Gtor){i; Do^leti, K.C.B. la a ckrriafe. 

Dr|Mitatlun* from I'ulilic Iloctln, In citrl>|(M: — 
Hsrditnt Taylor*' Cnmnany : (liKrlni ttiiikank, mj. Maatcr, John Norman, Mi). 
Warden, John Ewart, eiuj. U'orilm, nml liounij Dolirrt, tiij. Muuber oftba Court. 

Kait India C'onpany : Sir Janw* Weir Ilng^, Hart. M.t'. Cbairman, Rum»II Etliee, 
«ai|. Depnty Chamnan, WtlMam Wifmm, eai|. 8fnior Director, and Jamee Coamo 
MelviU. e»n. SMtrtary. 

Corporvtioo of the Trinity Hiwir : t.'ant. John Shepherd, D(|iaty BtatUr, Capl. 
George Proby a. Warden. C^. Gabriel J.Itnlaiaa, Elder Brother, and Capt. WtUum 
npHt.£U« BroUiBf. 

Major.Geii. tbe Hon. 
II. L'arrudiih 


1858.] Funeral ofth* Duke of WeUiiigton. 77 

Barow lod OffiMn of tfce Cioqnc Fort* : Tbomu HIcku, ctq. Mnyoi of UBSlinp, 
JJamM WmJ, Mq. Mnortif SaudvicK, Cliu. I^mb, etfj. Mayor of DovertKid Utarf 
[ilMhiler Walker, «q. Itlaj-or uf Ninv Ramnejr. 

Uopatj-Livu tenant of Dover C»itic, Buurf Smart, e*q< 

Cantalni of Deal Cutlc. Va Inter Caatir, auil Seukluini Caatle : Karl of Clan irilliuii, 
G.C.U., Johti ]. Walts, esq., a»<] Itcir Adm. filr Jalin Hill. 

Hoard uf Ordnance, anil Uriliiani-e Deiuitniput : Ucul.-Col. F. P. DnnnF, M.P., 
Clerk oftUt^ Buinl, Cajil. Sir T. HaaUngi. R.N., CB.. Sture'Kdcpcr General, Liaut,. 
[CcD. Sir S. ?. BuTBOrne, Q.C.B., InapMlar-flca. of PurtiliiMtiDna, Licut.-Gco. Sir 
B. D. Itoi), K.C.B., Depntj Adjaluit-0«a. of Anillery. 

Dekfatioo from the Vaivenit; of Oxford, in In-Q rnrriagn. irii. : Rer. Dr. Caltou, 
PnwoitofWori!C(ler(«I1eKe>Vloe-C]iuicelior; Rev. Dr.Wynicr, Pretidcnl ofSt. Joliu'a 
collecc : Rev. Dr. Sf mom, Warden ofWadham o>t)ci« i Her, Dr. PIaiD|ittc, Miistor of 
VaWenily col!«Kt ; Ret. Dr. Tait, Dcoii ofCarlUk, Unltiol college i Ret. Wm. C, 
Lake, Pellfrwor UalHol college. Senior Proctor i and Hev. H. Pritdjaiil, Pellow wf 
[CoTpua Chriali college. Junior rroctor. 

k^rauivnnl nt Armr : titorgn William CirlUii, gtnl., PorUiUliai is a mouraJog COKb, 

wlOt tii« tabnrd ovtr hiR mnuming clonic. 

Baud of Ucr Majealjr'a 6lfa Dragoon Guard*. 

Tub Cm BOH, bomn bjr IjBat..C"l. A, A. T. Cunynghamr, »npported b^ Capt. C. 

P. Itibetaon nnd Lieut, the Hon. .\. M. Cftthcart, on borMbiolc. 

Conplrciller of (he l*to Duke'i llouietiold, Gcor^ Eaeton. eaq. in a aummiBg iw«ek. 

PhfiiciaiM to the Jcccjucd. Dr. diorlna Willtami, Dr. Robert FeTKa*on> and 
V. llulkc, c«q. in a iDouraiDK i;DBcb. 
Cb*|ilaiiM : ReT. Mejiry MrUill. 11.0. ChnjikiA of the Towr.r, IIot. R. W. Drome, 
rCbspIain of the Forces in itie l.niiitoit ni*tricl. and the Rci-. G. Robert Glcif, Chaplain 
llGtiwral of <b« FcTCCt, ia a aiouniiiiK coaeb. 

H)^ SherilT or Che couoiy orSoullvsrnplon. Pruiclt JerToba Ellia-Jerroiae, enq. 

iu a earring. 

Mililary Secreiaty, Col. Rieburd Alrej, on liortebick. 
CoVMftioaa of the Order of tlie Ilitb, rcprcietit«l bf four,' vix.: tienvrKl Sir 
oMnQtmwj, Tiee-Adm. ItiR Hon. JonMline Perejr, Lieut.-Uen. Williaro Sjtndwiib, 
Etad Sir Jeibiu Rowe. 

KniKhfi Ci>ininncii1vni of tlii: Order of l)id Balb, rc^ceicalcd hj four,* vii, : Lioul,. 
Gen. Earl CJitlirart, Adm. Sir Johu West, Lioal.-Gen. Sir II. S, Scott (n&minMed, 
but unaToidiblr atiarnc), ami Sir S. G. Bonbam. 

Kniebts Grand Crooa of lliu Or<lrr of tliK lUth, ropreMcnted tty four,* *t>. t Ueat. . 

tGtk. the Hlghl lion. Sir Edtrard BUk^^ne;. Adm. of the FlaaC tli* Right tlon. Sir 

pGaorse Cockbiira, Bart., Lleiil.-Oen. .Sir CieoTKr Pollnek, ind ViMonnt Pttlra^rtlon. 

Ti*Q Horalda, G. H. K. Ilnrrlioa, «*q. Wiiiil*i>r, iin,J M. V. M. Gibbon, eaq. 

Kiohmond, In a maumiagcoacli. 

iluid of llei M^e>tj'» 'Jnit IJfc OujirJn, 

Bwirva ov Wkllkhlky, bomr br I.ieuL-Col. K. U. Wood, C.B., lupportod b; 
Cajtl. H. C. C. Sooicriet and Major John Bbkijitoa, on boncbock. 

The Lorda Jniiioee of Ap|)eal, Lord Crannorlli and Sir J. Kaigbt-Bmee, in earriivea. 

Lord ChW Baron Sir F. Pollock, io * earriq^ 

Chief Juiltoe Sir Johu JcT«i>, in ■ ciirria^ 

Cblcf JutlM l^ird Campbell, itb a carriofc. 

Clancellor oftlic Duehy of I^onoutcr, Rt. Huii. R. A. Chriilopbcr. iu a (.MriiD^v. 

Cbaneellor of the EichniutT, Rt. Hon. B. Dt*ra«Ji, lo ■ carriage. 

Secretarjr-at.War, Rt. Hon. William Bervaford, in a oiktria(e. 

Judge Adro«aCa-Grneml, Rl. linn. G. Binkc*. in a rjifriage. 

FSnt Lord of the Admiralty, Duke of N'arthuniberUad, in a carriags. 

* Being one of Mich ClaM from thn Army, ona from the Utrj, oar from the Eatt 
India ComjMioj'c Serriou, aud ou« from Ibc CliU Sertloe, 


Domettic OceurriMcef. 


SocnUrin of SUtt hr tlic Colonial and Home DMiMtmraU, Iba Rt Hon. Sir J. S. 

P»kiBi(t«n, Bwt.,aiidtlie Rt. Uoo. H, il. Wslpol*, im OBD MlHlgA 

SpMker of lU> IIovk of Connooa, Un Rt. lion. C 6. Ltfnn (npTMeaUnt Uu 

How* o( C«nu*»Bi), tu bb (Ule Miriace- 

Sec. of Sute Tut Poretgu AfUra. Bari of Haltii«liuir> i* * OMrtafB- 

Witst Lord or the Hmvbtt. Etri of Derby, !■ ■ earrlaco. 

But MmUI «r Ei«U4id, Um D«ke of Notfoth, K.G. m » ««rriiK*. 

Lonl Prarident of Uie Conndl, Barl of Loowkk, tn a cwHigc. 

Lord tti^ Cfcuodlor. 

Lord S«itit Leonard't (rrproentuig the Honae of Lonh), in hi* ttxlc etnias«- 

Lord ArdhiaUop of Ctaterbnry, iu * eamife. 

Defiuly AwUlut AJinlBiit<0«Mnl, &4»U Aitluv John Pack. 

AnlMant QniRarMUlw>Q«Mnl, 

L(*iit.-Calond Jobo Rnooh. 

Aldf'de-Ctiap to th« DMW*Md, 

CftpC iIm Marqvaw vf WoraMUr. 


Major-Gm. Jmtt Ftm4Ii. 


AMbtmt A4i«iUiil.Gmml, 

Ueal.'Colon«l Vm. SulUm. 

Aidi>de-Cainp id (h» DocaMcd, 

Cat>t. tlM B«rl of March. 1 

Adj nlu)t- General , m 

Umit-QKt. Sir O. iironB, r 

A<Mrru(« cf H.R.U. Prinoc Albert. <lr*«n bj aU boNM, coetHDing Or. Lr'a 
rUyCur, C.U. G«al. L'lhtri Lieut. •Celonal Hon. AIm. (tordna. Kmmj; and LicbL- 
CotoMl Frencii S^jmour, Groom of the Bedohuiber to Hi* Rojal Hi|him*. 

A cerringr, drtrn bj (in horwt, oootaiiuag Col. the Hon. Cb»rla* Or*)), PriTite 
IWcccUry ; Co). Iht llao. C. B. PUpfw. IVeuMrer i and Lori George Leanox, Lord 
of Uw Bedektmber to Hi* Ro^al EligrMew. 

IIl» BoTAl. UiOUMsaa Pr'NCk Ai.niutT, ta a ouriage drawn bj lii bonea i ol- 
ivadoJ bj i1>« MttuBCM of BiMer, K.G. Lord ChtmberlUD of U.M. llotiMhold, and 
bj Ue Mar^acM or Aberoam, K.G. Groom of the Stole lo His Rojal Higbneeib 
Field Ofliccr in D(ij[>de Wtltiog, CoL W. T. KdoIIt*. 

UenUa, A. M'. Wood*. ci(|. LaitcaiCer, W. A. bloiint, ck|. Cbeiier, aad Norroj 
Klns-of-AriBi, Uofacrt Lauiioi ca^. io a uounuiig coach. 

TuK OnafcT Bammkn. borne by Col. J. C. Chalttrtoa, aM^porMl b; UaaloCol. 
Henry I>*oiell and UeuLXol. John Ijiiimntton. as hortcbaek. 

M^jor-Gto. d« Ebrifhacn and CoL Uaoie, Aide .do -Camp to U.S.H. the Dnlie of 
Bruaiwiek. re|>rcarniiQg the Annjp of Br«ni*ick. in a cartUfo. 

The Batou of a CaptMa-Oeatral <4 tbe fipanltb AmiTi home bf Mqar<Gra. (he 
Dnlie of Onna, anpportad by Col. Don Gabria] de Torrea aad CoIodcI Don tie 
Aitgiutin CahM f Lara, Id > maoming coadi. 

TW Baton of a field Marahsl •>( tbe KiiMiao Anny, borne by Qtn. IVUcc Gortolf 
akolT, »a|>|H>rtod \ty MaJor^Gen. Count Benkcudarti' and Liaut.-Col. rcbcmltaky, la a 
fflouralaf eoach. 

The Baton of a Field Manbal of tbe Pruanaa Amy, borne by Geo. tbe Conni too 
Moatita, au]i(.»rteJ by Gob. von Soharaborai and Ueul..Geooral *«u kfaaaow, in a 
Koumiag eoatli, 

ne Baton of Marabal Geaerai of Uic FoKogacte Army, boiuc b; Marahal ibc Duke 
of IWadta, m|>por1ed by Licat.-Q«B. the Coant de Villi Bra] aoJ Major Dun Maouol 
de Soata Coutinbo, la a Bourainf coeeb. 

Tbe Baton of a Raid Manbal of the Amy of ilia Nctharlanda, home by Ueul.- 
Geo. the Baron D'Onphal, *ap|joned by CapL C«*en and U««l. W. P. TioiUI, U a 
moBmiog coKh. 

"nio BatOD vf a Field Mar«lul of tbe Uoaoveiiui Anny. borne by Geo. Sir Ungb 
llalket, C.B. mpported by Cotonela Pat«a and Marvnholta, tn a moamUig oodob. 

Tbo Baton of ■ FIdd Marabal of the British Army, tiorne on a hinck vflrtt cuahion, 
^ Field ManlMl the Marqnaa* of Aiigleaey, K.O., n.CII,. auiiijoned by Colonel ike 
Dyhe of Riebmoad, K.O., aeul Major-Gen. tlie Duke of CleielaaJ, K.G. in a 
■BOamlag eoach. 

Tbe Ceronel of tbe dteeeaedi oa a blaok velrel eoahlon, borne by CUreooeaK King 
of Anu, Jamea Poliaaa, w^ la a noamlag ooaeb, : bttweea two Geatleoaen Uabcn, 
Coo^ Shaw Lafnn, Mq., ud JaniM H«iM Pnlmaa, laq. 


Faneraf of the Duke of WeHington, 


The Piil!-he«rcr«, In (wo ioo«rainB coaoIiM i Oeneratt \'i»;oant ComWrmcr*, G.C.B., 
'injaMt of fjoaintvifTTy, O.C.B.. Sir Pn^grinp MKlttwd, G.CMI., Viirnuui llud- 
'Ingc. G.C.B., Unl ftfMoa. G.C.U.. Sir Alas. Wwdtord, OX.U., YifMoiM Uongh, 
G.C.B., itnd Sir C. J. Ndpni, O.C.U. 

Baiiil of the OreiuiKer GiurcU. 
Pkeid nnoB « Funenl C«r drawn by twelve horui, ud dfconted vith trophic Hnd 
bfraUia tttttleremeat*, ibe hat and ununl of the deoMKd bcioi; (ikccd un Oil- i-ufliu. 
On dihcr elite w«r« iSve liuinrrol* oT the lineage of tiM deraawiJ. whicli ««» buiue bjr 
tW rulluwiDK OffiLTti ill tlu' Armr. oil lioneback : UeuL-Cul. Wm. C K. Napier, 
Li(«t.-Cul. U. H. JuDcv, Major J. H. Purrui, Uout.-Col. U. [>. Judoh,, Uout.* 
Col. N«il Cwpbai, Liout.'Cgl. Uuidal Kumley, Maior WUtvr Uugtt, Col. TlionM 
HutM, Llcat-Col. C. l\ ^iMhal, aud Col. T. U. U^sImi, R-A. 

Outer rrinrnpnl Kln|['(tf-Arni>, Sir Chtric* Gcorcc YoDnic, Knt. in hu tabard nrer 
bii uoumiDK cloak, nod ohtjtuix lili Suojitrc, in a mournintt con«ti, attttndod tiy lira 
QcntlenieD Uaber*, Jane* forbv* Yming, eii(. ojid CfaaHot Waring Yoiing, CM). 

nio Chief hlouraer, tbc Duku of Welllattou, b « lone tnourning ciMk, accom* 
pa^c4< bf bl* bnitlivr, LI«Bi.-C'oleneI Lord Cltarka WallMej, ud b; ib« Hon. and 
Rev. Ganld W«UMler> w>4 *deo bj hit Train -boarar, tbn Hoo. Willian. W«llg^«j, in 
■ Bcvniing tmeh. 

Tbt JdaraoMK «f Saliabur;, K.O. aud Ihc MvtjnM* of T«mi14*Ic, H.T., Suppurten 
t« tlM Chltif MoBnur, in mouniinf clonbii, ^^mliroiJferad r*ap«cti«c1y will) tlie rtHra af 
the Ordfra of the Garter and Thlttle, sod the Earl of MnmLBgton.inainnnraing<«ach. 

Emii CodogBn, Earl of GlfTord. Lord Artbnr Ua^, nail the Hun. Oeor|« Dunet, 
Aamrtanlf to ihc Chief Moorurr, la a mottrnlB^ coach. 

Ucut.-Gto. Sir R. J. lUi-vry, SuDDcl Blgnold, g*(|. JUriilaiita to the Cbief 
M«urBCr, Vliuiuut Wcllcalcy ami Licat.-C(il. Cbaflc* lin(oti in » DUtundog coocb. 

Lord Rogian. G.C.U.. Hon. Ridiu-d Sgraeticl, Curl of Weatnoraland, C.C,U,Uid 
Lord BorgLenh, In ■ uvutniac cnacli. 

HoM. Jtilian Fane, Hod. and lUv. Robirt Uddell, K«v. G. D. St. Quentin, mi 
Xuwmat ChelBM. in a mouminc coach. 

Col. the Hon. 0. A. P. Li>l<t«ll, Lord Cawlvf, K.C.B., L«r<1 Rabert Orocrmor, and 
t^Cstlttis ItalUi, eiq. In a mouratng eoncb. 

HarancH of Werccttcr.* Rot. Ur. Uenrj WcllHlejri RJcbud WeUsalejt m^* ■Bd 
Lanl llathciton, in a moaraiiig cmob. 

IImu and Rev. the Dean af Saint PaUkh, Earl of Loocfard, Major t)ie lion. W. L. 
Pakmham, and C«|>1. llio Hua. T, A. Pakeoluut In a mourning co««l>, 

Capl. till- Hon. Y. J. Hmu't'rvlEe, Lord Uttrgliio;, Capi. KJward Paknhain, atul 
Htbc RcT. Ailliiir Pakenbaic, in a uioutiiLjik uoiti:b. 

Cspt. T. Paknnhain, Sir Kdmaiul Hnjca. But. TIUKoaa ThUtletliwajt*, (»^. ud 
liiDmiia Stevart, eui- in a intiurjiiii)[ coach. 

John llimillnn, •m. ThoniaA Com)I1y, C)^. Rev. Williain Foalcr, and the Earl of 
Ellenboroogb, G.C.B.ln n mourning coacli. 

A. F. Grenlle, aq. Lord Culcbntcr, Vu^uut Mabvu, and the Hon. R- H. CUw. 
io ■ mourning coacb. 

Lord Downm, K.C.B.. Mnjur-Ocn. C. 0. 3. Arbuttinot, MajonOen. tbe Hon. 
Georse Auton, and John Parliiafon, cw]. in a mourning <«acb. 

Htnr; Arbntfanot, eaq. Philip Hardirick, eeq. uid WllUuaB«otfa,Mq>laiBiogniing 

TIm Ule Dukc'a IIor»c, led b; Jobii Mean, Groum to ilic DcceaKd, 

Pririte C*xriii£ei of ttie Ueuaned luid of Uie Cliief Muurner. 
Band of the Rojml Minnci, Woolwich DiTiiion. 

Oftom and Men fion cvar; RcnbieDt in tlic Service ; coiuialiut- of o«ie Captain, u 
'•ll«m, a Ser^nl, a Corporai, aod (i*p Mm frum rocry Rpgloienl. headed by 
ar.Gen. Gfoife Avgtutu WetbiraU, CD. De(iiit}.A>(j<il«<>t-Gcnaral. 
Band «f Uer Majcftjr'a fi3id lllghluidera. 

* On miUtuy dot; la the proctwion. 


Domettie Ocevrrmen. 


Cnrkgs of D(r Majniy llw Qoem, drawn hy lit Itonet. 

1V« C«rH*gM npreMntins Her Hi|iMlj*s Sail*. «uh drawn bf tti hOMM. 

CtrriiKc of I1.R.II. the DuohtM of dowMtat drawn bj ils hima. 

Cirriafe of F1.R.II. ili* Duchrii o( Krnl. dniwn bjr lii borwi. 

Carriage «f Il.R. H. th« Utubeia of Cuubridio, dram bj lUt horaei. 

Tnwpa danng tbe Pntntiaa, 

^'rr■t^ Ttmyie lUr the RlKbt Han. the Lord Maror of Landon in hit 8t>tr Car. 
riaj^, arid DttrDiled li; llic Recorder anJ a Drputation tnta the Aldrtmrn (dgbltra \m 
anmWr), \iy tlic ShcnlTi, autl bj a Dijvulation trota lb« Common (Toaotll (twckc m 
numWr), rrcritnl Ihn Procraaioa. TLr Ihrre carria^ta cootaiaing the Ueputalioa 
from ihii Common Cmincil fall Into Otc Proctoaion immodiatcljr after Ike D*l«)[atuiB 
tram Ihn UniTrriitf of Oxford. Tfaa two rarriaint caaUiniD( tbe SlieriSt. anil llir 
funr iTRDUlnln]! tlie Racord«r and Aldarmtti, felt into the Pracewioin bctomi Uir 
carriiiitcof tlio High ShfrifTof Hampifain; aod tLM coatainini (he Cain|wnioni of tlie 
Order of the Balfa, 

Tti0 carriaKB of the Lord Ma^ or, who bare tbe Citr Swonl, «>a plsMd between the 
ouria^ra of H. B. H. Prin» Albert and thai of tbe Archbiihusi of CanCtrbunr. 

On kpproarhlag St. Pnol'i Ihft ttonpl anorcd to tbe rrapecliv-e potti which had btev 
u*i{aed to thim ; and upon the Fanrral Car mchiop the flank of cai^h Battalion, tbe 
BatlalioD praanitail, reTpraed, ami ml«d upon lU arma till tliit catriate of thn Chief 
Monnwr IimI pnaacil iu Dank. Upon arrlTal at the Cathedral the TklarcfaaltBca ami 
Conduclora divided aad rani^ theinaelrea on oaeli aldBoTiho foot of (lie atvpa withoiat 
Ike (Ttut wcit duor ; tli< ChtliM and Enrolled l*oaMOiiera, logotbtr with one Soldier 
froui i-vorv t-rf;iivtiil in llcr Majtslf'a Mrviee, tbe Rojal Maiinei, aud lit Soldiafa of 
llu- P.uii India Conipniij''> armiei of Reepd, Mttlraa, and Eaanbaf, (two OAiqms fhtan 
erer; reginaent having been previuiMly|ira*tdcd«ilh lenu In the nnTc beliinil the place 
•ancned to tbe aoUtert,) proceeded into the tuve and Alcd off riflit and Irfl. 

Upon tberr arrival at the wntrm pntnitice of ihii Cath*dn^, the T\e\i Ottoora 
eatijint the Standi nd. fioidoo, Dnnneto, nnd Itanntrola ar«ra raUetedi the Ueneral 
OfSoers afipoloud to mrrj thcni In the Church, and who had been nrotlded with aeala 
in the oentn area, were condact«d down che norr to reeclrc tlicnt \j Mr. Courtbupe, 
Bwnge Croii PnrMihaat of Arma, la alteodaucc at the Cathedral for that pur|iaic. ' 

The STANDARD bj Mq'or-Gen. Sir H. G. W. Smith. Bart. O.C.B. 

T)ie GCIOON by Colunol lUcKaid Aire;, in tbo ftaatciJtl>lc abacnci of Cen. Si 
Howard Douglai, BiH. G C.B., G.f'.M.G., wlio bad been a.iin>niit<d t<i that dulj. 

Tbe Banner of WELLESLEV. by Ueut-Om. L«rd Salioun, K.T.. K.C.B. 

The GREAT IJauCGcn. Sir Jaine* Ma<-danrli, K.C.B. 

The BA.SNKnoLb of tli« tineag* of Iba Dtvtami n*r« home bjr the foUowiog 
(rcttaral Offirara, who remained at tha wwlen «atnDce until tfa« tJody waa dtpoalied 
an tliebler!— 

CowLiT aud CS8AC, by LicvL-Cm. Sir John Wilion, K.CB. 

Tkkvou and Hqstth, by UMt..Gcn. Sir Thoauu M'Malinn. Dart. K.C.B. 

CowLsv and LoPTVa. by Llnut.-G«n. Lord Charlet S. Manoert, K.C.B. 

Hn.i. and P.iaaoK*. by Lieut. -Gen. Sir A. U. Clifton, K.C.B. 

Cowbar and Phtton, by Lleut.-Ocn. Sir Willuugkby CoUoii* O.C.D. 

niLL and Ilui'i.E, by Ueui.-Geii. SirG. H. ¥. Bfrlieley. K.C.B. 

U'RLi.t:at.EV nnd II11.1, by Lttut.-Ceo. Si» (;corj<c ScoTfll, K.C.B. 

tliLL and Tanvoa, tiy Licut.-Qrii, Sir Frederick Stovln, K.C.B. 

WKLLKaLar and Pakkmiikm. by Lleut.-Gcn. Sir W, V. p. Napier, K.C.B. 

Hii.t. and Slonntn, by Ma)or'Gen. Lord Sandy*. 

Ilii Royal Hi^hnrat Priatr Albrrt. carr^lni hia Daioo aa VWIA Manlial, prewded 
by tlir Lirril Mayor braiim; ihc ('it; Sironl, itaaded to the centre area and look hia 
)cnt on chp ri^bt hind of liiv Cliirrf Mautncr i lb« Lord Mayor atuod near IliR- lli;li. 
De«a; llu Siiiir of Hi* Kojal l)i)(hDeta took llieir pUiwa nrnr lli# RuykI Higliiim. 
i(. R. H. the Duke of Cambridge oMwpicd a cbair near II. R. H. Priiirr AIImiI 1 hia 
SUIT rtinaining near Hia Royal Bigboeta. 

1853.] Funtml nftht Duke of Wellington. Bl 

Tlu fi«dy, whta Uktn from tlic C«r, mis receited ftl tba |T««t "Mtem cBtTMkcc by 
tke Bitliop of LoDiloa, tbn Dnn, Canon., and I'rrbeadorioi of the Cathedral, together 
with tbe Miiiur Cuiom iind Clioir. Upon moiittg np th« nave tlie Minor Cutoni, 
Vican Choral, fte. cuiumrnrrd ilDglng 1li« teoieDcei in Ilia Office for Burial. " /ant 
Mr Httarrtclian and (ht Lift." 

The B«ily otok bornp Into the Cliurch. ■tleoded anil (Hjtporlfd as follow*; — 
Thp Span, hanm bj G. H. R. Ilnrtitoji, Eeq. Wtndaor Herald. 
Helmet unil Ctral, htirni- by M, C. U. Gibbon, Eiq, Eichnond HtTald 
Swotd uul Tirjct, borne by A. W, Wood*. Emj. I^ncA*t«r Herald. 
Suroft*!, bome by W. A. Bloani, E«j. Chertec llernU. 
lite OAccn KprewtiLiuK the Army of Dmiisiritk, mil tiie Forciin liatont of the 
|i>eccMed, owrinl by Ibe dLitingiiiahed ForGi)(iisni, ^upportnl n^ hcfnTr. 

Tlie Baton of llic D«rpa«?J, as fidd Mantuil uf the Ikiliih Army, borne by Field 
[ Jdar*kal tbe Mnrqueu of Anglracy, K.U., U.C.B., and lupi'ortcil gi lisfors. 

The Coronet and Cuahian, borne by CUmmmi King-iif-Arma. 
TIm Body, between the ei|[ht I'altbcai'cre, and ten Supportcra or the Ba.nneroU. 

Garter PHntripal King -or. Anna. 
THR CHtKr MOirn.vnit, 
Ui* Grarr the Duke of Weill nji ton, 
cr, ill a Iouk ninurniiiK tloak, Suiiuorter. 

arqucw of list trotu borne by tlie Tlir Mai(|iietH of 

' ' ,l£.r. Uon, WUlii>a> WcUnlcy. Saliibury, K.Q. 

1. uul Rev. Gerald WellMley. Lord Cbvlet Welleiley. 

Aetiatttnta lo the Chief Mournu (aln^dy named). 
Xolatione aod Pricudt of the DcvMwed (alrviuly iiumird}, 

Th« Body bring ptaeed on a Uicr and Ibe Pall remoted. the Hat end Svonl were 

^ktu tttnn Oie Coffin, and tbe Coronet and Ciithinn pl.-ired thiireon, aa alto the 

aaal's Bitt<in ae Firltl Manbal of the British Army. Tbr Clin'ir ihrn chuntrd the 

Btb l*aalin, " Jiiii ('mto'liam," and the dJth I'lJiSm. " Domtnc, lUfti}iTan," (tlic 

flnnac or tl<v twu I'tnlom <ium|ioiciI by (he Horl of Morninston.) immediately >(lcr 

f VUeh an AolliMn «b« lun^ '|thc mtiale by Mr. Jobn Gou, (lri(ani>t cf Sniiil I'lura). 

wTht Dean, Dr. MUman.thvD rvnd tbi^ leaion: after wbicli " A'u'ic Uimillii " ^thr ntuiie 

Tf BMlboveo) waa oliaiiled. follmrcd by ■ Dirge, aeciumpanied by Trumpet* (the muiie 

■•0 by Mr. tiota). Tlie Dirse bdng concluded, the Body wu lowered into the Vault, 

nM ibc atitftBiii atraiiia of the Dead Marvh ; after nhvcli ihc Chuir nng " Jlfiin Ifiel it 

I ii/** •romou," and otbci' arnteacea (raiiiic by Crvft and Curcell). After the conv- 

nittal, the wIkiIb Cbvir aaiii; the sentonoe " f Aearif a vaiet/mm //mven,'' (miuiic by 

Croft); Ibo renulDd^r of the Kvrrioe fallowed i and at the eonrlnaton of tlie L'olleelnaa 

■aa(| tbe Anibem "Hit lioily it tivritil Ht pmte" (,rh]Qi Haiider* Funeral Anthem), 

itBd the Burial Serrlue beinv andeil , Giirlcr uclvanccd frcrio hi* place at the foot of the 

■nMni ud prodnlnei the Style uf the dcccaicJ. ai fKllon-) :— 

'Thoi It hatbpleaied AlmigUtyGod tu uke out of Ihla tiin^iiory life unto HlaDivtne 

Mercy, tl>r Ule Mmt High, Mighty, luid Moit Nub1c PriiiL-r, Ahthiib, Duke and Mar- 

oesB of WelUnftoD, Marijuc.ti Daiiri). Earl o-f Wcllingloii, ViKuuitt WcllinEton and 

I Douroi KniElitof ilic Mont Noble Order cf tie Oarltr, Knlglii. Gtoud CVoib of 

|tte Mod tfonourable Order of tb« Ueth, oii>< of Hrr Majr-tty'i MiHt lloniiurilili: Pritj 

ODoal, and Field Munbal and Coininsnd#r-in-C'hief of Her lUajeaty'a PorceN ; Pli'ld 

lanhal of tlie Auilrlnn Army, Kield Morthnl of the MnnoTerien Army, Fii^'ld Manbal 

toF the Army of llie ^'etbL■rlaod■. Mar>hal-Gfu«ral «f llie PortnicQrar Army, I'irld* 

[ifanhBl of UiF Prussian Am^. t'i«ld MHrthfll of tlitr Rnitinn Army, anil Cnptaiii-Griie- 

I of Lire Spaolah Army : Prince of Waterloo, uf the Klnidoiu of the Nrtberlandg j 

)«h« of C'Odad Kcdrlgo and Grniidi7« i>f Simiii iif (hi- Fir>< Clau ; Uukc of Viltoiia, 
(■ri^Ue>A of Ti>riT« Vtdraa, and Counl »( Viinieri in Forliij(al ; Knight of the Mo*[ 
IDnetrloQa Ordrr of (he Galiirn Pleere, and of the Military Orden 'if Nl. Ferdinand 
kad of Sf. tlrrtiii'rii^dJo of S|U>n : KiitElit Gnuid ('roM at the Ordcta iif the Hlnrk 
Ba|le and of ilic Red tajjle of Pruiala : Kai4bt Grnnd Croti of the luificrial Military 
Order of Mtti« Torefn of Analria; Ki)I(;ht of the lmprrit>l fltdera uf Si. Andrew, 
8L. AJiuumdvr NcMebi, and Si. Gci>r^e of Riuaia; KniKlit (irjind CVom of lb« Ray»l 
PortogucM Blilitnry Or.lcr ut ihr, TuAvr oiul iJHordj Kitiglit Grand Lrast o) the LU>yal, 
Gbxt. Mxii. Vni.. \.\XJX. .« 

*«il Mlllurr '>^'' ^ ■'"' ^*o^ *>* S*<^n : li^kbi or the Onlfr o( St. Esftlt of 
PrwMi Kiunlit of Uie Order ot Uw Oa^ut o< Dcniault ; Koictit Grand CroM d( 
tlic B»ja tUnovcriu ftudrkic Older i KnMil oTtfca OtJcrof S(. JmiMHw mJ of 
Dm MiBUri Order «l SL FcrdlnuKl unl «f Hfrit vt Uh T»o Sicilies -, Kniiht Gmii 
Cm* ^r tlk* SoiHTinc OMcr of tbe AnnoacUlW of !Unlinia ; Kniglit Cnuul Cron of 
llie Ib^al \lilitary Oidtr of Huiulliu JMopb o( Biituji: KwkM of Hi* tLojnl 
OnttT o< the Rue Crewn of Suvar : Knight Gm4 Ctom of tbe Order of Mltiurr 
Merit of Wnrlanberg : Knichl tinnd CroM of ihe HtttMiT Or4u of WtUUm of the 
Netb0luiibi Kki(Marthe<McT of the QgUn Umi o( H<« CmwUi nd KaigU 
Onui CroM ot llie Orders of Pliklii; snJ of tho Uon ot Dadcn." 

Itif ComptNUtr of tha Hovarhalii of Um Deoened then vdnDieed. uid bnuUog hk 
Suit, Mitred the |>1mm to G«rt«r, by •rbom thcj «erc dcporiud Ik Iha Grata. 

Tlw hrnn. " awfian awake," (tha mnric bjr McMklnotin.) wai Iboi tang, and 
apoa to cuucloakm, Ihc Lonl Bidnop of Loq<lm nraooaacod the Blariitg i "Acr wkl^. 
vpon a il^al E^Kn. the runi at ihe Tower Arcil, and tha Trampeto lovnM a wail at 
t£i Walcra Eairaace of tli< Catbodral, which concluded ihe Cermovj. 

Mr. R»» prMMltil at i\* Organ, aai Mr. Tttrle, Organiit of Weat»laat«r Abbey, 
led the Cholf. 


Tlie Gasatte Mmtnin ■ caUlogae of Dm 
diitingnUlied peramuwba vm jmvmkI tt 
ihr ( addittuti to tlione who here 
beea alrtaidr deambeJ as lakinc a mora 
K&n pan. After aMBing H.R.II. the 
Duditw of CambridsB aaJ U.K.H.the 
Priaoeai Mar7,thetiuiiMor>utfcnfiirrigii 
ambaaaadon an recital, nilli wWoi vitra 

a 3*4 tho IMke of Bralionl aiid Co«nt u( 
nden, sona of the Kius uf the Bekiana, 
UJ».n. tU Priaoo of UIkIdhd, K.Q., 
H.S.U.iIhj I'riMO of Bohaaloha LaMp*- 
barg, O.L.B., and Prinoo HeRnanii of 
HoSenlolMi Lang«abiir|. Th« Ptcra to 
whom Hokott er«r« iaraad wen in munbcr 
136 i the Mcmbcn of the Houk of Coib. 
ngna, 132 1 the FcercHta (locImdinK 37 
dvWBcan), ltMti«ldeittauorP«ct«, II ; 
SloiDbcri of the Piirf Comril, .17 i Vic^ 
Chaticrllon. JuUoes of both IlanithM. and 
BaroMofUMiEtchcqarr, IS-.Liw OBSoera 
of the Crown, ti ; Kiitgliu Grioil Cn»a of 
the Delfa (bcaldn tlioac Ban) profntwatly 
emagod), R ; KDlfbta Cunmmitn, S& i 
Coia{>aaiDoa, 109 ; AJ<le>d»-mi>|>« tu (ha 
Qweoi ICi aianbariodbeTowaConiril 
Of Edlitbiai«b,24| oftha Maal<4(al Cmindl 
of DnbUn, 1 i ; of th« drb^tjon nrom th« 
UntrareUj of Oiford (not Inking part in 
tbe proccnkiBj. Xfi : memban of the UaU 
nmt7 «r CMtbridgr. II ■, dapaMioit tnm 
the CnujM r^rti, 19 ) Corporation of the 
IVinltT Uoiuf, 8; d«pwtatian froia Ihc 
Eaal loiUa Company, 9. 

No( onljr «H tho day ot the Dvke'a 
Itancral ebtcrrvd by b general oeMadau 
fnm baiiMM. by cburcb acrricea, and 
othtr tokoM of pablU obicmnce in an>ti 
oftlMtAwnaot the aoitad klng<l<>B>, hul 
■I tlia iMjiUal of l*ni*iii a faneraJ fefTiee 
wu performed In the K«m»aii ehaich, 
nliirli waa KlMndrd by ilrUrhnxnla of all 
tbr Irnufo la gartliDtt Ui Ikiliii, tbe g«n»- 
rab, vlBcrrOi'snJ priuMs #f the royal fajiiily. 
On the 3ctl D«c. tha ChaaoelW of tha 
Kxcbeiiun (Mr. DianaB) diaekwd bb 
Bn^t In tbe IIovm of CumrooM, Uw 

maiB faaiwta of wUoh wvr« u follow i — 
Tbe Malt-tax aul the Hqi-daty to be »• 
dacwl each oac<balf ; by which a loaa of re- 
nnuic woald be cauooil of Brarly 2,00O,KKNL 
B year. To nahe up tbi* tUlcitBcyt the 
Uonae Ut to be cl<iiibl«l \ Awt to ba 
cbarR*il a ihlltiag ia the ponnd nMm4 ot 
lUpoice ; ilnvUingi to m dgb U wi p BBai 
ii) the pound iiuuad of uinepeneet and 
ibe lintil of neoiplloa to extend ■> aa lo 
Inotnde all houce. wlitthar tiwn or 
•Iwtlling*, rated ol 10/. a yfBr. Hbc Is- 
eurar-lm li be rileoded lo all wboBe 
yearly gtlM by trade or laboar bmmbI |« 
incv. a year; and to all whoae iMOaaet 
are derived Cron prv)<cny. In laada or 
liouaei, aiDoiiDliiig tu h'H. a ynr. Iialtu- 
trU tnceme* to be oBlf cbargnl, hewnar, 
Iwv per ceol. while (boae dcirvA (kOH 
property rctnain at bo*, ohargeabla wUh 
three. Tbe dnty on Tea to be gradnaUj 
reduced ia the tviai* of aeven taaia tnm 
two (hiUinga ud fonqieuoe haUpoBOy par 
pound to a shUBnc i ia Ifl&i tamtfmot 
farthing to Im talten off, auil crcry aae- 
caaaireyear Iwopene* Wiitil IMu. Pllot- 
iCe to he refHreil (o a committee or com- 
doea, together with uhage'ClHireea, to be 
Iraaafbrred to the Conwlidaird Fund. 

A decided oppoeitioa to the whole of 
Iho f'hnitevdor^ acheeie wia lahen oa 
Pridaj the lOth of Dee. when an amead- 
ment to the order ot tbe day for a Com- 
mittee af Ways and Heaas waa moeed bf 
Mr. T. Dunconba and aeconded by Mr. 
John Walter, The debalo waa continued 
during Riwr cvenlaga to Thuraday the Itth, 
wlico the C'oratntdM divided, Aye« KB, 
Noea iOb, beinganiagarttyaplMt Mtnli- 
tera uf Nineteen. The oni day. altar ■ 
Cobinct C^ounol, the Earl orT Derby r«> 
|ia!red to Osbarne tn tender the rtalgBI- 
(ii>D ot MiBistvri to tho QuccB ; whkh 
waegndauriy acMpte-J. uid tbe Bail of 
AbcrdMti wu (umnaoned la her U^eMy'i 



l\l. RoyalArllllvrv, bn^vtlAbjurT. A- 

lis b« UvDl.-Colonirl. 
r.l9, Fdr Kobirrt Hunfunl, Knl. CbUr 
JiuIWpfirAnt>tia«n<l Monlvml, b> be CB. 
<-r itt (hvtl l>tvi«laii -. WlitUtti «'rirckptl, fin. 

(--...f tr,..-^..» ,-..,....,. .....1...,, .,,.,,«,„,. 

i,m, K.CI5. 

''■ r ur Munj: 

lw"i'» '• '• 1- i."i I ■ tf ''optriol. 

of Hndik'ltadt In Clnnn. rmr«i a liironi!!. 

ChiDCCllanTumi^rinil Kiudrtikr- t\ie Una 
or tW AKhM' Conrl. I^F Ju<lcr of th< High 
Omfi 0/ AdmlmliT. Mr. Juilirc <:nimnicn. 
Stt JtiNM Gnlum. tiari , Ihe tUfht Hon. 
J. W. ({•nkt.i'ic J')1iDli(itti«f KarJutc.Kiit., 
AdnxslvGenctxI. !tir H'lJIiam Ito* WmkI. 
Knt^ Skhiril Uclbtll. ri^) , ^ohnKolt, rH, 
U.C . anil II 01. il JiRic-i. rsij, iMiTlxcr-M- 
lAw, 10 br Couinidisfi.>irfr> tor conlitiQiu^ ttji^ 
Oupotr) iDqalri. ond (Dr inLjulrlnt liilbthc 
IHT and Jari«!lfll<.>D of t)ir KiM'loUitical kml 
MbcrConrU In rplui>ii> tn iimitm munirn- 
IMT'— Kai'l }linn«. btni.*i Maion HujU 
Brani, It. R. Wnic^, AJilit'AilJutaut-Gcu.t 
apitTllointi f) Bmorp. Id hp lJrDI..i:olan«l«.— 
n* llurj. R. tfliisluii. Iilc ^KTtlary of l.i|r«- 
tbu M NfplM. to be (^Iitrji' iI'Ainirri nnil 
OMml-Ccoft*! in the Kj^imlilif of VrbrtMla ; 
If. ft. Ihilnca- f*i|.. nnn Vlic-rnunl nt 
UUeoa, U be CoiuBl tt uUrbPttr; ltnb«rt 
ChfQltirlli ttq-. noir Vlnt^Conntl al Ytu[«, 
10 be CnaMi at Hit ok if It ; iJauM Broakv 
Itobc/ltofit **'!•• tiow Vicc-0>»iut >i ^huif- 
tMl. lAbr COiunlal Auny : John Qmrsri^pft 
L> N'maliam, mi-, la b* UmwiI in Libcnn. 

iY«r, M. (Ill r^iot, 0(Dl. Jawr* Kninn lo 
br Utjor— II<>i|t1uI flIaC Sar%ton TlioniM WTtot.wltegUtT 
SaifttMl or tbn Fint VAX** ; AMInE.-KnrKraii 
Unmo Ocrdou Lore. M.l'i frmn Olh Ora- 
fOOna.awl ^Brjiwri llrrin C'li -r 'I -' 'mm 
M Ijr St-n r-uri. ■ iml 

CliU.-'B(fivl, rj]ii. T (■ 1 'Inn 

Rift* Km. Ill' '.: : i..,.it -. .J.. M. tbi^ 

Arviy; Gap* H |.., or Oili Kool. to 

h« Hajor iiifl 1.. ,1 llir Arm}-. 

iViir. 30. Wiihmri ii, r.nir, t^j. lo lie Rrti. 
IlMUIrelf of Fart IfHIa. O pr of Ooed H opv. 

ArMtabirt Teaaiaitn Oiyali],0»|>t. K«iir]r 
rrarnptmi to lir Major— Mniri llama Militu, 
ILilitrl .Mill'r MiLixly, biiifl M.iioi )i. i>. 
R an., to t>« Mijrir.— l^t M'r*t Viik MiIiIik, 
llx' It'in. Kt^tpiD';!!! Uilliim Ij^an-llrB Iv b* 
>l>j"r.-Ti>iKT liiinlMs Uilllia, Ca|>l. W. L, 
llraijl Kibe Miji^r, 

iKr.), CuluiiTlKicranlVru. Buuicrte, Of 
iba Rural il(in< Ourdt, to iir Kijiuwry in 
Ur^aarl w lltl Ub|«)It. 

Or*- a. KnlKklnl br palaiil.CI<ailv« HoWTt 
Miiclwll Jacka«a> taq. hhn* Joilir af tha 
Supnwi) Courl al Uunbtit. 

iitf- 1. mh r*U, lir«»M l.i«ut -fol. llMltp 
M'PkHaoa.CH. WbeLiaul.-CUl :Caj)l. O.F. 
Hoarke to br Major.— OTIb Fnoi. Mainr-Um. 
If. A. rracico-, C.II. w be CulQiirV— ifuir, 
LicaI.Xal- John ^liiilr, rroni iTtb Font, Id bo 
Ixp. Field OOeer ofa Rccruilltw |)lalricl. 

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Ilrnan a*<t U. A. I'lrkrr In bf tjrilt (^ilanda, 

no-. 14. rmiicii lliitwrll llrnalow*. n(i. 
I« b« CIciii o( Ut( Ltgialatiir OddcII oI Va* 
UtrtDrn'i Uniii Utprl llanburr Williama, 
««). kn.l 1:^11 'rhNipliJlDa H. OMfVf'i ■»'(• to 
be AaaitlanI Ma0a(iatra r«r Natal, iu ihutJi 

AlVlni.— (Od rmi. Major-Gen Kdwanl FuUn- 
wn. CB. tobfColoQpl. 

r>rr. 11. Ilojal Arlillcry.biPi-et MaJorA-Jt. 
^hiiHIpwortli to fce LWI.-C-olnnrl. 

Dm. II. r. I). Onnc.mi., iioit|ialililtacM5 
al Pranldbrt, to be ttMrrtii]- of Ltjtition al 
ODwntianni V*PI- the Iton. K. A. IlanU, 
R-N. . now CotuuE lor IMomarii. Iu be Cliar^ 
O'AiAixM and Coiuul-Um. ui Vtra i Jamo 
Italirr. ««q.. noir Conaul ai TiKo, 10 W Conanl 
al Birrclona ; and Were OlSajA NlcoU), tai|-i 
nowCkmiuI at Molilh', tabeComul at Vijra^ 
«IIi Foot, Oapi. J. W, QtCT to be Mafir.— 
W .Mnjnr in llio I'lJit Indm — W. lloinlaon, 
W.n. to be AiiisTiiiI Snrccon to «hP Korrw. 

Uet JO. Wynilbm Horctan l>str, eaq, lo 
btCoatnl tl MctiUei Brldcn Taller, caq-la 
be Ccouul fnr llcnniu'k and llw Ottatwndi 
Gpditc llartl). (»<|, |o be Cooaul'Qpneral In 
ilir ujniliai<l<i.\>uillaii tllatpi and the Ana> 
liiiu lirrlluiin im Uir Adriatic; (IiwiKe Can. 
aiPK Htckluintit, mit- inbrjiKlgrln Ihc Mtml 
Ciiiirt Hlabllabodst lUi' Itaiinrali. under IhS 
Ttratf of IMS. Iirtni-ni (iivai IlillaUi nnil 
SjHlo, rurtfio AtcilltloQ «rilir Mlave Trado. 

fct. 31. .Vilaiu Muitar Alexander, eaq. t« 
lir .stvnnil Pulhiii' Iiiilfr of llittuh (iulana. 

ii«. n l>r. Ileniy llDlhnl, cl RreOk al. 
FcIlfiK of lh« Kpysl (lollpjf of Hiynltuns, nnit 
a l'h)»ii:i»ii m (Inliiiaif to II.K.U. i'natc 
.Mtren, (0 broiiDnr llrr MajHty'al'tiiralcian.i 
in Ordinarr. **'* Dr. W. P. L'liaiDbcn, rn. 

Dtt. U. IMfont Hinioii Wllaon. t9i|.,>aiDc 
lime C^irfi' il'Atrtlr*a and <:aninl-<iDneral to 
Vcnnuda, 14 br tlieClrIt tUibaloai 
aa4 WiUiaiii Fi-iiialfl: Wiltuma, mi|. Cipl. 
It. Arl. iDiJ litrint l.irul. Celoucli" ttr Anuv, 
Miinp liiUG eniidovrLl on a ti-nial ifnlrr la 
Tiirkr*. Iu Ix C.II. Of tbr t:iiil UlvlalOn~ 
Caiil. (jiojiir &lw. Waili- 1.) Iic CiiilComniia- 
>.IOn*r»rn1 OnKlnfirTaii-'fiirllifSeTChelle* 
lalAitda.—T1iuniai KcU), i'Bi4. it l>. >a be aa 
AaslilaDI Maenlrtm-l-^ll-ndiiTrlrinr X»Ial. 

Drr K. Iltli Usbt DiacC"na. bfcrri MnJor 
iolin Pouirlot to lif Majcr.— nitli tnn. Mijor 
r. J. Rlli<itl«t«cl.»<>it.-i:iilpri"l; l-iEVH Major 
JuliiiUoiijtlaalo lie Major— Mlli Knot, Major 
JsoiM MMtii'-r Wmfiii 10 hK Ueut-.i*aianel* 
Capi. ir •' li> lit Mnjor.-lai Wrat 

India II -utt'yn RobertJoliiiCDtf^ 

M.D., 1 loWSiincMn.— MWeat 

India r ■ .-o Kiiliani Jane*, frotn 

mil 1.. . . Ill ll,^ Lieul.-Colaiiel,— 

llrriii. . lulijr Miirrav. of Sill Iha- 

r(wn*.>'"nL. :>i :>!' .\liijr.r ami Lient 'Colonel 
InUlcAiUir, Capl.TuM«->nnCPll,oftt.f KOIIi 
RfOl, lo be MajOr inJ U^oNXiil. in th«Annr. 

Civil. PnsrRMaENTR. 

J. nil Taylor, rin. liarrlalcr-ntJair, l« be 
Jodfvaftlir LambMli ConalTCuarl oT Itnirry, 
and of III? I'lmiiC)' t*QUTl o' Ktnt, to t>c helilen 
alGf«ennlcA. iiW(:bl1t»n,U.L'. dm-taaed, 

Jnieiib Lunx, ci-|> lu be Piraldcnt <•/ ilio 
!ili>ni-v Order Danannont to the Ueneral Poat 
(}fflce. l>tibUn. 

r WInii KnitM, Mut. H.r. fbr WcicmCrr- |W.), Ill i. I'srliarnrnttry »«r»tapy lo 
111* Foct Ijn Ti'i'il. f*" Sir t K- IVniirnt- 

\Vn>. KdH.ii'.l ' !' - I ttU or Itth Liiilit 
Dncouiis, I" ,i-rinjrrif Ihc De- 

f»n« coniirt i. ^.ili, 

31 1. James .^imiiii,'>i ii'.va, to l^ Auditor 


licclnitutivai PrrfiniUHU. 


«r Uiuon Amount) la th» Vom Lm UMrd. 

llKjar.Onn«ril i1i*Hon 0«or» Anun.U.P 
(O be Cluirmau u( Iht U>n(b)a aud Niulh 

Wmimii lUilmirCoiiMunf. rt>»ai|ii. 

Naval rKtri«MaKTS. 

.V«r. 3i. CatK'ti" 1' n>lwr la U«|iH*nn» 
ami J. II. tl- CMitr t» VaUiire. 

.Vtr 17, IViinin CuUtWiMit, to Losdofi. 

/>« 1 r-wt..«>rT.H*>lw(1, KCB. to W 
ltr*r>Ailii>iraIijrili( Blue. 

Ktar-Ailifinl Ihi- linn, .-tir fWntirrKKl R. B> 
Pptlnt. C.A.. KC.II, lu tiv CrnnniauiUr-ln- 
ChMnrih* Kant Inilii ."iMlna.— Capl. flMrtr 
Colilinillli li> Aikni.—L'uinitkUHlera Tboma* 
IIKIrr rn Ppnrkipv: (i. <>iinli««l«iul to()irf«n. 

J>ft, II. Cvinin. Ilftic r«rkfr lo€rui*pr. 

Ort U. Vir*-\iliii,11>T.rnrbraii?. K CR. 
Iv Ln <*i]RLitiiiiilr<-ui-<^iif*f >I Ptiri p<]D until .— 
CODIUI. a. T. I'. Ilddjljt If tM r*liltlll — 
LIkii. W. Bonlon lo b* UanBiiiMl*r.~0|vl. 
W, ff. Cbaoibrra tii itnovnto aiMm-klmi) ; 
CapL timaciii Scmti lo Oilln otMm -Aicalo i 
Ca|>l. C O. F.. PBiir to AmiiblOH otMoi- 
(Hfil*: ('-*|ii. HjrdP fukn- lo tlipliniiKl 
atnjn-frif alf } (^idiii IIoo- Ofor||« H. Dnojc- 
la* IoOuImi (tMin-*ld(>u:Ci?iniii. J.V. Ituloy 
lo Unlra atiMm-^lM^j Ccfmin. timrit l-VfkfT 
to ItartM-uou atnin-aliKi|) i Coaiiu. Biclutfii 
Punb la fomnuutd Atfiik MMtn-tlnoii. 

i/rm {■m rttunttd to i*rv* in Ptrlmmnl. 

AMnndoH — Lortf NoTTcyi. 

Smh S. fMaiMTa.-^. H. P. UakH, *h|. 

»w«««CM*.-L«nIA<lBl|Aual'-r-W Van'. 

£M«na.— Uanr JahmOD Sm^lli. nq. 
\tl*ttij^ TViInt— llvniT Aiiiriin Hrocv, mi|- 
b<Mittaja— nm. iohiiwu Fui, ciu. 

"PrffirtarMV*.— Un . iiamnoivd VrhAUc;, esq. 


I«T L'. UailKion (R. uf Ooni. Cgni>iirv-Rra(. 

di^liiry in Rlnon ('ollinlnt. 
il«. If. Fotr-i, Kilbtafti I'rcbend, illu. Caalul. 
S<tC. WpI»I»v. si. WtrlinrEh'a It. »n(l (olhe 

Cbaoccllcntiiir of ilit Caititdral Cliurcb oT 

i!(. I^irfck, Dublin. 
a*T. B. Allen, Owllc aiuorh P.C- SUSbfdab. 
■mt.U II. AlxllN.TIiniulFj !t Uriun. 
Brr. W. r. -iillry. Ki3l Uanu.lun K. KnI. 
B»T. T. Hirtin, K(n»-i Wodfir H. lliDti. 
Rar-J. tUillk', Nuiblmmholm* B- TorltiWr*. 

■nil tlir<.«itni>i}>^^V»<""-'ullKCaUicJnl 

C'ljuffd of Yrtrk. 
Rri F. II. Ilarkrr, !».Ml(rl»rrow R. Woiv, 
lUr. W. BalHon. vrooiliipiil P.C. Chnlilrp. 
Rev, ,\ IbrbliBin, Chkiltnn V. WIUk. 
Iter 11. K. Itrookt, Si. Ijike P.C. Clierlliam, 

HcT. II. K. '■'. Bll^n(rl<l, ii|. Janra P.C. Brail- 

»ofd. Vnrkliliir». 
KCT. U. Cr>i[. Aihanluv Tt. iliti. D«rrT> 
Rn ,t. r.. ('"H"d»r, K|>t»i'np*l Hiapal, Dnoif, 

Seal li lid. 
Rcr.J t> Iiiliioii, Maniiiii K l.iiiroliialiirr'. 
Rev. H J A. (' di.' tiilii, |-iiii£ri»i) i(- t>ir. 
Kn. K. i>. LIutTl'lil. rkkcdtucpci:. lini.. 
Uev. H. r i:ilii»ili. Uaiui'^Uilil V. Ilrtck- 

RtT. r. R- Kill*, (iyan I'.C Ciriianoi»1iitp. 
Ret J. FarUiii, T«n*<iJe rX*. Vorkiliiio. 
KFt. J T R. lUMTll.ClinnllK I't:. SuiOflT-l. 
Rev C tialnav. U'-hi-i llnilnnef K. ilio.Uiirrr. 
Kev I' I'. Ollbrii. IU|[h lUlilni R. K«ni. 
lift T Unrn^. All italnln' aud HI. JuliMl K- 

Rrr. U'.lllV(t.!nod>>an-tl<UtiP'C.L'bntii». 

Un. H. K. Itewu*. LUB|«>l«tn VJC Tkmli. 

ICn.M lluetin, KillTinirj R.ilia. naiitoc. 
Uo. R S Hum, llolir Trinil) I'-C- ««rti- 

bMTL. Rflil. 
Kn. K II. JiB^pi. LHMmb-RtftiV.W. Kut 

ami tt>H Ciallrm C- lleiks. 
K»r. (t. Jiottba. SUtiiUn R [l#*on. 
Ret.W. Kni«hl.O«li«tt.tlJ«P,C.Yot*.Iilt* 
Rpr - Mall. Si. Utonla lUAcbutcli R. UmL 
Br'- T. II- ilKi'Mna™, St. George P.C. «■!»*. 

kn. I jiiraAhl rr. 
Rm. W. Mni.UIl, IH.-U VSniMTtrt 
Ri^i. W 8. MatB'tn. TbariartDn K. NuriOlli. 
Rrv.C. Mai •nD. timer Cuultet R. 41*. Omit- 
Rcr. J. Milntr. Blioo H. niirlian. 
H(>r. n. n. MgiTTfir*. LoMbrUrc-DMVfill T. 

Rev J, f)<T. !<t- ADi1n» RplMVfial Cftaprt. 

RMit,^ .ii'.-i <.u.(,>w. 
Re*. T ' ' ' iiJmlrof R. m. Uami- 

IwV"' "Dil IJac^H C Okn. 

Rev. R. I ,..- ; i( w Cl«>lrt V. IJBt 

R,>v 11 V. UikriiiiC. Athfljlill'.r .luKdk. 
Rev. H 9 nic!. H'Ptnidi T.C. UiicuhirCk 
R«v II A riaw. llrkllry H. lliiiU. 
Hcv. i. n. ri'iiuiuir, I^Hlinhull V C SaoiatsH. 
Rev R .\. IVii-liinl. ,\.h'*> K. Wtll*. 
BcV- ^- ^- G- .<aiKriil, Kiinbttlry P C. NMU. 
Rev P. H. Schmln, Ari> V ('- dm KlliDor*. 
Rcv.C.i^nDOur, I.o-m Hovdl* R. ilia. Dcerr- 
Hcv. C. C SiMj" '■■-'■'■ Cttoltirr. 
Rev A.r, Smii H W'lla. 

llev. T. P- «pT I K. S'artliaimit. 

Rev.T. SIAol-^ii ..--.a.. , VViltt, 
Hav. A- II. dipvikiu, uvisaion R HanU. 
Kev. K. II. Taylor. llalB*!) R. imOB. 
ILrr R-Ttitininion, Uidillrldi-^rivrti R. Aalap. 
RfT. J. T Wfllker, AtMon K- lUtrv 
Rev. J. W. i<L iTuLln, .>sil>«>^ld V. Uncolndi. 
Ker i:. K.WrlMK-i. Uai.)eiittiir«ii«r.C.Cumk. 
Har. 8. K. n«b*ier, Inithini V. Ijuniliiabll*. 
Her. — nilkiuMiH, AKrictidV P.C. Yotksbitr. 

H*<P. O. U Atlfu. Dmu. II.E.I.C.a. 

RiT. H T. H«rik-il, n.C.I. lu Lord DmriM*. 

ib^r. ». R»*I. II M.!i QiiM*. 

Iter T. W IWniiHI, II.U R. At. (]*<»». 

Htt- J V. Bull, Undru l)lilil:ia uf iW Amy 

Rer- H. 8. ButncT> Rencal DItltiun ol tliO 

Afiiy of Av». 
Rev H. K liilrell, HU-H. Axaimniaoe- 
Rri. V. finhi-r. HanfiiUbJCI bii4 KalQW Tal, 

Il«v. J. nallnrk. St. LuU'*. a'rk. 
U*T. C a Hamillaii, C*<tiii>'re, II.K.I.CJI. 
Iter. E. Ilnri^ri. Cilr ino Cuutit)- LunMtc 

AiTtmn. Vlarmttt. 
Itev. IV. J. Ja,, hutlriwurb, H.B.I.CJ. 
lUv H. Ktrwtn. (.orkn^n. if. K.I CI* 
Krr. K. LiiiBCunili. Union. llamp^tTad, MMdx. 
Ker. (i. MorliiOM. \iiv-ffnit>»(l mil Xrvnorb, 

Ilwf. r. •!. !•- Piruli, Moulnirln. H F.i CJ*. 
Hav.W. H. Hrboilir, Malnilm Pvlh. II E.l.t; S. 
Rev. E. C- nilnhr-rr, Itiilitli C. (iulKnliKK, 
Rev. J. nttr, tbr Uti.DAetr*jl>ii 

Colifsiatf iviirf AVi)o/0(/ir AyjioialtaeiiU, 

Hi-v, J. I.. llairi>iiT. Held Uatler Krrin Onfli' 

ui4r Hclieul, llnii|thi«i) lr-!*|itiiir. 1>iitl>ani. 
Kev. T. Clinallirc. Hiib.lVardrii iif Vnlvrntl)! 

CDlle^r. liilrbniD. 
U. Clarkt, \I.A l^iiiil Ma>lna)iii>. Re^'Uiu 

Sfliuftl. IMrbnbin-. 
KcT P.J. ruiliend. Head Ma(l>nlilp,ONIId. 

funl UramiBur <rliaol. snr fey. 
). It.jlirrli. MA (.'ta>iiul Urrtuttr. Stdl»T 

9uMri CulltKF, llaiiilMldfr. 
Rev. T. Williairn. Vlcc-rrlMl|>al ul A. Uarft 

CstMcr, Chclva. 





.V»r. 3. Id I'ark plire, »t. Jimn'*, Lady 

G«arsi<>» (>Hlrlncl<.u. ■ dau. 13. In Itic 

Eul Indln, Mre. Arlliiir SI. Juhn Mililjnsy. i 
JMi- — -I t I" l*]'!** lUrky »l. LniJy Laiiri 
falmrr, » ilaii. — lu, ai rmiiDrk cmiri, 
Ovroa. IIM «ir« af Kdwanl Weld, «q, s dng. 

; AI Out mmt, iwarHarlbatDa«h,lliewl<B 

I or Uifor PMn. C.H. Mulru Knp. n utn. — 
•>. In Ctmlrr Irrt. Ilcernl'i n"'^. I'"" linn. 
Llilr I'lunnii.iiliiii, AI Btunli.rcl nvlory, 

i A Am. 91. AI Hate Iioiup, nor Scliaimry. 
L»dr A4«l« Cuff, > iluki.—Ai W»Uii(Mii 
noarr. Hit wife of Ihp Hon. mm Kpi. U W. 
Oeaouil. adia. Al Aafbritl.y, Ific. thrwlfc 

or Opt. Cholya, ■ lUn. — ai Kinktll 1i4tl, 
Yarkahlrr. tht-riti of Pnii<.'ri Iiuwln. n.^. » 
•"■— n. At Wobom pi. ihc Hire cf W. r. 

tamiU. Mil. bMrttln^rno. » BOH At 

Aioiiniifr. lliowlAt of Jabo llnuicrriion. eti\. 
«( Ibnhaioutb. Kaitliumti inonaEiaiirir.^— 
AI TnolOD, IheviftnlOfa. I1>( 1(1, lion in 

trta. AAuD, O c.u, 1 ion. — 19 Al Uiiut- 
Rinl oillr, llie Vitcoanlcu KalkeilDiif, ■ ion. 

JftUlji. Al Wunblujc, Ibc mite of l^cHl.- 
Gpd. -Htr JohuRirttcr mucrald, M.I'. Annii. 

I>tt. X. At llinilr^turn bull, l^uffblk, llic 
Hod. Hri- LI'ijiI Aimiruiiirr. iviu ■ant. — 

Al ttviam, iIj" linn. Mrn. CliolmonilElcv. i. 
SHI.— — Al liilliburir tionsp. ilii^ wifs ot u>l. 

St. UBlalln. » d«D- Al lUunlnl houw. aeu 

Bury at. EdaunU'ii. Ihcnifct/ II. C. MclrsJfi-, 

am Oaa. 9. At l^pi. Uct^iubi. Luly Kllui- 
Otbgrn, a <ltD. In U,nni!r.i s<|. lAly 

rrnl. K*rr, « >biit.^— I. .M'l'oniiiBy, iliiiwi(<- 

I or Sir Paal lloDlcr. U«i, a d»u. 1 Al 

TanMnn luik. tbe iiirii ot firXnltuw tniArhM. 

t*r. B*r1. ■ iLta. At Kiton |i[, ilic wife uf 

.lUlpfa l^dlow Ui|i», r«|. barnilcr-Jt.Uw. ii 

Bi. Al Dalbimir, N '.U Udy CcorKiini^ 
ll<ear(aMll. .« Hip CioUlnmil, nmr Iip»- 

■trn. llip •nit at Ckjil. Lan>ii. K.N. a nAn. 

•. Al SumoNTbill, KiililrnDlnalrr, Ihe Hon. 

Mra-Oauebloii.idiii 11. Al Rlukai1>l*r. 

l*Jy Houilon Dofiftil, i ion.- — M IVhiIuc 
'b«n. Cwn. Iliv Mire of Heniy I'nlUhAni llil- 
tlww.nn.atonindbcir.— _A1 tlAiIun PirMi. 
HMT Dniqr. Ibc wife or llcnrv tliinilnt IMIp. 
fVf. • dan,— ti. At iJoMTi .Viii|>ticy, |j>i] 
Moria Pwavnby. ailiu. — 13. i\i\YtXcl»iii, 

,.Uia TlM4iinlpt* Diwiic. n sun U. A I BiD- 

IdlttiouBc, Faroe*. Ibc lion. Mi>. UidiiC, nitt 
\tt Ctllonrl Uraal. CK AlJi-Oc-Camii Co tlin 

[.Uhmh, a 1411. IS, At (inflan kl (he wifr 

I CI Tliuuiiillnillclhniyte. nij. nfTteulhnirk 

pub. llutli.B lUu. la Glaute»ler •4. Hid 

wiAtoT A. lUcklniion. fni. M.P. awin. 


lUTHao. ni at. jvnii n Loiircp, near auck- 
laniT. Nn> ZMUnrl. H illiun Miill. juii. Fi'llitn 
Of 9l- JobD'HCollrnc, and dilril wuiif Ihe Kft. 
JhuLlBl MbilL Rnliir uf Fid. i^*\\i\i. id Aiiiib, 

, (MMt llU- 0/ IImIs'. «>q. liIrofSyitnTi. 

■A^rl) Al WyaboTC. Cai>r ul Gixid IIuim-, 

Hm. lUHnni, ttq. U.f,.l.V-<. Kviipl. 1 'ninR. 

e«t MID of Ibc lt)r (Jlinrk-i llnlliay. >l.ll. of 

[U*Milry. to lUirlcttt., foortl) ilitn. of C*pl. 

llan. Lilraiit liiarnuni. nnt] nicer uf W. W. 

Biril, (Wi U(p llFtiDly.GovcniororBpnKi). 

Sept. to. .M nUHiKrabaJ, Lltut. Jampi 

- Ranay Hrtdmvu. Ilumliiy Art. lu Kiully. 

-Klna. y<<anK''<t <l>u- "f C^l. Knnslrn'illp, lit 

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9». Xt Hull. Si'.rph Chrif. n-q. af Wad- 

dInirUiD el[-tK, nrar Uiii^nlD. to(.kthaniii:.<inl]r 

' daat. of lale Cliirtca Anlrti. c-i.of Uuilglm, 

liU (.1 Uiii, ind itniiiililaaEliirr of iDIc l>r. 

Alilaii, e( Hrmlcf. 

CM T. At Dalh. ChariM JoU CamUjnv, 
e»<). tldr^t M)<i nf Ilir Hiv. J, C. Clinshyre, 
UriTtor ot l.ltiln ):aatnii, KMfi. to Mary- 
Sauti, •M^nil dau- ul the lair LanileT &m( 

Mj). (iJ Uiiilll. I.inr. Al Fiitf*i'«, Ilii- llci'. 

A. ^. }h-fftiM. tttcit'i of 'I'kE.ay. DlliIiIih, t UId( 
anil >ir Ibr l,il<.* Mniiir-tli-ii, Krrd)>i. ItuyM 
Art. to Hirrii'ii. rld^it dan. of Vttrt IVinvU, 
ctti. <if SI. Strt'licn'*, Can Irr 1)111}, — Al tH. 
Jalin'a. ■'■ildlneEan. FfWlmkk ('. Utiiufn, 
ati|. vl I^c li>n(r Triniik. \i lir-iiiii'Mnnni 
ilaD. uf Ctpl. AlfiMl (.TlmiinMii. nr l'[i|i''r Hyile 
Par\ itlfTel. At Rrxdiriri. l]arir.^.V^iu«.];i, 
T1ilf<]a<i)i iif Tlioin.ii rw/uiri. (iii|. ii( .MiiiiFy 
Mil, tirtia, I.. Ilarr>r|.('un|>laiiil. riilrit lUa. 
al Kirar-,\Jiii. Jaiin-' Aiihur Mnriny. t'liir vjq 
of lh« laic I.Atil William Murray.. — 'At Sand. 
bom, tlrrkr, llarn C I*- O' Cititogtm, iii<|. 
of S9d il*itt- lo Laiin. )i:unichnt iliii. nf Ilia 
Rrr, II, ("arwint. Iiicunihtiil uf ?«i>ilbur*l. 
——At Slirrnabnrv. tlin lt<v. Jiilifi I'anfifji, 
Vit«r uf lit parlab of SI. L'UaJ, lo <'.iiilii.rinr- 
AuDa, ilan. ol tV. tt. SloKci, cui. of tsTirriii- 

S, At CI>«Ilrnliam. Ilii> Un. F. W. atrrh, 
.M.A. of Tlin. <sill. Ilinili. tci Mar][arvt-Kllu- 
belli, oiluw v( Lawrtucu Kaoilornc, ra>t. of 
pMiwnrtliini piinry. Lane. 

11. Al HvlWlviii |)rvvii, Oitum. Cbarlca 
S|iry.VurinuN,H-\ to Fanny. Siliia-Jaii'-. 'hint 

(liii. uf LiPul Cliailo W. f\tjaU<r. X-S. 

At ('jiiii'i>nilic. the ItDf. J. (■•Jifuit. Ciirilc u( 
!>hrplan Mallet, to Utai .MIdor, alaWr lo P.J. 
Naldor, rw. aoiklor. 

II. Al Grral CtiOFI. Knit. Uiula C. II. 
ToKj/t, *«<j. Ueul. R.N. tDCIiarlottc-AiifUBla, 
dan. ciT tlin Kaii. (iporii* t^llcH. I>.l>. I)i«n at 

Vorwicb, aud lUcIur i>f Clmrt, M Tullm. 

hum, llir llrT. llrnry Arthur Giruinf. 10, 
ircoii'1 ilau. of Johu Liiffacd. r*M of l)a»ii. 
IiIIIh, Totlrnhanv.^^AI l^njClry, llucki.l'ljn). 
John Lout. p*i, of W Uilfiir, lo Maria, immic'l 
•iau. otttir Lite Vi'i;llaia Nasli, (xi, ul'l^tiixlcr- 

A( Hnhoe. llirRn-H-H[)|)i»nBnjirP. M,A. 

of Farcii>i;<loi>, Uvrk). I.) Aniiv.Eldral dun. uf 

n llllam iVlbcnini. ruj. ot fmlioo. AK'bel. 

Iritbain, llir U«v. Jamrt .V;^.!*, M.A. (TtirvEO 
of Hi^ti ll4Tri>;ntr'. lu liatidlit'lViiiicUii, ilini, 
at lilt lit? J.ohn Samuel Harnrs. p(.|. of SI. 

Prlciiburicb aii<l Vllirlifiihain, AI Bstttf, 

Ibo Kor. KolirrLlirvKEaiL, rklatl tan cl IIIS 
Et«'. R. Gorto'i. Hfvui i>r l>i>ilinitbaiu, FulTbtk, 
loKmlly.lirntilna. nnly<1aii.ori{oli»rl fiiilifty, 

Hi|. lain oj luc Ucdical llniiKl, llui»<iay-^ 

At nialro. Mold, the R*v. tV. H. ,Viilinrn.t, 
U.X. Senior Fellon of Clan ball, Camliriilxf, 
■nil Ilccun ot RlntMll, HntTolk. to BllulH:lb( 
■oeond dan. af lUmrd I'fmbcrion. «m, of 
rhU-laMi, near Mold.- — Al Croaconilic, Soni. 
KOf. JaiDPa Otliiarl, M.A. aKDiid »)ii >t( Ktv. 
Rldiard ,Ti>bn Crtdarl, It.l). Rrctor of Lilllc 

lii;iin([, \ririii>iDptoii,ii>.Miry-llllubftb,daii. 

nf thi' lite Pmn<:is Isaaf tVaUer, caq. At 

.Moiisnild. Ibr iU■^. (i. W. Ittamtttt, M.A. 
Vic»rof llait Miikliiin, to Vlolatlt. Only dan, 
of lioiniKl Hurt, i-ji|. of ManaDfld. 

11. Al St. (iroruf'i Hanorni K). John Haw- 
deii Parkin, ci.C|, R. Art cblcil ton vt tbehM 
llrury Farkin. m). IniprCInr nf KatDl Hoi- 

rilAU anil t1f.t1«. lu KUjalh^Ili, cnJy .U11- <it 
take llniok*. can. o( lp<»i<-li. Al llfrrtni;. 

ton. )-liro|»liir<. AUrlui FiCimil'sin Ar»;,fn>, 
tMi. son of J, llalUin, ™n. -M l>. nf WnTif«tfr, 
loKnitly-Harriel. wcondilan. nf JolinUm'-hi, 
r»<|- Noilon SI. Cfixa, l^ion. — Al Hiil«li'H, 
Ubeahlrr. and prriioiisly acrMrillnir Mil"' nl'4 
of Ibc CllU^c^t of Elomc. t'lrrrr MnwKt^ini. ci<]. 
IJttODian Luniul >i Lilrrpnul. vliirat ■011 «( 
J.>acpb ftliiinabmi. t^ij. oi Luiulopi, hkuI iirphr^ 
nf Ibr .*rrlihHUiii|iofamyma, to Aunri. ruiiiiir- 
nt dltl. uf tlir Inle KfT. JoU'lib Itt^irfr. u( 
IVarerUiii, near Uieitcr. — ^ At I'lyiiiuni li. 
Ltnit. John CartterttSI, K.K. to ll(frii&.Au. 



fora, ilaa. of Capi. Brrtnadi, tue o( HCh 

II. At FaMlacMm. ikterd Uwta 4nm- 
*rpMf, Mq. ToniV"* *M (■' »>• tu* «^" 
AnMtreBc, Dnbllo, l« Hinnah, tMcil 
dU or tbtateJ. II. DlTldwR, -ni. II I), of 
Bdotuixk. Al SI- l^wrv N«> Cliurcb, 

John oiiy^ nq aim«0.4*rKllftinF4aBMt<k, 
lo Suah, only •Uo- M Winitni Hf nrf V«TMa, 
via. aadinnililtia. o' the tuvnaoM >*nfd 
muniiei. Ma. «r ll«ickl«itai«b ao: — Al 

Mlrhilwinti.ltTnr^ Tt- f—'—'^ 

CuntBOrHlMhiriMd, U) Mira-HM ilda, jm«ni- 
nt lUa. U the Rev. Jjuni* MtIc*. of OraUb- 
n#lil bouMk Kamicr-— -'At St Mirj't Urn- 

imiatnce. I1U lUU. to Hf r<n ■ Eliubrll). 

Wllbhar. (hjHl dM. nf Ur.>.,|r UUTllAM 
llMTn-IIWTiMiii.tvi, r.S.A. Wiiktiur Itrnilil. 

At WokUicIun). HorlEs. rrnttrKk U. /W- 

wn, iw. 0( the lUMT Tuavlt. M SaulWlk. 
manrwl itiii. af (lir lute JiniM H«rmM. w*. 

At Uoffti Cim, CO. MmIU, Aiit. KlckuJI 

UulMixiil /Viw, K.A. ua of Jamra ITt». 
«■). ol StlnlSrltl koiiM, ni. Hani), id Ansr. 

gim.ri>«ni:"<^<> "'*>•' latf CoLT. F. Wailr. 
B. of lUoiJX-ran. <:bMMr«. At Vonl- 

fTttm J. U- c>T«vrfM. m^ M CbfsOtttU. 
to UiBIe*r.l-t.'n<iU-Hwy, ttu. Hi ii* UM 
(l«MT 9mfsll*)r, «•■). 

17. AtTortc. UbK«*. H.H.xm//. Vinrof 
Uckhraok, Ocrk. to Uuj, unit mMrif «m%. 
•C Ow K«T. 8. H»T. iw* Vkar of tlw ttine 

It. Al Pari*. TUmom .VorfM. mi|. mom- 
IliM Cht>r J«-ilM or K»«rfi)iiailtud, W AiP 
ini«»«epbi*. iriitoir of Jmicb IIHI Atboay, tf 
8t. a«oric.*» pUM. iir««^£. <*««■.— -ai 

n.lLI C9. t« Kmllj, a*v- of tho lilo SibiwI 
Brooke. «q> or rintihlFir. — At Kmdiiffo, 
EoM. tbr An. WllUaiii VAwiifafl. M .^. lu 
HoMn^OillKrtiK, )ouu(nl .Ua. 1.1 IIm Itit, 
Dantil Don, VtCM al lleMBilra. 

I»^ Al TMAliV Cliurtli. Huitftaow. 1). W. 
Uawtrr} OamUiut, e*n. U Joiniw *lr>tf. SL 
JiaM4'*pK. to non4lHM.taun.ruurthdia.Ql 
iIm fXt lIcatT Bl. OcMKo TutliFc, r».i . at IVirt- 
lanil i<l ^Al CUBuborDu^. M t| Ora. JTol- 
nAw, Uuiahoir Afmjril"^' ' ''i.iiloltr, 

yooua*l <Uil.»ltM li' i>n> 

At i^ag UUlao. llM 1: . J-xJiuii, 

MCObd aonlvLM; aoa el il>r Inl; Virr-Ailoi. 
TomllnMn, to Kmllr-ACfW. roooc**t 
tfa« talc TbooiM IViflWi da. maa ibe Loitf 

Lwr Taylor. At llontaiiL |h> lU*. Ku- 

■kll AarrvBiilM. aoa ofU. N. burTOtwbai.n<|' 
U.f. to llwllsB. Kmily ilaibonl. <!«■. of Ibo 
Utc Lor4 SalMd. — At St. !)i«i.ln«i*», mot 
SI. Alban'B. Kdwvd lluxnora KMUiibolt 

~ 'HM, «aa. «l<kal van vt Ilia lUv I^M 

ar Mmrd KnatditailV. Uui. to Aou- 
,-raHb*a. TM'il"' ""• «' *>>* it^*- 
u Ekpnthnta. — Ai St. Otorc**) (li*o- 
Tar aquarv, Bdoan) KTAfNIaa, «*a. la IwUHU- 
ll«n,<taa.»rOF«TKtOMaa,n(| orChMltoUMi, 
Huntli Corulini. Ai IMnr. Krtit, Ttiotnoi 

lUmt, »<|. til Muv-AnM, il>«, of IL« U(« 
Jolin l^iiIU«. rt<|. bf Dnniiiiita. 

9K At U>-itaB-(>b<tct-Llilii.l. IfMlT. Itolifrt 
QUN,ni.M.I>. (Uiat Htii <if ilie lluii. it. II. r.lot^iliUart 1tM()cni>iin.)uiinrm 

So. oflh* Baflof Un-llor') At (U>>i>»Mr, 
ncrtnc Taylor lUmatff. «k|. «>T>iiid awo ef 
(ha Mt4Tt Ik Wii4tlri.M.i Hc'ijul tlune Art. 
loCiniltnrlTiitiehiciii. <Ub. of ibc l«l« Jaba 
Haavbtur,.' Dunaica, aad tiUa* 
of lk« U r < t .larkt. <itni. Oaud*. 
—At It- I' >t>* K**. UHartua 
ClMrfua, CDiaii vl ItmlirwiBab HttHonbh. 
IM o( ClMrtM CI*r4(iD. au|. orc^toibrMfe, lo 
eiwnpr Maffcfciin tMnt dM. a< ibt kit Her. 
TlLwmmm, View of UulriMui. OUn. 


n. Al St. Geont'a Hucmt ■«. the R«r> 
«n»ta GilMB UwniJiff, Viwr «r KtwUioU. 
MidllMtX, tvCvallaa-irorto. oaJ« iIm. Of Ike 

ukgm. D-Ori*. D.ri. At rvAtU, HauU, 

M»ort JoImi A U ir m* M . nu. or^KUibgrr. to 
ruhttlw. dau. or tlia Rpt. Wu. KHM, lit* 
Itacto* oralMonharn, KMlbamb - AtTRM- 
lon, rnmclB.CIiule*-r>«>in*['. ' i. al 

Joiui Ma/dtn, M.n. WoNr. 
LuCks iDa»»l (lao. or U 

ITCotOMliallTBaffnlk. At < ' 

UcwT Umooc IMt. nq. li. n, 

too oF tim.-Oal. Dklr. or Ixi iir~ 

imif to iiDaa-SllMbeib-Blhi, ciiii' cbtbt of 
tlie tata Wdm. XMfMlrWk, m. of AvQamfi- 
t«n, — Al Pnl, Unc. JiDMa-AlrB.fMnX ma 
ot Bkkd. IbMM. «a4. ol (If ippwhail, CiMn. 

t* HoaUa-Airtaa, y^uual itau. cT Um MT. 
(iCDnn Wblltotk. Inruatbent oT Walbdea. 

s). In iktti, tiic tu*. L-. V tfUHi, mjl, 
■onmd too a< Ibn Rrr. V. C«nn Wllaoa, 
or Caalwton hall, Wc<lman>Uiul, to iUrt- 
Jtnb, nmumt <aa, of ihc iu« Rti. J. V. 

Mkuil.irfMtliinMc.9oin. At lltmpifiad, 

Wiilbm A*Uoa JWptH'f. irai.Cfl. MM of 
IUt. W. ShfVlienl. ft.1): K*ct«r or Uarnnl 

KMiag. Ea*M, l« Bktab, riilaal dau. oT As. 

Ibon* IIMiMmi nu. of HanpatMd.^At 
CBKferaOtMn«i*«>> »>* ll** Artlwr Ugd*. 
]«a. Vlcvof ElUMctraiMiir, ■« KllubcU, so. 
fOMd dH. oftki lUf. J«lio 11 iJtMM, Rwtor 

«. AtTHBltjr Oionli. ManlelMOo.T. V, 
Wt/tfy. aaa. af HnkiKlillV. ca. ]>DtUn> lO 
runy-UKiiM. oldnl OiB. al ftta Btoii.ooa. 
or VrtBtatd, Aann . 

M. Atn.tUrtln>.|II.!^.<'.|Iehta. mdwMtt 
lilHek. oUart I.-' : t llaB.SitJMBM 

Or«»aB). Ban. : i.^ th« Lidi llci^ 

lalOM W. Minr. .1 Umlflwwnow, 

— At Bt. Pntf* fimiKc, E-lvwd DMHTwr, 
owj. taucipc, Hadru APny. an of ilwiau 
riwrVi PvoMTinPi rtq. oT Varh pL lo IQIb- 
Dclh-Aane. dut. of Jaku rrrrr. pm. or Kalon 

Bi,«u«^ AILanMfo«lkt>l>«y,lt«R««. TiBio. 

C&UMi, *l t^t^^*t Vruoa retioty. loltanb. 

Siiut[T«i dau. of aoatf» ShwIAvrtb. om. or 
llatiniL — At fliHbMw, ibc Ktr. llidiui 
»7nMur Jt«rfl. OiUd m« of itn Krr. 1. 
KdKdL of nawe, hi Jaa*. eUoK dw. of « 
1U« Jobn 8Bri»uMl, (M^ Al tUMm-U. 

oimtimi or M. Mvttii<a^.(iik, Xonrtrli, U 
Mwv'Jmip. (HiHid iU.!. ot Jolin Wa«<thOBo«, 

e*n- Al vrktl<« Wni, lvini>. iht Km. Bd> 

Hard. Uumard XyBi//. \if(t or SmnaM, to 
LctHla-tanilM, diu. at ckr latt Tliot. Itoiirn, 

««q, bT Jobaaton hall, IVonlirokMhtro. At 

HhuW. Honni U«t«-rt-<JullT, «Mt«l aon at 
Roborl tW/uB, ni|. UDiuiitmlhrorH.lI. Cua. 
ta«>, Datir, to CWihtr1u«-M«irraial. tcrcalti 

ilM. of l.)Fui. miUan PMIIIiM. tCs. Al 

ItriKtJinn. the lte«. Was. Ctutwna SImMm, 
Kcolor of Maiden, aiwl OnainroK, MfNi, 
In Hlialielb-fllBnia, nanftal dau. or lb* So*. 

aobcn Tnttop. XMur or Monica At Kil> 

kenny, tbr Hev. Tlnaut Viniuin Oju^, lUti- 
dinlUr> I'icMlcr «r lh« OHbadtal of CIoim. 
to A>['bi>, «U«Bt dau . of tbr Ult fUehd- Mir*. 

31. At CbllbaiD, WmiUm Aucviiut ifxaa, 
M. ol TWohn boaao, KmI. M Mariaunt, 
FlOnt iUd. tt Junta tleckfofll WiUn^n. mi. 
al • ':>?: ntidalUi> ii»- 

•'■ ■■<^ltt», Coia' f, 

K ■.'Ill aCAnilirT- .|. 

ar Stfi-«l!ii.-« r.iiniiina, t^omv r^l 

dau. ul Mr. HIMimb, At t I.. 

(ioornJ^'Oaua.Md^ »rilf< i,i 

SoubM, daa. ot tbc Kcv. i^, ' \t 

IHimaan IW Kr*. Wiltijm >. i. 

Itfri.>f n( Kuintftl, Moffoik, i" ■ ']( 

atouMl Uolne, mt. «f HobatsUaJ. Ut tt^Mi. 


W. AiUaiiuun.Cipi. thcHom.r.oriiiliaQi 

IfMT^ bniUif r to IJiTA KUtiXnk, U llartiMI- 

PUIftM, I'vuntmi 4ku of Jtura Cullumi Wii. 

« IM» Milt* vlP*. B^r Nrrsitan, C»rnwill. 

• AITttubiidrt Wdli, WtUlftm llcarr Afii' 

' •■ft.Md.ofMili Rrci. wnorOfaf(vli«iiDcii, 

iM^ U.C. (rfSHliH kail. BhnnMlglrv, lo Ttanj, 

yotMfnl i]«u. of irilliKin Knlifie. ncj. Itar. 

|ltltr«M»r. Al riinAr, ll>r ll>i. AnJrtn 

B- /^j>i liicumbciil of liTif f. ni. lluiiiintiiun. 

'to tanmk-MarT, wcoml ilaii, oi R. c. Cuari, 
i MO. irf CMtMMi xid irmiildKi. of 'be lUe HtT, 

|T- u PMhrokr, F.8.A. At Kthiim. 8unFj, 

I urmcti iHM WD vt (ho late lluiilol pti Hme, 

ma. to Kllen, only ilui. of Major Ttialir*!], 
. CH. tita of Brnul Art. Ai tlrninptiin, 

HiU aittSf, Capi. R- NuTtii Brtilib 

M BCr JoinA CoitfD, luoimbrul ■>' TuJ- 

ordH^TOAiti. AI 9t. Uarrlfhonr. C. C. 

iMMttm, tari. Lmit. tttOi BcEt. Mn of Hit 
r Bfr. J«ha Kollruon, Vim of ituitoo ittytt, 

rK>4tt, lo Aana-KIiMlirtli, n-lirl of P. I> Dick, 
f Wi and iliu. ul ihv >M< (J. K. La>itr'l. em 

CrytMniilSrrncv AI Kir,u,%,, thz-Kri. 

rC. A. ItrMMna. UA. Fcllon of Cbrisl's rulL 
fCHlbrU(i,Maof A. Smliiion.uq.LirtnKMl. 
['Id JCllatiHkiilaii.orCbnrIc* lninaii,«au. Iski- 
rtmiH — At hauiMJ. '>'u«im, Mir Ki|;l>[ ft<v, 
) OncD Knttric VUal, ftiiliop v! ^irrra Lcouc, 
I'tti Anae-Aiiflai'Jf. f(lIJtt^ ihn, tif rlic Ho*. II, 
1 llMra. Vloii ■ '-■ :. rii.Aui, 

filMla, Ihc II' I'lliy, 

tfraali. \a Fr- 'laii, 

rtbelMatMlDDrl H.i.iTn.- — ai ^l. Inntran, 
It. J. KmmifII Ittftoat. vl I.M<I*. ro illarni- 
■ Wininaihi niiiy it«ii i itf ilir Kct. ftubiri 
I mmMt Vt HWEiiniH'"i rcuil, fUKri>l> lutk 
1^— At ChMwalli. Laa<Xiri>i.-('"l.^i»if4.(i<iD- 
■ ■HOnd dau. of Jcxrph N. Wtlkrt, <fu]. of Cnl' 
[dtnlonn, near Liternool. 

10, AI Jpricy, U' Uktm htitt1»c* HvwdrMg. 

R. Art. I') SrtiiH-Uaria. vlitcu On, at 

_iit Cbllden, and wi4(ni Ol UdJot Oakti 

^Mmtc of ibt Hth Itcft. AI (YtllDn, Join 

\Jtam*ltaf, nq. at KanuTlIi. Cuiiilirrinnil, tu 

I CwlUa^MaitatiD*, ■etnnd dwi. of ILicIiakI 

li^. nHl.fanDMlJDfUaitunliall, urif Kiiiuu. 

Md •it«oloTb»a-'ni»iDnsoi>,i^id.1>i«ni< Ipik 

«f Itidl.— — At !ct. Miinl"*^"'! Tluuia) tJmit. 

(«q. (rf Tork gal*. Ktccnt'a liwk. tn Ixjciina. 

— nuftl dan. of ibE UcT. J. L. 1'arnrr, Cha|i- 

JB af Atk*** boqiiul. aud Lccliirtr ai M, 

jnai** Crippltfale. 

Var. 1. At HI. Man'* UrraiMloii m. tli« 

'- Cbirk* tlrlait JX^^ U^tor of tioU- 

fr tnO Utile Tolliatu, Eaau, lu Ul3ui;iia, 

■>l iliu. 6t Ibc Islr Riduuil UanbnOi *»t- 

>, AI llrrlb«<l, OcDK« acbinlcr Cortfnr, 

),H.I). IkaMIATBtr.foKlry-Aanf-Honhla, 

ri4* riiillplionipiiurt, caq. of Bat. 

aiMr. — AI vrtaton, arar Hiatb, (%p^ 

_. at. UMrUf*. US. la Mar):.|lick4«, aKonil 

l^n. Of IIH> Ht> Okl. atiicir. K.A. AI St. 

»IMgi, NO. UaloT flOlIi EUflra, 10 KFlcnit. 
aa*C(3rt iM. «t Ralei^ Ti<'«<-tv>n. r>.(. of 
* KlM WIMn. NattttnKibi<rla.ii il , ' — ai Hm>1- 
A,Cmpk. O, jbiiltnmt. Itlh HdikkI ^. liif. 
ABDMIe-CliarioUci yuunicnt tlau. o( Ibc 
• Itabffl tnUck*. rv). aud Ladv Ulhlrm 

Ma^. of WwdhouM, <o, WatBifOrd. 

ltLM,aa*Bn*i Uu. th< Kev. Alirabain nvJTi 
;1grof UvDcaraia<k,W*if«t>l,taKlliifc(tb. 
_Oial dtD. artlv late Julia Kidtoay, titg. 
' itaU]i!im>utt huDM, Ktt<E'ii<^»t). 
». AI M^iiru. ^. e. B- Kiflfttj, e-.|. 
ith lUwImi K. Inf. b> Ankir, olrlwtt ilio. of 
Om. RotilMou, <U4' -^ UaoartuM Waodhoiuc, 
■M annildJiu. of U't><|.urUnMk* 

kW, Dnb. AI tlir Hliim boiur, Pteblr- 

•Wff, Jmms AncvitOB BnUmt, Hn. Aulttanl 
«-Ow. MCObd lOfvlThir ann of lbs 

Marriagtt, 87 

bu« Hon. Benry David Enkinc, of Mar, to 

RliittWtVBogiic. liau. of Oeofge BroJir, mii. 
AdTdrair, llisloiloenidicr ROTal for N'liitain). 

At (ir. Jobn'a>«diiln|rt(i'>i Alfinl 1>*ii>dI 

Chapwum. tnii. cUnlonnof Caiit.Alfinl Chafh 
lunn. ul \}v\ti Hyde I'aik ilirtl, to UailelliM- , 
BiDlly, rni; das. of Robrrt Hanbujy, tag. of 

l-ttlea, llrrn. AtUiiccTton, Warw.ih* ftnv. 

ilob^ft Mirtin Ai^i, cldrvl an>ionl)'»iinl(iii{| 
son Df l\w Hcv. Kol>r[l Atlir,<il Langlfy tiouac, 
Willi, li- LfIiiu. jovDseal dan. af tb< bta 
Cajil. tlDlv, fnrniCTlT or aid Ri^l..^A| St. 
Jamci'i limnilillj, Jnhn Mambtnnk CrtatUf, 
•aq. eldral tou of Hun. CrankTi caq. of SliMk- 
«iNid, llfda, to Sarah 'Brldiiet, lacoad dan. of 
Ibc latt r. O. Helt*, nq. ot lli« tknnl Cltil 

Bctv. AI KointbtaQ-Wonrlirliw. Mr. John 

Hu«Mil J^MMiM. ILird mki -I nillmui Vn*. 
man, nii, Miilbank m. to I.iiciirila. luiuutw 

itaii.Af John Ktlbf.tan. Aiamrrhin, Rilii). 

Iruxxli, Wllluun Irvatt, nu'i. Acmnniant, to 
Mantar^i-PBrkvT.foiatliitaa.of ih« liLa ittr. 
Thuinu CbnliacTB, i>.D. UJO, — 'AI %it\ii- 
tnuoraldr, Jotan IWI9, aq. of Warrli^Ua. 
(11 Rlkn.rldmlibn.of ft(cbarv1Cb»i>aian,c*a. 
M.l(. of KlrliTinooraMr. 

d. At St. r«lct'i upon Vornhill, Hcrbtil 
niliiain A'mniu, oci.baiTlnln-it'laK. ti) Tau- 
llna.;M|ilila, unlf ilau. of the lalt Her. RoMtt 

Walla, ReclorofSI- Umet'iinrarrchurtb. 

At Dublin, till Ret. 'IlianiBa AtUmoH, BfCtor 
of Dooii, Ijmintli, to EIluLcili, ttau. of tba 
Veil. Ildnrji trniii, AmliJ. of Kmli. 

(I. AI KiiiHJiiii, K<.iitli(ioiifIoit*hlie. ttiD Rtt. 
Hciirx MJuim, Ktctotof Mclaanlii.Tork*hir«, 
lo Julia- lutilitr, third aDrviiiu dau. of ills 

nil' Rci, 8. W. rntil. TjcM of nnrdan. At 

». MxiIl'k. |i| John'a Houd. Mdiclai, tblrJ 
•oil «(tliv Itif Ilr. A'dyrnf, of Anll|cn*,toJaiie- 
Kllrii. nnii >uiTitli>i[ ilau. of (tic latr Kit., Itcntcii-al !t toko, near (> ran Ibatn. 

At Aatun.fJi-rirnt. Itcili. Lloiwl SHipaifA, 

Ml], tintb noil I'f III^ latf t-ii tiny itkifmilh, 
l)«it. It) Nanttti. roorch ilaa-of Ibc latcTlHi*. 

Waikcr.Mo ufBave&itridiiaili.Tarfeablr*. 

AI Fittim. nailliiiiabcrlatKl, llcnrr Amti, aq, 
in Ifltubdii, onlr 'laa of ^lojoi Hadnoa 

Cmluxaii, of Urmhtiurni priury. .MCbcri- 

tuti UkIiuu, Joliti II. IL G«rfrtTV. «i|. ClllMt 
ton «f »Aj..t UMfrrr. II'BJ-C S> of Ej|«tM. tV 
Janr-Miiy-Mariatrl, clllcat (Uu. of Ibo uto 

l.lPiiI.-Cof- Hill, i.'.H of lh« nd Piullicn 

AI ^ulliamiiton. Alfred .VuriMn, i-ii). ol l.on- 
■lOB. lo FaMi>. Itiir^l iJiiu. uf Ilir Ulr t.'{iniD. 

William Do»r, lt.N. of Duicr, Krat. At 

Hilton, trMF KuRtiy, t)i« Her. Ilucb Kilwanl 
Hfalan, SI.A. InciimlrfM of l.liiii^Hlti'in, to 
Caihrnnr-Uarta, alclcal dau. of lltc lair J . Cr». 
Tcu.tai). — 10. AI SI. (ji^rra'a llunvor •», 
tbetlBn. R«l>cT(Sfiillc^<rAr, Cai'i.ViKl Lifa 
CInuib, iKond •on of Iti> IM* Lard WaiiUcIl, 
iuCvutYiaiia.KBiili,iomicr*t4au. of ibv late 
Ufnonl i>aril R. KilHari) Ti. SamfrwC, O CO. 

At St. Qftif,!!'* HmoTrrKi.UanhJVVtnm, 

('w|. (>f ChAilnaiffitt. ai. Jnmri'i ai|. 10 Julla- 
bitATrt. yininRrtl cUu. of I.if>a1.'tl«fi. Brlfjiv, 

f-K..H. vf i.iii<ISHii,8u>i*ci. Alrtaodrr, Mn 

I'f AlrutiLii'r nniitfoua. taq.of Unirhlll, nwr 
Ulaaiiiv, to (iciririaiiii-tlvlca*. youuiril ilau. 
of iiip ut<i Sit <:iiirlHi I)>k#l*T, Iliri. 

la. At Liir[i>v,>|, C'ay4. Oliaric* Trl|aDC« 
PtankUn. H. Ai I. jouiiitMt aoii \i( tfis lalf Ur 
William Praiiktiii. K.CII. lo I.ti<-v, oiiljidau, 
ol TYanrii llaywiiml, ciuj, i.i l.iTrr[iiNiL 

II. At M. Miry'i Mar) l*>>on', iftWph SU- 
ncy TAur^i, t*n. n[ Cliii'iM-isliain [aib, CMnb, 
la Laura, auter lo thi> Klitht Huit. Hir Jobn 

Tr'llop*, liart, AI (TiriM Cliurcli, Si. P«u- 

craa, Itie Hel. Thomaa P. H/tromlf, RMtor of 
ttCAbtnidl, Norlliftuijil. to Eliiatttli, yaoafnt 
dau. Of trie lau' Hr\. .Vpkih oiiiau, Kecbvof 

Tbomb;. At Kollcciiant, Vtilliant llHiry 

ni/r<V, cai|.lofianh, yoiUigntitaii.«IM«plKa 
■■liiiiiiner. caq. of VuMtbarf. 


B I T U A n Y. 

Tnc Karl or Siine«r<«VKT. 

JVm. £1. At N>i)ls. afttt k Aart lUnect. 
■cvdftl.tlioHiabl Hon. John Tnlbof. »!• 
LmbUi Cari of Urevibur)- (U43), Ewl of 
WextenI mil Watnlbnl, and faandiurjr 
llteb Steoard of tkst UagAnt. F.S A. 

Tliii rcpiMCMtative »f a kuu; mnablad 
n«« WM ibe oalf •an crftbeArrt mirrlin 
ofJobnJewiibTdboi, eiq. brodirr lu ibe 
iMlHfith Kid. wilh C«lh*TUie, daagbUr of 
TboMM Clilton. 1114. n( LjiImui Ml. 
Iifl&cathire. lie loccceded tatlw vccngc 

on ihc <t<-*tli of Iiti Haptr April C, IC2'. 

I'kr Uubliii FrMinikn'ii JoMrnal tkni 
*pe«k« of hit ilaib :— " TU> Md nm 
«il1, v( are mm. Ik r«c«ii'«d with amr- 
fisfted aorm tiT "■« Caihulica of li>« 
nilin enoirc. Tbe dccouvd uri IimI 
]iHgijr«vMUeiit<|ii<>litt««.iaiviiC tlwUriglit- 
««t of wbi-'h vu Ibr gFurnnK niHl muni- 
liceiit benetolptiM wbich hi> manirMtedMi 
ntrj ueewioB «iti«ra Uie rawe of tdicUn) 
or of htiiiianitjr coald be terrcd. Tlic 
poor aiid tli« Cliurch liarc loil in Un oa« 
of ibdi bfitoC cartMjr fricutli ; »il lo Ota 
Catbulk CIrarcb ka Ka||)ud hi* Iom iorj 
fatdMd be (aU taheinvpiiniblc. Hit few 
|idliieal fanlla (i« now pfTicvd from mo 
01017. *)'i'^ *'■<> rccoMcctiOQ of tbe niujr 
\\ai\ mil amiable tnita of hi* charicter 
will tanE and fondlj be cttcriihol. IIU 
litenrj Bbiblf and uttainiiKiiti, >v «(:<ii 
exertMl in Ch« eauie of C>Uiulii-j|y, alMi 
Berk for tiim a bigb tank amonn tdo laj- 
meii whu hiHC doenrd wtU of reliKion." 

He wai Ihe autbor of a puopblet on 
*■ The Puilintian of In-laixl." 

Ilia limlshiii tuarried Juul- ^7. |HU, 
Maria, eUe«t dausbbr or Ibc Utc William 
Talbol, e(^. of CMlIt Talbut, o. Wex- 
ford, anil ntr«c to llio lint Earl of Mount- 
oorrii; and by Ihu Udj, wbo aunivu 
Mm, he hud liaue one ton, wlio died an 
infantinlKlTiandtwodanKblcri: 1. bulf 
Bila^ AMh«a BcAtrb, i>hi> awrrivd in 
lS39F>li|(M-AadiTa Prince Ooria-PamfiU- 
Laadl. anil «ra> nii«d la ibe fank td Priu- 
otM )>) (be KiuH of B*\ana : abe bat a 
MU and B daughter; and 2. Lady Gurcii. 
dbline- Catharint, nocricd lu le:th lo 
MiicaBlon'n AlJ^brandini, I'rincc Uoi- 
ghne, iind dird ai itoi»« on the 'J7tb 
Ckt. ISIO. l(ii»ing ihiTo aoni, «ho all dleJ 
in a few wcekn inn hrr. 

The Bnri'alait surviiiiie hrnlbcr dirilin 
IR4I, nail bii orpbtn and brir-ptrauinp- 
live-i<t IW Hi, lit Itc Bgf ol ii»t<«ii. 

The next bctr mnle !• ^joaagmut. wl.o 

will cone of ngi.- iii l)*:i-l, Henrttn- Artbur 

(flow tnri i)f SItrriaibiiiyV, uiilj icli «f 

wc laic Lieut, •CcIiiogI LUitiu Tlioinaa 


TaDMl. cfCAt-gnnduin uf Oilbett, fourtfc 
■on of ibc tenth Rnrl. IIU niitlicrf>lM 
ii rciDarrled Co Captain Waabtnclon Ulb- 
bcrt. ft Bilton OtMqie. Worwidubire,) b 
a da^tar of tbe laic Sir Bfwrj JoMpli 
llchlnmr. Bnit. Wc are oM awarr that 
Uwrw u iMiw an* tnaJe belr to Ibe tUrlddn 
luam Duo tbs Barl Talbot, who U «•• 
■oended (hxn a foaeter vm of the aecvBd 
Earl of Shnrwttrarr- 

The late Earl bad been aoiiMinaluf en 
the cootlncnt darius iIm UiI I«o fear*, 
and wa» rre<«ll]r at lUfrino. At tbe ba- 
gianinj of Nevesibrr he waa mtdcnif 
feted wUb au ■ITectkin of Ihe bnio, cauaed 

Xfxpoaare to the inUnae litwt of the 
e, sod bb rcraoial to Rome waa «d- 
iiMil by lua nedkal aileiulaiito. Aftar 
intiag foe a iwf, hi* l«e<l>hli> and aaite 
tet uHl fnr tbit cilj, a»d reaebcil Napl(«, 
wbtrv he w.i« taken ludilee']! ill of ferer, 
and *ouo after eipftrmt 

Oa Moadar tbr .Kih of Nctcaiber, the 
rtiocral r)'e> for the late Karl were oon- 
luciKt^ in llie nev Catbidial of St. tieorge, 
SMifawatk, •bilbcr lib icuuiu were cod- 
itjtA thsjnivvioai ateniac froaa ihu con- 
llntnl. The hmlt^g wat tatomri with 
black delb, aod hi tbr cenlre wai a *plea- 
did cat«J[aluee, oa whidi roicd ibo ««lfin, 
HirmuBDlcd hj a canapr, over wbiob rs<W 
a mnraiyc croM mrrooiiiUd bj be«t| •» 
uniiJlt». N'exf tilt catafalque^ roui4wUek 
were Kraii]ied Ibc ciftf] in ibeir robe*, nt 
tbe Ktfl nf Ai-nndclT hb cooMcn, md 
(heir •;hili![ea : ihi: inrnibcrvof tl>e bto 
E«rl'« fanilr, xieialiithcrt of the Buraaa 
Catliulie nobilil;. aotl tbe Jci^-ucU't do- 
eiealict- At 1 1 o'dvvk the lUv, Or. 
t>0«le nommeMCod bigb iiiita, *»iatcd by 
a dHcen. Brdideseea, and miwlrr of Ibe 
eeremotitM. A tM aad povrifiil choir 
performed MoHrl'i Renuiem. Aflrr the 
iHaM and tbeblei»lag of llicooffiii.Iliahap 
Onutl dcUvcivd a (oocral oraliou, hifhljr 
liuidater; of llio dcooaMd and bit attach- 
ncni to the Ronan Caiholie nreed. 

On iha 30th Nov, Um luidf waa re- 
mored tu Alton Towara, and [diced in 
Ihe TallxM Oallei;. where au allnr had 
been crortcJ, aiiJ here were cunipbtcJ tbe 
rc<|Ut0iii inatK-t uf titirtj- d4ya, which bail 
becQ cooiuM'iiefd by bi* Lordjihi|i'<i chap- 
laioa, the Rev. Or. Winter Mid the Rev. 
\V. (lubMuf . itbea Ihe iiiTttliirenee of Ihe 
Gnrra Jcjlh waa rcrtivrd. Wlieii the ar- 
riiiijteiitriili fm llxi fniieral hail been com. 
pUtcJ lu tbe vbnpel of !)t. I'cler. tbe body 
wa« tlien jitaced on ■ biir brnralb a uag- 
nillceot nalir.ili|ue (a ticw of ihii kolem- 
nity «n pnbliabed in Ibc lUuttnled Lon- 


Obitdary. — n< Cotmieti of L«ftiace. 

doB News of the 2&ih Dev.) Od the 
>p«niiB|ortbe Hcb Dee. iTu altftre «CK 
nttH^i ■■ Itie i;tiat>cl ; uiuivb wcru iioni> 
BiraMd U fix, Mid wen cHninJ on wilb- 
OQl laterivptwn till el«vcn o'd««b, *lwii 
ibe gruiJ bigb ickit i»itnni«ni>«il. TUe 
Blltwp of Riniiin«linin •>•« (be ixlcbranl. 
Willi the Vicar- Gene riJ a» ilcacvn, uid 
TfitN were alio prouut tl>c Qiiliui's vf 
NortbuupEuu. Slirnnbury, >n4 Cliftoa, 
■ad luiiir ulbnr dUiinjuuhr'l oUifyiDrn 
vtiht ItutUMiCalbDlidiCburr. TtieCU- 
Urciait, Bnitilictnu'. rtomtnlrnii. aiul Tui. 
liouHt vidcri wcrr rcprc'cnli') by lucm. 
Wre of «aah, dtciicd in (licit jicviiUar 
hUitl»> Uii tb«r« WCK at !m>( 1 UO Hniilar 
pried pienat. Dt. VitciaX iirf^chfil tn 
cloqaciM *cruioii in eulogy of ihr clc- 
ceaMd. After tbc lilca iraix concluJril lliP 
body «tt CJUIcJi.lI III ihc liulc! i:bn|rcl ur 
til. John, OTcrliOK^-iDs Lbc IUict Cbitiuvti 
aii4 then d^positcil in • molt btncalb 
tba unetatry. 

Tb» £ail (if Slitr«»biiry'» wU! hai been 
pr<iTei<, aiiil ilic pcnoual prcjicrii hhomi 
Milei lOO.OUO^. lliBloril>Iii|iLii>cliic(UO 
tliat v\tt vl (bit iuautmt iticic shnll be paid 
iOO/. to tbc Krr. Tboau« Uovk, 5«0f. lo 
tb* R«v. Daniel Hock, 150/. lu the Re*. 
D(. WIntar, anil tli«re Am tome otber 
kgacin U hi* (later mid <o«»MaDt<. He 
tMB dlRcU bU cnlotci at Alluii. Farley, 
aad claanliorc lo bo uoiivericil iiiio oioucy, 
tkc vlioU of Uin prt>ot«dr, (ngelber with 
Ibo raalda* af bia pcrai^ial prn|«rt]r, lo be 
givea to Mr. Ambro<« Li^lu I'hillipp*, af 
GtaOMKaa Manor, Lelccttcriiliitv, iirid 7>lr. 
C. Scott Msrrar, tit liiui-sntlit, IluL-kiug- 
hanabire, both ol whom, tt wilL he ru. 
Kcnibcreil, levvJcd fioin tlic Church cf 
Eaglobd toais iiait niniv, aiiit joiiirrl lb* 

eananvBiia of ihn Church of nomo. Ity 
tlw MMtnain Act i>o Ruin rii^roiling hllOi. 
caa bekft Im rflijtlon> [lurpniea. and it la. 
IberefotB, tfiKrnlly believed tbnlalibougb 
ttds Urse Buoiint i>f ciciHtrly Ii4i btcii left 
luicoDditioiwIly to M>. Fbilli|it<t aad Mr. 
Mvrraf, Ibctc u a tutit undantnnding 
tbaft it Ji bcnariti' to be apnticd to tlt( 
ImmAi of the Rnmnn Catliolic Cburnh. 
ThM mtpfwatiion it srmiKthcned bj the 
fut tbu In « will made aomc lime ago, 
tbc wbdk of hit loid*liip*a property «ru 
kft U> Dr. WaUI>. And, in (he event of hi* 
dcoeaM, to Cudind WiMimnn ; but tbi> 
■mat revoked by n codicil in favour of 
Ikfeain. Pbtllipju iiid Murmy. wbo ari: lo 
Stride (be propiriti etjiialJj hrlwren Ihern. 

TiiK Cuu>Ta:^s or Lovklaob. 

2t»v. 2T. lu Ureal Curabcrlaod Pl«w, 
la h4r 37t]i jtMt, the Right Hon. Augiuu 
JUa CMinmt of LoveUw. 

Th« I'ountcMof Loielar* nailhe "aok 

CtKi. Mas, Vol.. XXMX. 

dau^hlcr of thi) hauoe and heart " of Iho 
port rtjron. Ilcr mother Anno-lialirlla, 
only dDDxhtcr of ."^ir IUI|9h Milbauke 
N««l, Hurl, and cohtii la the barony of 
WcntnoTth. it *tiU living. Thf marriMl 
life of LorJ Bjton — or ralher tb« jierioit 
duiiti; wliicli Lord and IJidy Byron liied 
tuKCiber— waan year >nd aome few day*. 
Tbey nete marriod on tlw 3d Jan. 1813 i 
on UiD lOtk of OooeiabiiT in ib« hdici year 
tbrtr only ehlld wa» bora ; and la January 
IXie th# biiBbnttdand wife aqiaratMl for 
tin. Ludy llyrDii vomoiad Into Ldocs- 
ttnhlrt. uid wbeii Ada waa laat leen by 
her father the naa only a luouih olil. The 
nniov uf Alia "••>» plukcd out from ibe 
early aiicrxlry of hrr fulber. " If you 
turn nwpi the pagn of Ibe ilaDtingdi>n 
l'erni|;e Cntir you nill Irani bow cominoQ 
wai ilir nniiie of Adg iindc-i the risiitajv- 
ueO. I lunnd It in ray own pedigree in 
the r«ii!in of John and Ocory."— Letter 
of Uyt'i>u from Ravciiix, Stb Oct. U3U. 

'nielliirdbookofCliilde Harold, written 
in Il<lti. in ileijit<at('d as it ■etc to afither'a 
luve : i( br^iiii mid I'uuctudri willi line* 
aildn'Mcd [» Lie dauf^liti^r. Of l1ic pro. 

SibocT ilioie lino cuotaio uaaily all waa 
ullillnl. Ailii Uiion iipvei loukod con- 

*ciou>}y into tha two of her father. What. 
et«r wliulrMtne and taaahlin^ loya hia 
wayward " riaroro " itil^bt hire found In 
naiobliii; tlic |;Tu«(.b of ill* youDK daugh- 
Icr'a iniiid, il naa niil leauitcd foi ibe 
pact ever (o kuow. 

There arc frequent alhialeiw to hia 
daughter iu Byron'* ouricaponidFnor. At 
one time he aak* for brr miniAiiirf , nl an- 
olbcr acknnwiodec* a lock at her liair, 
'*nliichia^nriaud])i'G(ty, and nearly aa dark 
B< mine woaal IwcNo." Thjawaaiii IBSI. 
At her fiihrr'a death in 1S34 Ada waa 
liiile more tban eight jev* old. Jibe bad 
■uiaJl reuiiiilitani'v tu ber (albei. Ko one, 
we a;e told, would b4vc rri'Ognlard Iho 
Byron fcalurn — lUo Anely cbitcUtd cblit 
or Ibe nprcaiive lii>* or r.yuaof the |>o<t — 
in the daughter. Vut at timta the Byron 
blood wai vlaibin in hrr look ; and tliri*a 
tiiia law tier on her niarnnf[e wilh tba 
Kail of LovcIbrc (then Ixtril Kin^) In 
I8.1.>. fandL-il thay anw more traeea irf lbs 
puct'i coualcriBitce in the bride tban they 
l«iiK»n1>cr«d there at any other time. But 
dladmilarlty of l>iMik* waa not the only 
diaMTTillnTity helwccnEyrDnandhindnugh- 
ler. Lady LovcUcc eared little about 
porlry. Like her rnlber'i Dunim Iiiei in 
Don Juan, 

Htr fiivourlw trlciiw ■m Uir miil.cmiilir*!. 

Mr. Babbage !■ a^d to h>ii« canJa«led 
her (tudtei at one tiniei aod Lmly Love. 
Uco i* known lo iiui« traiiBlated ftoni 
Italian ioCo Bngli*1i a aery elaborate De- 

W Dotetigar Lady Bofhtan.-^Sir John Z. Loraine, Bart. [Jan. 

IWn««oflliec«bbnl«drnlral*ling Mftcbia* 
ef hrr MAth«nial(M) fHmd. 

" With m tt^iermutdiof tharoagklj 
Mumline tn rolUlkf, frtap. and flmiMn, 
Ixly Lottbr« bad lU Um Mlado of 
tbe BMmt nfineil Umiitt Aancta. iler 
wtantM, Wr tMl«i, Wr Mvaa^Uiluaenla, 
ia Mtojr of whicb, mutlc MpMilIy. ■!>* 
«M • protdtbt, mrt fvinitiiiui in tbc 
■Ucrt miM of Ike irord, uid the nipM- 
AcUl oYmtmr wtytkl umr hsi< divlMil 
tbft ■trtustlt and the kiMwkdge th*t Lt; 
UdJeo iuid«r (bt itontah tinea. Vn- 
pMtioaMU to bra diitoaU fer llie (riroloiw 
utd eMnoMopUee wm h«f cnjojnMit of 
tnw inMlertiial wclcty, ud ei|«rljr the 
•onibt tbx wqiijtntancv of ill who wfn 
dtaUncHuhed In icicticc. art, sad Uters' 
tuny (fvAriMr.) 

Um boitj hw been Uid b; the tide of 
her fathcr'i caKr, in tlio milt of UaokuU 
Tortanl rhiuvh aeu Hemtexl Abbcf. 
T\m ttmeni «ru titendtil by the KuL b;r 
Lord Bjna, Dr. Lfuhingian, Sir Grane 
Crairfbcd, Mr. R. Noel, the Hm. Locit* 
King, Mi C«l>]nrl WiUnon- 

Mdy LmmLim hM l*ft tM«» two UM 
a>i tma rin^t». It ti mnarfctUi SiM 
■tehu dtodat (heHiMB|||«u bar fktb«r, 
ond it H nUI ibe had mbo prcacntiHWQt 
tbat loch WDvId be Um owe, Sbi MfTered 
fnnn ■ ltiif«ria|| IUikm oT iii«t« Uian 
twcin nontha' duiKllaa. 

A Juvenile tiartreli of Ada U Incloded 
la Mam)!'i illuanllooi of Bjran : and 
her epiwaraiioo ui liter jean bu been 
luf |>Uj cancUt hj Mr. Henry Fliilliiie. 

Dowjieiin I.aot lloam^v. 

/be. 2. At Aitley Hall, our Churley, 
In 1 jiiM««liir«. SuaMU. reiki «f Sir Hmrjr 
Philip Ilochloa, of Hoghcon Toacr. dart. 

Sbe «na ihc onljr danghur of Richard 
BriKikc. of Aftley, em. bihI ku bum on 
tlie 4lli of Ma*, ltd, »nA had cvn»e. 
f nenlljr altaintif the patriaidia] ttgo of 90 
mn. 8b« nMomdeil to iho Aitley oail 
Ckmoek FitNtm un Uie ilrath of litr only 
brolfaer, rcLrr Bmokc, oil vbOM ^rral- 
graniKitticr, ltio!i<iil DnMXC, wcvnd aoo 
of Sir Pel«r Bmolf ol Itlcre, eo. Chntcr, 
KnI. marrinl KUrjpiret, lol? lieiicM of 
BnbHt Cliarnovk. ofChamockaDd Aitley, 
1b Ibf count* lit i«t>cat1er. She loarriod. 
OctotxTie,lT37,Tl>aiiiuT«)«nkr Parker, 
of Cnenlcn Hill and »f Royb. both In tbe 
eoanty of Ijinuutcri tad by tbU (cntle- 
tnMi,who di«d la Nom^er, n-li.ohilit 
be vu Ugh theriffof the eoanty. ihe had 
iMde one aop, Robvct Townl^ farter, 
MH- M.P. lor tke boiougli of Predoa. and 
Iwadan^ucra— 8ann,wlKiMarTiail I Jaly, 
1811,'Fiiuiui>RicI<ar<l Prin, of Urrit-y-pyr, 
00. Flint, ct(j, ti.d di(J la l«l3| and 
Asm, »tio married 4 May, IBU, J«liBi 

BuL-tttIo Oie^i. at WWilnctMi and (itf- 
too n»ll, tn the ca of Cluwter, eberlir of 
Iho raunly in lf*H. Her Uilj»Uip mar. 
rW, Moondlj, in Aupiit 17?7. Sir Hcary 
FUUp Hoditon, Burl. M.P. of Uoghtoa 
IWvrand WnllQD Hull, *-d beoMna hU 
widow ia Ii^tS, Hj her Meood narrlan 
the ti«d (wo ehilitrea— the paattU m 
Denrr BoldHo^lon. Bart. nJ adMghW, 
ruinr-Ellnbeth, unraarrfcd. 

Da'rlni the lireilMe of Sir Henry, AiUry 
ITbII irii tbo occatioaal retideoce ol the 
Baronet and Ua lady, bnt ainee hU death 
hk rdiet baa realdod tKofetlier optm her 
palrfaiaviial ealaea. Not only by her iai- 
mediate leUitrea and (tirtidfl, by ker ma* 
narow tenant* and drpondnnta, bnt in 
the lomi of Chorley generally, ber death 
will be bi« laneated, aiid the poor of Ibat 
plocp will fMl that thee hare kwl tWr 
ever liberal ladanwMriedbeneeulof. Her 
charitiei acre many and widely dUfbaeilt 
RBil one of her laat acta »ai a gilt of ooe 
tbowMtid Hoand*, in action lo fbrdner 
Bbetal don^ona. to the Mancboater Dio- 
eeaan Cbnreh Unildlng Sodety. Of bt 
It may he ml r aaid that "tbe hoary head 
b a crowit nf |^ry, being fouwl (a the 
my of itghtaouaneaa." ByberUdytfalp'i 
dceeaae Ailk7 Il»tt and tbe ctteuhrB 
attain appurtmant become, ander bet 
Mnriaae «Ulem«>t, the property of bar 
Mn Mr. Parler, M.P. i wbiltt a hm 

rnnal atlate den>lf«* upon her aan 8r 
B. Hoghlim. 

^ta John I.. IjnaAi:iE, Bast. 
Juljlli. AtELllelier'>,JtrMy,ngcd*r, 
Sir John Lambton Loraiae. the i«atb BarC 
of Kifkbarte, Northantberland (1664.) 

Tbia ia the tOh Baronet ol hU family 
who faai dM witbia the laat fanr y«ar*. 
On farmer oroaaiona we bare eiroa notlcoa 
of hia peedtceaaon, and t^vtlcularly <f 
\m brother and imnediate preiWctaaor, In 
our MagailM for April, IK.SI. 

Sir lolm mi the tbini aon of Sir WIU 
llan, tbe (hadh Baroael, by Ilaaaah, 
eldeat lurtiTlru diitfhier df G^ L«H«hM 
Algooil, of NiiQwlch, 00. Northnuber^ 
land. Kut. Ue «n hrmtrtj Po»tiaaet<f 
of N'mcailliii Mid be moocctled (« Ibe 
iMronetey on the death of hU brother, Sir 
WIlllaM.oathe )5th Mardi, ISal. 

Ue married CaroUnr, dang^itar of the 
Ker. Frederick Ekin*, Rector of Mor- 
Kth 1 and by that ladj. *bo ia dtecaatd, 
bo baJ inrnf ihtev (ant aail Uire« dansli- 
tere T I. Jaaella.IUnnafa ; 2. iMbeTU- 
Jane} i. Sir l.aisbloa Loraina. who liia 
aoccoeded to tbe title, and la now In bla 
l*lh year, and a mldriilpiaau in ibc Koyal 
Nary; 4 Claia-rrederika ; h. William 
CbwU; 6. Prodetkk.Blackeneji and J. 
Arthur, who dkd n 1»47, la hi* third ywr. 



185*.] Sir Wm. Barlt Wtihtf, Bu—Sii- J. J. GwH, lit. M.P. 01 

Sm Wk. EtKUi WKi.aT, Baht. Tb* prvwml Oamnct wns Iinrn In IA06, 

f/ac.i. Al DcntDD Hall, 1.iiic>^In*hiret mutRinrrtnim I^^HPtniHXM.Krond ihnjtii* 

•fod 1^3, Sit William Euik Wclby, ibe Ur of tht l>ilo Sir Nfontagiie Cbolnwio;, 

»(«cii>il Baruact, of Ihil flue (Ic^Ul), ■ But. Uf wUoui b< bM Uwc. 

Pqwitf LieuKnantof thecoDtiliccofLiu- 
Coln kod NotUngham. 

(Ic wu burn »t EpentaiiR. in Nutting. 

huublrv. on llie Ntb Not. 1769; anil 

VM Ihc eldest aim of Sir William Earic, 

tbc CntlUronet, M.l*. (or Uruntbau, bj 

bit fint mit*, Vottlaf*, (bird daoghtci of 

Sir John Gljnni!, Uart. 

At tlio i^euerat eleotiun of ISI2, hJa 

M»a rclirnl fruio Xhe r0|ir«*eiitation of 

Granihatu, mil Air. Wdby wiu circled in 

bf* pl*c«, rilliinil opponilion. He Vno- 
CMclihl tu tliv bvrouctvf «D bii fatb«T'a 
dtmih. N«r. H, Hl$. In Ibtld iberc «u 
• uoDItat for Graniliam, but Sir William 
■u pland U tbe bead oC ilie (luU, which, 
Urmiuattd u fuU-uwi : — 

StrWro.BBrUWdby.Bert. 543 
tloo, Bd»->rd Cu>t . . 51(! 
Hogb Manner*, ctq. . :1UI 

Jamta Hnghaa, eti]. . II 

StrVUIIini Wclbjr dMJineJ tlic i^Iectioa 

of 1630; but iu 183U hi* »ua flbo itrcacut 

Bwooet) duf«au:ij tfat Hon. F. J. Tollc- 

. RMchv, aiuj Iiu «T«r ainoB rcUiiiod Uw 


Str WmiAin Wcibf Mrt«cl ibe oIHm cf 

lligb ^it■t^llrof lb« oounty of Unraln la 

Idli. lie <ru (enerally ctieemciJ oa ft 

looil landlanli tti Indulgent umiiterj t kind 

frlrnd, and a gouoroui benefactor. HI* 

huirnt-l nt Dmtoii, on the lllh Not. wm 

aitcaitfd hf ibe Bula braachaa of hi« fa- 
mil;, by Sir i\. J. ClinlniHof, linn, and 

Mr.U. CbolnMtff. the llou. nnd Rct. R, 

Curt, the Rev. W. ralcbcll. Vicar of 
' Grtnlliaai, llie Mnjoi and Tti<ni CobqcU 
i«f tlial lovii,and 140 teoanU, &c. TIte 
' MrriiM wu performed by the Uev. G. 
iPotebett, Rector of Driiiun.itliu (ircucbcd 
'■ foaeral aennoD on [lie fdloniiia Sunday. 
He marricdt oai tlia SOtti of Aufuat. 

1793, Wiibdminkt dauBfatar and heir of 
' ViUiam Sprf, nt). Guitrnor ol Barba- 

dM| and bj that Ikdf, wba died on Ibe 

ith P«b. 18(7, be bail iuue one luu and 

Wieii dBD(bt«r« : 1. Wilbvlminii.niairied 

b) Ul2d U) lb« K<«, Frrilcrbic Brooikluit. 

Fkvb«ndarr of Salitbnrifi i. Penclape, 

narricd in lfl2S to Clinion Fyuti Jaiuu 

Clinten, tut. batriaUr-at-bw, and died hi* 

■cidov ill lixt i .1. Cacbarinei nmtried tu 

the Her. Thomu Welbj Nortliimirt. Vicar 

of WinlcTtoD. CO. Liiioulii, xbo di«l in 

1629 1 4. Jooe, wbu Jiid uninu-rivd in 

1833 { S. Carxlioc, xbo ditd Nov. 10, 

1847 ( 6. ElUabetli, luarmd in Mi'iB to 

Nurthioure Tboinai JaniM lr<-UDil. m(|. i 

T. Si> Cilfiiue Kule Welbj, wbo Lai inc- 

MOtod to tbe title i and ». AitcuU. 

SiK JoKiAH JoHK GuKsr, Uabt. H.I*. 
^OB. 26. At nowlniii lloute. Glooior- 

Chlrc, a(cd iiT, Sii Jutiili Jobu Guuati 
. Bl.f. for McTtbitt TrdrO, and « 
Urnntf LienCeaant of tho coubI^. 

Sir John Guat mt^ bom at Dnwlaia oq 
tbc 2d Feb. i;tt&. Like tlir ATk<mf>l>ti 
and the PccU, b; lii> own tkill and indii*- 
ttj, bo railed to the KToatcat prosprriiT a 
moxt importaDt brwich of BtilitU trade, 
and aocnuulalcd a coloaul fortune, ilia 
Krandbtlicr, Mr.JohnGneat, tbcaoRaf^ 
uoall freeholder ai Bratele;. inShrofithin^ 
ecounyaalcJ in the middli: of Init ceatnrjr 
to South Valei a wcU-kuuira [anoon* 
founder named WilkiofOii, and the llrat 
ruiiiBc* ni raioed, luiilet their joiut au- 
perinteDdcnce, at DoolaSi. The vorkt 
ntn (old at Ilia death (o a Itrni, ofiililch 
hii ion, Mr. Thoniu Gncil, tbc father of 
the loic borooct. irat tlie ananaj^. Ta 
Lt)OG thej only ]>rDdaeed jcarl; about 
S,000 loni oF iron, and were, on tho deatli 
of the proprietor!, in eoiutderabla [»cu- 
niary enliumidineiit. Mr. Tbomaa Gneat 
died tQ I4UI. The cntiir iDanogciDcat 
then deioWcd upno Sir J. J. Gaot, who, 
by Ilia cstracrdiDaryoaiucityfor buiiucn, 
bia ontobnoical iaceauiCf (to which nunf 
of the nont IniportaiiC improrMiieoia in the 
KorkfoK o( iran m to be uuribuu-d], and 
by a jndgiQcnt In lucrcuatile tnatacUuni 
tarvt; cquaiicd, nut only deared^be irm 
tioia debt, but raiacd the produce of tbn 
mine* ill ■ few yr^r* t^ no Icia than 
(»,uau (one. In ltU-ribeeutir4 pr«ptetr 
in Ihn Dowlnia norkt bocaue veolM in 

Mr. Gnoit woi (lot mmrocd to rnrlia> 
mcnt at tba i;<iicral elation uf lilC for 
tli< borougb of Ijoaitoo, after a ooiitcrt 
wbieh termioBteil u foUowa i J. J. Guat, 
caq. 331 : H. K. Lull, etn- 21b ; K. Sneyd. 
rtq. 19i. lit >«a rccltoMa in 1830 with 
Mt. liOtt; but iu 1&31 Iw luat hie 
lenl in conacqiuooa ut the liberality of bii 
'>i>iaioiij, and the agitation mp<ciint tbe 
lleform Bill; the ti«4lbetD#,for!>LrGfl>rH 
WBrrender:tl9. H. B. UtI, nq.'J8a,J. 
J. Guwt, e*<|. 239. The unit treinecidoua 
Hcilcnwnt crer known In Mertbvr te eaU 
to hale taken plodc el the time « ika *yii> 
pathetic reeeplioo gircD to the defeeted 

To Ibe lint reformed Parliament he 
went a* tlic mrmtwr for ibe newly croited 
borouiha of Mcrlhyr. Aberdare, and Vay- 
aor I and from that time be ha* kept kia 


OaiTUABY.— i/.-Grti. Sir H. P. BoaM-ie, K.CJf. [J"- 

Mai. Ibaach (b» npretaaUiioi) bai liMn 
twioe conuvCed, Anl by Mr. McrricV in 
IflSS, and ocain V} Mr. BmM E^r^co in 
183T. Before th« M»rthjfr br>ri>aj:h rirc- 
tfoD ol ISf)7 Mr. CiUMl, on th« rellmnfnc 
of Mr. Ditlnrjin. ojulrtltd llie rvprvs4<nli' 
tion oT lli» coRDty, In alliitice «ltli Mr, 
lUbol, and in oppMilloa W Iiord \d>rt, 
tbf iiminl mportcd Earl of DunrtTcn. 
The atUmpt wii* un*uec«Kfiil,tl>eiiuniW(a 

nolM bvfoR: — for f-ord Adam, 2,009; 
Tklbol, I,;94; na«t. l.&lHi. A readayc 
aftrr Mr. CtwiX <iain>4lFcred for Mcrtbfr. 

He «■> cmtcd k BarDoci by patent 
dated 11138. 

Of late jtmt* Sir John GdmI hai b««n 
chiefly reiidini^ M C'aoford Mati^r, in 
DnaettWre. wiiicb mIrIf lir imrHiniml 
MUDS year* ato. iinil nrhicli 1»i nn.'Fiitl}' 
becnadornedvtlhniitiy rvry rinoNtiinlle 
fcnlptum— Mi, Lajard boi^ nvarl; fc- 
lalpd to Udj CliarloKt OuMt. 

On III* n««i«lon of TAinrtn^ tlie Dow- 
l«t( Imm, Str John nartt itBUd lliK for 
tkia awn nirt h(> woald willingly liave re- 
Uiti|Ul*br<l the manigmi'iil of so IaT(« a 
MDCVrn la hi* dtclinlni! ycart : but hb re- 

Jird tor thp latitP jiopuUtion which hr h*-! 
mnn oroaad him did not pfrnilt klm lo 
dlTtitbiBiMirorhia rMpoDribllltIr*. Tli« 
meenMfU tmniiiallom of UmI iireniliiion 
mj prvdnctitc af ihf livrllMttaiurncUcia: 
anil wWn Sir Jvlin tnd Lnilj C'liarlolte 
OmmI ruHt riiited (hU dbErict, in July 
18-18, the pcnpl* of McMhyr joined tfaoce 
ef Dnirlaii in giving them a wtliyimv re- 

At l)ie loit lUclluii. Itiii^ uuabla from 
ill hesllb la vuit hU runatittifnCa, hr rr. 
cci>*d frwn llicinaBiiiHt tuBchine midrrK, 

■u 1m* hoDeura,blp to the foo'l rTliiip 
uf ttir Welih than ta hi* ovn chsraclpr. 
requrstinf hliD to accept tlic lni)l a|;aln 
«lcl>out a I'crBonil caniaM. 

Sir John Gucil »*• a rnan o( KTcnt 
mrntB] rnptcltira. n good mathrmnticisn. 
aad B tharoiuh man of huiinMt, not u'ith- 
ont a tacro Rir llie reficicniFurii of lilera 
lore. Tbr rrrntian ct Dciirlaii, and itt 
milciinl Firnipcrity, was ti-jI hli only mcTit) 
fbr be diffirrfd frou* hii ih>iii|4h-t« in bciirf; 
a man o^ffeiki*r<iiiB inHliiif^FB ■nd of «ii1ar^"i 
Mnpalhlrs. HIh nirr for bit vorhnm 
ud BM rnd with ibe poyni«*it of thair 
dally Mrainx*. lie tnolc a DomprcbmaiTc 
yiKW «f hia acicial ilutio; Ue rei'ocniicj in 
prcMpI ai well u in prnciicp (lie jirinei]>le 
that prapMty h» iln duliM na writ oa it* 
lt|kt« I and he nlradtd htt nre bcyoml 
the praent g^nenfim Intu Iti<! nur — be- 
jvnd the ntv of men thai luiw i» la tlirir 
ilractndaiilf dntin^ lo rrplacc thnu iu 
the laj»c of 1 1mtf, It i> ■ anal Ihlnf to 
Jh itic (Upportar of Iwf Iva iMouiid man ; 
but It it n {rraUr, nablcr, and holler lhlii| 

to he (beir K^i^e, pbilotopHeT, and friend. 
tie errr ihovtd Uie narm interest he felt 
iu tlie cadM of tdu«atioa. The Dowlaii 
.S(-Jioola are very liif hly tpoltni of for their 
rfllelfticj, and lb* buildini; of new and 
tiiMflout ■chnotroom* hai beeTi for lOina 
dmc, and I* now, in ronirmplation. Aa 
a politician hebr^u liUcirter atari aUr*- 
LilKral, b«l roneludcd bii career aa a 
W)ii| «sd • iieneral mpportct of Lord 
John ftaBrU. Wliilir health nermittad.h* 
will nut itintirntive to bin political dntia*. 
He «ai not much eiicn to omiory. but 
atT*eil frcqauntly ap<io imporutii cam. 
nittMs.aad pncmlly rotf d upom the great 
cjueafiona of (he itay. 

He married flr*t. in 1917, Maria. Eliia- 
belb, dauiibl^r of William Ranken. erq. 
She died wiaoni >Mut in Jan. IBIS ; and 
Mr. Gueat iraiitiird ai>id(>«triiBtii 1833, 
wbcn lie tnerrird Lady Cliorlotte Eliiabeth 
Bertie, only tiatrr Iu the prraent t-^l of 
Liad«ry. HtrUdrchin, ■holi nwllkbAirn 
a* a (lairatictn of HpUh literalnn, and 
editor of the MahinOKion, liilbe mother 
of Ifo chiklmi. Htp son* unit Itvr (laugh* 
(«(*, of whoio lh< eldest, Irnr Qi-rlit {bo 
niirn»l ftum the obirilhc JTor Baeb).auc~ 
er*cla In the title, bmng now in tlie IKtIi 
yfnr of hit tg*. 


AV. H. Al Woolb-dbg Uiiiiie, near 
Midhur>l,Su»ci, a){<^^''. I'iml.-Gcueral 
Sir Henry Fredwick BoiiTeT<(<. K.C.B. 
and G.t'.M.H. Col'inri of the 97lh Foot. 

Ill- wii bom rni ilie llth July, lJ8:t, 
■nd wu Youn^rtr brnthrr to Iho jireacnl 
P.dwnr<i Bonirri^ okj. of l>rl«pre Abbey, 

m^r North imp (on, beinx tlie third *0n of 
the Hnti. Eil*ard Baiiici-ir {hntilier lo 
the flr«t Earl of Ki-'wir'i. hy l!eiirrett«, 
only dniishter of Sir I!d«. Pashmrr. K.B. 

tic wat a)»|iuliitcil EimiKQ tn thr Id 
Foot ffnardi, Oct. 23, 1T9J, lieuienant 
and Captaiu, Nm. IU, I80O, CapUiii and 
Ueut .Colonrl, JnnaSH, IttlD. Ho irrrcd 
in tlgyjH during the campaign of 1801, 
luri)hi(h h' reotiepil a medal. In 1807 
h(i nta Aide -di^. camp lo t^t Koialyn al 
llie lii-p of CopcnbuKcn, and in 1609 on 
th^ aUir of North Itnutln. lie aubar, 
i|niinl!y artred in the Pitiinxularvrar. At 
the pi«Mge of the tlmiro aivl «t 1'aTavem 
he acted la an Aide-dc-caiR|> to the Dakn 
of Vi*elliii(tun. and likmnfa aa Mitlfary 

In 1836 he tm nppi>)titcd Governor of 
MallB, by p»trw dat-rf (>otul>,t I ; and he 
redinrd Ihsl appninttjient unIiI llir tiiui- 
lutrr urir<l3. 

Ilawiuadianctdtci the rank of Colonel 
1b 1(^14, to t hit orMqjOT-Geixral Iiti;.',. Po 

I.ioot.-(;<-Ui>ralin IHSB j mppoiiilcd tu liie 

cominand of the lat Wott ludian "-i-nmit 

IS53.] OBiTVAH\.—Lt.-Geti. Wmsm.—Sir Jidioard Sianley. 93 

in 1942.Mi<llnmtrerr«iltolbi)d>tliFo<iciii 
N<ir.184X HervcHiediccDKiiiilouBdup 
fbrbu •crricei u AiuiUiot Adjuunt-ge- 
iwral U Silninaiic*, Vittoria, St, ^rbution, 
Niv«, Bud Onbri. lie naa DDmiiisted a 
Koiglit Cora nt under of tlir Unlli at tLc ca- 
brgmieDl of Ifac order in Jan. \Sl!i, and 
■ G rand L'roi« of Ihe order of St, Mivbael 
and SI. Gtorg* in IKJG. 

He married, JulfS, I()jt«, JutU-Paiinyi 
daa(iitr of ihu Utc Le«u Montolicn. nq. 

■nd «idair of Cu)>t. ^Vi1liIlIII M'llbiihnm, 
E'K.N.i and bj thai lad^. who dted lii Irt.lij, 
fc* had tMue one •»». Hpiiry MurtltJlleu, 
Lieut, in the C'uldalreBiii (iuarili, aud Due 
diiu:;liler. Henrietta. 

Sir Hi^urjr liad been in bit uaml hcnllli 
until itilhin muclk liTX llian an h<9Ur of bit 

dralh. Rftrj jinpiratlon vu modfl for 
btfl dr|>arluT* la London on Ibe fnllnwlnr^ 
IBOroliig, to Bilriid tnd lake a prominent 
part hi llie Duke of WVUIogiort'* futicrnl, 
aad llila, doabtl«M, acllDC on latent 
AiteMCiWna tbc cauio ofbUaaddendcalb. 
If e bad loti|( resided Rt Woolbtdiog llout«, 
'Ud, hU bindnMi of diEpuiUon bad eii. 
deaml him lo the lown of Midbnrat aud 
ita neigh bniirbood. 

IrlBVT.-tisXaUAI. WKMTiai 

Nw. 30. At CtimbrfUnd Liidi(v, Wind- 
Mr Parit,ag«d Gf. Li^ut.. General William 
' VMUyu. CoIudfI cif tlie 9.1(1 Higlilaiidera, 
rjr ami[) to Her .Ma- 
and Clerk Manlinl to H-R.H. 

BM Allwct, 

He >M bora ou tho Sib Seiit. 1790, mJ 
wu the weond aonof Lieut-GrrneralWil- 
Itaoa WeinyM, (u graiicUan of tlio 2th Ctrl 
Bf Wemyai anil Mnrcli.lbf F(a>i(y»,clileit 
JaU|;bXer of Sir Williiint Brakine, Itorl. 
Hia elder brollier, Reiir- Admiral Jamea 
Erakme \WiuTst, of Wcni}** C«>tle and 
Tmric Hi>ii*«, Pifrmliirc, i* the Lord L\tt>- 
tmant <if idat count j. 

n* «>• aiiiioinlecl Lieutenant to tlic 
'9U Pool, Sept. 12. 1ttO.'>, CipUJii ill iIil- 
ftb Caariion batulion, Aueuat Id, ItiOS ; 
He MrTcd u Aidc'd«-<jaiD|> tv liti uncle, 
Kr Williaiu thu Walohrrvn ex- 
[lediliun in ll^oy. and aubar^iirolljr in llici 
caiu|ini|!ni of l-tlO, 181 1 , and InVi in llic 
PeninkulB, itliete licwM prckeol InKTmt 
tnttiur ai^lioiiB, mill iii (lirbalilcof Fucato 
d'Oiior, (lit wbirl> lio rcw-ivcJ ihe jitT*r 
oar meiltl- Hv wa* |irt<t»ote<l In ■ ma. 
jorllj In theP3d PAot, Mnyf:, IHO:t: tiB~ 
ewiia a l.ient.-Calonel, Mircb 1(1. l^l^: 
Colnnrl, Jal;2K,ieA0[ Majur Q«iieral, 
Mot. Ll^ mil 1 anil Lieut. Gciietal at tW 
laat bivvel. He *na ajiiiiiiiitcd t>i tlii^ 
eoaiBaiiil of the y.1rd IligbUuiLfr*, April 
ID, 1850. 

Sotm after tbe maiTUiJi* of her Majo>l|r 
<]^lBeral >Vcia]ru wai aftpointcd Cteik- 

Marthal to Prineit Albert, and in that 
capacity ho lisd tliu entira contiol atid ma- 
nagement of hit AoTal Hfghnfaa'a tqD«s< 
tiino nnii acricnltuTnl eaEablisbinenCii, with 
a pcfmanent rtaUcooe at Cvmberkai 
Lodge, in VVindaor Grtat Park. He Iboa 
beeitniL- nc(;UBitilcd with nil the leidfaif 
i^rivuitariali of the' Ini'nlilj, with irlioni 
it wu liii Ercnc delight to BMD«iat«. At 
a tsviaher. .ind ixvraslDnal president, of 
the HojaX F,Biit IlriL« nnd Wlndnor Rojal 
Kiiot^iEtiun*, tic HO* unircrMllj popular ; 
Willie, ai il.t muter of Prinee .llbert'a 
paL-k uf iioricni, bia fine flow of ipiHl* in. 
the Held, and ilrrling hviiiing cjuilifica- 
tiuui, wuu fui' bini Die alTecIionjtc m))ect 
of the gtiitty ancl fitmien, Dj tiia dcotb 
tbe Crowo hu lost aitiluabte Mirrnnt, and 
lUt poor a true and (TtnpathitinK friend. 

He married. April 14. IB'iO, Lidy lu- 
bvlla H«jr. BeddUaialMsr Woman lu Uuecn 
Ade1«IJe, leC'jnddauebter of William lejtll 
Karl of Brtoll, diid auiil to the tiioebl 
Rnrl ; and by that ladjr, who aurriie* him, 
be b^ iiiue four inni iiilI two dauMbtom 
\. Fmncef, who died y<^vagi '2. \Villiaa- 
tieurge-JamcB, aUo dcceiued; 3. Jomea* 
UeTiTjFi Licutnaanl 32d Foot, acid Aide- 
da-oamp to tlic Comnuuider-in-t^bicf in 
Canndai t, John, deccoaodi i, Obarlca- 
Thotaati, Captain 17 lb Foot, Aide-de- 
<!atDti to Sir Itobert (isirdiner, GuVfrnor 
of Gidraltar : iluiL G. I label In- Harriet- 

Tbe fttaeral of Ocucral Weuijai tvoll 
place on the lib Dec a\ Wimbledun. vUem 

hi* body waa iiiCt-rrcil in ■ futnilT (ault. 

Icwjuatteodcdby liit Cwo«onf,hiabrotl>«r 
Mr. A. Wrmjii, tbe l^arl nf ItoMlyn, aud 
Oiiiir-I (iiiineii, emj. bia execHton, Mr John 
Cnthc^n, Lirut.-(.(il. fteymoiir. Capl. H. 
Scymi^ur. &c. Sic. Tbe acrvice waa pei- 
farmed bytlie !<?'. U. WcHe*l«j, cba|-Uin 
tfl her .Mujeitf. 

Sia Eow.tRD Stanlev. 

Oct. 2T. Ill Great Dtui)»niGk-»ticel, 
Dublin, e^d 7B, Sir Kdwntd Stauleyi 
KrI. Inapeelor of City Prinoiu. 

He araa t)i« aldatt ton of F.dwani Slan< 
ley, ran. of Ynrk-atieet. Dublin: and, 
bnTiiig been rlcrled .Sbrriit of that rity let 
the year 1809. he wm iinifbled on the 
occaiioQ of tbe Jubilee, when Kxnn Gcorie 
tbe Tliird nttninMl the .itftb year «f hi) 
Teige. He took as aotite part in tbe pro- 
(.'eediniE» of ilie old corportilion, by whidi 
be wai lelrrCeil for Uie lucrntiie uiDcr 'tt 
lufpecrur cf City Piixjut. 

Hi; wa» alio, fi^r matiy ye^ra, n lending 
lueniber of Uib Royal Dublin S-ieielj, and 
WBi, it ia anid, the nriglnaior nt tliOM 
periodicilrihibiliuni olatti and (untiafac, 
turei wiiieb bate led to aueb iraj>orunl 
rcBulti butli ill tielaiitt and other countrlce. 


Col. Drum, M.P^Caft. T. L. Levi*, H. JBv [J*n- 

Sir EdmrJ Mtol u tlut ftiMul of Mr. 
D'EitefTc, in bii faul ilud villi lU Ul« 
Mr. l)'ConncU. 

He namod in 17% tho onljr duigbter 
or ibe Utc WnUmn NorHi, us-vTColil- 
bl«w, 00. DsbUa. 

CdiONiL Bkitbn. M.P. 

Ww, 9. At Old P«rfc, CO. Caitow. ifto- 
s Tew day)' illim*. Id hti tiU jtxr, lleniT 
Braon. nq. M.P. for llic c«. Cwlaw, and 
Colaael mDmaniUot of lU Militia. 

C«l9u«l Bnien •-«• rJaMted witli Sir 
lt«b«rt PmI, I^r^ D^ren, utd wmm o( 
til* gmtnt iiatanDva md orJioIin of tli« 
■(e, al llirraw ; wiil h« mbKi)u<iiil]r ««a 
■ member of tlie ulmiltT of Oifbri, 
wtcra lie «•« dlatlii^ilicd for Mt <Ui- 
riod aci|iiir<tuicuU, liu Iflitn for ritcrttnrc, 
and loTt a( «ati<iLi«mu rrc«arch , r«r irhidi 
hn wu id after Iifo (>i«.riniti(iitl]r rvmark* 
■bl«. \i* did DOl, bowDTor, |itwMd to ■ 

Be<ater»d public life at aaeari; period, 
hartnf bwn rit«Ried lo parliament »» tbe 
re prMrnUtire of bi> native tounty ia lk« 
jrear \A\i, whkli poaitiott Ua occu|ried. 
trtili the eteF|>tioti of a brief interval, until 
the bo«r of >ii> dralli. At firr geotnl 
clictlou b« «a« (cdiiDDd wiiLuui a con- 
Urt( vnUi OB the vn of lUorui, at tbe 
«l<etlon ttf imo, tbr countj-, tbrou^h ifae 
InCueMs of Mr. OTonncll'ii |iBrI]r, n- 
turned twv Whi(« (Wiiller lllakrnay, Kq. 
nndSirJoba Millej Doyle), in tbe pUoe 
orColaaelBriMDandhia fatbcr-iu \v Mr. 
KiTanagh. Th*n «a* no poll mt tbia ««• 
oaiion { but In 1 K3?, ibe Arat electlan attw 
tlMcnMtmmlof fUforiB.CheforBaer nMn- 
ben mm propoMd, and defftiird bjr Ihe 
IitbenJ cMidkdatet, Mr. Blaktoc; and Mr. 
Wallace, wbo both polled <>57 *ot(a, Ooto- 
Dal Bmen 183, and Mr. Ka«w»^;b 470. 
In Jan. IIU& Co1on«l Brum M»d Mr. 
EaranBgh sere rctumnd, polling raqwcl- 
heljr SKH and Mt volpt. Mr. Manric* 
O'CanncU &54, and Mr. Cshlll >.-i3 -. bnt 
tbia election k-u iltclarv^ Toid on a pcti* 
li«n ) when in Juoe Mr. Vigori aod Mr. 
Rafbwl wer« returned by 62' and IJ26 
TotM. Mr. Karaaajih and Colooel Bruen 
■raooidtoK ttVt and 971. Tbia wu tb« 
ckicttoa rendered ucmonblo bjr Ibc Urn 
cxkum Lncnrred for Mr. Rapbael bjr Mr. 
OConntll, vbicb wm aubtcfucntlr the 
aubject of public eifotatt tnd amwail- 
«eraiiKi. On petition, a oonunitten nf the 
Howe tlntDlt off Id) rotM, and tbenby r?- 
wmXtA Mr. KsTanafh and Colonel Brufn. 

At Ibe Kcncral election in lft37 Ibo 
Liberal cntdidalea, Mr. Vig«n and Mr. 
AabUin Yal«a, avr« tuM^Mful, polling T30 
xntt*. Colonel Brvea sod Mr. Bnaburv 
batlnc vaXj 643. Mr. Karanub had lUad 
tBpebfowjprKedlofi butonuuikubof 

Mr. Vigor*. In DnoembK, IMO. Coknd 
Broen i«cOT«rcd Ml lUt. deCnHot <l>* 
Iloo. Freikrlok Fonaonbr «^lb 'H lotet 
to .t». 

At tbe eledwn of I ^41 Die rexdt of the 
poll wa« at foUowa ; — 

Cotond Bcwn . . . . ri4 

Tbouua U«iNb«uT, aaq. . TM 

John AibUB YatM. aa^. . C97 

Da^l O'Consell. JUD. w|. 606 

In 1911 Col»ocl BrvM oad Mr. W. B. 

U. Buabur; vere eleoted wtthoiit nffO> 

■ItlMi: bat ill 18^3 lher« wu a^> • 

Mtara itninle, which termiittled Ihaa— 

Jnhn Bill, eoq. . . . 99S 

Colraiil Rrncn . . . . B93 

W. n, M. llanlmrT. Mq. . 8IUI 

John Keo^, t«q. . ■ . 8rr 

Aj a pubUo in4B Colone] Broeii poa- 

■e«»ed Indomitable •B*rcr "xl fnrku 

bcarinx, couiilcd vllk a hlfhijr cultirattd 

mimli lahicb commaadcd tbe recpcct of 

bia u])pon«nt», anJ won the citccin and 

iiiiKerti itt4LehinRn( of Ui friend*, lie 

«t* a coiuittaiit CoiuerTtlfve. anil roied 

for aaricnlliiral protection tn 184(i. 

Colonel Rmcn mamod Anne, eldeit 
■bngbtrr of Tbomu Katanacb. ew|. of 
Botrii. (long bi* ooUeajpu aa ooBnt]r mMn- 
bcT,) bj hi> lirrt wife Lid; BliaabMh Oat- 
ler, liiier to tbe Martpteti of OnMMlt^ 
Mr*. Urnen died in Sept. ia:iO. ]}* it 
suooeeded in hit extcniirr roiitca b} bia 
Bon, Hearj Bruen, caq- 

CaiT. T. L. Lt:wi». R. Zvn. 

Nor. 17. At Ib*l«r, llaoapihire, Th». 
maa Loek« L««it, eiq. L'aplain RopJ 
Kagiawtt, a Deputy Lienteoant of Uia 
countf of K^BOT. 

Capt. LaKia <Taa onir anrriniu aoa of 
Perciral Lewtt, otq. u( DDonton, ILulMr. 
alurc, and lbal«^. Ilaiiu., and bad AIM 
the offiov of Higb Sheriff of tb« tonnm 
contitjr. fit eninrtd tbo armf in I8M, 
but, thnoEti abroad for Mine foari. we 
are not ivarc ihat be k«d CTcr m«d tctira 
irrrior. During • rMidcBCc in Sovtbora 
Africa be had an (ntportunitj of obatning 
tbe uatire lrib«« oi Ihat diatrici, and verjr 
reomtly a paper from liii pen nHicBred in 
tbe United Uerrice Journal, (ituiK an nfi> 
oomtl of ibew iribca. na well u aofflo ot 
tlw place* wblcb the prnent irnr in tliat 
coontrf bai bron^bt mort partirulirljr into 
nailue. He alio waa enabled, wblJc n- 
lidiua there, to oollM anme lalaable »»■ 
teoroiogical fact*, and nblcb are teconlMl 
bj Col. Ittad In bU wixk on the taw of 
StiwBii. lie look an accire inttxctt in tbe 
pnbtie ekaritiea bf Bseter, n* well at In 
all matttn bavtng for tb«*r objeet the 
allevintion of disiresa. Then tt acandv 
a cbtritj in that city wblcb bM net ta^ 

1653.] Capt. T. W. BuUtr, R.S.~Mr. Sm-feant Balcomb. OS 


the Qbtral MiirtaiiM! of bit p-ane u ncll 
M hl« fc(ti>« ptrionll nlloaduuoe lu all 
■Wtlcn irfacr* Ibat 4lt«niUiice could bs 
iiwAU; and, jodced, for /r.ini|iut niuoli 
of bu locome laii moit of hii txiaa liatr 
bem •leioLeil t« ike imrpmri a( hcncd- 
GCBM utd diaritjr. In bin inonner inj 
boarisg towarda tboac vitb whom he cmme 
In oontut h« «ru «rer kind nnd tioacili- 
atoiy, Hidnraiulnf, «a all oeauiona. (n 
UDiMth dUferenta in upiiiioo, aii'd view 
cbtrtubl; IhvK tcti uf which hr could 
Mil spprore. 

CamaihT. W. IlocLim. 
tW. .10. At StrMt llij'ih-''^ WiMfDpU, 
DevoiwhJre, aged 60, Thutnu Wrntwortli 
BiiJler. tK}. CoaimaiiilM R.N. une of llrr 
Mitjntjr'* Tilbe nnd iDdtiiure Commii- 
Mgoen for EiBKland and Wain. 

U« WM the Mcond >«a at J&mca Builcr, 
e*^ o( Doimea and Shillingluiiu, Ueion- 
iktrc, M.l'. fcr Eieter. by hli toniia 
Anui. dnugUtcr of Ibe Riijlit iUi . WUlinm 
Uullcr, Lijril Dinbup uf l£utcr. 

U« entcrvil the naTV in IMS, ou boanl 
beouna ii)id»bipnaa of Iba Malta M, 
. Kdw. Bnller, cmpEofed of CaJi*. 
'Jane 1807 be Temavcd to the iSurxftlus 
36, nUeh niB enplojcd la tavorltug tbe 
traopa oominandei] by Sii Jobu Moore 
fian Oibralinrlo Kngland, b cotirriing 
tht I>nc i'^agvaXitne aad utliir mctouon 
of tbe Frenvb r»]8l family ffom Uottea- 
bnrs, and in atunding ou the eitwlltlfin 
Co ATiUhcrcn. lu Nut. 1^09 ili« «ap- 
t«t«d L'EloU« itriTaiceruf IG gum. Mr. 
Bnll«TaflFmnrda lerrtd ill tbe Mwitltr- 
nann (rata Jan. laio 1» Oct. 1613, tn 
^ger 71i Capt. Ueoj. Ildlliwell, aud 
the HaUa, tkco biMiriai; the tl«^ of Chat 
He «w next Innafffred to thu 
AJktelofie io, ili« dag-tlilp at Parlainoulh 
of Sir J. T. Duchirorth : and un llit eth 
ec. \ti\2 tiiia adiaticcd to the rank of 
Iculenanl. In fob. 11^13, be wa« ap- 
ilcd lo tbe Iiictui M. rmpluyi'il in the 
Seoi la Aftil IMN tothr Ulotnede 
Aip,fn wblcli 111! ailUd (o America, 
■km hi Jan. Ii4l3beJouied the Eurriliu 
36l On the )'ih Jan. ftillowing he was 
■ppoiolddtuthe Imprcgnftble 10*1, ai Flag- 
~ ' i«iit to bii tinclo Sir J. T. Ousk- 

tt riyiKOutb. On tbe IVth April, 
ISIT, be iru nilTanoftd lo iho rmk of 
CoBBanifcr, liocewkfehtime he biibna 
tn half-pay. 

On Ibc fannation al tbe T^ttic Cocn- 

in he waa appointed one cif the joiut 

;niiamiMrioncri, and be tetatued tbe lame 

ilT nudcr the recent iraal^Bnaation of 

Iha Titbe, tCoelaaurf, sod Copf buld Com- 


Captwa Quller omned, Oct. U, IBV, 

Anne, only daiightcr of Edirard Dirttl, 
f-m- »f B}>t«ok| c», Dev9i], by whom hs 
bai left >MDe. 

Mk. SiRjRANr IIalcoub. 

Not. 3. At New lUduar, in hii Md 
xear, Jubu BBli:i>iab. €04. acijcaut-tt-lsir, 

coi lib-pro prlMor. R« traa called to tho 
bar At tiie Inner Traijilo, Juno \J, U23 1 
unil practlied as a apeciil piMder anil in 
the l^muioii Lttw Courlj. lie alowent 
the Wtelcni circuit, aud tttcLdod ifae 
Wilublni acMigua. 

Ou the w«al«m dreuit duriii|[ the Mily 
part of bi« cataar ha waj coiuideEfd one 
nf tbe miiet riainc jauinre. ibo Late Sir 
WiUlain Pollctt, with mboia be retained a 
atriet frinidshiii (hr-oueb liCci bcloy 00c of 
hi* principal cuiiipctiton. Indeed, tbat 
>tUtini;uiiilitd advotntv, inJ alio Mr. Ju(> 
tioe Puituon find .Mr. JiuIiM Coleridge, 
were nil luocinU-d tugether with Mr. Ser- 
jfaiil lliLlmmb ai iiupiJi duriiiii the [wriod 
u( their aludculaliip, uid cnaliili.'ut expevlft- 
Uuni were at that timo BuUctaincd at the 
future em ineaoe of encb, To Mr, HaU 
comb't ambition to enter Parliament loo 
auly hit faitare at tbe bar hai been mainly 

11« niu rejii-iK.'dl} ocMtiUdate ti> repre- 
acut tbe putt of Durer in [wrUomeat i but 
obtained tbe objcot of bis junbition onl* 
for tito abort period b«tw«en March ItlSl 
and tbe diMidution ofliUS. It irat in 
\9i6 tbat faefintapjiean-duii tbebuttiiiBi 
Bi a atrvog uppunent of tbe Itumao C«l> 
ihuUi: i-laiint -, he polled GiS mtea, tbo 
•uccoMful cnadldaten Mr. Wilbrsban and 
Mr. Piralett Tltumaoo mpeotiTalgr polling 
ll/b titd 746, and Mr. BnltOTiroith («ii« 
of the former membora} 199. In Feb. 
Ift'iM, vbcii Mr. Wilbrahnin wu ereuted 
LordKkcliiicridalc, Mr. UalciiiDbniiidcliiB 
ScMiud oltcmpt, but vaa defeated by W'U- 
Uam {lean Trent, ca<j. nfao had '33votta 
t.> .Mr. H*teo«b'tC3J. In 1831 be iraifed 
the coDiciti but in 1838, afler Che enact' 
uiPQt of Kefiinn, b« Bfriin eama fontaro, 
■itli the folloirinjt unencccaaful rcaolo— 

Charles Pirulctt Tbomaun, erq. ■ 719 
Sir Jobu tUc HeiJ, Uort. . . 64-1 

Jobn lleWmb, e*^ 633 

Capt. It. U. Sunhape . . .498 

At tail, ill Mareb 1833, nhen Mr. 
Poulirtl Thomion wu etectt^d for Man- 
cbeatcr, Mr. llalcomb wa* sucMufut at 
Darer, defeathg C«|>t. R. U. Staohope 
by 731 »ote» to 66&, 

Ho did not, botrever, veoiun another 
coiiteit ID 183>i but at that eieoUmi he 
«u an muiucetafnl eendidate for Warwlcki 
where be polled 416 voiee, befog a B&- 


■ftriij orUW-t«« below Mr. Kins, who 

In 191) Mr. Hmlcocnb ajt»ii> MMikd 
die twrlmen of norcr. bol tli« foraier ihe followbg 

StrJahn lint ll<t>J. I{«rl. . .1000 

KimtrA K. lliM, n<). . . . !)G(> 

John Hilconb. Mq. .... A-W 

Mh. GttUowajr, ciq. . . .291 

Mr. SrrjnDt IJatfamb'd nvnit will b« 

round rnri|uentl)r in llie lUtintci wlilch (ic- 

COtTod dutinj the period (lul l>a itl in 

Pkrliamcnt, ni In- look part in Mtnnl of 

tlic Ictilini disciuusM, MhI nu • «ari« 

•upporlrr o( th« Conscnalivo fitrtjr. Ai 

ohMriDin of lh« oMnmlllM ht irtm up a 

Taluabk r*port on lh« FhheriM Bilti. la 

1839 hr recdfMl (he lioniMir of tbo eatt. 

bui »ince tint perio)) bii ktMC hu not oc- 

cupiod aaj ]<ramintnt patitliKi In th« Uw 


Mr. Halcomli otn* IliC' kutbdr of tlbu 
following profruiona] vDrlo — 

Ab*);)!* of thr Rvport of ih* Cue of 
Rowr ». Yonni, nn a Bill orKidiBBsc, 
decUt^ in ibc ilniue of Urdi (July WW); 
whb Rmarht Ihtrcon. 18'2I. Sto. 

Ropoil of ll>« TriiU aai aabM^Mot 
Pmendinga in Ihc CauMM nf Rom v. 
Orenfell, Rooe t. llr«Mon and aaolLcr. 
ui4 Doc (drn. Cartltrw) ». BmUm, it- 
bliTd lo the Clainit imdc \>y ihc Leswe* 
of tbo Duke of Cornirall to Iho Covpcr 

Mliif>« wii)>m (h« Daehf Lanifct *n4 in- 
volftng aUn th« iiuaatjan nf TtUa lo th« 
buxlaaMi srtatn of lli« Taaants. III3*. 

Practiol Trealific nn iiamIr; Fritate 
BIQa through both lloutw of PatliauiToli 
MnlwaMg fall Diro-'tiuiM fat Mcn>b<r* 
wiio ha** ohanp o' Primti! BCIIa, and f«r 
SoUeiunt. (ke. SBoond edition, with • 
Sappininuil. IKIW. 

In nriYslo life Mt. llaloonib vu re- 
markable for k i niBioBM of dwporitlon 
a»d nrtiaaitjr of maMwn ; and h>» con- 
tenatianiit povcra nndcteJ htm a tnont 
■greeable companivn. |K>«mad, ai he 
m$, of a rtore of informalion, and a 
Ughljt ntliTaicd taate. He dkil afln a 
paiofiil illiKM of •oiHo Tcan' duration. 
tie baa left a widow and four ao**. Ili» 
only dMgbleT £ed on the lOih Dm. Im;. 

Obitoabth— J/«« S*rry. 



Miu Dcanv. 

A'm. 21. Al her mideaoc In Curod- 
■trg«t, aied $0, Mb* Btfry— lannorabd 
a* llie uiy lo wbotn lloraoe Walfwlc 
addreatad ao much oif hi* tpiatoUrf and 
panKnal aiitaUoni. 

Mac? Ben; wai tbe elder of the two 
daaghter* ot Robrit Dtrry, ex). of SoUb 
Audloj SuKt, a Yorkeblrc fuukoaaa of 

foitaat, if TC art ao* nbtiAtaud, aod 
OMtainljr Ihc diM|ipol«ted hMr-M-law of 
an ancla who oMenectedlj left hit wealth 
■<T*; ftiiRi hiin. The naBte* nf the ciria 
Kcrr M»ry aui Axnta. Marj wa» wvll 
read, M>1 ni'lraaa ft Latin-, ami Afna* 
drew and painted la water Mlourt with 
l^reat aucMM. 

We luiie *««n at tbe Bntkb Mnaenm 

one of the oeaaloBal prodnetlmi of tht 

Siiawborrj HUl Pnaa, of whieh we hcM 

intndiKe an chIiif copj- 

iiw rrnt B ^tnwiertr.tini to MM Hair «d4 

IliK Jl((i>c> Dorr/. 

Tt. Ili>e« U{» liu udni Uane 

Her iNiraat LaaKoaee nuis)" : 
AAA A>M> Ikn lartana Cll} boot 

Aoi^ Hi pfodl Wviwlit 
Haaitf^ aaMM IIwhc ••oeU/ ttaMt 

ftadi t(dU> ollh l^rif tin i 
JUI>Un*iald lioran rinp nNfalnlk— 

He ((>']' can adiUr?! 
ttin woa'4 Ilk prtM (tiMr rauM Rmri, 

Itci *fa • hn ralu ti> IMtk kit Wm<4 
Can Mid t Smw id Baaam 
Walpole beriMB aeaDalatod with Mba 
Uerry and her fitter belora the jeer 1 780. 
He nm met tlwao, it i« bHir«r4. at Lsnl 
Siraffttfd'a, at Torh> 
ahiie. Duiing the corrMpoadtiiM the 
Udici flMteJ Italy, and finaltj rrturaed to 
TainVftihant ta be oilbia e«tl of llir Pr'noa 
of Lettrr Wrtert." 'VVilnole wm f^nd of 
hU "Iwowirra," ai lie called Ibrm. wonld 
write and Dumber hli letten lo theoi, 
ami mil Ihrni tbmm of hU orir tlfi-, ttxl 
of vhtl Ik tiad kcw and hcafd. vlih ten 
tinac* lie (ivaeit; tikd nitllill«llc« tlul Ik 
•aiploffd ill tellinf dinilar <t»FiM (o P!u-> 
kcrtoaor Dalrynple. TheladiralUlfnad; 
aad it waa Walpole'a jo;— 

<iMll wttli bM taiQunu UUTTi to noMW. 

DeUgliied wUh whM the? hoard, thej ha- 
gan with itotn of wtiai lu told tban. and 
aooD Induoed litrn, by Ihe aweet power of 
two foBialc pleadcrt ni Lu eir oul la Ua 
favourlle "Tribune." to i<«t in wriU^ 
thoM dinrisiBg " KemiBlicenore " of the 
Conrte of G^rge the Pirat and kia mwi, 
which will cootliiue lo be nmd wlih inte- 
reel m but a* Kii^litb Mitoty it rrail. 

Wbni Walpnk died br left 10 Uie Jliiwa 
Dcrry, In coiijaa;:'.iuii with their GathcTi 
t]i« ^rdcr iHirt <i( bi« papers, and the 
c1i(rge nf ivilteeliii); aiiil piiblii4iinK U< 
work*. rb«H(i-9i)l(deillLioaorh>«Uorka, 
which B;ipeaTe(l In Her tolveiea ijnario, 

* Both Maaoo and Lord llarcoHI't ub- 
•<rvedtbii|[raiiriuc aliavbmimt of Walyole 
lo the Miu IWrrji nith jralooaj anJ die- 
pleaMirc. aa anpeera by some letter* Itlll 
III MS. from them in ihe poMea4loB of a 




Obituary. — The Rev. Edward Mangin. 


was edited by the father, who lived with 
his daughters, at Twiciteafaam and at SoDtU 
Andley Street, for some jrears after Wal- 
pole'i death. He died, a lery old man, at 
Genoa, in the spring of 1817; but the 
daughters lived ia London, and for up- 
wards of half a century saw, either in 
South Audley Street, or in Curzon Street, 
or at Richmond* (within sight of Straw- 
berry), two generations of literary men. 
They loved tfio society of authors and of 
people of fashion, and thought at times 
(not untraly) thot they were the laeana of 
bringing about them more authors of note 
mixing in good society than Mrs. Mon- 
tagD, or the Countess of Coric, or Lydia 
White herself, had succeeded in drawing 

It would have been strange if Miss 
Berry, with all her love and admiration 
for Horace Walpole,hadeacepedtbe fate of 
being an authoress. Her Ecattcred writings 
were collected by herself in IS'14, into two 
octavo volumes, entitled, " England and 
Franca ; a Comparative View of the Social 
Condition of both CountricA, from the 
Restoration of Charles the Second to the 
present Time : to which arc now first 
added. Remarks on Lord Orford's Letters 
— the Life of the Marquise du Deffund — 
the Life of Rachael Lady Russell; and. 
Fashionable Friends, a Comedy." In these 
Miscellanies (for by that name should they 
have been called) are to be found many 
keen and correct remarks on society, and 
on men and maimers, with liere and there 
a dash of old reading, and every now and 
then a valuable observation or two on the 
fashion and minute details of tlic age in 
which Wnlpolc lived. 

Miss Berry's last literary uudcrtaking 
was a vindication ol Walpolc from tiie 
sarcastic and not always correct character 
of him drawn by Mr. Macaulay in an 
article in the Edinburgh Review. In 1840 
she edited, for the first time, the sixty Let- 
ters which Walpole had addressed to bet- 
self and her sister. In his late years Wal- 
pole makes no better appearance than he 
docH in bis letters to Mary and Agnes. 
He seems to have forgotten the gout and 
CbaUerlon, Dr. Kippia nnd the Society 
of Atitiijuaries, and to have written like 
an old man no longrr soured by (he world, 
but altogether in luvc with irhat was good. 

Miss Blurry survived her younger sister 
about eighteen months. She is said to 
have felt her loss severely. For n time 
she was observed 

To 11111 -p ami mku licr wiliiary lei ; 

* The Miis Bcrrys lived in Mr. Lambe's 
honse at Richmond. In the summer of 
l^r,l ill Ih^ hoii'p nn the Hill of Lord 
Laiisdowue, which he lent to them. 

Gbkt. Mar. Voi.. XXXiX. 

but she rallied, and continued to cultivate 
the living society of our times, as well ■• 
to dwell on the reminiscences of tbkt 
vanished society which she was aa it were 
the last to enjoy. 

Tmt Rrv. Edward Manoin. 

Oct. 17. At his residence in Johnstone 
street, Bath, aged £0, the Rev. Edward 
Mangin, Prebendary of Rath, in the dio- 
cese of Killaloe. 

Mr. Mangin was descended from a 
Huguenot family, which took refuge in 
Ireland from the persecutions in the time 
of Lonis XIV., and rose to opulent and 
important stations in their adopted country. 
He had much of the manners of both 
Prance and Ireland— foreign acuteness of 
conversation, with a remarkable share of 
the pleasantry and good humour of the 
Irish gentleman. 

He was educated at Oxford, for the 
church, and obtained preferment in Ire- 
land at an early age. Marrying early, bnt 
soon left a widoiver, with an only daugh- 
ter, — worthy oF him, and to whom he wia 
affectionately attached through life, — after 
a long interval he married again, and baa 
left two BODS, like himself educated at 
Oxford, and now in the church. 

He had resided for many years in Bath, 
associated with all the intellii^ent in that 
intelligent city ; easy in fortooe, and 
scarcely visited by the common casualtiet 
of life, he lather glided through yean 
than felt them. To the last, though eip»- 
riencing some pnins of the frame, he exhi- 
bited no failure of his intellectual powers. 
His death was like his life — tranquil. 
He walked out the day before, sat wiUl 
his family during the evening, retired to 
rest with no appenrance of an increase of 
illness, and slept unilisturbi^tl during the 
ni^ht. In that sleep, between seven and 
eight next morning, he expired. 

Mr. Mongin was the editor of the Im- 
pression of Richardson the novelist*! 
works published In nineteen volumes, la 
I nil. and of" Piozmna, or Recollectiooi 
iif Mrs. Pioiii," in IH3J. Upon neither 
of these works did be bestow a very large 
amount of labour or research. We believe 
he was the author of some occasional ori- 
ginal essays on manners, travels, and 

At the recent meeting of the Somerset- 
shire Arcbteologicnl and Natural History 
Society at Bath its temporary museum 
rontainrd, among numerous other curi- 
osities, the Silver Drinking Cup of Etienne 
Mangin, who was burnt nt the stake in 
l.i4t). The foUoning inscrlptiiin is en- 
graved upon it: " Oct. 7, 15-lG, Stephen 
Mancia for professing the Reformed Re. 


0»iTUAiiT^ffw. //«iy Hfuttd, F.KS. 


ligton, reMhttcIjr >uaercid dMlli In flnuit 
of hk lioMs, It Mmux, tta kwwa Knm 
Puii. At Iha lUka be itmni lutwiTt 

to git* binwaUi in bii luuil Jriukiiif 
«ap, whkb he foipti^d to tl>< oflftro o( 
liH frinidi vicl the iiuvvsi of bis iraaie. 
Thi* it Ibot cup. banildl Jukii from fiibrr 
to *on, to Eihnnl MuigiD, wba bail IhU 
iawri|ilioa aifraTed oo it. MiO." 

Rkt. Hekkv Hahtm, F.R.S. 
Mw. Wi. At Unr^ St. Edtnmd't, in bin 
9U jTMr, the lUt. Umnr Hirtvd. M.A. 

R«oiOTor Horrlii|{«i and BralMi*onb, Kuf< 
folk.a>idtata LKittntrof St. Mary'icbnrcb 
in Hnrjr. 

Mr. H»(«4<na born Svpl. 17, ITT 1 at 

Butt ^- Ed*vn»(l'(, vh«ni Kh (atba wu 
an •poUifMr)'. Ha wea hJucrIwI U Kiaf 
Bdward'* Gnnmu Scliool hi tliU town 
DBilM Iht IImiI Ma*lenlil|M of the Brr. 
PItlKp UvrtDta and ibo Bcr. M. T. 
B«c)tar, U« wtttt up lo Caabriilge. to 
Cbrirt'* eoUat*. and took bu BaclM^frT'* 
dMrM in im. bt4«K ptaevd a* SiMh 
WWDflan and lili degm m M.A. in 
1796. Ha attennitdB tMcano a Ftllaw of 
CArtat'a eoUege, aoil «m lielkTad lo be 
OB Um «*« irf bctnc (-l«ctT<l Ua*lcr, nhen 
bo wa* iMKiiattd by llw corwirttloo of 
Ban to tiw MeMhaahii> of St. Uuy't, 
ittAa fmt Ilin. In UK be «u pM- 
Moinl to ibe netotj ot araiavvorth by 
fiir 7Uw. Kerriaoo, and to iltM to lliat 
of llcrrioger, or Borninfalwatli. b} ibo 
HwiiMM of Briilol. Id 1^9 h< rcavnnl 
dte prMfbonhlp of St. Marj 'a. In Aon- 
•aqiwaw of tba oentlMneil <l«liiiiiy twumi 
ky ft paralytic aiiaek i bti ii« hclJ ibe 
raoloiT vf Horrinier (in irtucli, a> veil » 
ta ths pnacbcniup of St. Mart**, be au 
■ mrUT incueMor of Bitbnp Bediill} and 
IImI of Braneworih, until hi> dca'b. On 
bU nrinaiidti , a wrti<i« of plile m« pur- 
ehaa«d bf a lUbMhiMion ol 3S0/. aud pr«- 
MDUd Co biro by Iht inlubttanU uf tlie 
t«wn tcnerally. 

Frw Diva lia*e IUI«d a Uqiar place in 
lb« circlr •>( tlirirown nikgblMn>lt<>iid than 
tiM R«T. Ilnirjp HmImI, t^r bant more an- 
mDtllinglj ilfTot^^l their whole litna and 
talenti ilirou|h a lone Uft to tbe tert\t» ul 
oCken Ihra lie did. CUM by hit Creator 
irith c»uidcnbk intenactuat facultictt, 
wluch be bad d il ignitl)' L-uI li vale J al (oltpu t 
and cotlc(«, aad t»do««<l alt^i wilK grti* 
aettvitjr «1 mind and a Mpaeitf for ooii- 
tinuitd mcnifll n«nMn. In llicd to wotk 
lot iba lood oi oUiari, and Cbm tbe 
whala <ni|lit vf bia enivglea Inlo ibe 
fbrlberanco of work* of olaljr and htmmt- 
Imic*. To bi) iiHlcfaticabIa ical iml Kmtt 
InitteiiM it ii is ■ peal ainunni iIim (bat 
Ibe Svlbtk Cnnniy lloapatal aiaii, and la 

what H ia; and nnncmai aoctelle* for tbn 
pnimMion ot rtUslvH ukI oduntiamd ob- 
]bgU had in Uv ou* of tbcir inort active 
pTomotvn and mcMt warm ]iittr«ia. U« 
T^cbool, a tTMtM of tiM GuilJbkU F«off. 
wrat, and at alnoat aU tbe cbaritabia and 
oihcr (raita in tbe Ivnn. 

I n tbe iml^ be wu alwaya an attraetit* 
Mid impria a iTP pmc)>eri aad at a tine 
irtian the mtwom in many oburcbae «nri 
littto more than moral eaaap. bia di*- 
eeiUMa <rare tlwnya directed to Um ptM 
doclrbm of Chrialiaailjr. Tbrre waa a 
geulltneca in Ida addraui and un naraett* 
iMua Diisod irith Muniljr of tone anJ u- 
prvMon, vhkit, added lo tlx real Bi*tl«r 
they eoolaintd, enaile bia diaootraaa *■»• 
nini aad pMMuKe. Imeebwicnrtatia 
or bU oaeifMio apiril and U* kite «f Us 
tnioiMerinl woTk, that be cantinned to 
preach at Horrinier ohureli aa long aa bn 
had pbrncal po*ce to aioend tbe palpil) 
■od wbeo in«f«Miof infimit; made tbia 
impoMible, he paMiibed a telnne of 
■Ennoni, wbidi be dedicated lo hi* pa- 
rialiioncr*. lie was at all time* nioat 
dilifent in tiuiii^ hi* flocli (niM howe to 
houae i and \ons after the line «rben miM 
nen irDuld bate yitlded to the eiy of na* 
tur« for real and repote, 1i« night be Keo 
wMi Uboar ami diflMilt; rualclof: his way 
Uirongh Ihn pariah, foini la iIie &.-)ioi>1s, 
ttiiltng tbe Hck. or taking •uitalile re* 
ligioua traeti to tbe mtlagea, or naintitar- 
ingi wbicb be did nntt Urgelj. to tbe 
leaapond woDta of th* poo*. 

Constant etieerfalneaa, uicloNded good 
bnaoiir, and naiTcnal boBeTOlenea aiul 
kindUneia. both in word and itetd. ««at 
hand in band «ilb thi*, It ari) nlwnp 
MmnluDe with bun, And a ilnkinit aifht 
it wa* to ace how this cbeerfulntM of 
■('irit, wlucb seemed lo apring ftota tbe 
most simple-minded and eklld-Uke tnb- 
ntlsMon to tbe will of Ood. carried uia 
thnragh the hravieat lrial«, and ligblanad 
the benTicrt burdens. Thua, when a 
t«rBt]rtw Btnke depiivrd hini of Ibe use 
of hit tifbt band, fiflecii jean aco. he 
m liimtflir wiliiout a mitraiaf to learn to 
write witli hit Jeit liaod, and, tlioagh the 
lalMur which this entailed nnon Ilia, Inik 
in ■r-.liugacawMu and In leeping up aa 
cateiiiiTa •nrrcapoindeneei «ae very great) 
lu> tircdominatit fcdtnc always tcawad to 
be, not eo mii<.'h regret tor what be bad 
lost, a« tbaok-fHiliioM lor the use »( iihet 
was lUU preserrrd to him. He poetcsHd 
unromaiDii delieacy of feeling. Mr onuld 
neiner say or do aDjthiei in hurt tlie 
fecbafa of olheta bi Ihc anialleal degrer, 
nor Jid an ill-nalwred or uniiluiilable r»- 
ntaih e«ar cK»p* bi* llpt- Tboee wlto 
aahed hie adrice and aw iataa e e ia dift- 


OiiTUAUif, — Prt>fi4$or Smpton. 


cbUm nigbl depend upon bii never be- 

tnflof ifaob' cunfitleaoB, m taming an; 

HikttM wUicb tkey nigiA imparl lu liim 

Wa > aDbjad of Idts tooierHtion. He 

«•■ Utwral to Ih« feU eslencof Mimeani, 

nd U* ooaneciu* hotplutiiy ru quite ■ 

featMM Id the toum Qf Iltiry. " B« oot 

fbrnl^l tu ealcrtMK struigen " and 

" Vu boapiBliiT wIUmuI etudcint " were 

{•rtcepU »f Hoijr Writ xhicli he *eeiB«d 

to Idlte a ptcslier ileli;ilit iii ob^jint;. Kor 

«u it only at hi) tible ttiit hi tfK«rai«J 

fcovpiulitjr. Till wllhin Dif Uil few Tcnnr. 

wlieK bs si« itiHblnl by inAmuty, he *«■ 

al<r4T* rudv to do the honour* of thf 

town to iiriDsen. Cloielj u hb lionc 

*•* ill«d, be voulii find tkc lUMn) of i)c- 

WOttoc ut hour or two ta ibew hi* vMtiyn 

^IfcaMMb uid clmrcli» nutl tntiqiiftiM 

' af tbvfiiMC, nod lo make their ■ojuam •> 

■grtettMe' m he coaM by hb rhccrfiii 

HMfet; and hiu|iiraMe nllentiunt. We 

bare ofltn kMrd htm cilltd h; rtranccn 

Ibe Oal"* *>r Uary St. K'ImuudV IIU 

eanrcraaiion v*> ai wtewble u hii raa*- 

^ 'Ben were «iga|im : Iw had jnbrBatiait 

I at oomnand aa nott cabjectt, which h« 

' waaahrajri mdjr to impiut in the mnfC 

nedMi, aniaMminc, and (nlertiiRinic 

uanner, while at ilic ■iiue lime he U«d 

that MtiTc cnrioaity of luinJ xhicb iiiade 

Ub he«M in *eekinK r>r knflw ledge fron 

' thote wbs liod it tniinpirr. In truth, hii 

I varied antlaailiit* in dill'errnt bnocliM 

■f philowphjr, Mjiecltlty in inathcinaUc*. 

t^botanr, 'i^ Mtnral bintory, n* if<1I m in 

'gianical mmI sacral litcratvre, niand bl» 

I ah«ne(«r u * vliolaF to ■ level with thnt 

I wfaieli he Iwrc a« a Cbrwiian and aa a man.* 

Beridet tfaa Toinna of Seriiian* alraady 

■ ■Hti oned. Mr. Haatrd pablithnt twn 

Tolmn*! of Ijntt Scrmnni, « tract of Pour 

Sat ia o w on Coniiriniidcia (triated for the 

, bcDcAl of the lloipil'l in KiS, end tomt 

ci»({ " Reminui^iuiea «t Dr. WikV 

' in Ui« 4tii iiarl of tht Rurj 

t Aiehaoiogiral Pracvedingt. 

He taarritd. in ISU7. Miu Orrf, the 
«aly daoKhter of l>r. Ord, nf Poniliaui, 
who Lived botclj three ytatt after llitir 
•nion, and by «l>o«i be had twv childroa. 
who Mfviie bim, (he Rev. Henry John 
Harted, RACtop of 8p«i)iu|lilon, and Mr*. 
[OooTge lleighMi. 

It La* been retolvtd to jirrpcCu&tc the 
' BCBMry of Mr. HuUd by ■ public lub- 
riptioo tot the cwdvwiDent of a new ward 
Ihe Bory Uotpilal, •□<! by erecting 
hka m each ehttreh it Uie town In 
'iweord that m do* mem. 

* WcliavD cuiidriiwxl tliia«h«r*cter ol 
Mr. HultdfromiuarticlcBttriba'tedtoUic 
JU*. l<«(d&rthuiUcr>«y iDthoJBa'yi'Mf. 

There ia a portrait of Mr. Uarted aiw 
)(TBvad by C. Tunker after a paiatia( bj. 
Strut! in a foliu abe : it t* a fair lilrfiniw. I 
but c«nt«y* the impreviioa that ho WM ■' 
tall InvlMd nf a »hart man. 

Pa,ovt*t.c>N Ehi'«un. 

Jitr. Id. Al Ilailejbury, near Hert- 
ford, flfcd Ci2, Williim Etninan, e«i|, Pro- 
fcMor vf Lao ta lluUybury CoUcfC, and 
Editor of the EJiii)>Mri;')i Rcviow. 

Mr. I^miiiui •mil rJucaled at Winolie*- 
ter ichuol and oc Trinity collrfo. Can* 
bridge, when he Rriiduaisd B.A. IBIS, 
M-\. IniA. 

Heb«(an tocoittriliniatotb(iEi11nttur);h 
lUriew in \9£i, when PranisU JilTrcyi 
afterward* \i\» f>thec>iu-Iaw, wwyatoditori 
Jeffrev reelgned the poat whvra ho baii 
l^aad hi* hlfh litrmrvdiftinetion in 1839, 
un b«iiij[ BpiH>tnl«>d iWn of Iha Faculty 
»r Adiocflle* lit Billnbaricb, aa nttoe which 
lie canslderod (aotNBpatttile with the lea* 
denbip of ■ party Jowriul. TUe 9etb 
number wu the ta*1 of Jrffrey'* rdilinci 
the ReiiFW tbon paifing into (he handa 
of Mr. ftlan^ey Napier, aae a( (lie law 

E-u(otMnnf theUnirffiity of Bdinb-urgh. 
mpini), the third editor, oomatDCcd hts 
reign in 1^0. In one of LotJ Jeffrey'! 
letlcni to him at thM time (here i* a p««> 
Mge of much interest, both nx rfscardlit|r 
Ihe view* nf the ftt»t ct'ait at la i^ilirori*! 
iluliea *n(l prlTiIe|[*ii, and tnlifyia); to tlin 
qualiBcaliona of Rmpinn for the ntUM'* 
"1 think yuu linva (he *ay*) a better 
hbiMk, tvm Man aw, in tvuclung li(ht* 
and btiiigtng out effect*, n* 1 have le<n 
pattttnee to wateh tho enpacitin of im- 
provemanl, and wai more fiven (o dath 
oat and ■ubatitnte, by wboleialc. than ta 
interwcBve puett m iac« wanu," Ac 

Mr. Kmpwnt contributed to the KovJcWt 
during the year* liM3 to 1949. luorr than 
liKty artiflM, on nihieft* ol Liw, Iha con- 
dition of ihe pu(»rer Huae*. iw^ro ilav^rjr, 
dnmeitic politic*, poetry. audgeoEnl Ute- 
rniure and biography. Of hia later artt* 
ric*, that on Stanley'* life of Dr. Arnold, 
hi the Juiuiry number of IS4S, (*ve him 
opportaaily of peying ■ )iuC tribute t« tli« 
mcoiory ol hi* old acbMlftliow and Ilia*, 
triou* friend. He wi* a niutetniiuriry of 
Amulcl It WincliMtcr School, aiiii (hroui;li 
life hii sympathy «iUi (he litcmry *"il 
political view* of hia friend won aritenl. 
Un cdii<nCionnl luidoKloiiaittcvltjveatiolu 
Mr. ICiupion wrote nriou* piper*, whiub. 
had mueh iuflnence on putiiis opinion. 

At Haileybury Mr. Kmpion tDcceeiUd 
to Ihe chair which hnd b^n occnjiied by 
Sir Jamea llaAiutuib. In thai officebb 
bittioM* waa to educate mm to oondoot 
tbe civil adminiat ration of that gr«at «ni> 


pire, die ncMr of wbone lixaJ iiuiita- 
lioM, w «t]l H the oamplBiUr «f inic* 
nito arliinK from dilertiiim of law, of 
nligioii, •dJ of depeodenoe, nixlrr |>re- 
MntloB for pruttokl ntanwKnc tk» nwre 
ffiflditlt. It aat froMKir Bin)<ion'* tlin 
to inculcnlr broad (anduumtal Juclnnn 
of tnural ideaoe and of llie la<r> uf dh- 
dona, ud to impress great bUlorical aud 
«bloa1 inindpln. Vaonog (Wt (be anpli- 
oMieo of ttwM «n»U b« eadlj rtgnfiMl 
bj tlte knowLcdp of partleHbr or loral 
laalilatluatt. He ou ImibmI and acou- 
fMc to tlif iklaiU of actuai practicB iu Ihe 
**riotti icporlmtuli of law iu IiulU; bul 
lib ia«tll(nc« a> a Prufouor ooaii>u4 rtlU 
morr in tsoral aoJ pbiloM>i>hicaI truniiic, 
witbMt wbieh D*er« b^U knowtedgo ba« 
llttlo that b aUrutl*! or nobi*. He pM- 
■MMfl Uic art of aoquirln^ and eserelnoji 
an influence o^tr Iho lunris of IU* puplli i 
■boning a genial mterat In Uic ituJenu 
«( lii« uIm«, whith wun IImit von&icuM 
aod nlcdiMi. At Ilurcmilciiuniiulioii. 
«h*B Uw uadeata wtro aaunacil of the 
pnouioiu (tU* of their maud and tii> 
•ttiictor, Ibn tafkniif fh>n tlio ntproTc 
of a blootl-TmMlt tlirr »pan(aiKoaili Tc- 
lia<l«tibcd tbeir oociutoaicd fntit*), u 
b«ir>{ juonatulHit witli llicir aoiklj and 
graleliilrcuudfor bin. NalirlthataBfi«c 
kii ciifFcMi^iI itale irf lif*llh, tie carefiiU; 
iront (liruughibBKMinlaatioapapct»,uid 
uaiSDCil to each BtudeBt bia rank aod 
poliUon. No niHi er«r fdl more tralj in 
tha licM of daly. 

Mr. Evfwoft narri*)! Die onir diikl ol 
Lord Jeff*;, or bit pnaonal ebaraeter 
ud BuataJavcompliabiMnta ■ moat pku- 
\ag Iw/pttttitn it roatcjed (ram Jcffrey'i 
oomffWddoDOc. Maajr of tb« beat totun 
In tliat deligtlftl mrin «rc «ill>«r nrilUa 
to Mr. Eiii|4Mi, (.r iitT iIMpJ from bit 
bo«w at Haile^burr. >hithfr Jftr^y lavcil 
to rrtwr wben lU liii^itud uu tii piirlia- 
BiDOtuirilulii'K. .SoiuEufUiiactcllenbate 
a nlnglrd titcnr? aad bblorloal intcic^l, 
«• tbat in nbiflli Jcffr*} co«iiiMB(a uo a 
kttcr frum lit. Macuoby to Bib|*i>ii, 
ttalbiv l>ia raiaoM for wlahinf to (lt«ut« 
btnadf to a btnar]) Uialnd cif a pobtkal 
lih. Tbe letter to Mr. Iltnpuiii, ua re- 
etiving tbroufti him • proof of tbe firal 
*W(t>of Mac«ab]F'* tlUlorr, wflt aUaf* 
b« raad wtab iBitrot. 

OviTCAKV. — ,/oAfl l/omifton Ji«tptold», Eaq 

JoHX IIamiltuw Rktkoi.d«, Enq. 
JVoo. \b. Ai Nod« bill. Nc»|K»t, l.W. 

ard U, JebD Haiiiilioo lUyaulds, oq. 
•rh nf tb<> t'onntjr C'^ovit foi the Itk of 

SomopMuiit imblUtiedb/ Mr. ttoraold* 
^wa li« wai a nrr* ronlh wen for bim 

wordf of bbtdnwaand euoouragcncM from 
iDMi of nlabli^ted repatalion. Bjron, in 
a letter to llodjitoo, tpok« of him aa •*• 
fiiUBptcr, and a clei^pr "flf ! "' and be 
rveords in hii joonul of F#b. Wi, 18H, 
ibtl he "aiULvrtcd. or ntb«r ■chnow- 
ttditci!, the receipt xi raun( R«]ia«U»'< 
poemt 'Saii^.' The bd ia cUrtr. b«* 
inaeb of hi* ihonibt* are Uimwsd, — 
wbeneic, ibc rtnewcr4 ina;r And out. I 
bats diacaaiafipc ■ ja«>l[ one : and 1 
think— iba«tb wild aad non oiW-ntal than 
hi woMld be had be acen tbe aceuca irbora 
be b«* placed bit laic — tbai Iie baa much 
talent, and eer1«inl]r Sre cneuib." Mr. 

lidsh IIdoI, wko at that timli lat wilb 

Buihorii; i> tbe critical chair of the Ei- 
aMiner, devoted ■ P'F'r to the yoiMKat 
|MWti— "Sbetler. Keau. nad lto}BoM>;" 
and it b on iiiuU honour >aw, ilunsb It 
was Mineadiat miachieioiu at tbe tine, to 
baie beoa ihiu aanxbtod \fj oat *a abb 
to form aditcrimiattiagiadgnnt. 

•' Sifi/ " wu loon folloacd bj- "Tha 
Naiad." aad uibet ponna. all poblbbad 
bofore tbe writer mm twcsktjr.onc-^ir per- 
haM twttitjr— fram of «ce. 

In i s 1^, when Wordtwortbi oKOttruMl 
bj tbe growiuR Tccognilion of Ibf pnbUot 
akd tbe riilbunaiiif aduiralioo of bb 
tben amalt uiiob of admirm, aiHiouiiw>l 
bb " Ifeter Bell." tbe rerT nama (eenad 
to forrsbadow tbai tbe worli waa to be 
tb« toBchitDiie of Ua Iheorj, aud a teat of 
tbo tinccntj and ifevstion of bi* wonbip- 
pel*. lUjoolib, Ihoagb ao admirar of 
Woeibwotth, hid even a niroi'get ralbh 
fat a joLe : aod u be ccver then, aad 
rarely afbrwatd*. stopped tu weigh coo* 
ivqucDee*, be anticipatMl tbe geawiacDOb- 
liealkin br a Cetrr Itell of bie own, wnkk 
paiikd Dod pcrplc><'d nMnf, end waa ood- 
d«Binrd or butbed nt, acconllil( (A Ike 
liuMour of tbe reader. Right or wrong, 
it i* fill to auuDic that the akit bad merttt 
lur Colcriilge proiiauneed poiitlrcif that 
it was writlrti li^ Cliaria* Lanb, — and ou 
Ike gruund iliat no olber penen conM 
bavr wriltm il. Mr. Rcjraolda had *i- 
rtady bcoodie a freqiieal contributor to 
Ibi! London Maguine t end ho abo vrote 
til the Bdiabiiigb Itevie*. tb« Keiroapee- 
tivo) aad MtbtequmiUj in the WMUoioMer. 
[o vtaj ■amber uf the Loedoai tk« traon 
of bb tigbl and pkaeant pen wer« *iMbb t 
•ad at crery •ofbJ int<tia|{ of Ibe oon- 
irtbaler*— wblob Inclttded Cbarba Lanbi 
and AlUu Cunniagham, and Catej Ibe 
tranalalor of Uaoie. and 0<«rge Uarlejr. 
nod Uotliu.aivilTbuoia* Hood, all goue! — 
bb familiar toice iraa Itcard, foUowtd by a 
la«uth as b]p an ai-bo, 

naod Manied Mr. Rejuol-la'* «ldMt 
■laitr I Mid tbe Odea aad Addrcaica, one 




1663.] Obitvary^^W. Ballantine, Esq— Rtv. Father Palmer. 101 

of Um «wlk*t works wUcU DtaJe Hood 
know* to tbc general publiQi ws* |iti1)- 
liibeiliiicanJBnction with lUjnold*, wliu 
wn ilia for ynaiv r cMtribntor to Hond'i 
CaDsic Annoil. Life and ils dulin.tuw- 
Bm, iMiir dre« tiiin atiile frain Litenilurr. 
Md he rtaolteil ta il«vot« UmMlf to liii 
profcMtonMaaoLiuiWr. Bntlwwi* ncTcr 
efaarl^ 4f»k of hit old lot?, nor conlisK; 
an wKh tlie am-, h* ititl contributed 
oocatiaiiall; tn ogr |>tijo<llo*l Iltei«tur«. 
«Dd Mnne of Itio otllcr volauwa uf Ibif 
AthcfiHum irerc niliTvned by bis ptii. 
Hui liiiidcd duty. honat«ri it rarelji auu- 
cccifuh tbcU<r»p<HladbiBUt«tBtatt.»iid 
hii l«*r of litrntUFR anil tAiriittv iotBrfeml 
wttli the ilnijiging itutie* of (It* Uiaryer. 
Hie coiitoit eniled at\ly wLtli liU htv. — 


lite. N. Ill ('ulogau PUl-t, Cb«l<va, 
lAiruTifml mnnthi' *tTer« illaau, to Us 
74th 7Mr, WillUm Riil)aiiliii>(i, taq. lur- 
riator>«c-Uw. uid m nuAfatnte for Mi«l- 

Ibit centl«ni«n wu vtlleil lo Lhc liar 
by the lion. Society of (lie Imicr Tcua|ilci 

hb.S, 1813. lie ir«r fur 27 jmn one 
of Ibo iB*|i4tntpj of ilio ThanicH finlir*'. 
CDttft, and h>il the rliipf oant.ritt nnil mii- 
Dipment oftliH nv«r polic«. aforcB irlildi 
be bA in ■ lUtc of ktoC cffinleacri nhco 
it «■■ phccil Bodertlie MetmpnUtui C'i»ii- 
uiMoucra ill Scotland YkivI on tbc uBMinji 
of (be ktc Polios Act. Hii urbanity, in- 
uUi|eiice, ulitl ijuick diicrrnmpiil, nnil Ilia 
UUfwiie ItS'l kiin'Mlfitgir, iiilli nhii^li ho 

cnmbiacil tbc mini jurftri «clf-pnii(ciitiao 
niul tcimal ItDonlcJt^e <if the norld. ob- 
(ainctl bini Ihi^ mpcct nnd Mtcciu qI all 
ellMCs of ib« )iea|)li^; nnd when lie i-rtirrd 
froB Ibe netirt diitHt of ■ \ia\iix mntp*- 
trala, four j^nta tga, l\x luui at ■•> ubU' b 
im^ulnb: nnd xo kind n man ma icfEfply 
ftlt by the publii:.. lti> niciiinry wiU Ur 
intkf held in ictpctftful iviuuialiniDue by 
Ute inbabitanl* of (be Tu»cr Uaiuktt and 
tbe people <!4iincct?<l otilh tbo rirrr and 
Um trade and iiavigxtipii of the |iurl uf 

Afttt lit> retirement frum tbc Tbaoici 
poiJca-oonrl, Mr. BatlDJiline took a very 
•OliTe part iu Iba ttuanciol aad judid^ 
•Stir* of Midtllfucx ai a county mugu. 
trat«. He ha» lett a large family to mourn 
hit Ion*. Uic elile>l uf n-lium ii Mr. Willioiti 
Ballaaiiur, m eniiuent barriaier uf Ibe 
Hone CiicuiC nnd tb« Central Criminal 

Rev. Fatbbi Palmsb. 
JV'<M>. 10. Al Ibe Abbey uf Mount Si. 
Bcnuid, CharnKOjil Furutl, aged 70. tbe 

Re). J. BenUTil Palaer. the superior at 
that rai^naaUo iostitutioa. 

Ili^ nsB born of ProtPtUnt parentt In 
Ouiuber, liS^.nnd left an urphan In earij 
lifp. In hia t«cnly-*iilli jisir he embraoMl 
the Kirinan Uailioln.- falili, uud thattly af- 
terwarda broLinc a rriiginu iu tlio nioimtf* 
tery of Lullworlli, in Duncttliirc, ibtu 
funadcd about tea year*. Il«re, and at La 
Melle-ray in UriUny, be paaMd niftre tbaa 
twenty. (wo )Vzr«, but eveulualljr returned 
to his nalire cuunlry. In 11)13 (three 
hundred yeara after Ibc tiippreMloa of 
nonutetius in UugUnd), AmbroM Lisle 
rbillipi, esq. of Grjve Uieu MiDori aud 
Laura Mary, his wife (a deetxiidant of ilia 
nobtf fuimlly of CUffurd), pnrchaavd 2A0 
somof irild. de4«rt land, ujion tbt Cbarn- 
wood Forvtt hills, abiiut unc mile narlh- 
eaal of Ibf atnall inurket town of Whll* 
wack j 3C aorta wers al ftnt brought Lato 
■ »ta(e of cultivation, niiil here m a cniac- 
rable ontla^, lJ«o manka (one of wham 
wsi lb« tubjecl of tills abort i.k(itch. 
formed tlicrtmeUr* Into a hrancb of [ha 
Cttlcrcian Oritcr of l-« Tr«p|K in FiancrJ 
In 18:iU, by a inuniflccat gift from tbc 
Etil of Slircwibury, tUc oionki, "bo had 
inrrcaard to tbi^ imnibcv of forty, wer« 
enabled lo build tbn [tr.-aetit benutiful ifit. 
cimeitof F.nrly Kngliuli .ici:liit(irtuiv.kiiuwn 
by thf nnnie oi " tlie Abbey of Uauiit SI. 
lirTurtrd," In wbieb, hoirctcr, Ibey irenc 
Liificly and liberally auialed by the n-caltby 
and pioua Raman Calbolic* of the L'nitcd 
KinfidoEii. In IK4I it ni eon.acerated da 
a tnunsaleTy, and conititutcd au abbey. 
Ahniit four ycnrt aK". Ibe Rev, Fnlhir 
ralmur wn* ordained by tbr aorenugti {iod- 
tiff aa ibe nuthorincd head of the inati- 

Elia li^ocooa aolf denial, hii itnceaaiog 
beiievaleiKM, bia unottentatious cliarity, 
till i^eiitlenei* of ajicri!!], and iiiaDiier, Ilia 
Cliriitiui fargiTBDcas uf iajuiiM. hii nicek 
and a|iD>lolic aapeul, aoJ, obimc all, bia 
humble rciigDatioD to the will of Cod, 
while imdir ■e>rie aHlirliua, will not aoou 
be fargotCtn. 

HebadformorethaiiByearaiiir»reil i*- 
rerfily from dropiy.wbldi.aliliriugUinanr- 
appartBtcoavalcBoeiior, during that period, 
b'o imioiavnt wa« Itie danger ot stveral 
allaok*, tbat bi> li«i» liin«« rpcnire'd tbe 
bdt ofUota of bii ruhgion within the year, 
ths lut of tlu»e being on the mumlog of 
hi* deoeaae. 

From llic lima of bi> ilealli tu tba faro* 
ttouu uf Saturday, the 13lh No(. the body, 
elothsd ill lull oaaoniuala, was ilepoiited 
in the L'huich b«longing lo the abbey, Iha 
monks, iiilbout lutaruiiasiou, revitinf in 
auleuia vadsDCts tbe a(j[ioiiiIi:il senii'M foi 

102 Oan\}AM^-~Mr.ii.J.S.Jira4fie(4^-Mr.T.PaMand. [Jan. 

the rapow of tha it^gtaud. At Uu etkixik 
on SalurdiT. ttip fiincral mrmODlM com- 
menoed. Aifter inMS hm) ticcn nnc bjr 
Ilia pAlker Pfior, ■ fuDcrnl Mraaoit vm 

Srmclud by lb« Ret. Mr. PuH<in|, Troin 
fnmbon, 2Jifd ehMitar, loih vone, " Ij« 
mt die (fas dtath or cb« tl|rhtcouii. and let 
my lut »d b< lik« ktt." Four of tbc 
bivdircD, In ihrlr \aa% Dovlnjt wbile 
roba, beinc piiciti, boro tbn boJj of dio 
4*oaac*l od ibdr tboolden ronud Ibn 
dotaUi*, «ith«ul k rolBn, ibo rcrt of tbe 
broth»rliood clutititiiig " in tkt ostiu 
larwi." u tlio proocMton norad dowlj 
towirdt a imidt vhtch bad bMn pf«p«red 
in tbt ctiapler-hDiuci Here, aanldft the 
tears, tie |>njcn, and piniu •JMulailon* 
of tbe nimundiiig lhioii)[, (be bod)' of 
tb« m«rc»d abhD4, witb «11 ihx impoain; 
ofKinanlab |>eeulUr to th« cbunih oC 
whldi ha «■■ BO contlttvnt and iJiidn- 
KvJalMd an onuuMait, wis )tr)>oalled In 
!t» tiK rwUiK-lilicf . 

Mr. H. J. 8. Bki^iiviblii. 

<M. ri. At the St. Alban'a beUI. 
ChutM-atren, St, Junara-t(|nar«, in Mi 
4Mi MM-, Mr. nmry Joavph Sioalt 

Thia natlcinui «u bom on tbe tMh of 
May, 1«D5, iu U«rb;-ilrt<t. U'<*lnilM(ar, 
where Ua ftUiw mu aooa) nMnhant. In 
Ua earl; jwan he «a* nach attaefand to 
poetical compoaitlaa, and whibt atfll nndn 
•>• he pablEsbMl In 1625 " Wattrloo, or 
the Brittah Mloatnl, a Poem." 

He «-M bred to ttie art of tsricrj. uitt 
on t1i« '.^fith Aprii, IKXC, bv left Euglu>d 
in the Mbooner Oatoorn, is the capacity 
of aumon la tbe aerrioe of Lord Codiniie 
(now Eari of Danilonald), oii liU kird- 
•hip'a upodition to Grrerr, duriaf which 
be «a» preaent in aeveral rnfigcnirnti by 
landnnJaea. Hiannme t« m««tloDtd wtiB 
appranl in Codmne'i " WanJcrhiK* in 

After bia recina ha pumed Idi career 
of pocdoai aathonhip. and pablbhtd Tbr 
AitienaU. or Modem Orach u, a Poem, 
1030) TtW of tbe Cycladet, Pocou. 
inO; and a tolnnic of Pomm i» 1832. 

On the l*t Sept. 1 e3S, be received from 
tiM Kln( of llie Bedgleaa a cotnmlMhM as 
Sooa* Lteatenaiit fai tlic Balsilloa Binnf er 
of OelgiwB, aiid waa appolirtod to tbe nit 
lUftolCDt of Lanccrt ; lud cilber bc^rc 
or elltt lliAt dittc he hiul n comnuMioa in 
tLe Roral Weal Middkaaa ilUMa. 

Oa tVn :ilit Dm. I8U, ha reeclved ^ 

KlntmoK to be ooe of tbe Stipeodlaty 
aflatratca In Tttbacn i fVoin whJcli bland 
he Wat reaaoTcd. at Ua own MUdcailoD, an 
ucotialofillaru, to Trinidad, onllielStb 
May, 1834. He wm ro-a|>peIntcd to tlio 

Sotttbrtn. or Cedro* diatrict, en tbe 1»th 
April. In39i but rviiirned toEncbod.wa 
bolicTf . in th« folliminc year, baHng been 
Fepcrttdcd in oonaeqaettcc of a eoWMOit 
with tMae other e«loitla! oMaer. 

In IS41 he »|ain want la th« Weal 
Indicii ID th« cajincity of Pri(»t« 8earo> 
tary to Cotooel Maodonald, IJeat.'nover* 
nor of Domittin ; and In 11142 he acted 
br iOiM time ai Colonial SocretAry In 
Barttadoa. The ebergu which had «e- 
eauoMad bia praviou retnra were haw- 
eter raaewad, and Iba OoMfntnent wttb- 
draw kit aiRplaymaat. 

From that parlod ibliiinbB|i[iy m*» haa 
been livlnf on rery precarloua Teaooroaa. 
Ho coatiaitcd for mmic yean to aoliclt a 
rereeMl of U* «cntenca at the ColooJd 
Ofioe i bat the natter waa not p^raniltnd 
to b« r»-opMied. Re aadaaiovrt'i to nrrt 
a (canly tnbeitleaca frota hb raoderalc 
IHcrary talent*, and antaHi taoee coman- 
nkiatJoaa he Bait to thta M^asino va 
■ay BBBtkn e carlova aitide «■ tbe lait 
of (he PalaeloKi ba Jaa. tflU, and a wMoair 
of Muor-Gan. TboHui Dsndaa, and lh« 
ERpoAioa to GnadaloBpe In I7M, in 
AiMtut. Kept, and Oct. (bnowinf. Lat. 
Icrly, «« (nr. he waa rv^nccd to all the 
nrta of the fToTcMiODal wioudioanl. and in 
a remarkable Wler to Mr. Gcoric Oodwjn. 
F.R.S. wiMeh waa taad before tb< l^eeo- 
iMc'a iaqMBat toi bb body, be vanBi*- 
rated a larf* awnbOT of beDatoloM t>e^ 
M>Ba,fanrfmi cbaaeaof lodciy.whohad 
ooBliibatod to hit awpporl. lie anknow- 
ledc** '^et ko waa omt nobly aaebted by 
Mr. Wuliiiigtoa IrTiiiK aod other em tneul 
litnwy cbaractrn in New Yoric ^thb waa 
in 1 849), and tliai Itv hid bean antertaiBad 
for Inur mnnilii lut jrcar In Bmaialt by 
Kinit I.(oii«liJ, attended by bb Hajeaty'a 

Ebpiciaii. llchiJbeeaftrart&Marclimd 
J Ibe Ltltrnr) Fund, — *'bal the erud 
C«kiitlal Offiee lui killed nte." 

Hia niad had lor roany moalha reinead 
tohew of inaanity, and he conunitted 
ankide hvdrmkinf abotUrof prunioadd 
in tbe oolW-nMna of the 8l. Albaa'i houJ. 

Ma. Tmouai Faiilahk. 

CM Aged 4S. Mr. Thoaiat Fab- 
land, cnxravcr, lilbupiiphcr, und portrait 

Tlie bent of Ua talent for drawing re- 
vealed itaelf at en early axe, and an in- 

tervating and •^•racterti lie rumple ot hU 
Jatenllc ardoar ii furaiahcd by tbe ToUow. 
inc aneedote related b^ tiinueif. 

oBTiax en accurate peroeptiafi of fenn, 
lie waa deeply impreaaM with the feeli^t 
that erery >pcdc« of tive aa well a< eicry 
kind of eoiiDQl had ta indiTidaality «f 

ObituarT'WojU Vandirrlffn. 


Ibnt vhlok ccniM be tnni from tba 
miBh Ihrangtiinil tke Urgrr IhntM *ad n1- 
tlnato btmncbet and twlp. To ttaiicu 
hlnietf at tlMMelurtctBn he auslil. when 
a boy, proctcd to KeatinElnii tlarrtniit lit 
vlalcr, >nid nketch ttin hrknchut|[i of cIhi 
Mki4 trcM : Lo wvotd all«rwar>]a ranco' 
Ua *iail* u Uie tenant linani, until 
utBre 4&d the Brdx hfi titikE clothed 
tke orifiaati and Ihe rrjirMniUtiona in 
tU ibe Imnriancworipof; hanonn. 

Mr. Pairlanil n* out oniieftrat poplls 
of tbe lUfal Acaili-in; uudtt Fuaall, anil 

Sised the biilMtt medal ft>r • iltawiRi; 
n tb< l]cn«lc9 in (bit ciilnoee-liatl. 
He alao atndiei] under Ui« <<i»cllt>ii ot Sir 
M. A, Shw. He »i Ural tiirii»a tila Hi- 
IntiOB to lina'angraTing, •nd becama a 
papil of tbr irelt.kniavii W&irvva. lie 
altanraida ^o*o1eiI himxif ta lLllLCi£rai)1iIc 
•Inviog; and in (hal ilrpartjucnt h< lioa 
bttn uutrumcntiil In iriiilti|>)jtn.g nume- 
roiu wofbj a( the bnt RnglUh irtisu. 
"The Rooniiei or. Ulio'll une Ihe 
King >" Hill " Left Leg Foreoiott." an«T 
Vanift, obtained $n*t renuie. " The 
fhtatter" ioltevtii. "Ttie Puuulicr'a 
Coafcil«nMi" iTIcr Uaatock. wu equally 
nMCM/bl. "The iUtcatcIier," nftrr A. 
CaopCT, araa a gnat hTourlte. Muny of 
Um varka of Hr Bdwia LaniUcer, Hum, 
aad othafi mm antruMed to him, and 
awed DoC a llutn of ihdr popuUrlt; to 
ikt naw farn Lhcjr OHumed uedu his 
hand*. Bat lli* iaroxl* of *lie Frenitli 
lilliagnpliir prrnt rompi^llrd him to aban- 
don an oorupalion in which ht toolc high 
diMBltt, but wlilL'b waa iiii langer ramime- 
ntivD. Ur tbra gave liimttlfup to twr- 
trahnra, and In Ihu cuura: uf iliii iiuraiill 
Iw haa bean iiulruiuental in iwrpalualliut 
tbe likvDMnaof nittijr of lb« mmt eiiiintml 
aadllliMtrlatKpcniongln theking'dom. Hii 
Bojmtd tht eonttant [tiitroaii;« and p«r- 
(olial regard ttS Her M^jeity. Hit fte- 
fltimt enngcineiiea at the palace bad hi- 
daMl of lata withdnwn Mm mrj muub 
TroB pabtic obaenration. Tha laat work 
ba prMsoMl wai & moit eSfctiva and 
pWaIng portrait ot Mr*. Chltholm, after 
Um Minting bf Ur. Haylar In tbs U«t 

So aiMh labotir and tslrut aa Mr. 
FUriaad emttd eeruialjr mfritud more 
worMlj Hiocwa tlwa. wo rugr^t lo U«rn, 
be arrr altaincd. Although b« labooriid 
Ineeaaantlf , he oerer woj able to nmn hia 
hnlly abate the pmtare of the imuiIdk 
boor. He waa luiiveisilly belo*aii for his 
■fniable diitiniiliuii and liU gentle tnui- 
nara i and ns waji equally rcapeclod for a 
riagnUrtjr acmiUic and modtat indiKitnd- 
den«e Qif eharartcT. lie had tnlfered during 
the Uil jrear ol litt life rron advancing 

pbthiaia, wktdi. alltMiagb ic nncttUtnaa 
ethanalcd lilt tlrengtU, iiettf OTcrcaaie 
hii rtanlatR Hjipllcittinn to hit prnTfiMlaQal 
r1i]li». — Arl J»uma!. 

JomN VAKiiaatTsi. 

Ijtpl. 23. At Kiiiicitun, on tha Hudeon 
[Urer, la hia 7GtU yc*i. John VanileHirn, 
an •■nin«bt Amerioan painter. 

Hf iraa bom at the aame piaea in lh« 
l\rtt jTMr of AntMioaTi todeiiMuleciM. ami 
reoeUed a liberal educational the nt^ndeui j 
iu bli iiuliro UtwB. In (hr full of 1792 
Im accompaLiied liii hroLlicr uii a jiat U 
New York, «htie lia made tbe acquaint- 
anr« of Mr. Tbpinaa Barrow, a large im. 
|iart«r of aagratiuga, In wboae atore he 
oblaiaed employineat, and remalued ibere 
far Mo fMra. Hera he flrtt aequirrd a 
Uate for the fine arts, and In letinre lianra 
be took leMont in draning. At the mirb 
time be becatne ac^uaiatad with Stvart 
lh« portrait- painter, and ohtaleed pennia- 
lion to eopjr wunc of hIa pottralta. On a 
a«eond vliic to New Yutfc, he fell In wilb 
Colunet Burr, who |iiiifTi:r(d hltn aid lo 
toabla liiui to proacL'Utc hia atuilici la 
EuropE, after be had bwn for a aborl tine 
willi Mr. Stuarl. He acuoritiugly patiad 
light or nine looDtli* in Mr- Stuart's 
(ludlo, and in ITSli embarked for Fraucv. 
I(t> retunieil buine lot 1IH)1. bftoglo); a»iM 
few oopiea from the lint neatcra, aiid 
aoniaiituillcawbiDbkebadvMcawd whllo 
at Paria. la 11^03 he p*intod two t'lent 
ofthn Full* of Niagara, which were after- 
wardc engrarcid, and In the opring of the 
following jrear he paid ■ «aoond vtut to 
BuropF. He did not retur* to Amcrina 
until leili. Daring thli Inleml br re- 
eided priuclpslly in London, Pari*, and 
Rome, and he ititu tjient i:on«iderah!c lime 
in traTelllnr. It wai at IMria, about lt)04. 
Chat he inade hli Anrt ptany at liiElnrical 
pniiitiiiK. a pirtiire reprcarntiiig the death 
of Miia M*Crea, acommiMioii fmni Joel 
Bailow. About 1807. dviriog hi* reii- 
dence at Roaie, Vanderlf n paint«d hia oe- 
Irbmtnd pictare of Mariui aiotil the Haln* 
of Carthage, which received ihr Nnpaleoa 
gold medal lb* fallowing jrnr, al Paria. 
He alto nrodiKwl daring thia p<tiod aome 
admirable coptoa, anottg which were Cor- 
re|a;ii)'a Antlo|«, bla celebrated picture of 
Atudne, in tlie poaaeaaiod of Mr. Uuraad, 
TiClan't Danae, and Ihe fcwaleligiire from 
Rjipliaal'e TraniflKi]ratii>n, lately >uld lo 
the collecHon of the late I'hilip Hnnr, eaq. 
On hia retnm to Ihe Uniird Ktatri, lie 
waa priiicipalljr occupied witli portrait* 

Sainting ; uid Ua^wn, Monro«, Calhoan, 
QckaOD, end other rtuiDeal iadividujila, 
were among hii aitwra. Being deiirout 
to intraduH panoramic oiliibitjoiia inio 




Ibe citT of New Yeck. be abtiint^ from 
tka oorpwalian priTiltvo lo met ■ hnM- 
In( fttr thai abject ia tbc nwtb-tut corner 
of lb« Park. H«v ha pn-Mnl<<l a tiK- 
ccMion of pMuramt*, ParU, Athens, Vnr- 
MtllM. &o. notllf pun led bj l>lmt«tr, anil 
KMne of hU dwu piclum. In 1H2!>, at 
the «]iinil>on of Li> lauc. he •»*» de- 
pritnl of tlia butlilinc tijr tlie Common 
CoBDoil I Bud he •ft«r(tMi]* vi*lt«d Iho 
Soodi Butl IfnTinn*, exiiibiting hU p«no- 
nunu and pii'tnrti. |a th« ip'llHI of 
IH33 1» rK-irtd a (.■uuim.iuion rromi Con- 
giHi lo iininl a fnll'lrngili jiotintl of 
Wosbington. fur thf ball of tbc Home at 
Re)>rc«entativa. On !<■ oibibitiOD in ttit 
cnpitol, Ibt Houfcof Btprw«nl«ti»T* un«. 
nimouatT roted tbc artMt an additional 
mampniw of I.SOO dolhra. Snob an 
initasceof kfiiibitiwtmerDfitr tsoKwtb; 
nf record. In 1&19 hi^ left for E^irli, 
whettee hn rehitnrd in IMI, hrintuig wiili 
Udi bii pictnrr of ibc I.Amline at Culiuii> 
bm, wblob he cilubiicd m Nf* Ywk, 

SrcTtona t« ifa bring pl*otd ia the etiptlol. 
iMW that tiMe be re«ded im N«w York 
and at Kbigaton, being miMrly an^t^d on 

Krtraila. A full-lrnjitb of Grticnl Taj- 
', from bii jirncil, «ji rihibitcd in the 
Nalioaal Acadrmy of Dutfa last year. 
tli> pUtnre of Mafiu) bu bMB fn^''*"'' 
b* th« Aamican Art Unian, «d hi* Arl- 
tdii« by \t* |>QMeuoT. Mr. Dunad.— 
(From an Amorinn ««rlc of ooateiniM- 
raty bio^phr, entitlivl " M*m »f Ike 

pi U uil out lutciiUnii III ^tiwnltniM unr «■». 
Inrntrr OMnurf rirt4r<7< of ilMfuel (.ler^iHin : 
liul Uic (invurr of oUici iiutim liiw nimiallsil 
w IV M(M||>SM Ihon frcm unr Im and mant 
Bunb«r». Intfia U^uiiwbrKibniujrlhbdB- 
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lawr. Ho «■> I»ni at [.tmMMk, Jalr, laoOi 
■M VM Uu' aHllw u( " I'^bIt Tlnnulrii. a I««u< 

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F. »0'he, «i- WflodUiuK «««•«•. WJ, llMy- 
Ann. rrtlrt of Ur. Wo«. AndKoa. _ 

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n«ttf OaitMM kutwlol. CM. lonnid on Of 
•.««rtf (umtM, «<i. ((.aunihuii. Saws, fe^ 
lOEtlT d/ Carpw CSirlMi lollai*, Oiftrf. 

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Tlimia* FI|HHi4 K.H- 

./■% 11. Al coenntlb. dmi 9]i4dct. !(** 

Sonlh WulM, •«« &>. John WOUmi liodiiw. Oiq. 

^■^W. Al HclUrama, I'OTt niht, AainuM. 
wMalAiumiftMLolnni«ftti,M4. r«in«Ht •!«». 
<< ibt btt Piomi* im, <^. of Brichian. 

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Anl», tdd«« «inl>1nx «ti of Ibe Itin. SaUilUT 
Uiibn.MJl. oTMaldMi, 

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Btlin«M.R.K. ll« «nund Iba iu«rln ■•■>■«•> 
bMnl «!«« ^ ihiinj iii an, il|f<lj»jliltii/llT.Jtam. 
(M**^ al livlth i ma tn CiaTinljtnMn ** dnrtns 
010 cnuiinf AniBtrao war, Wnl ui K> vlfinHaiw 
ciKiial kRIi tba rrniitaM M. Ua alfaEmnla 
Hmd in Ui« IphlnUt SG. Oncvn », ant »}- 
mils -III ^ vaa inadn LtealcoMDl lul, and tn Jm>. 
lUI WM avanlNl • Hnninn Bw Uw bin of an arm. 
Ilo wi» •afaHqnMllj' ill *artiiii» •IiIjm. win i«B- 
nond 19 Conmaoiln' lilC and tmkv hclil ibc- 
wM tt InapVTllniT CmniiHnOoroif Ilia COaM OiuM, 
Bom IMS as I»U. uiil afirln )u IIHl. He mar- 
riffd.-lul; n, 1(31. .1an«. Ihlnl Oan. c( OM iBtB 
Jamca Law, oq, tif Drnurtoa, ecvniT Baddbif- 
na. X.ll. an<1CrnalbMtr."*>n'»lni tUS, had 
ihiT* nniilnK (Inilitran. 

arjd. 1. At Mnuiimr, RteBn(r.(Mnnuia, 
wtfc <rf Crar«n artcbt, ww IM><iil C3. 

Stfl 4. At lU^lhnm Wrti, KoOwmj, tn bla 
HM wir.Coiani. Arrftilttld Ha an. 
ItTod tl«MaTlDC on totnl I;m Cui.ail> It. M ITDt, 
anil, after taryoduaaa limy aiiaiiUhiiniiBnin ia- 
rtnMitalfa^inaiBaa*LMiilvnaii|)ii <aoT. tn lalO 
ba Cttdunnndal tbv tnati •( dia ItUcan IA, tn 
«^tiutiw a* ananiT^ roHib In Cunip<a«h7 IMJ. 
He «•» plated m bair-paif In iai(. and acniiMl 
tbaTankarMlli^lCaanniMarln lUl MaMar- 
rltil In ml 3 UlMJanrCiirHii, and bad uat a 
•on and Ihns •lauehMPv 

Stfl. ID. .icdSnitaUy ^rcnrnnt at B««*an, 
Hr. M-Miinlo, luUdilVDun cf II J1.3. Itw Fai, 
(Mart un of HvbrH ll'M«nIb,i»|, cd Wtilllcni. 

AqM. IA- On liM |aa«u,-n ID t:niilnniL acnl M, 
Hanii Peclunor TlmiuMon. LImiI 1Mb Madraa 
K. laf. TOanjKT nn t( Ut. Cbarin T. «■ UaUtm, 

« (MbaardiAe 

UlauMutfronlbc Oaac nf Ovnl Ilapa,<4*4M, 
Capt. Uvard F. Omdvr. fiUi Rtvtineni. aaoMU 
•*a of A* laU <M, CnmrfM, K.ll. af KroUwrtan. 

On bunt UJtJi. mi, at BativMA. vl (AoMm. 
PradsMi. iHirlli loi of lb»R«'. Eran Untwan, 
Vmr of Llanmmnt. (ilani. 

Al il. LilrU. W I . MM^ *3. ■-'^1' IlMtT SUI- 
■Iimaii. llqirtl i:»ii. 

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■111 nf Ci>iii. rrancli Klllntl \vjU, Itrili BCfl. 
V I «iit1 AuiiUilt C^iiniiilwinT. 

iXi. U. Al S»HU^l,v<ni(!h. ^t^ l.^, Lwlr 
l.<iiilta-i inti- hnrfln, iif f*auilTrl'li<>-;cn' tijik 
nirk-«anlini ; HuMr tn ihti ^rl af khaniiuu. 

im. |y. In Ualbrult-iL Meckknhunb^^ 
tgrH M, Jiiir A'Cuun. wMcnr cf lIDbMt WnUt 

Otuia At ItniMt. Afrtoi, amad M, Uadalcsa* 

Ait<<u^, VI[-Hn(~v-b> BttlC-lale IMid •*«. cf 

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I 'ha wu nunlBl al Parlt In IIW to tb» 

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i>r llie Ufc sir CuIlinK floiib. Uarl. at Bhtnalt 
Part. H.. I. 

At.M " llalltoi, !{•»• :4»U*,w4 

«,l>iii vi. •Ironil •>! n| llta ■«• 

Hon. Iti '. < ' ' ' ' iiacAt. 




Oct. 31. A«e4 U, AJdw4»4cniadc. ilim. cf 
tbc liiB rMfVlcH UuiiMm CMHUiiutal, mi, vi 


At I^tcndcld, HantB. tuM n9, SUMo-Uinr, 
nB««r iteMn uniH, Lknt KJI. 

■Vu*. J. Ai KDecmb* IboNa utMr SudoMt, in 
bn NHtli yMT. Otmr DbvUi*. m^- hnnulv tor 
fTuAv f w* Via of Itii* OAi]it)vlHBJi>n#r« (if W^>o<1« 
and nnBU. ilci (iijuiini i [rii'iim >if whv. 

JKm. I. At Ellin gimm \'ic*rxniD. >jE>H^iiniWr' 
toad.acBl 7V,SUMiiii»li. mill (mi iliu aiiiviUyl, 
WM II, Strait. UMon nt tin iUv. CHxrlMrsrtKst, 
VtoB or am plod. HUd DlnV Qf tuu UU Anli- 
dfBCCX) BoGTCr^ 

Ai HniltaM, nmr Brlttol. iiiff«J (C. H^Jvr Wttkt*. 
&afn>li-imuUr,bM(i(Uiei*ai tlmtiliuidBri He 
iwifl ■KUb lh*t reflrMnl In Cor^ ■ lion lie uiu 
vaonlpl In Dm acUim or Ok laui Mirdt tftnl, 
Mid ncMrnt uut ccilil DMrtjU ftnm ibe Oraai 
SglBihir. Up iilw nrrtd In lli« iviitniulB. naiin!, 
MM flMrtai*. Mu anpiiirt Hrinmlnl lU Waltttoo. 
•MdNtIt<*<l tllB WariiLAlMl oitK •I'DiicUinia. 

Al Ihc frtiilrii™ iif ||« iiiil.l|,.l.l« MJ. C. Wild* 
.r WsiCln-niipir-Uiard, Aniia. wift 
Ilia, 04. Hi <hirth lull, IJautn- 
■•eii - -ivi jn. 

AW. 3^ A(i<^ i, Vnirr^k Cmnu, jnoBBSM mo 
ofltalUBli.J. AdaaiK.uq. llaliraluni.Oiuib. 

Jbt. T. At K*<Uli>unli.aiecd IS, Uarxanl.rellci, 
•t (tn R«T. ItKliard LUUikioh, VIiw □? UucqiiDn- 

JIW.n. AiUattiflddUall, UiuiiUi'Dnli.SIail, 
Ann, vUqv of Jamt* (lIliuLi. egq U.D. <K lUli 

At Httlie. nnr Snulliampliin, Ellia, wltB of 
MaJDr-OBi. T. A. IblT^ O. B 

la Jcnar.Mnl |i>. Iwlicll*. yuudKO' iIihI' oC 
Um I«i» tin-. AluaiKler SrirvuE, Rector af Bnr- 
Jbrt |IUi4 pnVim), aiuvt»)>ln:. 

Aim. 3. At CMDlnidac. u an iilTaiiFBl uc. 

t. Ttioau ChWidm, Citlipr of Mr. II. i:. CbU- 
., vile otUiedunclllan olttajii lunm^'li. 

A) CMrdta. i^Kd II, Thamai Voung.Du. -o- 
_ JUr, Haffc-Unc. anil one uf ilie ComtUDn Cviin, 
MltfllHairt^ l,flriiIon, linitberKi-lao riT Mr. 
thaama <MAu1iii, aotl utitlv u> Ur, U. 1£, CUb- 
lioln, tt OtaiVriait*. 

A) una KnJ, P>»tim,w*d MS, Kikabath, wlilo'i 
Of Uaol. JauM CrutchW. K-}<' 

Ai BiCHieT. JohD r.«ni«, mi, 

JKrclO. Althapanunitft.LIUlotlrlrly.llvrwL 
Mad Tf. S«|ilila>5i>ianns, vklav nf Uid Ha*. So- 
Dad Alffidwin, of Nwlli Currr, Stmt, 

jUUednvt. lbuiU.acwlTT,)lM]iaiDI-ClirUtina, 
irUav dT the Uor, Suniwl Boll]'. 
■EOlrn, to. nt UiDl^m}. 

tn & UMntt't-Al. Ilyil* P»rh. aMd M. Jailw>, 
eUcrtwa el Uw A«t. Xbcni* ll«M,A.H. at U- 

[n CoMIb, TIIW, irlA^ gJ John Sirat/nTil Col- 
Una, ml. Jim. lanl<lBrHit-lii". mly tiuvlrinc ilaa, 
bT JoAn 1.1*7*, ""i. <>( lJorUI.-ttiafl,, ty,. ■njiper. 

A'ar. II. AlMiii,<riibainttliiiliU.S.|-. Uriau, 
Otpl- Vm. Allan. Oa niiiiaii ilat nt tUat ahtji. 


Jkt K«H.«nM^ Hatk-hum, Chailm CUnatl Con. 
•Ut.^'l.lataCuauuaiiilid of llx l>c«uni)ili« Eiat 

AgA4 it, Tlibiau I'smal, am- at Houlh Shlalil*, 
■M 44 Uanden Canan, to. Durham . 

At tbt CnVB Balling ^Ullon. on Mi mt7 la 
Vtnlnw, ainil a, Eilirard-Wnilain.nUaK Km of 
III* Rev. tlilnnl U Hauillton, vf BnwM Hall, 
eo. DontKal. 

At LMherhCBd, Snrrty, aoM 91, D. 1'. HaTno. 
Oan. Iilc «r Lnneniiiir t'\i Aj>>i->Tn>il. 

At TunwDCtlt. agBl M. SlUtliT I'aiiucT, taq. U.P. 

A^>f. It. At W(lllD|:^or•)lnirll, iinil SD, ptna. 
Ut^-CbtHitr, nlKI *< Adam Cerrii, wq. «( Wil- 

^ ~ n,fTtot-)liiry,wWi(s(K(l»Brf 

I ' < . Ilall.tjaffolk. 

-. -. 'I'lioniu Uo^^fanl , Btq. 

Obht. Mao. Vol.. XXMX. 

At L«*. Kaiti, a<(«d U, Uiry-Anii, tA e( V 

U. XDDvLdaD.aaq.of Oraaawleri Houilal. 

At Oyrtmiwulli, Jobn tViUlun Laub, aq. af 
SraiUM, tblnl tan at tb> lata Itiich Laicli . awi. at 

A( ttrtghloiL, mM TT, KaniT-UDTai ia"<l iX 
OilKirn TylilBn.taii.of Tom-blll. KenCvhD rilt^ 
In l*3T. 

■Tut. tJ, Asoil In. Ulu Kllta belolar. ntocc d1 
J<]»^|ih II#iEitfr. «Hi. of ^Cfljilt'ip*..*!. rVtk.|k1, 

AI Kvckincliain. imu Itarie, m, Kracoutniaii , 
tbnuMtnf Vliwaniiilxirbm, CllcabaHi, ftau. oTtba 
lata Klcliiuil ORIBIb, «h, nl Xilllnnl. C4. Ku- 
duB. uiil finiT of Kli>Iian] flrunih, aaq , ChalnnBD 
sflhcR-"! ulPuUii- n'orWi, DubUfk 

ajiBi JO.i:liuti«tii. virr or Janua KnutH.saq. 
a! Un<li IIiitI))Bin. 

In Albarl-raa[I.IU«i!IiI'> TaiH. Ulu t^IllBboIti 
NMon, nt ClUchtalfr. TDiincpiI ttin,. it the 1al« 
UtllJ. MaIOI>..<»4. of llntilcT.tllildlDHB. 

AI KruHlii (•rMiii. VbUtiiM, and n. Juim Wll- 
liuu IViirv-r, tw|. fiinnrrlj: ihf PlmJilly. 

At hla liiMUinc** Uoum-, anawatij, arriii Tarll. 
■Ski M. Oaiid lianllBniaa, atq. of Hltknvnil, 

Alteil IB. CUuboth-Manlocl, wlb at Haary 
SmlOi, turiiaui, of Vff/Bt Sormooi-tl. ami ••mid 
(Uu.Df Jobn Stunin.iifConaaniiliC.^. 

At llluli Uaumt, near EdhibiiF||h, John Trollv. 
tan. of the Unili. and C>jih:-Uir, lOnaeriT of rlic 
Dtn^at CM\ (ianlM, 

Ami <K, LlUatftUi, orlh of lUe lUr. J. O. ZUI- 
imnl. HivlDT Af Caii>Iil>>ii. Hanta. 

AW- 1-1- At .^barbunia, agoBl S', Trxncoi, vita 
orWui, Kitlnli AlKrira. c»|, 

AI liiji liroliiiii -in-law "•. Dr|>(forii, Juhn liar, 
tk|, Ulu ul New Tuik and ],lii;v]i(ul, tun iif Ilia 
laU WiUlam Uif, pgct Capt. H.J.', and iteTemar 
afSlcara Laona. 

In Creimii-p)K«, Onrlon«w«-agM4a. Jsho 

namt DliBin, uf 
At StiDHl, Dscd M. IlFbcom. mft at KAvud 

r.'tn'iriii, t'vi, 

suddanlv, iwM 1?, >'icJcfick->V<miiliani,cM»t 
Kin of lUriiaril Parrult llulme. oq. at UalaDiiHia 
llowa, Derail. 

AlMTeoiia):*, ii!9lM, Harr.aeraiii] daa.oTiha 
laic ThDmu UdtLuiiI, aHj, Court Juigs, Lamlar- 
hii rat, 

AI SilMbiity. aoad ID, WillUni Vctyiy Ullr^^, 
•ai- lata i>l WinHln/la HuiiMS, Imml, 

Acad el. ClliaboUi, Witt ei SaCli Smith, an. of 

At Partmiautli. Kanli.Ann. wlh of Gocir^e 

Al Urluljiou. Kllia, wllb of John ruUanl WD. 
IiMl£l>><y.o*ri )iile III Bombajr. and iliin- of Uie lale 
litii. M. ItinrnylT. C.B. t«the Bmntij amiy. 

.<«r, IS. A|[kI lU.Canhna.sanih.DjurUi dan. 
oftliii, of Vauahall. 

Ased al. Xn Saiali Bnwl, aii uld and r«> 
Afwlad InlialillAbl of Chellanluiin, and raljul of 
(ir. Jfjbn BiuHd, •siu^vfor. 

AI Cbaltcoibani. anM I*. Maty TaraM nii. 
Uerlicit, ouljr dan. c( hraiicu, voojiKait bralba of 
Tlunnia lltx-Ualiail. aui. i>[ SwjiiDaruui PtiH. 

AI Dwoaiiil, and M, ClUalwCTi-tkrab, tUml 
dau. if tlia lale Rlclianl Uariw. aaq. of Wick 
Court, ClaiMHlenhLn. 

AI anal Ualcrrn, afipd «, Ulc.n, rtlln at the 
RaT-Kotirrt Lawe. llMter of jjtnahaiu. Neln. u>a 
MCOUd dan. of llir laR Iter. RcKtulil FrniUi- 

ITm l« At fuiilar. ngnt », Uannto filUUo, 
na, nuflonn. 

In EDatou-tQ. Mrab-Marta CremGlI- 

AlOitiulhinil.aiiOdll), Hr.A^h [teiut. Ttia 
dcTOusd waa Uir fubor of vl Muia and daDKblFTi^ 
and bad Gl fncndrfhtldrui.and 3*crMt puai- 
cliUdrMiDoail)' lh« irbolcol "hoiu aniHiaban 
of, ur baldiiit lo lli« Vnaajtu «oiM(m(Iob, and 
uVflral arc proBchorv. 

At HIU CdttaCD, Barnot. Nary, fib "I Jotiti T. 


AlLawncua. H*d n,U*iia,nlkt k Cmki 
muTtltt, an. c( CUTtA AMmv. cb. StalMiL 
BIw VI* <hB 4th <ra. or U*. Fwnn, «n. of 
U«*lM H y aim*, ly Hmm. iImi. U ChrW. 

Bmt, ai|. 1 n> luntad in liOl Id Onui tTlwak 
on. «to tlMwanh ntk tm dmm at OrMitlla, 
nd WW Irfl bto *Vor tD l»«, (uilhi Im^ Ihm 

Ai kh urmdo, ewnwr. ■«■' *i, ibiot 

Juki Jvkniinn 4l«M Utk Feull. 

AnJ M,Blnbta, MA at fficlurd wmi. bM' 

Jr«. IT. lntlMllHnpnHil-tM«,uMTI.«rn. 
BllllFi){a,ai4. ■vi«ca,lalaij(lkilMTalX'n'>>^ 

AI SMskMK, i«Bl «, BinlMh CutartM, itf 
fUietei,fiaaM Ara.irfUwliM Imm* CmmMb, 
•M.Buntar orcba 3Mk txtwocBL 

!■ Kumw^Mrr. rwilMw I>Mk. J4M. rrikt 
«( HkUol Oh*. Of, kM«r OHBI4-14. Osbo. 

Ai LtwaU«iaiL igai jo, avWoplNr Punm 
Cw. au. iu« M UtrrwM. 

Ai Wti PH lfc Ptrw. M*" M. RMwd Mm- 
Mtaf. •■«. M «BltMdm.Midtt«M, 

Bfay fc , -tb7u«l JHm«, M«. «< witfar- 
Hum Sh»»ea, Nq. o^t. 

JM CNil ilwm . a iMtwfcJlMT. ««eiM<l <w. fli 
Bdbtn LMMa,«i4. kMoTTKwtM 

Al OMon, acH n, UinM. Mowit son K Bu 
UM n«trr mrr. wq- 

At W.o*Mrf». IMU &T«M.W.«ct4I«,J«bli 

At QrHUtTMl, ucw aiHIubiii'M, MoJ W, 
KMrr duorlak, aq. • OT BoR. 
«w. n. AI OaotMnH CWM, aMT ABdom, 

•S»t «4.0w.Cbrt'A«i«.l>na«rlft«rDMMcf KJI. 
AI mnUin. acBd n. WMIm Owpl «m. 

OwBlcu OoB. iMtMOmumotBHtB. n* 
WM Om UH «M. at OhMlM IM Lsnl r«>wiliH>, 
b; U4/ CiMrkiM Ua*. tntj «w. oTWBIImi 
NnwlMM DgvlMMM. ^vmbmrMu 
lUI , ODd luM Ml lano UM *Da ui itxAiwtnan. 

AI lM*tr, Tlmnu rnnll. Ml. c4 [)q»te. 

At U>« laMMn ntfaw iM, fHttni-n. w«d M. 

At Bumud built, DMuM. I«V noBMk. 
i|BW> ««• 41M In ■■». (llMallcMMrcriUmin 

OBiroARY. [Sta. 

WtfBUIar,«q. jooucM nDor UnlMtUnri 
OMnc W^mufer- ^- Ctark •< dM Jwmwh ot 

AI CUMcn. Mai n. Own da WlnlM. m. k 
auAimi And 4«pnlr*nl. tor •» MaOM a( 

n ii^W iinii Mw ail aavnallUMaMikalr 

^fUia «••, O*0*il« Vllktet, R(c«nra( 81. HHMd, 
uminl, M bH IMnt wlb Ana*, dan. tf 4<*ia 
iVH>iMa>,*>«.«rw>tKiwd. 'ngtAw Mininu 
rM «/ kta Imlr Iw alwta Ui nam« M Da WlD- 
un 1* nnl rian-mMoal U ■■». lis awMA 
MM7, dm. •( tSmm Ctmb, «•«■ W Rw<i>i7^M. 
nl«c«aaii, wMow or Wn. VTiUluM, aai. af FwU> 
|wp«at, and Ittil bmw dim Hw and (««<I^|Mv- 

n*. Ml AI Maomw. Hn. BaiMr, nfac «l 

N> IllfWw M UmI ]nMr. Pvl tt. p. m.) 

AllhwdH, and <», Manr. imB oriir. -tiKMu 
M i wl fc g . aadfta. aftta lai. H« 

«f ioanfe Umn^ aiq- H.r. 
nM, vlib otu. r. BmHitaq. 
M.acM «B.Ck«ta(iniiyB 


H«t. laaelaall, 

AM «L IMM IMIB. a«. Of AMM VUlM, Htl- 

At rijmoiitii. aaiMdiMMl aio, JiMia aopir, 
CM. u «Wnlft« ai mfci nt and thIpwMr. 

AI Wnslun, Embb, ainl 4an. aC Uw laM Ju 
Tmuw. ■^TH.P. fl( WhiniM Han, OlMaK. C_0. 

AlM^^alnd n. J.DM hmor. •■. w ar 

A» Fnabb^jran.lSci««ik, otftiifttw »•». 
W«MD l»liw.anM «f SdM>air, and naM«r af 

Ula Jum nlfph Mq. 
ChMiBi tbMfc. laM ot CWMNKat. and iDfhcata. 

AtOwdra nwn, tc«lM. ».Jnhs JMtar.fcr 
■wv r«n «Urt in ikaBanrl wl WHi OOIm. 
AI CMiMlun, Oalui, »«v* >d Omtj Badia«t.CA. 

OiM. BdlMr.aUlar 

At SantngtM^ llanM, 

tnlMldaat Wight, ai 

AtbitBall, BraaOglntiMir KuMT. rmeal, 
vlh<<C«fft filth wi«r 

AI DriiiMM, itay. (ilH at F«urQa«<a,Biq. 
»l tka Knkan, Waadltnl. Kmx. Mm. CtaNa 
ma aiUMMMii an Ifce BrtrtitiM Rtllvu.ttor.l, 
wh« a mUUia Mok plaaa at Il*dun.l9 wbtOi 
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tlw Vila «l Uvlo OtrtaU, «1- at IHMM 

AlVbnwllBo4n. St. JdIo'i Wood-tMd, MCd 
oT. Mn Ann KUtaMA (taMdni^ hua M SMBi- 

At l^atv, M«d Tl, Danad), rtUcl U nonaa 

AI LkUDI HooM, din*, AlHikani Bwdj.aaq. 
am*' at tba ibTor •( Oaia*. ant aUawaa M 

iiMllHV)>air,lM<W>w*ln4 hi* irllaaalr *!•>«« 

At Bnti, UMbMbJanlBU, wMmt oT OaL O. 
Uolma*. CB. M Vrwaon Ownlth aldMl daa. «f 
tba tala 9lr CntUn Bndpi, Bart Sbt M 
MnMtn I«I7. 

Afaa M, JtaMi,fcunh «i otiua Het.Kklard 

laiaaB, HetMr aCTaAvtak. 

At St. MarpfMX RaekcMcr, aael H, Jotm 
In ataekma««a«d,amt 16 oMWita, midi t Hid 

M ifca ur».tt^ IL hoRBNW'GcVTltl.MlraHt, 


At tdinkanti. Un. ChaiMia HaDla. nuci «r 

C*rt- A. It. C«T, RK„ CJL 

AI CtamlomU, u(d TI. ntomn Ktr, fl 

At IlritMM.«fM n. MoMmt Haail da Putt. 

At UnaaMtt HnMo, SMItaanirfaa. acat *t, 
Hn. Fr&MM lUU* ranau. 

AIT«ata, Ucn-AnBt. dtat tan. oTIM 

At ChcllMhMB. KW) I. Latlia-labcai i ind on 
IM llM,MdVtii|ani. dM*. «lLMit.Oi)lMtl 

Balto*(< BMgal Bimr- 

Al emaem Imrar. mmt RalcMa, Muiaial, irtM 
irf »« Ite* . Jaan CMI VTMHr. Baow of OUIiMi, 
tad tHM dn . cf oaona, Lfall. (iq. 

At. 11. !■ SanKJ. CMm», 14** M.J4a«- 
Aaa. vUdt or Om(. Jam« AndNMD. RJ( . 

AI RW, acal a>, AnaUa, IMttt dM. m IhB km 
Gnl- l'hlRliBu>ww,tand nqn. 

Asm M. At mrMA, 41 «M Gaaa «( Jir. rhillpi . 
(tendrt, bfiala OwrR Bead*}, m^ te h^ 
nan — ™™**— ta uw PmniBMhiad Kjim 
S«sHa RwLm {taamor.and nwWarnnS oaM- 
Iriai « OS Caila SnM. imoAi tba put . 

At Blnu*^ *|a< f gTEIbiiaM, vUov Df ttn 
Bar. A. ItorCB, BscM' at Bccch.AliUn, Kwttfei 
«UM Awi. ar Iha lalaJaMBlll4«&,aH.«rO«l- 
t Tiialiii ■ 

At BaMn ONMUla, afad II. hnHt-Unar 
D>AH,«M or Ud UM Arttiar CUOxd. aaq. •»< 
annbi or aa- cudbrt CMMaUi, iHrt 

At Mama.aroft«nta,Mallt, XiUtvrtMi. 

At OKDiamn. afid nTstlHtMMiwy. niM 




la t^tm Aram». ^M m, BkhiM GrMn, 

rSaSwi FlnOfllc*. 

At Ki nMMup of D. KnlctiLaq- Si. Utliei'>. 
'~IW7. taal so, PoMr XftlcU, 04. fumerhr ata. 

. O. Salcht. Mi). MiTSCOU. Hm^ EaUh. 

■ TTwiMi Ifaxt. wn . of RwUtocua. Ktta. 
. _At Oo*e*n, 1014 1«, livnl. Knutb Rmlo*. It Jf , 
B»<n*lb*«mtth«no(CBPL P. V, BooV, UJt. 
gfUddMa lUD.Wiik. Hs mtmd um BcTtl 

KtTClCMI^«lnJiilT lUS.ud la Hurt*n*M- 
bufcat M « mluaEetr mi b«anl i]i« lUann I(. 
■1 « mUiiilpiiun of Itia PgrlwlM T*, W^mIit n, 
tad Bkatulm ;], li* hMk hi wtlT* iurl Id IIk 
I — "frp*. ifi^ '" ''^ c>l''<i>li>' nbuliMil 
»«|KblMilfteat». ll«>UDudeUi»jl. istc, 
' MaftmnnUoppclalalDD Uia Doioinutan. 
a, m4 ATcectf Wwm-ililp*. in Ua Im( of 
I fea via irrad(«a ca tLe Ssnlla riKU. Doc. 
llhlMI,wiil««*ttt««tilvDaie<v«Tad. In Itui 

■I ftftttuotli,- 

fai IWUb. LtalM, ntld o< tbs Iter. JoMfli 
Vary. aiAaiUM, to. tltrm. 

Stt. M. At XMAiU. •(«< 3G. U«U>. *ld<Mi ef 
i*BM Ikxr, wi. lolldln', WarmtmUr. 

JU WlMluum Hm.ocnl «l..rnM<ph^. 

AndUflbnua VmJtn.w. if DvUMrk-it- 
BL OHCga'a EaM, oad Layuin.Ewiz. 

At Arukdal, <w»d ?9, Ur. lloUrt Kutfy, tlK 
*e)l4iunni ■ulo'. 

U Wwdlui£i. Bbtjndiir. Ttvaairt i.naa,tt^. 

In IcMUk-miul, 84. Jiil>a'>-«uid, UarT-Antia. 

" b( (ba Ktr. WIlIluH Kotuc. uf Koilmiw*. 
.. alk,oalr«on.rfMe( d( Hit. E4->ru>i rih^T*- 

Mn. B. UButnan, of hatnr CalUiutis-ai. 

XI Eari'DanM, BarU. a«M 31, HMbOda, 
■wMMdiw-tfAdatplnuliiMcraai aaa. 

At^lBtnwA, JttffcliatM. MUM of ITfUM) 
■, Mq. HMtm IMlul SvtUv 

In Ptrthnd^*-. St. JoOiqi Wusd. and iSi, KU- 

I WalBt*r, «n. liiMPurauularsflEemii,aiiiI 
./ naH |mn«f Um M Waat Iwlia BagliDeat. 
jr#r.iL AIBri(l>toD,a(nl n,JolidBe«tMte. 
. (i U)9«r 5ouai«tek-M- Qroo Paik. 
) bH uncled. Cliarlei llulimt.eui. lUmnr.*!- 
bill, wc4 le, daracc, •l4Mt (oa (/ 0. Q. 
r, B^. or OMJaivwii, Ma ci Man. 
Ai fanr Vale, Byfltatiawi, ^ead Bt, AnrMtiu 
P. B. Crom. Oiq. F.tLB. KtoDli^ iOnarof 10 
"I Lli«4'i RttflKer." Da mwtMOra o(Vm- 
»Bli,* aidant otUw acbtol of XatilARU- 
nn, and Amnair oh •( U>* AManwn of Ptnii- 
■ aothjard. lUnnta lb» ariktv 00 naval 
nMorvIa n* BauclopMia Bitlannka, 
hAlJ««la«lsB,^tf eitbrriViire «( J.r. FU- 

Aisiai, «Md iO, SoMnw, <M<1>« of Uajor 
; iaanintfa.a.£J.aS. 
, At Srkliliin. MM G». 0«<MT> Uo*clJ. aaq. 
, AtOtJMlan, Mill EJUh A»x» Morris aU«4 
.<ftktlMelUtar<llanU.« fioriK 
4 Otart. OlOBe. 
*l Haatm Toot IIwM7. acol 1*. Uiucli, Ml|r 
M «(0ia Iter. Iloch PUcf. 
At WwifnHto«». 00. tU]n>, iii litr Wlh jraor, 
Moat Hon. Linrt« KUoii naacaa AniMU 
I <f UIhi. Hi* im> (ha renofar dan. 

L«nlV)«Mst StMisftini, br Klion, rMuum^ 

|Ma* e< air TWuiu Burlui, DcrL oiwl Tii 
t at CMaUailanpIa, dmlwt litr fadiari oui- 
rlken. Sh« «* mBMaJ In IMI Hi <i«onir. 
I IhIM ManiMia of Stl(«, i>rvlHinirittrluuttfi 
I «alr daubter. 

AlA* raaidwiMAf n<ntMr< Ua*'*i 
_cnl n>. .Mtn. tnict id Obnta Webb. M|. lau ol 
|r»ik-i>ll Ml niiM. VlaMun. 

Si-. II. Uaoiulj. irlfc ill U>e ilsr. IL Weat 

Wo*, MA. inoiwibwitcf K. mull. HnB. 

AI»Miiwinld,act<l II».»T.-tuiii>B«iilu. Ha 

ban Saf*. I. IIM, u ll.SO p.ta.m wrtod 

' llTlbtdMMflaWMrliiVlitab tokiMtwl 

trim, 4* ha mod UUU^ n(I(ktiCd/hC)tT*i>da}a 

oiiwuii tu hb JviiruffT<ti*IIitu lioitr ulttr Ida UiUi 
At DiviHliiii)'. Dual WiilOTit, HrtU, agod Tu. 
WiJlUm iilukff, c^, i>f IVnUud-flu*. 

u !)iiik« Hfvinciqa QnOD, acoli 11, Ur . nioDui 


At Olinun. aspt *», ClUatab-Etaml. rtiici or 
'moniu Tli««iiUbi> Codt, aaq itf NbMdc. Kan. 

Al EmIslou, inlU, CHftM IMtebt, oq. 

And n, Mulo. niln aC L. B. l>«yte. fmnatli' 
Lfant 0(«ba «lir<>f I>>AVn UIIU, Ml Mir aur- 
Tiilnt diB. oi tliB Uto Mr. Sul^iuni IMtOI. of 

In Ihile I'M k-M. Mn. E. ». Oli. alHov, Imrtb 
dan. If tlirlBM John L>«ok^,«K|.ol Walihanutov. 

A< nnMutb. Mtd 1>. Xr. Ikda amOr, tola 
HaJoT In K H. dliC Hwl. 

Al llie mUsBCB of Mr tniUicr, Ur. John t^m- 
brn. » tElKnnl. ntar SalUtniry, and M. DoroUir- 
IT Uafpld. Sud daa. of KM laK i)uM tjuatert. B>i. 

At BrliM, Janoa rMreaitaq. anqtoOD, Airswrly 
of Uriflfanl. WHO. 

At fUnlDKbam, OMd eA, /«tin PamCnF, On. 
lalo or IkijIiA^ 

At rullnifne, fiOHoa, al an adviMWl a(«, 

llBinMta.tYtaMa.nll[t ofCni. RtmdDn.aiadan. 
or 1 1] t late Rti-hMd IMmuii, Mq. of ArdM, Lnitk. 
At WoUDcliBU.IIirki,Ktd«l, OmwlM-Ulrd. 
■Uow of Ifr. JoniM Whaob-, 

AVr. ». In Wnae-itmt. af*l B7, WlUUtO 
Andanan. aaq. tf Ui« War OnlM. 

At tIaei4fa>oitb, Banb-BliMl«Cli-JUn, oUaM 
daa. of Mra. Bovnw, ad gnud-doB. id ito Ma 
Nev. a Rotarta. View gfMaUaa aad Biulbatpe, 

UlaiClan Stoira, dan. «( J. C. Snnru,«i4. ol 

AI SosthMi, a«l n, Ibfy-Aaqi, irik of Cast, 
llanrr Un><, B J. SEn woalkaoniy atdUofUU 
Ule Wm. Wabti, Mn. of tba Vitn, Ba*«. wu 
inanlBl In Ii3>, aad laid k ouiuniM laiaBT. 

Al BanMtula, acBl K. Capt. OXvIs Conw. Iota 
<4 iLo Itaaeal Bat. 

Al OonTOlD Sgga*. OatabrUp, ocad n.wi. 

Uboi Cnwa, aaq. 

AtlMitWi, wW W, WUUaim.rniiM.aai.aim- 
gljmilo and ■l&nniB If Fertomonlh. 

At ClUtaB, UaisKW-Fnncc*. dan. of Ilia Bor. 
W. Knutrt. BKUref St. Kiehad'i.BtiMoi. 

Al WlmlMinia, Itonct, uol dD. Sanih, itUcl «* 
lUobanl Uatior- on- 

Acad M, Ann*, wlta of John borkaa, au. of 
Wood Mill. Vuncnli, Sunt. 

Al nr*iDt«it4nH<M, UMCt* Itao, aaa. St- 
rartoloBdaBl of UaU UnutauM, OCB. PoM OSeiL 

Ann. WHO of Bdvanl Tilbofy, ai^ of DiWnDa, 
aod ll%b-*ttM, Uanlctnno. 

VaM, no. 

Arod 11. Mr. Wn. «t(to4, 01 O kma ba t o iu tt, 
iMuCndnaa,acaiitlaMUio()i«|a nniMTjr. H* 
vus biuutdroniiad tn lb* canal at KMlar,BaM' 
iiuiii i^looa ilniunitMaaa- 

ftr.flO. At lE*inlnem*,*so4 09, ElUabMb, 

■blow o(D. C. AbMn , cm, 

la Londan, utf Sf , D. D.Om, Mf. tat) Of Baf- 
fUu. Hew Vorli. 
Al Bmniw. MiiUi-aCMI n, Anooa Ooflty, taq. 

Al CriKlilon. lacod K, Mia Hary V\<M. iUak 
dau. Of U>t late JobB FleU, aaq. of lUtoMn. Item. 

Al Dnidbnt, Ur. E. C. lUnteon, nriayiir, ol 
Kail Indte OUunkM*, ' — «r— -M 

Al UIHlMOhaai, a«ad n, LmUo. rtlM td TDo- 
■paa UuiHTi «■!. 

Ill i»<trioiF-rt, ClapbAin.nNd, at*! Ti, Hut, 
nlid at WTIIlaBi Itoin' Hadhn, ao. bla of Bac- 
ullllg. HlddlDKi. 

Al K«r»Mk, Ana. vtfo af SaniUnoii lldtdni, 
OH. «f [laaH0li,K«(tb«nb, 

At HI. JoUn-| t^iory. B«ntai)T, octd H, lndl)r. 
hUc «rMr. OB<nta Watior J'aoa^ nrff'i 

Afdin.JsA, *irtafa.llcae1er ' 
Ml dau c( tu lata Ur. Walkliuht . 
Her todraai uilcrrad la ibaSi. Ai< 1 




JUFN«B|trMc*. UDHttNT mun. «^. 

jSpdM,C«arp Blcti.wii.*f BnluMci. (aa «r 
Loirti ToMhc, Sbit*}!. 
Ai CiiBlMvlniB. ■KDl II. EUra, dM. or lliMOu 

Mr. n. Al ter 4uwkMt^ raMoKc, Ctor«. 

lBndMiLBaUi,««rt MTimb, PriUI tK W. BMIT. 
«M. IWfailgliig. It.E.I.C.S. 

Al Chqa«. *0H }». KUutMb. ■IUa« of Jolin 

Al RunMU't-Mws, <tl Cwlcw, lUrntt- 
lHMUt-AaA,*lto «( Wk. Di»k«l,«^. «bd ■kn. 
of Col- ChBia K. Otnlaa, K. Aft. 

to WMbviiRie^. EMin-44 Wol W. aw- 
iMM-fmmt, *M of JstiB l>i«nrl«, aai. hnxrlr 
nrM rntue Judfft af BrtlUli tlnUu*. 

At Kanwh Ti>*n. t4»S U^ RaulU. irib «( 
OUiMim KtnaMi 

At Uwdor. nloiu. apd IT. Un- tUiy Mauft. 

At Cnr«M.av*4 *1, Sammi Stlww, wi. ftr- 
DMTlr C fcMAIir. Suwa. 

JKh.M. In CUmm.|i1. Un. Su>h Dall. 

AjEBtiai at BrUmw, IbnKrUiln, W4Mcr 

At BngMMk tM St. Mkt. *<^ v* 0««IC* 

M«4 M, VaiUoKlIvBCT, (Uwl « of Baniy 
KtliM. Mq. >rAIIMlMr*Whwf,L~n«r TAudc*- 
it, uhl 1j» larrmn, llliililimTl 

At Dir hTMnw*. VmOi^Bt. Dbtm. Lon-HBrlB, 
««h af tt« w. E>«tar< UnvrMM.wd <tM. tf 
tt« btc J. O. f^an*. wq. 

Aiai-CulHinneWonwa, aMrOvlUMA lol 
ff, Goorga EWms, ou . 

In DwiDl-|il. Vinb , KtmUuttou, Swrn;. ical 
M, Ua rnkfT. «n>r itau . ar On IM .Mia PMfcar, 
i^. tDWT rwr* > mMoal «( CbiMHua. awTer> 

Al tsrMMi, iocrn, Mtaeci-Hula, wlhorHio 
Iter. tkA«rt Pmnoil, ItA. u>« dn- af Uw telo 
dwlM BoKte. cu. of EM Sbeea. 

Al Hm XICMiut* Hoaa. OlMnr. amr BrtOcMler, 

llMiMd<Der«WMn4ii-lB« IfcaHar. Dr. sup- 

ion •^•■••1 M-r?.raUf1«tS*inD*lftMaMiu,uq. 

■rir7.iilk at EdmrdTbonfTOi, 

r><i . -t*rr, Itlinflon. 

A: . ^.i-:...j tf*i l9,lIu]r-JliicDiiU,dalr<laii. 

«f UuB ite* Utfibov VKwi, KaMor of Ooiam- 

fiOM. OfitiM. 

ffM-. M. Al Bmo, lhr«fofMili«, Ljdlo. oUni 
flan. iiltlMl<MRKbanlEnBa.«i|. M.I).and«irii 
efUr.Bnjwnt Allwi, of d.a lOiiu, Cn-hr.and 
ef Bwrtm II ugl^cifcint. Bclm(c-4Y«d. 

Al Brnnipton, flarrUI. wMaw oF Fnodi £«•• 
I'lir)' l>a>lc*.tri. vTilii Wir Olio*. 

Atfk4 roBicEfcir b*T wKt.vatmttmr.mUm, 
Un. Swrah ttenCf, oolr datv is tuac Lorell, 

«M. «r rutanporr. MoruamiiinnAin. 

Al lUitkici,a«d I), Hi* Ra*. nonu Alhcd 
IWI. lale nUMH- of Am liHtspciiMm IAit«)t 

Ac*< CT. WlUim «lMi> tUII.«n-«'Balli. 

At MMInrih. acm T. FranrM-SU^MW. Mrf 
dN. «I Ih* U» Chpt J-Am tiiitlU. M Benf^ Car. 

At ■<• booM ot Id* Mlicr.lD4«« Sir Fltiror 
Mr, In PMndlllr. Vapl. Mm Atmi luhw. 
nonnM •» of J. O. I'alajr, «aq. ul OaklSMb. 

At TficniDOnlli. Jlnn«, Mlb «4 Jobn CIUfip«ll 
Tmr, caq. •olldlM. 

AlW«tniln.H*rW,v«dn. Ana.ttMiv tf Ui* 
laU ChMlM M'tlnaad, oq, sf VoloHan^ Emk. 

At Hniti KcwortU, in Ul liili rw. John Wr- 

JTof . all. Al UrtghUin. Ann. tti« *in of John 
Tboau AkmII, Mq. <f ajl, Ouion*. Slior*. 

MttT. 6mgbM <( »• luo Rlitbud BlrkoCt, oiq. 
vf CTiivv illaMiiu 

At TiJnKajr. and *1 . nanw BoUand , aM . 

bt HalAnmn-tl £i<iii».»»>M*.jAD»-IIo(Uda. 
■witgw at ABdi«« Brant, oq. FJt.C£.K. I>rpalr 
iMtiotuiral Amr Hoipitalt. 

Airtawutovn, jHitiwA vf UisKrr. '. Ctf- 

IUo. O.U. a •■■loa* fitmd In tbt WiMowr cbom 


Al Biinr ai- Edmadt. aaod n, Mn. Jon* 
CHn*. dnichiar of tt* RVT.^rtianaa OrNim, of 
aiMdlO.aHliln.iail Mtoi of iheWcWiMam 
Bock, oq. of tilt (braus town. 

Al Cbalkun. Ont. ac^ n, Swdi, nlk-t •( 8. 

At Kolhcr w'>ll<n'. iUnt^ llvtUl.wtiB ot lUa 
Vat. A. n'. l>sTiel ftlicmt*. Vkac, lala ot York. 

A. P. OOiMIi, m. at lioOw-Ot. U[t«MIMi.a«, 
lata CanMi Otntnl at 91. rawAwgh *t Am 
[.'MM WatwoT Anarta. 

Al aiAoB. i«td It, EUubMfc, rall'l of Banmol 

At BoWsa , ^ « , UlMlialk, «U<or af Owt>a 
D.^flati'MrirlMnodn. oT «• law 
JoaMtaB ntrtPflHm. ma. af fUndar. In Km- 
onetk, aad •( BoutfiM, OocwmB. 

At UiUn Conrttna)'. Dtrtt. aaod T*. Kdnmad 


Al BrichiM. Mod St. MMiki»<lii&nine Took. 

ailar lou ■a«(rtii« bona vllA CMMWt tatWMW. 
lotvt aal mptdad b* ill *M taK* Inr. 

Afod tl. Mr*. DtaMO SkMT, of OtOMrr***. 

L4Mr. LiAj mnHoi Bkmo, wife af Sir 
Bmuj Wbirtui IUttm), Sort. <f Buna OOBrt, 
VUHftrd^NrtdM. of mOntvrrnvt*n^. 
Bon. M OMlMdn Pott. HeUjrd AH*. Af. 

AMd H, H. EIWTO, Hw uiMIOM «ha oMllM*! 
tka HadtMM at nuU. oiM <« tbo Mnlor montan 
o( IIhi InMUio, and oaMalior of •>>• Andny al 
Itotai AriK 

Al Iflu-khHM P*rk. t»t U. FlMwaa, MM of 
Utol •Cal Jittah Halra* ATBjr. 

/M-. I. AlOHlaa.MarYork.lUfr.oalrdM. 
of iko Ulr J. wr. Onnla. HJ*. of OdcWK aad 
Blnra of ilia latt Ro> . V- menmlBn. M Jt. 

Al Driflitoa. Amalk-Soall, »1te of U*al.4*(. 
CBnBBbr. of rotwvtar. Middlowi. 

In M>lklu.<l. Wm, accd to. ChortrtU, wlk af 
Cliwlai T. T. ninlaU, nq, Vth MMt. 

Al Oifllonlun. MM W, ftotdib, «Uk of Ita 
lt«T. nirlMfd OrMHat, aid VMii^crt daa. of Ik* 
lata wmian WlInn.Mq. nl SMfeor Wortaa, Otf 

Al lladbiRi, tiai H, Klkn, vUs- of Jhh 

Aitha^n. K<Min|Ua Onml-pll*. acad », 
eiTira, wtieof J*tiit CilkatI Hardc;, oq. 

AI I.miihnntf. Ur vmum «i«(t.draafUt.aiid 
HonUn to |i» L]'i»U>'ir4 'liurtit of Iku lliM|- 
■liira FTMHllj Saclolj. 

AiBrliBMi,Heil«».WIllUin'niaaiM.e*«. loM 
tl tjatnhtm and Ooab-laBo. 

Al UBnt, Wid TB, Ctariai Andi«« nomaM, 

•■q. tlmntrt)r a nrlaa nunboM. Alter nUin ■ 
mona tn M> kmanaa, kr had fOr aana Ti» i 1^ 
llndtaawm hamhlo n«>i>l«uM, viu faUncid 
MniMr, ««li aboin na Md IITal tiasMIr llr aufr 
JkantMlfawalair- rmnU.pHaflu antoU- 
»rtt»«p1 itaH(top-%oM*,lK.)liomiia(nUr 
knnvn la tbo nalflli*iirh(«d. aad mpwlwl t^ 
bt* n«l||hliMin. tla dtnl thoB a dl qiin*i»Uaiilj, 
»lilM «t Ida lurto-i al Aiaon, •blUiBi be bad 
mMad Mn Kaltov, oo wt» lib owtMi, I* lia 

Al nirwiMMili. Hfiod C». J. P. Vollli. caq. >«. 
(cnHr of Un I>t«kr*nl 

ttM.% At nniliuin. xol II, niaria raioMt 
DamHI, »>). of Poik-tiwtnl. Ilfcrari-Hi'k 

Al llnMiiploa, OM- CtUUtai Jidin UllMOn OM- 
micbifl. dlh Rr<t (Dwtl. •DM af Uw Mo Mr 
Ttwlua* OOvon CJuihIgIimI, Bait. 

Ataillaa. »tt* Tl. Mn. Cbik. vldov If T. RrlXol 

Al CnawDCtiManar*. l-jilgvuv>i«d, anl II. 
iMAaUn. nun tf JaMbOMrtfa, a>q H K LC:^ 

Al Honb EimdorlaBd. ^«d ot, Mr. Itatoal 
Caity. tornxvlr «* BmHTai. KnilHBibarkBd. 
Daring Mt Inmn of «IkIt fTwr* tbnw. IUb }Wv 
«M aaiianl Itia Bnt vf nti aMol. na an atpkut* 
loxW, and te pis b> Iba bMartan iM On llMd 







In Oreit Prescott-st. Ooodnun's-fleldi, iged S9, 
Enher, relict of Jacob IHiH Fernindes. 

Al EiBWr. uinl 6fi. Msry.Ann, wife of Hsnr 
L«ke Qlbbs. M.D.. K.K.C.S. 

A«bJ.'i7, WUliamCiriraej, 0*1. b«nker.of Llch- 

At tlie Green. Amblniite, agat 79, John Hut)- 
SOD, em. 

At Crofdon, ftged 7A, Ulss Sarsb Innea. 

AI Rarslon-hUI, wed 73, Elizabeth. ri:llct of 
Joshua Lllley, ewi. of WalUnglon, Herts. 

AILuntieth, aged as.lioaallnd, widotr of Samuel 
Mander, esq. of the Templs. 

Al BamsbniT-park, Islington, ageil 77, Ann, 
widow of JamM Peirson, esg. 

At Well Mailing, a^ei 61, C«rge Perfect, esq. 
for mao; yeari a medical pncUtlDner In that 
town . 

Al Alnwick, aged 87, Orsce, widow of Robert 
PrlnglB,e*q. M.D. 

At Stoke Terry, Norfolk, aged iG, Jane, yottng- 
est BUrvlTlng dau. of the late Cbirlea Sanders, eeq. 

At DoltoQ, Catherine, wife of linnin. Tardrew, 
fi.N. She wail the third daughter of O. Arnold, 
ejq. and married tn 1826, 

In Upper Wimpa1e->t. Anne, dau, of the late 
Samuel Turner, esq. 

Der. 3. At Palgravo. SnflTolk. aged AS, Ann, 
widow of John Hewltl Aoiys.ejq. 

At Kdinburflh, Miss Anderson, dau. of the lata 
James Andenon, esq. Rlapond, Sulhertandstiire. 

At Bnry-mad, near Ooaporl, aged 68, Conun. 
Thomas Ball, K,N, He entered the navy in 1797. 
was made Lieutenant In 1B09, and Commander 
miS. He seired fhr 2U years an full pay. 

At Richmond, agal 83, Ann-Pulleine, wife of 
Ur. Thomas Bowiuan. clerk to the Commisjiaaen 
of Taxes, and to the inagintnitca of Gllllng West. 

At Kentlah town, aged 4G, EUia-Sophla, widow 
of Lleut.-Col, Sir Edward Aleiandet Campbell, 
C.B. Dfthe Bengal Ulllury Servlce.and eldest dau. 
of Thomas of Ramsgate. 

At Eieter.aged 73, Lncy.wife of Hugh Cam- 
ming, esq. 

AI Watford, Uert<. aged 93, Chris. Dalton, eaq. 

At Bath, aged 73, Mra. Kltiabeth fioddco. 

At Cheit«iham, aged 59, Sophia, wife of the Rev. 
Richard GrcaTCA. 

At Cannanhea. aged 77, Eliiabetli, widow of 
Jobn Jolmcs. esq, of Dolaucothy. Slie was the 
dau, and heir of John Boven, ev|, of Maes Llaa- 
wrthwl ; wRS marrieit in tT9T and left a widow In 
181A, having lind i.wue the pre.icnt Ur, Johncs of 
Liolaucothy. ami four dau»chter^. 

At Carlisle, William Johnson, esq. of the Brmof 
Johnson and White, merchants, of London, He 
wai a netite of Cralke, near Eaalngwold. 

Ur. Leadbltter. Ikyr Street Officer. He was re- 
t^imlng homo in a cab. and suddenlj' shot his 
head out of tlic window to the driver, who was 
taking a turning, when, t>elng a large stout man, 
the weight of bis t)ody overturned the vehicle, 
which Tell, crushing liim beneath It, He was a 
nntlve of Heitiam, and has been long known as a 
mu-it efflcient officer in the Bow-st. dlvi.>don. 

At Dawnham, lile o[ Lly, Rebecca, viH of HuDt- 
Ingion Uarlln. esq, dau. of llie tale John Uasoa, 
esq. of Peckham, Suttbt, 

At Rcdland,agsd 63. William Maurice, esq, sur- 
geon, formerly assistant surgeon of 7th Hussars, 

At Liifton-irrove South, sged SO. William Uvnrj 
Hayne, esq- of the East India House, 

At the Upper House. Shelsley Beauchanip. Wor- 
ceMersh.aged M. EUia. widow of C, I^, Moore, esq. 

At Klngbdon, Susanna, widow of the Rov. W. 

At Plymouth, Catherine-Elltabeth, eldest snr- 
Tlving dau. of the IstelUny Noyes.eiq, oTTTinu- 
lon. Hants, 

At Southauiplon. aged 30. James Alexander 
Soper Wood , eldest son of Comm, James Wood, 
Koyal Navy, 

lir^ t. At Horley Lodge, Sujicy, aged 63, 
Ueurge birch, esq. 

At Lostwithlel. nged 'J6, Emily, youngest dan. 
of John liowcn, esq. formerly of Boconnoc, 

At Stoke Ncwlnglon -green, agol 02, WlUlam 
Hardwick Browning. esq. 

At Budleigh Sallerion. aged 80, Edward Couche, 
eaq. Deputy Commlssar;--0enera1. 

At Stoke, aged 61, )Ir», Crown, relict of John 
Crown, esq. 

At St, Mary's Hill, Ridcway, seed 67, Georg« 
Eastlake, esq, fonnerty of PlymoDlh. 

At Hanham, near Uristol, aged 74, Miss Harriet 

Uary, tliest dau. of the lata Rev, James Pord, 
Rector of St. George the Martyr and St. Warj 
Magdalene. Canterbury, 

At the Wergs, StatT. aged 80, Mary, widow of 
Richard Fryer, esq, banker, and late U P, for Wol- 
verhampton. She was the only dau. of William 
Fleemlng, esq. and niece and sole heiress of John 
Fleemlng, esq, of theWergs. CO, Stafford, Shewn 
married in 1794, and left a widow in IS,., having 
had issue two sons and four danghten. 

At Chichester, aged 71, Mrs, Pullogar, wife of 
the Rer. John yullogar. 

At Weybrtdge. aged 7.1. Ann, wife of Thomai 
Herring, esq, late ol Belsiie, HaiDHleBd. 

At Bayswater, aged ftJ, John Watson Hodge, 
esq. of the Stock Exdionge, 

At Uolldrord. aged 83, William Inglo, esq. 

At Primlcy Hill, the re,Tldence of her son-in-law 
the Kev, F. Belfleld, aged 79. Christian, relict of 
Thomas Khig, esq. of Mlllbank, co, Kennvw, 

At Egloskerry. near Launceaton, Cornwall, the 
wifB of the Rev, W. A. Morgan, 

At U'oolton House, near Bedford, Miss Payne, 
dan, of the late Sir John Payne, of Temnifortt 
Hall, Bart, and granddan, of the late Sir Philip 
Honoi. of Sandy, Dart. 

At Eaat Telgnmouth. aged 84, Mrs. Ann Prid> 

At Alvediaton. aged E3, J, W, Q, Rogers, esq. 

At Sleynlng. Miss Sandlland. 

Aged 80, Uary-Ann StDlth, many yean 
Ubmrian to the Castle Library. Colchester. De- 
ceased was bom In Colchester Castle, and con- 
tinued to reside within its walls during the whole 
of her protracted life. 

In Purihind-pl. agnl 69, James liuddell Todd, 

At the residence of her son. Montpcllier-cresc. 
Rrtghlon. Harriet, relict of William Williams, esq. 

At Wroihall Abbey. Warwickshire, aged 73, 
Ann. relict of Clirliitophcr Roberts Wren, esq. She 
wag the dau. of Thomas BIgEs, esq, of Pcdmore, 
CO, Wore, was mairled in 181^, and left a widow 
In 1828, having had issue an only >1bu, and heir, 
tJio wife of Chandos Wren Iloskynf, esq, oflVrox- 
hall Abbey. 

Die. a. At Montrose, M,B,, the wife of John 
Aherdein, esq. 

At Guildford, aged 67, Miss Catherine Bonner. 

Clement, youngest son of Itobert Clarke, eaq. of 
South Town nou»e, Oreat Yarmouth, 

Jcmliua-Lncy-Bonghlon, wife of Charles LIvlu 
Orimsliawe, eaq, of Fcolake, Beds, dau, of J. W. 
Bonghton Leigh, esq, of Diovmaover Hall, Wor- 

Ageil 14, Anna, fourth dau, of the Rer, R. In- 
gram, Vicar of Giggleawick, Yorkshire, and graud- 
dau. of the late Samuel Alston, esq, St. MartlD'a, 

At Stoke, Elisabeth E, Eisg, eldest dao. of CtaB 
late Capt, W. King. U.S. 

At his sister's, at Strand -on-the-Oreen, aged 70, 
Richard Peacock, esq, of Pork-rtud, Dalaton. Uto 
one of the Arm of Peacock and Sons, pocket-book 
makers, of Salisbury-square, 

Aged 62, John Powls, toq, late of Hlcbmond- 
terr. Walworth. 

Agod 17, Jane, wife of Wm. Tarn Pritchard, 
coq, of Notttng 11111. and IXH^tors* Commons, 

At the residence of his father, aged M. Edmund' 
Wyotl, second surviving ion of Panl Smith, esq. of 
Bwk Uroie, Stone, StaffonlstUn. 



F>t>ir« II licit'* Tbei'iH. 

- I • , " ill.l.U. 
a» JU W '«D. 74 

47 43 VO. 76 

48 41 . ,j7 

t^ XI 

46 46 

47 W 



'clouil;, raiB 

, w r«r 

,»l do. 

U 4ti 4m au. Olt I cluudr 
W I U 63 I . se do. niti 

la I 53 47 
47 I 5r 48 
44 I A) , tU 
f4\ *0 < 61 

, 7? I'Ju. do. 

, $7 cWuJy, ram 

,VI fiir 

, M < do. eksdy 

Kfthnnbrit'* i'ltcrm. 

Om.I ' j • 
5S I M 
X M 
\h 40 

r iti 44) 

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I M 4« 

I Kl 4U 

I £4 445 44 

],ii 44 , 4ti 


{Iiir, idiaiwn 
jilo. do. 

'bir, (liaNvr* 
do, dir. 

Ml I , U dff. do. rain 

48 , l:i do. da. 

*S i3(X 17 do. do. 

4» lea 9n , da. 

M\ . 7S ' du. do. 

4-t SO, oa ,iin. d«. 

H W. ?)J rain 

, 7J cloud}, ntla 
.Tu i-do. 


1^ l^'ji 

37 3231 il^l 
39 lOQi 

a — ; i(H)( 

3S24t ■<■■>) 

e — 

7 322 


1 1 Ti3i 

I H 223 J 100 j 

14 2234 101 

I ft 22,1 j (01 

10224 , lai 

i;221 lOU 

I« lOlfi 

203-i3( I01| 

2IX34i lOli 

22 234 i IBlZ 

3332:i| lOl! 

24 HH^ 

873;ili lOJi 



I Hit 










IOI| «} iU|.ni. 

104 -^ 27; fiOIOpia 

]0.1; (i| I12t27!l »U8£iiiii 

1W| ej ■- «3 ifiu. 

iwj <n — 111*2;; Mjuiii. 

'03| 61 SOBipm. 

mi 83 pn 


10-1 SI 
1 01* ^ 
104 bi 
101 4 
- loi ,_ 


.104* a 

.104 ei 

-104 El 
■l«4i 64 
'10-ii r,4 
,1W| — 

.1041 m 

-io4t e) 

-1041 6i 

• 106 ej 

; 83kl>pm. 

Mi ' Mptn. 

— MIWpw 

— tlO pik. I 

M pn). !■ 

— Mpw. 

?i 9 I fHU. 

— ;; iiio, 


™ —^73 IS pm. 

— 79 piB. 

eOpn. ■ 

— ;C BO pm. 

HI piB. 

— 1*1 pm. 

lOU ;*«W|nn. 

71 p4n. 
70 »|iui. 
m 73 rn>. 
Ii9 73 pu. 
72 09 pm. 
C9 fS pm. 

31 fiSpm. 

I» 6&p«. 
03 09 )im. 

60 9G iim. 

Kl SZpnt. 

OX KipM, 
6A W pin. 

GO pm. 
Ir.1 piii- 

r>l pm. 


4i9 piD 

i. J. ARNUI.L. Stock uwl Sharr Rrciker. 

J, CD]itlu>U ChainbBn, Angd Court, 

'niio|ui«rt(>a Slroct, Loodon. 



HIXOK CORRESrOlTbCXCG.— WluiUoclcu't st.iin— Sir Tbuinw Locr^ fvk at PsUmke. 

uiii sii(k>tiiiti' ir-iiw-— llnfl'lii S•'u^;lI1lm fDiiiiil Hi Tlnrwldt — DMnmi hIa Btmny bf Wril m 

Mvmoruii of John Home, tlic «iit]|or of Doiiglol ••••••., ItS 

The Ronnaa Wall : by itiD Rev. J. C. BrUL-e (wtVA Ettgravingi) 133 

Sonn*l on ■ VUlt tu Wurdiwortli : \tj Ibe Rbv. C. V. Le Qrioe IS9 

OfordsDo Urano 130 

Noticn af ibe Amtrii^i ItiJinut, tiy Ur. Muuc. iii ISIO 13T 

llie BaroD«M d'OberkirL-h awl the Citiien Mttuicr 138 

The Vale of York: hy ThamM tiUI (u'itS Bnymvlnft) 146 

The Life ofThoinRi Moore: b; I^riL Jabii Kusscll I9S 

Letter at Mn. Mooing recpEciin; Ur. Young — Agrwmeui of Abeoaide wilh 

Dodile; — Lurgiu ClnnibtDMil, il Snog bjr Jama BiuwfU • • Ml 

A Jonrnfy from Ptriit to Ilnly in the Tear 1730; bv Alexander Cunatnghnio, 

M.D. aftrrnsnti Sir AlMuidi-r Dick af I'rcnmifiL-U. B«H liS 

CORRCS?0!tDEKCK OP SYLVAJJllH rRn\N — Tl.» 111-. B..rl Vrt-jm— i-' tli' IV,»Uu Iran- 
Torki — Rotitn Hood ami Stumoa} Kunoi— Tliiiili>li Tir'nuloKUf*' muo ni'l Aiiiuo. 
Jtnat* and Mat«. Ualu, MiLku, Hnkli. uud Hvct — Uu]iunii'nUI InB^Hg.lunu totallr 
rocvTcndai Oinliloilou, vni*— Tim rrUtn at Oruin;'* Xin^li In lilnn— Tlii'lVMientxpl 
MalpbTlumibiribe Antttnaiy— FnaUr licciiio-orihvitr'idiirlni.'Uni 

MOnSOrTnE MOSTJI.— TheCltyof Lon.l«nLlhfWT-CUTo(l.fpBJoiilnillt»Mon-l.ll»r«Jjr 
IiUMIhUdiu of HlrmlnKltBiii— lluteon I'lin— 8<. IMrld'i rollcsc. lAinpeler— SclrnUrk 
hontnn noMllj Mnrarrad— Tli* Uuxlnn, Snnota. ubi P.irkcr ^-IcttM— Annnirilla* 
«ifl» w a b; Ilia OtiMI Man Oomunir— flvptasa Status of IVttt Ilia UchbII— ilataia 
cT OMiat SUipIWDMn-XS- tf J- J RoiUMan-lWM of Auiecnplii luia WorKi of Art— 
feiiaiNilib JdandSnM'-Cltr BaiMlcM... it4 

ntCtOBICJU. AKD iat!UEI.t.ANe<)V:) RETN'UWf.-Mxca Dt>nqitla>, tnr Uh Don. B. 0. 

K(*nkB. l7Ti UamtanttieBuilrler DftlioKiruMTi Wall. IT!); OulchanwCuUv.lirtlwBaar. 

n Jankln*. HO. I<k. •!■ C«rplliiD rilictin-vr. h; -I ^^ St- ■Tot'o. ^i BlUloniibla 

llHlurlra riirtiiinni. I»'J : IM^'a IVornKC. BuKirwlVV. anil Kiilk:Maiic, lA, i Llfc aiul 

Ccirr*>IAnilmf« <■( Jnliu I'oiMr, LifaJiDd L<tUn «( KI»Dilhr. iihI Mlnar Unrliim 113 

AJmOt'ARlAX nESEAKCin^S-SotMT «t AirttrtUM-lw, Wfi i ArciB«lo|:l<») Inttltnla, IW i 

UnUaiiARluMlevtealAiMidalhin I» 

mSTOBICAL CHItaKIC*l.E.-rDttlim Ken. 190 1 DonisUc Oxurrenon 190 

PnuMtlMu aad PittarmatiU, 191 1 BiFihi. I'Ji: ManUtfa* >^* 

OBITl'AKVi wltb Menulnof Lord Wniniietihritn rirrrtei R«ar-A4in. WiTlioinsTrMiliriaiK. 
Uarki Sir jMOpli Wallb llou*. Uait.i liirT. J. dcTnnVinl, Ban.^ A<linlMI Sir Tluimu 
Httl^l Ltrnt.J^n Olllwrnw ; Unnl.ilon. filtulaiiaui ; lUIOF^Cwii. T. ¥. Addliiui; 
M^n-Ovn. Can]IUll. Tt.T. ; nnu-. Admiral Block : Edvntil Eninlit. Ej^. : CleoWDl £«i(an> 
IttBi, Em. i John Warttn CdiijK. E^q. i Qkidi rompeii t-itu : Kcr. ^tunnel Lm. DJ). : 
SmmlMwriiMii. En-M'PiiMmm-HnKg.Evi M U. i )UrUn Chu-lm Bamir- ^^ i 
JaawaPrandaSwiibTni. K*4.i Blobwd Falnior. Eaq. i Hot. Jaaqihtiiltert Ivl—Ili 

CuBdT DiCK&m ..-.-.,--.-.-...--.....■..■■•.■. ..(•■itt<tB..ii->.*i^>>i ■!«■>'■•> IJ^ 

Dsai»,ajTCaaMlD CliTonnlaclul Ordor • • llf 

8HMrar.Ociural'i Riitutnt nf Mortelltr In Ih* Uctminlli— XtrilHi, aUi IMtonlaglcil 

DliTr-naUTrttceot»tocki m 




Ma. Uebim. — In (he tiei>llcM*ii'' 
Mkguiocof Dnvinber, lB.*i2, p. i9i, there 
la 111 ao^ouat vi WbilUnftton'a St^nc ut 
thu foot of Hijhgito Hill haTiiig bwo re 
pL'Ki'4 in tbe jt*r I'HB. moil i( b ilatrd 
tli«t ii wai n«Ttr knnwn bjr ohiim. Mj 
tuhtt, Ciiatkt Wllkiiuon. nf 17. High- 
barf Plico, imd Mr. llarkM Mvcktaa, 
of Illglibury TrrraM, hating ihiimJ lli" 
orifinnl ilone, replnwd it U (heii owii 
eipcnire. Tour uld Inevrl Che litr Mr. 
Niclioli, Dr. Sirslinii, uid mj laUwr <rrr<) 
llie olileil bihabiLault ut \»\iutton. 

Yanra. &c. Asu WiLKiN»a>. 

Tbl> ^ilcring Irttrr (irnnimlMlicalHl la 

Ihr BlrmbifluiM Jaarval) iii nfcreniie to 

■ PKtnt cnminniiiniiuoii of Mr. J. pRTnc 
Collirr I« tl)r tiorietj if Anti>|uafin (•eo 
o<ir lul Mn^uinn, p. 70^ i> cTitUnllj 
fmn the pen of 11- B, Wliclertni. the 
Mtenu) bklorlin of Ntrstford-opoit'AT^n : 
•>" I obMrvB in jijur piper of Mw IStb 
liHl. B paraisrapli wiiEreiu it it lUUd, re> 
lerring to Sir Tlioinaa Loiy'* <lKr pirki 
'tli«t be had Aeer in a p*rk ut Charlccote, 
(deoicJ h; Maloiir,) wliicb SliakipnTt 
ntljht InTr hcon (^nnrrmi^d in itMling.' 
J 1mv« m iloflbl Sir Thumai bad « piril \\ 
CbllMOt*: bul Ibr i-ark ShaktptaH i* 
talJ to Iwe *tolcn ihe dwr from «u U 
Ftilbrgkei doM ailjalnim Uo patub vf 
CU*rlMo(«, in whkh p«rk •t«oil wt oU 
naniion home, dmb}' fMr* ago pullNl 
dnvn. and uud pnt)cip«ll]r ill building a 
nanaiun at Compton 1iV iniam, bolougini 
to Lord K»rlhaBipto»^aa«aooUhoiiie. 
Tltc park at FalWkr tbeo belonged U 
iiir Tbomu. and tbac was the p«rk Shat- 

?icarc 11 laid Id htaiMttleii IhcdMrfmni- 
hia 1 liarcdrafa uiuler*taod, and haT« 
ofUb (fjfljr yean ofo) hcatil an old oian 
«er7 nouvarunt in malura wilattjit M 
fihakapcare mi| wh iho (Wot. Vbat 
is ttaced relating to Hotringlen b -nty 
Mvbabl*, from ■ «irtnni*t«nre I know «t 
to Shak«|>t«rf'* prop^rtjr. A« to lh« pr«- 
pertjr ut ShaUpaare lii Hrnley K[r«el. 
•taled to be a Aoi not Ihtliarlo kn>>Mn, 

troitDg the orlgtoxl frauUge lonard* 
lenk; Stroel to btro boea eoia&&atkif 
grcal«r tiiaa •( (ba time of the pOet'a bt- 
iji«4t , I have DQ iteiibl (veU «>« the caw ; 
■nd tliAt jou mif beUw nndtnisoil ttie 
aailer. I InoUiM • plan vherela it la 
•Ulad UwC Jotm SbahapMK, la I&97. 
■oM a pleog of grooiul to George B«dger. 
TUt piet« »r (fowod b that on which 

■ bulMinK "v* called (ba Wiuo Vaulu 
•tandt. ThIa I fcooit to bahet,ai I lum 
reptaiedl; (Aftj yeara aisliMw tba^Mde, 
!■ wkkh it ^prare /oA« Shllci|n*M 0Mi. 

rtfcd that proprrty to Bad(cr> t am now 
more thati aeienlrxiTcn y«ar» old, and 
haT< kiMKn llip Shakap««re propeity ever 
otnce th« beginning o[ the year I7!)S. aad 
therefor* bite bad an oppartami; of 
being aafualalcil with that property : and 
bri to MJ, fi>r the iufunoatiuu of tlie 

EvUiOt thM Ibcrt iraa a public paMago 
rlwetoi ShakifMore'a bonae and wbat la 
the plan indoaad ia elated M belong to 
nt. Coiuilly tn (he widlh of wTeral feel, 
eilsndinf from llrnler Street to tbe tiuild 

A Ctrrrtspoiidcnt niAksi itKinlr)' of lu 
rMpeetiag the Bonuu naarhle «cutptuTe 
eihtblted and cvmmenled on h^ the R«t, 
i. H. Mortden at a recent merttng held at 
Colcheater. )Ir. Marulim iihnrrted, aaya 
tbe &>fx Blmndari, thai ■■ it va* takm 
oul ol lliv vitl of the old eburch u Uar* 

•rich, vhcn it lajr imbcdit«l in ioort«r>'* 

■nd (hat It reprtaeiit* a nale and ■ fiemalt 
ngato b>4B( MtWMn Ibem t, tngte vask. 
Mr. Handea auppaiM tbtM tiginM vt 

the tepvlctiral cDgici of aoac pcnOM 
connected nitb a theatre, aud be inttitma 
Ihr fact *• mcnttoacl h* T»cilaa of Ihe 
tiiiltroCT! of a theatre at C amaladunuta I 
Our Currrapondeei. hcurnvrr, ia not eatia- 
Jied, in th« Aral ptirr. (hat tbe fcnlptnn 
waa taken from lloreicb Cbordi. atii be 
aika if aof of ovi fricuda can glre him 
•nme infomation on Ilie fiibjnt. 

Hk. L'miAX, — Will foil faiouTBiewitJi^ 
an opiniuo uo Ihe foUi>wing an cation qfj 
gniealoij .' A nobleman A. B.. a Baroa 
b][ Wnl. warrie* and haa a aon uiidangba 
ter. Hia wi/s dio*-, he nerriH a aocoofti 
time and bee a Mcaad a«n. A. B.'i aonj 
iu<ce«'U bim in Ibe baronf on liii doccAaos 1 

and llie Utter boa aemal brotbera andJ 
tlitera. Tlic gicai'grandaona nf A. B.I 
die ithtlc infaali, hut lomc nf Uie grea^j 
rraoil daughter* euivive (among •faoqi chn 
hamair ii (rmponritj In abcjanoF}, and mJ 
the eon at one of them Ibe baroey linallrl 
dMirend*. Now (he(|un(iun ii ihii i — |rI 
caee of the failure uf iaaixi lu Ihii latter j 
peraoa, to wbom woald the baraaijr riYcn fl 
To tha aona and daugblen o( hi* nothcr'ai 
dtlen <tf there wen any) ? Tv the ds-1 
aeendaota of kia grandfctlier** brotbe 
and ilatera (if there wrra aaT^ ? To \ 
dtaoendaata of bU great- grand hthee'aj 
brothtn and aiit«i* (if there were anjt) t\ 
Or la vhoB y 

Yoare, Kk. M. N. O. 
{Mi'c apprebcDtl there i« do doubt the In- ' 
bMitance would deralte la Ihi? pnrtic* enu- 
neraled bjr M. N. O. in tbe order ia wblfh 
b« bai dtwelbed ibno.— Afif. G. Af.J 






TIIKRE V!U a period irbuii thnt 
Scute lunwit wuuH fanve been deemed 
bg trui; palriut wlio >Iioiil4 liivc fea- 
tured to liuTc ilvubtttl mlitrthcr the 
tni^;ed)r of Ouujclaa vru rimllj " en- 
pcnoT (to iiaf the leaal over-atrsliii-d 
qntbct) Co all thitt cTcr tiad bci^n, or 
t^Miy )n>Kiibiliiy rrirr could be, irritlrn 
for thn iitt^t i ani) ihtr fcrrid i[it<.T- 

X' ]i7 nl' llie exiilisnc (^it from tlii- 
y of CoTDtit Garden at the close 
of neb round ol* iip[ilnu»r, " Ay, ar, 
Hfaarti's jc're Willie Slmkijierv ituor" 
vs> or); an uut-apokeii cxR^eraticin 
af ibe nauotial sentioMnU as ia cui- 
dcaccd in the cxtiUTngnnt "Dtilicn- 
liuii " uf [be " Fomr iJi^pn-riiitinii.-i."* 

Till! lianB; of duiin lli>iii<: vna a 
luairoufi one even in ihfii "rhfirninl 
cirulc" (iB it bos iictn culled) irilhin 
wbicb niOTcd n Fergus"" n"'' Rol>ert- 
•ML a Blair nnd U'cb»trr und Ciirljtic, 
» llume ftnd Knlmes. Nor » H to be 

TToiider^Ml at ibnt ihtf iniwj only ttanly 
iiltlitf^iaU'iJ llji; e|>iU|>li i)f <imr wlio 
rechoricd iLcJc ntntliit-s m bis familiar 
Iricnd) niiil aMurinlc.s nnd wliu was 
(rroiii IiIh cuntiH^liun with Bute) rir- 
iiinlly tbe "second luan In (lie k!ng«l 
tlom," and tbc eynoaurc of iioblea-aj 
wbii linil, moTcoTcr, fwr hij privcilij 
"[■uggt'Miiij;" lilt-rary Milii's and cor^j 
rwiiondeiii.H Biuc ami tlif L!iund«r*J 
nioutticd Ubnlhain biiDitdfi wbosc pni*^ 
ductioiu ivcre illuntriil'.-d ami "bodied 
fflrtU" by tlif geniuN of & Hiddnn* nnd a 
fiurrirk, uiiil wbii dieil (bnvinj> iiVKrly 
lliree-^uaritts iif* t-cntiiry before re- 
('ciTLi! ilic '*hoinage"of Collinsf), ihe 
wbik-buin-'l iiatrinrrli ofthe Augustan 
afv of Scnii«li lilenilurr. The "glory 
& ilic toiisi-irntiDn" bare tJeuarLea 
— ^rigbu-nufily dcoarled ; ncvcrtlieWs, 
"Dougliw" )t<c]f (while "Agis." and 
" Aloiit-i," iiriil •■ Alfi*d ," nnd tfas 
" Siege of Aijuilela," tuu\ " Tlie Pabtl 

* " Pour DJavrrtiliniii," — or Hutn<t. iinintly: olm ramplioiMited Hoini? nn pnl^ 
temaag " Ibe Trun (hcittric urniii* of Shikfupnirr anil Otttaj, icliuni Itoai Che onliapfiy 
ImrlMriam of the one. anil Ilt-<-ntioii«nTM of iht ottin- : '* a jadcraeoit onlj imrallcled In 
Newton'* lifihtlcMucM to tLi: tublimlly of " Pniadiie l^tt," or io Lacke'a Uudatioa 
of the C|H<» of BtackmoiE- 

t CoUio*. in bia ■■Ode an Ibe Su|)«r*litioiil of Scotland,*' Ihtu ptefigattd hi* 
(ntnrr eniiuoiee;^ 

HooiCi (bou rctnru'at from Thniuc», wboao Nalada long 
Hare aecn tbec hax'tinK. wilL a FuiiJ iJclaf, 
'Miilat tlioif Bpft frUnii*, wliour' heart*, tatttti fulan) lUy. 

Shall mell |)«rLap« (o hMi Ihjr tragic aonf. 

Colljaa has iccelrrd Ibo ereilil of tatkinallaii In thnc lerir* ; bnt It onghl to Itava 
bctn TeDtiobcml thai Ibey-ncrecoitipuadd on llnmc'* rtmrn fioni London In " I'^S," 
on bb i^lortii tutniTlf , with the rejvelrJ " \t<'-" to lobinlt nhtTb (o Oarriirk bad 
baan Ibt (lurporlorht* jauroar aouthworrf. The firat OJc-i*t then had In-ilb Kama 
and RohTtinn anit Ibt atti^ soetlah lltarMl) adnirad ** Api,' ' or paMribly had bfon 
fcraar(^(l «t(h iktf ontllna of " DoadiP," wUeh im; baTt hem Fbrming In Homa'a 
nind, tbough Ibia latter la Improbable. 8«e y. 119. 



Mu. UnaAN, — In ibn Gctitlcnttu'c 
MaxuinrorDKvmbnr. Ix:i^,|<. A98, Uicre 
ii an aeconnt of Whittinglon't Stmv at 
thr foot of llichgitc Hill hftTiog bno rc- 
placrd in tUc fi*)- I79&. and il it tUitd 
liiat it waa nttcr known bj' nhf-m. My 
ruhM. ClLutu Wilkiiuou. of 17, Ulgh- 
bMV Place, anil Mr. Horace Mueklov. 
of llishliiirT Trrrace, haiiiig iiilmikI (lic 
orifliiuj itonc, rcpbccil it at tltoir cnfci 
cjtjKaac. Your old friend lh« latfl Mr. 
NicliflU, Dr. f^trahan, and my fm\lttr wtn 
dia oldMt InluAIUaU o( UltKgt«n. 

Ytvr*. lit:, knit Wilki)[i»n. 
Ktmpitji, mttir H'tirettUr, /h, 9S- 

The folJDiibe; Idler (comraunicalcd to 
liic Birmingham /vumtl) iti rdbrvncc to 
a Necnt rmd muni cation nf Mr. J. PaviM 
CeUior to the Society of Antiiowin (•*• 
DUF Lut MafaziM, n. 70) U erideolljr 
from tbe pm of R. n. Whekr, tsq. the 
ntrnui liUlariaii a( Srnttfonl-upnn'ATmi : 
— ■" 1 obierra In foar p«per of Ibc ISlh 
liw(> ■ paraKraph wbticJD i< it alAled, r«- 
rerriim lo Sir Thomai Lucr'i dMT park, 
' tlut lie hnil deer i» ■ park M ClurlMOtf, 
(denied I>j MaloDc.) which Nliakmcarc 
might LtTc been ocmmmcJI in *((*ifn|;.' 
I M*e no doubt Sir Thona* ba4a park at 
ChariMOt* ; but the park ShthifMiarc it 
■aid ta have >to1«n iJm deer froin tra* tl 
Fulbruka, clou adjcininf tbo pariih o( 
Charleovte. in which park Mood la old 
mtnaion hoaae, nanjr joan agu puUcd 
dnwD, ii>k1 wed |iriDGipaUj in kuiWinz i 
mantina at C«aapi«a WyolaiM, belei^Inf 
to Li>rd Nortbamptan — nov an old hoiiae. 
The park al Pulnrokf then brloapil to 
StrTbomM. and tiMi a-ai the pack Shtk- 
■pearc 1> uU to luTe iialtn the deer fn>a> 
Thit 1 hare alraff undentood, and b*«c 
ofled ififtf jtiiTt nga) hea^d an old man 
^trj mnvenaat In nattan ratatinf to 
Sliakipror* my m»t the fad. what 
il ■iaCc4 rdalinc tn nowirvton ia lerj 
praliablr, from a drcumatanne I ktinw u 
(O Shakfprart'a property. A» lo Ike pro- 
p«rir of Shaktpaare in Ilenlej Street, 
itawd to bo a few Mtt hilk«rto knovn. 

froTiDi tbt orlglDal froatage luwardi 
Icnlej Street to hare been cOMtdenbt; 
XreaUr tbMi at tlia lima uf ibc poH't ht- 
qneat, I baic no donbi (u«h vaa the oaw : 
and ttiat fou nuj better andaritaud lh« 
miller. I inclote ■ pla« irtierfln tt i( 
riaUd that J»tm Shakqwarc. in I59T. 
•oU a ^eca of f ranad lo Gemie Rtdscr. 
nia piece of ground ia tlia^ on wViifh 
a b«iMIi>c aow call«j Ibe Wiue Vmlti 
lUAikt. Thia 1 know to be (act,>a I liaT« 
npcaledlf (iiltf yetrt a|o) m<>i> Ibe daetla, 
)d wbltfti U ajipeart JoAa Sbal:(i>eu« eon- 

njred tiul propnt; to B»d|(er. t am no* 
m^rc than Mventir-Mfen jcon old, and 
hare kirawn llw Shakipeue property e'er 
•ioM the bcfioDiniE o[ Ibe year l*9S, sad 
Ihorervra bata bad an opportnnily of 
beting ae^uilnted iricb ibitt pnpertr; and 
bfK to uy, for Itin infarmition of t!ie 
mibbo. that there wu ■ puhlii: paaaace 
(letirMB Shakipeare'a honae and what tn 
the plan iiuloKd k tiated lo beloDg to 
l>r. Conolly lo the width of Mrreral feet, 
aatandina from Honlvy Street lo tbe Guild 

A CDTrapondent make* Inquiry of u* 
rMpcctiDf Ibc Roman marble •oulplure 
ailiibiled and commcnicd on by Uie Kcv, 
J. H. Martden at a reicent meetuig holJ at 
ColeheaUr. Mr. Maraden ob(et*«d, laj-i 
Iba Bu*j Sla^tri. tbat " it vai taken 
out of the wall nf the old church a[ Har- 
wich, wbem it Uy inihcilded tn morlar," 
anil ihal it reprcaeiita n male anil a female 
£|iuie htf^oc bclwsen them a tragic imaak. 
Mr- KlaraJvn nppotM tbeae hgurea are 
U>« Mpuicbr^ eOiiai of aorae parHma 
eoiuieoled with ■ tbeatre. and he ioctantrt 
Ihr fact *• nimtlontd by Tacltu of tbc 
niftrncc of a theatre at Cantalodunnni 1 
Our Cormpondent. bvHern, ii not *ati>- 
iiti, in tlie Aral nUet, th«t the tcnlptnre 
wta taken from Uarwieh Cburcb. and be 
aafca if any of onr frirncii ean |f*( him 
>ume tnforniation on the culiject. 

Mk. ITnnaK, — Will ynu favour mewilh 
an opinion pd Ibe fuUowia); qutatioii in 
genealogy ) A «>ob)eu>«a .V. B., a Baron 
by Writ, eurriei anil ha* a ion and dangb- 
tvr. Uia wife diea ; be marn«t • aecond 
lime and baa a leciind *un. A. R.'* auii 
iticvoedf him iii the burDiiy un liU dcceuc. 
A. B.'n ruu Ii lUKredcd uyiiiriJdMC aon, 
■nd the Uttgr haa »«T*ral brelfaera an>1 
dil*n. Thr gmt-grandinns of A. B. 
die whilp infinta, hut wme «f the prat- 
imnddangbtfn aurrlie (aJnon| nhoDi (he 
barony la temporarily Inabcroncc), and to 
the (on of one of thoin the nantny Anally 
dMceoiI*. Now Ihtqnoitloo ii thiai — In 
eai« nf Iba fcllure uf iMua to thii Utiev 

?er»oo, to wboiB woaM the baronj mwt .' 
'u the Hint and riangbUct of hit mothrr'a 
■liter* <ir there were aaj) ? To the tle- 
vconiiaari of bla gmndMher'a brntbcra 
and airttra (if there *erG any) .> To the 
deawadanla of hi* gie«t-granJ(atk«r'a 
bnitlier* and aialen (If there wpie any) t 
Or to rtom } 

Yeun. Ae. H. H. 0. 
C^'c ippniLead there ia no doubt the in* 
herluiiec would dcvolre to the putisa «nu- 
ntefatad by M . K. O. in the fttdea- to wbiob 
h« bai deiet^ed them.— JIdlf. O. JW.] 






THERE «u a pMiml whon thnt 

. Scotffhnun would ba*i> bcon ileump<l 

Iwtme patriot who eboiild hire Tcn- 

tarcd u> liarn doublwl whether the 

, tnweilv of DnatfliM wm rcnllji ''sii- 

penoF ' (to iui> itie Ituwl ovcr-«tr«ini-'l 

Vpithel) to all (hat «ri.-T lidd bei>n, av 

bjany jKHwibiliij eTer roiiUlbe.writien 

fbr tbf at*!^ ; niii) lliv fecial iolrrr- 

rMatorjaf flic I'Jtullnnl 8c(>t from Lh« 

' gallerj of CAvent GAnlcn at the oInM 

I Sr «Beb round of n|)i>liiuio, " Ay, aj^, 

Irhiint's yeVu Willie SI>iik»|-<.-rv luio ? " 

Wa* onljr lui oiit-t'fMjkcii i-xaggTmtio)i 

of ttiu niilionftl MUt.imuiil, a* In cvi- 

deociM in lliu cxtmv.i|{niil "I)<:difii> 

lion' ofUie " Four Dissertutioive."' 

The tiuno of Julin l[airio wan a 

lofltfow on« wen in thnt "chflrriitKl 

rirvie" (» it Iras bcQit r^lleil) within 

L which motfl a Fvrsuaoti und Uolxjrt- 

[aon, Ulair imd H'trbtlcr oiid CdH^lC) 

t Uunw and JUinoe*. Vor ia it to be 

wondeird nt tliat thu nioM only slowljr 
ohltlcifttc'J (tic cpitflii'li of MIC who 
rctboiKtl thct« woTlbiva m hii fnitiillAr 
friendf and nd'oriaU.', nnd who woi 
(Iroiit hi" i^oniiociioti wilh Mute) *it- 
tiliiUr the '* *cec»nd rnnn in the liiDf^- 
dom, ' and tht- tjnotUTe of nohki — 
whr> hod, inoreoTer, for bi^ [krivutf 
"iiiggei'liiig" lilei-sry critics »nd cof- 
i-c*|»ondcii(!t Itutc And the thundcr- 
iii<iulh<!il C'Imtluitn hinisclf, whoxc pm* 
ilnctiou* wvri; illuatrn (<.■■! uiiil "bodieil 
forth" by Ihejtctiiusof nSiddonaand A 
(^'Arrivk, mill who ilict) (hnvin;; u^sitlj 
(hice-rjiinrtcK of™ c«ntury before re- 
ceived the "h<5tiiiigc "of Collin* t)i tbo 
whilv-bnir^'d iintrinruh of the Aiisustiui 
Hgt uf Sivrtinh lilcntturc. Th« "Rlory 
nnd thi: cunivcrulbn " luivc (Icnui'tcd 
— rifjIilvQUjlT drpiirtf"! : ncvcrtuclcui 
"DourI«»" 'iUell (while "Asia," oiiil 
" Aloiie-j," nnd " Alfre-I," iiixi the 
'■SJDgcof A<jU>li;iii,"und "The FaUl 

* " Four DimertBtian;,'' — of Httme, namelri wito cuuiiiliuitiilcil Home on po»> 

MMuig " tb« I rue theatric f^nius <tt Slisknpcari and Otwu;', rcliiivd from [lit uufaappy 

kMbariia of lb« oup, an<) licvnIionoiTiHi rrf Ih' otli«r •- '' a iin\j [Hirn titled in 

Nvwton'B iighl]N*a«t» to tli« lublbnit j of " PiiradlBe Loll, " or in I^oclie's tindtilfoii 

' «f Iha Bploi of BlMkmarr. 

t Ci>Utii>. lo U* "Ude on the Supcnttlloiu of Scotland,** (hni |ireftgur«d Ut 
fUnre eoalneiKc : — 

Uomc, thou rirtmn'il fron Thnnici, whoie Jiaiada Ion); 
Have (sen thcc liuj'ring. wiih i fund dcla;, 
*Midit tluiM loft frirnda, whui? hcarti. Mime futura day, 

Shall mrit (lertitpi to hear Ihj ingic taitg. 

CoUini has rcodvcd the crtdil of •iticinalion iu lh«H vents ; but it ought t& have 
Ihmi fc»cinber«ij lh»t tbej "trc coiii]ioted on Homf'« r*turn from L>ondon in " I J19," 
on tri* return, namely, wflh the njeettd " Afti'." to aubnlt which to Garrick had 
[ been the pnrport of hti jonrnsy iDuthward. The fint Odedat then hnd (with Hume 
J mi RotierKon iiiil the whole Seottih Uleratl) adnirH " Agit," or poHlbly had been 
|^h*Mrnt wilh (hr outline of " Duuglaa," whkh may hate Wen forming In Hinne*i 
'' Bind, tlMSgh tliii laltor u impTDbabie, See p. 119. 

116 Memoriaia oj JoUa ffomr, the Author af"Dougfa»," 

Dneoverjr " are in limboV reinatn*, in 
tliekLric pbr&ic, a " »ti>eK ^uciv," mk) 
the nationftl litfurt fitll rcuiiis mmuc- 
wkiit of itj Ati'nr-rn'liri); luwanla il- 
It ijt prcjrumcd IherclWc llmt tli-< f'ul- 
luwiDK hitlicrrin unnul>tti>l((Hl uiciii'imli 
flfJoui) UniiK' will iiftt IfC un«c«-p1- 
«hl« (o Iho }-roiil body H'liurrcjulcrs,* 
Ifac fiMMT DO w nw ira rortuiiAtvly 
cnat)lc<l to iinfolil niorc fully ttimi 
bN9 jct Ikvii done tl»c ucciuioi) «f 
"I}uu){Iiu,*'iuitlaLiQ Id |irc*cnt vitriotiB 
rcudinjp ofsomu of Ibe more intvrul- 

X«l it be *tn(iKl in one KiDtcnoe Uiat 
Jokn Uome wu l>oni in Leith on the 
3<1 (uot 'HiX tii ;{ivcu \>\ Mackenzie) 
of Septwuber, ",S. llii. Somtr nc- 
oount.i, lu in thiit oi the "Litcs of 
ScgllUl) l'oft»," bv ibc iiuiwi "Society 
ot'^iiciviit Stolv, 3 Tou. IJiii?. Lon- 
don (Uoyn). It)j|--ii, [iLce it !i> 1724. 
Mul iDcnlifiu " Aocruiu, Ki>xburvli • 
siiirc"iu hit biitl)>pbc«. but I'ur ueillM.T 
is tbvro aatbority. Tlul hi* rather 
(olio tlitfil wbilc niir pM-l wws wry 
Touii^) WiU AMill of ifsiuca lloiiie,ul' 
VUn, in Bcrwick^irr, a lineal dc- 
fvdxlnut of Sir James ilolUl^ of Cow* 
deukiiows (do< the ol«»tc " kiioiriw " 
of Scottuli wng), tnocslor of the past 
as of the prtacnt £tirl Home: aitd 
DOW we bnrv rmcheiJ it pw-utiurly in- 
ttrcslinc iioticu of hia imilbi-T. Il !» 
front Ik Iiolui^apb afcctcli of tbe lifu i>i' 
Uomu by tliv late cxcdknt Dr. Gr!cv« 
of IMiiiburgli ;— 

llf tmtA mw\t (mj* •mu' MS.) to hii 
notlw r — tlul en ligfa leniHl. higbtp"'^* 
•Bil aDctiiDpUiliBil wonuu, nm mnMrkable 
[or Ihc *il«ul of liCT loo^lnigi:. ihe rlc- 
(Diir* of her mutncn, md a ^iKroiia in- 
■kiwn^enet of niixl tb»l gKonl tbv Kmrt 
of nil who ii^>|>roi<>hrd bfr. !^hf tra* iitti- 
malely n^qoalBlfil frilh llie hittory of bcr 
coniilry, kne« tbe I'litTai-tpr at \\\e luoit 
dlMlDeul*bnl penons or the timta. aad 
ir« ^l)]r nwafr or tbc itate of palllei. 
Dcvuitt) tv tliD iatomt mil fUMMi of bit 
thildrcn, iih« coDlnrod to brnffOM tb«ir 
fri*n<l, uid (oidnl ih«n unptntdtcd to 
thfir bonvAt. Sba wm fapi>r)i>r to [mnAt, 
oitMtatloo. ud imolty : jodlcioua to ber 
MOMMny, (iiBplB 1b bcr niBniien, witb « 
ihIItc ManileCM of jud|iuBtil uid pndty 

til tulc tlul nndcnd ber > model and aa 
arbiter to ihe circle In vtUich die Bioiod. 
She liad mucii of Hie c>ft of |enlw, ewl 
arnif of bcr Mjiii^i wcrt noted | for iba 
had an cair, airr, lirvl; tnmincr of ex- 
prMdos tboofbU wLidi rnnimd licraa|- 
lUia BMOKiraVe. tUr MB (rantinue* Dr. 
Grieve) ma indt4>t«d to bcr for hit eodal 
Bod friendly dieputidoa, the owo, nadU- 
HniMd temper wliich mirehcfMod ao cril, 
and br that conAdenca fa kb (ood toaae 
and KOod aflocljoiti which mdcicd bia 
manncn and eonrmation natural, aactf- 
liif , anil irreaiatiUa. 

Having reed red tho rudiuicnta of 
hii nlueation in tho Gnuniuar School 
of his naliTO town, wWru accunito at- 
tention wna I>e*tow«<I ou the prinviplw 
of firainmar mul the riilw of syutax 
ttntTpriMody, Uonic h»d litllu tu «unply 
luwl iiutbinit to iinlcnin at coU^. 
Anolhcr SIS. (from the Corlylc MSS.) 
inforniH U) that hi* i<togc«M at tin 
univorsity wax "mpid awl unilnnn." 
He l»r»lowcd. «ya that niithoiity, "h 
doae and luug-contiiUMld Ktudy iiiiou 
the (ireek Unattagv, and waa iioalined 
to diMom aiM r^h the ample and 
dalicitla bcnutic* of the ritecoridnna 
and i»o«t«." Ha appears howover. 
mwDly to hiive bent hii sltidicx tuwanla 
[oj^c and etliic«,wbibt hi( iinirewronal 
ri<'wawer« ( lo "the Clniri;li." 

Thi; Irclum (■!}■ Dr. Orinc) Kbirb 
UTTC lead at thi* jirriod from tbc thfolo- 
gical cliaJr nrrc inarv tvtii>rli»bl« fur aouod 
iboutlil. libfral |tiiM<-iplci, and the j>io- 
fiiund eicwi "hicb tb<j- gar* of (be Clirl*- 
tlaa ayttani tltm for Uic ■tlncttons of 
compcMitiaa. Beinff alitl cMnpoxd in 
l^atia, they oonlhiuod and talariHl the 
knnnlcdzc which Ihc tladeut had ac^irirei 
of that tuDgaacc : Ibey were frequented 
from a atoae of daty, aa tltc nKOury 
preparation for bciua reodveil to iriala in 
tlir preib|terwa of Uie Church ; bat Ihoy 
madu no hoTj demand on the limcof the 
* Indent. 

Agreeably t^ th^ut eireunstaiwcc, 
the BindenU found oiber luodes of cn- 
giginf; thrKuelTML 'flte ume kIS. 
infertiu us lliat — 

Oo« of the ipwt beaeHti which the young 
men of Ibat period drrirrd was justly as- 
cribed to tbc todetba which Ihcy &nned 



* Oar Paper u deritcd froai the ftlSJi. of I>rr. Curljrie and Grietc. and other 
dueamnala fornoerly in the poaaraHiM of Jobu llootr, txi. W.8. Daphew of the pool. 
W« arc kImi indebted to a ooolcaipotar* anpuUiahol MS. for lariout dftailt. Haiing 
the pubbtlied •• Skeloh '' of MadtenaiOMfore a*, «c ahall paM uvor tlightly ancb pUaU 
m ha BUj hare folly ducidated. 


1869.] MtmormU of John Homti, the Aulhor a/" DDugtw." 117 

br oionlnng tUiuiHlva iu voiuimtiLlon 
, WbA pablk spnlung. Tu tlioc Mi. Hamc'i 
j^enli and itimonciom qunVifltrj him to 

3pmx Kith eminence. H» wsi Ihe laut 
llie Mcndly rlrole. Ills presence w&i 
Fihc rifnal oi ^Iriy ami ^oU-bamour. 
Tcv poHcncd «a luauli )iuw«r of diffaalug 
the tfiiiit «r kiuduCM «iiJ liitoritT- 

A society wlik'li numltore^l nuioD" 
flu (aft«ririir<l*)ol<.Tital membufH boob 
Isuinet u Dr. kolHirl«uti, [tliiir, Drp- 
|idale,CarlTle^Web«l«r, Cumtnirg, Onl- 
tltutyne, Logun, antl lucli lilce, oiid 
1 aiming iU no leas diitinguisliMl lay 

incnili«n> aticli nnmtnt m Lard h'Ai- 

bunk, Sir Gilbort Klliot, Wciltlwbiirii 

«ft«rwaAli Eiirl KumI^i), Lonl Lough- 

'borouf'h, Uoivin Hurt', Jotnatan uller- 
j ir*r>ls Sir Williuiii riiltviiuj-, and oc- 
! -euioiiklly DnviO IIiiiii« unA Ailmri 

FerKIMCIi, cnulii tiot but cxbibit niun^ 

'brilNinl tliKpluyi, nay k<.n:i> inlcll«c- 

tuul ^fladiutorj'. Il i> of Joba Home, 

with rervreiicc 1o duvb awialica, tlmt 

llio lullowi n^ "am writlun hy Dr. 


Kmm tbe gi^acril cuuourrentx of Mr. 

lloRic** inliTnatv frictidi in Ibo ncirount 

which thcj five of hit choratlTr, it mijr 

justly b< r«|)rp)FDlcd thmt be «ai (tiv must 

int«mttng and attni«ttT« of (.he «n;Tc. 

He hud inui'h i]<ri^klljiii:» mill «lia(.il;r> ■ 

(ocxi ibatv of wit, and k K«irlle aad biatt- 

'Voleat iiriiit, tliut wun ilic lirart. Ho in- 

haed joj uii) nuciat uciUliuu wbeturcr be 

•y|>«src4> Uii adJrc><> wuj cordial sod 

Inspirod (be umf opeunMa irblch be<liii. 

EXtjti. [liifutrance into acompinywu 
kc lcltJu|> ttio mil itito > dark rooui. * " 
Hi* penon concarrcd nith hi* inriital 
qnalilin. in securing tbo favour uf his 
«HCici>laii IsU, hiDdimnr^, open iu liti 
, «auDtti>*iicc> aaconittninr'l in i\\t m*n- 
llHia, with a •aul of tir4, ho pr^potitaKd 

ttraiiscr* in bi* fnour, and Mcured (be 
afTrcliuii wLiuli ke eugigid. 

^Vu inako i\kiiv ni^lectioiu {rata our 
MSS. ru^iirdiiig Huinis'a onrlier lift 
tlitt more Aill, becaugo ol' the very 
inoagrc nolinn given by Mat'licnKie." 

During IIoin'i''« iil tetidntifv ut iho 
Uiiivenity n nointrwhul )iljir(ling unil 
roinnnticiiicidenL intervened, whiah 
muBl be noticed : — 

Hurne'ii fiimilT. fiillowinit the e»ani|ile 
of the raiicin. rntbf r ilinn of Lord Humr, 
their cbicf. were Revolulian ^^'hig■. Hums 
(if KinnctntaiiRhriida, one of tlic lut suf- 
fer?r> uiidrribe crurl polirj nf the Stuart ■, 
w at n near rL-lMion of th.(< po<C's father j 
•od the memory: uf th« murtjir wan ho- 
Di>ar«d unoni; ttii^ rcklivn, Mr. Hume 
(we qautc from an intibicd MS. ffom the 
MSS, of the nepbcn uf Home) lioil im- 
bibed the terror of liii fri«nd« for iod^ 
fi^a4iblo rl|;bt and altiolntn ^wtt. Tbia 
tentitnent. Iili ailralratinn of Or«ck anil 
Roman hUiurf , tnil In pnriiniltr of liie 
GTiii.'i:1ii. bnil ('uiinTiiivd. Itc wan nt'L-urd- 
itiglir a uiott ilcvoicd cbaiii|)ioa to tbs 
family uf Hanmor at ibc (lujc of tbv R«- 
bclliun, ■dJ l>i* Riiiiiing tpirll could ill 
■ uhrnit to wlut be roDntc^d thr Inudloii* 
mil fwUp council* of Rilinhurgh on tlifl 
ocL'Biion.' ' 

These sentinieat« »ut-sbot lliem- 
Milvusiti |{oiii«'k "iniirching with the 
Tity\\ nnnv " tu Knlkirk, iii nrbivb (IIh- 
Kraceful rout (for it mniiot bi; uiilli-il 
nnttic) vhich bejii'l tlio kingV Ii'oii]jii 
be ibnrcd, anil wa» earned priKouer, 
Iii;;!?!!^^ with his It'lloit-Bttiilent Hur- 
ra w (tbc "(■oriliul vDulli " of Culliiu'i 
f)dc) til Ibe Ciulfi- uf Duunc, nuar 
Stirting. yrom thii place, liowevtr, 
be inaiu- bis escape (Barrow biekletslj 
lirenliing bin lug in lUunj^ »}, aaci 

* It uii? not be luiprDpor to itucrt bere a note wbkh I* written outjide uf Ibd 
buDilla of \\on\t) MSS. iii uur ^UBBaaaioD, apparentty in the buiiln'nliu); uf unv of iho 

" Edbbnrgli, Ih April. ISIO. 

" Mat«rlalt for an aocount of theUfe and Whtbg* of Jobn Home, JCm). of KililnfT, 
auiher of Ihe Tragedy of Dougloii, Kc. 

" I ini not unwilling tbut ilio fallowiag incinuriils, nlalSve to tbe chiratrler and 
labonra of n Tcrjr ingraiani [luei, abaiilil be proerved fur tbc bonnllt of futarc limtci 

" The celebrated autbor of ibe Mbei of i'Wing bu tolunteercd bii i^rTic-cs a* tbe 
[Uograplier of Ibc Scotiili Iragic [lOet i and baa promiMul tbt work at n <!i>utr>l>utiaa lo 
Uie Ttaaii-clioDB of Ihe Itojnl S.ii^irty of Edtnburgh. Itut tboiigh uiudi uny bo 
npei-tetl fruia tli* pvrioiinl kuo-wlfJgi! and ibe cwrreK taiic of Mr. Mackeniic I am 
not certain that in tlie cotifuleoce uf hi> fiinc (np), Knd (be iniilli|ilici(]t of piofiwional 
■voeatioiu, at his odtonced time of Life, lir will submit to tbc drudjfrr)' ncccwnrj to 
oollecl the fact* ; or tbftt bo tnaj be in foitiuute a.i to calcb tlic ipirit of 4 characCei) 
wbicb cMtaiolj diflVra in lome of ill fetitures from bii own.'' 

MmoriaU of John Ifomt, tht Avlhvr of " I>9itgUu," 

qaictlj renimed kii •• nodiu ~ u ilw 

But pMBin][ tbeec eveata, u nccount 
erf which biu aJkhiIv bc«ti fiv«v 
hy MtckcniMi, im>>1 llontc hinumlf, 
ID hLi " nUtor^'," wc aniru nt bit 
" liosiiM :" — 

iUter pnalDg ihh uqitiew'* HS8. lii' 
fcrnt im) thr«i«h, with mncli approlM- 

tion, the triaU llial coixK'lBln fiir •oqvir* 
>i^ the eAoditi^D of |irulMtimicr« for (W 

nwWn *M rvqwimJ to un^vrfo. h( «■» 
ll m w< J 10 pnaeh the Ooiptl hj tfaa pfM- 
brtarr of cdlKbofKk M ttM 4th 4*ir of 

AprtI, O.S. I7IS Prom hit 

MamandiuK iblfitiM •nd (lwciiwtin| nan- 
M«*, it wu not lihdf th>4 m^ und« would 
toa% maun ia the ttata nf a nrnbttinner. 
AeeOMliiiflj, whan the p*ii«li uf Athrl- 
ilaMfan) bccann meant in IT40 bT tUo 
deitU of Mr, niilr, tutlior of " Thr 
Orarc/'* in con*«|Ueecc of nn anplicn- 
ll«n in hU farovr In Sir EVanci* Kiokicli 
frf (lllnfrtoii, llu f-atroa. b; )iU tnneh 
illaehMl frifnd. tbo Ulr Alasnder Itnnv, 
caq. one of Uir. clcrki of aeiMan, Le «■* 
|ira«eat«d to *<ip|>tj ihai ¥nc«»rj. inJ wu 
enlafaud mlniilcf' m the ■bnve-tnenitoned 
IMffah i»P<«TiMr7. iUJ.f 

We Kturq to the MS. of Dr. : — 

Having attiincd tbi« «lteation (of tnlnb- 
ta), br ihtwc'l a bMOBlng Mlanllan tu 
the dullui ar hi* pra((«alon : andiTMlMeh 
ealemicil at a pnwcbcr, both lij' hla )M- 
rialiionerv uul nniijr uthiin wlin bad up- 
pvrlunltiti of k«srlii| hini. That nlcvm 
waa, at (ba ian« unw, not a littLr in- 
CTeaatd by that bennotonoa aBJ diNrfal. 
nat af aoinoer which h* diapUfCd darliif 
eierjr period uf hi* llr*. .... lie 
wu (Dr. Oririte obtrrtcs lu Aunlhcr MS.) 
(Hligml ill ill*tliafgin)[ hit clerical fuuc- 
tliNI*, oonpoood iii«"]tB«nndu>i>n 'ulpj(;rt» 
M tbt flnt iMportanw, tht few Tiwf mrnta 
of wfcleb ihew the nnadiHat of lii* pn«- 
nl Tiewa, hia juat Mwcopiloii or the doc- 
IrtiH ami obliM of the Christian rcUclon. 
aaid a rtnHrk«Ua laloM tvf nonJ porltmi- 
Imit Biid |)<ipu)tr clo^iacuM. 

Tbe "FmumcdU'' tUuilod to an 
in our iKMoemoii : Lut the present ia 
lianll; B Miilable niediuD (erea lup- 
poelng lhmn worthj) far tb^ com- 
Diiuucslioii to ikc {lublic. 

White liotue nu ihun lauiiablv en* 
gofrerl in ih« *'ilut>ei> oJ' hi» onee" 
tii«n Miiiiot be o nuemiuu ibul it waa 
wilh a diriile*! raiinl. SwrtflliP h* WM 
l^riiij^ bii "uii'lnighl oil" to Ptulnrch 
auJ "elegant litvralurc." 

Ue caltifatod (aor* Dr, Grine) kia 
poctte Tcln, to which be had catljr shewn 
■ decided proiteaaitT. lie coiopo«<d '°*°/ 
pi(co ill *cr«c on the inddcnti of hia lll« 
or fh» Inpio wWrt iltftfted h's D4tte«. 
At tke ma* Umf I>« cmitinacd hii iaqnl> 
rteo tnto iba hlMorjr and poetical pradiw- 
tfaina or the Mdcata. Tht writioM •( 
Plutarch aecia to have oogb|im4 ■ hiia 
share of bi* Tavour aoo* oftar hli aattle- 
nttit iu AtheUtsnefbrd. Tbo paiiab bad 
brm uciMtMned to dtrnHPu eniMflt 
rnr poflry. The aothor of The Otare waa 
Mr. Ilomr'i Immcdlite pnitcrtwr, and 
tli« ]>r(>|ilr were prmd of the ilistinclluii 
dliicb thii poen gaTe them. Hiv; saw in 
tlirir j««thnil paUat ■ acholar po e ie ini iig 
the wiue geaia*, e^uatlj tittnf\»ty In hIa 
profeMimul dalfet. remiutable Tnr Iba 
■wiTetnmof Im dii|Kiaiiii>D. for the atdoiif 
nf lii« bumaiiity. and oa wiboaoded t|iiHt 
nf bcacliGnicr. Ilotalenta aad aMOn- 
ptiiboiciiti whidi li r poaamed wcr* e^allj 
amptabi* t«bit ptiran,»i>] hi* iioaierova 
' ({luliilcatloa* rs«drrt<d klm an tnmatcand 
friend of the (amUj. 

Ill cuafirmation of Dr. Gtictv'h n' 
tuariu aa to Bome'a priTatc " ■tiulKim*' 
w« liiiYc now hrHnr. a» miuty mtlered 
Icam of lraii!f)Btioiia Tnan I'lularfh : 
ani] oiiKJDC uur .MSS. U a riajtiiientar^ 
essBjr (Ml lie character* or ibc timcfhi, 
of Agio, aiul Clciiincnf-? : while hie 
9>.-nnon-liookri an; w.-riltlJe<) M OTCT 
will) llii'Uf!bi!< airl uuilinta whldi were 
till? sewl-aki-tclwa uf liis intgrdr of 
A)ciai for full ileiaiU coDccruing which, 
bia joufBcj 10 l^ondon in 174U, h!9 
oAcr of the iiianuicrinl li> tSarrick. 
and llarvj«cii(iii by tlicEuglbb Iloocius, 
wc Dinst refer uur readers to Uackenaie, 
Dot wiiliinc Lo rcpnxlnoc in a biogrs* 
pfajr of nioi coiiipatativdjr tmrroweil 
tntarcat what i» alroailx occouiU*. 

nnJ Agii Nccuri-tl to iticlf the nani« 
luid Ciuuu uf Duuglos we luiubt bare 

Ei«ce(l log«tli«r tbo ionanierablc fint- 
int.t anil 'irvrK.-* |«rvi«rv«U among our 



* Ths wrkar of ibe yr w at paper aiar ba alloweil to refer lii* readnra lo a ahari 
•aiita of iiopaMiabed M83. froai lh« D«4ilrtd|e M9S- whioh U at pnaoat bdag pub- 
liabt^ in Tt>a Rvaiuplloal M.^iulne. Tiie Sat. fur Oetobri and N'oT«mber contain 
iMlnt nf Blair. Naa note appfaded ralalir* t« a pro|iowil inoiiiiinFat in«r bia |Tare. 

t n'f liare in the praoediag paraftapb, u Ihroaflkovi, ■tlcnllf (mnacted. mi tb« 
aDthoelty nf tbcw fsmilr hi S8. in our poawHNo, the maoir errors of fact and drtr, 
aad cf«n iafMciMc, bi Macheniic't and the etfaer Shctcbce of the Ufa of Heaie. 

1853.] MtmuriaU of John ffomt, tk» Author of " DougUu." 1 19 

HSS., «nd thni htre developed the 
pit^resi and proceas and gradual 
riiaping of the tragedj, but, aa it 
is, we refrain. Notwithstanding the 
"hi^h hopes" of Home himself, the en- 
tbuiiMm of Hume nnd the clubs of 
Edinburgh, and eren of the " praises " 
>nd painstaking suggestions of Bute 
and Chatham (through Oswald of 
Dunnikier), on its subwquent proiluc- 
tion, we must confiiin Ciarriclt'a un- 
favourable Terdict. 

Dr. Grieye'i account of the visit to 
Liondondeacribeaitasa total failure: — 

He submitted bit pUy to the examins- 
tion of Garriek, and wis obliged to submit 
to the mortificatioD of a complete repuUe. 
Even titepatroDR of tbeMnsesuid elegant 
literature (amed tbongb he wb« with high 
rccomneadatorj lettert) treated his per- 
Ibrmaace with the most nhilling coldness. 
He had an introdnctioD to Mr. Lyttelton, 
•o welt IcDawn afterwardi by the name of 
Lord LjtteltoD, with whom he could tiot 
prevul cTen to read his tragedy; and liii 
brother, afterwards n bishop, would not 
look at It, as he said he had lurned his 
thoughts to natoral history. 

All however was not thus dark nod 
discouraging. Another MS. in our 
collection informs us that, " full of 
spirit and hope, with a sanguine ima- 
gination, which blunted trio edge of 
present evil, tlic author was enraged, 
but not cast down." An introduction 
to Smollet obtained for him the warm 
approbation of that devoted friend of 
the scholars of his country. Dr. John 
Blair, the Prebendary of Westminster 
(author of a tolerable volutue on the 
Canon), consoled him for his ill :<uc- 
cess. His friend Barrow, an English 
physician, who had escaped with him 
from the castle of Doune, made him 
acquainted with Collins the poet, who 
sained much on his affection : and in 
their society he forgot the disgrace he 
had sustained. 

But not to dwell upon Agia and its 
correlates. Home returned to Scotland 
with all his ilevotinn to the Tr.igie 
Muse unimpaired, nnd little disturbed 
by his unfortunate ri.'ceplion. Dr. 
Grieve's narrative is here of peculiar 
interest : — 

Mr. Home (says he) boarded in a house 
in Atheists neford. In 1750 be gave his 
maase to Mr. Hepburn of Keith, a gentle- 
man of pristine faiih and romantic ralour, 
who had t>een iu both tUbelliona, in 1713 

and 1745. Mr. Hepburn was an iccum. 
ptished gentleman, and of a Bimp> and 
winuing elocution, which Raid nothing In 
vain. Hiiwift-, nnd his daiighlrrx by a 
foriner marriage, reseinblecl him in hi* 
simplicity of mind, but propSEited his 
dactrJDei with more openness and ardour. 

Dr. Carlyle, continue.^ Dr. Grieve, 
says that, "it was the seductive con- 
versation of this family that gradually 
Hoflencd &[r. Home's prejudices to tho 
Pretender and the Jacobites." 

And now we are brought to the iie* 
riml of the composition of Douglas ; 
and as introductory to a few speci- 
mens, with various readings, from the 
holograph of Home, wo shall be as 
minute ns possible, drawing upon all 
our MS. stores. \Ve coiitmue from 
Drs. Grieve and Carlyle : — 

A|[is beiug diipDied of for tlie time, and 
Mr. Huma at hberty to project some new 
work, he is undentood to hate been in- 
debted to the family of the HepbuniH for 
the lir<t idea of Douglas. 

Another family MS. observes; — 
It n-as from liis having heard Mrs. Janet 
Denoon sing the bflllsd of Gil Morrice 
that he first took the idea of the tragedy 
of Douglas, which five years Hfterwsrds he 
carried to London — for he was but an idle 
composer — [o offer to the singe. The 
length of time he took tended to bring it 
to perfection ; for want of (former) suc- 
cess, added to his natural openness, made 
him communicate his compositions to liia 
friends, whereof there were some of the 
soundest judgment and of the most exqui- 
site taste. Of the first sort were Drs. Blair 
and Robertson and Mr. Kerr Bnnnitine, 
and of the seconit Patrick Lord riibnnk, 
the ilcpbum family, and many young 
ladies of the first delicacy , high senitibilty, 
and reftnemcrtt. 

Dr. Carlyle recurds that as 

Home himself wrote a hand that was 
hardly legible, and could ill alToriJ lo hire 
an amnnuensis, he (Ur. C.) copied out 
Douglna several times over for him, which, 
by mcnns of the corrections of all liig 
friends, and the fine and deci:<ive crlticisma 
of the late Sir Gilbert Elliot, had nitnined 
to the perfection in which it was acted. 
For ot Ibis lime Home was tractable, and 
listened to our remarks. 

Dr. Grieve remarks upon the pre- 
ceding : 

Much time and labour were bestowed 
on the eompositiOD of this drama. The 
author put forth hii strength with spirit 
and conftdeace, and abrunk from no toil 

tkM vB» liltdj' lA eanlribwM to the pvrlM- 
(MM ar hit prndaction. Dr. Carijle imhw, 
howcter, to hare rnployol on tbb oou- 
■ion an imprqicT nurd, Md kia •Mouit, 
iincxpUiiM. om; ^tc cumacjr to •■ opi- 
nloB lang *itD cucnUlcd and nooTMl 
■fflong tboae aho wen aol uaBAinUd 
■Itk Hr. Home, Ibst bit priodpii dnnu 
mm Ilia work of a knot of frirncb. ralht* 
ikiM of Um uibor. The pmoni wbooD 
bo smmttUi •ppnr to hare «agfCBfcd 
aiAiij alUnlioM and impiorcoMfiti. It 
muj aUo ba graateil (hat Itirr rnmUhMl 
•on* Ttrtel nrtualtnia. and lurh chitii(«t 
of pknMMifipeareiliacaivtriliate to th« 
■low •d4 hamoajr of the verailicnciuti. To 
dtcw wgntcioea \he aoilnir lutcncit, and 
euicuted Uitt paits aocordiac to Ibo aHricc 
of hii rrieixU i bat I majr aaMrt, from 
tba iiwp««t e«iiTkillan, th* tlila of Hon« 
to tbii nwcHtloB of Dou^lat. Tbe plan of 
tbe dtmua. tlic detoU* or the action, the 
COOO^tioii of the character), ihc butiiwM 
of llw KTnci, BuJ the uoratelliaB o( iho 
plot. *>n« Nfaoltjr bia o*n. He r««ei<C(l 

IJO ttfemOfiaU of John ffome, the Authof of '' Dottgltu." 

many mfgeatMBt and man; liiati of na- 
provoiBenta from fait frieoib. but ibc t|drtl 
aod mK^tm with which tbt wotk «ru a»- 
caicd bch»t lo Uauiel/. Tba work wm 
Hr. Uone**. wd Mr. llone'taaclttai**!^. 

A» alreulf altttcd, a few acotin of one 
of the earlier i)niiu|hla of "OooeUB," 
in iho holograph of Home, haire noa 
rocovnwd : and ibej are too intereat* 
ing not lo be couimniiic*t«il, at leut, 
in pari. 

Tlie fint Bketfb whirh wo nn»ant 
»hmrs the probable cxteni »f ibe cor> 
roctioDs awl «iigge«tiuii« of olbcn. 

Let it be noted that in tb«se H8S. 
instead of Lord and 1 .ndy Randolph, 
■1 in the ptinlc) copy, tlicjr an; I-ord 
and l^dv Bfirniml, while Gl^tulvon 
in Sir Sinion and ;oiing Norval it 

In ffiviflg our various readinga wo 
take Maclc«nxic'i C4lit!on cf Dmiglaa, 
M auiboriiativc. 


Aa III. E*rlr ■««>«. n>. 334-W. 

Tbe nriow leadlnp of the MS. are ^t«n In tnallflr lypp, hBrnedlBltly abort 
Mackeaile'a text :— 

Ui-D SaariiEHO. 8.— If L amidst aatoaialinicnt and Tear, 

Hare of joar a-ordi ind |[c*liim rif^htly jadgoJ, 

Tbgn art ibe daoKhter of mr nnrimr. matter ; 
Thii child I rcacucd fr«H tbo flood la tlui%r. 
Xufl.— 'Til M. [AJJttd in prbUrd eo/tfJ} 

Willi llice diHimnladan now were rain. 
I kn locked (be davghtcr of Sit M alcola) i 
The child thou re4c««il'it trinn lti« flood i* mine. 
S. — btna'd bo tbo hour that made me a ]>oftr nan '. 

My poreitjr batb utrd n; oianrr'a bouta 1 
/..A.— Tliy word* *Mrpri«o om : tan thon doit aol feign I 

Tbo l«ar atanda hi Ikloe eja i *«ch lore froiii tbee 

Sir MalooUu'* hoatm deaarrld out ; if uriglil 
Thua (olilVt Iho atory of titj own dj«lrraa. 

tF»0 llk4 UttWvf <lf «II ffWil Itldll 

S.—Sh Haloolm uf our baroiii wat the flower ; 
Thr fnilfat frimd, ibr boil, tlw kindaat maalari 

hua X MUHl HIIli nw 

Unl, all t he hoew not ofnij aad oUto. 

t!ia awiul irlioi 

After that btltic, abtrc lib nltant ion, 

oDca brarg, dMTHl 3M kn^M 

Tonr own bran brolhir, lUL the |ood old lord 

Grew J««perale and reekUt* of the world : 

r(Nt awlf bicir 
And nncrt aa he onl waa wont, went fartli 
Uiul an U> MTTUb all bU mM4*Kir«d) rMu.-ll 
To OTerlooh iba amiutt of bia aerranta. 
By tbnn 1 waa thrul out. ami tbew I lilume : 
St taim BM HMna 

Mar llaarcn le Jndgv me u I Judged njr matter. 
Anil God w loie ine aa 1 lore Ida rtee. 

1853.] MfimtyrinU afJvhn ffnme. thii Au/hor of " Zf^ygft*-' 

L.B.~ll» MS. iutnetgiw* In firintrii enpg.} 
]a tiiat iin)w|>pj bsClle, u joa wj, 
Mj fafhei't loul mm tUiii oilli Uls brkvc ton: 
TtiB*fiiTit of ihc ■aciont wafriur idled. 
But jou mntl In>*e ihU plicv ; upon ihy trnlli 
AdJ prudeitt iiitRniro much, olJ man, iIpji'SiidB. 
RcmcnilKr ircll my wnnU. if jrnii ihduld mart 
Him nliODi th-on [:<ll'it ihy iun, ■«!] csll bim m>, 
AdiI iillc/ uvlliing of Ilia nobler aire. 

L.B.— [Com tawartU Ihr irrvahU — ) 

vhoiU you •UktVCITo] t hare bIDndH 

Till* man ia not Ibc asuuin fou MiaiiccieiJ, 

And tu Ihc iMnom. a( hln wnl hc'i lionaL. 

Tboufb ebuiM coiubia«l lame likclibooda B^minit kim. 

lie U the faithful bearer at the icireli 
Juit let him no 111 tf^tf. 

To tbeir riiilit owner, wbum in liuie lie kccki, 

TvitriPol *Ji-e1 lUllftW'-p I will rflmrmt-fr: 

'rii meet that you ibould pat him on hli waj , 

CoodDTl Uh Mnnjtn (u llu unlill-iiir hut. 

Siiin jour nJaUltvo (*«■ halh tlriftg'd hita tiilli«r. 

iy tiimlnz to tlic trBgwly, <i» pul)- 
liatiuil, U wiiriM! fouQil that the wliulti 
inaceryniid incideiiL uf " Tlic Uurmit " 
mt KD aAcr-tli«uglit. Ko trace of it 
»p[MBir> in tlic MSS. ia «iur pij»MKiioii, 
toich are all turlv cff[iii;e. 

Let Dur rrwlrn rtflvr to Aol [V. 
p. 30fl of the iiruil>;;ti wiuy. Tlicrt; 
Glcnalvon (liku logo) work* »u<.-cc»>> 
lully mi (lie jcnlouay of Lor<l Itixrnnrd 
nr Iliiriiel:, ■'. e. Luru ltiii)t)ul|ib. 'I'he 
trcunii ciiiuiiii-nova abruptly iliiu : 

£eril ft. — 'Til tn, bi hrarm : her mktt, her toico. her eye. 
And her iin]mticucc to be j(<>"'< oanfiini it. 

plimRiiii; in mediiu ret at once, udtU to 
thoclTni^t »>' iliu Kctie ; at the saiuo liinv 
perhups lliis oiiiilteJ " illaWuc" giTca 
iDuTc unity anil VLTisiinililuiJu U> it. 

In our MS&tlw following "diulo^iic," 
■hewing tlw; prooCfa of tfac " vUlniny" 
oTIilcnalvun, pttudlen tUete iriirJti 

Powibly the "'Ti* so" ... i!ie 

0, — Thb dnj with PiinuMi [i.r. joung NacTal] n«rt it t» my hatx) 
£ fl.— Wby did he hi ? 

0.~ Miitaben, I nip|M(e ; 

Bat ho<T I knon not : nnUKlit dors jc a*ail 
To fcnn that matter, if you are reinksd 
To tet thit lefTct mMting in (hp wood ; 
At fur your owiii fur jruur [[ood lady'a cak«, 
An4 for yuu.ii; Furiuan'i. 1 do Ihink you ahouM, 
L»l ill noiniB future tiiiiir. If Fiirmau alay 
Here in tlie Caitle, luvcly ns he is. 
And by your ffaoious Xndf hiK^ly fBiniireil, 
Yon aboold repent that you did not uplora 
Tliia uldiil^bt ImsrTlew. 

Kinsman, I oixr 

{"cTMire that ihon tupprwatni )» thy broaat 
Sooiewligt mhii'li wnrkt ii)>aii thy linncitl mind. 
Tlwc, far hl« uiaairr, Fnrinmi'a ruiiti: tilwe 
Cuulil oot miatakt : ao tcriiplc nut to otin 
Hoar iliDii didal get lh« iHtcr, and dcclurc 
'Tlis canae iinliiiowo which moi rcl tby acaloua miod 
To tmce thia train. Be uot i^id of m«, 
Viit I am iN-tfri^I maaieT of myaulf, and caa 
With a jodU-lal temiier try iliii mu»c 
A* il It utie » atiau^er'a. 
G.'— DMr. my lord. 

There •». indeed, aone artiuica and parli 
Of faota tliBt puute nic, but ihcao aammed np 
Gmit. M*o. Vol. XXXIX. K 

122 3fmorial» of John rTi>tnt, the Aulhoi- of " Douglas." [Feb. 

AmobbiI Ut Bollitn^ rrrliun. I Bin no) 

By nalnrr fornud of Bl<ni«nts like year* — 

Slan fif tmi «([irrt ■hnn* vhsn I n* horn ; 

ttenrc I, ■nRtcTiilpnt, Irant not miiiilEinil 

Ri> miicii at jfou An x t<ek nni, thrn, tn *Uim 

The vDlronblciI cnrrcnt of vout clearer tpirit 

II)' luiiinc villi my dark nnd niiHlily ihottghttk 

Ttiii dijr 1 promUcd (« jaur noble dame, 

Ift fonr opinion ne'er lo injure Karmin. 

Partrapa of him lo nilcr mj FoujFCtucc 

Hf^ hurl bin, Bimel, »oi noi |ira&t UiM. 
£.11.— Did she faUMMt thee In behalf of Fonuui! 

O. — WitU ^ehmimcp »)i« did. 
t.B. — Tb itikogF. by hoavea I 
G ^ThioKi iiriiij[cT rtill i raulil declnrv to Binwt— 

So ilraniie, iuJccd, that I oinnol conccWe 

WiiU ilicy em mcin i no rational conclnaioa 

Can I draw from then i ibey aniaia nj »«al, 

A' if Ihi? tsrih we tie«d ■bvaM ymwa ai«nd«r. 

And tl>e ^n ^ottietillc ihro' lhi« ipiuioiu oouri. — Olcnalron, rptak ^ f»r ihou hut tliochcd my tool, 

Tho' 6tmly I htlitio M«ii»'* littuc 
C— And I. K> brlp me Gndt Yet ntaay a mau 

llaUi been by »pt«I»iH wiMUfo aorc IwHaycJ ; 

Tliy CBlmntai, Uarnrl, and lliy conti^cbcc, 

Superior t« jctlooay, make mn 

Frerly unfuH lu you all (hiC t knoa. 

And e'en eiprtti wliat aubtle men ntglit any 

Wa« 10 ba foand. 
I,.B. — 1 einnot brool delay ! 

Tdl mc tlii* in*tiiil xhal ttion kninrol, Glrnalraa ! 

And □( ihy frnrs «c aliaU tfiMOurK bercartrr. 
G, — Afl»T ihti ciiMt nttrm|il opoa jtiai life, 

I planted acntiiwli at rarh outlet 

Of the (TMn «ond : llbir itilicencc larpriaod 

An vaooutb mtn, oIm), like a biaat of }mj, 

St««d not tbeir cballence ; 1bi> aaaaiHa tbey 

Towards the clo«« of the preceding 
fra;^cnt there n not tin unskilful in- 
t«RexCura of thotigbt vriili refctiriK'e 
lo fmvinut ktrcj; and altogvthvi* ita 
biriHluctKin t»i|!bt linvo been ncctim- 
|ilihbe<] witlioul inlerfpring nilh thow 
scenes wbicli follow. 

Our other M8. Gnt-akittPbM of 
Doorlas arc aumeroiu, but, as they are 
nerclr onlin&r;^ piuaoc^ may bo ortt- 
paawU' There i« one almrt acone, how 
CTOr, itfaivfa mrriia A panlng remark. 
Immediately on ibe departure of ilie 
Oi(i Sliepheni, after the discovery 
that "youtip Norviii" u her ton. 
Lady Rnn(lul|ili hii« a [utMiioiiAlc ami 

Louebing dialogue wtili Anno. Tn It 
occur) the "prayer" vhirii pave to 
tnuch fifniiilnl to tha i<ccl«Biuti<«I 
CiurlK, liut whirli, under the iqwil of a 
Sidilouit, lubdued nil hearia. Tliia 
%wne the nulbor elaborated with lin- 
guljir pnr*;. Ti\V hitve no loss tlian 
ibreodiffiTrnitand rnryiiifi enjiini. Ono 
oourilet we cannot aupjiren: and cat) 
nell imacinchoir much more^notmir" 
(to nse toe church -poiin'a pbrose) its 
introduction would have madti tho 
pliiy. Tho **i>raj«T" itwlf in* ob- 
jeclet) to, perDftpt justly; but what 
would the rercTCni) courts haro Niid 

AiUM. — llt*r licr. O ^radooa Mother of anr IxnJt 

Tliuu knoiv'fl tbr. foodnrM of a molhrr'a lore. 

We do not f[ivc Ibc various reail- 
ingi UiTOUj^lioul this kchc, iuoamuub 
ui tbey WQuld occupy too niuch apocv, 

aiiil are (ou the whole) lieavy and con- 
fused. Ilunte mu*t have imilitcd in 
thia aceoe by some UttUtui crilii;, fur 


T&0 Homan Wall. 


llurc if page upon f-nge of iaihiod Dot priul«<], whicli oua be ir«U. de> 
rhodomnntMC. lachcil. 

TheroIIowing tinvsare Ui^oiily ««<«, 

i/.B.— Word* cannot letch tbi^e, Aima, wbat I led ■ 
Tljc Eommoa Iotf ihut common mutben beat 
To tbdi own offijiriiiit. is but as a Njiarh 
To the ttrani Arr ihut bum* within m]- bnut. 
Tb« woman tliar kJArcx hrr living lorj. 
When «b.i! cmbnii^M hii ■(•■ed imo^, mny 
Know a Kinall pan of what niji boautn tttU. 
But *b« tbat wn |» ami clii|i< Iho tingle pledge 
or Ibe dead hu»ban<l nT licr lirgln beait, 
Tbal toai Bud nrcCubcd irouiao, aha alone 
Can Icno* it lU. 

Sucli are wim^ of the pnniuiiliim ot rvrrvU lo aiiulli«r ptux-T, togelliw wit1i 

llic couuviilion nn>l vlittioralinn of »onie interckliiig anvcdotc* of tlie 

" DoueUs. I'lic result muat be tie- Rnthoi'* aubseqiieDt lil'e. 

M>&bv^h. A. B. G. 


TliB Ronian Wall ; aii IliNlorlcat aiid Toiiograpliical DencripUoQ of thp Rarrifr of [h« 
Lu««r lilhmuv, catcndiiijc fruui tlic Tyiie tu \\m Sulwuf . Deduced frvni natncroat 
paraoDal aurrBjra. Bjr tlir Rev. Jftliii CVllingwiind Bruce, M.A. one of tbe Council 
or Um Society af Anrlqiiarlra. NcvfaiUa-npnii-Tytie. SeMBct aad eulargifJ cditioo. 
London, J. R. KmiUi. \#^2. Sto. 

IT 19 rare to find a wort of an ux- 

jdufivply nnlirjunri.-in (:liani-t4.'r rcnrli- 

' Ibv a M'OOHil vlitiiin vSinr Llio tiilmr ul' 

ao Drief « ipnc« of tuue as iwo year*. 

OarvoiitiiKfor l*tAl containa a reriow 

of Mr. i!nici''a lirrt tslltivii of bis Ro> 

mail Willi, oiiil our Mugii/ii>i! uf tbe 

LVime jcar also contains aonic nates 

HGD tbe nine eutiject hy iAr. lio^icii 

Smith, who, in coninntiv with Mr. 

BruL'e nnd lEiu liilc. Mr. rrici'. [KUxeil 

K wifk in oxiuiiiiiinjt the remains of 

tilts remarknble structure, anil the 

ca?lra conneetpd wilb il, frotu WalU- 

Eiiil to Cni'liab). 

On \hv prei«iit occasion wc Bhall 
restiict oar notieei; to fioini^ of tbo ra- 
CPiit iliwovyrics. ami lo the mont tv 
murkntik* porliuiin i>f tlie novel matter 
tiitnnluei'u inln ibir. now ami revittol 
cdiiiao, premiiin^ iliol. nlihoupb ft ap- 

Eeanikdianiriiun oiithciili'iirSrvcm* 
Mmt4<r»l tJiuliiita itgniiintnuruultior, 
wlio aupporU tbe claim of llailr-ian as 
builder of tbe vall,* wc see mi ri.'n»on, 
from U3T nnr fni't or fnim aiiv iivw 
vJAfr of niatariciil uviiti^nci?, to eiiatige 
our opiiiiou oil tliis <:juo»lion, nhiob IS 
in favour of Sir. lirucL-'s tb^ory. 'I'horo 
■re certain disfrepimcir? in lln; statH* 
iticntB made by nnt.-t<'iit writot^ ; but, 
wbca lh«y w« camfully wcigbed with 

conclusions drawn fVom the remiuni 
llii'init'l^M, oniiplcci witb Iho powerful 
iti'guiuetila druirti from iiiHTiiilintis, 
we catitjDt re«!-it lH.-bevtri)( thut iLulriuii 
conairucled tbe wull anil it^ attL-ndnnt 
litiw of CTirtliworka, mid ttiat Sovcrui 
mode iiiutiy rejuirntinnit, iinri udilml, 
pg^ibably, some of the whIIlhI eautru 
ntnng tbe lino of tlic grenl forlificnttoR. 
To iii«i-r iptiotiK wc cnnniit nltach too 
niui^U iiupiirlHucv. imd llii.' eiircful 
manner in wbicb iXt. Htul'U buii cul- 
Icntfil them, and anthenttcateil their 
ilisi'dvi-ry, uililii iiiudi to llicir vuluc. 
Thv fullowiug, for inatanLc. nn unpub- 
lished one copied hy Stukeley, seems 
tx> fix ib« hcn-toforu undtieiilvd ailu- 
ation of Morhiuin iit Murunliy. Its 
pre»ervntioD ia furCunate, and Ua bia- 
tory is the wore curious as Stukeley 
ddf^ niil deem to biivo \yvta aware of 
itN jwi-iiliiir viJui!. Mr. Brucc, apeak - 
ing of Moresby, renisTlu :— 

Coniiili^riible uncutoiotj eaiilaaalo Ilia 
ancimt onm^ of tliia pla«e. Ciiiidni ufa, 
'' TliDre hu been no imcriplion jct fniind 
in Rnnoutage ui to bclicTe tint tliin wai 
the Moaaiti^i wbrrc Ibc Kqmirt Cata- 
phraetarii quartccvd ; iIlou^Ii tltc prrwut 
Dume Hrmi to imply il." Tliii dil&cujtjr 
DO longer rxitts. Iloralej »w ■[> iD*i:ri{i- 

liuo (t-Xxv Cumb.) ia a field, a little oaat 

• See o»r R«ti»w departinrnl, liereaftar. 


The Romui WaU. 


orMorMbjr Hall.** but prrtlfmurJicOaeed 
mil brokcii." Uruii. -■ Tin srpulciirml. 
•nd hu contdincil thr namr of Ibr twrxin 
<lr<«UMl, with bii »if, >Dil thn fean h« 
hu acrinal in tW arnij,'* lli> eemj of it, 
h««rTtr, iltStTi fram oitr vhicli Stak«l»|r 
mmle upon Ibe ipul. aud vhuiie uri^nal 
TiiVt- w in till- pOHFUiuli at Mr. L'. ttMCfc 

Soiiih. Tlin iwu rcHlinp "re Uie>e : — 

Umt nliuju to have been Uio Tlivineaium 
of tbv Itinerary oi Autaninua. Ll ia 
re|irMei)t«(l tii tlw cut Iwlow, 









«»»rii <nTi 



1 caauot but tbink. nitb Mt. R4Mct) 
Sauilh, to •bom 1 BID indebicd for tbo 
nopjr, Chut Sliiki^ky'i readlnii; ii tbc ear- 
KOI oat, and Uiat t prima Jaeit enie i* 
mado out for tuppodnB Moireabr to be 
the MoKBiUM uT tli« Notiii*. NontcT, 
f«r recBoni iihkh bate not been ernerallir 
»e^aic»«ad in 1>t inlitjunrii-t, plKn Ad- 
■KiA, whiob fMatr* MonaiuM in th« 
Notiltn. >t MorMbf. 

do iiiKripltcnt vcrr rccentljr dis- 
covered ttt Jli^li Itvcliuater confirms 

It nnj ba rewl^ 
u[KKtaJ DfoMiiri] x[o(ii'miJ mt 


COIl[0KTI«] ritlMA VAU)Vt[0KVM] 

sr )c[rM»M] RSrLOKA 




Two infcri]AinD(i liml bw!a Ibiind at 
thu «talion tn^ay jeart since. In one 
lh« lint (wliort oTthv Vnnhiti is iniNf 
liiinpil ; in tbu otlirr thu iluplarti Ol* ft 
<Il-iui.-1iiu(!1ic 1)1' I be KzjAoratorrs, nad 
tlie Ikct uf tli(.-)r buiug itSlioDe<) at 
Hn-nivtiiiiiu. 'llw fwtmcr b oT tlio 
limit III' Kliwatialui <iiut of C*ni(!iillii 
,aii inri-rn?iJ by Iluniltj'). Froin tlml 
recvntty loUDU ne l«ni iLattlitise two 
bwlicH of itoldi«rs wore qHorterwl to- 
trctlicr nt l)ii« utaiiuii in ihi> timu uf 
Unrdinn. fiir it iit rlsanrberc ■lic-nn tbnt 
K^natiiis Liirilinnus irns Iegal« of this 
yin(K'rTir. Tlirt VAriliili, hj> siiiH^nrs by 
tbt' Sj'itiTuhiun n^'^rljJL, wcjw in l{rll«lit 
ill t.Ue ticui of Tmjiiu ; lie jecoud co- 
liort of iheni a lueiilioiied in it &t siir- 
luuiiGii Jh'ida, a title Hliiuli t« alto 





Td tlic g«ului of out BmiMrar and 
of Itic StanilAnli 
of the firat cohort of the Vardoli 
and uf a Nuaierut of Fxplora- 
ton« of Bremeniuiii, ComcUtu 
E(;iinliui LuPili- 
LTOaJ ■niii.(1iptin|i'-rinl |jrifiie,i»™|ir»tor, 
niuUf Ibr nupcnntciKlnicc of CamUu 
Sabinlanni, the TriUniM, 
nrtltd Mm atlnr. 

•hiiri'd by tlic Cni cohort, oi is proved 
by another inscription >I«d wry rp* 
CL>nlly px<'nvnio<l at ItrRiiK-Jumii, mid 
a f.o\y uf nhicb wa beiu intruducu 
(JNim Sir. Ili-m!e'BWcond eilition of his 
voltime. fStethe mnt /lagc.J 

\\\' tiiink mtii Mr. Ilrutv tlint Uif 
firMLiI natiic ia incirt jirobalkly tliai uf 
Eluitbaliu. Thu word batiij ir« nuiy 
nM tahvit, tignifytng that Ibi? public 
batbi were restored from tli«ir fituiiiln* 
tiotiF by thu lintc'uhoii. of tbv Viinlulj. 
Anuihitr riiMripiiuu liu been Ut«ly 
all^jirdoil by ex (.'utk lions. It is a rolive 
tablet to Antoninus Rtij, vrMtud by 
Ibu firat (Miltort u( tlu- LiDgonc*, und«r 
Lolliiu Urbicijs, iMi theotx^ision opna- 
renllyof th« complrtioii of some build- 
ing. This is tlic Lnllius Urbicusorlw, 



p[io r[eLici| 
C[o]u[OKicj I r[iDA] f aiio[vi.ouvmJ 

MA1.LIII A Hol-n KMr[lT«lT) 

•tbc[aio] ct[A\iiio] ArKLi,i»i(ti] i.KB[AmJ Ara[TtTAi.i] 

■KtrANTK AVNTrLIQ] ItVIKlO Tll[lBT!t0]. 

In liouour of itii! Eiiijirror Cnmt, 

Pluua. hnjipj, 

TbB flnt Cohort o( Uie Vtrduli. ttyM th« t^dtbrnl, 

— fruui Ihc [Tnmiil rMtorcd. 

nndrr Caiui Clauiliui Apdliniui. imperial Icxitei 
Aurcliui Quiutiit, tlie Tribune, lUpcnuKnilinit tltc witrk. 

I J9ljiitcillDUiiBav.%built tlit: upper bsrrivr 

^V AotoniBe Wall. 

Tbc iiation Brraicninm, cow liljj)i 
Rodu^U-r, titirrv ilw' pruciled iuacrljf 
lioa» bnve \<cvn l'«ti»i], lief about 
twenljr*tiTO titili-i norlli of the wall, 
upon tlic WatliiiK StTL-ut, A» it i« 
now Ixiiitg pxravalctl u luller account 
oftliv JwuvcrU-* riiiiiint Ik? unaccepl- 
able to oiir rejiiien, t'ji]irt-iailv n« innny 
afthcni. on & litU oceu-iiuu, vikili'd iliu 
vitc. Mr. Bmoe tbus deicribef it :— 

It {iht ttatioo) bu ctiJcnllf ttwn itlmtl 
^re k* Ibc |>rulrttiDii of llic «>ail. U'ljrii 
itevrd in rdotioD lo the ground in tta iiu- 
nedial« Tidniljr, tbenlation sTFiai to »tand 
bish, aad to be irtj much ripownl to ih<i 
i>«lber I but, if it bo luoknl U]>an from 
Uh faUb to Ibc HBt of it. ii "ill be tttn tn 
ixiMpj ■ drfile in thr iDouritJin lIiaId, 
througli which the Military Wnv i* vcty 
■hilrutif Ukrn in in prugn^n In iiic north. 
Wnltio; Slrvct |Mi*e> tlie ■lacion on ita 
ca»lm) aide, aail ahiwt* boldtjr furirud 
timard) Cbew Qrc«a. The |ia*eiDont cf 
tba nMd amj be tnocd iri % tcrj couiilctc 
alMa for mllw togedtcr, Ehongh tinitr ate 
Mrtiosa of It «hicb tttm aertw to hare 
MM paitd at all. South u( the itation 
ibe niad may in must placet lie ditlin-' 
Euialcd. uolil. un ttie tvolhrru riiu of (be 
b<i)iii of tbc Radc Watci*. I'l'O oiudL-rii turn- 

Eik* cAileacc* oilli it. Sciv'rul |iiocf* of 
lack ink, ]Mtfacllf aoanil, have hten got 
oat of Che iItw new to tho place wtiric 
tlw road croHod Iti Ud tamt poitiani us 

imbedileil ia the bank In audi a mty at to 
riicoarnxe ttie bttitt ibii the mail wa» here 
■upi'orted U|>uii tiuibcra. 

In 1 [iiilitarj puinl ef TJew lliu aita of 
lliR iiUtinn IS veCT atrong. On all Mdnt, 
■'jicn[>tinc near (ba <ontti-M«t oomar, Ihe 
Rraund alopea ttaai it : aud on the north 
aide. It flnhi m raiiiillj ai to icivo the 
tainp the proteciion uf a baldbrrast-wdrli. 
Tbc walla of tbo itatiou arc atrunitcr tbao 
thai« of llic fort* oo tlic liiin of the Wall ; 
the y are not onlj thicker, but are eoai- 
|HMed III Inr^rr ituiiL-i. In utie pUrr the 
•latign wall incuure* irimtccn fort ia 
thichtinBi the interior of ileeeini to haxe 
been fills'! wiili cla;. Ths wall, at (be 

north-wixl ciimer, hie btrn laid h*re{ 
M'lrn enurwu ofiitniiPK are atanihngln ]io- 
vition. Hero tome repair* hai« cTidenttjr 
bt-FU cffccicd after the ari|1iul erection of 
the Blation, Ihe newer pnrt being coiupoatd 
of •touea of a lariger *iM iliao the foat of 
tbe wall. Belweni Ibe w>ll< of the ata- 
tioo and Iho moataapaM of gronad, of 
taelve or ilflefn feet m width, lias boFii 
IrTcllett and brddril oicr uiih da; and 
Kra>rt. aa if tn (arm a pUlfnim tor mili- 
tar? opcrai ion*. The ponti^n of the |nC< - 
wa^* in ibe nvrtii and aooth rampait* may 
eaailf bcdiiceracd ; aoineportii>aa of their 
miMnnr rcnuin. Tber* baTo pmliulily 
hern tHo Kate«at>> on llie ctulmi miil 
WMlcrn aide* of Ihc itation- Oac rate, 
on the wcalcm aide, baa rtcciiit; Qecn 
cUntcd. It ilouda upvarli of aix feet 
liigh. The ealraooe i« ■ nin^te one ; it la 
wider on tbc outer Ihaa tlie liiaer mirfia. 


TA^Jtiman WuU. 


bwt eihlUu U aTcraee wiillfa uf alxist 
cIcTva fett. Tie Dortb jtmb of ikb gat<> 

■■f ia crowneJ nitli ■ riwUly'incMlilrd 
capita], nbof e whitflt ii the apriDiccr of aa 
aitli. DBderaMth the thrwfaold it a r*. 
Cnlarlj-faHJIC dnda, vkidi 1ia« braa^ hi tW 
waete water tnm Ae itatfcM; an«ral oditr 
■cwtn hare beeo obMrrad be t we w i ifae 
Mmlh-weat and oorth-eaat anglra of the 
kUtioD, IIm ioclisUiolt of IL« grvand b«. 
iog towaritd Ihr aorlli. A lUL'trotaiOD <4 
fTOOteJ iliins, corered villi lla^, lie in 
ib« llirMhold of Ui« Math ^te«ay ; bjr 
Ihla dUBBel clena vaiBrba*|irotwblr Uvn 
l>ro«f lit into tliD tUUon frwM iba atami 
^rMind, on tit aoMlb-AMf at it. Thia 
^roand U aboM tb« Ivnl <tf tlw ataliaa. 
aad. bafora bdoc Aniaed, fMdod miar 
III abandADc*. In tliow parii when ibr 
ttuion b nMurall* ■troa|:rM a aiaitle 
fuMC baa cnriroQca tbc waiU ; in tbcMo 
whieb arc ln« ttr«a( Iba Moat ba« b«elk 
iloulilu; bat at the Mutb-eaaA angle, which 
IB Ibe vcaliMt point. It luu been ituadni- 
|ile. A portiun of tbii fuui-Mil ca> 
trcochiDcni hoa been Icrrlled. Ibr tlw pKr- 
)>•»«■ of oultiritivn. Latt year (Ift9l) 
tlm field »** in «li(at i afttr ll>« Drop hJtd 
bHB out il wai pitaaing la obacrre. In th« 
comiwatiTB nnkncM and t1rr«|Ui of Iha 
MiriAk 00 ibo ■* najSe f round." tbc pw 
ibe Uua df Ibe dhchca. 

TIm <t«tio«La (»i ibeliMoflfaoWall 
vero for llw meat pait afaindoDcil after 
tlx: Rouiiiii!i(|iiitt(Hl Britain. Soiaenf 
tb«iu. e9|iec!ally tlinae to ibc oortli, 
wen; pxobabljr given up ftnlcrlor lo that 
I'TL'Ut. Ia l£e counc uftiniv iIm-j fi-ll 
into rutna, over irkSdi eartli ami berb- 
aiic (croduaUjr occiimuIiUcil. and up to 
iW jkTtacut day tnanj of Ihcui llirc 
remained unmolestcdt will) the <-\o-|i- 
lioiiof (MrtM of tliv nutvrwalts and tliit 
more expoied iwrtioD* aftlie liuilding 
wiihln, wIi!l-1i batr« served for building 
muloriQls througb matij ccnturiva. 
Stit! tlie rounilationi weru untiiucbed. 
lu tltu M>uih oJ* England, on tbe cou- 
trury.wliefcilie population wmstlcDKr, 
unil iliu land ofgreatin- value lbragri> 
cultural ]>uqiofr>, I be interior of tlie 
Buuuui hl:tli(iii!i lod cxktli^s ban; \tvea 
aJtnoat denudi-doftburt^iuaiiuof build. 
ingK. U is tlivrefurc in lluwu of ibe 
uorili tlitit wiMiinjr ex[icct lliu more in- 
tcreUiuK reaulu from wcll-diruc(«l ex- 
MVRlionh BUch u thoao now being made 
It Brciticiiiiirii ntid one or two other 

iiliMriM. It is tol*i;lioiH:il llut wlvnl hu 
tetti bnjuutil to li^tii >*ill iadura Um! 
I)ukc at Nurtlimubcil.iiid to p[ucc«') 
villi ibe reauATcbea wbicit turiu lo in* 

Icrnting a part of tbe new edition of 
Iktr. Brace « roluoie. u itn abttract 
wilt dcmoiulralv- 

Onenteriii}; ihestatinii tltv xiicctator 
1* atrui-'k witb tlii> lEiAM of building it 
OoulaiiiK They arv not, Mr. Uruco 
tl«ddu, of tbc umc rharaclcr or am 
Sonir, fnim iheir superior nuMoniy, in* 
dicaiv tbal tbe/ bekura to the unoinal 
plan ; olhcn src referable to later 
|>modi>. Two dintUKt lavere of dag- 
alone*, iKilh iiiudt worn, wilfa a nijua 
of rubbiib between tben, are lo In; 
noticed ID ntne of the bouses ami 
MrcKtt. Tbe chief rtrvet, twent; foci 
wiiia^. runi tbrough tbe atatiun from 
cut lo west. Another Uraet, lo tbe 
Miutli, ruDB in the direction of thow 

(mi nil! of iho rampart wbera tbo teeood 
■tcral gateway* are supjKMed lo b« ; 
ibis i> «i)tht r«et wide. 

Prccuelf in Ibe oontre of tbe oanp b » 

aqoaie plot of bvildii^ (a, ia the follow- 
lai; plan), which anbN^qent iBveatigalion 
ma; prove lo be the prvfaritn. Tbe 
portal (t) ludiDj; into il from Uie *ja 
l0Tmeif>atit baa bccu eruwucd bjr aa an^h ; 
uanj uf tbe vad(t'e)iai«d aluaca which 
OOMpo«*d It wan bvad ayaa ilic ptinniL 
Advaaeing a finr fevt imaarJt, arc meet 
with what appoM* to b« a aemBd portal, 
Iba baMDwat oovtm of two ilrong ti|UBte 
pdlara of nuuoarj (r.r.) Knalnlos In po. 
aitioa : thcac too w*j bare beco f panaei 
kj *D arch, or ibrj may haie be«o tur- 
■nountcii by lUtuci of \'ictary, Tlic lul- 
IM lUpponUap ia aoggestod b; Ibe diieo- 
very, already rcfored to, of a nearly eou- 

e figure of the farourite (odtot of tbi 
ans, and a Hnall ftivment of a sreond, 
wiiliintbe taatcrv eatvway of DoKoovi- 
OOH. In Ibe ebaniMv whiob ia entered 
tfler paatlng tlieae pMhuenta tbe moat 
•irlhbif object la an uadergraaad (auk {y) 
•bout ci|bl fert aquart, asil Hi ftet da 
Tim maaonry of Its wall* btora tbe ob 
nctcr of tbe Mc«nd> rather than of 
fim periiMl. Two aBirOw aprrtnrM on ilt J 
aooth Mde near iha tO]i leem taionded fori 
the adnianow of water, and a aballovl 
trooth and cutter tm iba «!(« of one 
Uico|i|ioiillea3mcn, bare apiMUWDtly bcea^ 
inttodcd to carry off the Kprrflaeut liquldi 
Tbcre i* D«w lyiflf at tbe bottom of it UM 
atoiM IcaUl of a doevway, aiiwardB of dx] 
feet long ; before being piveJpiiated into 
the Lank, it wauld aeeBB to haic Ioft|[ lain 
npon tbe ground of the alatian. for It li 
much worn, aa if by the idiarpettlng of 
knive(a(>ow iL Proeeeding iwaaltuffbt 
lioa onward*, and at the aootberu ex- 
trmully of this range of bnildtnp, nrtotber 
uodeiground reoeptMte (o) ia aoan. It 


Th^ Itoman IVaU, 


TlMt* u »li opcnitut *( Uie bolton, in one 
rorner of tb« bnldinf, haiing much lh« 
ofipewwioe of ■ conduit t )l in wched hy ■ 
DiiiEleBtoot. ninghl; marbrd «ttli itUmuiiJ 
touling, TbecourKof lliia dianucl hit* 
not 1>«tn fxamiotd. Tbe whoW vaull hw 
eTidMillv bMn [in^XAtA «llli a eorcriag. 
In ila iwBtfm arall b a proj««tlng ledgv, 
«bieh U sImvh in tlM « uotieut ; on tlili 
doe or two cuimoi of ituuci bare pnilu* 
blf mint, nrdcliiof tswanl*. TW U)]i 
*aiJJ by tbia mcaai bsao outttrtcuJ (hkt 
It night be MxernI ofcr by long flat 
alonr^ ; on« inilablf for tbo purpota, 
thoiicli lirokea in twn, lin on tb« »pat. 
* • • * 

On llio VMtcrn «ido of iho crnlrnl block 
of batldiflBB it a double raase of bimckt 
(h, c)i Mcb coiu[>>irtiacnl i> niity r<:«t Ioqk 
aod nflr«D broad. The Dinanary i* u- 
cnnllD^tj good. aniJ eiiili-ull; hdungi to 
llip (int pariuil. In Uir trDlrr at (he 
range botwcra the ai'nrliiimU a dorp paa- 
Vtgt TUDB (k), flagged al Uie bollunii and 
appanodv coainiiiucattng nttb floaa (n) 
MBuUi tha roMna. Thla paaiaM ahnra 
Mn MnnH of maaonrjr ta *Mm. ItieautFr 
walla of ibcae bnlldinp bave aiYOILoui rv. 
MnbliBf balttnaaa placed actiait tliciu 

(i, i). and tha taiM Duwb«r. alghl, li ap- 

priiilfd 10 cacli. ll ia probabli>, boinrrr, 
(bat Ilipjr Mtw not iuteiidvil (o alrvngdica 
the nalii, but ncrc fxiiiiirttcd irllli llw 
livatiiig of lliL' ajiaxlDiciil*, for a dur |cora 
luidci' (bs Hvor frum (bt: ccii(i« of each 
bat. Tha Aoora of the rooma tnniUl of 
a oaubln wl of tlagatOOfi «ilh an inier> 
Trnlnjc lajrr of obij brt««m Ihnii. The 
flonra are not •upportcil upon piltare aa U 
nnially ibo owe in liypocantta, but npnn 
dwarf nlli ; bj Uit* nieaoi th« Imtni air 
woald be carried alotkg (lit paaaagc* with 
■one of tbe preriiioD whidi or see maui. 
fcalfd ia tb« gallrriea of a coil miue. In 
on« of the baya forincd by ibt proJFCtiuc 
bultnoora fif this building ibe craniuin 
and acTcral of lh« otbir bonea of a nan 
frrt found, llie rvmanu of an archway 
(m) kading into one of (he dtrtllin^ (c) 
wen iliaooicMd ; U b |irabahle thai the 
uthgr «aa itmilvlv protldrd. 

Tkere are Wicuiuns (hat a range of 
honaoa (o), of tba Nunc oLnraelcr aa lliat 
whicb bai av boao dBaccd>ad, *(obd upon 
the Mjtarn tlda of tbo Mncnl iqnara. 

In Uic cm yriiitipidu, U motber 
Tault (u in ibe i'\aa), iocTOAcliSng on 


the line oftlic *lrc«t. It 10 t)iirly rm-t 
long, ciglil broad, and nx Occp. At 
tho holtom of it ■»»» (Ii^c'ovt■^>^l ii 
pi(*e of sculpture rvprVAcntiiiK ihrcf 
rymphi bathing Wr. itrucc asWt nliiii 
«in hav* bistn (lie object of so innny 
pjt-li]c«clianil>«r», ao<l iinuacr in de- 
ciding Uwm to kaTO bivii bulhu. But 
il is (fittcult to conceive iWch cun- 
atn>cl«H for any other purpotc, ni«J 
thia pit«« or acolpture, a* well ai thv 

i»w.-riptioa ootitaining tbc word baOi* 
(l». I'U), *«ciu to luppert tliia <r|UDioD. 
Contidcnibk' diacoreriea have aim 
liccti inB<!i;at HouKteailf (Borcovicut) 
1>; Mr. Clayton, and at BardinwaJd 
<Aiiibo)clanRa), by llr. I'ollcr,* bulli 
of which ar« dcikcribml bv Air. Ilnic^ 
Willi nnr JlliMlrstions. One of tbc 
luiat iiilcTMttnj; fnUiiVA of the excu- 
valiont at tbo Inllvr \Aace n tlie door- 
way Indiiig rnim ike Dorlberu ^le- 

* Sm p. 73 of our January niunber. Wa uli« thU opportuaity to lugimt that ih« 
Aral t*a wonla of tlie iiucnption found by Mr. I'otttr (p. '4) would be better read u 




■^ K 

"r :«"■ 

ItMiiaii OiUeinjr •> DnrAwnntd. 

m*j to llie guard chamber ■Iwwn in 
tbc aniHxed cut Tlia oneoliu- door* 
liMil ii ronnoU of m sjiikIv block of 
Rtone, which bad been ciroken mtd 
ihrawn ffom its original vituntion. 
Similar flnnea havo trfu-n bwn fouiid 
nt-«r llii- gntrmuyi nf «tHtiuni, and tli«ir 
ute ii iibir fully iJGt«rniiDcd. In the 
deparlnient allotMd to minor ant!* 
quitica will ht found 11UU17 objects uf 

lotemt. ^Vitli reipect tu thu little 
to1j>coi>-pi[>ci bowls, we maj obicrve 
thai llieir coiiiparatirv diininudTe aiie 
maj be well expluiuinl bv llic l'ai;l that 
in the time of tjueen Kliiibeth tobaeco 
WM mkl at (iW guincm ihe ounce, and 
UiUio afW-iiitirstli(»i*who indulged in 
the expeniive luxurj of smoking w«i« 
■ocuslnrned in buying it to ihroir five- 
shilling giiucca into tlui opposite scale. 


On m^ Aral and oalj viiil la tli« Poet Wordtwortk, shoHljp nreviAai u bU deatb, 
whsn hs r«|srdrall]r preseot«il me with a walkinc-stiek. wbicb bad bcsti an old aad 

WOCb-IMBiI raraurilr. 

Wc>iiimwoHT)t, banl oftJiebfiartl raj pulae beat hijifa 

To ni««t thi! t^uiul wclconc of thine ej^e. 

Wo ne'er bdbn, ud n«'er afpun «ould m«et ; 

Hm meeting tender, and the greeting iweet. 

Eacb had tin other known, but as a dre&in: 

Out sjrnipalhjr soon kindled with our theme^ 

Coi^kioos ' — tbe wonders of whose bjj[one dajs 

Each had in ample diarc the power to praise. 

Thine wars bit Utcr years : mine, when as bojs 

We lasted flnt of life, it's ewes, aad jojs. 

We parted : and at parting pauNd to bl«ai. 

Ere the deep farewell of our last cakh 

A Rtaff thj gift, u with a friend to roam. — 

Ah t No. Tt bides, for ajc, the glor^ of my home. 

(imn. Mao. Vol. XXXIX. 

C T. Lm Obicb. 



grcnt marljn oP thought do 
not Uogv in tbu inenorjr or naLinn* 
lilce ibe groat niariyrt of wigion : bat, 
in g«ii«nil, the uuiwerring pathwhicli 
tbujrpanuQ fur truth'* Ktkcuid God's, 
tluiiiMid* a nuir« ctiDcentrated cner^ 
nnd ■ more dcrvoU-i] faeraism. It m 
eeldom tlint iho amtiyr lor nliffloti 
mifll-rt uliiiiL* : itiv gi-iieruus bf«aln or 
hii r<.-llow -belie vert it in his van ; 
tuij^ls haver rauiid him, if uniwvn 
In all other ejet yet not uiuevD b; 
III* : be is not fed by the cold oon- 
dusioDS of iho inteilecl, bnl fttisft nn 
phontBsios whit'li lia^i* u li»iiig root 
and nuuifiealbOD in all nnlure: and, 
abore ibe imake of lii^ fiiti<.>nil pile, 
and tbn frown ufthv pcnecntiir'a lurr, 
hcnvcii.triUi im countlennmi^DfweN 
coDiiug Hunts, becomci one wide door 
to his Mill, in nich drcQimlances it 
is not n tra^ trial— Jl I* a miphty 
lriuni|il) — to alio. To piithusinsm in its 
fuver iIh! Inviiib Idooil wliiL'h it jioun 
rrom ItH uxultiiiit heart i* aa thv wed> 
diiig-^rmcnt villi wSiich in purple 
splendour it iinlvrsthi-bimqiirt-linllol^ 
ln« redtseuied. But the marl^r uf 
tbouffbt, ID his^ ftnigglo sad in hii 
destlii has ootliing to cbwr hi» uti«r 
lanelineas, except ihc (ijiiDileur of ilie 
iden lo wliii-'ti Ije hsa consecrated liis 
sacHflcial bein^. lie is n Mililnnr *lnr 
in tiw firmnniviit <il' liumnnit^r, arid 
prcciKly berjiLic he In a atir arc all 
other Stan far, far airay. It were 
well therefore if we biul u nurtjn)* 
logy of tliiiikcn, as then ha«v wen 
nci maaj iriart;ToI{y[ieB of believers. 
In such a marljrology, as in all mnr- 
ijrologiei. it is nut what tlii- mn^rtxr 
l)nm his tL-stiiitouj to, but the .ipiril 
which lie brou^^ht to his doom — the 
manner in which he tulimiltcd lo 
it ^ that »hc)ulil cUiin our reri;reDCe 
and |iruia>--. The remoiscless Kuilloline 
spared as little the grcjrhaJrsofJaoquca 
CaxntW, »r the nunnicr and more 
iitinuntliiiu li>cV» of ^tiuiniuc Rolutid. 
Bui, rovilist or repub1ii:an. who could 
say which was the snblimer martyr of 
the two? Who can indicate wlint po- 
litieid pnrlr, what relijtioua wcl, wliiit 
ehurefa, what Rgc of tlio norld, has 
produced tl>c mual msrtyrs ? 

It in »s a marljr ■>> ihoufcht, not 

M thu setter forth of any pecnliar 
opinions in pbiloaophy, or as a man of 
TBSt, various, and fcr'lila genius that 
wewontd prawn t CiinKiiAiio liavKotd 
the rcaerallon of truu En;{lisli minds. 
U has been made the rcfiiunch of Ivng* 
land tlat, satisfied with tho Hyxtcma 
of Locke and of Paluy, she never casts 
a glance, far less vealurea a step up* 
ward, to tht! loftier and iiKiro iummons 
heightx (if tnural nml lUL-laphytical 
inquiry. This may be a grave ftilti 
as it cvrtainlv is a most dqtlorable 
mitlbrtune. But blacker h the fmiit, 
sadder tlw iniafortune, lliat: she bos no 
home oil her fVee Mil for such as have 
oliniticd tlirnugh pi>riU numbLTlasa to 
those gisti and mighty |mks, thoM 
exulting obierTMoi-iesof creation. No- 
where is biography marked by a more 
socitariiin (rliamctor tlnn in iCnKiAml. 
The Eii|ili»h ouiiiniuaity i]i«iihiys a 
iignre imbecile promptitude (or llie 
a|iothe(»i» of some common-plooe per- 
son, whose only merit <iiu that of echo* 
ingond serving three orlburprcvnlent 
prejudices, ihui the Koman senate in 
iti most degensnte ntnl crawling 
baseness ever diowed (o deify an Em- 
peror who was an idiot, a llger, or an 
a|ie. Rut for roriest demigods, whose 
tread shimk ihu rooted inountsins, and 
whose voice was a iiliout of eiiumcipa- 
tinn for all times, England has no id* 
cense and no pciltvtid. Let Kugiand 
cthig lo her orthodoxy and natioiialitv 
astenscioaslynsshechoosci. EuglatuTs 
faith, political and religious, to uie ex- 
tent that it is a reality, most be Eng- 
land's life. Hut whiUt she reoeivcii with 
open sniis to her shores the Aigidve 
sfnre, the huatod patriot, the mourning 
cxlle,she spunia the glorious ilsad of fo* 
rdgacltinciunlessikey happen lopleaw 
one of her many whims. Uow mtieh 
does she thus lose of uttlestial nourish- 
ment, of heroic unpnbel Whal|iowny 
i* thus brought on some most import*^ 
act dt-pannicnt« of her literature! Ttfl 
may l>e tlut aliti has no natural tasta V 
for abstractiuiii: it way he that her 
minion is mainly priwlieal. But tin' 
rreat men of Uermany, of Italy, of 
France, whom slio despises or is con- 
tent to be ianomnt of, wcn^ not ab* 
vtrsctions, wlulerer tlieir ullcnnciii 


GiarttaitQ Brunv, 


maij have bMn. Tlwre U a cbibolivity 
whick is only (he mule of iiidi Rerun w. 
I There is snnltiiT (mllaolJuity whicli 
I butklit uj] mart ajnidous sod corgeoiis 
[munsioui of nenUl boipntfliity tliu 
wore there is ofetTnert and iuvniuible 
Cum ii til in. U i« «udi u cnthdlL-Ltj as 
iLit, nliii^h Ituiiijiir)! the lirnvv isKit niiit 
till- beautiful n'bervrer, wlii^tiever ljt!< 
bvlil, vrliicbwi! wi»li foruuruoiinlrjittun. 
The ttolerinl* liir n lil'v oC Giiitiluiiii 
Bruno are Msnt^. TUesixtciittFi cuii- 
turjr mm an immense neitatiun, a 
1)vunili«*Lii >u[)irine. lU hiuliloMl, ninst 
giltt>d t[iiritstliticu to iind fro in iim-:i«^ 
Hiitbition. gi'^eiiy of sdveiiluri-. Tlii-j' 
knew not (-xaial^v what iIipv waiiieii : 
bey werunutnatMtli^ with I nttv^Cuiil- 
im: Uiey were not Miisfi<iil with 
lltomanisin : itnej nere not satisfied 
rill) tb<tntu>tv(,-ji. It wa* Kmk ilmt lh«v 
■0 caorniaua ei'run tu uttack or nrt* 
■ordial trutlit tu l«ac>i, ihiin that ibcy 
w«c tnrmrnlvi) bj iliv rxulHjmiic? of 
tbeir own Llhiik. uikI lijr tilt; cirltHinl 
ipectavle of nen and Ibnile world* 
■ing in the remote. [lenre wlmt- 
ever tlicj did or mid bad ii lingv af 
diarlnhuiisiii, not b«cauK tliey wrr>! in 
the sliglilust degree dishone»l, but be- 
BUM Ibvir whole da.-rt:Japjiir)ilii ni-re 
iVDcli MrikiiiK diabaniiuii^ with thtt 
iilasirial eD[crpii»G by irbirb ibe «ix- 
[imitli century w:uini>lo.sii;)iarni^tcri»cil 
tltjiii by it) N [><!(.- u lull vu burdili»od. 
Tlicy ftleaiu ujion us fitfully at tbu 
miMl CHlmiiiiii!ii<; ll^iin-jL, — ibi'ii tliick 
d«rkne» swiillows tticm fur yean.— 
then suddenly lli^r arc once inoi-c bi.'- 
fore lit, doininiiiing and osliminbing 
csrili by ibuir he(|{bLi ntid linvmiient, 
and lu<.trc. It ii tbiiB ibut vc tec 
CuirdBnollninolilieastnini! nwitiiincr 
>iu!tii)^ llie brow of u ijiiiiii wave; wben 
he is bidden from us as if for ever by 
the nwrine vurgv ivml the i;albi:rinj^ 
baxci IhAmd tba dnrinc eyu and tbi; 
sireep of the unvarquiancil Iiand again 
ciucrpngc* Sniimtimisi we luiini ta 
niudi about liiin ta tf he had bvcd in 
our own day, and t«tu«timc» b« fnilus 
away nliiiniit tn ihi: uW'ority of a 
inytli. U'e sbaLi iiut ailcnipt l« play 
ibe cru<!ilc in rcguni to hif hirCory. 
Modern rcKiircb and criticiam, wUi;ii 
at>|div4 tburulii, li^vi- donu liltlu luorc 
taan rectify a l«w dulcs: wc urc not 
■won.- Uial tbuy buvu din4:ovi.Tcd any 
fn*h fact, ftruiio'i duvtriiK-fi nr« now 
fiuiiilMir lo evtiry out; ii»:<juiiiiiU.-d, hov* 

over tliuhtly, witb tbe i-9vulutions of 
|)bilodopTiy. Btit ilioiigh (hu p<Miit!on 
wJiicb iLe [ihi lodopbi-i- oocupivd, u« 
wull ns n kailer of t1i« kvoIi a]H"'"it 
K-bula:ilii-itni hk i1i«i propoiinder of 
id^us pecruliiirly bii own.iii <'oniinuiiIIy 
growing murt'diBtiiiei, yet tbiv doi-^ not 
annm to have broii-ibt tbe man any 
nearer or i'li-nn-r to iit. A* ibp mers 
kni^b (-errant of luuiiijiIiyMoul oudni'i- 
tit!i no onv will bcni.'^jfurlb repard Lini. 
Tbii, bowi'ver, nilber cIvstNiys a ro- 
niaiicc ibuii funii'jhed the u^tt^aiin for a 
wbiitniiti.ll rucord. Learinc therefore 
all folidn tu ihi! glory of their tmixjiiil 
wnd Tenemhle duil. we sbull Hike l,li« 
int'iilunt* of Rruno'i career muiJily, 
ancb )ui ne find llieio in a ri?cenC 
J'rench e*iay, ndoutiiig it* bingUBgo 
o<*cMionilly as well as its stuteiui-nisi, 
iinbuinx ourHrlve* as IJir %ts pofsible 
with Hi gciivruiiH ipirii, mid avoiding 
only it» pretentious air aod iti aouie. 
wliuL brtuijitHrt ^rjindilni^upnce. 

At Nola uear N^iplmt wiu Giordano 
Bruno born in 1 j 50. It was well thivt 
n Mini no fiery and inijietiious stiould 
have aa lirst teudii^r* in tbe womlor* 
nnnl gmndciirs of the uuivene the 
lliinii-j niid tbiindt^rs of VeRUviiis. Tliu 
f(>rec bi; pinsenud, ibo frceilom niul 
till' bi-iiiiiy which were bis tliirit and 
bis ili'L-iua, III- fniirid cndilemcd in the 
volcauoi the MuditernmiMii wave, and 
the lliilian sky. Of the diiblluKid aud 
the youth nliK^b be niivnt in a region 
so much ID unison with Ium tialiire wc 
Caleb few traces. The Gral jcliuipiic 
we obtiiin of biai ii in iJic garb of a 
monk. Alen in wbuni L'oinbiiie a pro- 
digal fancy nnd n mcrnphysicnl subilcty 
are uiore prune ibiiu all utbera to mi?i- 
tuke n inoiuentary dir^u^t, n aia^le 
outbuml of tiigui L-motion, for tbcroca- 
tioii til A lifti of -lulitude and prayer. 
It was jiTotntly foinc auch tnuiaitory 
feeline which induced Gior<Uno Bruno 
to HL-ek n priMun fur bia ni;b iMiii;;inn- 
tiuD and b'^ tninidt of ardent Gncri;irH 
in tliu i-lbiBtor. At wbiit time Uc put 
on tbe ^«wn of tbe lliiniiiiiciin, ut 
wbiit liino be ibrcw it aside, we know 
not. I.>tri(iii)iean fur il si:ii[i<)» be iin> 
(jueitioniiMy wiu, IboiiKh an btNtoriaii 
of ILl' order of ibc glonmv Sjinninr^l 
hru nlloiiiiilvil to dony thin, iilh'ifin^ 
Ihnt if bit Wl ever brcn a Dominican 
bu would have reiiiaineil %a., n* if it 
were a Uvr u unerring and inv.triahlQ 
as gmvitiitioii tbnt [H>oplo nlway* <^n- 


Giordano ffrutto. 


Uniwd in the ume futb or prttfeuioB. 
Otord&no no doubt fint Tnuiiil th« 
ounvi'nttiftl role and diMiplinc irkuMne; 
bat hf and hj unifi of the abitt Ro- 
nuiat doMrinw and praotiMS bcaan 
to wntr to him ibo aimoct of fjtut* 
hoodx. EU v«nt«u«i to kinl hi* doabt, 
which ia dreadj m K*«at crime in 
tba 9y9 of Ilia aunorioni. But whon 
fabaeaplieinn tooklnc fonn of mockery, 
qniok Uid 4«rce waa tlwir nge. 'Ij- 
mtt$ MV«r midon ridicula ; bvvauM 
ft tUngwlKiQjr ridiouLoiu loeeu with 
as Uttio mercy froiB mankind aa a thing 
vhotljr roUvn. Kvcn so Adrian, mil 
thi) moat cruel of deapoU, can bill the 
avoltilect Apollodorus for a jest. The 
DenniicBiu woal<l hant liMin gtml lo 
atop Uiwjokea of th«ir aarcutic tntitlier 
ill a very sunimary mode; but be 
woapnl from tfavu- hand*, anil bvcatsc 
a wanderer ail otct Europo. 

More an a^caiorthaa an iconocbri, 
itWHOOt hti idiHU but himwlf that 
jni|w«Med hia fellowiiieo. IkiiiJea tu 
exiraordihaTy political inoTementa, w- 
ciely «a« at thai momeDt vlirrad hy 
five iimnii inlluencei : the incrcue of 
mechanioliiiTcntiona; the prograai of 
material icience; the expauaion, thv 
dariuBofcawnierdalonterpriM ihroiuh 
ihc aitooTM-j of raat LranMtlanttc 
raliu rogmf whose oosala atill hung 
enobantmcnt and flible to f«ed TiHoiis 
wul to aLimuUu! adrenturea; the 
growth, the TJeloriei of the Reronna- 
tioni Mid ihcdownlalorKlintaalicMm. 
Kever before hud 90 uumj and mtrh 
>talwart vitajitic* been aliruiul in the 
w«rU aa at U>at huur. both m poeilire 
and as i)e|t<ttire fvroev. It wa> an 
epoch of inaitifold fcrtililiea and earvcal 
itrivin|i», but wantiug unitj from its 
var^r axcvM uf lacultj and bope. It 
nDntoi)i.-d with itdtrcncth like a friiing 
giant out un hit Gnt bviidaT. like Ucr- 
eule< ere he boipin bU twelv« labvun. 
Fow (Mnild lipitV it more completely 
thjtn Giordnnn llruno with hi* hirire 
heart, hia predial pknntaay, 'bia dis- 
eunive, penetruUve intellect, bit gal* 
lam b&anng, hi* lioundl^ati courii(,'c,— 
luB plans, Iiis idcaa, hia activitir*, his 
i^ggKanreanlouraasboandlMii. Such 
a tnan ia a reformer oertainlj; but 
nibrouir it not the moat pepcr word 
to apply to him. A mladin tar more 
than a prophet waa Giotdaoo Brono ; 
aocl the monalan be alteoked and alew 
were tbc foul otonkarie*, the ghoMa of 

a burtod world wliieh ftUI lingered 
among men. A) a paladin — the 
brilliant ohampion of that future 
whoae r<i««al0 dnwu tbu ObacuranlJata 
wurc iry'iag to picture lo the aupereti- 
tioaa aa a devoiiria| fire — Gionlapo 
e it t ap e il Otnoa. Bn impnniaaiorial 
eaao and elMtuenec, that ranid ghutoe 
nf pcdtUcal «aai>oily which belongi ao 
peculiarly to nia aona of Italy, which 
oonsolM them for the uUertnoet of 
poliiioal ditmce awl deoay, and wUoli 
BoinglM euA alrange laconim* with 
the moat Aowing atnplitodo of apeei^ 
hi8geniallty,btii grace, the plenitude of 
hia meanmg. anil the polifh of hia 
weapon*, Ibe novolty of hit parndazea, 
and the boldnvai of lii> dcuundaliona, 
aatonidied the mullitode, nJafmed the 
timid, enobantwl the enthuiiaat, en- 
raj^d ibe lugut. Gunoa ahoeted ita 
applause, nivi then Genoa shouted ita 
fury— and Giordano fled. At Kiev, 
at Milan, at Venice, the aame gaze of 
wonder and the atme alorm of hate 
awaited bim. The priesu dreadeil laaC 
the gladiator tlionid grow into the 
general. All over Italy, at that time, 
thegrenleetunbelieTerand Kofierwaa 
the pricat. 

It traa not therefore a igticition with 
the printly parly about lh« riebt or 
the WTDng in pbiki*o|ihy ortnrvltgicm; 
but anyUiing that lUrvatcned to ac- 
quire the dimention) and the coneift- 
cncy vf an organincd attack upon p0< 
piilur Wli^id wns a f ue (A the ayalem 
which, both at theory and inatitution, 
made thrm the spiritual rulers of man- 
kind. Aa incompetent to refute na 
they wen unable to silence Bmnoi 
they gnaabed the inatlaie icEtb of 
tlicir insolent ferocity wilh such bloody 
ditiinctncsit, thai he felt that it would 
be aa aage to tnwt to their mercy ae 
to the tenderiHee of wUd beeato. In 
1980 be quitted Italy. He fixed bia 
abode for a aeaaon at UeueTn. Ue 
diteorcrod there that Protcataut fa* 
natioiam differed from fiomaabi only 
in being a few degrem moce intents 
and funouf. Calvin once wrote to 
Bucer, " I hare no hardvr batllea to 
Eight agaiiHiL my faulta, aucoerou* oimI 
great aa thvy are, than ihcec in which 
I trA to cuii(|u<.-r my iatelcnncc. Of 
tlii* mrcncu* animal 1 am not yet 
master." CuJvin wiu dcail, and could 
no leager bum h<>reticg for the (lorj 
of God and lo illustrate iheProtaMant 





Giordano Bruno, 

I as 

rifftit of privkto judgment tn tualtvr* 
of fii!tt> ; but tlic rkvcnou* aniiiml itill 
lived, Kiiil TlivoJorv liviti, ihtmcti n 
BMre Kenial inau llian Ciilvin, iliu not 
■dBiiMMtcr ihv. dictiilor»titp lu wliicli 
lioh*d •uci^(*>--(lcil on Calvin'* death in 
a milder Buiril llikn tUat K''^''^ ''"^ 
•oinbr« tna dMPoUC, reformer. Die- 
t*tor BczA and hi« coailjutor* lia<l 
fona«Hf recoffniied two infallibilities 
— tlikt oftbo I'rjpe and flml of AriB- 
toll<<. Thi-y *till Tccngni*cd two — 
Aridtdtle'* uiil tlioir own. In a letter 
to I'elor lliimun, the ik:iiI«, dexleroui, 
•ml iincnrnprcinitring oppon«Dtof the 
Gcnerese bma <Ic«T«ed onco for nil 
And for bvar (httt n^itltur in log'w iinr 
in knv other bmnch of Icnowtcdga 
tkouM the «lip;bt>j*t dopArture bt- pc-r- 
mituslfrom thoopiniona of Aristotle" — 
k decree wliidi Lime and pragrcM have 
reipected ob little as moat decreet of the 
kind. Giordano Bruno ])n'i,)iii'JniiDt«il, 
f*e«d infallibility wli«n ulotiiml viilU 
Ike mcKt iinpo«ing ecremoniiU ma^i- 
ficei»(!e, and mftrchine witli a purple 
vwooi) of hivrarv-liiciil itiipuriuuimosi 
whieb rcettUed it» Komon dcjcwit — 
wbat honour or obedience wan it pro- 
bsbla tbat he would give it wbitn it 
OMBB befgrtt btiu aa tliu stiirved pe- 
dtlUiamof stunted aealariea? Uut he 
■melt tbo bUiod nf Survc'lui. and hu 
IVent Bmiu aud (Tunern Iruin the sight 
of one ivhoin tliey re;{arde4l as a pesli- 
lent ffllltnr — n lurbid^nt iiiiinvntiir — 
K matt untavorv iijuvluien ol' Anti- 

lousing rapidly thmugh Lyaim, 
Giordano attatapied lu sajuum uiid lo 
breathe the truth ibat wm in him st 
Totiloute. If hir h»d cotiie ■■ u tuiii- 
didate to faef tlurid );uiues, Timluusc 
wi>uld have received bini with the 
Tanae«l xniili^ uf tbt^ mimy Rciutli ; 
but when he twiiitd tiia poetic imaj^s. 
not roil ml ooine frivolou* »entiments, 
but round llic Ue<;[iL'it mid must, rum- 
est thought*, Toulouse gathered grim 
before biin in tnutinou) Ko-t] nnd 
cUmour. Abonl forty years after, in 
1619, TouIouM burner] snothGr Nea- 
poltlwi hvrcttbiLuciliu Vniiini. Bruno 
escaped hy fiiKbt I'ruin a aimlliir diKiiit. 
He »oughl sftjcty and a licld for action 
in tliat ntty in wbirli adventurers of 
every kind, ([ood nnd l)ud.CiiKliontrnM, 
IiBWfl, Napoleon Bonapnrtea, Iiavo 
aliraya oH-t wtth admirrrs and ndhc 

rvnt*. TfacTV wan at tlint time au 
unusunl conlluviice urUaliunt to I'arii. 
Catherine dc' Medici bad Ilnllaniscd 
the Frcncb court, and iDtroducifd into 
the nfikirs of I'niiice a Rubllo Itulina 
jioiicy, whirli r^inired for its ofluctual 
working Italiotk inrtrumenta. When 
therefore Giordano Bruno entered 
I'arift, in I5$3, bo wm mixed with 
crowds of lti> countrymen, attracted 
t hither by far other object* tlxn 
hi» own. He cauio not to aedc Ibr- 
tune, but to unveil lo thrilled kMrt*, 
yeamin)c fur auub brave npoatleabtp, 
the most trantoendcnlal voritiet of tha 
universe ; «nd pcrhap* ha vraa m- 
aptred and atreugthened by thinking 
ttiNt one hb noblu and c;ifted m» him- 
self — one nurlnrvd by tlic (nmc Nca* 
jiotitiin sun, and atirrcd to nild, un- 
speskable emotion* by the 83iti« vol- 
cano's glare — bad, in a for dttli^rent 
hour of the world's hiitoi^, given tlio 
radiant presence of n pious h(>»rt and 
of n lojinieH and cntiiprehetisive iidnd 
to Paris. Thamn* Ai|uinas, however, 
waa the upholder and the apnlngiiit of 
lyttems whioh fiinnlano Bruuu wu« 
l)oro to iis«»il. Hcnee enn we wonder 
that the first wns ennoniiied, and thut 
the eeoond wuf murili;rt?'d by eruel 
flurric, nl^er h<> Jiad boL-ii bowed and 
wasted by the dnnf>eon'a damp f Vet 
the recaption of Giordano nt Paria 
throw forth the foreboding shudow of 
no <uGb direful fate, lie rendily nc- 
c|uired protecton;, ahk' nnd williiifc to 
nerve biin, invtuding lliv Grand Prior, 
HenH d'ADgaul&iiie,and J. More, the 
Venetian ambuiador. Tbo hitter pre- 
M>nted hiru to King Henrt the Thiid. 
Graced and suppoiteit by •uch nntmnn, 
ho eaKily obtaini-d frmii Jean Viltmac, 
Iteulor of the University of Pari^ the 

teriniMion to teach philompliy; and 
e would huvi- Iwcrn viirutluil, it la 
Koid, muDiin the titular prnfeasora if 
he had contented to go to maati. lie 
made <|uiiik and ample uxe of the pri- 
vile}>e cunferred on liioL, The more 
daring, diMinct. direct, the indivi* 
dtiulily ufii uiiin.lln: le«:ihc Iniii li> care 
about the ctrimQ»Uty of bii ideas; andlt 
is mnnil plnccariaw.mnrc lUan intrllcu- 
titul ■>lN2>»ri!in] — hiirriiwiri;{ nur neigh- 
hour i cbiiracter. more ttion liorruwtng 
lit! iho'U-gbls — wliieh is condemnnblc. 
It wiia the niun in Bruno nbiidi mode 
the pbilotopGier, the orator, the pro- 
phvt interealing. An Ikib pcrtlnacily 


Giordano Bruno. 

of wUlwliOM otuct was irrcsittiljle — 
■n iDkrepidii; wludi nulbtiii; could 
(kniit— iWtic •Tore what M-iEGid the car 
and th« cj« beTore Int manifoli] incnul 
Itcultica and reaources e»aK !it[« lull 
^Avf, In all things ire coii«|uer firai 
Dj MMnge, though Mtnithing cIh nuy 
at aeocoaarjr to nmtntjiiii tlie oonnuuL 
Bofera Mrtoniahiag ihe I'ttriHians 07 bia 
decbio rapidities, hia norirallcil fer- 
tilities of lirnin, (linnUiia liod idrvailj 
domilialed llieinby the pilb and filcain 
of hii Talour. Vii^ what he spoke 
iiew P WW it true ? They could net 
njr \ but bow IkiU wu the ipnker ! 
lie mddrcawd audicnco^ aa delighted 
aacxeitcil, on ihc lofpc «f Kaymoml 
LitUi. on thn ailroDomlcul [tjntvm of 
CoMrnicus. and ou a kind of tht»- 
•Ophfi pai^l^ ll>^ creature at his owu 
tnTttuial viunnft, antl pnrtljr llic iT,iu- 
veDaMenat of neo- I'latonle »|ii!ctila- 
tions. Tno creit iii;lliol<>);iEti vt ani' 
dem litue*, ^ocga and Creuzer, have 
nndicnteil the nco-Batonubi oT Alex- 
andria aa |>n)[iuuit and Lrustwotth)' 
M>uroe» of mfthological obKrvntivn. 
Hieir viudicjilivn aoems not leea necco' 
■arr n» Ibe cxpouentt of nltgioua aad 
pUiiuw>phii:al principle* iitiich, if iiut 
»o flr;;aiiioi)ll^ cucnplelv, idvnilj bcnu- 
tifnl, and arliiticidljp perfect aa Tlalo**) 
had ■ more varied meaniDg, a riabcr 
mggiwtivciicAS, from liriiijtcoDlact with 
the Kost, wtih C*l>ri«t)iiiiiiri aiil witU 
that fnwline** and force which tlia bar- 
harJaoa wiaanilvrcd amid the dcerepi- 
tndea of Roman civiliaativn from tbe 
depthj of Ihtir foresta. To vindicate 
tli« neo-lliiloniilaof Alexandria would 
tic t« vindieate Oiotdano Itruiin, fur 
he wii* but a iHio-PlBlonist of nmiVUi-r 
clime itnd ondihcr ogi', at once m out- 
rageod^lj rationalitttie nnd aa pru- 
fbuadljp tnyxtiiMl. It wan pnibnMv 
leM fai& mrilieal boliofi tbnn hn rotion- 
aliilie altitnrlc whieh impr«M«d tho 
J'ariKiana. AVhm nmvyiiig th« iiib- 
limtwt IheoriM in tbe movt gopgcou* 
poetical nyiaWs, h« would •eem to 
tlietn little vUo than a riaionarjr : hut 
III the cliiTi^nr of hi* onalaoght on ihc 
seliciifiitiiv ktkI llioir Ijmnd Lamn Am- 
totle, Ibeir hi-nrlx lii-al liiph and ctrao;, 
as nt n chirirc of i>tketn(>u. Ciordtuio 
bad a black and kindlins oje, n« do- 

JBMit o» \\\» tpwi*!)- Hia fuatun-*, 
elicn(« nnd 5ne, were diaiinguiahed 
bj extraonlinary beauty ; hi< mnnivn! 
bfovr, of aiilitjufl luoutdteuncc^lnl half 


itd MreiiKlli anil all it* stcrnncaf bj the 
mcliiii-hulj that hon^ round itj hia 
coui>tvnniii-« was ]>cn«ive Kt thai oH \ 
wonuui, till soine suddan iupulw, ■om« 
iiii;;htjr reveaiin^ i>f tlic CVfpid withiOi 
iiiiidc it lloah with the dctvruiiiuitioii 
of al'itan'tf, who acurnt to yield ibouvh 
transfixed by arrow» aiitl cruj>bcd bjr 
Tucka; hi« accent wm ^lasaioiiale, ai 
hclitted ihe wnniith of hia cntbuaianmi 
luid the Tvahiu); eruwd of hia intpira- 
tioat>> lie ahoweil hia coiuunimale art 
by the nuuiii<:r ia which be vould ea*t 
aside all art, and tnuuule hot iulu lb« 
innemraat mhiI througti iu moat fur- 
midabltt ntit ranch m cut of pr^udioe*. 
Quilting ever and aoou Ibe velie- 
nieiii:e. tli« fury of the prophct't lone^ 
he would pour forlh Kccncat irony, 

iilayful wit, and itill luon: playliil 
aneiem nor ilMdain, if some abaurdity 
could thereby be rendered more ab- 
surd, tlic gcBticuIation and tlis lan- 
guage of Ihc buffoon, loMing into 
•trangc comaiixturc Mcred aaaocia- 
ttona anil alluaiona and examplw drawn 
from tbe lUMt ordinary ocourrcnoee 
Olid the uioot vulgar cusloma. llien 
would he aacend with one onormous 
bound from this luw region to the 
empyrean, slittvring with ila cunnt- 
Icaa itarrjr gloriiM, which he hud Ibr a 
oiotoent Idi- But, juil in the mcaauro 
that fata audtenoee were coobnnlcd, 
wvtrv pne«l«( traditionaliala, and pha- 
riacct of every deacription odiended. 
He had again to seek a iilnceof refti^, 
and he found it in Knjtand. 

[lore ho rciuuinrHl from 1583 till 
1585. The French anilNi»ii>dor, Mi«bel 
de CaalelnaUi aapircd to the twofold 
honour of all ield of the peroevulcd and 
pntrou of all tite liberal art^ He 
cnvcCiordniiu llw tnitt fricn'Uy grieel- 
ing, nnd ioEro<liiced him lo fomo of 
England'* moat notable nivn. Gior- 
dano was presented at court, and waa 
not Ibe leas wcleome tbcfw for eotn- 
paring Elixobeth to Piana, and for 
discovering unil«d in her the beauty 
of CleopAirn and the g^niu* of Sfmi- 
rnini*. LiIh^It was granted hint to 
Icnch at Ottoi-H. Imniccfinlcly kit 
Toiee in riiiu-it tticruwilh oil ils pro- 
digioiii llutfney nnd moit odv^'nturoua 
mshneM a^min't Ari^loilc, to whom 
Oxford Kiill dun;; with i-huraetrriiitie 
conacrvatiaiu. Oil'ord, however, win- 
cealed her anger at the agUntor when 
alic uw hiiu lundc an ohjocl of i( 


I laaraed Otm vcn tnkh rtt t d «a 
lli« Daemon, u wiaek Gionlaso Brano 
twill a oonqMWSw fini*. A grssd 
dtirl of woraa w« Mqgh bti W eca 
faint uxl a leuaed doctor. Gionbno 
dafcndt d tfae Copeniieu aMroMT 
uuDit tbc (ddcr ■jrwnuL. bj wnca 
Oxford valimntl; (b»d. The docior 
WM Mi^nall; defested. Ox&xd Iwd 
nuU iptieiiie ftruTof Bmno't psn- 
doxe*: DDt, when no b«f[v> >o pn»- 
pound MnK rjUiasunemn tbeoricf on 
tbe aool and iu immonnlilj, Oxford 
untied ne»iu( bita with > rvrj KUnt 
■mil. wtaidi, thnntavii^ to ateyat 
into n oniwl— nlnji jMoMking tenons 
10 Enstiih monlh^— GMrdanu wixed, 
n« tM nad nlrtnd;^ fo oftto acixed, Um 
•Inff or iIk pilgnm. 

WUtber wn* be now to turn bit 
wmrj feet? Pnrii had not kwt tti 
&adulion Rur bim, oor bad bo far- 
mica hb fint mcMM and popolanljr 
tbare. Parb tbewfare beewne hu re* 
ndBDce in I j$.l. Bnt. either bc(*«uw 
be maa \em n wondrr or more a terror 
tban tie had been befiirn. be bade fickle 
Paris for crer fajewell in IdiHi. U« 
had DOW taught in hii natire l^lr< ■■> 
Svilxetland, !n Frann>. and iu Eof 
laod. Tbe hinb-pUce and borne or 
Ute Reibrntation iliU remuned, to nnt 
and perchance la vuxniub. Hb ittaj 
at Marbor^ wat hnef, tbe rector or 
the uniremtj forbitlding bim to t«»ch, 
Wittenberg prored more lolemnt and 
bMiiilabic Thera be unfolded bu 
philotvpliicnl doctrinet fran) 1586 till 
lAsS. Grateful (br the freedom whicb 
Wittenberg allowed him, be pnii*«<l 
that city ax tbe Athenii of OvmuiiT : 
1>ui,lbouffh be ieiKedcxtrjo]>ponuiaij 
to abaie the Pa|)e and to swell the IHine 
of Latber, be made no profecrion of 
Pmt«itanii*Ri. Tbe oomprehennire- 
neat of lii* wind, equallv wiib iht in- 
dependence of his cnxractisr, hindereil 
Giordano linmo from being npartiHaii. 
Tet without Ixcomine fbr liuttt^il of 

Sirttnn* be could nuiluniJ be accepta- 
1« to Proteftantfl. Whether fioiu Ilii» 
caun or eimiil^ from bi» fcrrrisli rr*l- 
letfnew, bt! exchanged iii lub8 Wit- 
lenbcra for Prasue. Iu I3«!l we find 
him in I lelinatudl. where the Duku of 
Brunswic): cntniKtwl him willi tbe edu- 
cation of the beir to tbe crown, and in 
iJ9I al Frankfort an the Maine. He 

of nsaboM lo iboae wka had 

DM tfaa efe to we tbe pohlf wurfMa 
aaoan nMtbc woltb and DMicetrol' 

IWn^wl oftDjfadeedaJD a lift 

a bow iwB ng wilt atoit periliWM iMwl- 
lieawaa t w ot da ao Anno'a main to 
Italy in lS9t. Tbe mm motive fiir 
tbia mklea wetitm b oonjeonnd to 
have been a fit of boOM ihiJiiiw. 
an iiT^sbtible longing far Itdr the 
bcaatifdl Terrible was Iba nnca he 
bad to ff for thus darins to oshn Ui 
hfrilagp of Ital?*) mnibine. As if 
wore UMegugblj to exasperate bis foea 
and to ttoEau tbeir acUowa of Ten- 
geucclw aaleetad Pkdua to rwidn ia, 
whicb waa bnons ftir ilacfaaMpiooahip 
of that per^mletiB pUkw^T wUeb be 
bttdalwajraaoftiiioDalrauadted. Tbe 
Imifoiaiiiou at Vcnioe dtd not allow bin 
lUM to hejfailtj of anj> frrah ofienoe 
■gainat ArMotle or tbe Church. In 
September 1491 tbe father inouiaitor 
of ihnl citj caaaed Bruno to be ap- 
pnbended and jplacod in one of tbe 
priaont wbkh tbe VoDetiaa botcto* 
mcnt put at tbe diipoaal of the bol; 
office;. The amat was immediately 
oomtniinicated to i^an Scverina. the 
grand inquiailor at Ram«, wbo com* 
maadeil that be should be tent thitbcr 
br a aafe eseort as early as possible. 
Ob the S8tb of Uw nune month tbe 
rather inqaialar, ahu^ with otw «- 
two olbar eocfa w a ati cal dignitariea, 
preienied btmMlf bebre the Ceanoa 
of Venice to Hlicic lib extradition, 
ailing that the man was not oolr a 
Iicreiic but n hembrch ; that he bad 
coDipoMd oomerous woriu in whicb 
he hml wamtljr uraiacd the Qncen of 
KngbniL luid otlior heretical princes ; 
that he bad written divert things oon- 
Irary lo failli ; that he was an apostate, 
having fint bciMi a Dominican ; that 
bu had lived n numl^r of jvon at 
Geneva and in EtJ^bitd ; Ibat prose- 
cutions bail been in*tiluleil against 
him on lliLMc grnundx al Xsplcs and 
other placet. The council reTuaedt 
listing tbat, ibe matter being mo- 
mentouH nml dwcrvin^consiilention, 
and till- alTaim of t\w R«-{)ulitiL' being 
nuiiieruns and ireigbly. no resiilutioii 
could at that lime be adopted. Tbe 
rcMiU of tbia reply was that Gioniano 
wiu left tu piue for six years in the 


GiordatM BrttH» 


gloom or A TaKtI&n dtu^eon, Icm 
tortared bj the <!r«ft(l of hia fau tbao 
bjtht wIeaOB*Dil iniulinn whi<-h muitt 
ttKtm bMB Mk teiTibI« to « tongue m 
do^aent, 1« limbs h M<ivc and ener- 
getic, to A tool ao G*ry- ftobablj, 
bowvror ft wu ft ntcroilul mative that 
Indiued the Votetlu mvenitnent to 
kt«p him in prinn. H« might tliai 
MCsra the dewit J vgitgrnaem or the In • 

SinialthHi. Bnl «hcn £>« ao iiw|aidti>r 
omt P Some of the UoodieM, some 
of IM bautt deoda, which h*ro iCaiBvl 
anil voutulud ttol^ hnw twwn douc 
hj Spaititrda. S«b Sereriu waa A 
i^nisnl, ftod he hnd not Far a moment 
to<M aight of hi< pitj- On hb mweUd 
and lu^cnt apfdicatioD ta the CuuDcil 
ot Venioet OiOTdano *■« Bunvnilered 
to lut ravsnoiu gnuip, and convejrwl to 
Roeu In 159s. After tito oiurc yean 
«f liDgering irretche<lnew ■□ & Roman 
niuHD, th« tnartjr »u •lr)iKg«d fmiii 
iita «eU to be inaaltod bj tEa fan* of 
II trial. He wee aakeil to declare hu 
«|Mnioiu erroneooa, hb worin impioiu 
■ul abtuTd, falm in rvUgioo ami in 
|)JUoaDphy — hi ahort. to make receala- 
cioQ on erery iwioL The fimmcM 
thedogtam tk Itoise won farov^t 
Anrara to eoiiTinoe him. lie did not 
i«(nw froel7 to dlMtua, but be would 
ntit xlir a luir'a brandth (rwa his in* 
flexible posiiion. On thi; 9t>i of 
FebruU7, IfiOO, be wna conducled lo 
the palaee of San Swrerina. 'Iher^ in 
the nneeoGe of canlinaln. iRi|uisitorN, 
and tbegoreniorof Some,bu wu made 
by force ta knee) while hii aeDtcnra 
woa md. Aftar being degraded frotB 
hia order, and exoommunioated, ho waa 
condemned to be pniwked aadementlj 
M poaaUe^ and witbout the efluaion 
«f wood, which wai the eoMoaawy and 
diebolieal euphmniam of tbc Inquisi* 
rian for tfae noat atrocious of acU. 
When he haard the (enloDce, bo said, 
with grandeat aoreDitjr, " Fechapa tliii 
acnlenoe givea jou mora nlarm than it 
^Teatoma^" Kigfatdajrs were granted 

him for the eonfeanoi) of Ua Crimea: 
but he had no erimelo Qoafeea, except 
iLii of having aeired hb Gixl and 
truth M a brkTC man abonld. On the 
1 Tth FebmatT, with oeteotetMOS pomp, 
be waa led lorih to f^nt th? g r M dy 
fliman. which were !'■!<■ rrtinl than tht 
eountleaepnestijrefe* thfttw«regaxing 
with 6enaish exultatioD on a apectaew 
at onac to infamon* and ao glorieua. 
Neither priMtly hate nor torttmtig 
iiro poukl wrin;* from him s groan, 
fionrolao hb berotc faee, abetter hie 
adamantine wilL Hi* aparit peaaed ta 
the migbtjr Falher'i boaon w^ n 
aaintJ; calm that left ita atunp on n 
fbtcbnd radiant with tntropditj and 
with geuiud. 

(jionlino Bruno wrote numernoa 
wurkii in Italbn and in Latin. The 
Italian work* u^wartnl in a colleeted 
form at Ldpoic in IttSO. This edition, 
consisting of two rolumes. contains 
the only jxiMrait of the author which 
we bare aeen, and we hnve seldom 
been to deeply ini«rest«d and ira- 
prveeed by a biiinan ooimtvoaace. 
Gfraercr bugnn at btuttfart in IBS^ 
but we know not whether be eoof 
pUited, an edition of Bruno's Latin 
worlu in his Corpus FhikMWphnraoi. 
A life of tlw nkilaMpher waa publtihed 
in IMS at r&ria, dr Barthelmcaa, in 
two rnluincs. Giordano waa poet, aa- 
tirikl, drammitl. ni wait na an original 
thinker, and lucplorer. and refbrmer In 
lui-upliynca, logic, and sdence- What- 
urer plucc the huCarinn nf litoralnre, 
or the biiiortan iil' pbiloiophv. ma/ 
allot him, coDci'Tna our present pur> 
poac litlle. For the mntioal neo- 
Flalonic &>ih of Brunu. lor the alem 
Calvinbtfe &ith of the Scottish Cove- 
naater, we nuv haT<> equal diataate : 
in each eaae, ho'wevrr. wo look through 
the &itfa to the faithful who xwell that 
clond of witDesHiG which impart* hope 
and strength to humanity.* 

FnARcia HxawML 


* Kteden df^irooi of nuMTUinine th« MrtiraUT eptntoai of Glerdsno Br«ao mtj 
oonanlt Btijit sad nallsm'* Incrod. ii. 140, td. 1839. 



[Aft<r 8ollMlcr»ft, H*ll, imd M'K«nn#y, it i* lompBhit difficulc to oild anytUuil 
pMitl'df D«a to Ibtt lilttorr of Ihe K«l Tribvs of Kmeriai. But tliis Tollowiim biuf 
" Nohce*" rnajr be BcorjiUbk u the rault of an urliei inquirer Iriu Ibc mbjccC, lod 
■t widinjc aomc (xiiticuUra lo «rtwt b almilf knoim. Tliey Are drrlvc>l from • Irttcr 
(liltberto, §Q far u irc are airare, cunrtoed to MS.J utttlro b]r Dr. Mmmc, ot Anenc*, 
to Dr. Tboma* Brown , Prafnior of Moral fbilotnphj' iu the Uuivenity of Edioborjb, 
dated Biehntoml, VirgJnU, MsrcU ;Ui, 1810.] 

WHEN we piirt«(l in the spring of 
lW»fi in KilirbuTfili, I cxp«^teiJ tohave 
nrilteu lo yi>u frciiiiiMillj' bi-fnrt; tliia 
titne, uid to liave ijivt-a you *iiim> iii- 
tPTeetinc iDfrirmaiian on thesulijccl of 
our Iniluiii tribes, as I knew they hml 
exfiitvil j'our curiiiKil.^: uiiil. imliiil, 
wbeo 1 left KurQ[ii> I ei]l«ruin>i!(l the 
wish snil the bnpe of dovoting a port 
of lur fnlurv life to literary .iii< I {iliilo- 
sophfcnl puniuita. CouEd I huvu done 
BO, att inquiry into the niannera. cua. 
toini, and ohnritcter of the Iiiiiia:i na- 
tirmi' «ii tho vroRtrrn bonlcT iif thij 
t'ikiteil State* would have oi;<}uj)ie<l u 
portion of my time ; bot a varielj^ of 

. wum, irhii:h'l nee<) not mention, im- 
peritiiivljr iiji|>iilli:d itiv to uhniigi? tiiy 
viem. I bnve neverlhi-desa aviiiled 
n^sctf of every opporlimify to collect 
rafbrmation conceniing iln- ludinns, 
wliicfa a rcaldenco of about tmrlve 
Bumtfis ia the fWinlier state of Ohio in 

i'Mtme meaaiira radlilnt«d. 

With tli« iTilxtn nliu iiilinbit the 
m^ilvm parUi of TeEie^s.0e and Gijorgiti, 

.and who are most ciTilised, ccn^iiler- 

^•bUi interonur«0 ii hvld by thv nlilto 
ucoplu. Tnulur* who return fi-uiu 
Drleani lo Kentucky by land pasa 
tbratich their country, and otlen slop 
to retroh tlit!itiiti<lv«t ntiioii;; them. 
An ocquftintance told lue that ou liii 
return from Orlesni ho staved some 
dnyt at tho houw of a Cn'ok ivhicf on 
tli« banka of the Kfiaaiuippi, who wai 
comfbrtsbly fixetl. He Ead a black- 
amitb'n shop where trnvellom' horsea 
vera ahod. Fl« cuhirated a cotuidcr* 
»ble tnrct of land in Indian corn bv 
the bands of negroes whom he ownoii, 
and kcjit n ftTry. Fur uvery buihol 
of com ht) Hild, Cor every norM! he 
abod, and for every paaiage acroM the 
river.bereceivvdonednllar. He lived 
in a good liouiH two etorion high, 

I iMiilt of wood, and funiiilit-d after the 
VHinner ofthcwliite peonle. Hisonly 
tisrr. Maci. Vol. \aX1X. 

child was Q virl about eiglitoen yoan 
old, wbo had bi>en educated in one of 
tha American towns. She spoka and 
rvuid the Gugliih laii^OOT- Mr. 1'ri^, 
my iuformen was nuppfied with buoka 
bv her during his stay there to amuse 
himself with — I think ihey were novels. 
Ilcr fulhir is nnxious tlnit tin' Khoulil 
marry a Te^peciiib)i> wbilo man, aiid in 
the event ol such ati alliaoce nroniisea 
II jKirtion of twenty tboiisnii<l dollnra 
with lier. 

The Creeks, Cherokeei, and Cliiclca- 
snws an? nnxious to become cili;e<Ti)t of 
the I'nilL-d Slalen, and tu be ffovernod 
by l1ii> same laws. These turee ua> 
tmna are miiking considerable prngn-M 
in civilisation. The trilMx who intiiibil 
our wp»titru frontier from Irouisiana to 
the takes Bra ^tdl hunters, and perhnps 
more bnrbarou* than the^ were lifty 
yraim ago, lur anlt^nc spirits have be- 
come more abundant among them, and, 
cKcept in debaufbery. their manncra 
hiivi! undergiini} litllu uhnngc. I hiira 
hwn inforiiied liy a very intelligent 
man.n great part of whose early life wu 
fpent oil thofroiiticm.nlinQlWu fuuijht 
against tbu ludiand. and who hua for tha 
last tJiirty years been more or less con- 
versant with thvin, that lb<] number of 
amuuiiiaticms which have been per* 

C^tratell among the tribes between 
fike Michigan and Lauisiiina, duriiig 
lh« last ten or twelvtt ycim, lias htcn 
estimated by their own chiefs at about 
1000 a-year. These munlera always 
occur when the pxnirji are intoxi- 
anted, and, nnlKM tha women use tha 
precaution to hide their arms, the/ 
never fail to fight with them when they 
get drunk. 

Two yearn tiK" ^ spent a «)iort time 
in the company of a party of Delawars; 
they wenj ou tlicir wHy to a hiintiiug- 
gnmnd, nltundiiil by their wivei and 
children, and were all mounted on 
small and lean horses. The uit-n rude 

■loDcwiUitlidr nflcton tfanr ibouldcns 
ibv iTQnivii vcirrtL-d ibt-ir vliUilrvii l>vf<>r« 
anti bcUirid IIkoii Wii<l«i {>ola aii<1 
skillclf for tltc ]>iirpoM: ofdrcMing tlic 
ii>eaU Tlitir irvaa npixiarvd lo be mwr* 
coniIi>ri»!.rlc tlinn obiil I bud Iwrn nc> 
CUKlonxil lo »cc t«b«i I wu a bo/i but 
in ervrjr otbvT rcjjwct tlic-ir iiiui>iii.'ra 
•»{>v] to haveUTKlvreonenoc-luuigc. 
Tbi^ lej;» and iliiglLi of lb* men w«rc 
tOTurril wilh nti nrticlc of Aivea re- 
«««ub]in){ ilie tMtiUt&ooi lb« nrator 
jMirt ol' ibc hoilj WW cnvcrcit witb. « 
ibirt, ami wnppctl in A blunkct. The 
wonivn railv aUvr Uit.' inniin^r (;f th« 
wbrlrs, anii w«f« ?mi(>|K'l in btank«U. 
All iluLt I wir wrru u^lf — >n ujflincas 
mnrc Ibe r«*ull of h&rdi<bi|H 1 1 Wti];lil 
Ibui (if iiBlurftl ftniolurp, h>vi»U»C 
joimy of tli« lui-n wi-m hundgcima nii<l 
all well )<>ri»<"l^» (y>nirnst th*t euulj 
srMC odIt frotii thv >ti]>oi>»r firniiwat 
of tlir mnlii cooolttulion, And iUgrvAter 
ability to bc*r Ui* hkrddbips of th« 
UV(^i> life. 

Last wiiiti^r I spent a nielil in enm- 
panj with Iwn PoIniraUTiiair uhidli oil 
tbe AII«f;biinY Mi>unUiiiB. They wt>re 
ittMod in lift* liluo nloib, luiil wcm 
Terjr h«n<Uoina tii«n. One tlfpt 
whilM the oilwr watclicd, aix) tlie; n- 
Ilered narli oilier fn-iiiii'iiiljr in tho 
eoum ul' ih« ni^ht. A* <*u did iii>l 
Vixlenland tbc lBi>;;iiiif;eof t'ac'botber, 
T«rj link conr<rr«HLion took place 
be(uei-n UH. and that br mgnt. 

Tlie Liltlc Turtle, wnoiic ugncttr if 
■nil kitowii in itii§ country, ■voviiij 
bia I'ctivii.-tiun ibnl a n^ttiim of btinUrra 
eotild ii«Tcr i»i|iJal ill )iowi.>ror in nujii* 
b«n a. fH.'i)[)lv wliu cultit-aliKl ibt! eatlb, 
rndi>aviiun?d (o iiUniliire a^rifulltire 
Oinung hia tribo, nhiidi i* in Uic iiuigh- 
bourbood or tb« lakcii. For tliia pur- 

Che Mt tbe exsTDpla ia baviii^ a 
« liuilt fur biiiiiwlf, procuniig 
cnltb! and uttae of ihc iuipletuents of 
buabsndr; : but the j«aluusy of tb« 
liulianti wax muNPtl ; ibrr »aid bu 
vanwl tu nakw lli4'm work like the 
'vhito mm. Tlivy ahat bii catlUs and 
thrRatvnod In kill him if ho did not 
•lesbt from liiii acictiipc to iMtriKlu-co 
the tmumen of the wbitei aiaonj; tliem. 
H« WH Wdipellcd to relinquish bis 

dc*ign, oikI baa lo*l bi» ftotb«rit7 in a 
gnral nivHure liy tbc attempt. 

A prophet ktu wiihia a few y*ftr« 
appeared among the norUi-woaWm 
lodbuis, wlioM iiillu«noe i* aaid ta be 
vrrj gK-<t. At a future period I caB 
inlorw you of wine hiterestiB^ firwtj 
rvUtive to tlii» mnn. Hut wbiUt «a 
tbc subject of aupcrstition tmustgive 
roti an account of tli« death ol an 
Iniliaii uumttl 'niiiii't^<r,aii ibc account 
is on Y«ry co<yl autiuirity, and m in 
tt«clf quite nngubir. 

Dr. Aicbolaa, a unn of to«iKciabl« 
obaiarter in Keditiioky, in tke pt«- 
Mnoe of a gcntlL'num ol bij;b character 
in that tUUi who voucli^ for lb« 
iruib of the statement, infonitnl mo 
that ho Mit Aiit fmm Louiaville In 
Kentucky wilh a {xvrty of Indian* wlio 
were on th<>ir way to Ine city of U'aab- 
iti;;<«n. 'nmnJcr, who w«* among 
llwm, hnd a t<<rr*pin abdl conrci] by 
biniMlf, in wbicli be earri^id bis t«baeoo. 
When they reochetl Lexington^ n 
l^rnll^inan who r«»id«d tbcrc, «c«in2 
tlifl I^Tix in Thunilcr'a bant), rcqtuwlea 
permi»ioii to look at it, which was 
Ifrinled ; beinji pleased with ibc cu- 
riruity, be oCrred bopuivba^e It, whiek 
Xbtindcr rufnicd. Tb<: man per»i«ted 
in hid application and oficr^ two 
iliilUralbr ilmhnx. At Icn;; lb Thunder, 
wearied w Ith hii impirirtunity, told him 
in a very aiij^y manner that he might 
bare the bnx, but that he would ncit 
talu anything for it. A* coon as lh« 
box WM accepted Thunder told ona 
of his companions that ho sboubl die 
on the filUi day fnllowinj;, for he bad 
given away hit life, llic interpreter 
obiervtnl to Ur. Niebulas who wu pva- 
twnl that iha Indiana wwro viirj nt- 
pcNtitioiu, for tliat Tbuiidur auupoMd 
that in giving away tbxt box he had 
gireii sway his lifo. Tha next day Urn 
party conliiiucd their jaurikey and pro* 
e*wied until the llftu eTening, when 
tlwy envumped within firn tadtu of 
Chiiicnlhe. Uuring thia time alt the 
party had rviniuned well. About ten 
o'clock flt night Dr. Nicliolac was in- 
formed thai Thunder wut in coiivul- 
Kimw, and tbo tivxt morning he found 
bim dead. 


A, a. G. 



IP it wcro possible tliat iha vexed 

tfieit of Ihit ibnrR-tKuncil illiiiitnous 

lady oobIiI bu cuimviuui ilmt lior V4?ry 

E Soble aantie oouM iinvc ktf«D inin{[lcd 

vilh limt of a common bourgeois Ii«r 

indignation would be innft inlcnso. 

liadtlte eT«r reflijctfi'l tliui lit-r k<i-p> 

Ing a (liarjr wouUl have madt.' of lii^r n 

iDHuber oPlbc rvintblio i^l' kuora, she 

TOuM have died rallii!r ilum hnvc Im- 

lougud to eucb a miniuonHialtli. The 

Burunt^M wu« uiiu of n daxit niiose 

BUinberi w<ii*e great v\<X wlmtc in- 

.flu«iM« tru unbounded. Tlieir tym- 

Ifatbio* were giwn oiil^r to anntocrnlic 

iBUfferen; roritliy tlu-jr adorcil; the 

l^dttmocraCT llicy Jodpisijd ; and tl'in 

Terj fine ludk'* ol' tin' oIhss in quGstion 

voulil, guiiiTiillv iiiiiikiti^. have jiru- 

, &rr«d Ajiiiu pas with a priiu.-u lu t;on- 

I'tnct'ng boiimt marriiigG wUh ad io- 


ITw BuKiniU!! D'Otiertirc-'b in a type 
rntbirr ol* the fulliea tbiin vf ihii viovh 
of lUo data, ftir HiTinjj nrnio her a 
laenibor of irhioh jiLi- prellily rill(-ri;J 
her beat »iiai|.>lifiienii ti> Ileuven. Sho 
woji the daughter pf a poor Abnliiiii 
L baroa, wliuae rhiold had mom ijuartrr- 
[iBg* tbiin it is worth wliile to reuit^ui- 
^Imit. Earl^ Ln lif« abe married a nobio 

entltiiuaii, old i;nougb to be lii^r fulhcr, 

Wid bar heH vears were coniumed ia 
pcrfoTtDing the fanction) of l.i<lj>in- 
waiting at llii.- rmjrL of tbu Duke of 
|^'urtc[ub«r)(iitU(inlbeliarcl,i(i visitiog 
'lie more atl rat tiTC court at Veiviiillei. 
1 bl ulirciiiicluiii whiit ilie mm, Mill 
bring nliut ahe tbuuHlit. 
lie diar; which »hc kept, and nub* 
luentljr enlarged, hiui \kv» rcci^Tilljr 
lubraillcd Lo Lbe public, tt iatruJiicca 
ua tfl tbc court and capital nf France 
durinj: tin; cloning jain oftlte rviifii of 
Louis WI. It is io tvrealtiigt as 
ibuirin"; u« bold bow the court actcil 
•ud li(t«r till; capital tlii;rt'i>li cuui- 
IDCiilcd ; Low thu lad^ profuundlj' nd- 
■uinMl all tho former did, and ua pro- 
ibumll^ dvspiin-d all ibo thou|-ht 
devoted tliorcto bj tbc ociiuiiilct wlio 
bad ao claim lu niMid ujkjii ri'il'livulud 
Aoea, or to eit down oa a titboumt in 
ik* UfiK o( rcjally. 

2fow wliilu tliia illuslriuus lady wiui 

talcing notf4, whiob htr grandnon liu 
printed, a citiKMi wna iiimilurty oui^u* 
pivd; and, had theCountowbeoiinwara 
of tlic ciicuiunlanro, thr imperii iii.'ti<;« 
of the comrooDcr wauld buvc been 
toniidly rated by the lady-in-waiting. 
Tbc nnfps of thn lirtnrgtoit were eoni- 
Illitt<^d to thf pre<ji three quarter* ol'a 
century ago ; ibMo of the " Baroncai> 
Countew Im-vo nnly jii«t «epn the 
light.* The cTidcncc of two Mtcli <ip- 
txftiite wituoues is worth comunritig t 
mil the book of the Inily will ho ten- 
falLoin d«'i>p in Lutbe wbon ini'n will 
be still a<ldrcjulng tbemaelvea with 
pleuure to the pagea of CItueti Mer- 

Louis Sebusiiuii Moreier was a Pa- 
ri«aii, born in llie^enr 17-10. llphiid 
tiut yet HllJiiiii^d Ilia uinjorily whun ku 
op<>ncd bin literary enrecp by puclieal 
Compniiil.ioliF in the style of 1'i>|ip'b 
■* IttlijiiU tu Ahtluril,*' npou pi3(.-tx, 
however, he eotni luaked as ue gub«e- 
fpicntlydid u()on kinsK, anil tippedily 
addri-istMl biinm-lf uscrurivuly loworka 
in ■ii'tiie. Kiu:ine and Boileuu. sc* 
conliiig l« Iiini, b«d ruiniii (he bnr- 
itiony (if French romt", ntid h« hence- 
forward eoimidtired that if Huch liar- 
moiiv were to bo found nt all, it waa 
in bis own rtrusti. lie Ihh.-iuu>! Fri)- 
fn^or of Itlictoric in the «.-ullej>e at 
iSordeanx, and wan miliL-r a piolifio 
thmi a .luccesiful draiimtic aulh'i'r. 
lie threw the blame alike on the 
ritiiiled tn.iti'of ntlonand public, and, 
abakiiiK tbc diisl olThiiiMndultuKaioat 
(liealrca and copitnl, he kn>Teiii;il to 
RbeinL-i, with llic iiileolinti i>f |jr«L' lining 
the law. io order to be bi'licr eiuiblca 
ta apply its rigiHirs naainst the stage 
tnnmi^iTm wild hiid deprivi-d him of 
bis " frve-udiulMiuii>." In 1771 he 
printed bin " 1/An 2Ui>, mm Ktvo »'il 
c-n tut jatniLis," a ralhvr vluver \ninx 
orexinivagaiicc'i nliich wa» I(iiiiaii.':d iit 
Knclundi Wf ni-cntury later, by the 
auiWofTheilttniiuj." In I7»l he 
published anonyinouirly tbc Gr«l two 
TotuuieB'jf hi»ramcu»2«W«iui/*ft(Wf. 
Uu TTiU! diNappoiuled lliut \i\3 labuur 
wa» not deemed worthy of uolice by 
tbc putiee nulhoritii-e, and he rulirt-d, 
eoiuewhiil in diiixmlt (o Swiiaorland, 

TV BaNiM«i d'Obrtklrcfc'a Memoir*. Loiulaa, 18^2. 3 tola. Bra. 


7%fl Baronen D'Oh^kirck and dtixtn Sfercifr. [F«b. 

where 1i« Mmpkied ft work whidi hna 
been fnr mora highly (>slQ«ined abroad 
tbnn in Priuici', miil nliicli ovva thisra 
enjoyed k uruaO^r ri-]>uuiion in th« 
[iravinccB lliaD in Paris- In it lii> 
»birw«(i litiiiH'ir 3, lictb^r iLk<*CcbeT uf 
what Uj^ bt-fun! bim Uwn a (li»c«rDer 
cf If bat wu bcnoatb lh« suiiiice ; and 
be iipokcortlipiinpnfFibililjForaivTo- 
lutiiiu in Krantx- naly a ytar before 
tb»t revolution brake onu When the 
■tonn bunt in fnry bo cluinied the 
honour* duu to m magician wbo liwl 
provokeil the tempest. lie wraie vi- 
gmnoiiBly on the popular iuIp, but— and 
to hi* luUng honotir Iw it vpEiken^he 
broke willi tbe Jiicotilti*, when he 
found ibat they ho|>eil to walk 1o 
tibi'rty tlinniul) n pithwsjr of blood. 
He voted ill tbe CorivenlJon for laving 
the life of Louia XVI., and thii and 
otbia' oflcdOM uwiHt the >on« of 
freedom, wbme a5idiu|t-|>1sce wu the 
l&wnuin, ciascd kiin to be arrested, 
and waaUl have led to bin csccuiiiw 
hut that biM enoiuiej were carried 
ihitlier t^forc him. At a Uler period 
be wa« a memlicr nf the Coanril of 
PiTe llundrvd, and lutde hiiiuelf re- 
inarkabtc by Dp|>o«Dg the claims set 
up for Dvacanca for adiniMion inia 
the French Pantheon j and bo alao 
gninod Uifi approbniion of alJ rightly 
thiiikiuj; ucn fitr laking the luiinc ad- 
Tono coum asainat Vntmire, of whom 
be tnily mi that be (Votlairc) only 
Bllcmj>ted to OTcrtbrDw pujierrtition 
by undarminuig morallly. Hu in- 
Tcc tire* were ao biltcr against philo- 
Mpfay and education that be acquired 
the tfurnauie of "the A\k of Jean 
Jac^uci I" Hi: waa a denouncer of 
tbc toimoral syitvtn of bitlcric* «nlil 
be wM oflcrcd tbe luc-nilivc plaoe oT 
" controUer-gvnci-al " of that ^nibling 
dcpartueol. " All men," loid be, by 
way of apolojty fur bti iiKonsrtviicy, 
" aU men arc autiioriacd to tire iit llie 
expoiue of the enemy ;" a oiaxim un- 
•oand in iUvlf, and berv altogether 
iniufipliMl. Toward* tb* end of the 
century lie wai* appointed to (be pro- 
r«8«0r^]> of hialory in tite eeiitral 
•cbool ot Pari*, from tbc luliotin of 
which pott he fcHU»d relasniion in 
varifMi* litf^rarj worlu, among othert 
in Hdioulin^ CondJUao and I^ke, In 
laiif^bin;; n( Newton as a pbgiarift, in 
deniiuncing KRience gencnlljr, and in 
wuintaiiiing thai there wa* nothing now 
under the aun, and that oil norcl iuTco- 

tiotu vcro in truth but ancient disco- 
Tcrica. A» a uiuniber of tbc InitiluU 
be put tbe atienibty into a condition 
of pTofouud aomnohcDCy by reading his 

Eonderoua Mio* on Cato of Uiico, and 
a had a Tloieni quarrel with ihc few 
who had remainM awake, and who 
wuhed the angry author to pat an end 
to hia weariiome diiicouniic. He likol 
tbe empire as little ai be hod luvnl 
royalty, ami uacd to fxy in Ida pleaatnt 
way iu the cufL- wherein be roiled 
supreme, and where he vas bij^lily 
popular awl eT«r welcome, tliut be 
iliould tike to see how it would all 
end, and that he only dcsirt'il to live 
fVom a motive cf simple curionity. lie 
did live ju>t l»n|^ e«ouj[h to witness 
the firat Reatnmtion of 1814, hiving 
then reached the igv of 74 yc-art. 

Of oil the works of this Toluminoiia 
author we hare now only lo do with 
Ilia famous " Tableau dc Paris." In 
thit. as in the Mi-ni'>rr5 nf the Banmeai 
d'Olferkin^li, we huvr niiiclurvof whaf 
France woa in tbe llfvlimc of man^ 
who arc yet lirina— a pictnre »o «lit- 
fcrcnt from any that coubl rcnreaeat 
present deeds. Ibclr actors, or the TCiy 
rtofie 00 wbicli ihcy play oot their 
little drama of inlrisuc and life, tlial, 
though to many it repmenta oontem* 
porary butory. It reads like romanoct 
the scene of which is in a br-ofl'laad, 
anil tbe Int:idi-nta tcu improbable t« 
even rtM)uire bdic£ 

Wide afwrt u wero th« conditiona, 
opposite aa w«s« the armpatbies, and 
also the antl[»thiea, uf the Ilaroncai 
and the llourreoif, tbcir reapectire 
Iwlimany conmirta to but one con- 
clusion — that, when they wrote, tbo 
entire mcial ttnte of France was r^tcn 
to tbe very core. Tho noblei wete 
loyal only becauee they found their in- 
terests canecrncd in t-o being ; the 
common* wen; rvWIIkpua of_ tp^rit, 
and rjin-le!!) of iud;fm<nl to direct it. 
Uoth were vqually d«bttac<l. All were 
partiEtcs n<)ne were patriots. _ The 
very prieatbuud wft» a« eorrtipt in the 
maa* as the multitude of tbe peofde 
Kcncrally, and (■•xl was delbrotrtdin 
Fi-ance lotig befure tbe Goddca* of 
Reason had been raif«d on th* deae- 
Ciated altar*, by men unt jM-rfaap* 16 
much more wiclcpd than their nrcde- 
eeason as more bold in tUittr wicked- 

In tbe chiMb(iu<l of K>me yet living 
I*aris paid to tlio King'* [iur«e one 

ISA3.] The Sarontss D'Oberkirch and Citixen MerritT. 

14 L 

t>nniIr«H luillivu franco ruarly in Julio*, 
lite citixrn* gruiiiMeU, nnd wliun [hw 
murmur rcutfiol Vcr»(iilltf the pow- 
rf-^rivl tn-iiux wt-rv wwit to »»y lliat 
"ih* fruff* were Cfuukiii-,-." it wa» 
nllegcd in return i|>ikin:it iKomi very 
beaux thiit (Ary coiuunicil tnoi'u Hour 
in hair-puwdt-r tbiiii iruulii I'ecd iimny 
M*oiv« ot' tho t'a.niie!ic<l raiiLilli.>(t of lliv 
«n|nlfll. Into tKat <mpitiil the King 
ii^TCr •■iiti^reil but u riBu oceiirrwl in 
(bo pric<> «}' provinioiiR, %aA tb« firij 
thauuuid bBrtxr* of the citv funitcd 
into dAine tbe indigunlion of their cut* 
tnnicn while llioj- «h(iV(.-d Ibuir )>u;Lr<li 
uid cornl>c<i ihclv ficrukeg. Let vrhat 
iruuld occur, boircvM*, the court wo* 
evcrpij. Matlanie d*Obcrkirch <p«ak» 
«f tlio &X[)ect*tii>n« of triumph hu!<t 
out bv the Count il'Artais when he 
■rrecMded to ihu tiv^ of Gibraltar. 
Ill) failure wHH vititoii with a itliow«r 
nf irttlv onigmmK. " C'ommont va I« 
aiige de Gibraltar? Auuix bien il se 
Wm," U ona recorded bjr Mcrcier. 
Mad*m« d' Oberkirch tells n!i of 
raothci* mailA by the delbiitcd Count 
hiouclf. A courtier WAS ditltcring him 
on tbe wny he mnnn;^ bis batteries 
ftt tho latil rork — "Mvk!tchi:n bAtlory, 
pnrcii-iiUrly !" was the eommoiit of the 
BasLroDOintc princo, who at home bBi.1 
unir aervnntsto prMvnt bim wilb one 
cup at cbo(!aUt«, sn<l to sitvc nhoie 
ears, in oomtnon with thoitc of the K in^ 
BBd nr*! family, tho churnh bdh nt 
VcfniUc* norcr nitig n peal during iho 
iwid Mice of thow griMlooeaoftLe earth 
«it^ th>e wftlls of the ptlac*. Knt 
Elba Bonaparto thf.wod even grciitvr 
HBtitiveBEM tlian tbi>. When in Ilaly 
Ishe polled down a church ailjuinina 
htr pnliioc. on tbe plon llmt tbu niiicll 
of toe iuGcnse made ht-r sick, and tLat 
tbe noise of the organ made her ht'od 

Thft bourgoain of YeriuiUes were 
probably leM demeeratic than those of 
tho capital, for trnd««tiicn of rvpiiUt 
*ied with each otiwr in purchiaiuj; the 
diahea that came unta&tcd from the 
royal table. Ciiniinuncr pi^iptt- bimghl 
U eagerly, but liir auiM^nlitioiu pur- 
postsi, the faC of the dead frnm ilm 
executioner, wlio wat Jiaid (•ighlLH-u 
thousand frant^i yearly for perfisrndng 
bii terrible duiiei. IV- vncciitiouer. 
En cnnvKiiiioni-'i.', niu bimu-lfiiomirihins 
of uQ oritUicrat. IIu «ra^ a [xilL-matc 
aud was welt psid. He kepi less 

lUaiing Gm on bii bcarib pcrfaapSt 
mid woru IcBii fine liDuui tuan tbo 
i;i-avu-di):eer3, — a cliue wbofound thvir 
fuvL in coSius and who wore no vhirts 
but such 09 they cvuld steal out of 
ariBtocmtic |;riivu». It wum a liuto 
wbon honesty coutiitlcd solely id bailic 
wcil'drcHcd. Cli-rks at fortv' poun<u 
a year, says M<:ri:ivr, wulk aliroad tp 
vclvtrl coats iind luce frilla, — h«HC« tbfl 
proverb, " Gold- luced wfA uiid belly gf j 
ijrnn ." An lung nn nppeuruii<.'« was ' 
oiaiutuiiicJ, littlv el«e waa cnrcd for; 
but cvcD the twenty tlioutnnd in tlto 
c.npitui trbo pnifuaivnnlly existed as 
"ai new- out," might have takuii excep- 
tion to tJie oiiatoiii of pineing onrved 
iruita nod wooden joints upon other'] 
wiae Hcuiitily furuish«l tubles, i'iifrl 
wooden peai-* of AuetMlia wero aol 
then kntiwD, — they would bnvc beca< 
tbe fnsbionubk- fruit at a Pttrisiun cfc#». ! 
t*rt in the year 1780. There waft ' 
anotbur rusbion of tbe day thiit woa 
wittily inreicbedagaiDdt by tbepriests^ 
Ihnt of ladiea wearing, on wliai wa».| 
ealled their "nrck*," a croiu held bj 
■he dove, irpical of fnith by the iloW> 
Ghost. " \Vliy Piiapcnd sui-h nymbola 
on your Ijonom^''" luked th<! ungivllant 
<}hur(^hmen, "do you not Jfiiuw that 
the cross xi the si^n of moriific.ilioii, 
mill (be holy spirit ihiit of virtuous 
thought*?" The ladies smiled, and 
relaint-d the insi^ia till all-powerful 
fashion motioned to a change. And 
than r>:iiiitlc eotMies were auorbed Ji 
tbe merits of the respMtiro shades i 
colour implied by " dos dc pue^s^or 
" vfiiire " of the natue. Our ladies have 
mora iiiW/y retained the name of the 
jiiiiniid ill ihu caCalagUG of celuun, 
without venturing to trantJate it; but 
their li-<s su§ceplible sister* acrosi the 
Cbannol cnuhl, under the old mo* 
nnroliy, luid vvtn under tlie empir^ ] 
uiiblubbiiigly tslk of iheir satins, using 
sumes for Ihuir colour* wbicb would 
bnvc called up a blush eveu on the 
brow of the imperturbable iJeun Swilt, 
If smivll delieiM:y piwiuW, tho luxury 
WHS ailoundiug. A fermiei- (imerat 
was served by twenty-four valeta in 
llTery.aiid never leMthnntix "women" 
aiuiiiled at the toilet of "my lady" 
Two dozen cooki daily excited the 
pidste of that wU-dcnyiiiii prli-jiE the 
very fuuimen looked doubly grand by 
appesting like " XiddjF Bob^ irtUi K 

U^ Tht liaratieu D'Oberkirrh and CittMen Mtr^tf* [Fbb. 

oBlir of Ibe Gnad DadiCB }' ' Tlie ttuwn 
inulnt tail bowed : »ad everjbudjr »d- 
mirnl ftiy preacocc of mioJ. 

Wkco wc read of such •Jetieato 
honu^ Mlbia paUl (■> (lie'livinilj tbat 
licdfp^ liw IJuwi', wc c*a mor« fully 
BViujialkuEc witb h«r Ju lior («ll wtictl 
*Ac, wbo bad Iimd so dsintilr wor* 
fbipped, wM> unocuiitgly wati:)i«d in 
kcr dungeon bjr the eoMitctt of men, 
and wix* ifas drBpp.-d ti> exi.-ciiUon 
wilb no other mgn ihit human lore 
Tilt iui;lin<:d to li«r (hu) tkat ailunlcd 
b/lhc iuf^lcbild Ufa pMSiard-.', wlio, 
rnixd oa ber KMlli«r'* (haabten U 
Tittw the upoetaek af « Qdmoi |Muatiw 
on lier vaj to death, pot her lUu* 
finjicr* to her lifw, and wafM * kiat 
to the neftk piyrf i™ ■» ihe poeMd. 

&{aidaiDo d'OMridrcb, speaking oC 
the Chevalier de Moraej. noticw hb 
)trunj( lui-thod of oxpreMion u wie 
*whifh, exeunt in the seciecr of hup 
biutHtntl, would b« loo brodd for tb« 
een of a mcxiast noninn," — a tinguUr 
*xco|4ian! Rut our fair diurUt doca 
not appear to be liurMlf over par- 
ticular. She ia the warm apalogiat oC 
th« L}unhaMd«Bonrbon,tlwiuiiraRhj 
mother of Ibe heroic Duo d'EaghietU 
She, iKwerer, 1«1U iti>e following, '^witb 
greai beaitation," at a aign of tka de* 
praritj of the timea— it U oertuoljp 
rather p^asaL 

Tlic Duchtat of bad one dajr IV' 

tvivcil ■ Tiul from her Mcr, M. Afoham- 
baulc de TallfjlBod IVrigard. trlwa tba 
hoibuMl untipci-tedlj rrturiilut!, (bn gal- 
lant «a) ubticl 10 make hl> cMape by 
tlic winduw. Some portona aaetaiK Um 
dfficctid, mule bim iirtadiMi, tbinkiDc he 
waa a rabbcr; b«t, hiviiijf cipUinid ■ho 
he -wu. he waa alloacd to go, without 
bsing brtnigbt b«toit tlic injured hiuhaiid. 
Tbe ilorr loun b»^aiur ^ocrnllf kiioirn, 
and the Aing reprovad ibo Imcly l>ache«a 
Fur lirr n'i']<w{tj : " You intend to ilaiUCa 

Jaat vaaUxer. I porcaiae, madame,'* auJ he, 
n a Ttry acTcre Iodc. — Tlie tale at lul 
reached Uie cant of Ihe Duke, who com- 
plaiaed to thft inulhtr-in-laif of iha 
Dvnduot of hb wifa i hut abo cooU; *aid 
to him, " You malici a gnnt noiac about a 
trill*! jonrfaihorwaa luiich mortpolitcl"* 

Tliis IwIt woa of tbe iiuolity of Mu- 
daate de Matasiton, wlio k*"^ tw«tit]r- 
fuur tliouaaiid livm to Batlnnl, on 
condition thut h« would aund hercvenr 
uiurniiijf a uvw tic«d-dr«w- llic poopM 
«r«ro nt ibia period auQcrlna fWiin 
faiuine aad liigli priuva- SuUaahaeM 

watcb in each lob." Ceall«ni«ti thea 
diiMjd in ibcir tword*} eat rapidly, and 
haatt'iicd front table when it au)i«d 
Ukoi, witliout any fonuidWre-lakinx- 
'itis wao r«It uwre aculvly by this 
tO>A» Uian by the ladim, — in eompli- 
tnont to nhuui the cnvolicrf finally 
(tro^wd lh«ir H words and aaaumcd 
Canvfc ITia Intlcr nine in when thi! 
ladica wore auub hif^k-ln.'dcd aboe* that 
without lh« auppurC of a cunts it waa 
alinoat impotnble to walk. Thegcntlc- 
nen, wiln '^ clouded heada" to Ukeir 
canes, totl«rGd, or uiuitered, along in 
company, while Eane ««ro fiiirlod and 
aDUR-boxea carried, according to (he 
inslroHioni of iuiut«rs, who thondcred 
ihrouijb I'arii in gilded vhariota, bic 
•iwltv'rina the phiti^Mpbcra, malhematl- 
CMna, aitd linguitta that plodded bualy 
by tii«in on foot. " La Robe dinc:, 
l<iaaace aonpe," i« a aaytng that aUo 
■llnalratca a fitaluoo of the day. Uf 
fiultion at ceun, Madame d*Ub«rkirdi 
tells o) that at preaenlationa the King 
wa* dU^ad to kia doebeatea and tu 
eouaiiu of Kings, bat not leaa nabb 
peraooa. l-ania XVI. waa timid in the 
praavnec of ladiea. Mario- Antoinette 
was ever Belf-jpoMewxl. whatever intgbt 
h« the ooeaafon. It wea etiqnctU! to 
kim tbe edge of ber robe. The follow- 
ing ia highly ciiaracteristio ofthu atilted 
fashion «if the tiBM. 

I had an adTfirtinv tbia rrrnlii; that at 
first embarraairil oaa a hltlc, hot IVom 
■hjch 1 had ih* good fortune to coaic off 
with boDOor. I worn oii m; arm a very 
baadaonie branclct that bad been {ivcn ion 
br the Coaalcaa da N'ord (>ire o( the 
QraDd Puke Paul of Rouia, Iketi Intfl- 
ing under lb« title of Coaat da NordJ. and 
the ralue of which <rat grtillf aRhaiiord 
to me ftj kaiiiig ber riortralt In Ita centre. 
Tlie HaFra noticed It, and aakrd mc to 
iho* it her. 1 isimedlatcif opened mr 
two, to prvteni tba braectet an it to li«r 
Mafeily, aeeerding to at^uBUp. Thl* ia 
tba only oecaMoo on which a lad f eta o|>en 
her fan btrore the Qnom, M j (an. whiuh 
■M of Ivorr, and wnni^bt like lh« ntoat 
ddiaata Ucc, wiw out ■bin to bear Ibe 
Weight ef Ihe biB«let, vbif b laiik ibrau^li 
It lo tte iround. 1 «u at a trij «<rkwanl 
naallh^n. T)ie Qat^oi'i baud waa held 
iMt, and I fell that evcrr cya wa^ on uc; 
bat I think that 1 got uot of the dilemma 
•rtrj well, — I »««iii|>iJ, wl.ith wa* -rery 
paloful wilb tn^ ■(ilf |Mt(ii.-c»t. and. ]iiek- 
ing np t\tt braoalnt.ivoiediaceljr presented 
It to her Majaiy, laying. " Will the Queen 
kite the goaimeu to format bo. and think 

18^] 7%» Baronttt D'Oherkireh and C'tUen Aftrder. 

tnd oth«r \tfn jorvivcd tlie fwriocl, 
boiTcvor; — Kttnrw'^tiulnnir' TroiioLin, 
wIk>, in Lbf Kevuluti.uti, wu? il^iily losing 
b«r relfttiri;« hy [he guillnniii^, liui who 
mnpathiaiiiEljr irmarkol to n frii_-nd, 
tnattiTit were nut for bur (InrlinplitdG 
cup of cq/i a tit erhtte, (]i« n«i\y iliil 
Bot kDuw liow the nhoulil surtiTe tach 
ntitforlunu 1 Snub vn* l.liv fmi; Ini)/ 
wlio wore ■ "CadoKati" util limkutl 
lik« a iiinii, nhilc Ihu pnlluntd took U> 
£agli*h ^irvvt-cciala, witli buttons on 
llteai Urg«r liiaa cmwn-pii-ct-s, mil on 
•very bulton Ibo poTlmil of a tiiiatrvM. 

A curiou* (tnil rcviildTi;^ i-u>loiu pre- 
viilcd It iLia •o.iuu [ii.'rii)il. I>uring 
Piu>i<>a ^Vcck all ili^ulri-h wt-ri* (^Idhi-iI; 
bat more iafnmQUs nlacre ri'iimiiml 
op«D : ilic ruj:il I'litiilfy cut Ti-gelubl« 
nuriouflj arninf-vcl to rf|tiviL-Ht li»h 
•lid oilier food, nnd caurl clmiiltiiuii 
CDJojul on lli-ly TliiirniUy the |>ri- 
TueBe i>{ ualiitiiU.ll liU:rtv uf npui'ub 
in prrwDco uf tJic Kinj;. It won on a 
Holy ThurKlsf ibnt ■ court chapUIn 
TC&tUKd lo trnj rrntii the pulpit, in tlio 
Toyti hearing of l^uU XIV", tliut "wu 
are all mortal," tmcl wbrn ihe uiutian:)i, 
*bo couIJ not bear ihc ti^'Iii of ili« 
towers ul' tliu (islliuili-^ of He. Dcni<, 
•tcriilj lookcJ up at the prcadiur, tlic 
latter, ttxunlilinjT for bis chaoca of a 
bi3h»|irio, aiuciiduJ bis plir;i>e and ill 
docirin»by ajiliojt, " Vi-s, Sin-; ulmt>xt 
all of lul" Tiic ciutotii lo irliith 1 
luk*<! Bfludctl Dt ibc beginning of tliia 
paiampb h uitrratvd by Ali-n'ivr, nntl 
u »iUtaDtiuU]r to UiiH ufTccl. On the 
nijtbt between IIolj Thursday und 
Good FriilaTi B relic of the true croM 
wacexpoecil fur public aduratioii in the 
M SunlfiCbafwIle." Kpileptii: bu(,'(;iir!S 
iliHler tbe name of poMiiMcd niuniucB, 
flodivd tbilb«r in cruwila. Tlicr llung 
tiiicm*lv«t bcforv tbe mlic iu wild toii- 
iortiona; llicjrKrimaced,bDwlGd,»wDrc, 
blooilienicdi and atruKi^teU fiercely willi 
tbe ttalf-doien mi-n wlio necmed onabta 
to r«arain thcDi. TbDbGlti:raUtbiswM 
•Cted tbe more money wu shDwcrvd 
on lli« aolore. Merctvr dvclarva Llmt 
dl the imprccalioni tJtut bail urur bi-vn 
vtlcrcd Bgaisfl Cbriit uu<l tlie \'irKiii 
could not amount to Ihv ma» of in- 
«3tpr«Mibl« infamy irbicb be heard 
ottered by one porliculnr bluit!>lit;uik.T. 

It wu for Ric (hn h;>) Ami fnr ilt Ihp 
Bucmbljria novel and iIcnnKclbinK to hrar 
a batoan b«big in ■ toIm of ikuudcr pub- 
liatf ea*l AtlUiKc tJ. tb« iioi at ihc *er; 


Cfmple. intuit His woriliip, iirofoke Hia 
wrath, and belch forth the must Atrotrioiu 
inVfUtliT'i, — all at whicli wcrr liiit to the 
lci:c)unt, but i.if Ihr fiirr^tic bln"t>h«nicra 
but of thn Diirvil. TLc psniilc pr«Mnt 
trrnililinalj' mailo ihe *i||n oi t^ho crou, 
and prailniinl Ibrmtrlvr* irilh ihrir fare 
to ihc grouad, mutlcrini; the wliili*, " /( u 
Iht flonOH who fjieah .'" Afler fight 
mvTi hhA with difficulty drafted him lhrc« 
IlmK (o thr ihrlne whiob held tUf relic of 
ihe Croat, hii blivphemln beoaniB W 
outTiicroiirl; tltdiT [list h« wai caat out at 
the diior of ibc church u cue fumndored 
fui evti (o the (louiiiiuii of fuUu, anil 
unworthy of bring cured ijf Ibd tiiiiaiculoua 
cruH. Imagine tbitt u dolnchni>rnl of 
luldieri publicly moiintnd ouarithat nJtiht 
ov*r Ihb ic.coni--ei tabic force, — and ihat 
in aik age bk« the prcaeut I 

iiuch acbi wuru n«t itn much in ud- 
vnncc of the n^. Four jatra luK-r tbo 
inc|ui:<itiirii of Seville publitl^burni-d at 
th« iititke a itirl d)ari{e<l with holding 
ciiiuiiial iiitcreoui'se witli tiutnii. Sliu 
wn> u lerv bcitutil'ul young creature, 
and, tbiil ber benuly ini^lit not elicit* 
loo niucb *yinpatliy fur tivr fnte, ~ 
nofc wu cut oil' prcviou« to bcr Inia, 
led to exevulioti f Meivjvr rein lea 
on iIm nuthurity uf an eye-wi 
It occurred barely niorv tbno teveuty 
years ngo, ni»I Dr. C'ltiiill, of |;lo<iiu« 
ineiuoi7,u>ny rejoice thurelorc to thinb 
Ibal tW extrcuJirc bund of lti» Cliurcb 
con horitly yv% be out of practice, 

"An age like llio preacnl !" wrol« 
Mcruier, in tlie duya only of our 
liithcrf. Lo tliat a^e it wan diwuwd 
impossible to carry the aLirinee of HU 
Murvi'l and St- Gi:nevi^e at tbe miao 
time tbrougU ono tlruel, Wbun- 
ever the rv-ipeetivc bearer* vcn,* 
lumd on luub u lent ibey invariably 
beheld a niirarj(>, pxyniiili Ij iiij; th« at- 
traction of cobcsion. The twoihrino) 
wufre drown to «nob other, in vpile of 
ftU optNiHiu^ bunkiui ulTurt, and ru- 
ioaini;4 insepanbla for tbe wbolu tpuoe 
of tbrve daya I 

At lb>» period Prolmlant laujritiget 
weru am-uLinled il* concubiuujte by tli9 
luw, wbilc Juwiab iDarriiig|«i«ate hold 
IcguU A Jew wbo pnrelivMl ttl* 
iMtato of i'u(|uigny bouj[ht with it tbo 
undisputed nubt to oouiiuate tbu curuf 
and cnnoni ol tbe diurcli' it is worth 
recording |tlto> O midnight tnwN* 
iiuTu jiiai beeu re wto bliitod ia Feri^ 
that tiioy wiTe supprcased in tbat capital 
three 4]uart«r» of B ooatuj ago. i» 



Thf Bar«nm IXObrrkirtk and Citiitti Jhreur. [Foh. 

coawqiieDoe of ibe irreli^ooa accaei 
which occaired ia ibc cbnrcbcn. Mrr- 
rirr ncrtmcnUv rvrnmrki on Uic »in- 

f|ulantj o( Ibc fact ilial Itooun Caiho- 
Id who bel!avc<] in the crcr rcnl 
pnstnce of Chmt ta their ittufAva, 
behaved hebrv thai preaenoe like ua- 
clnn beathens, wbile Protesunto. hIio 
denied chepmence. hckkrol with «le< 
carun. Tbe great ■Mraetioii fur lauij 
yean at aunj of iheae uHuaei waa Uie 
or^aa-plajrins of (he gTcal Daquin. 
His imitation of the wmgoftJic lushl- 
ii^ale uaed to cUcit a wliirlwind of 
a)i|ilaaae (rota th« w-callcd wonbip- 

Thif mixture nf iluli^lil jmxI dern- 
tion wu after ati but natural in the 
people. Tho cUinrat oUca of (lie 
(laj compoaed not oolj taiuiod tUOM) 
tnit operai. 

T<t (fee Churcli and the Staj;e were 
CTcr in antamnum in Fnacc. Mcr* 
der tells n plcaaanl rtorjrt which rc- 
coBsta bow the famoua actran Clairon 
wrote B pica in claim of taaavi titei 
being allowril to tb<; ImkIim of dcocucd 
vtafo-plavcn. With aomc difficulij 
oho fauna an itrorot bold enough to 
uroMnt and read tbb plea lo tbo 
'*|i*rliatii«Dl.'' The latter aueasl bod; 
tttvck the lawyer dfi'lbarolC Mile. 
in etiK-utlun, and he adopted (lie itaeo 
ai hi^ fuiuru praleesioo. Oa h» Grrt 
aimcaraitcc, howtirsr. ho pmred him- 
telfBo indiAenint on actor that hewnjj 
svitunarilT condenuied, aiiiid kh ara- 
lancbc of hisses. Ue so Utak llie 
failure to heart that be di«il— «nd, 
being an actor in the cjv of tbe rhurch, 
was pronounexid esudmuiiiDit-atv, mid 
wai lAiried like Onbdia, with " niaiined 

UcTcicr tellx uo tliat there were not 
leas than liii.- thuusoud iipecial manes 
daily celebrated in Taiig at the cham 
of aevenpcncc-halfpcon/ caeh! The 
Iriah pneiu in tht; capital, he tajs 
were aot loo acnipuluns bo oelebnitc 
two in ODC day, thna obtaininc a aecoiirl 
saveapenoe-balfpenny bj whut their 
Freneb cm/rn-n cinuidcrcd rank im- 
piotjr. Anong the iioarL-rlinitlitrrbood 
wiaclioacDtbc"Portc-Dieu." Suehwaa 
the rather startliiw popular name (or 
the pennilcas pr{e8( liimi to ait up 
o'nightf, and eanj the " bol,v sacra- 
atenl " to ihr sick nr dring. In rainy 
weatbef "le Iran Divu wai conveyed 

by the revcrmd porter in a hackney 
cxiflch, on whkli occwaiona the coacb* 
man alwaya drore with hit liat lev^ 
rently under hil arm. When the 
"Portc-Dico" catered an apartment 
the inmates hnrriedly covrivd the 
luobtD|f •([Uaaex, in order that the " holy 
sacntmeDt" might not be taultijiliea 
thmrin. There waa a aupenlitioua 
idea that it was iniinoa^. 

I have stated aborc that Protestant 
marriaeca were nolval ill when Madame 
d'OlKrktrch and M. Mcrcii-r were en- 
gaged on their respccUtre worka^ 
placed before the world at aucfa wide 
intcrralii. That murli>wMlied-for con* 
aommation was bowi^viir supfmaed to 
be llien " looming to the failure I" 

TUa day (mj« (be tatli) I heard a 
pleoe of aewB 'bleb ttTc aac f real 
pleasure. It ■■■ tbat llw Kioi baa iv 
j(i*itTrd in the (HulUment an ofdonnanw 
bf vhtcb aU curn wurB •ojoinad bo laeord 
thr dMlanlioni cf all peraonawho pro> 
■rated their chililrea, tritheat ipicstioiiiac 
thaea In aay way. Thi* was to prwcM 
Mftaia earta (roai trjiof to oait * doubt 
on the lagiUmaey of Pioteatant cULdrtaL 
II did out reoogHse (ha validity of Pro. 
leaiaui anarria^. bat It gave ua hope for 
a better future. 

But it >a time to draw these rapid 
noticea to ■ close. Those who w31 
take tho trouble to pcroM tho worics 
which hare •uggcscea (hem will find 
their reward tuereio. The three ro- 
lumca of Madame d'Obcrkircb might 
indeed have been judiciously coodenacd 
into ouc. There ii a sti|K'mbundaace 
in tliem of ** wbat »|uire« call potter 
and what men coll proee." bat there is 
much besides that ia of interest. The 
writer is by far a ninre correct jirophel 
of the future ibaa Mcrcier. She saw 
that the toeiety ia which she gloried 
was foiling into rtiin!i. Mcrncr dr- 

Jilcled its viccoi but so little couUl ho 
oresee the conaequenoea of ihemi that 
he patriotically exulted that l^riawai 
so secured by \tf police fi-oiu such 
eiinimiiies as the tiordon riotst which 
had disgraced Londoa, ■■ to render 
revolation !npaaalble. Tie opininni 
of the writers apart, their respective 
records are well worth reading. Tliat 
of Mercier bna bern wetl-nizli for- 
gotten, but m grupbic |ioweT, its wit, 
and variety ilMeaerve sucb oblinaiii 
That of the BaroDms, prolix and ill* 
trantlated bs it ta, has also its certain 

1953.] TTte liaroneu D' Oherkirch and Citisien Mercier. 


valat. Both «ro tv»J >a\rTw* of tho 
timM, ind ail that passed beTore (li«]r 
palbliod surl'acc is reprcspnied ikcnson 
witii a fidelity tliat toineliinQt terrific* 
I mueb u it niniucML 
Tbe fi>llowi))g, from Jlorcicr, may 
toaut imdcr Iho first bead — but it la 
far IVoiii li^-iiig t1i« wnnt ctse that 
might b« ciIliI. Am an in^Uinccof Clie 
rvsulu of common luMpilal pructicr, it 
caatrut* lUrtiin^lv wiib what trnw 
occun ill lliu MiDB locality. 

T)ta corpica dnltf Tarailcd fortli by tlie 
hMpiUl t>r llie IIAUl l>ieu «rc cnrricil to 
CUntrt, ■ TAit Mrmrterj whiMe f(iilf i* 
•wr «p«n. Thne bo-diei we itncnffinnd : 
tticf are >im[)l)> twetX up iti a ainding- 
ibocl. They Brr liurricdly drnfrgrd from 
tb« b«d*i and tnocr tliin i>nc iinricnt pro- 
BOBnMd dead hna airukc to lii; under ths 
Mgar band IhnI rn t-eirm^ liim u|> nt bit 
■ Arond. Othen hnre ihrKkrd oul IbU 
ttwy were li>iii|;. in tlie xvrjr cart tbat aai 
cmvtyxof (htm tu burial. Tliii cart i« 
draHii biflticlite mm: n dirtj and bemircd 
}>Tica(. a bcU, uid a omcifis — tucb ia tbe 
nai of the himoun pa!d to tb« poor. 
Tbi( cloomj ear iitatt* eTeir roominji 
from Ibr tiiu-l Diru ■! foaro dock. Bud 

tnnrne;* amid a tilpn(-« ■* of otchl. TIip 
Ptll «blch prmdci It aaahc* iom« wliu 
alcpt 1 but jruu miisl. meet tbb curl cm tbe 
hifbfraf lu (wciTGtljr >p|irpviat« tlia rlfi^t 

p«iodne«4 on tb« lolail boih bj its light 
and aaniid. In tick Maaona It hai liMn 
fa«n pmforailnc the aamo j»arnt; four 
tlron Id Ibe Iwcnly'four baun. It can 
oootain flftjr bodia. "Hie carp«n of 
ohlldrm aic Mucaftl in bct«cca tbe lest 
of Bilulla. The tthttU freight ia toucd 
into a dfvji and ctpKii pit, ()iiicli-tiiiie ii 
blierally |intiml in, and thn hnrror-itrinltMi 
Cjw of Uut obwncr plDn(ca intu an nbja* 

iiet apacions mAU|[b ta hnld uJt the LivinK 
nbabilaotf cfthccaiiital. litre ii holidijr 
bere en AIL SouU' daj. Tlic papulner 
ooiitein|)late tbe apot oWreia ao many of 
tbcm aie ilciiiiitd to lie; niid kiieelmg 
and prajtiag oiil; precdJe the uuiTccaaJ 
dtinking and dt^bauclir-rr. 

Let ua lum, br nay uf cuncluaiuii, 
from bariaU to britUilft. la Lba ac> 
count givm hj Madiunc d'Obcrkirclt 
of iIm BMni«|^ uf the Prince <ie Xaiuati 
Saftrbmck witb &III0. de Muiitbarrej 
we ncogaiaa not only wUnt tht; I'lur 
Utborewnlb "a rcr; grand ttSair," 
but ao infinitely omumng one In bMit. 
We sfMre our reailen tlie cxvcralilu 

pootiy, by '*« drawinj[-room poet," 
wbicb WM irnil with |;T«at avidit* 
during tbn bridal fi^ativitiva. It ifl 
uixeunrj, hnwttvor, to iilludi! to th« 
effution^ as will h* Mcn from what 
I'ollowd : — 

TtinM T«r«ei ara <i«rf rinpid, bat 1 
qunce Ibem bvAtutr ihe; auiiaad ua m> 
itceitiiixir wlicn wt rooaldrrcd that ihU 
huabaod, '' nuaicaaor of jnur charmi," aod 
who " t« loTc'a <iicliiiiiiiiig bUaa shall 
wake," wn* a child uf titcl>e jttrt of age, 
who t»pt from mnming to nixht, fVantis 
at IjHd^ made an obj'rl of nnlrnraat rn. 
riiwity, dyiiif tnm hia w\{r, and rT«u nr- 
|>nla[n( her nllh ihe mdcncM of an itl- 
brrd child, and liavluK no dcairc In cluim 
a tide nhoM *i)(uilit,-BtioQ be did not uii- 

dentand Duj-iii/t thi^ bnll, Iha 

briilegroom Would an no s^-pounl Ronient 
to ilince uith Ilir bridn. \ir. wai at Irnglli 
tlircBleni^d witti a whipping in caxe of 
further rcfuial, nnd pronilacd a dilase of 
angar.pliitnt and all aorl* »f ■ala.iciiiTOta 
if lit eamplied, Wheieupon h-^coot^nled 
tc lead ber Ihruugh a miuuct. Tlioiigb ho 
abewed ao great au i*er«iuii tu ber who 
bad a lt«at ahum afruu hia atienlioiu. ha 
iiiaciircitcd a great ifoipalliT for littla 
LuuiH de Dietricb, a cbild oE au own age, 

anil n-turUFid to ait braide htr *( auoii ii* 
ha coald Tm^ himidf from lh« ntnuyruMr 
careiatoDtr of altendiug un hii \itiAr. Thli 
waa the btubaud mlmtt " ra|ic embrace " 
awaited cbe joung prloccu. My brolhef 
aiidcrtuuik to cuqhdId liim, and mut abawlng 
bint aoiiie printa Ip a laj^ book. \a]i>n|^t 
them Ihero hB|i|iDnfd to hf one whieh tti- 
prmontrii a marri*(;i' prnn^iinn., ir'nieli. m 
•oon aa tbe child aiiw, he ibut ttic tiook, 
cxrlalminR. "Take tl away, atr, take it 
away! Mliat bate 1 to do witb tbatF 
It ia ahocking— aod hold," coalinurd he. 
poiotinj out a tail &gan in the group, 
■' there l< one tbat la Uka MademoiaoUa 
de Monlharrcj." 

Th<;9e lul extncta will acrvc to alicv 
tbu dilTereot slapla of which arc coiu- 
poscd ihc rcinoctirc work* of tUct Bu- 
Tflu<.\'<n und tW Boorgcoiei. TliHt of 
tbu former will be tvad mcrulj' to 
amuM! tlio poising hour, but ia ths 
akctcliui of Mcri^icr thurc will olrrajra 
bo Ibuiii) rioinrthitij! wortlij uf tlic nb> 
teulioii, not on)]' of the general reader, 
but of the stat«aaiam the moralini and 
tbe philowpluir. 


Gmn. Uao. Vol. XXXIX. 




Viitlia BhjrutnnB r ciODi]>ntin^ Ihr HUtivrr anil Anlti]vilie« «l Euirj^oM sail ita 
NMgltbiwirhooil. Rj* Tkoiiia* GiTl. Bm. 

TUB Chevalier BunMn, vhoae gf 
utra) kiiowletlgtt of the |!«o|;ra|ihk;il 
JcHliirvi of itiuxl partx iil lite wurtil U 
uni|iit-iilj<i«)ablr. nl tlit' uiue liiii« tluU 
hi* imculiar regard fur tli'tt t'uuulrj^ it 
lucQ «« to bu Tirrv llalt«ring Ui tag- 
luk I'rnli*, ItiM irxjiniiw.ll lii* lulniim- 
liot' (>l >kv ilintrn^t wbidi fonas th« 
(ulijii't of lti« bcuk Iwtbrv us in th« 
liilluwiiig Iwrtiit: "Tlic Vali* of York 
in till) niDst K'stiiirul ntid I'Diiiaiiiii* valo 
in Il»- world, (be vulit i>r Nonaniutj 
cxwi'ImI ; " mill this dictum ii«dupt«d 
hy Mr. Gill u Uie motto or* bis Ullo- 

\Ve l)*-lii'V<' it ia ntur very generally 
Niluiiiicil ibat Ki^lisbuivu liatt; iM^eu 
Bpt to warnhv lu liireijzii climes in 
klTwlnl n.-jui:li nf Kinuiiilit; tcvnirnr, 
vhlbt ihuy ■•filt.-cieil llic nmurnl b«nu- 
tin of tlteir ui*u t'ountry ; and ibat 
tbi* preivncT fur ilisuni inv«l i« nuw 
vx(-liiiiifl;ml for (tlbet |iri-tt.'Xlii, Mucb as 
ibe iiiitit|uiti«« of lliG tjial, ibe ntl» of 
Idlv, (liB nicdiriiiiil wat«rt cif Uw 
manv, tlm chcafniffM t>l' I'miici', or, in 
•lilluiureuniiiur/ ti-riiu, "n llinrouj^b 
change' — tbe «xt.'ii»iii(.tit of cxtvodrd 
jauri>vv», i.h(> atnuaiiig cnibiiTTMnDuiita 
of fiirvign liiitjniiiiK'*i and «ver vainriDg 
oumBcy, a&d tb« dd^htfut linllurra- 
lion of duosnn, dampr-iebiflV, and 

Il iimai, iri! think. l>o admitlcd tbal 
the beuutje* of tbo Vale of Turk hxva 
raiber n looal tbuD b generkl rc|iuta- 
lion. Tlip; u« not On^ncnUMl or 
visilml likv l.liiur ol'lbe Scttti«h High* 
lunlit. or tbi> Norlhcni Lukca, or tvvn 
tb« const of I)<_-viniiliir<>. or iJie liilU of 
DvrliiTKhiru. Tbt^j are not accessory 
ro tlie BttrBCliniwot'nny piaw iif gn^at 
publJo rewirl. mid i'unR>(|iii:Till}' ilwir 
hinm IN but pnnidi/ dilTu^-d. Then 
i«, howvver, at liovinEhain, a fltnull 
umrVei-town on tbc Thinik and Mal- 
loH ruilnny. al Ihe diiioncu of twpn- 
tvwii mikii fWim Tori:, and i-ight Trout 
E«iiin}n«dd. — n tiii'dinnnl rp», tiie vir* 
Iocs m'wbicli uterv upiirii-inlwil inngca 
loBS gone by, vhen it tCuman villu and 
tU liatbii wpre planted on tlw q)ot : 
and ibis tpmxi nutjit-plaov iiggmt*, 
iu the work b«lUii'e lu, the (bloving 

i;cnerat dncription of llic ndgldiour- 

Ttiii In^mtdUir tcforrj- nf llnTin^lMiB, 
ki ncll as tkal bj whkli it i* >ami<in<t«d, 
ii hlKblf Taricd MUil pIctDnxjuc. beftnd 
■tlial it afUia t« be uirt witli In EnfiUtid. 
Kacow p awad bj vrll-aoodtd uul loftr 
hilla. IsMnpfncd mfh rk-h il*l« ami n|>> 
pitnt KTMnia, It a|i(iean MnaUj aeduilei 
rroa Ui*Ule.aiUahMlonirr«u th« noiM 
aad taraioJl of tbe biMf ,— to tbc fxMtic tjt 
It nifhl tmn a url of lUpftgr Valkfi 
•Mb u Johmon In hU HaMdw ddigfaleil 
ta poTln^, Urra tlie woodL. hiUi. tad 
nltw aodBlalo in fJotunsqac twieij, af- 
ronliDK nBDNOU* and nmbrascmu ««1k* 
W the rlillor. Tbc tbIb ia natcred bjr 
Micfsl ttrtauM oliich (raicr>« it in iliffn* 
oil diirvtioni. Klanitinqc on tke t»p of Iha 
Tenyie Hill, a nohk anil tiri«d pitupMt 
tiirik** Ih* c;«. Ta Uie «ci(. Ilu! «ibl 
hnalli anil niMr* of ColUiri, Gillin;. aail 
Yrnrilef rihUitt a pittais of blcahiMM 
Bn4 dcvoUliga, oo wUcb arr found *cal- 
tefvd calm* aod iviDUli, rvcallinc to miad 
th« viuMi) »f former a;ea, and Ui* tc*ar> 
able fimru uf pry henwi ri»in; ant of tha 
tniM) m4fniftccnFc. *li<ve (hauni Moati) 
halt rcirUed attb iklislit. Oo ibc norlb< 
IlnBiUctonattilllHbUck «aoor«i>r Hclws- 
1«7 »trctdiann)'l«ibc utio4*t bvnsdmT'of 
fifion, and *e»iB likv Itclicn |>«l^ apoa 
Ottt. Tfcen. inroltt; {li< eyv to Ibe tsI« 
betdW. foM beliold. tf in Auguit uc S^- 
tcmber, rict and fcftib crap> wailng <n 
the lun.cTKii and flinnrtr paMarwaboMul- 
ing witb caitlc, wrcbard* gay i>i(li rtUj 
maJt iDDllnir ^lit, awl alMMBst iair«r-clad 
giidMM, BI0V44, and pbntMlnni. 

In (Ih- laiiiiKltale ■wlnlly of HorinR- 
bam nrr <on«rrg*ted a eallMllon of in- 
tnc«iise BDme». rMvIji to be mieC wall In 
an <(|aaU; drcaMaEribeil diairicL Awsaf 
lb« ml ai*j If Bntim) tbt raaniiaaa of 
Ca^'lv lIoouU, tbc irjit of ibn Burl of 
Ciirlule: Dunronibr Pnrk. ihr tratuf Lord 
rrrrialinxn : U'leanthoi-p tiall. tlw *tK nf 
Williaai Giffo'tb, nq. : Nnrburih Hall, 
tW KM of Sr GeoTKvWoiabreil. HarL 
vilhiu tjltaiir*!'' and it* rtf kin of fairy. 
Uoii. irtii<^, >l>ea (ienn) frofo Ibc mI> 
jdininf bill, appran lilie Ibe im«re of 
Vtauty rriKiMDi in Ibr Up of Sablimiljr. 

The intii|UBi;. kcoIcvui. aiid ualunlurt 
Bta; lirrc lind abundaal gtattRcdliua fur 
ibcir peculiar taitn. citbcr in a «iiit (o 
lUlman Coade, bailt b} l)>« Ue lUa ; 
Gdbng Caadc, built b]r ib« I)< Itlanbraj, 


Tht VaU of York. 

■ad nowtbt K«tof tbe PaJrhira ; Crajko 
Ca*(r',Ihsr«<r(iil«rSt.CuLtib«rt; Slingib; 
Ca*lle, bulll bj Do HuUn^; SlKrif 
lluitOD C'Mdu, liuill by Bcrtnini B-ilmvr 
■nil lUIpli NriiUc. ia irhicti F.UmIx'IIi of 
York idU tho lul VjiiX n( Wtrnirk liU' 
gered in c«[it idtjr, lill Itoowortli'a fatal lldil 
ciallnU oat to a tlifotiB •ad thr other Id • 
Uock ; rII «hich plBC«« are vicliin ■ few 
■nileiof IlavinglwiD i or, on ■ vitii to th< 
iplimilid ruin* of lUciaui Abbejr, or la 
DTland Abbcfi Ncwbarg-b Priorr. and 
Ktrkbam Abbe; ; «r l« explore ib« nov 

««U.||iUiwn ■iitHlilutiaTi >:■.» of Klrkilulc, 
or to the loflT rofki and aubtimr K^nury 
•f UaiDbkluti, with ib il?cp ctTvraa, 
froiroin^ cliffi. anil i;Ia»; laltir. 

Hnvinj-hniii itii'lf i^ th« (iropirrty nf 
Kir Willtntii Wor«ley, Bai-U nLu liuj 
Umitc a tiiUi(i«omo injiriiiioti, l;utll in 
tbt' ^tjlft of tb« lulinn Tilla. 

m lIm plac^u enumerated !n tbe 
fo>Vjiniti};exlriU'l, llieCAslltr^oflU-tMis- 
Icy, tiilHng, Criijkc, nnd Sh^ritl-IIiLi- 
ton lull within llic licld at ]11t. (iiir« 
deacriplion; toRttliiir with tbe ii^Ucjr» 
of llifvitttx, livjant], and Nt-wburult, 
and sctcr*! motiatitic housM ol' minor 
nolo: niui nmong thi': iniuiiiaa* i>l Llir. 
uobility, bcvido^ Ncwbutgli Furk, the 
«Mt of bir (Je">rj;c ^V(jinl>»clt, wLin 
hw> Wen ibo forvmoal [iHtruii ol* tbv 
aiitlior, iloKcrijilinut arc ((ivi-ii of Sc*- 
my tbc rc»i<k-m;c of l-onl ViKOUiit 
Uownc. of Huntonibi; P»rlt llio wiut 
of Lord t'evcmliBiD, of 'I'ljiikleby 
tlial vi Lailv Krankland RuhcII. iin<l 
KTcntI Others: oml tlic work cow 
cliid*:* wilb wMnii luitice of Aldljiir;jb, 
lll« Mat ul'Aiidro'o Luwiion, 0*']' urhicli, 

llioiigli buyoixl (lie Qitturnl boundary 
of the " V itllii Ebornctimis," was con- 
ndcrcil bo iiil«Tc»tiiij£ a ti[)ot, (mtrt xlm 
rviuaipa cf (liv lluman lowii of Ituriimi, 
wliich arc tb«r<; diiM:1nM»l nnd pr«- 
(crvcd, lu to lend u iiinlcriul intert-sl Ut 
th« ccnk'tita of ilie Iwnk. 

A considerable (lorlion of itift Vul* 
was occupicfl in curly timca by tic 
Forcft pf Gollrcr, wliicb. coiuiiig up 
to tbcgntcH of Vurk, orij-irmliy trixii- 
pnwd aWul Hxly tt'vmdiipi. ftnd con- 
Uined 100,000 afiTvt of IuikI, it minrly 
tbe irhole of Xhv WN|n:uUke of Bul- 
iiier> (p- 49.) It vta> div)>]««l jtud 
mvloBcd by an act t>f pulinincnt 
ps«ml in tbc yciir 1U7U It •«* 
wilbin tbc bouiiiU ui lliia lUttrict Ibat 
KiiJrfiix, mid Cri'iiiwvil fonj-bt tln.-ir 
(.'Ti-at battle uf Martt^-n Moor in ibc 
ycnr IIU4. 


To tbe nortlieni ni!e of the Vgle 

arc thi! liambleloR tirllii, one »f th« 
mtut promirn'nt poinls of wliiob J* Lht 
WliiiwLoiiia'liff. From htoce-^ 

The pro»j)ccl la booiullcM, cittnding 
Ot*T the vWA. foiBBnlic Vale of Mowbray, 
the bnnti'ful anJ inttreatin/tVabor Yurb, 
the plaint of Ckveland, Wennlefdalo. tlie 
wntern hillt, the fnntrrn voIiIb, tlie 
foutbcm pliiriu, anil Ibe notthern uioud- 
taioi. A little in adfuioa ■tood the facr< 
iniEage of llode Urmn. Beyond ii a hut 
tirw nf tlie Tenerible ruini of Bjlmiil 
Abbi^v anil Ihe rllltge of COJiirntd. On 
■lie iiihrr »iilc St llie aplenilid remaini af 
thi: Abber of Bi«*aui. nitb llie loninn 
tcmj'le BDiI brautifitl tfrracc! ; [tie rich 
an<1 mBgnifiecnl liernRiTic uf buncombe 
PtrV, aed lh« Catbolie college or Ample- 
furtli. Furlher Inlbflnonb n irpMlCnatle 
and tliF Mount Si. .loliii, nbere atnod a 

Srrce\itary of the Knlibls of .S(, Jntin iif 
vniMleiui fauudiiii by Wdlimn Peicjr. 
Gli'iiifig <toHn ■ little fuitbet i* Nrwby 
Pnrb.and T'<peliS, tbe neat ol the Eu-lii 
of Nnrlhumberlniid; Ibe lylvan pnrk of 
TbirkUb], tlio «est of Lady FrankUnil 
Riutcit 1 an oteciilre ileir of llie wettem 
hUI«, Binuiiit ■hlrli may be acen tbe city 
of Ripr-n, Willi itn mible cnthedral, llie 
tnwna uf lliinik ami Norllwlterton, and a 
liltio furtbrr on th# c«lebr«C*d Abtwyof 
Foiiiitaini. VenhnK to lb* annth. atid 
paaaing abflie the Vale of York, >btch ii 
(tuddcd vich tillaxea, fnrni-liouxet, bund- 
»omr tillaa, woodt, tie. it tl'e •|i1cu<liil 
mimter of York, the aniient ui>dca of 
Sheriff Hutton, Crayke. GilliBn, Helnu- 
ley. Md Cutle Hodard. anil tbe rUib ro- 
maittic scenery of NrsbuiKh Park. 

Tlici pnriebt^a aud lowwAu-ps whietl 
£lr. Oil] bsa illuaU'liUtli nioru or ltM<, 
with Uia hiKtorical cdllcctioni), arc niore 
tbau thirty iu nuiuber; »iid wc sliould 
add that twooftb<-*c h»v« their bia- 
U>ry written in it moru coiuplcto and 
miiilvrfy uionnvr, — that of Crnykc by 
till; Van. Archdeacon Cliurtvu.iiiid that 

uf S<.-»>iiy by th« Huv. Jolin Overtoil. 

Crayki- it connected with the bi»tury 
of 8iiint C'ulbbcrl, lo wliu»c nnmc ihc 
ehureb it i^edictiti^l ; with Etka, nno- 
tbiT nnphorili', who livvd in tbe ei^jlith 
century ; and wiih the d«vutnliou8 of 
tbe SctuidiiiHvitui Kiln, wbn i$ cape- 
etully i»ei>tii-iied toliavu loitl !>!» vacn- 
Ic^idug linndfl upon tiio land of ibe 
church of Durlium nt tb!!> place. There 
ia thurufi.>re nn unus'inl nmount nf 
lii»lory i>i.'!i.iii;"in;j lo tlii" plucc bcforo 
ibc Norina.Q cor<]ik'«1, nnd wlitch Arch- 
deacon Cburtea lin« difplikvcd lo (he 

best adv&nlo^. At llie Dummlaj 

"Crcto" in dcoM-xoc, as bi*liop Alwin 
had <ti'iiu in the nign of tbc Confi;Mur. 
It vruat tkis casilo liiat lltiah Vxuitmy, 
one of ibc most finiouB bifbofs of 
Du rbiuu, And who mxivL'd the tarliliMn 
of Norlbmuberlaiid from ibc baiitU of 
Kiug Kicbard tbe Hr^l, fdl aick of 
h!s in^rtat iUaaa la tbc jcor 1194. 
The bi»hi>pa ofDurbiuii cnnllimiailo 
ifXMpj Ihcir muwr of Cmyk*, and 
to m»int)UQ tba BpparlcnMit " torvtt " 
or pArki for lURnjr auloeciunit ccn(u- 
Hi;» — npparcnllr uulil lUv lime uf lli« 
Il«roriiiulinii. King lOtJwnrd III. d«tl^l 
A churl^r frvio tlii; CMtIv ia ibe TU«r 
134^. It irntfiiot (inttllvalienkledirou 
tli« Kv« atitil (bcdaj* of tb« Intc Biibop 
V»n MiMttrC 

At Coxwuld. ID tbe »ni« oeigli- 
Iwurliuod. lite panonage of Lauroioc 
Sl^rnir, lo wiiiub he ww prcNnkd by 
hard Fauouiileri;, ihuu lord of Ni-w- 
bDTgb, iviw Mrill«n tlie iiinnorlul 
" SeiitiinenUl Jimrncy." In a leticr 
writlon in lTD7,lic thug<li.-jK:ntiM how 
veil he lim-il in thij N'olc uf Yvtk ; 

I aiD M hijipr u n prinm at Cniwold, 
nod I «itli juu oinlil iff in hem piincrl; 
■ manner I lite- 'lU a laai) of pteaty. I 
all down alacic tu rtniion, liib, and wild 

ng VaU of Kwft. 


ibirii or a couple uf fowb or dacks, with 

OBrdt, klmwbrrr!'*! anil cmmii wkI all Ike 
(ImpU |iknij whleli a rich vallejr (nnder 
llambUtoii hilbi) rjia pruduea : with a 
dran clnlh on niT uhlr, in<i a baltie of 
■riiicaamjrlthtlmml lo drink four kallh. 
I baic a hundred bcna and oliickco* >txH>t 
my yard ; and Itot ■ twriiliMnr r calchcs • 
liare, or a ralibit, or a traal, bat ht bringa 
it aa an offmng to nie. 

The biitnry i>f DylnDd Abb«T U 
trealcit at li-iigtb. and inlrodqi-vil bjp 
tbv int«TVslii>x narrativo of >ta foun- 
dation, preacrrvd in the r<^ii^er of 
thu bouac, and of which tlic nnglinb 
vunivn wan wrillfii for vur ALijrtEinv 
hjr a j^ntlcinan «l>o«e iirtrntaliire de- 
ccnM wc bnd fborlly afk-r lo lauicnl.* 
An ineiilctit of that narrative if ibo 
ervcliwi vi a i-liapel at Scallou or 
Scortoii, a vill williin tbo tmri^li vf 
Bflund. tl i* dated that tbi» huDiUo 
ltUl« orutorir itill atti-ata by nil the 
fealurm of it« ar^itecluru that it ia 
the original buildiog vrrcteil br abbiit 
ltoig«r ID I14S. tt'hcn the dtapci waa 
liniahvd, and autlably furiiiahcd irith 
Uiuka, rertincnta, » fonti uiid other 
nvccmary omAiiieDts, the abbot frave 
dir«(hmi to hia cclUrrr " lliot with 
all liable and reverence he should caUMt 
to be vuiivo/ed in a wain the Iowa: 

lergg ^11 


R t 



*Gjimp;iMii + BHiiTOtmiiRiat 


* 8«> Gtal. Ha(. for March, IMS. p. ««|. 


Th* Vatt of York. 


IwlLof tbe nid motWr clnircb of B;- 
Janrl to her mid iliiii;;lit<:i' pf ScAllnn" 
Oiir uullior cooL-ludei) tliiit this tidl 
WHS tbc some lu OTIC tlill [ircacrvL-tl 
«t Scorlon, of tlic itiiwriplions upon 
irbk'l) lie boa L'iven tliu fac-«iiii!Ii; 
prinCoil in llic preccdiiiK P^iRC- 

Nfi one hns nillitrlo ivllerided suffi- 
t\tn\t\y t» lt)(* iiiitii|uil.ji.'!i of cnrnpfli>o' 
log; to supiily U9 with dirniiiilDhnciil 
d&tn as to tlic foinu ur mncieot uelU 
or ibe dcTiccii imprciwd upon ihcm. 
Tltc!r {iiM:rl}>Lii)nn have been given m 
pome i(ipn;;rajibicsl worksi — more par- 
ticularlyi lu wc cvcollocti thrau^bioiit 
till' Hijlory of Nordiwuplomhirc bj 
Bridget i but we an" iiiit nir.irc uf iiii,v 
exialliig KuiJe Co dect-nniiie ibeir ni- 
Bpcctive anlHiuitj. We euaptcL tlie 
mII oI Scorton not %a "tin at cbc carl; 

date euggrstnd by the bUtory nf tlic 
cTccii'in of tbe nlnn]M.-l. Il i» nninwl, 
•a wv «t-v, ^aitit Marv*8 bell, Cainptuut 
h-iile Marie. The luwcr IcLttTn wo 
prcfumc nre tli« coin mo nci; mm J of llic 
rnt1 II tm 1(111 of tliu Virjiiii, vlrir Aei^iiia 
Culiirmiii Tbi; iiinrk of tbo foandcr 
i.-t piiTticutnrI/ curious. It seems to 
tbav t.hul hi; nUn innile miMi'rs, mii- 
dli'-iLlckfl, and — vciiihuf Hia uimiis 
i» not ijcrfectly copied; but wc read 
lit Joh R — e ill C'lpgnif nte firit. 
Cop^rnvc, 114 wv Inter !i, is ihv nutui; 
of (ho plittt wtiiTt bid fiiilildry Htinid. 
It \i a villii((e fuur milos from llorougb* 
bridge, uid about fifV'en from Itytand 

AiinlluT rtiiinrkiible bi-U !sexti>liiij{> 
aud still in luc, in tljin dintrii^t, at Sea- 
saj. It beora lhi» iiucriplion ; — 



I. (. I^l ImW. Edmund Daidl d 1. 
■uor ejus, gralifcm det •ooutu* Cudbcrtua. 

Edmund Dar«ll, wtio inarnud Tm- 
bella FUton, die-din MU. Thcchurub 
"b d<dicnt«d to Siiinl CulbWrt, and 
*aartbuilt by Luid UonDU in 184W. 

In turnin" ofur tli« pagvs of tbo 
Tolume w« next anlTc at tlic cofllca 
of Uilliog and Hi-lmslcyi two of its 
tno4t inlerMtin^fealurca. Thv former 
ha« bc«>i for four cDiituri«!i the seiLt of 
tbo elder branch of tlic family of Fnir- 
fnx, uLu bavc nilbvrcd tu tbv iiiicitint 
fiiitb, and art; tbe patroua of ibe iivi);b- 
bauriu^collugcofAmplufortli, n ubool 
fvr tlic education ol (be Uouianist 

Jn tilt; eborcb of Ainplvfortli in a 
supuldirul ef%y of siiiKnlar and wc 
believe unique design. It is, perbujio, 
rninniL'iiiomtivc of Boaie pveulinr c<r- 
cuniilmit-'L-? now furgottvn, and, in ilv 
devialiou from tbo ordinary form of 
eucb DuimoHali, reia)Dd> n* of tlie two 
kn^hU throw^n upou ibe aea-Wuclh 
wbiob MTC repmeiitcd by Slolbnrd; 
but the dyini; warrior bcloro a* luw a 

vory (tifruronl roucli, — nn otlK;r limit 
tbo bottom of his fititikfiil wil^. Thi* 
•■l%y i» now built into the lowt^r ot 
tbe cbnrdi ; and Khv surname (tl>nu);li 
Btnied by Mr. Gill to be "unfortu- 
nately loot") may po«ih!y mlilt n^inain 
eoncmlcMl roun-d ibe <!orncr of (lie 
utoiie, iK'noatEt Uie buiy'* h«iul. (See 
IJtf nert pogf J 

It ucrda nit great slrctob of imaipnaliaa 
(o •u|>|i(iwi tlint ■ dying koigbc of King 
Eilvjiril the (^Acnnij't tla«,lenun tlic iicli 
Bftnr hii aoTert-ifa't flight fram the bstil« 
of Ityland. U h«ra reprfavijlvd receiving 
tile aame kind tiHIce* whk-b Si-uit lo >i- 
i)ulsitclT de«crEb«a o > rrinlctrd by Cirnc la 
MannioD on thcAtlJ vf FltiJdcu. Whorver 
be tlic piilin K|>Tc><iitrd, tlir I'binicicrs 
and runlumr malign thrm In f li« p«riod not 
talpr llian Uiat of tli« lerond Bilward. 

Tilt buttle of ByUiid litre referred 
111 OL-inrrcl in tlie year I3i2, wben 
tUe Jw-ots iovadcil Kngland under King 
RoWri Bruce. 

IlL-itiiFilt'y was a caslle built by Ro- 
bert de KoB, durtii(; Ibe ri-isn of our 
early Norman Kiii)!;*, luid wliiib gave 
tbo ordiniiry additiou to ibuir biiconial 

Tk* Vale ef York. 

m* c«itlc «kj oftcTwarrii pHtlalljr re- 
rturcd. and Ucainc llii; bioulte nrtreal of 
OeOTge Villictn, Utike or UirckiuK^nn, 
•ficr be bMt r«tiri.'il frooi thu couit uul 
cabinet ot Cti«rlM II. Ou iIib wt^utm 
■ld« ibe rtmalM of • ruce af Bpirtwnnu, 
auMfittiioK lib niaiulon taonM ui4 olBocs, 

Rtlll Mitt, probablT Duilt tMtn ui* miM 
■ben Dm Villien baiily iwxwdcd lo tba 
prvpolir, aoil dulia^WiM! bj a nabl> 
(rn-T iIiBMt rtttlllng In tha tirptb of iU 

(u (Iw mux tb« helfbt of tkean- 

<>nii tocp. Here wu Uie *ociW of bit 
rcidiiei i and Kitibjp Uo«nl&i • nd^i- 
V<»urii>4 town, *lUMMt4 bii buiMUMUa* 
*ud duUi, wbich trtupired arter Ona 
dtjii' illacM. bronfbt on bf inftamnilUm, 
in canicnueace of ■itling on tbe grovul 
irbcn fiU{ited «4(b huntiiic. 

It u uAAeA that Popet in lib irell> 
knowii titles deacriptive <^ ths DuJcc'a 

hat ritbrr tikpD a porlic liralM^^ or bMn 
TiiUtar»rxnrd. for ibem ii no IrulMnn 
of the houao in >Mcb ibe Duke lUcA 
hating cm bocn *a ixin, uid rrum iu pro- 
rritt afpranan it baa vrUonlljr bopiti at 
tbat tioic, OM or tba b«ot bowM in tbe 


The fiillovlfig it a literal eopjr from an 
old lattMtrf ngiiUf book, brioBKlnK to 
ibo imjUi of Kirbbj :— 

*'Barlab.— ItiHT, Ajiril ITIb, Gorge* 
tllana, laonl doake of bookit^hant." 

We MM) quickl/ otct Kirkdale, &- 
maui nir its Snzon •nn-(11«l, UiA iU 
bono-cATC examined \>r ProfiMOor 
llnHiUnd ; aim) DunoocDtie Park, Lhd 
•uccdwvr of U<:Iui*lo<r Catll«. wilh it« 
|iirtiiro» and anciwnt inart>K>», among 
wbit'li arc ibv Discobolui and iUv Doj; 
i>r Alci)>iadv9i; and thvo wc reach tiie 
■bbi-j' ti Kivvauxi a IvaUiro of *' iha 
Voli: vf York" periiapa b«ttcr knomn 
tlmii nnj other, and wbick i* tlcacritwd 
at constdiuvblu Icngili. 

Uii tlie lop of (be hill, »it of tbe mo- 
nailery, ia tlie bMaltful leirai^. *ilcl to b« 
one of Ihr fincal In KncUnil. Iliie «al 
foTKoil lijr TLoniaa Dua<«ii)lG. »^. is iko 
yr*r 17&H,aiid ia batf ■ luLle In l(ngll>,aa(l 
<A aidplf bmdib. On tlio back of it aeo 
plaDlalinnt of Irw), mln|[1r(l mtfa tirioui 
thruba. The mint af [l>r gTij-tmtrd abbaj 
lonh ont (Tom an>oax the tnfled trees *i 
It tirectlT rcpoan hi th« lap of tbe Tale 

bcnratb ; *Oodt lower aloJ^, dale* ■trvt«h 
amy into (lie diitaoec i and the Rfo, at 
it rnlla alons Ihe luitloiu of the Talleji. oe. 
caiiaiully prepa onl of ita leafy bed. aad 
ulda liuuijr la Uie »c«ne. 

Next cnmes Seacoiy. to which «c 
hnvc alrcudr nllmlcd \ and tlicn Top- 
rliffV, one of ilic muunn of the EC«rt> 
111' NorUiiiDilx-rland, and Tery trv- 
quenily iWlr |>biv i>l' residciici-. 'IW 
namnn' letter to iIk Pnpe in l'2dl trai 
ngnnl by Hkbtj Pcrcf, oa "donunus 





The VaU of York. 


(t« Topclive;" and it was here that 
Henry the fourth Earl, then Lord 
Lieutenant of Yorkshire, was sluin 
Ouring an iiisurruction in 1489. No 
traces of the manor-house — Mr. Gill 
is prolwibly wrong in this case to talk 
of a huronial fortress, and frowning 
keeps and dungeons, — are now re- 
niaininp;, except the mound on which 
it stood, now called Maiden Bower, 
and siill encompiissed with a moat. 

Newb/ Park, late the seat of Earl 
do Grey, and now of George Hudson, 
esq. M.F. is dismissed in a few lines. 

Bruflerton is the memorable spot 
where Paulinus, at Christmas 626, bap- 
tised in the Swale manjr thousand con- 
verts to Christianity, as related in a 
letter of Pope Gregory to Eulogius 
patriarch of Alexandria. 

My ton-upon- Swale was the scene of 
BnotJier victory of the Scotoh, in an 
incursion which they m&de three years 
earlier than that already mentioned. 
It has latterly been the seat of the 
family of Stapylton, 

Tlie Norman church at AIne is re- 
markable for a sculptured doorway, 
having inscriptions to notify the in- 
tention of many of its devices. Only 
a few of the former now remain ; and 
some of the sculptures themselves have 
been succeeded by clumsy restoralions : 

These are easily diitinfguishable hajD 
the originals, which happily still consii- 
tute the mass of the work. The most re- 
ni^rkable omsmeDts are ■ KerJes of nine- 
tten semicircles forming the outer, and 
o£ fifteen circles forming; the inner, mem- 
bers of the arch ■mouldings. The former 
indose angelic and hamaa figures, birds, 
and animals, moslly with a word above, by 
no means uoneedcd, to indicate the prin- 
cipal object represent! d. Thus the firaC 
three semicircles from the west are marked 

tbe former is laid on bis hack and preyed 
on by eagles, and a human figure stretched 
in bfd is gulTering the like punishment in 
the lirth compartment, probably in allu- 
siun to ProT. m. 17. The sixteenth con- 
tains two figures, which, but for the word 
CRROBFiM above, might have been mis- 
taken fur sufferers in flames of torment ( 
and the word Arstco op the eighteenth 
appears to ittdieate the breese which wafti 
• bark exhibiting two human heads at ill 
■idei, but which can by no power of ima^- 
natiou be supposed capable of contaiiihig 
the bodies to which tliey should pertain. 
Tbe circular compartmeota bear no suck 

helps to research into their cooteata ; but 
among varioas fantastic noodescripts nay 
be diecovered the holy lamb, a large ani- 
mal devouring a human figure, a camel, a 
pelican feeding a prostrate traveller from 
its breait, and a man in the act of slaugh- 
tering a huge buar with an axe. On the 
capitals may also be traced representations 
of a mermaid pursued by a sea monster, 
and a land moni-ter with two bodies united 
in one head, intermixed with luiurioui 
foliage and wreathed or cable mouldjnga. 
Many of the ornaments, both of the arcb 
and capitals, aa is usual in Norman work, 
exhibit marked imitations of clatsicat 
models, and somewhat resemble the cha- 
racter of portions of Malmesbiiry Abbey 

The last subject of superior interest 
in the volume, excepting the Roman 
remains of Aldborough, is the castle of 
Sheriff Hulton, one of the ruaidencea 
of Richard Duke of Gloucester when 
President of the North,and the prisoa 
of Earl Rivers and tbe later Planta- 
gcnets, Edward Earl of Warwick and 
Elizabeth of York afterwards Queen 
of Henry VII. Lelaod says, "This 
castell ia welt maintained, bv reason 
that the late Duke of Norfolk lay there 
ten yeares, and since then tbe Duke 
of Richmond," — namely, Henry Fitz- 
roy, the natural sou of Henry VIII. 
who also was President of tbe North, 
Biit after that date it was allowed to 
fall into ruin. 

Vie have thus hastily skimmed over 
the contents of Mr. Gill's book, in 
order to vindicate the claims of The 
Vale of York to that high estimate 
which was stated at the commence- 
ment of our remarks. In so doing we 
have recalled many names which must 
have been familiar to every reader, even 
if unaware that they belonged to the 
particular area of "the Vale of York." 
There was material here, it will be 
allowe<l, for a volume of historical to- 
pography of no slight or ordinary in- 
terest ; and we gladly add that the 
object is to a considerable extent ac- 
complished. The book may, to some 
tastes, be not the less agreeable from 
the brevity with which portions of the 
subject are discussed. To other miuds 
it will appear too summary and super- 
ficial. It is no condemnation of such 
a work to say that it is capable of great 
improvement ; for such is the very 
nature of historical topography. Mr. 

I S3 

7%t Life 9f Thoma* Moort. 


Gill wilt omplAj his leisure well hy 
continuing hi* eol]i^rtii>uii Kir iiciotbcr 
KoA itnproveil edition. 

But, betbre we conclude, we nnnoC 
refrain fnra\ tho rcmnrlt thaC Uktw in 
one Mrliuulur whidi rvquicv* iiluumt 
continual correclton. Tbeauihi^riliows 
B fttrong partiality for cnnjcciiiral nty 
molcffi^ u regudf loc*l luinicrK'Utiirv, 
biit uia CMiieclania are, fur lUi; mint 
rart, M> wiM as to be worn tban uw- 
lem. Such derivatJoDs u Dein from 
tba drrr of \hv Korot, wid Riukelfe 
friiiii tlie rtvteat " bt-iuU of Yrni-ry," 
TtiUi-rtan Troui Uking biO or toliin^ % 
bell. Slillingtoa Iram almtfii^-lowR. 
■ml Hclptihjr from h^p'Kanl'b}! (when 
f^nliiiu* wa* mil] hi* trnptiaintil wtttcn 
were r«ilinii I) are itii>r«lv elillilinh &nil 
absurd' Manjr othorti nr« eiuiillj' im- 
prolnbltt if nut no ridiciiliiiK. 'I'lio 
hr<>ii-nt aribo}tni]ili;r of Iwal uhuumi ia 
tVv(|u«oily deeuptive, ond (lie onljr 
safe procvM towards determining (hi-ir 
ml vtvimilo)^ in to SKVi'itain th«tr 
gri|^iiiif tirL!iogra|i1iT- T)iiiltliiir|M: (y. 
401) is an ioHtancie in point. Mr. Gill 
derives it " fmm Wo/ n rpRting>[ilace 
and Ihorp a villuri-> ;" biiC iLi DoiiK-nlay 
nmae given in iKc next |ir«7^iiig li[i« 
■t onoc our)lruilicli> htin. h there oc- 
cun at Turi>tl'iiii>rfv whiob prove* it 
b> be one of lliij nuiii>!r»uji cInm nf local 
niunes whidi ore derivi^ Croua their 
oripnsl *ciilcni or earl^ owners. It 

was the thoni of one Tarolf. Bo agaJn 
Tbirklcbr ([l 334) is in tlic r>on)r^»T 
Snrvey Tnrgilesbi— llie iy (a Danish 
sellletnent) nrc)ni;Tnrcliil : wfaiclinCBin 
conirsilieti tbi'C"u;eciurc baxtrdrtl in 
|i. S-n. that " Tbor the rhitf giid of 
tiie Saxona seems to have been the 
faTnuriteileiljr of tluH ueinblMiirliood," 
iKVau*!' tlm liuilvH of TTior-DUUlbjt 
rAir-kloliT. Thirt'bj, ThirtA, may all 
be ileriTea from him. Aei aIIii.iioii to 
the wurtbip of Tbor in any af these 
cums ia stimljr inufpoary, for erea 
Thunnanby i* in DooieadnybookTor- 
moibi, the bg of some l>ane niuncMl 
Tormot. Oue Aschil ol' Duiiixb birtb 
held the manor at thv turrey. Thia 
fiMtnni uf Mr. (sill's liook we have 
ciinstdered it ih^ more requisite to 
notice, because tbeae and the lik« otjr- 
mnlomcal TagariM are neithiyr inci- 
cU'Dtal nur brinfi but aitogetlicr, witii 
tlieir oammiMita, occupy a considerable 
proporticoi of its pages, lliase wbo 
are ii>clio«d to pursue tho intoTMling 
liut drluiivc maxM nf oLyniolugy, as 
mjKvtii our local noiuenclatare, will 
do welt to uruj ibeintiGlTcs with (he 
Domprehenfivi' bo I lui-id and iudiciuuft 
treati*« on that siitijpci i>y Frufuwur 
Lto of Hallv, of whii^h ou Knglisb 
trmnslalion had hevn tccciiiIv pub- 
lished by nn accomplished Kiiglish 


Ifemoirs, Jonmal, and C«tTmiandt«ic« ofTbotnu Moore. Edited by Lord John 
koiaell. 3 (ols. IHS3. 

IT U tmpowblc that they who 
Imro in their lueuoriea (he advent of 
wovka now thrust aside by tha mul* 
li|)licttjr of rrudh claJmnnlti on pubtjo 
(ItTOur, sbouM ace thcni and their 
■uthors brought nlVuh or the stance 
without a rcTival of old usociMion% 
both "iJoauuit and mounrHl." To 
inniir of our pmant raulen, crttidims 
on 'iliomos tloore may not be much 
iBpru stirrio); than rviniirka on Cowficr 
or ifohnsoa; not no with thi; numlicrs 
wbo Mng thi; Irish Mclodicd and laujEhud 

at the Fudso Kamilri who ore of Ojic (o 
hare jMirtakcn in tlic intcrcol.i of the 
laKer jenM of fJcorgc llic TTiinl, nod 
who Glared in the miiiKlml hii\>v» and 
ft-iint ni" ihr [Icircncy. TliP liioL-, iiidccil, 
i.i n»l, ill il-iclf, Ions since Byron and 
Moun; i-urrii^d allbtTurc ihroi; and 
Wonlsworch. in >ptt« oftlu- Miinrwhat 
njipriwvc ctlorls of tealoua ndiiiirvn, 
was iiarmtiLiI, many, jested at. 
It is not iht months, nor the j care, but 
the migh(y inrmoae nf rvadi-r» and 
writers — the ocnadeaa dow of idaw— 


Th« Lift of TTiomas Moon. 


the TMiid mov«menUi mechanical an'l 
BtcntRT, thut sweep away, befuK tboir 
time, (torei of beauliTul ib'tagi tlc- 
ncrving of loDg life in a llBtloii's bcait 
■nd niuid. 

W« do rot Mj- thut tlics« nrc like 
Grniti of n »ciuDii — it.-cnyi;d and gioiiu 
for ever. Wc liclicTC lunny of tliota 
will 'bv co'cxi^U-ut wiUi the language ia 
wbichtiii;jwur«[)eiinc»l; wetaeooonly 
to advert lo lh<! lUuaU allnwaiioe of b'nie 
IcduH by the nuHici-oua proilucliona of 
tbc day. Tliiic'pcciall/ttillsiii iliocaao 
ofwoiKsnot o1il<:noiigh la t>e vcnora- 
Uck For aiitii|uii^ itndf, this prL-«cnt 
a|{c mrclr Iiu a buti.-. !l Iovi.-!i to nikr 
up Jef^cQiis anil hunt an iiIJ iwdi/rei- 
U> dentil, ani1 a ruin and an iiiicieni: 
baUiwI nrc precious \n itssi^ht. Ilupfiy 
tlicn is it tor nn nullinr wtiu wisWs lo 
be popular that he lin* Iwo Mtringx ui 
his bow — ilial bis poetry livct liang 
wilb his muiic, and one can never be 
tliought of livncuforth wilhoul the 
other. Thin Nnn lulv^mtttso (.'minimtly 
pven to Thuiit:i> Muori;, but it !■ oiiv 
which lie iburca with many ciiliei-M of 
oar Eafflish poets, lie who venturer 
lo imirrh )tmi<I much rubbish and much 
thut tjt Ibiil ani] unwbnlesomt', will liml 
exiiuivite (onfm iiiten[ierN3(l wiili oui' 
old iilajs and mosques, and amid our 
madrigsls. No need to immc .Slink- 
Upcre nnil Iton Jon«on; there lire Mar- 
lowe, and \^'ott(]n, and C'ltri^w, and 
Lovelace, and llerriyk, and Ueywood, 
and in ScolJiiudwe hava Mautro«e,aud 
Alliin KiLiiisay, and LaJy Ann Ligid* 
>tay, niid Suxaiinnli Itlntiiiri^ iiiid fturnii, 
uiid NieoU, and Scuti, and Hogg, and 
Betbune, and Uotherwell. ^Vhat motv 
manful than Montrose ^ — 

Bnl, If no raiiblcH scti«n flain 

Tbj trutli and eoiutnnt vtitdi 
I'll make th«« fumaiu by niy pen. 

Anil uloriout by my isiird. 
I'll love thoc in lucb noble wayi 

As neVr irtn known before ) 
I'll deek anil ore wn Itay head with bays, 

Aad lore ilu« mote and more. 

And what niotw touching tlmr the 
worilj of Ford'ii old madrigal (dale 
1620) begin niDg — 

When Srat I isw jour face. 1 vow'd 

To bonnr and rcuunu you i 
If now 1 b« diidAin'J, I wiah 

My ttesrt bad Oder baowa you. 

WUat ! 1 lUat lov'd, and you Ihot lik'J, 

Shall ve begin to wrangle ? 
No, no, no. no — my besrt i« fiut, 

.\ail cnnaot Jiaeiilaugte. 

And, a^aiii, how li({lit and cracaful 
ia licywood's Morning Carol : — 

Pnfk oloiidii anay and ffRlmme tUy! 

With ntght wc bnninb «cirrfiw ; 
Snret nir blow toft, niamit lotlci sloft. 

To bid mj lovp Kond luomiir, 
Vr'iaK* fiMin t1in nind to (ilcimc her mind, 

NoC<9 (loai llic Isrk, I'd borrow ; 
Bird, prua« thy win^, iiixhliDjinle «iaj, 

To give my laie jpoil morraw. 

W'ukc from tby acal, Robia rtdbrcasi. 
Sing, blrdj, lo every furrow, 

And frnin racb 111! Irt niuilu Blirill 
Qitr my f«lr Uif gowl monoti. 

BEofkbird and ihniili. in eicry biiib, 
SInrp. linnul, and cwok- furrow. 

You pretty cl\cs. atnoog younielve*, 
BbiR my fidr lore good marrow. 

It is truly one Rreil blessing of living 
at t1iii> prcient lime that so iim-ch (u 
what i.' iK-niilifiil in ihn past is a^in 
nindo oiir own, In lookinjf ovtr Dr. 
Aikin's Collection of Soii;!S, nccond 
edition, 1774 (uouriy SO years ago), 
wc wrrc Intety much itruck with its 
[wiri;rly, Ftw iif oiir mo«l Iii^aulifiil 
old KiijtlJsU songs are includiid. The 
doctor Kts out wiili announcing that 
the - chief Murccw of good songs ara 
the iniitC(;lliii)v ]i(ii.'jnii mid play* Ircrni 
the time of Cbailes i.ti« Swtiii'd to tbe 
coiicluaion of Queen Anne's reign." 
Thus his 1i»t of authors does not 
actually lirinff in one of thnsi; wo lttiv« 
na.uied above — men for wbom LoMtM, 
and Wilbyc, and bocke. and, we be* 
lieve, I'urcell and Bloire composed 
their fine music ' 

U would lio wrong Lo overloulc the 
met-ita of Idter writers.^nsf Mrs. Opiei 
and of Dibdin. some of whose eohbb, 
OS national jpopuUr lyrica, nro scarcei; 
leas bcautitiil tliuii many nf Bums' 
songs lur laitd.tiiien. Ibuuj^h thi^ ara 
curiously placed as the objects or a re- 
flected raihOT tlinn atk immediate udmi- 
ration ; for, while iliiiy have liin^ been 
the darling* of this nmritime nation, we 
believe tl ii a lact that to the common 
sailor himself tbey never weni very at* 
tnetive^ the practical "pmr Jack" 
(lewning thona podontic rclinemcnui 
upon tlie gwttBine uticle. 

* Dr. Aikin, we believe, afterwirds pabliibed a later and moeh improTud edition of 
Ibis work, wlueb wc b»re not sren, 
Gbkt. Blaa. Vol, XXXIX. X 


Oar liigh T^uil for ThomM Moore 
■1 ■ Ijric poel tuu led m thtu &r to 
ranuk on hun ducAjr as CArtying om 
UtMlgh in a toon coitrUjr nuBD«r Ibnn 
iMn;r of U* inwlewMon, tli« liiM of 
Britiib MDK- U bMa iBtl«td been Mud, 
w« tbtnk uoliuHj, tlul hi» ljric» are 
nof nalioaalt but tbc iicwluct of arti- 
5ciiil UTe, UmI it Una Ifwn of lBt« tlio 
fMhiaa to Idte * ooawwlMrt «loMc- 
ciaUtig toaa nipMtliv tkcm. Now, 
(fact taej arc not Mog« l>>r the pMpICi 
in ibe MiiM in wlucb man; of Uw mnis< 
of Burns are m>, wu n\loyt : but, uolou 
tbo laine cbiM of vullitatol nwo ■nd 
women tbroughout Ivtislond, Ir^od, 
anil Scotland, are to be <b-nationaUxc<I, 
■iBii4x beeauM tltcj srov up In «4M7 
circynntanw, ars tolorabljr well fml 
■od ir«ll nbtbod, and tin in ilccctil 
Iiou8e>iW*»r«alalo«tu ootMoivewhj 
tbe aonaa of Moore tliould bo kaa tlic 
echo or their nalianaliljr iban KOgt of 
K ■wrebond? ityW nre nipjiowl 1« be. 

Il ia time, hoirwer, lo ta^ a lew 
Wtildl remctinfi our |>uvt in bin iiiore 
letiftliefMa pcrfonuanoa. 'I'bcrc m no 
dtDTioftirf tiitnk, tbc faulU of Uiat 
eiKiiable •oA ekdtiiw Mkoo) to wbidi 
lltnn bcloog«di inn wliich Kttoo 
b«iile<]. TIm: worid Fum foaud Ui«m 
oat: Ibv time nf rocoil W vonio Ions 
nfto; and prrbap* we <tu iiut now «uf- 
AeiuiitivvalinuiU tbej^ODd tboMwritera 
did. iW-ir cIvanwMfllMircorroetlui**, 
U»e uuLrx-'lluui tOMlflry of kogukge 
thi^v caliil>ilc<l, tlieir jToMral aecuracy 
ttDil banuonf of vomioation, aeaiMly 
wet deparlod from, bowever diat«r* 
bliif tlie nbjocia ofwIilcJi they trMted, 
■SV aUovcn \yj aU i l>u( wv do not, 
porbaM, a<I«<juatvtj value lli« return 
to rcalitica of » doofi and inwaril kiitil, 
ibr wbieb ibdr pwrtrj at all evesia 
pttTod tiic faj- It brought back noi« 
tlian a toucli of Sliakaporo tc a time 
wkidi waa Icaratng to ngtrd poctiy 
onlj ai one of tk« fltogant anucnaita 
of rvlincd lift. Tbo poetry uf Bjnm 
mil] hi* friend* wa«, iiitlccd, written in 
ohantclera of lir«i auil caastttncd, in- 
•teai) orvrrUyiiigi luanjr an inflammaMo 
soul I but tnadi of trntb. wluob tbey 
ibeoueltw »eifer ottered, wa* nercr- 
ihalaai bnxicbt out bj Ibcir example. 
It tlirtw a new life uiid vij^i^inr into 
tbo lilvmlure of our dn^, n«l mcrvly 
iiilo our poetry i anU| with all its •[)- 
pMDt uppoMfioUi we ragard il oa txt- 
Uin Uiai It par«(l tlie wajr for tbo 

Th» lAft tf T}*ama» Maori. 


ample iKknowledgnicnt of Words* 
worlkum excellence. 

OrUonrc whom we coranart to Bj*- 
ron clijeltrin bit L«ikKooku,Wo jvl do 
not speak as at all c<|iia] to themiEhtf 
inaater. Beotitnenl, fancy, wil, allow 
of animal Fpiiilhtn nnexaBijiludituIck- 
ncM of combination, a kindlj heart. 
ttroofC Kuiatorv and conriviol tcndcn- 
cica, a vivid pemption at «we of the 
palbelic nnd tb-: IwEcnma, a read; 
flow of words, atnl a pcrfh-t ear fur 
both mtuio and poetry, wore hii fral 
cbaractcriBticf. He took lifc nrj 
vaaily. Il rarelj Nienu^ at loan hi far 
t» we b»ve jcL beoane acquainted with 
hia view of it. tu bare Iwcn aeen tor 
(ho serious (hiiiK it ever b. "nKNigb 
never, wo tUak, pn^ixpMf nat^nl, 
Slid calling ofl* from all aaMKiatlon with 
thoea whom be deemcil lh« vnlear in 
the Iriih parties, &looro tiad ^ the 
Ughleunieueaa aonl the jwlhos of hb 
mtv. U!»p(Mitionin theworld af£nr- 
Uth sooietjr «u cxcccdbgly agrerable, 
and be had tact onough alwayi to keep 
Well with it, and to Bet Unuclf imt- 
doued for songa and acDtiaicnlf wbieb 
would have been tArnait for tbc ba- 
nishntent of moat other men ftom r9> 
(pcct«bl« and moral cJrcln. Andlhcn, 
uvvti his vouilv kcpl him up to tbo 
mark. Ii did uou lik« iliat uf too minj 
authon, take the tbrm of etivj, and 
bocoBM condeund in ibc dark under- 
gniutditnwn nfmalii^iilTt Iti^rklcd 
and affiimMed, it llew in your fwce, 
and xel ItA behind a rcciitae draught 
of reAtiUng lavour and ipiril. No- 
body, w« Twily think, should doubt 
thnt tho Irish nulodies are genulnv 
outpDuriass of a Aolinc beoru Ho* 
tbiikg Durc^ oun ntrpaaa Uh Isodsruesa 
brei^iiijt n anch vwan as " Farewell, 
but whenever yM w o loo w u tbohouri" 
tbo patriotic radbputlon diMtoiacd in 
llic (ong, ** When dtbI ] mel thee, warm 
and joanai" knd the ezquinle apprc- 
cialion of Uie fhoracter of true Iuto 
shown in that mug of wbi'th 
it wouhl bo an injury to curtail of a 
single won I — 

To Mgh, fct feel no psln, — 

To weep, ret tcaror know why,— 
To (port ID boar wllb bfaotj's chain. 

ThtD throw it VfhUj hf t 
To knrrl il nsnjr adirlBP, 

Vet lajr ihc liearl oa ion*. 
To llitnk 111 oilier cbsniM lUHu 

Untlheoe wsjast b««u wiMhw 


Tht Lift qf T/iONun J/paiv. 


This U love — rorftoi hn— 
Such u hhiiltutli linrti tfint rait. 

To kftp 0111! aiicrnl flame 

Thro' lifeurchlll'it, unmov'il,— 
To lore in wintry age (lie t-aioe 

As drst in fODth wt^ lor'd : 
To M that «c ■ilniT 

Wilb tncli refined cx«cm, [mufs. 

Thai though llta licul wuuM limit villi 

It coulit nut live wilh Im : — 
Tliw b loia— /oilVki luic— 
Snob 18 Miuu might feci above. 

And now a» to tliir volittm^e before 
U*. Whilst llio iin[iiv»iii)ii titrrivcil 
iVrnn thnr conipnts i* I'jivoiirnble in h 
inoril iioini nf ripw — fur, we Iwlierp, 
Wyonrt genera! cx|»'fl:iti<>(i — it ii, with 
the i-xoc-ption of the nulijbk>|'im.lij-, 
disnppitiiilliii; in nil cite. Ilie letters 
mri? geniiiiK-, sinnilc, aHli-ttoiinli: i-ITh- 
•HHu, Tnluu1il>- for ttit? liglit tlic^ tltn>w 
i rauun-** ilome^Iic clmriict^r, cheery 
r fliej Nttow Itnii titilmnli-iii''l hy S'muv 
■nil wOTldly conneL-tion. but .niiittutarly 
desitiutc of niiftliiog benring tlic ini- 
pren of t)iiiii;;hi. Iir ii" coiJipLTt'oTil, 
lis^py, fli'lig!ii«l witli liit own jNijm- 
\nnij- or hoiiCTt, mucli If-*i> iij^iii, 
diMiiiiliiu! of mind llieni is no (race, 
AVc narc iioi n ilrmtit that hi* hciri 
nfttn 5prDn>{ up Troin iliu ([round in 
wltiruti'iii mill graiiludL' to rhc Giver 
of Gowl. niiO tlijit lie liminl rdicrrniin 
prayer in OtsH'ew. Trnci-s of lliew 
ir&uu» ore not unfrcqucnl. " Lean on 
God) Bfwy, l«iD i)n I lijd," wiui hit frc- 
qtlCBt chajxc I" Ids wife. He never, 
irc sboaM jtid^. experienced the 
tireary siirrowj »t' dimbt an rcapcctoil 
the alittrucl trulli? iif lEcTi'litiun ; xnii, 
if it taij be ^-lid that till* wa.i bec^uw 
lM^ wu too TrrraUle. Ino liltle of a 
thinker mi any subject, we ivply itial, 
thonj^h iht* IS pnrlljr tnitr, yrt hi.i 
learning. Ids considerable neij (tuition.* 
ill t-ei-lcff'uticfll liirtory, laid Fiiiii open 
to hiaturii' difficidtit-r, wIhti tliiMn: of ii 
inclapbTdful kind did not ai>[irnudi 
hiiD. With all itil^i, there h I!tlle di^'ntii 
cf Bp|ilicatiori of the hi|;licnt trotlis : 
ifie carcl«:si, n-ii'Iy nay iti nlitdi b<j 
held himsctf free ui undcriakc sa- 
uvd snngv and versions of the I'sulmn, 

E'rea us n [minful ini|>ri'7i<inn nf shid- 
rniees from Trliieli we wwidd fain 
escape if ne knew but how. It mn; 
be doubtvil wlicttior in the whoU: 
reach of Kiiuliiili puhli^hdd thought 
there is anything In greaiter contrast 
ibwi the tender*, avc-striduin 8«pira> 

ttuiii o( a cpifit tiko that of Hurtluy 
Caleridfje, and [lie Llnlj^eAioni^g wil< 
lirij^eaa of Moan* to bCrcidi out a{ 
liiJliiii^ hand tqwiiniu QinV* holy iiriL 
FrciiH iliii Ki!iii»' of uiiGlne.t« il u that 
we can hafdly reliih Moore as a snorca i 
lynst, iiiiy more ihiin Count d'prtuy al 
a ]iorti-uyi*r iif tin: Saviour** dtvjno i 

We have sdverteil to tlie natobio^ 
jjniphy. I'erliiiiis tbeT« i* nid a idiniiti 
record mi oiti- hui^uajiu uion^ clever 
ntid intoreiting in its way than "this, 
It would be inipoMiMe lo lia it jusliin^ 
in eslracti. One tif ii.i ciiirf beaulie* 
is in the inoidental touches 1iv whiclj 
tht! cbiirining iviiiirnct^T of Muore'f 
niothiT cunit^ nut — tlial deli^hU^iI 
Irishwoman vho, with in teniae nation* 
ality, I'tiMibiiiwl in nvvb a rwro ili;jfri>a 
sense, |)nidviiccf, bi^h prineiplc, an4 
self-sacrifice. Amid nil htr pecuniary 
diflicuitic*, a smiling huiuu nun utsvug 
waniiny lo Jier wn. Sui-h wat Iiet 
lively nympathy in evury uute acq ' 
(iiitvuil (if Jier diiMren, that Ihcj jicuifl 
lo luve regimlt^d her rather an an elder , 
siller llinn a parent. Fortliem,f(n'the^ 
lilfMun; ntid iniprovemenl, slic prac- 
liaciUier rijt'd iluim^stic ceonooiifs de* 
lerinined in their cdncation at Icai^ 
no !<tint'<hnidd bciilMervL'd. Sin.- drew 
into ilie little nxmi* Mxiid and Jv}»u| 
auppci'-particj.whcrc shchcrMrlfscl tba 
cXiiiTipli; of song,— her clear, tnunrnl 
vuiee j;ivin^ forth her litvuurile airi 
" How sweol in the wowllandj." Out 
of erery cnaiiJiI insinictgr ;>3ik: uiunngEi] 
lo iiinke a /enlniis, aiuielutd friond. 
No doubt, the seeds of knowledge in 
Moore's rnse fell inUio ri<'h icil, and ha 
was saim nmhUA Ui atiriiiii'i bi« t«ach- 
erd, but we (lUGiticinwIictlierlbc highest 
intdlcetual instructor wouhl have don;B 
for liiiu what wu achieved under 
the /eHlt;ui! and allaelmd juperviaibli 
of bis mother. Certainly thi-rc must 
hn>c been somediing unooinuion in tho 
luicendancy of one who i.'uuld jicr^- 
Ycritisty wuJtt Llie boj" out of hit! sleep 
at nij^lit (o repeat his Icnonn, if not 
previ<tii»ly heard, witJiout Uw ide» wf 
liiirdnbijtiir diai^iale antiint; in hU mind 
from such inllcxibiiily. 

To thi* mother Moore ofU;rw»rdii 
made it a pracliee lo write twice every 
week when separuted froiu her. Slio 
was a Catholic, of course, and so was 
he, nlmays attending the chuiel in 
ftltMrlicLun when in London. CoDfes- 


77l« tifii ofThomat Moon. 


■Soik li« IbiiDd, boworcT, v<xy revolt- 
ing ; luid, tbodcli \it motlicr bud w- 
lcclc<l oti« or the worUtiwt primta in 
Dublin to miJco the duty inort fuJft- 
Uhlc, in no long tinw mb jtScUmI la 
liif mtimA reprwenUtJoBs $,nA j^ire 
ap tliia point. 

Up t« 17D3 (wben be wa* Tourtmn) 
3Ioo^ in cciminon witli nil ih< Ca- 
tholic roiitb, WM esrlndwl fmm Tri- 
nEt]' Collw, Dublin, and fratii nil 
iiTOcpoct or rising M tli<> bnr; but hl 
UBt time the ili)»iiifl1lficution Itc'rii^ 
KDMTcd be entercO tins lInivor*ity, 
ud here, of course, bis man ilia* 
tinnuBbcd IriUi frtonib were uiailf;. 
J«Soi Ule Btiluip of Limerick, on unc 
■il«i ud poor Robert Kintuelt oii the 
otbur, kiTjiL hint pretty well baluiicetl 
u ta the ililTercnt political riewt uf 
the lime, and, though lie rotilil not but 
incline to the kiipt-n ami riiora of tlie 
liberty party, yet out of rej^ard to IiIb 
BtoQieT be Duuisgoil to keep pretty 
doBT of uiy penuiiKl oOiuin; itnd it 
MCSM Ibnt during ibe viorA pai-t of 
Ibe rcboltioii bo wei: vi!«it<.il hr K*erv 
tUocn. In I7!]8>!t lie vent toLondoii, 
DDiering the Temple. Ilislega]studic^ 
lioweTer, did nol imnqier Uke hii 
pottinl OR«i : Aoacnon wu !n pro- 
CGM of lran»)at!on ; he beeama *a 
expectant of patranage, nm) wu kept 
in a itntu of fiupenw- ntul of hniig- 
iog on greal imn wliieli Riuai hsvu 
maleriall/ obitmctcd his improvc- 
ment. Tocmi were yenn of irrqaraltle 
loM, mwl they wlm huve hciuil of hb 
diuipaiioii, Hriil knowr Aiiyiliipc of hia 
early wrilingii, ahouhl ccrbiinly tnke 
into MCOnnt the jieciilinrly leinptiiig 
■ni] hazaidouf |KN»iiiin in wliicli ihoc 
eoghl beM yean of hi* life were pM»d. 
Ifet be iDRde Kumc vahiablo frientb, and 
waa ncrerwhcllyiillc, often inJeetl the 

DO &r Ba adventure Koca, his life 
bu little inlcreat. Its charm i* in tlic 
iiutgbt it give) iiiU> the likrary uii* 
dorlakinijii, the iH>eiaI nivetiiij[(, ami 
Ibe political talk oi hi> tiaie : between 
llollnnd llgiiHe .inil Uowood, between 
bargains with the great booksellerf, 
■luf yil^ noticei of Lord Byrou, 

Jcflcey, KoRtra, I.«>rd llollaad, unA 

many more, eomo in very refratblt^ 
firiMide pictUTM- His wife, bb yoOBS 
family, h)« jirowins ob ligations to work 
for thorn and for (us i>g«d parental, and 
bis honeat endcaraurt to keep clear of 
debt, contributed to form tliat pntc- 
tioal aide of liia ebaneter whteh was 
M cmdiuUe to lum, «nd whioh the 
early port nf his cnreer would hnrtlljr 
bare led ui to anticipate. 

Aa<) now a few wordi may be al> 
ItiwoiL AS to th« editorial part of theee 
iralumes. nubile we cordialljr adcniro 
Lord John Itiisst^U'e preface, — n model 
of ealin, Luleful, mid »enrihh] writing, 
— we own it conuderahly adds to our 
fedinc of ro^t thac ao good and m 
caiiiltti an editor tboold not have in- 
lersperieil, wiUt the materials, more 
record* of Moorv's li(b aa it appearod 
to ihoM who saw bim afica and kikesr 
wtiat his rvUtioni were with ths no- 
litic:il and literary men at lib tujr. 
Ttie work at proMDt seems to us (jw < 
loo exelusiTelT self- biography. It 

Miircelv poaMuo but that Lord Jc 

Roasell must be in possession of stonai 
ofintereUingaddiiiont: evenifunabU 
himtdfto devote much ttitie to shapini 
tliciM into the connected form of ^J 
bioaraphy, like Ikloore'f of Byron, orJ 
I>K-Klian I of Sir Waller Scott, sureljj 
lie might liare applied to aomo one oeV 
two coniiuDii frioixb whoae commuai- ' 
cations would at once liavs cndnlluhud] 
II nd cnnlrihuted tO the subatanl 
value of the work. Seldom, Inii.. 
does it fsU to aa edttor'a lot to bo soj 
materially aided as in this ease hj' 
Moorv*s inturesting jouriiul ; but wo ■ 
tire liotli uf thut nnd of (he letter 
taken ntouc, and vraiiL tliv break 
reply or of comment. , 

Pvrhnpn ill futiint Toluiaes we shall ' 
Iw more favunnnl in this rcspeet. 
Meanwhile pubUe ihanka sro largely 
due to the noble cdiler. whoM rcc«nt 
resmnption of tlie duiicn of ufKce will 
nol, wo truFt, interruni with the fuHiU 
ntent of a task oa interesting, a task 
which, in so far as it lias been already 

Eerfornied, fails rather by de&d tlian 
y excess. 


Dst. YocKO. 

JOaNSON got !azy townrds the 

kconcluiivci of liin Lives of the Pol'Ia, 

pimd w« glad tu iii\-rt)C the ortcr of a 

"ic of Young from Mr. Ilnrbt-rt Croft, 

I tliea > barristcT of Lincoln's Iiiii, ol'icr- 

Lvanls a dcrrrmaot and slitl remifin- 

rbored u Sir UerhcTt Croft, uid as the 

MiUioraf "Lovi;aiul&{ailnni.s"akini1 

of noTcl fonnilc'] on llm »lory of 

Mr. Uackiniui nnil Miss Ra>'. Crafl 

VTM the frtenii of Dr. Young'* son, 

but. iuJging fram tlie Life, lir would 

not apju-nr to hftvc known iiiut'h of 

Yooug; rthilu lii; liiui fnllcu into some 

^Onrioug blundiTs tliaL ilewrvu to be 

[^Onvctcdinsnjtuturoolitiunof Johri- 

n's _Live».* Cr»i>, howcTcr, was Oili- 

rgcDt in his in<|uii'ie8 utioui Voitii^, .mil 

iniulc ap]>licaLicnis forinfaniiatJQnalxiut 

(uiu to M.TEnl of liis fncndi), among 

otliAn to Hn. Montagu, wlioj<c letter 

IB npb'. ^ *^ allownl lu cojij 1 rntn 

IIk originttl. then in tlic posacaaiou of 

Ibelate "Tom Hi!l." As tliis letter 

ntontB publivatioii, ntnl liu< never 1>ccn 

lapitatii scnil it for pri'surraiiim uml 

public UK to the pi^cs of ^ij'lynnua. 

TDHabertCrorL Ed'i. Souiliatuptoii Kow, 

SandleforJ. Sept 17,1782. 
Mm. Montni;u |ireMiiti licm^iiuipUmmta 
Ui Mr. Croft, aitd wiiuld linrc rcluriLcd nu 
wu«tr to hii lelltr luuDcr, liiit bclii^ in 
tb« counltjr i( wu •li'tujtil oti lU wa<r t<> 
fcer. in icgmril to "■ Rp»i5rnilion," Ihn 
nmtlcr wliirli gn^c ocriwion lo %b»t poem 
wu liiDplf tliii! Mr*. Montsgu linvin); 
oWrrcil ilirit MtB. UoiMirfa, In hrrgrtBt 
Mtd ja»t grlvf for the loit of the Aftraird, 
*««(Dwl to find >ome contoliUi'an In rcad- 

St Or. Vmn|;'« NigliC Thonghti, die 
ilwd ta gm her «n onportanitjr of con- 
Terrio^ with him. bmn; henwif itwiijrs 
tlunight UU uotioniidol icniut a|ipcarRd 
t« greater aiIihiiUec in the romjinn ion than. 
t!i« Bntlivr. The Cbriitinn vai in bini a 

character more lotpjredt moTC cnraplurod. 
more aabUine, tluin the Foot : ud in hii 
ordioary c«ntcrMti«ii, — 
IciiInK ii«"ii iJic golrtiMi I'lwJn fnim bieii. 

^f^l. M. ilicfpfurr |pn)iii>icd to Mm. Bo»- 
oiwou and Mre- Cnttiii to go witii her to 
Welirjrii : it Is uunePMMirj lu >i]rl tlut thfl 
yiiit ■n*wBrS(l (wry •spe^tstiOB. 

itlrt. Monttfn li T«rT sorry It l« not in 
brr powtrr to fumiih Mr. Croft wlili siij 
Importiinc ^Ircnmftsnccf in l)r, Youn):'* 
life 1 but be vu rank into tlic iitc of jeari 
nad quiet rctrval, before >bc liad the hoa- 
our and bappinenof l1ixar^qa>mtaIle«, nod 
hit ooutPiiiplBliuii btiuc; tht-o chiefly intvnl 
on tlihiEt aCioet lit rltHiie dtmmtii tphtrr, 
lie rnrcif Inlkrd of ihd curlier «iiJ luurc 
nctiTc pntl of liiii life, t*r«ni ollicrt tho 
liBiheai'iI many tilings grettly to bia credit ; 
partiirulirl; an Aft of nneoramOD liberality 
lu ilia lady'* dnugbtcr by tier Ant buo- 
baud ; liul oi ttiey yieiK iiFUi«ri^il lu her 
in theTa£D«retallDiiiufL-omuioiidlivaun«, 
■be canuot >pMb of tbrni with lucli cer- 
tainty >iid |>r(i;it!an at Mr, Cioffn pur- 
nose niqiiirffl. This delicirncy die frnitly 
iiinienti, not only on account of the han> 
nur tbey woulil hive done to tho memory 
uf bt^r drp.-irU'd frirjit), but llltciiiie for the 
soke u( th« world, t« wbom they would 
have hel-d forth pntuirnd of right and noble 
UOttdact. Tlioii^h riglit and wrong aru de- 
clared and niide knowu to Ut by lii^her 
ifitdoin Iliui ,huaiaQ nrladoui, yet inch la 
lie poricneiicMol'niaDliiDil they arc more 
njit lo be inltueucod by llic exaoaple of 
pertona eelobmted for thdr part* than by 
pur« precept ; for the lame reuon, in an 
aabelLRrioK age. the iutereiti o( religion 
are cannrctcd nitb the clmrncter of a man 
ID diatJD^iahvil for piety u l)r. Yuung. 
ThoDgb unable to B»»ut .Mr, Croft, she 
oanat over reipect him for cndMrourln^ to 
get lnfarin[iUi>n (ruui Ur. Young's frituda 
cuiiacniiu^ Uini. iuslead of culleoliugfroni 
llle whiipcrt ufcatuninj idle lairs liy wliicli 
la hlast the nemury of a good man, and 
prevent the cdilicolion of a goml example. 

Ub. Axktimub. 

AkeOGlde's eltiire iii " Dnii»Ii'y'.i Mu- cciTe*! from Dodalcy for bii scrrlccs !n 
KUiHi" and th« rctnuuernlian he re- that workibavecscitputJhiabiogrDphcr. 

* Lh me uWne here that I oommcuceil my now largely and cnriotuly annotated 
copy of JoIinHon's Uvea in the year 1839, aud tliut I baio nearly rcAily for publication 
« new tdiliuu u( Ibo Lira, ntth euch CDrrectiona luid new mulUr ioMrted as my own 
B&Mnaiiig tore for tbe work hai cnibied me to iiip|iIy.^-P. C. 


Dr. AktiuuU — JaM€t Botvttl, 



All tliat Mr. Djta Myt on the lubiiMt, 
ia lii* nble Anil othwiM ample lira of 
ih*? poet, h na follo«« : " lU bI»-> oon* 
tributcd to DmlileT'* i^xcmlknt perioji- 
cft) publicAtioii, Tbe MuMtimior Lile- 
nrj tnd Historical Kogutvr, Mrori! 
proM napom whieh HMirn to be re- 
Bcinlod. Tbu following ilocuineni, 
nom tbo original in my poM wn ion, is 
Dew lo lb« IjiojTftpb; of iho poet ;— 

Jany. 90, 1T4&-S- 
Dr. Akintide iiipfe* to Mr. Ooibtcy 
lot fix MoiKlu. connDcncinf tlm 'JUb of 
Mwcli next, — 

To prrfiaraMiiJ hats ntdj fur t ha iiivs* 
eocc* fortaiglil, oot BM»r, wUvartrr u«- 
OOMMT, for otnjiof Ok • 'Mk lo l>« t«lM 
Tb* HuMin. And •kn. 

To pnpata and ban ntdj for ib< pr*a«, 
oacc ■ (ortolitbt, aa aooaaal or tbc mM 
Maddtnble booka i« EDcliib. Latia, 
nOQili, «r ItaKan, ith-di ban baaa lat*lr 
IHUMiad, and ubiafc Mr. UaJ>l«r *hin 


It is not known that Sir Alexmulcr 
tlii'wrll iiiherit<'>l hM lor« of poetry 
Troiii hi> liitbur, and thai tlt« biofrapbtr 
of JohiuOD, like Kin mii, ivn« orcjuiioti' 
oll^ a P*^- I'b^ following woo, itaur 
SmL pruilotl, aad Oom tlic original iu 
Uotwoirf DWii luiid writing, wuwritton 
hjr tkm eiaraitag lMogra|)Mr of John- 

hrniah : and the uhI Amouoi of Booths 
■hall be k> drimji Id i|uanttt]r u, aloac with 
UKEnaraboramcatkiiinl, marltUaihiwl 
anil abJf b imall plc*,«h«ncTcr«>innch 
i* nMntMrT for rarrjring on the ntd HmI^, 

Dr. Ahliwid« alio engafc* to auperTiite 
tba wholo. and to tomtX Ibe praai o^ UU 
own pari. On candidal) — 

Tliat Mr. DoiUcj tball iiaj lo Dr. AUa- 
tidc Vtj pound* o» or bcfort tba S7tb of 
Sfiiteniber nut. 

*n> nlio affcnl thai lo loag ai Mr. 
Uudilcf lUnki proper lo ooatlniia tli« 
npar. tot to lonx M Dr. Aktnaido can* 
•aMs H Miniga It. tba tonua abovo mum- 
lioaad (ball rvnabi la br«a: bmI not lea* 
Iban an lianilird poiuul* par annmn b« 
offMcd bj Mr. Do^ilaj. nor nvoro iaaiaiad 
on by Dc. Akiniide, ai aiincw uur bands, 
M.(aK .Vkikkioe. 
Roar. DuoikKr. 

Thi* doMiratat ia in Aluiuida'a 
hand writing. 


fOB, in coounamoratioa of a totir lk« 
iumIu wilb llifl <iunou4 Mn. UiuUl 
whilst abe wu umlor Ui> protoulioo, 
Hiiil for living with whom bo was iicotIt 
tlisinbcriu^ by liii> fiitliar. Uoawoll 
o««uiMially iu»g the *oiig oa tbe Home 


A arrroaao laisii tona. 

7 W» »— " Dnnk at oigbl and dry in tbt nonuac." 

O Lnriaa CU«bro««il I Itow irrH la tbj aound 
To aj tmdar rcmranbrancr h Lovt'a n«rad erattDd ( 
For tbare icatla Piinclagti tint rhana'd mj wbt, 
Afld flll'd mjr jounjt brsrt witli n flnltorinK driifht. 

WbM I tkouf M b<r nty own, O I (uo ibofi acMo'd Um daj 
Is a |«a*t t* Dowa Patrwk, or a trip «> UM *aa t 
To waorib* what I felt ibrn all laapM(e awe irain, 
'T«aa U) inHh afaat tbe ^kU bate Mndieil lu feign. 

But I Fooad, ob t ok) I that e'm abc could d«celvt, 
Th»n notbiag «■* left but to tifU, <neep, and rare; 
DIalractcd I Mad from aij d«ar lutin *lKirc, 
Kaaolt'd to im Lurpin CUabraanI ao nw>re. 

Yet (lill in *oau noucsta ancliaiited 1 ind 

A warm lajr of bcr foodncM baaM soA on mj aaiod i 

While thna in brifiUI Cw«y dj Aj^** ' **^ 

AD tb« irorli it a L-urpu Claabraanl to ma. 

or Margint C«r«liiie IluiU, ao u- 
tlioatclj conncct«il with the forgeries 
of tbe l't:nvau4| ihvr^ i» thU laciiliou 
in BimvcU'b i/wgnfiiiy ■■ — 

I talked a |oo4 deal to hiip [JoluiaoB] 

of tbe otIaWated Marsartt Caroliaa RiM, 

who to 1 badniulctt, induced bftkehvM of 

bra tal«titi, i<l<!ri-at, and IrrMtKlbla power 
of BaviiiiKvin. To * tid; ^le disaforottd 
at n; viaiiinc licr, he aaU. oa a iaoaer 
" Kaj, Madam, BMwtil It U 


A JoHTntyfrom Payi$ fA Dahf 6» 1736. 


tti> rlfbt : I ihoald hwir Tittteil bcr id}- 
■rlf. nerr i( noi ih&t iIif; hair ii«« ■ \iMl 
IIm eveaiDg he ntrUimeJ, *' I 00*7 iiim 
hM BOiiiiMrttB&M >itb Mr*. Radd." 

Would Jobnton luve entled Lim hi* 

Fet£S Cr?iKiKi;;iii.M. 
Kiintimgtim, Milh Jmauiry, lHd3. 


Bf AtKZAKSia CoirNixoHAM. M.D.. >ft«ri>srib Sir Albxamdi* Dick, of 

Pmlonllelil, [ten. 

{711* Jtvntai nulinutd/roiii ifgt 96.) 

IT wu now lime for a« to lurn our 
focra south townnli [tnly. 

To the recommmilnCioDi wc got from 
J^oniloti, from Dr. Ikfmd nnil olhcni, 
tn tlinr fmniU in IliO^, I must udJ 
we hftd l^m Mans, Mann, thu ^rentctt 
l>Ook and print seller in I'uris reoom* 
I and Borne. 

ITSe, A^rwfSa.— Ur. Ilaiu«a; and 
I wnile letlen to Edinburgh from lhi« 

rc, snd Dvxt dnjr «et out fix \\»\j, 
Iba w*7 or Lyoiu, in tlu; waLer- 
' conch upon ibe river Seine drawn bjr 
BBFiea •{ainat ttie itream. Vfe had a 
' mtX vmrietjr of compmr, good nnit 
ttedi^miMikii, in-iHti, nililicni, Kiiliir*, 
[ VtircliaiiU, anil otben. In genend thejr 
were ven ntAtj, est. dianx, Mid mng 

Sftrp«(iuulj 1 and at iiitrlit thono that, 
ill not go ntliore \ty m the boat all 
higglGd<r-plnlcdj, wliiirh Utbeiruaual 
custom. TnmewuB Knight L>rMAlu, 

I fend a Flnnilrit'nn with n iiig Im-IIv, n 
bni^adacio Buryuudian, itrrrrul old 

rg ro wwomeiit and a Gardccorp* who 

pfttac mernr woga in Pimich ; Mons. 

F Mtrbtea a (isMan, and a Swiis g«nt]a* 
■wn who was aiwi;« a»lM]>, aiiiriloits. 
Dnrljr nn IialiRn,an(l an &if(lUh nbbot. 
We (!uiitr:tt![ed more intimacy with the 
Kniflht uf Malta, and Uodb. Dariy the 
Italian, in onler lo improTO ourwIvM 
III llieir Ungung«. 

AvgiMM. — ^Lujr at t^eiis, uii the aide 
oT the river: the wine impraTioBdnil^ 
till wv onm« into Uur|;iiMrl«. Thi« is 
a pleuant viltiigc, NiiuRC«il upon tlio 
sldB of the riaing ground. Here wo 

, left the water-ooaob. 

SapltvAtr I. — Went with the abbot 
■nd Ilia nephaw to Aui«rru in Bur- 
guady, in a evfviptiUi; whicli if a twltRT 
wrt of can. 

Srpttmbrr 3. — tVoin Auxerre wo tet 
out in Mm coocb, or 4i(igmea at it ia 

railed, tliis day being Sunday, (br 
CbaloD in Bunpindy, where wc had 
for C4>m|xiDV a merchant ofLjoni nnd 
his wife. Mon*. Marhlcu, Darlr, and 
the Ourdecmni^- We |ia.«H>d tfirauKfa 
the Xvesl wine cnun^ in DurifUni^, 
nnd conBei]nmitl7 in France, Wv saw 
Tineyiinl* of no Iv-m vxt«nt than fifty 
aval* aenit, und tJi« {leople all liiwing 
|j«twi]ii the rows in great numbers; 
(he poles that supported tlie EnpM 
wpre no iiinrv llian four feet high ; lh« 
noil of tliti viuejards in'(!tined much to 
gratcl, and waa full of fliniuh atuues. 
We were wclconivd on thu roail near 
Clialon tiVH gi*nlloiiiiui of thut country, 
wtui liail funnvtly been our fellow 
Iravuller, wlio recetTed aud enieitained 
us with the matect civilities, .ind pre- 
sented UM with tlio bi^t wiiM>N ot the 
[ilnCG, wbit^h were out of hiK own 
vineyard: be appeared that morning 
blooming and ubuerful, like the cod of 
the viap, and »nva ui a very o^iging 
invitaliun to \i\* h»u>e, if we pe**M 
lliat wa^ on our return. The Gtirle* 
corps dirertei] us much; Uisnauiewas 
Monf.lIlatichi)tt«,ntrueliv«ljr Frouch' 
innii : whihj be was with ii> in tli« 
Riitvr-coaub, we aung. eat. dnnkt and 
slept well. Soma dara before we got 
lo Chnlon wo pewctl throii^b a tmj 
nu^ coiuw! I'Duiilry, inclining to a 
U)U)i:h clay, in whidi sort of ground no 
vines are ever pliuited. nor any corn 
sc>an?ely sown. Afterwairls we oama 
into very fina wooda of great extent. 
In gvniTal, thronah all France, (hvy 
Itjive a third of thorgnnnd In ntmmor 
fuHuw, and all their tidge* itnugbt. 

Septembfr 6. — Came to Chalon, and 
after breakfasl we Mt out in llie cmAp- 
iffnu. when we w«r« very woU m> 
coniiiKMlatod, uud were very cheerM 
and merry. Uere we bad fine |»^>- 
specta, dolightfiil riUagBi^ bvuitUol 



A Jovmtyjrom Pnrit to Italy tm 1736. 


coUinti plantci3 willi vins, gardeni itod 
cauDtr; scatf. for forly milva ; the 
calllu irvrc imkll, but Rio»llr nrliite. 
We went down tlu riv<T <(uiL-kljr, mv\ 
were raipriied how well the tailon 
that vork thcic watcr-ooaiclics catcfactl 
ihc luni* (if ibr riicr. and hour claTftrljf 
iLe/ Wiug the viMwel ■.■(Twht-n it nuut 
ajtroatid, and bov iheir change tbc 
honca. Here we bid nothing spoken 
of bjr ths militarjp mm in our coiiipnji j. 
or t£o«e w« happened u meet witli, but 
tba flue of the French oa the Rbioe, 
lnit«apec'tAtlj' in Iml;. where th?/ pre- 
ttmil all to hare bevii. Thu}' »|>akc 
much of the wound* thcjr nKtuTed in 
die ilidereRt nctjons; ibe lud eatioK 
in Ital; ; xod ibe musacre of Parma, 
at the bfttde which happened there 
Utoljr. Tho rough old tuldior and a 
^ung oiM in oar company differed 
mnoh abont facta. We observed the 
frencb uldien were in general ill' 
clothed, bat tbojr saitl it wm uniTer* 
mIIt cxpMited therft would be a reform. 
Smtember 8.— Wc entered I^tohs 
thiiaay: the view ofit on our approach 
is cxtNinal; picturutjuo ; il b a rny 
fiiM city, and full of trade, porticalarly 
in the rilk manufocture, Aa wc ex- 
pected to stay longer in that city on 
our r«Tturi) from Ilalv we atayed hut 
one night, at the N'oan'* Ark. 

^demberS. — The Italian gentleman, 
Haas. Darly, let out with ui enrly in 
the morning for MarMHllcs, by ih^i 
OMAe^^f'MM.wbiclieoniei down Uh> river 
vory fiut to Avignon. In our coin- 
p4ny we hud iittrangeinixturieornfr- 
rafr wrt of p«<^e, partioularly a very 
witty coniical f^irl of Lyons, a Pro- 
Teof ft] prieisc who waa vny ontcrtaiii- 
ing, a slattern from Marmulca wiUiout 
virtua or mixlpity, and a Rotuan with 
hia wife imd daughter who gave good 
diveraioB. Aa wc went along we got 
ercrr now and then a fnvh i-argo of 
Confeliers and Capuchin monk*. 

Sfj>lmt>^ 10.— Wc liad *ct out thjit 
day at four in the inomiag, b«ing Sun- 
day, and lh«y all iMord maw at I'oumI d. 
SrjUemlef 1 1 . — Dined next djiy at 
Pont Bl. Eepril, where we took m a 
Tvry divvrting C'Ouncillor ct Ai\ ; who 
uiu to Romo of lb« prierU tliAt iboy 
had taken the vowf gf fuiniaatxtt 
(which maiuia being idle), and told a 

good story, Ifaough a tittle indelica1«, 
of the Capuchin, tbc landlord, and the 
MK-kiug calf. 1.>ay at Cailrouse; got 
in a caiuo of young Jc»uii», wbo hod 
the Bd£eM to ateu a book from ua, 
wrote a^ inM that order of prints wi Ih 
much wit and acrimony. 

Stfilemher 12. — Came to Avuinox, 
where we saw a lyoagogoe, and the 
Pope's palace. A youns Hebrew in 
our company atlMlml with argument 
one of our prieuls, which gaw us no 
small diTcnlan. The Jewa here* and 
over ntt the Pone's domiiuoos. arc 
ohiigiil 10 wear jrellow Imbi. Ilic Duke 
of Orniond,* whoiw nsidciicu u in thia 

filace, WAS gone to Montpelier, pro- 
uilJy lor liif health or change of air. 
Se/iftmber ifL^iet out for Aix.bav 
iojE Iain at Orgon. All the rood is full 
ofTtDeyardai and pbntatioiu of ligs, 
almond tr«ea, and olives : and what* 
th«r« bappuRtd to be any ooaunon, 
Bodi ai our moon, they w«re eveaijr- 
whore covered with lavender and n»e- 
niiiry planU, instead of our bentbor; 
anil, by iho bruning of the wheel* of 
carriagea, aa we nnscil along in the 
heat of the day, the air waa ]N<rfain«d 
with the odonferoua smell which nroeo 
from thc«c jilaii tA which was extremely 
ajireeafili: and rvfrrshing. While we 
pasje'l fllimg lie river Rlioiii; wc ob- 
served the faOTdcrs of it very rocky for 
ntiiny milu,and the stnam very r«nid. 
^Ve jkumh] the jiloca where the Iter- 
milage vine crows, aa alaa that of the 
Coterolc. We found the wiao about 
Avifmon rnllier loo strong. We ar- 
rivcKl at Aix, a very fine agreeablA 
t4>wii,very wpll built, and well watered, 
and pleasantly situated; the stTMla, 
like those of l.eyilen in Holland, 

C.ted with lull iiine-lrees in the 
er; the pnrliunent house loAy and 
ningnifieonl, fln<l richly omiuncnted 
wilh gilding. We (tUyed two day* 
here, at the Croix dc Malta, where I 
bought n tie-wig, to put mo in proper 
drcu when I Moultl [be] nrrived in 
Italy, to present my letters of roeom- 

Stjdmtiitr 15.— Sot out for JtUa- 
sMir.TJt», a noble ami very ancient city, 
formerly a Greek oolonv, now a pWo 
of great tnulewith the Levant, litre 
woarriTcd fur four livres. Thcdusise 

« JamM 13da Sari and Sil Duke of Omond, K.O, wbo had hnn attainted in Ulft, 
and iied in cdlc in 174S. 


A Journtif/i-Qtti A»% to fitify in 1736. 


c&nic UiToogli n pi-cUy toukIi iyjoiI into 
« OKMt large nnd s^ioue aiapbiibutU-Q 
ikTacounlr}' nliulving grailuallr on nil 
ndo for auiay inllei toirnnU (huxoutli 
ftfij soutb-ireat (Ittwn lo tlie »i.-n, nnil 
ihv liiiriour where tlial fiiit i;ity is 
|>liK-ci}. Rvcrywhcrcs ns /ar as your 
CTC c»n rjirry you uUing tliJs ampbi' 
UcAtro wliich surroiitxtn tlti> city, ibe 
fields an<l gtuxleiu m-a ailumetl with 
tle^t tiCBt country -scats i>r rilliis, 
whiL-li arc cnllijrl iiottifkn, l« whtuli 
tlic rich inlinlilunti nnd ui*-rc1innt.! 
raort (laritiff llic fiiiL- «n*nn of tlii; 
' ytAT, Mpccially in tlie time of viiiCagi'. 
D»iT all which iil.iTC! liiL- finest lloirer* 
■D(l fniit: j[Tfiir in ihe sn'i.-nlcut pro- 
fusion. The Crsl view oI'Mnrsi'ilJwniicl 
the liliiJiUrrLiiiL-.iii, ns ve JiMcenHetl 
frail) ifavhiuhgiouixlsplcftieilui* very 
much. WBim wu nrrivecl at tlio city, 
' tbo inntniiliccnt lirniul lU-CiTt nml llii: 
I great ■ppearaDO} of trade wer<! very 
[ttriitios. When wc cm«icd into the 
I {rent Exchange, where tUe morcboiitA 
aBseinbled, we olMcrvnl tlicm nil vx< 
Itrcmcly well ilreswd, laiiking like 
' nolilcmcn and gcvtlemcn of tlio lirat 
action, ontl a politeneKs seemed 
itljtn tlicrc uiikni'vrii in aU tlie 
nmercial plncen wu hud <!v*r seen. 
iTChat added (o tbemajjinficetioeof the 
I ^uii, AniipDinTi. Turkish, nnd Egyptian 
tDefchitiit*.iIrc*>(.-<l in (liuirtMrljiuisani.l 
\oat^ rohen aftur ihn iminnBr of thuir 
KVtrral countriL-«. tUo air of all llioM 
D|>lo hnving k gre:it grnvity and ««- 
emaity in it. But it was mclnnrholy 
twilli ant* and then tlic cBllcy- 
moilly Turks, two ana Iwu, 
] together, some of them gentlc- 
I-nen formerly of grent caaditian; they 
^ue allowed, hawovsr, to keep rolTec- 
I when tlu^ bchavo mdl, ami to 
'omnpliment stranoera ntth the snutid 
of a Immpet, when they arrivw hi 
tctwu, which brings thcra aorao litllo 
pcnplnle). T*ho |>(>rl of Mnnteillc* 
for the sbipriinK ii n very line one, 
Lirell gnirdtid : the King afKraitce has 
'fixtevn NLeya liere, wrought by the 
ulave*. Tho innrfcct-plaeflt for fhiit 
and fiowcT* arc extremely wvll lillivl, 
■e likewir« fnr nil #ort» of regetablex. 
rCrwit care b taken here wiili riwpect 
lo the bnlU of health, upno account 
of the plague, wliitL oiicii rnye» in the 

Levant, ni)d glveti occasion for tho 
strictcMC quarantine on ronpicioiu occn- 
sions: there was the gmt«»l rcn:ioti 
for this caution, because in the jrear 
1720 tlie pln^nc nriis iinnerted into 
tUiit fine erty, which had very ncnr 
dejiopulitled'il tuially, hud nut iJic 
good Disbop of Slarscille* cserlwl an 
uncommon police durinj; the tnge of 
l!ip [Mr.itilcjuic, nnd tlic pi-ccautiona 
wliicli the Trench King took at the 
lines of cirrunivallation tn pr«ri:iit it 
ijirciidins further into the kingdom, 
lu may lifl Hi-en liy the hiatory of ihoso 

Sfjtiemhfr IG.— Having ^rocureil a 
hill of health, wc set out Iroin Mar- 
seille* in ft uiTtimr tnr Antibv.*, with a 
Benedictine Iriur, n French lorpvrnl 
wbo pretended to be nn ofliecr, ami a. 

Snllemaii from tlie town of Niiiv. We 
y nirnlly iin deck, among piwika of 
wool, hut in an In convenient mnnner. 
The acconiniodatioii bt-hiw dctk vu 
jlill wome. We were at lenxth very 
much iHicalincd, and very wnnu. The 
ioilorii. the cnpla,in, and the coint uf 
France olTordod us some diversion m 
we Koiled along. 

Sfjiltwftrr I It.— Wi^aried nt length of 
the Utriniu and \\k (-uliii.wo dcttired to 
iKsMondiorcat Cannes, from>vhi;aee 
next morning wo wslked to AniitHM, 
tbrongh a luoslOuligtitful (ixitof plan* 
Intious of vine*, figi, almonds, pome- 
jfranntw, and fragrant fields. Wo went 
from Anlibes that morning to Nick, 
where we hml the (iret view of Italr. 
The women were dieiied didvrcnlly 
friJiii the I'rench in their hair and in 
their clotbcB. I'roni nut taking duu 
precautions in thr- nishl-time, by pta- 
fing tho ii'.'t* round the beds, we were 
hit ]ini(li[{iiiU)ily by mus'[uitoei> during 
the night, and by not a few huggs into 
the bargnin- 

Sfflsmlrr '20. — It wai here we saw 
the great linhing of nnohoiries, which 
ii donit by n great Craei of liiriv nets 
puUeil into tlio shore, where the fiah 
nro picfclcii ani! tiarreled *oon after 
they arp Inken. Thiii fishing obwins 
many miles along this coast aoout thia 
seoaon of the year. 

Sejileinlter '2 1 .—Weset onlliir Genoa 
in n/fionche' with two KyviAian iner- 
t^^bnnlii, and our old (ViendMons. Dnrly, 
ill our company. Wo tame late to 

Gkr. Mao. Vol. XXXIX. 

* A folacM. 


A JiiumyjTom Paria (q Jtoij/ in 1736. 


MoKACo Uuttfiveuingi Wwtffing l« Hit 
Vr'uive of tlwt tMtav, wlto, UM>ugb ht* 
lorritoriva Are entail, jct iui)|K>ri« lii' 
dignitr wilii all Ibv foniinlilv wliirli 
alten'X* tl)c grcntunt priiicu*. Wu ircr« 
cvmiKl bvl'urv kw ouiMriitWii'lfnt, uxvi 
«X*&ui»cd in all iLc forms ai t<> tli<.- 
UortinaUon gf our ipjuc, &c. Hvtv 
•tl ttiv bvuvca arc |nitulod un tbc ixit- 
sidCi aB<l nnikv <« vvry liiiu nhotr. 
Upon cTccy noc-uioii irc lo«k vnrc to 
Ivy ill lUirc* of ibc beil ninu ainil rmiu 

U Wi: WCDl illuilU lllu CuluUi IrttniiUlf 

CoKl tuwiti, IreuKi. m), lincffni', liam, 
anJ ■nclwvio ; wc nindc ttic xail<>r» 
welcome to part of oar Inrc, which iit- 
KntUtcd ux iituvb vritb Uwm biriljr 

feraoiMi wkg *)ruk« » oottne (>cnou>c 
•StkIc m^ 'i'J. — ijailcdiilonglhi: <.<M» t 
ui iJviuMi iiiiili it hv'iii^ linv (rvallicr, 
lay iu lilt- boati tiji'^l ibcrc wc couUI 
oWivo tbc Alpii loncnng u|> Ui nn 
idiuienxi liuighl. L-oycrvl with duuUis 
totranJ* Uic n<;>i'(U uixl t«wnnb tliv 
eMt< In lliiit bay vre >-r»iil>l obKivc. 
betwixt tiu »ea »ii<l Ibc bilU, u line 
Hal iTdUiitrj bi:l(>iit;iiix t« '''« *.'vi"Oc»ei, 
Aill or<ix<.vl!viil rii-b tripling townt. 

wbera wc ob«cr*iil u wry iiubia op- 
iwumnn: in thi: entry vS tliu |>ut-t| wilb 
IIm palacvB, Kurtkoa. and uututiil 
atranglh and bi;auty of tttc groiin<U. 
GofUM is full «r fine cbnrvlM:-, built iu 
ft rery good tMtv. Tbu jmlin.>:Iliir*i;ei 
U Tery uobl«, wd tlictv Arc iiiany fine 
sUuiM to \m Mien in the collcctioni 
hcni ; tho nillnr* and itAircaKf of that 

nx iritnin uv all wkitv luorblv 
the pv*t IIUMTH-H ll]>UIt UlO *«ft- 

miIa ooI Tar fnta (h'Dcui. \^'o lodged 
at ilie CrocG di MoIUi, oiid bo*! occa- 
aioi) that L-Ycnins (or<u|i irilh ^univ cos- 
ndcTiiblc FruiiL'Ii mill S]kiiii>Ii ofEcvrsi 
Mid Kit niih ihoiii till it WM jirL-tty 
late. Mr. Uiuuaay ood I were ibm 
ouuduL'tci) to a Tory iMiUc a(iitrlmvnt 
of ivu \tv<U. I cluMie ibu one neat tli« 
Joor. The Mrvont wbii li^hhid ua 
up to our chamber, I rcinciabcr, wu 
drcwed in gnni, and n rcry g<.-(itLxl 
leUuw, oi Kbont siitiii: iiolU'v will nlWr- 
wAnls be (akiMi i for, during the nisbl. 
then was stolen i>ut of mjr breccDn. 
that ircTc bung ufMin a chair, fnurlocn 
bniia-ilon by mxav mpw wIm> kw) got 
into tbe bedatnmlior. itnd bad ihc arrb- 
seM to put ID place of titc soli) coar»c 
brass moDcy. catlc*) purpralU*, about 

tlw ralito «f our lHU']>eiMNSi be m 
Dot tcu«li Bif gold WMlcba tiur M»n« 
riu^ I hml. 1 did nol come to dls- 
foTi-r thin lill Mr- ICainjrty luwl I were 
Kuiti^' tu iiiiy iIk- bill to Si^(iwr Mur- 
tv-lti, Ibc l^liillord, wl>0 JWiitod to bti « 
TCTy g<><^l bon«it iiuD, und uiaitcr of 
thi» inn, of a tvtt high character, aatl 
much fruiiuvatoa by tlie ^utliab. I 
iiiad<< a tjr^t >i^>iw (o Uiu hndhmU 
who Mcipi-d very luucb conceracd fwr 
thc credit of blx h^rufo. FindinB UiC 
uiatltrr 9u, I garc biiu the coonu brua 
luonvy, niter |>aying^ his bill, and de- 
fircd hiiu nt hit leiiure to make io- 
•{uiry iifkr Ihu rogue, not thinking it 
norlo luy ntlulc to ipcnd money or 
time ill pruoniuting Ibc tbuA. I told 
hiai I ■uit'cctol mukg a( hii own aer- 
TnntA, and, if Iw found out the truth, 
(a write to Die nt ICoiuc, wltlrh be ac' 
i-ordit];,-lydt<tKiany iii'itilh* ancrwards, 
luivlii;{ Likvik the uU:iv:it jwiiia lor iko 
aikt of bis bouw to ducoter the crl- 
luinal. nho ka{>|>cnol lo be that rcrjr 
Mrtmitin ibu green c lot lies irbo lighted 
us op, aud hii'l mven mr iiny fur mmuo 
relvtt, and taku M»iiie )ii>1d "ut of my 
nurse, tlkc (by l«forc. The landl[>ru 
had made tlic itiwovcry by the feIlo*i*i 
lufline UiiiiA-Hrors at play, of which he 
coiikl givf »i> uccoiml ; but afUTwarda, 
tiaving <M>i)re»K-d ii, be waji went tu the 
rallcyt for lifir. Let no one who tniTeb 
be loo ready to iJiow their MtncStthal 
haru g»lil in ikcint which all sharpen 
wbi-ii iliry Imrv oiicc obierTcd. wQ] 
ihiiik of tilly nny» lo coiiie aL In re- 
turn for much cnl4^i'tsiDmenI from tbcM 
foreign imvcls pli'-Ase tuko a copy of 
my Mviou tu a Iriciiil irarcHing tn 
EngtaiHl : 

*• Mira, d«r DMprtM, wbot t«a IS la tal, 
Iv IV mt kntdw WW tMstfk roar tad/ 

llrM Uo* IMl ■■ kUa « M«l»'IAil MM, 

If )>«« itgoN jNV ■«iK7 or pnlun 1 
rtt mtttt a niMvfll rob ttMn m ■ tbMt, 
Wh* lo didorii rnr >("•* •oaU M *f- 

TTiUk ^1 «| liini, Ouil jvi h*n IHRiSlIt Id IbH t 
lliic (hllen IIiM .bUTiiIMh al bMTT 
llMttMbru Wiilar((«M>fanoMr> 
Uh Baul«MA la'cB IM torn of Mac t«r r 

It was an old Lulbi Myiag of tbc 
people <\f rrenoR, who bore tbo iiauo 
of trie )>igurlan, tlut the Ltgure* ttat 
nntiirj /ttrt". In pnrt wc cX[K-rienc«d 
tliu Lrulh nf lbi>: but ittiiTcruilly it 
wnM not irno, fnr a betirr man thta 
our landloril, Mont. MartcUi, could 
not be in any cxmutry. Tlere wemod, 


A JoHrnrtfJrom Parir to Italy in 1736. 


inilmil, to prcrftil nmang th« 1a« 

Epojilr- an utuvimiiion rftupncsi untX 
wnnow nf beliSTumr, boiiijt very 
urgent— «ufh nn fhc portpTu finil l-nnt- 
inen~to narvf ynu upon your Arrival, 
imd cnrry your bn^^so (o tlic iun ; 
nnd, iiAirr y«Li hnil pni<l larpdy lho->.- 
what they toiiL;lit fur •ri-Tiiig you, 
dthM^ iipprarcfl tDitkinu vlulnia n[ton 
you for Uielr Ixing rewly to n.-rvc ywu, 
if you had hvl oc4Uion. 

At tlw time we wcfo at (Jenwi tiiey 
wcro «i:r)>)ii({* (liuly truiip!>, ami mnny 
ifi tlicir giJlevi, t<i ptottv-'utc tlic war 
tiher then bivf ognin't Kim; Tlicudorc 
it Oonici. 

It **^ our tWtmn" to nii.-vt \xtm nl 
Gtiioa niLh an KiixlUIi elvrvyinnn, one 
Mr. Smith of ru^twithaiii,* a nepin'Tr 
of tlic grval Sir !? ani: Ni^wton, irLu hitil 
h«n .-ome linii; at Genoa l>rft)rc wu 
can)?.. As ]w wrim vIv-'initiA id Ik nf niir 
mnipaiiy, lu iJitrrpeil tlirouah Ilaly by 
tlw vuy (if Lc»linrii, lu iKie nc B4(n'i-'<l, 
i\i»l hirwl brtwixt \i* n/etoia-fie. 

.%pfrWirr 9il.— MiiiiiUj- iHiimmg srl 
nut <ncM.iri»i! fnr l<c^iii>ri), niiil mnw tn 
yrttri. wlit-rt>, ft.* lliP wiii'l ttim nnt Wr. 
ire «tayc<l liro niKhta with a B|)anbh 
bmily. Hon.sforwnnt of atteiitioD. I 
lort my wig r laU-ly piirr-lMK<). 

Srplnnhrr in. — Set out nl tlin-u In 
the inii)Tiiinn: diiieil nt Pivrto Kiim. 
wliicli was m f\i\\ u( Spiniinrilti anil 
QcDDCH) ibnl llifrrL' wa» iioH ilic k-ist 
room for u« to he ni:rninmtn!iit*-il; so 
that w« went iiIiIIh"! U) m-l h!uI lu llu; 
pten[nj,whleU hiul Ihi-ii avi^ry iili-.uiiiff 
aspciri. We resotvpd to toiilinueout 

II night, anil, vroninB ( Ion<; bay, 

ipcrtiiig to iTiiiki> Lc^'liiini in Om 

lOrtiinit. A* it hftp]ii'ni>i]. llii-rc' w«™ 

'wveml S|iiuiriih nwii-ol-wtir nml Innsi- 

[lorla ibat iii^tlit in ttiL> Vmy, uho Iiik] 

wtiimed ftx)iii the >:oii'iui.'8t of N(ii)k'«, 

UnillT thv CDTiiltlCI. i>( r.liL> ('nlulu <ti> 

!tlnii(«mMr, tho itniiimnmU'r'inTliii'i', 
who at ihni timi! wi« n-aiiliTig in I'lxu. 
Ac oiir Ktiing out w« ijosfcd six S]>R' 
nixh nil! n -of- WILT, the tvt tlien quilo 
ntlin and n<>v«vab1<? ; but, ubotit hni 
6'clriek ftl nifflit, opiimitt: to Moam^wo 
were overtaken l>y a dniadfal storm t 

the 4M in n mamcnl haA n niMt fliriAiu 
aiipcc-t,(yintiniii)l]yincrc<uing. wiiliim- 
menao billowB, ibe wliiil vnfyiiig oflcn 
frrmiiliirpr^'nlmuiMoPt. hi iliimlwad* 
ftti ninmior wn wctv toKO'l till nlmtit 
tliri-ciicxt nii>m!ii|>, having our rnddcr 
briifcc". *)ur conipn« intliT^ oiir loMi 
iliapirik-d, Uk: Ma mi-l tlic win<L« riaiiij!> 
ihi; tnuiin not up, and nt l<>tif>lb ihcrc 
■|>|)carcd ni> hope, u«t the lvn»l diatiw 
torcmniu lor our safely. Ourllvii'JC»« 
Bttihrt nt tbc Punt inrftked ull tlieir 
MtinU: B!i Eiiglittt nilor, who bnit* 
pcnud til Ih: In lh» crew, and an old 
■UtLiii Iha iiiiiiiti.'r of (he /rhnrhc, wbo 
wna lit tlic riiddiT. wcro tlic only two 
whi> sbtiwol 'pirii, tlioufib tbt- moTiiis 
<nni|dmnl? of the ubi nian'fl little tcti, 
in llii^ nmit piriinliri- Itidtnn, would 
bitvc hiHIhI 11 liiTiirt iif rtimn iKirlicu- 
larlv uf his reiiicntbrAiin' of bi^ twtM 
nmrrr, bi# dmr mollicr, niid liLi aire 
w/rrf/i-, bin twn wslor*. t)ar re- 
Tcnrivl t-bfrgvinAn Mr. Hmilh. and his 
man Tom, wlio wtrt' bwlh rtnppLiI in 
onlvr to swim, hiwl ninny ^jrit'Touii 
mriiinln^ iRtwixl llirm, fi-nrin;; n 
fluddcri •i'.'j)arrttitm fur i-wi', huTinj; 
been \aii)i ii('iiu:kinli^l> ^f^, i^mitlii 
tlion^li Sir Isjiiic NcwUm'* iiqiltcw* 
bnppcim) ui W- Ik vvrr l-ud iwtniniinuT, 
intinlitig tbftt be nnw the II)!Ut of I>v|f 
hum, and ciinti-mUil we ihtiuld »t««r 
InwaniB ibnt, Wt »a ml-iv bodd un> 
iluocircd t>y ubierviug ihut the litfbt 
cnine iVuni (iriL- of tliu low sian. Mr. 
K«niMy, who wiu n jfiiod vwiuuncr. 
9itr!|ini-d HI(i>w!Ke ; bui liir myself, who 
coulil nut swim, I reiktmol oti wrMin 
dentil : but IwlVin: I gave all up. I 
Ibuiight !l bMt tn examine what wine 
w« hMl y<-t rwnuiiilnji. und tiaviii^ got 
•c<rcral fliiKk!> liill. I iiisttinlly diaii- 
buliHl lL>.-innmDng<il<iiirii.iiln»,uuiktng 
ihein It abort ipi-irh tn Italian, retwu- 
iiij! iliL> wiiivl iinima! uii'mo.' which ia 
(K>umg«', i-mioLgt!. JJU1 /raleUif my 
lirt>llin.-n ; and particubirlyaihlmuiiif! 
iiiyM'Iff'i (lie iKutmnoat tn« hnim, and 
th(! Kngbdi sador, wbn I uxijured iiiit 
tu lu»« III* UoflTt, which lie prouiiwit 
not to ilu aa tuna u hvooutd kmp liolri 
oftt. 1 lait atbiresBeil myoulf to Mr. 

• The R(nr. Bcnj»miii Smith, B.I). non of (he Ker. HimiatiBi Siulili, Rector of 
North Witliaio, ami hlnijolf mnbiirfiiipinty Rrcior of T.iciiiTi in Yorks'ilrc, where be 
dieJ in 1 J"C. lie wa» an !n»|Ho\lJrnt and »iii(;uU( c-liBro'-t'r, stid .rTrrnl ancMot** 
of Mm. coioniuniotrd bj the Rrv. Wilbam StieciiEiSniik!!. I'r^fn^iKttrjr nf C'arliilp. are 
printed tn Whitiktr'* Hinlorji of Craven, and in Ntdbola'a Ltltrary ItlMtntioDa. 
^ntl. i*. f. t2. 


A Joumetf/i-om Paria In Itait/ m 1736. 


Smith anri hit man Tom, de«iriiif; tbcm 
DAl to low liojtc* of moeliiis onv »n* 
OtlKr in a. belter nlitM: ; uynT Inatly. 1 
sitid yrbal occurred tn luc in (lie mwt 
moriltff uuiner to w^ friend aud dvur 
ti-kveinnr coiiiiMiiiou, Mr- Allan Kain- 
«ity ; ud I ti>i>k out iqt gol'l watcfa 
BDil rings, to ICC if be coiUd liiTl«n 
then any irvf to bii tu-nu, luul if lie 
should etcajw aiijlxnv br »i«iuitDiiis, 
and i-cacb Ilntain aeain.tust hcwotim 
tklifcr the valcli and rinct to my 
■noch bcioT«d young wile Ibnd jut 
uiuricil ixian I act out, with my 
pra^enanl unprecaiiunu I'ur his taiety, 
u^ngi if henirvirtHl, he would always 
nnuinber mc, and that I hud Itaa 
ntroBBnt iniprcMions upon my mtud 
that, if the W0T«t should kBp|)«n, wu 
diould cutaiidy meeA in a ki-tl<T pliit-e ; 
that, as I coiud not nrioi, 1 could 
Eoake no eflbrC (at tar sofct^, uid in- 
Btaotly eoverod mjmitvp with an old 
Miil >■ a windinr-diect, and hidtluig 
then all farewdl, and cullln;; nul 
atttmo! amma! to the iiailors uuMt dc- 
Toatly recijpied myself over to tny falc. 
All this whdc the 5ca nn inoiintAmv 
high, «I1 oriT wtiiu; widi froth, easily 
dlaoen^hlfl by ibe fiery vapoir wUca 
rina always in a storm. At length, by 
tbcpmercranccofoiirnicii.nnd mi:ri.-y 
about lo blow from tlir na tuwiinln 
Isitd witli the Ki-ealest irapetuonily ; 
and. on the Vflb. in the nioming, our 
/{•ftMcA^was violentlycut uponaahorc 
at the boltoRi of u large wood, wirnv 
tbar* was n«ith«r racks nur high bnaks 
not Air dinlnnt Train Ihu eiiy of Pini. 
Here crery one scraiBbled ojikon,', in 

3 lite of the ureat lurf and cnuy con- 
llion of our ftlouckf. A snilor carried 
mc out on bis bncic, alniost n|i to hia 
node in thssL'a; otir trunks nnd Img' 
ff/^gfi, lliwigh wry wcl, wo MiTi'd Kod 
^fA a<1ior«^ Bud, by vuod fortuuo, gel 
Qto a fiiher'B hut, where were aMem- 
ble«t whuc of tlic ftpuiUh troopi who 
had th:it iiinlit Ivecn f)iipwr<><!RC(l on 
tlie eouiL Thoy |<rMt<iiUil a» with 
wine and rel>ediineal«, which wcr« 
Tcry eomforlnblc : Bud our mutual 
miiforlunos ta remented ua hy (lie re- 
lliKliiii] of our mnluid delivery bv an 
uncommon inlorjiMiiliAnof DiriDcl'ro- 
Yid«n<v, thAt wc xci-iuod all a* one »«• 
lion; and our reverend clcrg^ui, 
Mr. SttiiLb, nbp fvll uncommon joy !n 
re«6vvriiig bid luau Tgn>i garc lu all 

hb besMdiolion in tbo wai-m«jt miut- 
ner. Wc l!ght«d n brge fire of itic^ 
at a litlk di>UuK-e from the but, and 
made another Bg:u-<aiUo litiation of the 
Spwiioids* wine, whJcli tiny very joy- 
fully aad pknlifully 8U|>|dicd ui wilii. 
As day approached we bc|an to think 
of lending for cbai«ca from I'inn, and 
Kcwdin^y, one of the nilor« was de- 
apntched upon that errand, and brought 
us a couple of good cltai«ci for air. 
Smith and hii man Tom, nud Mr. 
llamMy and luv. Wu took leave of 
our friend.-! the S|ianiiinla with freat 
cordiiditjr. and honed to meet than 
again at Tiaa i and narin^tiaid amply 
for ata/tloudtt, and rcnnnlcd wcU tnc 
siulon who hud helped lo nve UiS wC 
got into our dtaiKts nn<l, as we were 
gtung 11(1 Ibe lici£bt«>, it was even ter- 
rihie iheo lo look upon the fca< being 
one volume of frolh cTcn nAcr the 
storm was now aubHdod. The woods 
ibrougti which wc nuocd were my 
ptensiug, and all ilic fields of tlie 
country abi>ut Vu>\, In our road to il, 
arc most Tctdani mendowa and gardens, 
with canal* of freah water. It is in> 
coucdvablc tha joy of the rvfrttshing 
sleep we Iiad fur many lioum iiflvr our 
nrriTal. IVe viniled ihiH fine city in 
the Torcnoan and aAcrnoon, and in the 
erentng went lo the opera, where we 
NSW iho Dukd lie Moolenur. who was 
nn old wiiuralile Spanish soldier, with 
black wlii«k«r*, nittmg dangling in his 
box among six prclly women. The 
city of l^ia was mil uicn of Sjianish 
soUlien, anil scane aUowed any room 
(lit Ktmngorv. It was famout nf old for 
(hufirft rCTtval of painting by CimabuD 
and riiolto, loug brlur^- Ivnfiliuel. 

Sqsfmbrr 30. — Suiulay, let out in* 
diouea for Leghorn, and came there 
licfore dinner, through a lino woml. 
Horc, for want of my peculiar attcn- 
(jon, while Mr. iinnmy and I frc- 
igucntly choan to leave tlw cbhtM* to 
came uler u(, lo walk on some mQei^ 
I tlM>D liid mf boots *td«a from me «i 
the Tond, which makes me give tbla 
i-Ait(ion to cvcryliody wI*o tritvelit to 
have nil ll»oir evef about (hem. 

0<l:'K/r \. — \\<!: found the clty 
I.M>iii>iiK \\ tcry ihriviug ]>l>ce foi 
(rode. .MiiKyKBglidhreiidebi'ie. V\vt>l 
(iiuiiiaitd Sjanl^ troops were (hci'e a(i 
that time, wlio had come aHcr (he coil* 

aiieet of Mo|)la to roUe lltcre \ nnd 
icy were m llie ulnoct good order*] 


Cfrrtupoadenen ofStflvantu t/rian. 


well clothed in Uac, niul wail paid. 
W« fireqoently Jineil ami $iit>po(l with 
SfMoiah officers oiul could iil><crve 
llicy luil iii> grL-nl ofiiiiini til' Dun Cor- 
Im, tlic Siiiitiinli Kiij;^ vf Nii[iii;i tlicjr 
had iKea ligbliiiK for, fur Llic^ told ub 
astoryofttieKui];: ancmonniiff.wlien 
lie nns feeding his cooks and lens, a 
diTcraioQ he WHS Tcry fond of, the 
Duke lie Afont<Miiiir utiTCrving liiin 
alwim Imuig, nml lintdiiiji; iluivii liSa 
beu Hi tlili amuieiueiil. llic dajr before 
the balUtf of BiltiinU). lie saya to Iiim, 
" Hmut: h tilf, tnuu Printt, je coii* 
/ma thi tautot." And indeed lliie 
battle Mctircd the t-rowii of XaiiK-» to 
him : and thv KngliKli had a liand Jii 
thU vicUn-}-, by tmiiiporling iiio<l cif 
(he lra»|». Mr. Ilownid wna our 
bunker nt Leghorn to Mipiily us with 
maaey. and was extreiiii?ly fivil ti> ut^. 
and gave ue letters uf rouuKiiD-tidii- 
tjcn U> tliu pIiuiuN wliiTt- wu wiMit in 
our my to Rome, and, when we 
caiiie thoM^ to Siguor Belloni, the great 
bauikcr. "the neira of our shipwreck 
hod reaehed LcffiioTn before wc ar- 
riTed, imomuch that Mr. Hominl nns 

very glad to »ec va, aa were Mr. Aik* 
man ud many other i^nllcniiiiii. Mr. 
Binnair liad nritlen from lje;[born 
■ lous Ictlcr to Km father, the jkicI, at 
Kdiiihiirj;!], vrliicb I did not »cc till I 
cauie htiine, wherein liu Mid that I Iia<l 
saved our liven ty my keeping up the 
BpiriW of tic sailors of the JitaucAe, 
and by the aniiunlion I had giren tbetu 
by the pmtenci- of mind I wna pos- 
seAsedof nt lliattiine; and F:tid lliat. 
vhen ibiuKu oniiie to tbe wurvt, I 
seemed to die like Hoerntnt in iiix t:iKt 
luoments. My friend, oiil Allan the 

fiopl, irn» very fond to show me this 
sltur, nnd told tnc, at the sHme time, 
n vi^ry K!»gular rircuinslnne(>, that he 
drciuued [liiit very Tiij|liC, tbc 'iOO\ of 
September, the iiiglit of our xivmi, 
that we were cast away upon tbit ooiwt 
of Italy, lint were providentJalty SQved. 
Tha lctU:r 1 wn>tc to my dfnr young 
wife, tliei! at CloniiinBtflii (my farm 
near KJitiburgb). witJ written in tlo 
mildest manner I could conceive it, 
nnd she nnd old Allan Kamsay com- 

Surcd iiolen, to the joy of nil our 


I TlitBlMaliil Projins o( llii IftjiiUiilronwOfln-liiiWii Hooi! an.l Slinmocrf rotMl— Englbli EI71110- 

I Uvtoi tUniinil Aiim't. AoiMeainl Hiilc. ^■ti', Hike, iluivii, (i-lltetl— IfoniimpnUI Ii>Mrip> 

I Uinu iKtoUf rDcwcrnl dI CUolilfrton, WilU— Tbo Prinis at OmoBc'i StrcU lu Icas—TIiC Ph- 

B M<ritr»r Ralph Tbvrvb]rllwABliiiiuity—IUaU}'B«s[-iUrarilic WMdrlngMiu. 

Risk aho PitOQaB«s aw ihb Dowi.aiw Inox Wokks. 

Mb, UaBAK.^Tlie Obituary uf jcur 
Jaaoarj MtLxuint; (ouliiinpLl u brii^r liul 
jut md Bcciirate tributi^ to the rnvrtintj nf 
tlic late Sir Jmiuli John Ga««l, Bart, of 
IMttIni* -. and jam rtmlpri, after penulnn 
that iDBmnir. wilt prubitilr take some In- 
tntit In the (oMcmias |)arti(uUrs of the 
sWi>a bf vliich hin yatt conccriu wctc 
niacd to the luafcaUadc in nbioli hi; left 

aboot 1749 by Winilior, and under 
it nai «reoieu tbs lint furnace In South 
Wal(» for the rtdudion of iron ore by 
nrana of pit eoal. Uj dccrcn Ibu GuDat 
funil]' li«camo jioisM^cd of a part of Ihi; 
IntonrTt in iHib 1ntsu>. and, Unally, on ilia 
Jcatti of 111* faihrr Mr. Tlumiaa Uueal, 
•ad of hit unole. by naarrin^. Mr. TUlt, 
ia 181 i. Mi. John Gucat nccMded to nine 
Bixtctntht, ami bla brulUci Mr. Tliomiu 

lUiell Gucat, to unt aittcealli of l)i« 
nbole. Mr. Thoinait Cnnt, wKo w«f hit 
lint]' brother, ili«d, eliildleit, on tbo (Oil 
Jan. ie:t<. 

After liivins (peat a few jtars at stliool 
at BrJdEcnortli. and sfterwaida at Mon- 
mouth, Mr. Joliu Gucit parsed Uiruvgh 
tbo difTcrcnt drjiartmcuta of the worka, 
mattered the detaLa of «aoh, and tlio 
langnugo of tlie peo|ilr, and Goally acted, 
under hti uucle. na general mnuaprr. 

The concrni wuihni iii tit isfaiiuf . Its 
produce, which in I80C had brea about 
7.000 ton* of pig irooi "aa etvn then vnly 
20,040 ten*, from Four bUit famacea. 
The RnancM alio ircre lu embarraiaed. 
that il in tnid to liavu been a wrlou oon- 
^dnratioa vith Sir Julm wlictber be should 
enmie in the worlia, or puib. his fortune 
la lome oiber direction. 

Uaf Jng decided npon tbc former eourae. 


CffrrapoHdfnca ofS^lvaniu VrhaH. 


b« iiwnlil; raiwd lli« B««ib«p of ftmun 
to eiftbl, and itm innul pmdactlnn tn 
50 or It.OOA tov*: lad abovt |k^1 Uicro 
were rievctt Ainiu««, tiii. bf Uic lMr»d«o- 
tlan of new btoitinit mulilncrir wd tg»- 
pr«««il wnoprMeni* for Uie nitinf uid 
mMfMri sT ibB m«r ntlerU, tlw umul 
pmrfution «■■ niwd to abrai horn M la 

AtKMt I8S1I DnwUw boMied twehro 
ftuiMMs, *ihI tlw Uixut blnTtng CH(iai! 
(hm koowTi. In 1(t:tl Sir John pAtrntft) 
k plan Tor maiuni the ncUfd tnfKI «t 
n>pi< rrom Ike Unt furnite inio ibc w. 
nmrf, b; wMcli Hmuik Iw ri(n:tril ■ ton. 
•Idrmblr latlnj la turl tml ic llie itutc 
nfmrlal, anil rmdrred hii irirkn njviil In 
Ike annul prottoction of 4",000 low, thiw 
UkittK io the MAe the l««il wkkk he «ttv 
afterward* vunUlncd. 

In 18,15 ibfte wwn fourtasn nmuwa. 
and In umvI lk« rkiai ilmuuid for nil- 
tny biri: and, nni<rl(tiaUuiilUg llir np. 
proMkiDl IrrHinatiiin of hit Iriwe, lit bail 
tic *|iirit, ID Aii(B>(, l>'in, lo aui;n)«nl 
Ihi! TnriiAm In einhlerii.nt.-\ bjr IIm Ulni- 
diwti'iTi (if vnii(ni>im|>rTitnn(nt>(|<iilpnleil) 
tn Uie maiinfir'Urr. he raUnI tlic piwcr uf 
prvdMclioD tn lOO.ono liMii winiiallir. and 
■elinUjr prviluwil Itiai iiiuiiiiii of nm 
Inin in IMO, wbcn lie wnt into tWiovkct 
7&1OOO tnn in Hw forrn'or lum mul wb. 

AnoBj ttw prtndful iin|iriiTriiian(s In 
tha naiMfaeMr* ahocld be nmtliKMd Ibe 
nkittbitiao of «oa) for coke, dm In tiK 
UaM furBaoci and Dull; lu iha raHncriMi 
to that (wke u not Dim «mp((i;c<J in tlw 
DwUti Work*. 

TUa ■wumnwa iaenut la fradndiira 
■B ittaodKi by ■ Mmt|ioattif memM 
in iha brucbat of Htnli^ optrMian* and 
IliMnw. and In the naniW of the voik- 
ptople, iatoUifif • miilUliMla af avbonll. 
Date aitBufciDcatii. 

Thw, (be tleain t>o*«f , nUch in IfllS 
WW iBWnildanUf, al ihlR t(»a aniMmta 
U 4.989 bOfM povrr. of whldi the Uow. 
Ing eticUiM fiajiloy '^,P'>3. iba Totga 
and ralTlni mills I flW, tbo etinl and ore 
work* 9tf7, brfpkiMktnit IT, alabUny 9, 
aod loMBOlion &5I.* lo l''4;> Hicrawer* 
BOO lior*n(iii<|ilo)rrd. Th« Dnwlaii M'orki 
IMgdl, oa an artragc^ a tbip a da; In lb«i 
port of CardiR. 

Of are, ooal, and limtatoac, about 
f 40,00(1 loM arc anniialU rated, bnldn 
about 1,171,000 tow of ibalc and omIcm 
1Mlt«r, ralicit t« be Ihruwv aude. 

lo tHli DokIiIk faniaioHl from aliout 
t.OOO tn l,3(iU vitrkpraplr. rcddliiK In 
100 eottatr*. \l tlili liioc tliere arc tn>> 
bablr 3,U{n) collaica aiiit la^MtOiiikabll- 

aati, or»Mehab«nl7.MlO(lni«pn)rdlTKt 
tram tliei woikt. 

Tbf tnantj |iajBiaM( In labonr nor In 
ISlA-fi.f to M,9DW. per monlti, t 
WO^MOf. |icr kiMWiM-Hi iitmt Ifat mccv 
I>roridin( «f itbicb in eajn to anral Ibe 
veeMj deBBBait, waa ■ aoniewbat w«l)(hly 
dnnDonl oaeratton. 

At «a« Unui Sir John, liiuat |iaaaoai«d ■ 
bank at Catdiff. Ilr wm olao an orMnal 
proaiotcr of. ami a mj Uiwe aharriwldcr 
in, ihc T»8 Vale Railway, or irlildi hawaa 
for many jr'an th« ekainni*, and ahmja 
tia jiriacijial frrighler. 

Sir Jubii ilM. ai he had i>T>r wUhod to 
din, at Dinriab, amidit bli nirn |<eO|<le, 
nix) U tbere bvried. IIH foikrnil wai at. 
landed bf ■■ inniMuc coDconna of aboat 
SU.OM |<erioaa, noat of wbiwi i««r* nanro 
or l«H MtWMMd wilb hi* Hwka. &f 
imuaon eoaomc all buitnoa and work 
wena ouawBluJ, and t)ie abofa doaed in 
I be dbtrkf. 

Nolwllbatandia« I.U gntt wealth am) 
bii roaUioN at Ibe bead of a |>riocl|Ml 
hnnefcof BriiUk indiuu^, b'irJutinGuat 
rn«cr«»d kaMt* of giaat ainplielly, waa 
Inimble tn bia ntimatoof binaoir. and atai- 
RDlatlT tiiMblnuit* in bit doputnamt. as 
that fcir (roro anre nf tbo loal Ollant «f 
hU inforuuliom. 

Few graal DtaauraetDrera baTO been bet- 
ter acrjaainled mth tbc drtula of Ibdr 
btialneM, or wllb (bn pertooa, eireoM- 
ataoMa, ood pecutiiiiitea of th<ir ««rk- 
poo|ihr I w4th ibem be at all Umea pra. 
acrted a frieud)^ pcnDnal initrcoarw, and 
to tboir MHipliaiata be naa dwof* aaeea^ 
Me, aatl aaiab«da« an tba liiHaiiaia of 
MMf, akill, and good eondaol which l>o 
detrtflcd and bm^l forward taoag 

lib fontlfbt and aopcilT In bMin^ 
•we rcanu-katilo, and bta Aitt Imprvnion 
waa QMIally Mrrvel. Moal of ibe nltnf 
abnia in Ibe Dnwiala Worka ««t« projcoled 
and OHcatod doriutliadiproaaoaior the 
trade, 00 that h« found MiBM-lf in a «aii- 
diUiMi In |iioni larrelf by ibe Impran- 
nicnla, uaiinll^ tnddm. In the m*tk»l>. 
TbooKl' not Inmitir a num of deep icieacf, 
be wa* eer^ «rlt infotuied hi cbtMloIrr, 
raiiwalaity, and neb ont^ircU that ban 
(ition bU baitiwaa, and bU ctutom wm 
nfwaj* to aauan tbeM|bM aathurflin o« 
thow mibjecta, and lo obtatn toaod op|. 
tiloaa he ifwrcil no eipcnac. 

H* "^ » '"■" of rrmarLablf oalm tria- 
[wraBeal, tridom icliaf, o»fii ia liiflu, 
wilbMit dcllbmaiion, ami not eatilv lo. 
Aurd tn rrlin^ulab an opIntDa once 
(tanned, lie poaacned a rtnaarkaWy fine 





* Aa rt«tntljoi 1814 tke oro WM nnied to Iho Nmano inmcks ■i^Mnakra 
OwhiK-ki«f ottlM. 


CoftVtpQiidetKa uf Stffvattus I/rinm. 


tempw, and alth«u(h tbe ftcolili-iiU of no 

•ctiio life hill, of cuiLiM, on«i bfoaKht 

I iim into colliflon witlt utbcra, he nu liJiii- 

[«cU Ibc CDtuiy nt do uiic, au<I whcii lit 

MvU >pt*1[ na (ui^J (A a niaii Itc wm 

Daring tht Medbjr riut* at IttSl be 
-dieweil, umlrr rcrj Irjlut tIruufliititucM, 
|tc*( ptiioatl cijnrogc. Aftti all ncga- 
cutivat had bllcJ, lie iiitcrpuscil bcLwrcii 
Uie olJicti^, juti dIjouL tv flrc, BuJ tb« 
beojilt. nlioni hv luJiIn'MrJ (n Ibdr ova 
lui|uigD, iigU loltif by hif prraonnl In. 
flueiw* p(evint«d o vary KrliiiH clhulon 
Df blood. 

The iron-[naaicr«»r McnLjr.ns abody, 
liBtc !■«( brcn rrJiiiuhible tat BtlcnUon lo 
tlie intcrttU of tbcic wirkproplc; ttut u 
eulj u 18U Kir Jnlin Gural nnd hb 
paltnen built anil cnil'iwnl > churrli >t 
DawUii. and ToOndRd irlmnlt, which rinn 
Buuber fthant I,IKI1) t'lilUlrcn dnlly. A 
ttbiiMl hiDi], oi>d >1m n tic); IViiiil, hud- 

torted •»! niMia|(d by tbr 'nirkj>e»pic, 
tre tab| b««u catoblUhed. An *ulj d> 
liUl tlic blatl-fumiccn *l Dowlaia w«« 
■(u)>I>ed dttriiiK Sanilnf , and Ibr irorlt* ara 
mw !□ mmplctcly ctniKd tliol prohoMy 
not aboTf >i d<»pn inco arc to br founil 
Vj>oa tlwm an tUat dnr. Thntc cxunplci 
h«ve b«tn but litlle folloii^d In ilie ncigti- 
bourbood. To the iniek iritem in itn 
fuloui rormt Sir Jolm wiu tlriidilj 

Tbc Icnjc iincHtaiiity na to tlic Dnntnia 
Icaac ninlrriallj cttMlml Sir Jobn'ti )>i>i- 

«' xit foe (be ini)trovviiitint of bu pcoi-tc; 
at, ujiOQ it* rcDEwol in \i\%, \tv itol Id 
■xirlc to «mMt. nnd, niitwitliHtitidiii); the 
deprcned atatc of tlie (mile nnii iVv Ut(;i- 
dfuaudi 11(1011 liit puiKc ill buying uul hia 
tiro {ntlnrra, anil in tlic hnTj oallay »• 
auiicd uftoB ihe work*, he approTcd of 

Roam Haoa awd 

Hft. U>BAM, — 1 lend for ili* peraial 
•f tbOM of your read«n nlio do not be- 
Uara tliaC "Merry Sliifniooil" nn tba 
Uarli fotcal oi a Ti-uimik mydi (r<ii ibosc 
wtioanrainc Robiu IK-oil to bo (lie crca- 
tvn of a Ttutouic loylli ur fiblc mluC 
diapoae of the fiirnt of iiliemvod by (he 
aano pmroN of imaginntioii) — a document 
of Ifao Mrbcit autliiMitieity nod tratli, \\i. 
tbc apfwlniroFoC of odditioaal Commu- 

.. floncf* to 4 CaiuniitaiuD of Inquiry Into 
tte effeneci coniuilltcd ojpilatt tha Tcrt 
and loiuou of Slianmud PonuI in Iba 
year Utl.V. 

lamyopiaioB Ibis rt<t>nl it not only 

,.OOcr<riiora(tT««riti«ilc« Mr. llonUir* Iih 

Idaiii fur ■•-■liaul), fur llii- aife of nludi be 
jirupiiaeil [o ^rtt up ilif fsrdeiu Bitudted 
to bi» cCBid<;iicc. Tlic rerj last iitt of bit 
Wt wiui the otabUnhownt uiruu Ilia uwa 
rrtpcntibilHy of ■ tavipg* rnoli, fi<r Iba 
fiitfouraiemcitt of provident babiM anonx 
Ida «orK[ieopl« and tbe Inbabltania or 

Thoic vlio biifv hiiu beat, nnd ircrs 
coiuulInJ by bltu ilutiu(; tLc iir^ouUlIua 
renEtcctinf Uk rni«irtJ of tbe lour. «*ro 
well awnn lliat hia |>riiielpal roaaan for 
ra-ontgrlDg, undar very unhTOursbU dr- 
ODinitaaeaa and irllli ilrntlning li««ltfa. 
npun 10 ita|>endoiu aa untlfrtakiiii, aaa 
hlaatfoni; aiiprefaeiulaaof the miiuyvbloll 
Ibc *toii|Mj(« of UiB worka would oooaitaa 
Ilk IIm dulriut 1>K lovnd lO well. 

Sir Jolin Curat conlribntrit more titan 
ftny odinr iiidiviriiial to niite Ilia iron nuu 
nufnctniD of Urtdt flritaiii to it* prMcnl 
dmiiialiliii; ronditian. Frnm aiBall bo> 
KinnioK*, by tlio cacrcJM of iMliHlfy. ou> 
chaiiical (kill, and a rare ooabiaaliaa if 
nrodenre and baldnaat, he ereaiad tht 
largaal inaniilkeluring MtabtiabaiMit «TU 
known, built up for biaMiracoIoaaal fur> 
tnac, and hot left bdiiad lum a name nor 
Xo bo ncaliciiicd b> aii aulbarlly in the 
aoDnl* of tbo trade, •rilh aSmtion iiv the 
priiici)>a] wal of the HiaDUfarturriacd with 
rwapect by llic world. 

He died full of yean, in tbt! niidat «rf 
Ilia rhildrao anil pfO|ilc, anccMwfiil in all 
Ilia iiiiilMtahlnca, liaving bad ample linio 
and Incliiiatiou tn praporc for hja Utter 
CDd, aod IcaiioKb«hindhim avihof tried 
■Hccliou and eip4ri<ncc, in wliom, l>*inf, 
be had unbuu-nded eooAdencv, and le 
whum, DM bit Ueaili, ba tmiled tbe muaa- 
trolled manajEinent of tbo whole of hto 
cnoroioua and oan plicated coiioeiiu. 

Yoara, &c. ' ■ 


takan respMiinf tha eipMti Mcribad to 
Robin MiKid and hb notDMniona, In 
No. IV, of hu "Critiral antl lliiloriml 
Ti-aou," ijutalaoilbialraicswb'it be therein 
ubMi^Mt ibai uiaur of tbe popular tonf* 
trauauilteij Co ua froai aiKii;nt timet arc 
nurthy uf aotKiiIatioii^a fnilb wimuited 
by the cxampla of Seldaii and of llcarnci 
who both balleivd tlul there waa (OOM 
biitorlc truth In many of thcic conipo- 
altioD*. I bopc yoor readers "ill abnolve 
nic from tbc inpntation thai hcKin 1 pro- 
feaa la oantl Mr. lluDtfT. wbo bat done 
qaiie enough alreadj) to di*[)erM tbe no- 
dun of tlic oDtlawa of Kberwood FothI 
bntqi mere orratDtca of ihc imngiiiilioa 

* Tbc Croat Hero of the Aacleni Mluatraliy of Boj;Und, •■ Ilobin Hood." Uia 
Period, Bed Character, be. inTwlifalinl, and pcrltap* atocrtaincd. By JoMpb H enter. 
18S9. IXwo. 




m tNitf I 

rtfttwW «f 


-TW Kju,ts 
Jato WDM. 






M it 

Mit Waliv«aNotMM«gai 
W *M M ttn rfirwilf W 

(fit a«i 




■wtrtnlf. Tim If « MTBladm ad 
1L^*r MiH«ili,«Piw of iWm. >h>ll br ihk 

~ - .. - - - ■ - - adaitTOWWO— afjwIw m i fMi yiWM 

fcOonM-BlUtov.afackluv lUikmim 
«« aoHanija tfeM ya« teUb* hMd 
■> an mJ rfMkr ite praalMi. tqntkar 

or two sf iImm, m h> pMiBaMl In tea 
^OMii. Pbr «« te« ommmM lk« 

r«« af tfmi, iktf thaj d> adak ym or 

DM af JOB fbr lUi pwpaaa m Hlaa« 

Z'^jTiCZ « a Mm m to afOnaaU. la [altaMO 

"'""' -WR»r,&«. Wil«Mib«KiiicHWlB^ 

K, tiN Ttk lar of April :i3lb]. 

"nva if alas apoo ikahad etlh^mme 

aaifatlWI W Aa ffiain ihiiirii. Mil 

•• h mmmUh U B tM il T fll 
t Mr hdMNrf w< MUU WmMi 
"kawa a( KMsariac, aa4 
iU|h Ja Cnaa*. ani wv of iWh, ta 
l«nba to Aa aafh ar fM4 mk. ftc 
H««a af ihoaa afa dfia aidH 
Mrtai a< Aa famt Won 
af Oa >MBlf «r rilliii|taa. hf >ba«. 
*a. >■ Aa |W— Bi «r Ifc a ifim iil 
WSns DofscnnHt Is be luntiAf&ttdt 

* BaUa llaai** IMgU; or. a New Combat b^t bat»Ma Robfai tlooi, Lillla 
'•fca< mJ WH. Borkn. wHk time rtoU keepen ia Sbcrwaoil FMcat. 
The warfarin of ly* oakt waa— 

" 8« away Mmtw w«nt (« Nattiog^a. 
iru aaelt to Bdca ucBda s 
Far tfaee d^a Iher tha wtaa did «kaac, 
And dcaak tbriMelaea gomi MMda. 

No. J7 iff ti,» copy ol " Robin Uood'. GwUaiL" 
Lomitm: R. ManUU, in AUenMr; Oiatdirard, Bow Uac 
Robia llowd and Um Raacfv ■ or, Tnt hiMdifaip after a r)«w Fi^lil. 
Tlw « a«chwlwi b awcfc a* aaM* aa la Hh pnndliitf, 

^ Tha Cmatei na'ar was ao aacrrj Mm, 
At he Uiea wa* vith iVok btaie •nob. 
Wko acvci w«u|J fail, jg wiDc, bm, or ale> 
To Uie off tboM cbcraklai bowU.' ' 

Mo, il of Uia Bine vofiy of the ' 


Correspond met of Si/ lean lu Urban- 


Rell a similir CommiHion far illwrdsn 
conunlUed io Crantiourn Chu«. 

Hoping that joiir renilrrs wUl concur 

with mc in belietiag (but the abote i« wnj- 
thing hut nythiMl. 

[ am, yonn, Ac. T. E.T. 

Ekolikm Ettuolouv.— Maii and Auakk. A.uatb and Matb. 
Makb, Match, and Mkxt. 


Mb< 1T>itAx, — Tbc uncertiintitv of 
Euglisli Kt)mal<<g5 urc among the oun> 
Mqneecei uf ihi- iuiiHifuri'>iu orlgiu ol 
our taDgut^t. The ordiniry use uf a 
word haa uiuoUjr no immcdUIc re-ijirct tu 
It* etTmulofkal orijiin. k wanl udcc re- 
OM<r«d uid ailoplvd into n lingua)^ on- 
dergoM all tbc ModtfiMtioiiB of furni and 
wemfan fmpMed up«n It bjr vulfar iuag«. 
QnwD |a«tn* aiUtrluia cA it Ju ot nuruiH 

In ■ pure anil unmixed tunpia the 
ehMfM prodocMl h-j onge canas few 
ttttnoltlai to tha [ibitittugix. Ati analoKy 
rdfiH Ibrvnihovt llicni. duiI ibdr lawi 
i eoBftani unil tuilir rn:oi-nisc>l. But 

' iWbm a |i«u|)lc ilvhrvs its iUciu nud tliicir 
ttprvtdaiM froia a rariatj of avunKa, an 

.to tba ew« with all modem KnropMn 
natfawa, and more f•p^elaUJ, In rMjioct to 
^JufUgi, with oorMlvea, Uiatc a variety 
•f iDOucacn arc iatroiluiwl whicli rcnilcr 
tbc pniueta bjr wliich tlio fanoaaud ncait- 
Ib^i ff[ word* aic iiBri^d mor« coiuplioattd 

■ uul parplmcini. WuriU uf nnc angin are 
«ftramodifl»d and d«rivitlTC4coaiitniet«>d 

I br Aangea wblch foUow Ihc aiuilony- of 
tbou of a different oritpn. Th«ir tnt-Aii- 
Insa arc Isllucnccd bf fancici) connRcdona 
with raota altoKcthtr forcliu to ibcoi ; 
and falae and fcntiulic elyniDla&iiM nffiMt 
CKD tha [inpitkr, whU-li t> gcneralljr the 
voRl POPMint, rmiiliiyinpiit of worUa. 
-HcriMOtic in *cirrol]F nrnngin atlrtbutin^ 

' to MiDc wnrd* n ilmihilc riiriiiology, And 
In athcn one ertKin lia* giTcn rise to the 
ferni, wbUe a ililTcrent fanoit^il doritation 

.baa liclcriDined th* aeiuc. 

The word Man]/ ii aii eiBiij|>le of IliU 
double o rig iu, ni 1 hute lUeivn lii a pre- 
Tioiu letter. Aiictlier iiutanue Is lo he 
ibiuiit in tbc wurda amatf, ma:t. The 
«t]iiii«log]r of the Tcrbonuuf gl*"! in iMe 
£ctionarie« refcra it la tba aubataDtiTc 
man. wUeh la lald to be derived frnm the 
Dtiieh mCam.arUie Anglo Saxon mitticm, 
to Ditts or rrr. Chiucer in the Nonnct 
Prceslt* Talo awnu to tut maaJ of ■ per- 
ploiarig fane; i 

Itoi ilraanw al Oay of niUa> and uf i]":>, 
AD4eia«Tiauiya iMir IbtroMluI. 

Aail lu ibe Marchuitn Tale lb« vnb 
•Mf # aecin* to tooou to dream o( •auder 
'in fiDC; : 

\a a**!* f -Mum, gftaia -in, , >iiii>l •lir, 
TWt Ifeut hav* I. [m I luvcabrfa r« 

Aind ibia oiigio baa no 4u«bt cm 
G«J.T. Mxe.VouXXXlX- 

to the aeoMf in whioh the wurda mi;e and 
AMafahave been tu«d in Kngbth. But 
the more prevalent idea Mptmnl by tlio 
wuid amajt, aa coniinunly uiFd in the 
older wr^teta. IS that of proatrntloii, »r 
subduing. For oismiiie, in the (olluirlag 
lino ffini th« CbniiuDrs YeinEiiiiica Tal« 
of Cbaucer, 

n« w i« oiajr, M yt 00 lUns amntnt, 
the word doe* not mean perplsteil, bat 
eatt ifom. 

So Milton I 

l)ut la tbo ainaxinen at wtiat I upeclol, 
rca<l«n, t fouuJ il ill ijulle fonlr^r/. 

Anil in the Bonoct lo Kairrax ; 
And nu* her Jealoui nMnurchi n-ltli •tma.t. 
Aiidromeitfa l«iul ifttlvhilnuittteaiaWit Hia-tA. 

In thia erase the wnrd anie:« it abci- 
omly cloacljr cotinecirtl with amaif and 
malt. Thii nurd ngain in lu old icnaat 
cacDot nith dertaiatir be referred (o a 
siDgle «(igin. To me/e (Aug. Sax- raetin) 
in the laagnage of Chaucer it lo irtam ,- 
and to mate, or amate, aeema Kinietlmea 
the cauiativB or active lerb corrairoDdins 
to thii neutrr. 
Sale by blnueUaBbetied Biiil a(Bd(r. 

(diaocsr, Blacke KviIkIiI.) 
I think Ton. are all miMtaritarkuuJ. 

(Dhakipcr*, (.^>iil "t Urr. Act V, nc. I.} 

If the word Qxista at all in tltb atnie. It 
Ib conncated witli tbc IluUaii mtUh, the 
EogUaU mail, uiid {irrlii|>ii wttli Ihc Greek 
fkaraiof, aud (jot^i'. 

But the prerniling rignilicatimi of the 
«rord OMflfe ia tbnt uf twfiilidjip or oatr. 

.So in Macbeth (Act V. ac. I). 

Tbe aamu i«u norda arc atti i^ictbcr 
in Pairfa^'aTaMu, p. 'llSi 

Stooil liitilicil anit lULL. oMorai anil oMaini. 

This MDiw Iff ja&ilaiaji !■ ooiiiiaon lo 
manf languasea. The Italiana have naf. 
rnT« lo aubiW, aad ammaitsrt to kill ; 
the ordiiiar; Spanish word foi kiillHg U 
HMfar. VdU in rierniitu ii treeryi, /aini , 
aud lu Utc old Ficiicb nd/Fr is to eiibdue. 
Ducaoce cit« ait ancient |iorin rja lticl>iud 
nt Noriiiandjr i 

Wm <«U* arolr Kiauiau' *<«'<i <.•! ti'iifuuJui. 
- tbc naiac word ; 
* «"«/(», in 

Tb« PrcBcU mmidrrt, In m«dioTCl LAtin 
MMMriaM, larvlfUollj of ili« umr fjimilT. 

* C1i»«t in oM Frrndi, nr&«> or 
titih, in medieiml Lstiii itniicanww lodua. 
b probcbty drriKil Ttom Hm PtnUn wonl 
•oaeA, or " «b>h," whkb !■ e%vlvtlrat U 
" king " Tbr |icificip«l pirce In lh« (tmr. 

Duoia, wu i-allri) fay tlic Pcrtiaua of Utt 
tiB>e cf Tawuliuia S>Kli-nii-ii. Mil ty Ihc 
luluni iiM^o soccii. (Ddcte'IIut. Iti- 
MM. p. 37, ciWil In M*4ai, llitt. Eieb. 
p. 109.) Sir W. Jonrn givn hit nuUtii- 
lUjr tu auutbtr vCjboIok]'- *■"' drriio it 
fruni the PerdflO irord Ibr tbo pni'> ('«- 
lrm»g. All tbc iivmcnM* Bi«wii»n «t Uie 
w«n) ni*rt, auJ it* ileHialttM. Ue ■!«• 
aMndnl fram Ihii ninjfle origin. Smcu- 
rian *■> origiesDjra ojiru-tible. in Italian 
•OMtiiert!, in Frriic'h frWquier, «ail in 
thn lanExacr ot Cliaucer a " <Iin:kcr<." 
HclK< ircrcAt, wilh it* rt|U(r)lnili (An- 
g)l<ij< eitri, tkrtAf, rAfftM**, Ac), bu 
M0d for lk« p«(l«a« of > cktw bMrd. knd 
till MmrM of wbMrii tiicfi a iwiilrra li 

Um mi« 

14 <n* UnM (twi nn»m> tan 

no (IM 1 don*ir *ctt •axxM iT tBOdUii. 

*■ So mutr ««c Uw «p«rin, ant tbalr 
nambrt- moqBlnl bf ihoiuaod* hl|[h«r iten 
tho ndupliottiotief ihfiiianmirfadieH- 

Hi* teAM of the ««r4 Maooamun, or 
MMilMqiiar, a« i brancli of (be rojal ext- 
raluv (oTtfiBally a fiacal and nhwHJMWljr N 
iuidinl eo»t), tnan* peonlUrtoEDiclmd 
•ail Nannaniljr. Iia on in ihU aaoac ia 
M old a> the twdttJ] Molui; at Itwt i aticl 
tke noektil deriTation of tb« Dane fwu 
Uw pattern U|ii)ii lb? table or Ibe cloth 
■liieb GuTcnd it, like CiUt of the Court of 
StHchamber from Ibe oniauiMil ot tbc 
wall* or ccDlng of the room, it, I guppoM. 
otrrcd. Il u pfotiabic lliat Ibia Jitimod 
af tlie iMr iaUi liiiUtM or olirrka inaf 

haia bet* Biafiil In nia limn (o aaiitt 
Ui* cUfli«,or"«liM^|«(>awo.*'in"chM<k- 
iBc" thcacroMati and naking tbctr oA- 
AUtiatu, like tbo eatemti, or fvfthh 
"ooaiiffn," Bhich ibi* wvrd niK|«sbi or 
tb« " reaJy r«ckoaer* " of moStm Atjt. 
SooM aaek aMtatanef m uai bare btea |mr- 
tinilarlj uwaaarjr vlicu rei^kuiuiifa hMl 
(o be made wllb nu oth«r aiiu for nani- 
brn Itnt the kttrn of tlic aJphaibcti be> 
fvra tbc inliMducliun of tin AraUo n*- 
nicnti*. It i> lemukable llial, in tbe 
obaeorv panap fron Danla lo wblob I 
hata retond, Um aeoMvli ar* jnirodMad 
nenlf to aucgnt (be ulea of r epeM c J 
n« ^igliiliterti f« cA«p^ haa (rvidcotlj 

Tb« »ub»taaiti*< autf* In Ibe mom of 
MwinntoB or oiiaal •*•■»« to be anotbar 
lovlance of a word deriTod tram two 
tavrtt*. ih« «emM of whlrh arf nokrl; 
allied, onil Imtc conxuttrnllj oat been 
dUtbigulabeJ. Tbcedj^h of nalti '* ibo 
ABclo-Saxoa auni, «|BnL Anotiicr foriu 
of ui* vorJ ia makt .• 

Ib IfiM mtm Mn llMl Id lui* a ntair. 

IChaanr. Maiinrlaa TataJ 

Tbo i>unl (naJ4 14 utcd in lb* ann* 
w-nat : 

Ton kn** at Mca no khk 
F<ir rM< ■>•'■ 4cit>r wbara }«i dam nsi teat. 


So Drydn iMi H H a nrb t 
nmaaMU la Ma Ram*, vlMM tiriqr rin 

Mosnla tttroncll ll« rkuDla and aaafta Ikt loAj 

III ihMe imitaucei M«:fe b uaed ai wepu- 
lalrtit til mule*. Bnt tbe mora proper 
anisic vt ih'T word mafr is that of eoni' 
|«niuD ) anil lJi« ktttrr* which focm ii are 
Ibn •inHi at tbo** in Ibo adjrcliTC and 
yrtb m*tt and fa hm/, (Die Stum km/m) 
Ibe GerBiwi ailfvtti wif, aail tbe Ondc 

To M(rf la naed bf Chaucer In tlie 
teoM of fa «crMN|p«^. Tlu CtMM'a 
jcotan iptalclnf of hla ntaUr aijra t 
Tv Bpnr beraiw aral I wWi tiUn ■wi( 
Rn pnij » for liMBil I jwq ielMe. 

A»d aaafc li forfonl from Ibia veib in 
tbo wnic wj aa iu niuiiraln<( Jeliaw u 
frobabl; dcritcil frvoi foU«K~ The tnic 
aeue of niaf* ii tlttfvroir e^mfwtif, not 
«f«iai. Tticdislinrlioa of marcil MilnMM 
H ahcKn ill ifae rollonii^ line of 8|M!n*ar i 
Unnortliy itMtli tit •t»:b rtamwlal ■»>«. 

So MUton in bb wnMt to tlw Nlglit. 
lagale t 

WlHtlM* Um Maw or Ia*« mU ibe* hl»m«). 
Van Ihtn I lam, an< orilHtt tnbi a« I. 

I^ii prajior aenae of M»f* ta rctaliwd in 

A Imjfbld InmediMo ori|iii — one fnm tb« 
ektet or attack in the ftnt ot chert, tlio 
othtr ttom the rik(«iHa|i, ur corrctrtlog bjr 
nuaaa of clicckK, of arcounta In tbc cz* 
cbci|Mr. 'n.u ia aootlirr Itwtanci: of ilie 
|ieculUrit; ubwrtcd above. Tbo wati 
uallp* lb« two IiImj uf atlockiui, and 
banc* of auildcnljr itupplng, and of oor- 
rMtint or Bndlaehult: aaJ it ianotaaif 
lo mnatcnan to iMMiuiDe which idea prv- 
Taila. TabotbelMloiringiiittaiicrt ontof 

C^JMani llks a tniKlmwi. >U k*i belli obMnod. 
IM In a now » aofc, Inmea mtt omnM hy rMs. 

CJunvaOaMT, Alt fV. to. I,) 
Nut Urn* I'll kMp M7 4mmt nato njwll; 
And OM ta MwtaiL 

(ikwi TJ. n. u. Act I. w. 1^ 


Corfg$p&>utmee ofSytvanw Urhan. 


dl the vord* Uvritcd rnwi it ia i>rdJni»rj 
Hac, a ww maff, thipiaatt. helpmstr, irlisc-li 
OMf bo GUmparcJ: wiUi ihr Gprman .IW 
billmr, iWifirlirltt, /rffofc-biirgFr, JHl«w^- 

I( IJ obwrvihle tlitl {ii th« iiuugc 
la Q«ne«lt. ii. I» uxl 2D. '* I wUI mal:^ 
liim au helu tnert for hSm," it w^uld 
■ppear u if ttie traoBlitur U»(t silnplfd 

altered vtn romi, in acrcordinrv pntiipt 
with hU M<Mi of iia et^(iloE,T, In auit 
licittr the piiiiio«! »f ihe tniiiilalloa. 
Luttipr'* tniii>intioti hu aimplv, ci Di^ I 
OebUlfitin. In tlir nrijnnal IMki* it Vj 
"ahi'IjiiT ■■ before him," uid Ji U tB , 
givctt in tlii^ amrjiti tif aur (raaililiitil. 
In the VuliilR ilirw"rfl;i mmA an aHjidv- 
Tium rimitt ti. 

Youri, ftc. P. M. N. 

Okakdk'ii M«im:ii im 1688. 

Mil OaBAK.— Prequftnt. hut inellcc- Hoc »en, nHnnCitn*] gn l 

tua), hare been llir reinoiut rantci njiln^n- Oniietjniim WTtitim [k*]g«ai 

ed. ihraach j-our p*gr». to mtumheiiU. AneH* re««iilt ma* «[«(fcij 

arthJtecte. ami cli ureb-nKtcnji on their <h«nifo mm imi ii 

nokleai ■1«triioKon of i.fpulchnil monu. Mtlii[.rjni.m.Krel 

mnita. Er(n in the t«j county to irhich 

1 iiD tbuut to nllude t tnuit glaring in- A rttmat* to tli* Pariiti lUfbter Atnn 

■Unce of recent wkoI.ui oulngf wu ilir. thK Ml-. HitI <•*« butUit on Ih* 2«Ili nl 

t«etrd mid deUilrd by yon in your " Not» Jnl)', 1 717. We alio Kad All clittj of Ili4 

lot the Moatb" of \fjril in the lut Tear, ciiarriacc of bUeldrfldAiiKliltranil ctriirtr, 

Miwpecteda nuritl dab to one ot the EliinlicUi, (hf^i df Neit Sftraai, toTbonU 

■BCtel fttnlK oF ZoDche at I'itton, nMr I^m of I,inci<In'> Inn, B»|Dire,«n Jknii*r]f 

S«ll«bar7. LatDb^thwaa Blsont ih* name the I3ih, ir.i)(V-l ; mvl tht'\t repre»tnt»- 

timn alluded to in eviili-iiL-i onie fmitiirtlc t\nU. I iim tnfonnivl. lhnRe». JohnW.T. 

nplcili of ihe»e arcliitett* itid llirir null- l.ur, of Wlt1ij<;oiiil>n RjWkIi. in ttiL'(?i>iinIf 

llnric*. In the prewm Itiatance 1 liavr of Dorm. Tlirre li nn nntlceof IhL-crrnt 

the nioTf pindac taik of nnrrniius the ofliii* I'llnci'^fuiitin il>c [*aruh RccUu^r. 

dlteo'cr^ and renoolion of ■ tomh in lh« iitttber don any tradition renaaio anioa|tt 

dbnfehyard at Cholrfcrtoii. rrmtrtidhlo xa tlie inUibitinU. 

■veBrdiitB the n-MjiCion by the dftceaied, It may here b«^ p«nniti«d. wiiti grttt 

Ikfa tbii *quirv of the |ii)rl«h, of Itia defcn-jien to the diitmituiilied hitlorlBH 

■ Rreal DeliTcrer" on htsoilsslor of cliil vhoae ounitiR volume* we are iU w ani* 

and ntiiiiniiii liberty in Krftfl. ioiikly lookinn fnr. In nlfrr a fen rrnurkt 

Tlie ilab in queBlimi "m i" » mo.l ilih- on ifcc march tf the I'rmr*, iU coaa«ctio4 

Si4*tc4 •tits, hot the in"iTri[iliini «« with SUjneben|;i-. and llie reciird on tU 

Kfphtnd, tjinagh rAt\\ mtiiRli Irnnblr, by nbove-TApntioncil tombtlonr. Mr. Mne<* Rev.JftmpaFrMpr. «Iid aulay, apiiarenily referring to " Whittle'! 

look a {>raL»«oTlhy InUmt In tlio mailer. Exact Diary" of tin- Kiiicdtllod. Intro* 

There mm. in fact, Inacrlptlonsio throe diiL-ei Ibe epUode of \he rrgimciits hulling 

AR^renC numbcn at tbr family ai foltow), in aucrtuiiin (n gxtt on ihc " m)#tcr)««t 

Ike la«l bcinc the one morn dlrtctlt ■!• ruin" u h«T>n( lakrn [ilacn oii liie ait 

lodcd to. Tht lotier* In hractoi ntte ranm apon Sallibar* ttam the wertwtf. 

b«raret(OT«d by cm^eotwe; Now it iic1ef>rf»i>mWhittlr*«aeeauiit (M 

__., . ,, , naaaebapliiililudii- nrmy) thut thePrinEtf 

lUl rauTtacanu oic Boat aiJauOuiii ., ^, . ,, _,, __.,_ ii 

lini,r«t_,h«,tap«iJu4.llfe ^li" •=<'''"'>7- "r-' "• Wi..<*nton. thei.«! 

iEialU in* ». ^T Himlon, llinl"o, and Wilton, and Mo- 

Mqurntly til tlir nanrciil point hill eif[1it 

'.'. .. isliMiIae toutb Qf.Stanrhdnnr. Bitl Mr. 

W1ilttlefnb*eiinrDt1y tell) III that "niter 

•oiUQ Bl«y here." t1>, at StliidiUTy, "the 

ra(>w««in«»Ell.«ht0..u«»f .... PjI,^ „nt ,y Amotburji" Old (Aeu 

iMIbHlIIUar. Inii*t«Mi folluw. the .lory of th« hsEt to vir »■ the 

nMinUhilib. Qw oM«41o .... (am-nw UniiJ rirele.durOoii.niiipd by «nin« 

^*"^^ "^fi fanclftjl tbforip* u u. il. origin and ob- 

V,^T-it^.li.i-TwnU. J'«- ChMd«rtoni. .ha«l feur or fi« 

Orrw <«« k«t , .vlrittt. alM pWlt ">!'« '^'" '"« o^Ani^hury. From Amw- 

BMlontuloJacM bury the army and it« Kre»l chief adTaneed 

ioMUifli IIUI Arfullpr l« Uiuigorford : »nd hew WbltUe r«- 

Bx aoUiiiBi «itrv*1 tB conU an iBddect bttfiof a doae rearat- 


O nrrmftt i tMt* ^S^fmm fMmm. 


bboM to Ika Mia M Mr. BIB'S I 

" To pntMd." ta m;^ " At uw »d«cd 

MM. wb0 rait frut AwotafT «■*» ■ 
«an[ri> fwtlf in'* ktaM *atr rwllhf- 
bMHW." TIm «m mmw «i|M wOtt 4h 
Donh of 0«yHU«, nd M Ui dinr* 

atatts tbat he wrimd od dw 61I1 of De- 

bcnotltne w »a? tJ to litt leia te . the 
woMrt aaA ea ri w ant of tkc Danelb 

Mm ik« IRk. tW teurritf«s *V ^^ 

itt MRh M Loadoa br Ihi oU Btfk raU 
dinMth Nevbwy Md Bcadng. 

Toara, Ac L> 

Tki Po»T K» ir» or RftLru TaOKKtar ras Avtisiijuit. 

Mb. VmsAMf — U jvm Mannoa f«r 
yiTMttf «M M tMNln br T. M. for 
Ike KM wJM— JMHaftofclkwwfcy 
•Ok Mtfa|HiT. I ladiM, ho««<w, ts 
Ifclok aa< V Hcfe^ponlmm M« In 
Ubnrfi iCrfler«DtB tfce i i i iA 1 Imw 
bi Aa flvWlT to nke ba k» WlhMU 
■yMftrtSM*. It la fa> be faintMi that 
Drintakcr, ia kte Sftd cMm cf ite 
•• DmMh," 1SI6, dd Ml C0M1BM th« 
TtWMby pedifTM. ifcan taafflad, dtwa 
■B ya mn tlae. aarf wtodb «o«U ban 
ilaaiiil awaj al pnant dAoltT. U Ua 
■iBlr <f norahr, fftfnd to Aat 
*Mk, W Hja I •• or tM «MMfw bom U 
OTT M^ tfaM «Iv iBnlMad tbair ItalfeM. 
Eaiffc aid BifbaiJ iha no aaaa. vera 
danran. Ihc CM adaalcd al Qocca'i 
CdttKb. iba aacmi at CaUianoc VbU, 
CaoM^, mi both pncMtol by tbe 
IkiTrT-i 6( Bitkop Gibaon, lor tkor 
faThif'i ■wtary, to fpecttbie kn«li(aa. 
Oa (Uar bttef Madar at Staka Ncwkw- 
MB. nd tkc joofcr of 8l CMkaate^, 
ColaMaa SotM." 

Proa the pcdifrre ii a pp ww tbe <ld«r. 
RalBk. died H Stoke Ne«iD(too M Ap^ 
l7«3,M/kao(iamr.- tkayvnpr, Bichard. 
dMd i;;«, kot vkm ia sot abtcd. He, 
it aeoM, had, baUa a daoKktrr. t«a 
aou^ one ol vbgn died ia tkr " Black 
gU*" ofCakWH.ITM. Nowitiin- 
ttvmeij dovbtAd if maj dnecadwu of 
tkeaa two MB* lut Meittioiuid b« linng, 
and a«M if ta Uw MvaaHpttaa ■■ Ibcf 
hoTC aaak lato okaevi^. WkUa 1 an 
faibrriac t«itHkn tbaac framnb, hn- 
pnftct aod iBcoodiiMTc aa tkef nar be, 
tliDm nt to suiiaBllukt IkanitaaMdkt 
■ Lctdi of Ihc B^ vT Sottla, BattTMlI} 
■kaeeaded fratt a oiece of Ike ■BtiqiurT'. 
B«l, to (kw tbe iaoefrp u (o miUen 
of penooal geee J ofy shea oibo tad 
More praaainf tma <Bpo« tke ommI, be 
eaaiMC tell the vaidea aaae of tkia airar, 
tkfNi^ Ua gnaC-SfBodnotbct I tbertf«n 
«c era Idl ia Ike dark >■ to wbetber the 
waa Ike daaghtcrof tbe aali^tiafy'i btotker 
rwiMib. wko (ky 3Urj. daa^tar of 
Ckarica SMigc:. aq. Tik a»a of ikoMU 
Earf of Ritera) had two daachtan, Elba. 
bclk Bad MitT, at nf hb lUtar AUcul. 
•rko, b; RMii'.rJ Ub. M.A. Vkar af 
9«Mh IMion, had tkne dansbien. All 

Ikat can k« tOd *l>k OKlaietj k, (hal ^ 
BMrtad a JwMdak Wkkahea. olatk. 
driMr to Ua^ aad TkoMbv. ta hli 
Dtaaj. adtMd bj Ika Bot. ioanh UaaWr. 
IramntlT MMka af Ua aiaca Wrkilwa. 
naj hJ Achari Nldbohon, a miSkr, 
»kaa« da««hlM ESaabrtk BarrM Jaaaa 
Satfa, bikar of Ika waaaat V. K. Sattk, 
Hddkr. Ha kM aa ori^aal i^ttac ^ 
tfca aatkiaMj. arhkh no Iom ■adwad 
to tke ■orkakeo of Jtrrialik ^^go^ia^. 
It b lakea b tke aUcmaBk dm* ef ikat 


B*Mm «w Mlkor'a btBMik ef tbe 
«Hdlf IkaM aw Ihri wUak WkMakcr. wUk 
^aod raMoa. aaypoaad t* ka aOed to ib I 
aBada ta tkat aqM by Uw. tnm Om 
pkce of Ita naidaaM, the CM Lrno 
mock, tk* aa i bera of «bkk frntxatiy 
arvic tkair name after it* aocicnt aatko- 
(npkr TkHsbr. Dr. Wbitaker, lAo- 
fl*{tif • prtleoUr wlea of ike bead* of 
tka bally, aaya : " Tke aawe {otKpd^g 
Ikatttkaa keen eopaAad* into aaeibar 
h^&f by baMiaa) b naar radaced h a 
ria^k tadlTKliuI. nilkoal baoc, and bb> 
^liiiid." He peraaobereipokcBof «H 
tk«Ut« M- frfcaTkinkj. a»rr.haatM 
l.#/di. and Ike laal of tke Call Lua 
braocb, aba. dflac aHhaat baec. Wt bf 
wUI, dated 11 Apnl. IMO. aod pnmd al 
York, IS Jane. I^«. tke vbokof kb 
Crt»lc ts kb oepbev, ike Bar. Kofaoft 
No>dl Wbitaker. Vkw of N(%aUe7. aoa 
•r Um kbmriaa et VhOkf, Ci«tm, Abo- 
dale. bmI BkhMMdahfee, wko kad nac. 
Joke and Ijkj mn tite ckOdwn of 
Tbouaa flanhy, len of TboaHS. baac. 
Ife^.MBorilMMU of CaU Laaoiban. 
*t>oai le^. and faaaatd l» be tka riuL 
(Uld of Pkal -nienakr, Aldnua of 
Leeds, aoa of Geom of Wcet Cotttm. 
with, CO. Yorit. by kia Mcawf MarTla^^. 
ikc aaiiquarT b«iiit dcBceadtd fton iti» 
JtrH muiiafK, 

TU miwt app<an new ijaite ullMt ta 
ihi) Ddgkkauriw«di(h«aKktii*Dtr«clary 
or Ika un of LMd^ of the year IWI, w 
• Fnoaa -nwtMby. «ybd •' ntofaU-," 

■ Dr. WUtaktr'a ddot ne. akon he 
naaaed Tkoww Thoproby, Ukd by ■ fall 
rran hii bona in ISI7. 




Correitfioniffncf qfSi/Ieanus rfrlan. 


doabtlcM^rMmediMtntitiif hodj, though 
of wlui dmrnnlnatioo It 1« difficult to uj. 

lUrertJn; ta trar aBtiquBrr, l)r- VThi- 
Ukpr In lili ni#moLr ttjrt, " He «u In- 
tftred with hii auteiivn. in Ibe choir of 
ibe Mriili cliurcli. cIok w the eiilumn 
trUcfaMp&nlotlliucLuucd (riini thi^uartli 
IraOMpI, inil hni now Iniit a tvntarj nilh- 
Ont taj cni>iui>ri»l from the piety of hia 
frientli, or ibe gratitude of hU toniMmm." 

(.'tL^M theniupicciuf thnpretcnt ciecl- 
l«nt Vimr of Lceda. I}ic Itr*. Dr. tiaok. 
to whojc tiitriiira \hr. cuatr. of thr Chmch 
of England in Lccitt i> »d niucli InJebtciI, 
thepuUlicharcltbu bcca catirclj nbiiili. 

the archiLeclun nad |[«nenl ■irancenieiiti 
bnng v«r} dlll«ro(it to what tbef ««!« in 
the old fobrie i aad I am happ* to <ay. 
that iliB (irigtace ipokeu of l>f wljitakec 
now no luoser eibtt^ ■ aeiit muni iiionu- 
menl, nitli an app[i>|iriatD Ltu>i:[l|>tiaa, 
liaviu|[ bceu plauad Id the soutli-caol of 
tht clioii', 

^boulil Ikifl eommuniiMitioii be th* 
niHu* of cbUinliig inor« inform ntlo a. it 
niU iftord much jileuure to. 

Viiiin. ftc. C. J. Akmiktbad. 

Syritigfittd Mauitif LttJti 
10 Jan. 1H&3. 

Pamii-y KNOiSTxft or the WiDDxiKcrnitx. 

Bdimbtirgh, Jan. 8, [8U. 

Mr. L'riiji.n. — 111 the GrnllrmBn'* Mn- 
(ttioe fur Jaly l!4D2, ihcrrit n Icllr^rfrnim 
• t^rmpoDOeat contniiiinK tbe foUowInc 
obirrTatioQi, "Aiiiu*inj( nijiclf in col- 
lating the ihittered rewtiiui of the Wid- 
(Irlngtoiu, itrecked in Ibe unrurtitniti! 
caine of Ihe Stuarti. allnw tne In t»k whut 
dUlanl bmiidiei jct uiat of ihni nncn 
aplimliil and nohln family:" • • • • • 
'~i ibould ilcciti nytclf liit[Uly obligcil 
with •nvaeeavnt oflbe tollitec.U1iriiiii.'heH 
(Sgned) N. N." At ^a^ 7tl4 of Ihn 
Hme vnluinn tome riplinatjaii* arc piicn 
by another corrniiflnilrnl " M. M." in 
■Mtrcr to the ^lucnrs of N. N. rf^nntin^ 
Ibc Uft LonI Widdrington, hU widow, &c. 

I hare DOW Ifiog bEforc inc'a Chnrch 
ef Eneluid Prayer Bwlc, Jat«<l KIK-I.or 
tberaaooBla (part of thn date !■ rlr-fr^liTn), 
CDUainliiE s mimhsr nf enlrira of mar' 
riagM nd births of a funilj nf Widdrlng. 
too In ibe county of Noribuniherlnnil, 
Tbe Tolume bdonea to a lineal dcvccndniii 
of diB famlty. Kid Uaa never been put «f 
(heir jMMeialon. Tlcy weat (a Irebinil 
•arljr m th« bat Mntnry, •rlirrc they in- 
taraarrled with Lcot, MnllctJ', and otlier 
napttCable famllie*. 

" Ralph Wilbcrinfton wai mnrlcd to 
Mary Snilh the IStli day nf Noutmbcr, in 
th« f ear of our lj»rd nl-t, at aeaicn n 
elock In lh« moniing, SoudAy. 

BU>. Wllheringtiii waabnrnfl the 1-llh 
day of Icneruarey, of a SiuiiUy. beTtccen 
& and U a clock at uight, m the year of 
our Lonl t'O'i-3. 

UMMrWithciiliglonwaa borne the I till 
'day of Marvlii oo a Tliandsj, hctuMO 
3 and 1 a slock In the afttmaone, In tho 
year of oar Lord 1108. 

Robert Withe riiigton waa butv llie Yltt 
day of April, id the year of our Lonl 
Ood ITU. 

MniT WUlteriotton «w boron (he 33d 
day of July, a* 11 a cloek of a Pryday 
nlgbt, in the yew of onr Lord i;<l H. 

Dvbry (D«bonh^) Widdrlngton «u 

Ann Witherlneton wai borne tbe i;tli 
day of Jtncuart}', at ll a clach In ihn 
morninit, in the y^r of our Lord 1TI7. 

Joiepli Witherington wu boriwllie l.llh 
day of March, of a Thuntdny morning, at 
7 n dock, in tbe year of oar i^ird 1719. 

l^ntph ^'iddrinKlun bom ye 'Hi day of 
Feb. on yc Frydai, at H n clock In yc 
moiDiiiK, in year 1T34. 

I'raiicia UUlJria^tan vu homo tbe 'J 
day of April, at 4 a cEoek in the Sunday 
muniinf. in the jm of our Lord 1*21. 

DebraWitldringtonimt bom the neoond 
day of Nourmbur, a a t , . [leaf torn] in 
the jcAr 172.1, nflernoooc^ at 2 a clock. 

Abigail U*i(ldrin|[toa waa borne tlie 
19 dftj of Noucmbr, 11 . . [leaf t.irn] on 
a Salerdty, in the aheTOoon, at 2. 

.lohn Widdrington. bom Iho 22dday of 
lenunry, IT . . [leaf torn] at ten ■ r.hick 
at night, nn a Miinday." 

On auolhcr blank leaf of tbe hook thv 
two foUoB-iun bifthi occur, |>robatrly chil- 
dren of the anme Dumeroui (nniily. 

(lay of Alatch, between nine and ten a clock 
in tbe niomioE, in the year of nor I>onl 
Hod ITIU. 

Fcnwick WiddiioKton was borne the 
i:tth dny ai Fehmary. ut tiic a clock of a 
Tliitiday morning, in Iho year of our Lord 

The rDllonini entry orldenlly applies CO 
n new Kciiciation : 

" Rotnh Wlildrington wai born ye 13th 
day of loDnary> between eight and nine 
a elook En llic morning, grtnton Co RiJpli 
(171*9) WiJdrliiglon, and ion to HerTJ 

In other partii of the IVajer Dook the 
Ralph Wldifrlnglnn fiml abate iijcniioncd 
U Btylrd " Ralpli WiJdriiigLDii a{ Hauiley, 
in the pariib gf Warijuuth, county of 
NortbomlMirlniid.'' And (h*> follawlB^ 
entry alaoappeara ander the lUleof 17" 

■,m: ^1 


iVoUi a/Uie .VmitA. 


"Heary Widitrir«ton. in HtrtKKite Hi 
BnriaM. in jr* oouoljr of NortbDnbriud. 
la it paritfa of WlitltniKluin." \ftcr lUs 
AUiiw MtK <rar4*, utilcb from the pecn- 
Uiritj «f Ike luaJaritiiiK H b estrewelr 
^ficult t« dMiphrr. The fallovi^ M 
nIbiT « fqen at «lut the wriKsf naj bf 
IhMi k cot>]F of "4ai it i(— " Dm tI(IIc< 
labocn beali." 

On inqalrx noM 0/ the *bo*a enlrica 
wc la bo tomA !■ the Mrodilal ra|latmt 
of clber (he paririi of Wariitrartli or ef 

U wobM be toy aMIfiof if tof oT ^ar 
enmapoKdeoU MuM |iTC iiAinttadiiii n. 
ntdinc tbe tbovo penotu, or any af Ifaen. 
Tlw TCTf caHy faoiiT ia iIm ■ninlag «f Uia 
warriagt iu ITOA i> nwltabk. CobM 
Mk f*mU]r ltB*« >•««• Ranu Cachalie*, 
u4 u obb^ to h«Te tb« nrfBKMf par- 
fMn«4 It 10 unomal « One ! "Mm tap. 

pOiftiiM nl|lit alM Mtaoni Tor now of 
dw naiiiBa appeariag in the iiiritli nt^t* 
m* : bat. oa the otlin- haai. we bul Ike 
wliaie wrtlJBc in a Clianfa at Bi^laiid 
Px*rt' Book. 

By tbe aaj, whkt wai tke bbHo or 
tnottOM ued bv the WUdfln^M ■ Tltdr 
■rnia are w«H nown : Ar^nit ani gvlea. 
■ brad ublp -. Cml. a (lall'i hnd : btU I ^ 

■boT< irardi, impoecd to be Lilia, aad 
MMmI «I at I ban ■Irra'tT wHtt^n tb«^, 
nan Mf u a wn ee t laa with ibe motto > 
Tlun vordi, aa I ktra aat tb«tii Jowa. 
*<oa1d Mpport tha ikeon of iht fkaiily 
being RttDUD CalkoUca. Indeeil thii *iip- 
fiMllhNi muinlf f^natml the rudiii^ oi 

tb* vonb, vliich, ■•■ hnno alrradj dttad, 

froia tke natoiv of ths lundiiticig, it U 
ron UBeult la makt oat. 

Tmn. &o. L. Ia 




TKe CItr at Lflnda Utawr-CNy M tJtndM biMIMlM-UMavT taaUaUm nl Hm^on- 
H»l»ian fiiia— << - PtnW^ laOaia, laiajiMt—hlwllllt bnatiaw ttnaUj *tmlm i»J~Tlw OuDdla. 
9mim», iiul rkrker teMtta— AatHaWn cnlMnat H l>» CrpA^ l^dara Onvanr-I^qand 
SbBMof rMfTiu llBnB»-SIUBa«rtiBomsHTaeuED-3U.(4 J. J. gj II— ii-JMw of Aato- 
mttM Bul Worlo at An-r<fTtd Stall In J«l tM »nm~ av I 

"It li «ia nal pteanra" (•« ^aota 
ftom tiuAlkmnim) "that we Huovuca 
1 eoaaldenie awl pro|)er U4 now oa tbo 
en of B(iooaipll>biBnil br the rltltrni of 
Lotuloo. throufb tke kooJ maw of oat of 
Ibdr coauoittM. Maay of «iii mdtra 
*r« doubttow awuti tkat tliii grtal dtf 
poiaoMM a aioai mrloai lihntf nlUin^ 
ta LoaAon maiien,— that tt b aniMuUy 
liMtot 10 C* Mom.—aad Ihel (t U In poi- 
lewiod of ■ fanJ ftiltf idtvimtc to ibe ac- 
qaiallioo uf frrali carioiitipB. Rut how fmr 
M^c ■nn contiiltrd Ita ahplTFt, (>r,iDd«in}, 
bMt witbin IU wall«! IVi LlHran, lO 
Utile uMil fbr the MirpMad of naMuvA by 
ninary nea, hu Mialj attfact«d tha it- 
tenttoa of the prtaeni cbalnaia of the 
enainilllMT (Mr. WIIHan WiUluu); ead 
tkenevllkMbwo.tkttcardaof iilpdKitoa 
ka*« bean ical — or ralhct or* anw oa the 
era of bmf mm-— to rrrrf inittor *f die- 
dncttoD whaae habit* of trcearvti are at •)] 
llkfly to ivider tha ooUecchNi of bm to 
iilia. A new prtaiMl Celalocae of ikc Lt- 
braty will, la >oob ai complcltJ {n't it li 
nearij ready), aecotapany ertiy llckcl, — 
•e llMt aa anAbor taaj coiualt tbr rata. 
km* In hit awn nwna, and. on flndbf 
w£et he want*, wait on tbe LArarian with 
hb tlrkM. and mt at once what he wbhea 
towe, Thb(oodexani)ilerfioaIdlMMpleil 
by the aalboritice at OtfoH end it Cata- 

bfidgr, at Lanheth PaUta aad at SIob 

One uf iha ULmf< kutUatloina of the 
iHtrepolii. that railed TUt City tifLoiuhm 
tittermrr bim( Beitattfie l»ilil*titm. wklch 
waa located ia Aldertgatc Stmt, waa 
AuiUj (t)0M<l oil (ha ni«t of December, 
after lui esdienee of iweatj-tetm yeart. 
The meiEbcri have anhttrlbed tor a teali- 
aionUl to Mr. Geoife Stacy, who acted ae 
SecrrUty dBritm Ihr "bole wriod. 

A mriHitig liaa brea held ia BimlajT' 
*•■•, undrr pfwd auiptce*, "illi t ricw to 
the Mlabliibnent la that town of a ncw 
llterary and arteatUle aoolety. The at- 
tcHpt, howeter, b to revl*« rather than to 
ortaie. la the city of Prietlleyud Walt, 
fionhon and &ulcrTillF,lilrruy and leicn- 
Uia inatltuliooi fccm tu bar* Iml a ifaoet 
kaaeoflUr. IliPtiloflophkal Inalitnlioa 
bat Jatt diNi a natatsl itvalh. Tlie Me- 
tbtnk'l' liutilulB u vitinrL Tbft Pnly- 
ttdiaic tiiiguithn for want of au ppoei. 
Of tbe SocUl Union and uf Ibe Aniiana' 
Ukiary, orpiaitatiaM of which tbe wtiiid 
luard Biaeha frn' yean afo, we now hear 
nolbiBg. Ctvo the I\blie Ncwt-ioora 
ipiMitrt to be In the bat throM ofclitt^ 
MM«. But thii gnteni detay of ri*al ao- 
dttint, while it clean the froaad lor a 
new evpcriment, la tpl by the tery (kct of 
that deartncc to ditcoarace thotr who look 


Notfs of tit MoHtA. 


M Inm a dMUM U ta the vltinMte mc- 
«rM o( cran tbo BO*l •wgnlliixiiily an- 
Doanonl affcrW— unlew lomcifaiug mute 
Jitwi TBlMiterT KOO*I-">1I buMoored tu the 
r an JrrtaVtng in tin- lint iiutanEe. It is 
fniftmti to (rvcl •ii4civui t)iiililin£9, nt ■ 
«Mt «f 111,000/. TU ttmcture b to ton- 
taia iliTM iDUMiuna: tlte tint d«TotcJ to » 
BoliMdoo (rf iimI) nw naretUb u tupiiljr 
t)i« tuple IndoMrlts of llw Una aad 
■elgUwvrliood, iucludiuB geolt^icil and 
aiaeraluslual npeciiucna i tbe tcoHiJ tu 
.•rtMl«iio«i«rvitag«*ail rsitclj of manu- 
' ftatmn, not onir of lU* tiai« uiJ i^uuatrjt, 
bnl. to Ikr M liiof mjr b« pracurattle. of 
■U afBi oflit tU Lin(I« : ouil Uie llur4 to a 
laff c c«lin:lti>u u[ uBcbiuur and inoiiela. 
Ko olLcr fraluru of tlin tcbcine cuiupriae 
• cbcBiiua) latunlury lot Icclurci anil 
«laMc« -, A cvulnJ lull Tui locltitvs vn 
(•aval vubiMM i Dlus-rounm ; ■ re»diiig 
; TDom with a idendno ciid gviieiul libraiT 
' pt wftf WCC 1 atiit. M ail eulianid to all 
I (be ieputawnct, h Ursc ball, aitaptcil for 
ILc rawpUffu «( w:ulpliuo or utbrr work* 
9f arl, to bccontc hvrcaflcr ■ iiuctiq* lor 
a oaUie galUry. Asnltifr dcpftrtiD«nt 
will bo<lwot«(l to mining recurJi. tbowlnf 
tlxi dlintnaloua aiul |iD«tlloii of strata In 
the dllterrni iu)ni:tal woikliigt of tbt dii- 
tiicl. Tlic nbobi of the ckiKDMa aK ««• 
|»Nlol uol to i-iiccd 20,0OM. SliouM the 
jBoney tiot tic ru>«>l ''f aiijic-tt tovoluutsr]' 
lAA, it it projiotail to mnkc a|i|iltcatioii ta 
ttc cniiEiicijial bcitly. andor the PubUi; \A- 
br*ric<i Act, for at«ialai>ca to conijilctc 
tbo MOrk.^/lfArNtiin. 

On tlic Gtli Joti. u Iioaiiuct la eonacC' 
boo vilh Itc lit«(ar]r atxl ailUlic intlilu- 
tiont of Bimiliyhaiu tnok place Id the 
■wetabl^ rooRic of Doc'i HolcL It urigl- 
Mlcd in a combinvd mDVciDoiil un the 

Sirt of til* Soeietj of Arliati. ilic Fine 
rti rri» PnnJ AaaociaUon, and liic 
Sooctj of Alt* and ScLoqI of Ucucii, 
Inviiatioit) ««« aeoi to a number of tlie 
pMat eatineBt literary mtn of Iba daj. and 
a nariofu nieetias «ai lieUI in Ibe roaua 
flf tbe Sooeljr of Ailiali for tlic purpoae 
«f prtaoiuns Mr, f. DiuVcii«,an ihopatt 
of a nsnibcr nf hia admirvm in Oirnung* 
baip , *itb a JiaLuond rin^ antt mIw, both 
■rttdM ar Uinningban nnufaotnrc, in 
iMlitaoar, acoording to Iba lueriftion on 
tlia nlrcr, "of ibrir apiKedatkin of hla 
(aiird Ulcrar; ai'iiiiirciiinila, and of ttic 
ivnial pbileauplif aiiJ liigU moral IcackInK 
yUdt ckancttriM !>(• vriticp." Tlie 
«al*«r furia«d one of >h<i ipaeimcna of 
filnnis|bani Btiiiifactiin* ii-ni to the Gre^ 
Elbibilion bj Ueun. Elkiajiion and L'«. 
•ail ctuhrao:! a wriea nf hoauCiful rc|>rc> 
•entatigu taken frvm the Iliad. Two 
bandrc^ lictitlccnen ut down to diancf ; 
tlic clMir«u occupied by Alt. 11. Hawkea, 

ILc Major of Bimiugluni, and tbadnliM 
of Tioc-prtaidnnl were dUchat^d by Mr. 
P. Haltina. Among the ooin)iiDf prwaDt 
wne Sir C. L. EattlUe, the Prctideat. 
aud arvcral otbcr aoeinhcra of the Rofnl 
Actiitf ir>T. 

Tl>c HiUioH Prist al CamWids* bM 
bMO adjudgted to Mr. W. Jay Bolton, cf 
Cniui Col1i-|c. luhjcet "The IC*id«Maa 
ofUihatianilj.airxhibilvil in t]isWritin|{« 
of ita Apolociatu tliiian La AujioRtiiu! ex- 
cluaiielj,'' — The lulijrel for the ptise for 
the Dcit jcai it, " Tiic I'lMilion and llla- 
tury of llic U1iri»liaD lliaba|ia, anil rijie- 
cibUy of the Uisbop of K<)me,dui'iD|; the 
irU three CeoKiriu." The Kev. M. U. 
Cotrie, of 8l. John*! UoUpge. h»» been 
oteclrd Hulacaa licvlurcr lor \6yX 

The late MrTbonnn* PhiIhpa,o( Itrvn*- 
••ick'»qviare, ha> lcf\ bj betjuott a auin of 
about (iUOUf. for tbrpurpoaeoffwadinga 
pro fcuuc alii p uf the phyaical (cteni:«4 in 
SI. Dmiifi OiUtt*. Lvmptlrr. Frooi a 
L-ontUlcrabh iLUuibcr of caiididilci, the 
priiinipal and pniCnaara ban rlcclcd to 
tii« olico tb« lUn. JoMpb Uatthcwi, M.A. 
of St. Joha'a CoH««e, Carabridc*. With 
th(a haodioine ImoMt Mr. Phillip* doMd 
a ttrlca of mwUloeot donaiiona. «hidli 
for leTcral yon bate tdbacd bl* Intcrcat 
In the iMl1t«ta of the iiitncipalilj. To 
hU (cnvraaitr it baa bct:a indebted furtbc 
riilargioieitt oftiit tlic aiidilioB 
of more than 22,0()U voluinra, inelading 
aieonif thtm manv wnrkti (if cofttj price 
and blab lilerarjr valur. A fea joari bc« 
fore bit deatii b« alto conicjcil to St> 
Daiid'a Colkft, by dctil of cifl, the nun 
of 4,UUtl'. tu foii»d tix toholanliipa, for 
tiM bcucfil of native* of Wnlet and Uon> 

Th« Atademy of Hiriracn of l*tria baa 
diiidol the ijlando AitTunomiul priae 
bctrecn Mr. Illndof London, M.dnOaa- 
parii of Naplei, M. Lelltcr vf Blick »«M 
Uuwoldorff, U. ChacornM of MarMlIlM, 
and M. GuUMhuidl of ?arta, all of »hon, 
by Itie difcovery of neat planeta, inn <a< 
titled to il. The btaliiUca] priio wm 
granted to M. Horaoc Say. for his lahtme 
of induitrial tlatutica en Pari*, ami thai 
of BiponinenUl Itiilovophy iraa •iiiliiod 

between Mr. Bridn, an ^igllth phyvieUOt 
and ProfeiKtr WaiWr of Boon, for tnUlaw 
on Uie netioua lyatcra. 

The lui]«rial Ataikmy of Sclrocct of 
St. Pttcrbuivh baa elated il>e &W «^ 
itetM, Prsn£ail of the Royal Society of 
Landed, on honorary membcf — in conii- 
licriiioii. *t it ia atated. of hia liigb iiden* 
tiAc n>:qiiirrincat<, anil of Ilie imiiortant 
Kcnicea nhldi he baa rcndcrtd lu aaCn»- 

The UntTcnitj of UAttingta, throui^ 
tbe medinn of tbe duralier Bunaen, hai 


iVvfM •ftAw M^mA. 


>ornMiDrofnaiMP|>kT.<"'oMi^ v^^ 

nu^ the hm kiM mM Ib of tobtrnttm Jwara^i 

kj. !■ CMwi- «f hkttac ■ tWfM B twin to tbc *hak 

orkfahvlillMinwrTWk Mr. otikBiAamta paUhked by Uw SocWci- 

tMhfc ^h» w fcnwrt? • nwlwl »f TfcrCwMwfl h«w ;hbi |HBilTAKc»h«l 

«i« ?lM l n iiiPi»wto.W r M m'M ii ' w tw w«t »a l*a«. wJ Ifa I rt mill- 

UwdrhyMMMmiwINmfTeMM. liM far tUs 0*^ U-) iko«U te mU^ 

WMm taTWTtaMi. which law kMS affl sMaihm «to rnife fcr h •■ (ha imc 

iHptT rtff^Hil ki lUi rowtr; imI tiw widi UW ntwr^tfte far ite wv. 
AwrU ta « oObrtvl fcn*. TW Oy^tf Pahw Oi^mj hw afc. 

V« m h^nt «• MIlhM TV CtaaAa udwd fro* G«* 
■ci*, «fcM* Mrta M lb* 

r««M U*« Wi^ fhM Bcjryt te . 


■M%lMMlHh an afeMi i«»i*ii»«y r^n'* Kkr. »« to «nHt k fa iWr 

l.TW II mi E*Tfw«f J«to W »atk. Ukab»«Mt^fcrctaMcfK. 

fiitiil «ht awiB^w •( E4««r4 I. mmi f«m, (ha cjTpl ncntfr ww j M He. 

*• -riMM Hon Mi 1Wm» •! Im. nrt'a Hall ia LmJm Im fan adUr 

«^^lM»J.fcw«htnn^liiiiii lrtnto|in^M< 

Ww^^rtirtt.lWIIiMitodlLi md KlMvmfcHi 

lUI4*Mialia.h IW 

HSa. W *> teH r»tm OAm I &. 

I« WH i l i le A* 

to met BMiMh *- ■■■ rf 


Mi$cellaneo\is Jtecinex, 


on the ZMDec. WW ()otSl)an iBi|ia1>- 
lUbcd philMO|ibicalwi>rk b^ Jmi JacquM 
RoiuKaa, wntten faf bin) on the aBuiiiu 
of Ihs third and foarlh lolmggMof bu oirn 
C0|i7 of the RrU t^Hioa of bii Bmiie. It 
i* nU Ihat RonuMii oom|iMed n -mack 
■imiUr to ibii •liidni bU ratideiicv in 
EoKtinil. and ibil Iir ofUnnnli ileiirajrod 
it I AiL Lot 7. > MS. of A.riur de Brn- 
tafDc: ((wc. xiii) WM told for i-)/. 

Tl» MtUertioa ot paiulings, lironteii, 
gmklB, Stc. oT the Utir M. Chnnipian, 
Hie |>UlHHltro|ii>t, obo >m gt^n<nlljr 
known hj Ihc namo of If Pittl Ma^ftcm 
W*", Im> jiuL bnn wld by aui?lioii it tfie 
HAl«i doi Jc{inRur>. kt DnisKli. Tbc 
|Mfnliiigt did agt brinj bljli [iHcra, nl- 
Ikaagh lb«r« vcm ■eranil of T<'iiim aiiJ 
Mber nMmled artl«b. Thr ritnni>t of 
coriCMltlM and oX^tri* uf nti, 23.^ in ituoi. 
bcf, «ail mrin^ o( iheni rrry mrr, Pidtid 

ET«l oamtietitiDii. A marble butt uf n 
Diah, Mid to be by lloudon, was lold 
Ibc 4,IKMtr. i nnolbrr maiblc biiit, fur 
I.OIOr.i a niirbiB ;roup, l,3IOf,; ^d two 
flinallGr ba*t*, l.g&M. Two hu<U, In 
broitir, of Tureiiiie and Condi', wi-rc Hold 
for rinr.; aOOmc in brontc, 7(ll>f.i a butt 
of Voluire, 2Ur.; nml [wa bronv ■!«• 
tnettaa, I.Oi!$f. Two pDnieloin rue* 
bronchi 2,5*IDf.; a third, <yibf.i «od two 
of Ibatirasof Lonli XV. l.UiKtr. Severn] 
fltbtr anlclca were wtld nt cauall; good 
nrte* : a pair of nte* in red iioiphjrr 
Moafbt S.frOif Atnone the oI)jci.-U of 
tiorloiitr, aa aboRjt comoU of the time of 
Low XVI. waa aold for S.UUf.i ud a 

■nufl'.box in KcnitiBn JMper wa* lold Tor 

I. not. 

On tfTcral oooadona we hivE noUeed' 
Ae fabrlcalioni of i|iuriuu> articln of 
auti^nity, and iiarticuUrlf uf rnntrici-a d 
t«n1>. Th« f:>rg«ss liaTV latturljr applied 
Ihcir ingenuity to jae, ■ malarial which b 
cncily fnRliinnrd Into abqw and mi(rawl : 
and in n rivpnt liiiianoe It waa altMuptsd 
Co lonntrrfi-lt llie bead aad title* of tbft 
cnperor ^vcmt ! Thnte jet seals ar« tqi- 
t>awd to be Dude in Y«rk*hir«. Thtfi 
ore Blill in thn curiosity nbnp* of LondM 
many lielitiimii lirsii intlrit-c* (>r mcdlKVal 
•L-aU. Thry may sDnirallybe ilitreidd bf 
tbcir lundln. lhou!(h llit; are now bettor 
made ihsn they u»ril to be ; but alnnjabr 
tUf- tni perfection* of (be icnpiisiiDa, wbidn 
oTt'oiirjc cannot be more pcrfi-ct tl-nn the 
woi leaU fruoi vMeU [bey line b^oc cut. 
llw (letVKie f Mr. Antiubiu the Itfctor 
o( St. AatXttm Uud««ti»li. in 111* L-ily wT 
Londuo, a liiiiig eitimalnl at between 
1300/. and tlOOf. a-yi-itr, bu) rained a de- 
iiMiid for lonia Inciter proviwon far tha 
adjoining ricarnf:« of St. H«l«tl, wbiehonty 
rnjny* a (tijwnd of -HU.. w4th aonta 141^ 
froin Ijuwn Ann«'« Uaimty, and the o. 
tontBTT £■»!« offciin^a The ponulaciai 
of each pariah U wid to bo tnual (between 
GOO aiid 700 inbabilittt* eocli). We tak« 
nntioc of tlic cin^uuiilanee lu connected 
with Ibe hislury of Si, Mury Ate. which 
wai nlnled in cm lit^t MaKniinc The 
pBri*bei (if .Si. IIoIcii and St. Mary Aju 
(till fuAer from their ehurchc* harias bees 
appropriated to the priory of St. llden. 


fi'a/*H fMMfufM. iUmlrvftd by Oma- 
mt'ili and n'tafi^iit Htioerrtil ig f^' 

fhn. It. r. Sfrilh in a I'etnrlfry ittar 
UlIU Wll^aAam, Cjmtriil^aMrB. WitA 
eotoitr*4 ItlAeyrapMr jilelu. -I/O. — In ati 
I dejMTtHWBt of ardimlofy haa a greater or 
I nofe aatllbctOTl' odiancaneDt been made 
llii)I*E tht lut few jean than in that 
whieh eomprirea out eirty Snion anlii^ui- 
ttet. We need not lake a fir r<tn»ji«c- 
thw ^ODee orer antitjnorian publicatiuui 
U> be roorioced not only of lb* want of 
ap|irnnliaa of lbi« peculiar nnil iiilcmt- 
Ing rlaoi of our inriesiC nntiunol remains, 
t>«t vUq of iti non-cxialeiKc ai « oImb. 
Sax*n anti<^tit« Kcre confoQndei) csprl- 
trlenulf either wiih Uririih, or Roman, or 
Notmin: or. if lierf nivl Ilieit tiiFj' w«re 
pcroeiraU to he what Ihry really a(e, tbejr 
wart hardly niacd; cerulnty ihry were 
Mt oaUmUed fur ibc TeuioekaUi; Ujibt 
thn throw on Uio hitlorw of our eovniry 
GiiTT. Mac. Vol. \XX1X. 

and iu papulation in the fifth and subte- 
(|iicnt ccnlorie*. An MamiDStivn uf the 
.\>chwoIogia will onr* to thew th« period 
a,t which (he recllfloallon oommenctd. 
Douglas may be called tlio father ef 
.\nsl(t-Si!iioii arcbmiloCT. Appamitlir 
without UiueifKriMMS « early research 
in thia pcculinr fii'ld, he laid optu a Urge 
numhvr of gmrrt in Kent, he noliord tbo 
potltloD or their onnlent*,ha elaietlted and 
arranged (hem, he saw not only what thef 
wcr« not, but whnt they were, and be b»> 
iCowcd an nniuiully copious amount of 
well-directed learning In cjiplalnlDg tbo 
object* lie had f«*efied from obicuritj. 
Pooglai, howerer, naCridt^d hii N*iii» to 
the county of Kent. Opportunity wunot 
afforded bloi for iruikinc >lmilar reaenrcbe* 
in other parte of the kinidnm, and thaa 
be wanted thoao mcona of coBipoHaon 
which would haie imJcred hit work of 
note eompreheiuira vtUltj. Odate yeart 
3 A 


Mitctllanwut Jtwirtet. 

tbe (c« wbu bave iktoled tlieir time man 
ofwcMlIjr U> thi) bnmcfa <)t srchwoloKj 
him foM Auttwr alMd j lh«r ha<r« ool- 
iMtad ««idMiM froM olbfr WMMriM, Uicy 
hnaapUlMd laueli ibat «u prarloualj 
■dt uHenMod. ar biU tct; InperfcDtlr. 
BfoloM MflBparlBoit, ihal icM of MMwd 
MtUqurtnbn, it bii Ucu BMiceii UmI 
tint SalOo tNpnUfcnil rCfnaioa foand in 
dU*tmt put* of tb« kt^fujocn differ m 
mUKj wiyiBa froa Mdh other. TliMe 
■K cvruin ln4io( ctunetMuticB oom- 
fluu ta at), bulbiikt^ tli«retre mnirk- 
able ueciUttritiea. trhtob Kcn to be ««S- 
cinllr (Duked tv u>di<«t« kt oner (heir 
origid. Tbu (Ml corfobaralM the htato- 
ricnl lUtantnU vhkli iafuira us tb«I 
Britain «a* popdMad b) MTeral inunlgn- 
tiona of ike Siuon iiibc*. road* at mo- 
aiianblc intM^aU of tins. 

It ■• aaly hj att aaMunalalion «( wbU 
aatlMnliMleil taeu that oocwtaaltna nth 
aathu eaa b« dadniwd. and It maat b« 
admiirml ibat the Mtentillc aott^airir h«( 
manf dillatkica la MMnid afainat u cU- 
laciinc aucU ikcu. The BMUtiala b* baa 
la Morli witb trv cowpMatlvcljr few, aaJ 
tbef aro bm uatrvqafDtlr pr«MMed noier 
^BBrtfawbla eiKUBisUurM. ur MMolMad 
wftb toaaiiia arblah beloi^ V> Mlic* partodi 
■■d yaoplM. Da Hm U Invel IWr l« 
nUi«r laforKiMioa which. iiA«r ill, war l>* 
inaioiiuat^ to bi( pwpoM, fton Uie wutl 
flf an antlicatiratM noord of cirauai- 
■laacM SM bccdtd by ihi? tMv* mItacUir, 
bwl iadiapsnaaUc to the H-^mufa inqalrcr. 
T^M. tbt 9l^\<ta% be iJuaj fcnn •■ la 
tbe Aii|li>-Suun rrciiBinti faunil ia graru 
inJicaling from Mriain pKuUnrttlM th« 
varioiu Iribca or raoM whifh wUM In 
particular parti i>r Britiin, oau on); be 
ounftRned b; tadlipUnd ciaHiilca. Sncb 
•padmHu tu} be alxiBilaul cuuukIi ia 
museum* wad in pr^TUe ooUccliuu* t but 
it la well kikowtt to all obo hare Mu^ht lt> 
OK them fur the Iruo parjujiM of aivliNo. 
lUBT- Ihal thn chimcaa ara tW ownen 
kiiuw litilc or QoUiing of tlirir iAttoTf, 
aad tlwi the/ proountil tlirui, p«rlujia at 
a higfa \me», m» thiuc* aaci«iil and rarr, 
wMeh tbcf (»|t a r-frlaui plfaaurv iii |w>i. 
Mmjkk; bejuDil tbit Uuj probibly did not 
•ech V> iouulre. 

UmAd^o SaxDocvuitUrin have nniotljr 
bten Aaoavercd b/ accIdBiU, and goneratly 
in iMladad diilricii ; and ILui iTicir con- 
t*BU hate frequently tmi <ti<(K>n«d or 
BDflMted from thavri^Du ranee. Wc «>uld 
tbo cilc liMlancea wbrra lurrowt liavo 
iadnccd Ibc cutioiu to open and rantnch 
thoM ; evcu iiiTtK|iiiuis( hat* mutcIoJ 
IhAn, and IrKU.c fc«uU of llwtt rHc«rche> 
nM oaljiLDiiubliAlifd. hutaUonarMardtd. 
It la tuiaforn with iniii^ piMaiire »( ball 
the prodnctioo of Mr. Hetille'i catalogue 


o( 1h« »l(Mcta h« aMaia«d fro&> >bc oania- 
Urf at Liule Wilbeabaoi. Frm time to 
tima, it appeari, dlaewrerlea had bMO made 
at th* apol. and there h no aartiat what 
loajr in onaeqacnce hate been h>ai. It 
wai tlKrdbrc fartunalc that the cImdcg 
of oMkijiK ■ full eiploraUon of the Mtc 
kll iDto (Dch good haiwla, and we cannot 
b« (oo grttefnl to Mr. Nerilk foe pah- 
lidiias llir oolleolUni he haa BMde iii ■ 
maitoer ta atabontr aa to All no \em than 
brtT ianr qnarUi pUlca. The work b 
vaoMij called a Oefelef** RiUmnmi, aitd 
thia w«it be home is mind br thoM who 
maf he dlipoead to caril at' tbe IctUr- 
pmt bHa^ UUle morvlhan an enumeratie* 
fd the iMotaaU of each gr«*«. aod thair 
rtiatifcpoeltkM. The antiqiwry will nlie 
the work a* an impeitAut ixintribatlon to 
OUT nakeiala for etudjinn ih< \ncl«-Saco« 
antiqaitica, end he will know how to 
•siraet advantap ftma ii; oonimtiBg the 
■npetior wovth oS abiudanl Ulualialiuna 
■nth (en •torda, over kngthjr JieitHnlionB 
oa Dfajocta <^rh fto deateiptiea alone oan 
make intcll^^lx *i(hoat cwt* or dtacnnft 
Tlie Uttl« VVilbnhniuoBBelcrf omtrded 
IS Mr Netille'>*i«vitiena \*i tkaMoBi. 
laid III rarkiu dirvotiooe, wtthout ragard 
to noiroimif . With aoni of ihnn were 
waapoaa of mr, anoiiailH dteeaUicr to 
nboteHi boaaM of akldde, IUrty-fi*c 
tpoiri, four noordii and knivea, Uie loal of 
which prohiblf ontf for do«(«t»c uaa, 
and ouB baltk-ax«. The oroameiia ran. 
lilt of 12a Abohe (cfalcfl) of th« hind 
oallod ceneifoTm), bucklce. acarir IMO 
brailg, Rvduq cuioi iroiu ■* bcaib. and 
lOmccuHautobjccli utiifh, vhen exhibited 
to the Society of Antii|aafica, were xtt|>- 
po«ed to be he)r».aiiiiatBdeaoribedai»uch 
lu tlieir ProeeedincB. The7at«m.daewheiS, 
10 hare been eathhotatity delennined to be 
ornameuU or apponduaa to ihc girdle.* 
l^ere wai« nnaBoroue otlier ohjeote, auob aa 
*ome nniUwe«d«n paili, eotaoa, IwMteea, 
te. Bnl am^n^ llit noat lnl»raallii| maj 
be nekoncd tbe upi^.temirkabtefor thoii 
chanctnUlIc Vjyt* and peltcnie. Tbej 
rcKOiblc nine louiid a few year* iLnce 
Boar l>erby, ■hick «e reeollcct Oov uf our 
aatiqaario jironountvJ l>> he Kaioii, coo. 
iratj to lliu lli«9i |encr*l oplninn. Tha 
plaie* of tUr*e umi are jierhapt the teail 
•etiafaelory , ai Uv. deep coIodtIbc oon- 
■iderebly obicorH tbe ornanMtital ottalli, 
Mid Iftai renurk may In Mine rewpoot* b« 
^tplied to one or ^eo of the other pUtoe, 

* Sm "Collectanea Antiqna," toI. 11. 
platen LV. and LVI. 1 and the woodctil in 
uurMataslnefor Sqit. lut, pL tSA.eitncI' 
cd fruin ■■ Tbe Celt, the Rtrnan. and iLe 
Saion," p. tat). In Mr. N»«ille'» |)Ute« 
they are engraved npelde dinm. 


Muctllattetmt Rmievt. 


and the impiniitorUiotpnnMiiDciiivM 
an more antKin than (rchtioloflcally 
okAiI. AUocclkrr, bowcTrr, the plain 
■re well «xeciitc<l, nnd •(imr. pirticnlirl^r 
tboM ftTllie btul*. •» hnntirnlly Rilonrril. 
We »n*p«>fl thiil th* elhiMiln))ltta (for 
inilBKO- Dr.ThnrnaniaDd Mr.DsTU) »i)l 
rcsT«tlli« ii>Ul«lMrDci!<ireninioloKiciiI in. 
fbraatton, npiriaUi ■rhra an nppoi1«nll; 
•0 oaatatU; fironrablc «*> »,1hriti tin 
obtttning it. Rut, under nil <iir<iim- 
■ttncM. we moit ht obliitrd to Mr, Sb*i!1* 
fbr itubliiliiiig It haniiojne • vulume, 
which the nntjtiuiirr will not Tail In fiaal 
ralnahlc fur rrftreoee. 

BaJrim tht BuiMtr vf Me Rmea 
ir«f/ ; a Paprr rfait al tht Monlhlj Mut- 
ing i)f tAt Stieiety iff AiHfnariet, Krur- 
emlle-tipon'T)rte, * Avf. W.h'i. in r*plp 
t« " Tit Rtman Woli: «a nittmpi ta 
9tiiitawth(t rAe rlaina o/ Senm I0 Ihf 
mtlk»r4MpoftAiHom^iralt. tfy Roirrt 
H*ll." Bv Ike Rer. Juha Collingvoail 

Knfif,iI.A..F.S.A. Lonthm at4 .Vev. 
rMlf. Pjr. Xii. ISA?.— The pampUri 

[lablbltMl by Mr. R. B«1l. to ntiL-b Ihia 
t ■ reply, hu cnt raicbdl u»; but we 
Glher from Mr. Bruoe'i tract wlinl may 
conaiJrrvil as (h« (ub^diicv of hit argn- 
ni4>iit». The Knt, anil <m whldi he sp- 
peafw ti> lay the greatett ctreM, I* fonndeil 
onibetrdl-knowii Inieripllon 011 the upper 
pan d( an mdeni quarry 011 tha bank* of 
Iht rtecrOtll, vhichmrntioiif aretilNlion 
of tht Seoond b^on, with lite date ot (h« 
MDMbVip of Aper tinil Muiimua, «.n, 
SOT.abnvt fomrytnn tir<vinnii in Ih* diulh 
of Seevnit, anil tliortlj h<>(am hii cninlnf 
to Britain. Prom ihli tnKriptinn he 
BMinialni that tlie buUilIng cf itir wnll wns 
rontcnipunuicaui, anil add* that ""tlie tt»- 
(fr^OHiVeeEDdcatonrto DTntIc thti fi^werfiil 
proof l&al tbit will ttt* Ikiiilt bv Ki>ir(rnii> 
Djrtb* luppittltidn thiit t)ic inicnptinn wan 
iMde vhcn ttic will wa* only rcpttrad by 
SBTciTia. In the yrir V()l. But It mam be 
obacrred that the littrrlption I* aoaHy at 
the top of a r«cli , aod the ^(narry ha* bevn 
worked lo an cnarnuiiii «*tent down ti> 
tlia M of the riwr, a doaife of al I^Ht 

Mr. Kntm meet* thn nbjection to hia 
own rondntbiH In fkToar of Hadrian by 
obacrring that, "becau*e a <Tiill.itioD of 
iba Soooad ]«^on cartcil aaine linn npaa 
tbe f>i«^ of a i|uarrr ob lb« Gelt, vp ara 
not aeceuarlly to infer thai th^y wire eo- 
eaced in pj-feinr* oprnii«n:i tlitrif, — tbat 
& M admiUtol on all baiHla that tbeSccofid 
l£doB waa eitvitfMv cmplojad apoo iha 
Wall,and m woa tbeSUth.and aowiaUM 
Twentieth. T)>c inM:r4ption* 00 Ihe Wall 
iUair do, tndfod, pr««i^ that the iieeoad 
Imlan waa nigagad in tha ereoiion ef that 

flinieini«, and in ihm initan^M the aaiae 
or Hadrian 11 ooupt«d with ibat o( the 
Second le|ion 011 ihoiipinicTlptlaiii. whllit 
the iiucriptitiii 41 tbn Gelt tnrrcly eata- 
blighm the fact that a pari of that legion 
wM In Cumberlaud fn tba raign of 

Mr. Bell ridicule* Mr. Rnu^'a notion 
that moM at the InaGrlptinna nvwrdlnir the 
Second Ic^an (a> well ni ntlirn) laay, 
frou Ihnr pecuKai characirr, be 'nppotod 
to haea bam caevuled prior lo ilir niga 
al 8«**Tiia. In UkU ba will bArdly ba aup- 
pnrteil by any Miawhshaa daaely atadM 
the K'nrral ahana of the ktten and thdr 
lijcatiirr), and bat oocnpared th« nirtier 
iDtcrlptiona wMi thoM of n lalcr dntc. 
Tbe matter alao in nutenliai to be Dbtcrrad. 
and the form •aric* an mucii m tite Ittter*^ 
Had Mr. K<d1 altrniUd to thia impail^nt 
key. he wonid probably have pautMlbefor* 
ho bad cilrd on hia *id« nt the quation 
the mppiwilllioui Inacrlptioa la Gordon'* 
ItinerariuDi 8Bpt«ntrtanale,aiPr. aarsKO. 
IMP. aviuvavu iivmc coMoinrr. 

Tlie evIdeniTF of ancient writ«r« ia nfar- 
coL-e tu the buildiiDf of tbe Wall la nttbet 
ohacore and oouHictiaf ; but we ara )n> 
■-lined, upon a «Brefitl ratiow of it. in ttrtk* 
abnlatiee ID faiowrof Mr.Bmce. Ntjlbrr 
Xifhiltna nor llerodltn, the Ultir of wjion 
^tM a pretty mlnnle aeoouttt of tho oam • 
palgn al Sereni* In Britain, make ant 
mention of Sercnia m bnililtr or the WaU, 
which fwobabl; tbey wonM hare dono had 
be rcaji; bam Ita oonitractor. Xiphllinc 
•pMkt of the Miaaliea* dw«Ilio( near tbe 
urrierwall, a mode of eipmaion vliivh 
tmplie* ita alittence at tbe tiini of tbe 
coniint of Saverua. Spattian. a wtiiir of 
inforior marlt, who b i|aoicd by Mr. llrll 
in faniur of the daimii of SsTenu, *ay* 
That Ihia cniperor foriiAed Britain with a 
wall drawn armaa the idund, eodiuj on 
pavli ililr al the ar>, whirh waa lh« ebltf 
glory of hia rci|i>. and fnr which he r^ 
oeired ttis aaaie of Dritannlcut. IJut ttia 
•atDoanthor, In a pamice overlooked bj 
Mr. Ikll, atatca that Hadrian vftM to Bri- 
tain, where he cairveted many Uitiif*, aod 
nnl drew a wall eighty mi lei lon^ to aiipt- 
ral« Ihe Rumina frrnn the harbariana. 
AureltDi %'ictor uw-a prrritely the taaia 
wurib aa .Sjiaruan in aitribulnig tht wall 
!•> Seiremi. Kotrvpiwa li oa Ao aauo 
aiile, but be nwka the wait on* bmtdrad 
and Ihlriy.two nilea in langlh. Cutio- 
donii and l^ulua Uiaeonua arc Ute writer*, 
and o'lually unaatiahctoTy on tlii* |>oinl. 
I'auiuB tiTcd 6\c buadrod yean after 8o> 
Tcrtia, and borrmred ihe very arnrda of 
ButrnpiH*. Bub(titvtiii;( xixv for CZXXII, 
M.K a< tbe length of the wall. 

Bat whalerer credit nay be attached to 
lb« nlilenc* of aneifiti writera, their taMl- 

Mitetllanrma fftritiM. 

man; craool be illowed to wcich axMbit 
tilt rtuAiai u ther son ctiti, and ibo mt- 
dttiion* deduori fimu • ctrcful cxunina* 
lion of Iktot. HddfMo, tb* illiubrioiu 
hbtorlm at Northambcrluid, fate autre 
tins and ■UMtiaB to the vt^eoL Ibtn any 
one iIdoc tbe dajr* of llonlcT, and he 
(■me ■IoO'It, and in iji'lte of iiirjatHon, to 
tkc belU liwt Hadrian oaoftiucicd ■< troc 
and the amie time tii« alono ntl, n-iili iU 
■Hleh m Ihr north and th« carthf n vBltuu 
ta tlu ■Dnth. In nny other pciiil of «»« 
thejF wtrr to him tinatiifacloty make- 
ahincaad miaipplinl and inconiplete foiti- 
flcaiiORi. Cooaidtrrd a» one craad wctk 

Um; C«ii1d b« uadcntood and admirrJ an 
a eeiMiiinniiat« eflott of eni;in««rini; ikilh 
The eiKni»Bltin>.-e« under ubicti HsJriin 
xiniled BriUia. and tha imonpiiuiu itiico- 
rcrvd alaat the liar of tlic viirka. *uii|iurl 
tUa n««r. On the contrary, tba inaarrao- 
ti«n of llio ColBdcniain c#>t ScTcnit 
SO.OOO tD», aad it it firobaMr ha wai 
baNllf in a candltion la )>»« praJMiMd 
and compleiNl a oOTk r«i]ulriEif lo much 
Udm and Utmur. Ifait W eriiientlj did 
what nanj af hia insctiirfiotiB prove ; he 
tt|Mired tlw iortificaiiuiui and pr«lMbl)' 
•InnirtlMDad tbwn vi(l> nddiiiotml caatra. 
Mr. BniM hu anna^pd and re-(nrvefad 
tlw Wall from Hid to »n4, coojulning dllh 
Itaatndf of the Inacrlptiooa.andbeamraa, 
In e(mM<)ucnc«, at the mus coodasliMi aa 
llod|c*o«i. Mr. Ikil do«a not. It apptv* 
Ut nt, atUatpt U> follow bin in ao «xt«iidnl 
a riew oftlM qnettiom ; aud, with regard 1« 
iuacriplione, eooliBei hitnarif to thow of 
bia awn neiffhbouiibDDd. In no miprct 
are bia objoctiona lo Mr. Drucc** Iliro*; 
eanclaaiTe. wbik moit nf hia aminDcnla 
an toreMf refutnl in Ihr repij. Bat 
tmlh i« aerriMi by diicniaion, and.u Mr. 
Bell ■■ e*idmtl)r an ardent Bnlic|uan, wn 
Inut he (ritl continue and ntnui hit re- 
ararcliea in cit^ojieration with Mr. Drui.'e, 
who raiiilidly ■cknowlodcci *crii<c8 rcai 
dercd,and who cvidcollf doea not allow 
difference ofoiHoJon lo Inaeii frinuUlili'. 

CUtiufrr Cai'/# Imitt by a rWany ^ 
Xemvai ai a Trmplr to lArir dtijlrd Rm- 
ftnr, CVenifiui iunar. Iff/ ihf Riv. ii. 
Jenhin*. B.D. Sro. pp. .^Tt. I^ss.— Ic 
wontd «<<t:u|<j too mocii »pai-e lo diaeiuw 
Ike ingtoiiiui argiioienCi ymt forth \tj Mr. 
Jenkiat lo fm>ur not mtrel; nf Iho Itoaaan 
Oilgin of Ihe veil knotru naalleatrolctiet- 
In, (pat III auppoit of a nolion whidi thr 
autlMr baa bteu tnduMd to rnnceiie Ibni 
tbtcaallcisactuallTtlioleni|ilcof Claudlui 
»rnti«iiail hv Tnoilu*. \ml conaidcratilj 
■Iterrd al dtllVrent {Mriodi. TLt* con. 
clntlon, which will m foaikd, we tuapeel 
sttogatbcr orlgla&l and iLnBulir.tbe auUiur 
alatci Ims Iwen forced upon liim frain a 

carefnl pcnonal latreir, and from dia- 
cOTHJca nadc In tbe iniiDediBtr vWInitjr of 
the cattle, whick wr uadtnlaad will be 
foUowrd op hf farther reacarchef and o- 
eataliaoa. It ia therefore worlbj of reapcM 
and of Gur cxinaideratiun, erpecaally mun 
il i> obtiou that, altbonigti ibe faneral 
fomi of the rtraeture reannlilr* that of 
thr Norman oattloa, there are aanw pe- 
culiaritiea in Ibe arohitoolural Jctaila whldi 
induce a few of oar bed ■uUmatia* 10 
ooiutder il a( Saiuu origin, and hiatoiknl 
eriiteni-e ii rathn ia faitotu-of UusopfnUn. 
Tliuugb poitiona of the huildins are eon- 
•tructcd ewr* Konaxo.tbe (tnefal (eatone 
da not anpord nith thoir of any well. 
aiukcnileaud Homan building vithwhicb 
we are acquainted. Still we took forward 
wxb reuft Intaraat lo Uie miuuption of 
>lr. Jeakina'a inTeati(«tion>, bcint well 
OMnnoed that ai truth la the pand objoct 
of hia ia<iwrf it mnal he advanoed \tj tbc 
praetloal r<4«>rvhM he propoae* lo nuke. 
— Since writing thea« rewarka we pfivetve 
that Mr. Jenkiiia'a eaiay baa reoelTid a 
fcrjr faU and clabutaUi replj from tbn 
haiidi of Mr. CuiiB, of Comtbal), wUeh 
Imi bnn publiabcd in Ibe Ci^eiaad Wcat 
SuSilk Geanlle. Ml. Cutt) arrhea at the 
tonclndon tliat, " Alloaring for th« fe- 
evliailEiei of eonalractlon mada Mceajaiv 
h; tha aae of Roman aaatariatt, filiioli 

CBCaliarltlee an not wUioal paralkl in 
uildluaa of the aana data fanOt of aamilar 
laBtcrial*, lli« building oalled Cololiwter 
eaallo KirmpoiKlii In m^;nitude,«(HialnK- 
tirr fntlurrt, mcemal arrangemeata. In 
Uioit. in ovnrj' paitlmlar, vidn Ibe iiinal 
plan of a Norman keep." 

bU: an BfmtioH Pilfrtntft- By 
iuarm Aiigiiiilui M. Juhn. 2 roh, 8v«,— 
Thnr votiuni;* oomvtenoe with a drtaMi 
and lermlaalo with a niftlaej. Uelwaan 
thoaa extrenea, however. Own are Hany 
erldcneei of power of obierraUon nude bj 
a fifilanC man, and maav pUaaant atoriea 
lucidly and rapidly told, [[(iw muek of 
tbc book JM Irae, and how mucli merely 
"ben troTaio," It would he >UBieiiIt to *aj. 
Tm onrarlrwa, we prefer thoie jiortleaa 
that an true, or aeenilagly trite ; the in - 
poaiCUo la Irna wrti told, and la not re- 
luarkalite for iiiiai;in>ilan. When wc aay 
timl «r jiirfcr \hf. 1 rue, or aeetaiiisly true, 
wn malic ricapltoii ofunv incident, nowtJl 
told and >^ri poaiibtt thai w« know not 
■triRlly how to cIbm il. We allude to the 
plo-nic amlJ ibc Tomhi of Iho Kluga. 
when the reTclIrr* were not only of rather 
loo cxuberiiii luirili. but found additional 
exuitementin IIm iierfoirinancea uf daiiciug 
git\». and foe AooKing ihrir benqnel found 
fael in Ibe reAa* o7 the dead monarcha 
in whofc unoonaciona company Ibey tang, 





MitcelUtneotu RevUwt. 


dwiMd, »nd Rvrt noiiily gtftd. Wo ironM 
fain tnut tb»t fur Ihii trcnc Mr. S(. Jobn 
hu dnirt] u]>(iii hif imaginatton, and tliat 
(0 bubaroiii a ftaet \ru not In limli a 

The nark ia u muck our of Istra ■* nf 
tnvcl — thi! mRidnnta, (np|ioH»l or real, of 
tn«el wrring oiilj iw • tiling wtieraoti to 
Dananct XUe »cail(r#il pcnrls of ttory. 
Tbcrc ii, loo, no luck of plillo«o|iliy, allcr 
ita lort. Of diai|nlBlllou4 u^on policica 
•pd r«l%i«ii thsre an mniiy, t)ic fuimci 
Iwiing an ullrA-dtnooratic iinacl: witb 
tbtaa, and ibe Utter an ultra -libor^lily 
bsjrand iha aaual llmila <ien of lb» rail. 
eicati >]irnilatot« in Uiue libard Jay*. 
U'c niiflit have a Tord or tao lo tvf ou 
tbcae mftltcra, wbcrria nc dbccra itiucli 
miichicr, tlioufb uoUiinf bat go-fti be 
m*AnE ; but Mr. St. John Mmrtliiiig i-n- 
rein|>lnril; jntiinitM In oi'c of hlx cli)i|itrT8 
that he. i« rtihf r tmpatkiit of corktradic- 
Ikin— and no doubt u«m k« to i|UMtii]ii 
tbe aouodDBia of bU upiniaiis oii eitlicr 
nliliiKi, palllle*! or micial ditliiivtioiis, hi; 
■OiiJd ■•[ D* down M Atniug " paLilenI " 

Thiibfiraf ofprolMt: but, apart from 
wbat tiMt praieil ruferi to, we tejoie-i- in 
h*ring the 0|>poitiiiiit>' u( sajriug iLat tlic 
■mhor hu wrillrii not only two cxuecJ- 
iugly plcaiiut vulniucB, buit tliul. im lum 
erUenLljr wrillrii willi a puq>o»i' i" ritn. 

Every anf of bid itoricd ii i>biia<ixly in- 
tMd«d to o«n7 a moral *ri(b It. \V<.> tnijr 
■ixaatiinea dlaputc tlir appb^ation, tiul we 
vc MHitniiwd ttt do jiutlcT to the luerita 
•r thtt oamtot. Aa a *))iQiineu of tlic 
work, wc make eiie cxtmcl, It rather 
*uiU our (jxiM tlinn (]■»« juaticv to tbc 
tDihar'n work, but it ii graivfully sad 
sra[ibleally tdldi aiul ii abowi that Mr. 
St. Jotiii riiiglil, if liu (.buu^bt Lt Korlb 
while, compete nith Maiu Auiliraeit, anil 
diD ui aitolher " rkturtbuak williout 

'Aa I Mt u»l moritlof; iu my boat, 
detcHbiDg my ioipfMiiant ofthr prattotu 
day, a Uttb: dancing girt fcuai KtaODau 
eamo on board, wiib inu or ihnt yonns 
ComfWriioD*. and ukcil pcrmuuion to ca> 
(vrtaia luc vilU their pcifurniuiUM. Tb«re 
u f<ally BornHbiug ia tnoc ubiob rx*il> a 
pMprful tnttiifncc dim- our mirtdi. . . . 
ThU girl Iqiiiii'dlilely eti^iluil in inc an In- 
taroit nhli.-b nuiii- u( Ibe rut bad tier 
done. I cijuld uM at all. at firit, eiplaiu 
tbc matter to myadf, but, a^ I cunlitiued 
t« luok at ber, Ibc cminctiuii flmhcil apuu 
we that nbr matt ba an Europpan. Tulbii 
Anba I ba*c alwajra bttn iiarlinl, nior!i 
llmi tt> mott or iho nalioni of Cbiiitvn- 
dop); but tlic HiKht uf ail Ejrupnn g\r\, out 
more ccrtAluly itun nixtcen ycnri uf j^Ci 
among tbi wUal tib.nwui of the tropica, 

awakpno4 bomt luoolatlona, and lrr«- 
•latibly |irv]adi«fd m« in l)«r faiour. On 
lo(|ulring Into ber blatory, I found the wat 
ibc daugbttr of a Frriich gcDilcmui), wbo, 
for BDinc maou wliicli 1 cuuM DL-tcr Lear, 
liai] «stllcd Enan) yi»t> uo at C*aniiaa- 
Ha had long barn gathered to hU fathen, 
Rnd having ?«ft behind blm no property — 
frlenili he coiitJ nal b? vtnected to hat« 
In Ibat rtmotc place — tianJ bcciucatbed hit 
inert little daughter to ihc public. The 
count c II nnoa united the dknlty of lliu Amb 
with Llie TiTScity of \he I'lenob ; b«r *j«» 
were krg« and blatk, bw hair wu or the 
aame eoliiur. and yet her ootDplcxIon «u 
Ihtt of a Pitliiau nunuii eiiijiled to the 
rpilbet fuir. She Lad a tmall, delicately 
funixd iDuutli. and the pretlleet atnile 
ima^iunbli: . When I aiioa bar who took 
eaio of bor, tin r<plie<Ii in a tone of aoine 
tii«laiio1iul]r, there vu no on* to take oare 
of her, that abe wai quite alone, withont 
ftl^odi or reUliapt, but that the Araba 
trero kind. She ukrd me 11 I nouMcarry 
ber vtitb QIC into Nobin, in my bual, and 
sfUrwatd* to Boropc. for liut ahe aliuulil 
like to tie Prance, h«r fathrr'a country. 
I InijiiireiJ if the could apeilt the laogoage, 
Slid ihe r^dieil ' Not' Whether abe re- 
iu«Diljercd ber fatbtr** name: She (till 
aniKcrecl iu the acgatiif. Yet auuli was 
ber aiiD|iliaityi abc dill tliougbl It per- 
fwtly practicable to (uiil out \i\t ri'lnlivM, 
merely by faying that ho wu tliti p«rf.on 
uhu bad come io laaiir yeara belor* to 
Eaaouan. 1 tiL-uaed myasif aa irell aa I 
could fvr nut aU'iiring ber the boat<ltalltj 
aho dcaii't'd, uiid nasurcil her, CDurvoTer, 
wliat waa very true, tltat It would be much 
bettor (or bor Iu rtmaiii wtier* abe wa«, 
Chan to trai«l lo Europe, c*en if aha bud 
the |iu«er. A iLnle paiMd over her fuee 
at [bii remark, but it <raa toon gone i and, 
binding Ibe brond girdle abciiil htr naiet, 
ahe nEiOGiiahtd mo by Uie viicrgy and grace 
of h«r dancing. Shi- anri-oarda aang two 
or three tong^ In a jilMnliTe and aloioit 
welling mnaioi and baiing with ber com- 
lianione btca treated wltb pipe* and coRer, 
■nd reeeited ■oinewhat more than the 
i»ub1 present, itie *|iraiig Ugbtly and gaily 
uburt, wiaheil mc a pleawol rojage, Bud 
iliH|>]>csred .tiDong tnc houM*. 1 after- 
warlt. boR«vcr, taw bar acTcral timet, and 
Inrnriably obi«rveil that the Arab girle 
among whom ihe li<ed tJ«at«d her with 
peculiar ilefrreuce. If tbia waa owing to 
the uirt-umitauve at her bciu^ fricndlcia it 
argued in them a pcculiur liilicocy of Kn- 
titncnt ; and if Ibry altritiiiLnil tn iiRr lOmC 

■upartoniy, an account of her Kumpeun 
origin, <m cannot help ailmidng Ibnir 
Immililv. At all cvriilB alir B(>pf-ired 
linppy, poor girl, in that hod of itrongcr*, 
though it waa in aotnc tort ber Iioim, the 


MbtMmuota titwitm*. 


M^baa* ibk»mreaaU bop« far b 
Mi votU, a*d 1 tntt ti pnrvd m jOm- 

Atfeh •# iMi tmtm*U ImUr owvw k 

rMrftiir MBMtoj. !■ iiik Mtfi of jbU- 

■ ii Tlw , aad w nmtiiv framllj. ib 
■Mfcar w ttM Mwtn af ko bbmm «r4er. 
b U* RfMdmbe bM)«Mntttnc- 
d««) ikHT are lb* Ik* Motf pwt tiwd, l« 
«■ Ika MIM MMrfhlc cnMMlaK, fqr lii- 

WamiWHlkarN » wmtw ■*■■ rf 
iwwitwiwu nd (Mr iaddc»tt, vUcb kc 
CM pirU«lr itatribe; Wt «■ coofn* 
Ilitf >t bak «IA liltle catcnwu, tnl 
■adi ahm, Inr the aMMrtnec of ku k»lf- 
pWhiJwiiilOB Hu-tkeofjortcfalMinu. 

im €WJ«f« wf/itfWHn iIm Amdtrt* Por^ 
ftWMMr, t«- (IV-AVMK m'forieW 
WUiyMpJty, «r « mHA^tMl C»l*Urvt 
if !*• PwimfUM* AtHort. &e.) Par 
J«m Cnw 4« FipaMfe. Hiitea.— Tka 
MlSor af tidi warb, «kkb *c nociae «■ 
■ W BdBl oTiu nriRTwl turMwa, m wdl 
■• u «MinpU of k book rf \ Twy 4e~ 
riMkt* cb*ni«tcF In rrfn^MC (« i>«r ow* 
ewwtfT. bmIcm knevB, ki tb« fom rf « 
Mifcadfad «aiy«t. «11 nrti |MiUldi«4 
fa Ik* rMtnfoaMHiifKue owuKrntaf tba 
dfO, prihlcJ, ariiwlJiillril kbtar; of 
rw<«ul ■■il Ito lfT>Mikii«lw. Hfi W tke 
TMr lHH. Tbc «»Im< of Mrb ■ ImmIc U 
B«t MCrdf «f • kwil Mtnrp. Il poMawn 
■ mrtaiB dafan to Ibc boUm oT Um lUcnr; 
w<otUatlirf>.Hb*fai(<rfnMntU teniet 
u ikoae coppd am iniiicn eoBBccted 
«4lh PonuvMK hbiary. or who tckr » 
lotGrwt la utannra n gtseral. 

Tk(C«lalanit i( di*i(l«d inb) (teve parte, 
•Kk BubdltUMl lHt4 (irioiM cbiiiitrrf, or. 
M lk0f m tMvi^, tlUts. Tkc nrvt Mrt, 
■fte ootldBi Ike Torki truilnc or the 
ftBtni kbtor; of Uw Uogdoini. iMatioM 
IkvdtraaldM, blttarioa, and oUm paki* 
aUena nlalWn tn tkt partiaakr raifu of 
IH Mtanrfgna ; tli« ■c(«n>] pvl p<*> th« 
wnksviftMn a|>oa thcuitii|aiti«a,gei)(ra- 
|A]r, aMl lil|K)Sia|ik]r of Peftagal uil iU 
■dfaenl bland*, thoaa coBcenrioK Aawrfea, 
Ami aad AfHoa. tn(irat rreoti. lock a* 
nrtkanakw, ihipvrFrkr, faniim, 6ui. and 
Ike Mi!ipuktei of ttluiirioa* PortopMno ; 
and Ihr l£jrH atiij bit trtnt% of >U the 
vridaBt anon lh« diurch, (^UqEj, anil 
■lUIIUry arden ef Portanl. Tbeantkatof 
cadi V4rli 1» Irat alplubtlicallj iodlcatotl. 
trWi hia iCatiMi In life and binkplace: 
lka« lU titb ui4 Um partieakn of all ike 
fidlil«Da i{ aaaj bvrt pme ikroof k i aad. 
In tkoM naifi wbrra copiu ban bacooa 
aoarM, oae or aiore pI«M* ire mcatiaHd 
w)in<ath«7Hiafb«inft with. Anaujrvena 

1 MVSHI^^IB* miB*f HUH — rTTT 

■avW a aaMnnli a^, Ik* 
lar Mka >Dl«B«a katlv baaa 
I hr bM* aa 17M. Mr. 

work* an lefa ul j gma lAvr aadi of 
tke ttiiTtwi wdcr vkiob Ocir nbJMta 
MT bo daaed. BeaUca m [»<ni «f 
i^bafUfa, ibcR to aba an alffcafcetieal IaAkz 
i>r utkon at tka sad af Um nimmm. 

'Hu oalj pmtau wort of tfela kind 
at(«dj nuat b Pwtanl fa IMan Bar- 
koaa HadMAo*a BftB^An Laaitaaat a 
eovpiblioa of Om UskNt writ, kal aUah 
laai oTIn bar I 
MMMiad as 

ngaoHn ha* om oalr AIM ap lUa vald, 
batabapakuad omimJ corraci o d »wgj 
oawabna aaa wufi pna^^araoM ftuai a 
work M extoBM** ■> thai of TUfhoi 
Mxhada-a, wkldi mmpriafd all tW- Por- 
t^«aa« aatluin whalavir tkai hod a»- 
pnted btton kU tlM Hr. nK«Rnr«*a 
eahbm kictadea all boobs that had a^ 
patnd ap tkt T*ar I Ml. and a a^rpkoMM 
i* ikorlJr lo b« bnvd ew rtwl alog ao ac- 
««M «f Oaca pnbUalwd daea thai period. 

Tho ob)tM aivMd ai to tha BibUopa- 
pUa llbMkM waald. hoaraoer. br nnra 
Ibiwaatkl; atulacd wen II fblknrad bj ■ 
caCakvao timflar la plan ralatbiK to tfar 
■uthort who boT* wriUvn upoa Pvrta- 
f%t»e hiMofj In lk« Latin >bi1 Spanbb 
ldioma,«ko«a vrttinjra irr kotb nu 
aad Mffbif priicd. 

Wa bofe ikat cba bboara of Mr. FU^ 
poUre. • yaoag laaa already irell bmiwii 
and BpprtctBted Id Ut awn oouair} far lib 
titcrarj lute anil aa<ii|aariBB moarcbo, 
maj toad lo JIITmmi a Iraor light than at 
pmnti rxigtM aa rmrda tlif Ilwrarj i 
of Ibe bail of Cttoowt and Va 

7A» Prermft, Barvnrtaft, nd Kttgkt' 
aft t/ Crtat Brifmm amd fr^Uti, / 
1U3. J)7 Charlca R. Dod, Jtaf . Itea.- 
Tbc editor of thli aoal ohM and • 
ptriiMuivc of all onrbaoka of 
lot baogrsfihical parpOM* haa now cata* 
bBAcd a character M HHtrtnaUr odnow- 
lofod i*t Bowtariod aMtfltian lo amy 
f»Ming ehang*. aad kidofttigabla IndMtffj 
m aequntaf tmk itani of infoniMtioail 
tkat «« aboaM hava a ditfealijr la nrjA 
Inc ««r annaal laaiaaflo of eomiaendatiai 
did oat Mr. I>ad alao aaaallj iDtrodne 
•one acv baiara lo »applj ai wttk 

p^iol of furtbrr <NMi|nilsl*(iaa. Wt bal' 
tliia jriwr nAt (i«)j carriKl krward lb< 
objnci rainB«aord tn bb la*t odition of 
rt>ro«i)inc Iba t*Hk-al*tf of lb? aubjeeMJ 
<<i Itb bni>h, br okwalng more than S( ~ 
adiUtloital binh'placn; bat he hu Inl 
doood Into Ike Pint Part of Vm worfc,] 
rpoM-r0mew lo ili« ck Jdivn and lllMf 
rabttvaa of i<rar* Ptar, wko aro maacr 
■ad ibwrflMd In Part II. Br Uik i»l 
provaawat Hr. EKkTi Pacragc u node aa 


Mitcelianaotu ittvuwi. 


nadj a meaoi of referriuK to the JDnior 
brancfaea of erer; ooble family as tlioie 
booki which are compiled after the old 
model of takiag every family by itself in 
coDuei^tioa with its head. The nno article! 
in this yearly Tolume, occasioned by the 
accctaioos of new periooagea to hereditary 
or official titlei, dariD); the past year, are 
ughty-Diae in aumber : whilst a new par- 
liunent and a multitude of other changes 
haTB occastooed many thousand emenda- 

7%« ZAft and Corrttpondence uf Jo/m 
Potter. Vol. II. Pott Bvo. {Bohu't 
Standard Z.iirarj/).'~Tbia volume com- 
pletes the work ; the firgt was noticed in 
our January number, p. 65. We cannot, 
however, help remarking, that tecond 
volumes are sometime* enemies to the 
firti, when they preunt the subject in a 
less advantageous light. This ie the ca«e 
with Foster. The materials of which tlie 
lint is composed ate richer, as they in- 
clnile his copious and instructive jouroal, 
for a sequel to which we took in vain. The 
more unfavourable parts of liia character, 
such as his virulent hatred uf the Church 
of England, thougli they appear in the 
first, are offensirely prominent in the 
second. Perliaps a mudiSed edition iu one 
volume (tike the condensed lives of Han- 
nah More and Wilberforce) may one day 
be found desirable. In such acase, it will 
be sufficient to intimste Mr. Foster's ex- 
treme opinions on lonie points, without 
preaenliug himsojirumiueutly in a hostile 
attitude as has now been dune. His repu- 
tation will not suffer in consequence. 

Jamti Walt and the Sleain Engine. 
{ITtt Monthly Volume.) XSmo. pji. 192. 
— There is a great deal of information, 
historical and mechanical, condensed in 
this little volume. Modern accounts of 
this engine are common enough ; but 
chap. I, entitled " What the Ancients 
knew shout Steam and the Steam Engine,' ' 
will be read with peculiar intert-st. The 
contrivance by wliich A n them i us, the 
Byiantine architect of St. Sophia, au- 
noyed his neighbour Zeno (p. 17), shows 
that knowledge enougii of steam existed 
at that period for mischievous purposes. 

The Ancient Brilith CAurch. By W.L. 
Alexander, D.D. (Tht Monthly Volume.) 
— This is an inquiry " into the history of 
Christianity in Britain previous to the 
ettabtishment of the Heptarchy." The 
third chapter is devoted to the questiou, 
" Did St. Paul bring the Gospel to Bri- 
tain ?" which the author resolie* iu the 
negative. The investigation of the " Story 
of King Lndoi,'' another alleged intro- 

ducer of Christianity into Britain, in chap. 
5, is avowedly based on the researches of 
Mr. Halhim, in the ArchKologia, vol. 33. 
The author justly observes, that " the ob- 
scurity which hanijS over the origin of the 
ancient British Church is not greatly dis- 
sipated, as we advance to consider its sub- 
sequent fortunes." (P. llli.) Thisvolume 
is altogether one of the most learned of 
the series. But why should Herodotus be 
termed " the garrulous and inquisitive ?" 
(P. 23, note.) The latter epithet is an 
honourable one, from which the former 
appears intended to detract. 

Life and Timet of John de Wycliffe. 
(.The Monthly Volume. )~The author ob- 
serves that " the life of Wycliffe was de- 
voted to one tiling, and therefore was lack- 
ing in that variety of fact and incident 
which gives to biography its chief attrac- 
tion and interest. Tlie record, however, 
is viluable, as throwing tight upon his 
times, and as revealing the necessity of 
tliat great Reformation for which be so in- 
tensely tighed and laboured.'' (P. 4. J We 
du Dot perceive that he notices the hypo- 
thesis, first brought forward in our pagei 
(Aug. 1841), that the deprived Warden of 
Canterbury was not the Reformer. That 
paper elicited, iu the controversy to which 
it gave rise, the fact of there being several 
contemporuries of the same name- Nori* 
it unimportant in Wycliflte's history, as it 
presents his motives in a most disinterested 
light. At p. 27, Hentham shoutd be Hen- 
thorn. I'he volume, however, will be read 
with interest, and the reader of English 
history will do well to include it in his 

Religion and Education in relation to 
the People. By Alfred Langford. — An 
able and intelligent book, plunging its 
readers into the heart oi many serious 
difficulties, from which our way of escape 
would certainly not hf that which Mr. 
Langford points out. We realty cannot 
allow that thfijirtt of considerations , when 
we are eiidi:BVouring to raise the cliaracter 
of tlic |>eo]'to by educatian, is to teach 
nothiog that may by possibility be the ob- 
ject of dislike or disbelief to here and there 
n parent. We are sure that in requiring 
from an honest- minded Christian school- 
master that he should check the overflow- 
trigs of his heart, and not even speak ql 
the Great Creator, lest an Atheist ma^ 
titereby be ted to keep his child from 
school, we should be doing what wonld 
make the educator and the education 
utterly worthless. They who are so eery 
sensitive respecting the cases of scepucM 
or unl>elieTiag parents, are not seiuUiTe 
at all where the poor religious actuwl- 


.VuMttnMOlu Ktriewi. 


Mwkr k tomteimtt Mr. Loflerd b 

ki }«wv pMple « fcp iiM ht MkinUri. ta 
be wDoM oaoceit (to petal mhcr itoa 
that ihcliiB AmU aot b« mIvvmL 
Thwv anit be, •avmbn or otW. ■ 

MnMiiMi,a«d ag^ v * HMfil i d if lBM 
imftlu. We wmM eiw • b>|i iMnte 

Ikapaot aai happbco e( «wt H^bna 

■ncMWcratA. w« cHUwt «mo«l» tb« pwd 
c*!hm «r DlifMMtkB M^lt b^ HIm 
wto hMt kam Hi tmtmm. Im Awr 

cmrataf btaMtaf 

flf Lmva/Ltff. trfft uxriol riftrrmcf 

EUnbrth BbciweB. IT.O.-nii •cmiU* 
abj wfafctU koak, of tauQ tiM bat «oa - 
Mdtnbte )«pan>M«, e niim ts h fro* 
Knr Tort, otora itt •■ihar, w« aste- 
itaMl.hH«ngpuwdtl«>ngti iMttoit f 
of aa Ewjiwu Mrfted tAicMto, ud 
tifaaiivtba-Af^Hu, b pradUH m b 
|A|iirhii ta woaaa. W« viib IbU ito 
TCTj ijlih cei»Ml» «ete fcnili^l>rt 

it OMlt. or M iMrt lM« St. tn b« piMed In 
■ jwn^ bdy'i Bbrarj. Apart fcwal to w, 
wUcfc twmevt it mn m raj daa it 
■MM* te have Wh talwdnl far, ana Mk« 
over to Cbc mtHtK «tot (h«aU ba tka 
<lMKbl»^ ■Maal. ae tel iIh >iiI— e to 
bamflyiwaUcli «• •booUOBBklUIV 
nMMBMd to tcknti add nUopea. No* 
ttiw MB ba man aiM ■»! Uaa tbaa Un, 
Bl K twJri n»ui« gs our " JmI-1c ■». 
IW> "— M «v WMka ta frMandr iM- 
pMliC la tba fc% nita vluh n^r 
ar%tait> ta oar naatal aad aonJ M|l(Bt*. 
TW ted^. M Ak 1bM>7 aaji. U ihC the 
M«K «f (JaUovji ti^aapciMoe. ftc ; iba 
CtU i», Ibac itocMrml uttDx wUcA i^mU 
•Haw e»W3 bvJil; [<i>«vr bo «occ tton 
■nwr >nf , b aat yata ri iMd bf u la 
ibfiibwaark. Ifnift abookMtUt 
MMld ted ka wa; latD c<Md baadt it v^M 

W tba M^ of wW "Vk ■«>■• fl' "M*- 
ctac,—daf taMaiMMjapaaybaia^Bito 

n* Jtwaafcrf grwa—jj ffJEbMaaarf 
SarU.— ta iQli anl fHBtrf looa tWa 
vork to nncb fCMMHCvAosB vUdb mvo 
bctflwdeanad W tbawAtftd raaden a* 
Jba prodxtioM W laaaatbjJH* » pea, tfcat 
«p («tu«t b«lf aownrflag Ito >atber of 
-lUnytie^ntarj af aaactor Uh" 
Ml tW n*to( af " na Dlrtaa EMMwr 
■rnaaioi Bd Bvfb " W ba *Mlkn la 
•M b^ibalaM, aad w dpfa rU of A* mbc 
iaifirariiia* Tli> pnfacc t* Ibc *■ Dwiaa 
riiHliif J." if tWic *en ^Kblag clac ta 
ttevahw* wonknadtac «a«U»«0 ta- 

wari ntaatiTc ftnmL Of Aa m« «• 
eaa omI; bera aa* (IWBya B awtactto alw nal 
litia«aM«rgai'bra«i»rt,lbatit iatoavoa- 
jecttial far oar laMa or aBraaMMMMM t 

that BBch b BHBKd wbfcfc caBMt b« 

pcnrad, eilba horn Btriftt am ivna ) 
■ad tkai laeh aoaidiat raaifap af tba aO 
>Dka«vtt and a«rf»l fataic aaia to * 
a(tibrr aalMary nor timg% aifc. 

ArfA. ^ ATcMf. A fA* 4afAar ^ 
Man' i>«WB«- ' «ak~W« tnvc nat pt- 
pamd b<r aajtUaf ta Maty BaMaa, aaeoM*- 
Mandfapatar m that aeBaa haii i«idly 
vM,fornottfftaala«aricaatbit. t ^Mfc- 
iag of it alinljr M a aofd, it b rrrj r^ 
■vkabtr. Tbe Ojik, aeanca. dancten, 
tha dacr fattos aad the setial wk : iba 
MwUactlOci M Iba *b<ik aarrative, «•- 
ft^pM ta ha tat«nM la the laat. enMbi— 
iiiiimlii il iwii rfilia BiaiiH nniiiiiiMa 
tioaa l» pertaeltaa af eaanrMtin tUn ■« 
ever net with. Bat other coMtdanliaM 
bcloaf t« it. Tba writ pf a »■■— , 
wnttca 00 a labject Motcriallj ittBtlaa 
•oma'a cbtnct^r ami yBMliaa, it arlO 
have lo HbMtt la a aerac ardwl ; wmd, am 
dam b sa traea Ihraa^aat of that braf- 
pn and darln( aiarit which baa too oll«i 
Mcapai fartb ta theducaadoa at wamam*a 
ri g bta aad wroa^ art hgpo Aa ja4pBaat 
f a r an d iiaai iliui H wilt be em ra|iM<- 
M, aad da a ww t d oal; after Ibe e»rd*<: 
of eaaadCMlow Iboi^u TaWRoth" 
a|f«aw to be Ibt frail of vnj profbaad 
eoaaldanlloa ot a paiafal tab)«l ta all lla 
b aaf ta g i ^ Ihroira oat hi aUwy, aa the laam 
Mort oatMd la tba writar i wbaie idaaa 
auBot naaaia Bbatncttam, hnmaattmt 
a had J aad aa alnaafhera af draiBMiBaa 
fertboMrtiea. U<wda«dmhaf«waw 
vc timk bcr tfBtaortljr gmrdad oa th« 
mi* of Iratli omI riKuc. ^rrartcd, ta- 
iled, mial tlul minrf Iw viikb «o«U lad 
ia Sod) aarthiac biawiaa aril ia waaH^ 
■lynoretbaalaMaa. WaanbtxaiiM 
waif jcC mot* than thb. It Maw to at 
Iba* there ta cianMUiiM ihfflla tht taaa- 
acr ta whkh »ar fraipatblaa, ft»mtlj ia 
aMordanee with the kiaJij Jdiaialet, aad 
•at of honaeajr with Ihc banb awl ruigv- 
ntadtd biarar, an tad, ta dae boaoar to 
|Ma tntb aad lattitBda, to nUai tbMa- 
(daaa la aa tsall drfree with tba tatMr. 
aplia of bb o^Ms riokaca. Tbo liilaarr 
b w««0Ta4 with an e«|aity tralj rvaurk- 
able. Tba gaUl of blMhoed U wnr pat' 
Bated, tboagh tha harrj and th* nracacT 
eribacaaaara (alrlfslMad: aad laiair, 
ia b aaeag iba tcrioai 01 eoaaafoMna 
tw a W ag to worrit tram taadkaa aai al^ 
t*«anta aaipfb aDdcariyoAaoe, that die- 
■iMriatiea ia avtij f^rai b late %a bUav, 
art ai tba fmt af ft vholHwa tbaa. 

Muetilaneout fttvimt. 


bat u prucntine the only p«th wlilch 
roiM p«nllcl to that of the *1rtiimu in 
actual life. Oat niit<.-c tllowt or uu iiiot« 
oxCcnded r«mkrb, but <r<- ruimI imitit to 
IIm nnga of llic sutKnr na nriilprir? /jf 
her hi|h talpnt. TO|»j, in Uncle Toin'i 
Cabin, i» not oJcverrf nnd morawittjr ttmit 
Sallr. Ill " Rutb." 

Li/* and Ltlltrt of (irarge DartMti 
NMmlir. S,tift4 «n J Tramhttd iy S>i- 
Mnna Wriiknorth. Vol. III. {Sii/jji/ii- 
MmterjiJ. — A tliird awil nti>pltmfaury 
roluniie oftlicLirE uiil L«t(rn uf Nicbiilir 
will meet with n wcluoinc riuni alt whi) 
hare read tUc foimcr twa. Its contents 
will not, liavcTcr, ha foiwi of lucli tirnt'- 
i-»l intcfcci in tlic prptciliit);, nl(lioin<!i a 
>m« of Ip(Ur» frnm llollna.i. nrilU'n 
ilariUK thr cvrnirul jcnn of l)40M And 
1809, will Wfll r«.<puil |«riu«t. Ai cle- 
Mriptioii* llirj arc lively, m* crliicUm} on 
imtiaii*! clianiclec Mnsible; liiouich t4u 
inudi tluclurcii lir the iTiilcr*i foittiJiuu*- 
attt aboot any Imbilit diMJniilBr la bia oma, 
BeiJdM thrf«l^ll«n, and inilMil occupjing 
a ftry pronitiitnt iKlace. vebavo sn ex- 
pUaatoiV >|>i*Cle from Nivbubi'i otloi^lieil 
and compelf ul fricuit tlii; C'lictalicr Biiii- 
MB, nliu anxioustf dcsin.'! lu liatc ihc 
grtat Diue more wurtliily jud^J at lu 
Mieni) politics! poinia, Ijutiloai, wr lliiiik, 
Ultle nere than tell ai that «« nutl wait 
riuuenti not yi-t prctenlible, Uu, 
,ngard lu the frai^mouti lu the Uiter 

or tbc volume. lUnt ilu nut luieiy 

add muL'b lu our pct^iioua uitiuia vf ci'ti- 
iDBlidR tdiD. In the revleiv vf bU Life 
nnil Ltttcn in iLi» MaKirinc * nrj httlc 
«ai aaid of bit luadefti pulitical orted. 
We fell /Am, ai nuic. Urni it is tlie Kreai 
miifortuoc of lliuae counlrtn in which 
ihe priaripal jMrt ut Niebuln'i Li/i: was 
poaaril. tbst after an cducntioa ul ciruii- 
■IcrahlB K»pe hav be«ii alTatilciJ (u the 

Cig, after ull Che paiiii poisible hits 
iaheo lo make Ibe people t'opsble of 
doing KomeChiiig. unthius ii ijiven theui 
to do. There can be iiu doubt tint Nie- 
buhr felt and lameiiud this — that he 
wiabeil for llmt iperica of political nelf- 
gaiammcot wliieti ahould eilucjte tbc rili- 
teni iftd yeamanry of Gcrminy. noil innke 
them fit to eliuoaa Iboir own M-jjretmti- 
lite*. But he waa ktn)tcir>uiicc|jnblr, lo 
a degier wbkb detracta tnini lii> diKiiiljr 
oa ■ politician, of ihe outwartt itil1iiciii:ci 
whoac effects he couU jet at a di«taivc« 
ileptone. He couM not lielp being cne of 
the arlctoeracj of learning, and be did not 
WTWIto with tta factidiotianet* ; li« law that 
Lboae who roie a^nit the EaTerament,— 
the ta^er |ODth of the unitersiliei, — were 

* Oentletnan'i Magsiiae, March 18iS, 
GttiT. Mao. Vo:.. X.\Xt\. 

notsoingto work in the maonaf be be- 
lieved likely lo ianie. la (ufaatanttal gooi, 
and he allcincd hia iTm|uthlea to be Mo* 
(lUFred, and indulged In irritable and un- 
juit remorki npnn Ihem. Still ire pn>- 
lerf. in the name of fact and juMiee. 
againal an uarrtion rrcentl; made by oer 
tif hia aerercat rorlewen, Ibat " h« died 
in a itate of horror at the uopular rtaipjf 
Biaiuat tbc Ordioauoaa ul CWiea X." t 

There can b« no ociaabn to do mare 
than quote Dr. Arnold'* rrport of hia 
eonTsnuttion in Aupitt. 1%M, to prove 
howBTeatan eiatiseniKon thii in : " He 
[Niebuhr} aaid ho wai now much uiorc 
inclined la change old iiialituliuiu Iban 
be bad been rortnerly i hat ' poRiibly,' 
■lid hr, ' I may aee reasiMi in two or three 
yeatf to go back more to my old ii«w«.* 
Yet he BDIielpated no evil cooieqneneea 
to tbe pMce of Euru[ie «(ra froiu a He- 
public in Kraonj'. for he lLou];bt lliat all 
claaaoa of people had derived benclll from 

cxpcrteni.'O lie often piuteated 

that he waa no revolulioniiil ; but he aaid, 
Uioii|h h« would bnve given a portion of 
hit fortune that Cbarli>H Ibo Tenili thouid 
bare Koreroed eooolilullonally, and ao re. 
inalncd on llie throoe, ' yet,' be added, 
' after wU»t tiiuk phico, I would mjiarl/ 
hart juinfd iht pvifptt in Paru, that it to 
>jiy, I would hftve Kiicii tlir^in irijr itrlvio? 
and iLirrclion, for I do not Itnow (hat I 
should haie don« luucli good «llh a uina- 
kct.' .... Wbile (Ti- n ere at lea Ihefn 
came (u a j-ouuc man nub ilic Inletlll^neo 
that the Dnkc of Orleuu bad been peo> 
claimed King, and Niububr'i joy at th« 
intolUfmica waa t\vHr. <>ntbutia«tic.'' — 
Appondil to Memoir, vol. li. p, Hit9. 
lib edition. JouTDat, dated Aujcuit, 1^30. 

Wlialcver irtaauret connected with Nle- 
buhr may reinaia aa yet bidden from oi 
by ibc acGCititica of diplomatic iirudenoo, 
we can (Cari^tiy belicie ibat'thcy nill ma- 
terially nffeet our own ealimile of him. 
It nitl ami initKt [riimiu a fii^t ihit hia 
iiKdd waa tery chliii|[cable, biiopiiiloos 
alTcclrul by tbc ftoom of hia ipirita ; tbaC 
Ilia wbolo cbaracter waa one which mflcnl 
more Ibaa it gatoed by being placed in. 
offii», not bccauar it ever Io»l the ataiop 
uf a i^on>>ei(nliou« dr*iie after right, bat 
becnuar of itt (rniitivnnrta : bei'iuar al«o 
tbc YulncM of hia iircniiiea niadr it dinl> 
cnlt for Kiebuhr lo draw cnncloabnf. 

Wc arc told by lite Unkc de Kaguac, in 
V» tatcmlin); Mcmoriala, tlial Buona- 

Eartc complained bltletly of Ihoac amonj 
ia allien wlin wvre men of conacieuce 
rather lluui men of honour. *' Witb tbr 
man of honour," uid bo, " with him who 

t Wnimbitet Review, New GeriM, 
N«. 111. 



Amtiquarian Hutarckn. 


Bwely aai flmpli iKllMnw to ilit Utter of 
liU |>roMl*M, mut kaom what to rr^an 
0a I w%ilM, with ngtrd tn th« oAtr, th« 
■MM «f K Mmm et, *tin all ooly dn m\itt 
ha Uiatw b«at, *• kivw aalUu la nrl; 
on bat bia jadcncni awl tnimliaiioe." 
N«*, (b9U(h idbctraca to U« proiaiam 
»M ■( alt li'Dt^ oBc of NH^br** mmtrJ 
MiMual iihwaiiiriiiiiii, «• mmiiM think 
M 1*U Hflrienl fllr«n ob llw Kb ririw 
in iMfcan. 

He a-ai m noeh ddifliUd to mo Kno- 
rd(M and tniniftvFi bualaili apparartlT, 
in Ihtakitif ovi i»btl w^tuM W bnri for 
iba )>««)»lh ('>■( y>* ■»«■»• to hav# i>*^r- 
lookeil, M far t«o Ufbtlf iMwheil m. 
ubNl brtaehM of fkUb. 

!■ nodaflon. W9 wtD Mtljr m|i. Mm* 
■Uitknal rMdin^ mill ntfw malvUi (or 
Ibn^f a judginrnl. if llicir MOWbat Jr- 
tnM fran oar aJmiralioB of N'Mbahr u 
■ MMiaaaB, laa>« our l«it >••■ ri-tpivr for 
Mi pananal Tlrtoaa uul hU hlfti thilttiM 
^pU» iMiiinpalnil. 

/.'irAr aaJ SAorir. itr A. H. Drur?.- 
A ■•!« «f ooniidcrabhi inlvrat, dnrilf 
■nillti). aatt *iUi wmik ir*ll<>lrai>ii ctw- 
fiwttrai ttla.hovctvr, un»i|ual, 111(1 iranf* 
■ora of iaeldaat, tii4 what than b ii im- 
ycrttwilf HaBBpil. Ttie ibooittMlaaa Lad; 
Anc«l ia too (ooHdi aod (DO ticartlaaa bi 
•rata f\tf. Od< of tl>e b*a( iin<ni«i«oni 
lb* diaracliFt* i* thai of ■]>«aiig Pnfitob 
■rtial, iriw fitdBirrt hinaalf and bia ftiaMl 
iaio tka Himt nllraloNt ifUtBnJM. all tha 

«mm Amiy hdicnaE ttot ba b In a -mtj 
to Make botk tMr ftnmai. HbaOrary 
b fffrr ikilAiI la ifcs oowa portkwa «f bar 
irorkr. Her " I'nnidt and PortiiBc," 
tboafili rat fmu hnllkaa, U ««« ol tb* 
■■oat ipihtad modwn Ulaa mt know. 

rh$Kxp*ntmr»o/W: nyMiMSewalL 
— Hm «« bair inma braubfiU dmnartM 

Elctnrai, aad *oni« dionniDi cbaraolar*. 
lid UImShiwII orrar «ri(l*«an)itliiiigrlM 
MOrtbT of (•car4, (he "AnBt Sarah '' of 
tUa tab axnU Mahr bvr mmurabtp. — it » 
altofaihar ana of ih* ntixi plcfnm<|UP of 

chanrtan. Tba dryticaa of maBnir, fa* 

lb* taal teaJTiu-u of baarl^lli* Wturifo. 
latWft. IW ihrvvdiuva, and jrt Vh* ain- 
pllritf, am T4iy cbanalni. W« imaj diAr 
wldalf fmnttia old lad|r'* "otlooa abont 
Ibe (ml Mod* dI 4eal>i« irlih Ike Ig* 
Bi>T«iice and nMart7 tbai f iinTMnii «• : hit 
•rp fc«t thai luch • [Mrwd woald lafaraa 
■rith lifr nor plao, 1io<irfT*r niM^tv and 

Jmmil Knratorat^. da ^MiMta^ni' 
^Ajr. &-«. TV* tWh a*a.— Wa lUak thi* 
liook li«lt*r writtaa tKan MiBrJ. Tbe 
pablii- art! t*larablf »«*r| of poleaiiaal 
and RMtntaraial mrka. and of thoae nt- 
latlat u jMaitrr aapatWlf . It >■ llttinf , 
hovcrer, that Iba aub^t ibonlil be kapt 
before all rtaden moA ihinVtri, hm ft 
wrrr nxre jadidoM* to h«d them dH- 
fnlly jn'i) drUiIt of Jtwoit ilibca tban 
nrjiel (brnt » thr nataat bj a t(tl« atUeh 
doM aol *mmtm to nroaba BKh iur«ttx to 
folbx*. Sarlaic lliU notfitloa to the liUr 
thcae ralnmea will br fuaait vorih md- 
init. t^tej an. Jfl4c«l. rery uncqnallf 
writlM, M mticl' io Uial n coald weQ 
bclinc tbkt two Hry Mbrcnt miitila bava 
hm i^onanwd in 6iair pDttlag w^bar. 
In aoma pafra tbt iMmtaisr b pw^fnl. 
diptltnl, and Imprnwlir : In olbm fnat 
the mcrvr. The riritint tntcresi of Ibp 
•tory. bowcTcr, it not alkiirtd lo fla;, anil 
(be* «bo arc bnA of indnlflnf in atnaaf 
and icftOib eaiacliii will And at miuli Af 
Ihat ai it good ran fitr bniar ap petfcM in 
Jatiil( EKevuMnhij). 

Pr^fttM : « TW*.— A book rea|K«iias 
abieh »« flad it imjiOMblc to aaj mora 
than tbu li dbfikja botb tboogbt and 
faaliof . and antaitM coanan* of poeiteal 
iaMgtrr: bat thai the w aau wa a of lu 
aathor. arkkli are uadootaedlr rioh. ara 
(KpamM on a fadite, aalniaRBtinK nana- 
tile— on a h«ro ohoio OBanlinaM it laid 
proatrala hf a bopaJcaa nltacliaoitl, auJ a 
baroniB «ha i« at onon vfrtuoiH. aolJ, and 


looiiTv uf AMriouaaiKB. 
/an. 13. John Paynt Collin-, cmi- V.F. 
AnoDf larloiu pr«M>nt* if booki wmt n 
Ml4 cofiy of (be " HUinriK Koflunv 
S«riptorca," fol. I'lm. 1021, (b« donation 
of Mr. Willikm ITiidj, ■ f'llo* nl Ihr 
8aetet|r, vlib ibr niitocrajih of Bai Jou> 
tan, ta an txUvma\y bolii pUn hand, 
n Aflt. /fxmO, on iba lltl»-pi««. Mr. 
Haarr Parln tlniUli and (h« Rav, JaBM 

Hcntbom Todd. P.D, of THailyi 
DuUin, nrrt clMTtcd Prilova. 

BnijaHiin WilHam, rH|.rxb<Mi<d irary 
i^rtBiM irrw* ol imfrttttimm, >a1iei> from 
Ibe nuidelabram pmrotid to ifia Laibe- 
(b^I of Ali-I«-Chafieafr hj the Emparor 
Uartwroaat In 1 168. Hwv Mpnaani Iba 
BIrtk. PaaHon, He. of CWtrt. and iba 
/at*M 8. Kao«lt*t jwi. aaq. p t natn HJ 





Auifttarian It«n<treker. 




Iiip«d Huiie di>iMV«r«<] lut )T*r >Iunnx 
MiM uoniiuut in S«iii( I'sul'* Ch»r«Ti- 
ymrd, ii Uic ik|<ib <rf iirpDty teat, Iti di- 
MeMWiw vr an. lOi I a I0| iatr 
On >U faoe i* cbitt^ in luw rclwf ■ iiLinituI 
aniaial involtcil in idlctlMiiiB WKatlw of 
edge it • Rnaie tiuenptiM in two liae*. 
W. D. SmII. r>q. F.S.A. bit Mumuui 
caWftou MiBC trirnili m Lauudtliii* u 
UMMklunoT pnn of iliik : -' Kijio valued 
t« ba Uid tMim ttaae ttvi Tolic . . . ." 
TW none u avppoW to bav« iMrktd a 
gMte. aiul • bttBBii tkalHoB ■■•• fouiul, 
■ ■ hiMg r«d« boltaw. D«ar ii. 

Tbc ccM-hMioa of Mt, rarkM'i ajomiir 
am tbe Chnrrhca vf FnMX, BCcoinpaDitd 
kf a f r(T bciiUlAU acrici of orifiMl dnw- 
ius*, <■<■* icaJ> 

Ibe NaiJeM Swutaiy ilMn cuuniuuiii- 
CBtod U aoeoaiLl of («idc Roiaaii jiotlni** 
fa Ihe RMlern diairtct of the N<t> foirat. 
Tlie mU •/ ibe liilna vaa toorkc*] by luiiuiult 
niii»ibliB| ^imHml iMNwU, and on (ll(- 
Ifiai; icto thMu aa iaiaiODH DUiuber «■(' 
fra^me&U, aad dmuj ttmttU b a {Nrfect 
ur aJniait ptrttet itatc. «>er« diMorerad. 
No traces. liawEter, of tiiMuur; werv met 
nilb, and no looli or ioiiJlenenta. but 
tkne or four ooiiu' were turned ap in n 
Tcrjc^irodcd (tate. Twcai'tlieonDdouDU 
want of Uailfiait auti ouo u( Xiutoiino*. 
Tka fbmtr, Huieely kftble bum viiiltu- 
ihadBTidaitlybMn IcaigineirciUiliua, 
Ifonkd no pntiM inforBtUuD M to 
of tLcae poUMiea. TIm MJn af 
rinuii U of tiie tbiril wntiiry, but. 
a> that sImi bore markB of «*«r, dw iii< 
r«(aue «•• tbat it liad bMk loU at a itlU 
IMCrrariM). uid ibti ibe kiln* wer», pu. 
bapa, hi uperitiun d«wii to tli« |wrloil 
of the abanikmiDem of Uriuiu hj Ibe 
Bcnnaiu. The apot in wbicb iIkm pot- 
Hfica *•• Htuated mc about luiJwaT be- 
tiVKu il>e I01II1 «t Fordlnjbndca anJ tlui 
pU(« vli«re Inditinn t«lU us Rufnt waj« 
aWn b>' liir Waliex Tf irel. The at'counc 
■bicb tbc dwuDicien )(iit i.<f tbc tle|«|iu- 
buum of thi* ilutiict by chc Coatiiuror 
WM prohabljr rimmtcd, ixrliapa frotu 
the pFKtioe of Iranalathig tbe »ord fM> by 
i«am. MMif !»aioa <limrii doubtieai dwsU 
la tkb diauiot, wkoae tnai or bonuataadi. 
Manlcd by to((a aiMl tnM tlc«i, would 
H pnjitdlcial U Ui» deer it iraa the 
tyiwtt'epbicrt to ftntnn, a»d (he rcuotal 
MTrndidvelUiici iiuiitd In tit ooii*c)|)Icac*. 
The epeaaaatw irf yolUtf bad beat e«t- 
dnilT rejected on ucoont of tbcir beiag 
e«w-htked. or cnoked hj tbe autitio of a 
tnmg Are, and Mine of ikcm had tbercby 
tm^tlni ■ vittifled aiirCaoe doI biihcfto 

»hM>*Ml IMt RiMBMI ecUlc >««■ 



Jmt. it, Lurd VieMuat M«Wu. Prer 

Cliarle* Scott Murray, ti«^. «f Daaea- 
Asld Pa«k, I{uGkii>f(lun»bin-, BitdTliom** 
Tobin, eai|. of BalUocolllf, ><i« olncrlfd 
FrlkwK nftbo Socwiy. 

JoltD Adey Krptoii. ttti. V.S.A. pre* 
•entd) • nkctth iY|>rc*cuttuc aa dBf^aut 
Piecina. diacvrcnd a fe«t year* a|« in 
Sprin|A*l>l ubiwcb, u;uLhc\malaf\\. He 
BitiibnlAi it to titt time of ICiIward t. 
wbioli tR thi- ilatr nl the bcanliful winiiowi 
ia the •rlmiicrl of t)ir dionrb ; and Mr. 
Rrpton mnukcd that tlir ■(« of piaclMe 
may uiually bo delcriabed by the mecry 
uf Myainioff pil)do^«. TiKOccwrawe vf 
Mine nf tb< old brifit* «itb nbieh tke 
towar vu Mpairrd in littfi, abevnl that 
ibe pbGina ti Sphii|[iip|il bod been buik 
up Bom the LiiDc »f Kliitlxtli. 

Edward Piiiliipi<, cw^. of Whitauira 
I'ark, CvtcDtry.comniiMiicattdknaDoottol 
of Iha tliaeavtTf at N»vithain lUfla, tn 
Wantirkdbltr. of a teadett tfoffin, eoatalaa 
loE the emtMlaitd body vfn man wliowta 
faund to bate beou bcliMdtd. Tl»c b«ad 
liit »c(iAni<\y vt»f\ieA up tu linen, and 
liie thirt wLivh vu«crcd llic body vb< 
•Irawn »vcr Ibe wounded neck. The bands 
w«rr —f Tf* BiMii tba bfeaat. end tbe 
coUQtt^nince bud a ptiksd beard. Tlie 
only indicJitiDn if the pnity vaa the mark 
on Ibe lii»n abirt of tic kttera T. B., 
■tfifccd in bkekiilk. Mr. I'iiiUin lug- 
gcated fioaa the peaked beard that tbe 
iMTftt iDuit have been Utai of a caviller 
of the linw of Chertei Ibe Pint, and pni- 
tiably of Mtjur-Qenfral Bcowii, Shcriil u( 
LoudMi, wbo ia mentioned by CWoiidiiii 
aa liBving fougbt in the royal cauae. koat 
oUicr coSui found at (he same llaie vtrv 
inM-ribHl mill Ibe mmee of fnnMa Earl 
uf Chii--bniei', I6a3i Audrey Counteiaol 
Chii-lmter. \6ii i Ludy Audiajr Lat^b, 
tbttlrilauKliler, 1610: and Jolin Andrrtoit, 
Ibe auii of L«dy ChicliwtKr, by her &rtt 
huaUind Another leaden eofin, fuuaJ 
near the ojtar, boee an hueription tor 
Dune Marie Browne, daughter of our of 
ilie Leigba, by Lady Maria, dao^ter of 
Lord Cbancelhir Elletnere. 

Richard BniukCiOMi. of li<cr|>w>),F.S^ 
ovoeuiuaicated tpmc obM-rrntioua On Ibe 
lield of tbt b«ttic of Wakcfedd, eaade en 
a viut to thatapix on theSlat Julf, lU)t. 
Nil traditloua anuii^ tbe rauMry people 
now lit Ilir prcciic acciM: of Uie «oaUit : 
but frnm the di*co«ery of btukeii >«orde 
and other relter, Utgtiiiar wiiti Imu&mu 
b»aea,oedi((iBC the (ooodallniie of the 
oiaaaioa eaUed i'ortobello. it 14 endeat 
chat it vti oa a Hal pbiiii, now naedow. 
giouud. eateadiag from ^iidal caalle to 
the riier CaUar. 

Sowic rcnarka " Oa the AsgOB «r 
Wbe<l jevebn of the FrMtke. deecrihed 



bf AfiAiH." were cvmiaimickkil t>j VTin. 
Miebul '^fli'i *wi' *l>o htt* delected, id 
(k* Md*^ d'Arlilletic at Parii. kttiui|v« 
•BMJinen wbirli was lotnid «i Mcnint St. 
JMD, aur MBrtil. in thr neigh buuibnml 
of Mriz- It is not uneruiord tthrtbcr 
Ibr AnE^ii KB* origiuallr ■> Pruikioh 
irckpon, or bortnwcd by Ihrm from the 
CdU on their arrital in Gaul. A nmiliir 
weapon ■■ ucribrd to lliv LuiituiLini tif 
DtMontt Sicnliu. Towarila the cIok of 
hii niemoir Mr. Wjlic made name ob- 
•erTKtion> on tlic origin of the PlcBr-dc- 
III of (lie Prmcb nooarcb*! wblcb van)' 
Kritprs lin«o ilerived From lbi> Angon. 
Th!i idc* KM eombittnl bj- MontfsuMin, 
ttlio (Ufgeiled Ibal II wa* iiuiuleit Ttmi 
Ibc aruainentatiun ol the cruwiii of the 
BjFiantine einprriaei : and Mr. Wirlic, 
iDcIioLQi tu tint tUw, canaidrr* lliai ii 
waj t>*ic bom* Mm afitic ii>««>iiiii( de- 
rived from 1 rfiDOU and orieatal tourva : 
in lopport (if Kbid) fD||Ntlan h« jtoiniM 
out ihf aimfi embltiu 111 («Tml obJMta 
rrccDiljr found at NIoereb, Vabytoit, and 
Arb«ii . 


Jan. 7. Jamet Tttc*, etq- P.R-S. in 
Ibe otiair. 

The TLtr, W. GaiMm md a ahurt mr- 
noiri the remit of bit recent i«Mar«bn 
■jnoTiptlbearfyiTMaftlieBislMpiof Win- 
rhcstrr. and tboae of ihtr College, nhMi 
had Bupplled souie onrlotu infornutian iu 
rebillun to Ibe ditcbargc of rjiUojial 
fanctivDB in Iho fourtr«nth and lift(mth 
ceulurica. Slaur IdiU pmlaUs nl (Lnt 

(Mriad itr-tn to Invc lirfii itnrprtr moTo 
than tttulnr bithngi*. I>«nrint{ (tif tillt< of 
tan in tli« aiarer kintrtan), wbllbt Iheii- 
dntieiworc chirfljr, it nal eirtniltelf, i.'uti- 
4aed in mdoriD( aaaittAucc to Kniliih 
biabop* in lhediicb«r|« orchtirfnactiuns. 

A bi»lia[> of Ai^haar;^, •■ It sjiiirnrril, •>», 
for riampU, frcfjOirntly dci'iilrd Ijj \Vi\. 
Ibni of ^^'j'kFbnm To conErcimt* cburctiw 
or |<erfoii)i cither <^ii*(«|nL dntlfs to hia 
dioocBC ; and leteral rrfliulcnblr InatancM 
mrc died bj iU, Uunnrr, rhowliig how 
fraqiMnllf Irivh prelate* were cn^td aa 
ralmguia to the bishopa of HlncfaMlir, 
H aln In olber^eeeaM m En|Und. The 
«ib}eet anpwred ti> cbim conaUerathiD at 
mneetcd wjUi •odniaMical blatarr. and 
tht podtlon of cburch afMrs in ihc tiro 
eanntTlM KPuecHtelj-, prior to the Re- 
faenaCion, indqvriiildiitl)' of it* intctHt in 
regard In Iho funclionf of suffragan* at 
tbu iirriod.vliich ha««inot bMDdiitinuttf 
aaoertaincil. \It. (lunriFr tialnl that Mr. 
T. Uuffus Hardy, Keeper uf KciTOrda in 
UieToiror, liad tu |>re|iats(lc»i a ntrefnlly 
fe<rued edition of tlio Epifcoiial Fnali, 

Anti^arutu litMtarehet. 


wUcb would sup|ilv a narfal aiuiliorf i» 
hittorieal inqulliM. 

Mr. Burtt, of tb» Cl»pt«r HouM, read 
a meioair rtlsiins to tome ne" facta DliM* 
trtfite oF (he life Had limes of Eleanor of 
CMliDc, QuMrn of Edward t. Oroen arjaiul 
docameDtapreaerTedatWDsLaiiailtr. Tbey 
eoiuist of tho RulU nf tlu Auditori of 
Complaints, eoncirning «ariao« man«ra 
eonne[^t«d wltb the MUtC4 wbtoh lisi) a)i> 
pertaiaed to tlie iW«MaMl Queen, proohi- 
matioD tiarinc boen made, ■» li woold 
appear, speedil; alter her deuise, calling 
upon allwhohadanrclaita louake against 
anr of Btnanor'a semnLt, to ap]i«ar aad 
support it. The pliradinv*. wtu-li rrlatc 
(ihi«fly la Norfolk •n4l SiiRVilk, and to Ibe 
counties of Clieklrr and Flint, compHic 
niaiijr (.nrticulsni of tntercM : and whJIet 
hitherto no procW oridencc h«a bora ad- 
tlaod lo iliOw who wort tli« esecnlors of 
Klesnor, It amearf b^ ih«M rseenll; dis- 
MT«r(^ Rolls VmH Edward was biaiMlf ibe 
chief eiecutor. and to Mm, donbllnt, 
luust be attributed tbe nausl dlracllin of 
llie deiign and ciecaliouof ibase beaniiftil 
rrcBa«, niMd in varioua placet to tbc 
memory of his beloved ciniort. It naf be 
liopod thai fuTtber iar«itigBti«n of deen- 
niBiiU Ulrly bronEliC into notice maj tbrow 
valn&bk )<ghl upnn ibit iiitemting period. 

Mr. WcrtlFll comniuiiinted on aecowil 
of Ibe cxuiiiaolion al ntuinvlnsat Winter- 
ilighaio, bliit Uidini;. in uthifL wrre found, 
nilh liuiuon rtmsin*. nnil Ihe dint wm^hiu 
of (lie iiiuivps (if Britain, in the rudest 
|iertod, the bauei tikewW of a dog, ibuw- 
ins apfntently the pr«ctiac, limiUr to that 
of Eastern natioim in recrtit time*, of dc- 
|io»itiiii oilli ibc decvaHd the hvvuritc 
■Dimsl, liii (^aoijiiiDiso in the ehue. V,\- 
iic|il» tare ocmrrrcl in ^orkiliirv, and 
other I'PJH uf KiibUiiiI, ol the tpiiiaiui of 
liuraci. and ctcd of the nheeli u( some 
kind of car, inUmd nilh the earlf inba- 
liititiU ot [lirtc itlaudf, <uail aucb beta ere 
t»ol iind(4erviMg uf ooie in eonumiou with 
ethoologiMl ini]uiriFS. 

>lf. Fowler lent a cunsldeinble depusit 
of brontc crit* and broken weapons fouml 
by a ploughman in Linoolnshire- A Isrgi: 
■ueoiblBce t/t vmamcnts of a Isler age, 
soneof (beni of tbc most iVllful Kockoian- 
abi|>, foond in tlic lanx ountj, ncie pro- 
duoed by Mr. Trollope ; clBiming tpeeiai 
attention aa oompartil wilb Ibe numerous 
objects of the aaine date, diiplajed by ttae 
Hon. Kicbard Ncrillo, iJi hla bMUtifol 
volume rvUtiuf Ut " Sasuu ObeaqniCB," 
(whleli is reiiitvftd in oor prraeol Maga- 

Mr. Taclier (arc an hocodoI of tome 
maral iMintinfa lately uncoterni In Eielcr 
C'aChMiral, wUch appear U> be of a higher 
elate of artMCic doilgii than tba dooora* 


Anliifiutrian RettareitJ. 


tMBt of Ibi* nitnre nraillj hnni in 
Bnclud. The dite of tbew |i«wtinp hu 
ben MdgBcil to tlia doM «f the fOnr. 
leeaA ccslurr ; end the mode of mccu- 
liMt ilitKTics dofc itUetiiMi, as tlte; 
■ppMTto ha*« b«n punted not In/mro, 
b«l in t^Kptr*, to tiiw thn luliaa term, 
an tlie [itMler, t)ic coloura Naiif fiartlv, 
U it would nppmr, ajiplMid with tM fUll 
«( lome jircpnrntioii of itbi. Tbrnnnpo- 
■Uea of ifar dcaipH is tocA and tdTcdlTr. 
Um eslonriiiK forcible, w<l ia nuuir ptrti 
nrf freilt. The tiibi^rt of thit Mtly •np- 
dBCn of art, vhidi ilffcirpi to V onif nlty 
Mfied, ii ibc Rciairrclioo, and the <)<■- 
tidib, etpcuisllf in coatantr, jMitakt of an 
Itilknchanctet. It ma;, howner, more 
prabeUj W rffarded ea en eerlf wrk of 
Um PlcnaU kAooI. The Dean of Ej(«tcr 
lu* wilhpratMwoTthfakN'lak^n niMfurat 
h) pnsrnc at Irai,! an uiruntc ddliiL'nlioa, 
aa llie coloaii n< iiicli Diiiriil jiaintinfi 
fiteqeentlf TmIc after a aharl ripnuntr. 

Konieroiis antji|iittici>, nnil objcxtn illui 
InMlTt of uulcot umc. or art* «u(l 
■Anabetnm, were broujcbt for uainina- 
tiM,e>pMially a M^lcettoa of Saxon relin, 
peiMnal omimeDta, and beadi of glua, 
llnoel njmal in biilliuiejr and «mrietj of 
wSnnt to th« r«li?tiralcd pro^ctionfl or 
MvranD. TbcM ncrr found ni Qonr- 
riBcl«ii^ in Liocotothirc S«Tcral iiroduc- 
llou of Um enMnellen of Lim^^ca, ia the 
thlrlmslh ecnlury, objMti of the ^rpate«i 
nriir ID England until the receuC dia- 
jiCTiiioti of contincnul rolicctinni, nctr 
tltown. >i(h TBiinn* tpcrfiorna af (old- 
iintthi' HQrk of Italian and Gcnnui origui. 
H/, Lc KcDi bioui:lil a Aoc bF*d-pi«cc, 
end MtM jiorlioci nf nnnunr, ftooe ana- 
padrd ■■ a funrtnl .ii71iIf%ciii*>dI in i 
cbnrch in Rik-kiuKlumnhirc, tiiil throwu 
uide during rrrrnt '*mtorutioiit." Mr. 
Borltbrouitlit a *ci in of foreign ui<l EiisIiiU 
■Mit, « partioQ of tbe collection) fornivtl 
bjr the late Mr. C«lc;. \«ingnlar (olcliaK 
lut vat frrodoced, tnppoied lo be fonn«d 
of white whalebone, and long preierrvd 
aDOOpt the heirldftiiii of nii old Surrey 
tutaXj, aa haTing been worn hj Qucca 
Bbabetli. It U o cnrioua rpocimon uf 
bcenuMf in neanr«clnre,ai)d, aa ■ [itoto- 
Ifiw of the modem paruol. ttttat not Ul- 
adi^ted to tbe lattc of Quepti ilcii, who 
hiied tobvseenin "in optnginleuliglil," 
in which thit Miigular piece of L'oatuiue 
aroald, from the trAncjiarcncj uf iu tax- 
lure, tbro^ tbe alighteaC tlindowgret ber 
itrougly marked feature*. 

The Aniiail AiieDibly of tlie Inititate 
vas ■nDotitii-L'd II liicd for July 12. At 
Ciiirhesler ; Ilia Gt*m Lbe Uukc of Hlob- 
mnnd.andlhc Biihopof the dioccac, being 
patroni of the tnccting. 

aaiTiEU Aacn^ocootCAi. <KBACtAnoK. 

Dtr. a. S. B. SoUy.wn. F.R.S-^m- 
PrMideBi, in ihe Chair. 

& rommuoioUiMi *aa received hom 
Mis* AgiMa StrickUnd, in refervncc to 
th« dieeOTcrr of a jewel in tbe form of a 
eroef, nppMed to hn«e belonged to Qumm 
Marjr, and represented in her porttidt at 
HolfTOod. ln((airit< wer« dinctcd lo be 
made on Ihia inbjeet. 

A paper wii read by llic Rev. E. Kell. 
P.$.A. on «0n>o cuioa fannd in excaiattag 
a {lart of the manb ccatigoona to New- 
port, and tamt other rellea ntttetned et 
iliitVretrt timee from the nnii loealltj. 
The Re*. Mr. Hugo rend a paper on (bo 
Aelil of CucrdaU'. and detailing the par> 
IJRttlar* relating to the di>e«Tcrica made 
00 that Kpot in IIMO. 

Mr. G. Verr Irving read aome rCmartia 
on en Inlfriade mIImI TA« Kilttng ^ « 
Calf. In LihiatrMlon of an rntrf in tbe 
booV of Pipeci"** of the Pnnowt Mary, 
in 1 S22, — " Iloui, |»»ld to a man at Wyndf- 
torc for kilQag n caUTe before my lady's 
grace behynilc a clothe, 8J." 

Sir P. Dwerrie etbibited n (tone celt re- 
Mnily found in Irrlnnd : Mr. Rolfe an 
emlHiKHd brick fonnd in Sindvicb. repte- 
arnling two perwos atoned to doaUi by 
toldirra in Itouieni cnatumc ; the moiitli- 
picoe of an ivor^ ilrinking-horn. nod ■ 
eaninjof a*t*g'sh<-kdii> vrooil. of oorioua 
■rorkmanahip ; a pound weight of |})c time 
of Kliiabeth. tbe enxrn of nhidi i* eD> 
gr»Ted, and the date 1^)48 inacribr.d on it; 
>nd nlio Cwa dccndr xingt io liker. aldige 
and a (niall one. Mr. Baigcnt forwarded 
t!ic drawing «f a drinkiug buni of the time 
of Ilfnry VI]. IiIpIv lold at Wiiicheiler ; 
OIL the ailicr rim i> iiwctibej Fufum H ttw 
bnttdital Ag^ui. Mc. Newton uLUiited 
llie imiirnnoii of a Gnostic riujC, repre. 
nenliog a figure with fuar hernia. Mi. 
Mceke of Itoygton forwarded a Roman 
huckle, portion* of gl«rM. ti^c found In a 
tumnlUB on (he bigli road from Ro;i«ton 
to BaldiMk. Tbe tuiunlut, of the bowl 
abapr, waa thirty fwt in dieweler, and 
between lii e and aix fret in tertiral bdghl. 
It hoa now hecu entirely ivmottd; chaJkt 
flint, tjooei of an entire «kcUtoii,ftv. wvrn 
diacoured. Mr.(!tiruion rahihilad avewsl 
kpecinieiu of lauint obtained from farlous 
plxi:rt : 0D( of black earth, fonod amang 
ciiiersry urnii, Ltirua and bones of oxeo, 
(UBha lit buBra, &c. lu Walbrook, In the 

fireaont yesr) ■ circaUr one, with Ihi; 
etters 1. H-i and a fragment of another, 
with th* CbHilian monogritni adnptid by 
Cooctantlne tbe Gnat. T)ii> niono|[iam 
was alio Aowu upon tatetsl com* eibi' 
bitcd at the meeting. 




TImt Koptnir of iIhi frciKli tiu ui- 
iMttBMd lib IMeaUon of ocntn^m( nu/- 
nmfe, Tha ■^ttoitom far UiU d)tM( 
dtth til* PriaotM Wms Imv1ii« UUod. be 
bu &IC1I bii •ftei.-iloai oa • ImIj' roiidcui 
■ty(««n«mL nitCouiiloMTbJba i> 
* SfUiwi by birth, and twaatj-WK yeu* 
ofaga. 61m bi tutor to ibr DwbM* «( 
Alta. ■nd Itrr ■olhvr, tb> wiikm of tbt 
Ccoat 4c liloiti^. u at Irub oitnoiMa. 

Bj k dccrM |>abti»li««l la Uia M«iiit«o 
(^ the leu DoMttbo, B «ue o( tbe Bn- 
perar'i ka.iiu( no iHrael bcir, letitioWc 
or •dofiud, hi* m>cle Jcfwaa, umI bl« dc- 
lumfcaU, direct and l^lliiiMir . tbn iM(i« 
of bi* manimc with tbc PrineaN Oalliariw; 
i>r WnrtenbriY. rra« auk ta »*le, by 
order of prioopii'lanc. In llic ptiftiwii 
ckIimioh vf the fpainln, are af (>oanted lo 

Hw mgiiiii; [hiki! of<Tal>(vx 
hM floicd 10 Ibe Uuke of Dmmo, cbict of 
tbc 4k»I honte uf AnhaR, all bu right* 
to te danbjr of AnbaH K«EtlKa, vhkli 
1 1 Qui W be « Mpanle 4*T»ngniytiiN<>*. 

The la^ Mall bu bconcht n«wt that 
PiKu vai takao on tbc Xtit Noicatbar, 
Uki wUI be MMOcd to ibc Bfllkb 4o- 
lainin— Tb« cain)iaiKa ma; be ecm- 
iidifid at aa ead, iuJoh Uw Buibbmu 
r«rMa (bottld attack tb« sow territory. 
la MK^ a caaa a aiarcti would be uad* on 
AfB. Tb* Britiab Eaipire bjr Iba aaau- 
MJon of ftfit u eilrailed into Kaairm 

India, nta «lll IddaMaUy «• for the 
npMMei of Iba wv, mad inU (t«« gftat 
ttitlltit* (H orrilaBd eoRtaiarcial IMn* 
rouna with Cbiaa. la ihit ten of trad- 
ing RuMiB liaa bitlicrta briuo ui; but 
«• »baU ii»« braak d»va tba UaMonla 
nMMpoljr, aad laaaon Haaabui laJaaaae 
gaoaraU; in thai fot of Aait. 

In CaltCafok wmtj tba min* cMj af 
Saaraaeato baa baan daatrofnl in a fbat- 
hl GOfvlacTatlian. Tbr lariral bwMbtf^-- 
dmrebca, batcia, and »>l«na— bafa all 

hlUn u (<r<) : many lit» wrR loM, eilbaa 
in ■ rain rndnfour to umt the [watnaa 
uf Ibc tiaam. at ti> ei|iiallf vain (aulea- 
Toan to eactpe. lO rupid ■•• the yragrtw 
of tbr Arc. Tlw cilj «r UMiu«iUa baa 
alao been bvnicd i oriul tbcnr hate bcca Aa- 
■Inwtrre Grea iu tjan CranDitoo, In all, 
profMrty te the aMotutI of ten mtlUoan 

Aa ei|iediti(Ni baa been fotsod b| the 
Porlc ofviul the aioiuitBinAcr* of Moat« • 

X, flliote amMOrj, out Fitcedi^t iti 
ia Icoftb Vj 30 in bn*i)tb, tra^im 
a rortl*B or tka Aibaninn rtugt belBeOD 
tba PaabaUk af S«alari. UerB)«anMv aad 
lbs AaatttaD fcontlar at tba Boaoi di Cat^ 
(ara, Tber are • warlike peufito, fr«- 
fcailni ibc Utb of the Onek Cbaidi j 
bare bfen fTMiucaUj aitadud la htmm 
lint* by Um Tukiab |Mabea of Scotari, 
bat tn rata ■ aad tbeir ladapeaJiae baa 
hren adantlted aad uodictarfaed bj tba 
i'onr froo) iba yrar 1797. 


IbaarrtaaaiMnliaflba Bailof Ab«r- The new rkclKint t« tba Horn* of 

daaa to a aanv AAouiiatratMa baving Caw^eaa ha«« all token place vith««l 

baaa eanplaied. Ifae traufar of p<nar waa loaa U the MliiiKTy, esoqx in the caae of 

eantod Into ^mi ■( ■ Cmtndl brU in BIr. Sadleir. the nenber for LoHuw. aba 

Wiadaar CeMlr an llie tmh Ikox-nbcr. Iiai bm ilrf(«(nl bj Mr. AUiasder. In 

Tbm yiaarot Cabinet u tbua cusXilMed . ibe Unircmly uf Oidird a ir^oaa add 

nmUratftl»tna«f, n«lrf **»««.- 'taar»liiedo|.|w«tio» w« r«i»rd agaiiiit 

,„..-_rfIFo««B LonUoUnHawll tbe rMloobon of Mr. (.ladtionc, on tba 

'tSST l'*'^-- vl«««a4rUMMM. giwiad «f hit having formed a (oabtMB 

*~" IcdnM,. t»»fca«tll iiiiiai. wUbtbaaneaueaorihaCbateli. Oathta 

tjat a mm i^ K L«4Qwi>Wlb. acconnt Uw Ukh llianb party look nut 

ChMMllar <« IU lau- BL IU-. W. K. CM. ,,,4^ Wai.^iibt tbe ctangriicl piutt 

.S'L— ... rS^-.. ••*" laabUilaBd the otijcctuo. ihcy bad 

{f^J?*^,- S5*?^'^ ™«J«™..rd«tio«. N«. 

»kf 0-amlaWtf^ BlrC V-JT^ *'^ *"^'^'- S^T"^^*!^ T •^' 

ft— A9*in tremn, Mr. Qbdalaoa baa been ra dectad. 

MmawyalWai ».«iaMyHw««n *"* ^7 "« •'■^ ■ayofilf of 114, aad 

rteM ComoUMlMMr M Sk T IMMimflL alter ibeontleat bad bean proioafod (a ila 

WMto almoil linul of filt««D dna, Mr. Olad- 

wiiiMii«n«c HiiijiiMi vf Laof ■t^'u poiU^ 1K>| and Mr. Dadlcy M. 

Promoliont and PrtfarmnU$. 

TV wintAT oS LB&2 ;l faM bMo nmmtV- 
abk bcjfond all tnttaatj far it* hifh Uta- 
pCTUni* Ud IftDMnnl Ml nf rain. T\w 
nin connmerd on ia* 3lit of Oitober. 
«ii4 for mtctbI week* ■rter thL- cnntcr 
|ttTl of Batluiil wu undtr vfticr. On 
the l&(k Not. tlia Pdlwrll Now Prn Dis- 
trict in Norfolli *>■• inuniUtRl bj tbif 

bnntJBg of BriiMlon Bink. wlva lh« 
utoaC of nboiK ft.OM «DKa wu lutimerged 
M ibe drpth ar from Tmir lo «li ft«l. 
More th«n 100 poor fauiillcs bate bcvn 
oonpcllpil lo lc*T« lliolt habltaliuU*, and 
tke «ttikiatci] low »f tli* itinlrict !■ Trom 

U.OO(V. t<. .10,000/. A pDbHc tubicHii 
lioa (or tliv relief of Um sulTmn wu tM 
un (otit It a iii«etiiiK held at Dawnluiu 
Uarkct nn itio tZA Dccnuber, lo whlcd 
il<r Mijctt; kaa (Inn SO (uiuvaii, tb? 
DoUof BtdfordMil Bail ofHardwicke 
•Wti MM. tliii £*rl of LricKxtpr t^tl. Sio. ftc. 
A ffwfal innniUtlan ofounwd in th^ 
lMi|hboitfliood o( Burj. Laiiuailiirr. by 
Dm bnTftiog. on ibe Mh Un... uf Iwu n:- 
MKOlre thrM milM ofT. iii [In- tillbtte of 
Bllen. formiuj u " loilgp," «oniij fortj f«t 
deep, (ur Ihn itocuinuliittuii fTuni UiTev 
Barrow *trpanu ritiiig at Ou<k<T Moor. 
Propctt* «M hrtv >J«tT(ijr«(l tutiM nmounC 

of SO.OWM. and 300 pt-aplr (lirown out of 
■ork. IlMTOTiaj;, in iti niiine. imall 
I and garden! fvt a mile ruttlier, it 
)llwo<)U(iD-iBillofMc.C. Wuliton- 
'^MtMjIiig proiiartrti] ihc ikIuodC 
'. amplnf inf foftj hiuilL Ilcnchiug 
I obanloal worka of Mr. Muckloir, in a 
'bodrofvatet twelTc to nftMii fW\ high, 
is an luilant it *«rpt tmtj forlj out oT 


lift; j*r4* of bulldinf i the wareUouu 
AoodW, ami dnj* dMtt«T«d to lb- tabiA 
of betwMn &,OQqV. and ifiWU. Rnaliiog 
Hiirjr. it Hooded hoiuca and mill*, bwi tot- 
luiitclv iiu tifrs frrre loi(, thou^ the 
ioi«l amount <)\ prapertr m aaiil lo reach 
fn^n 30.000/. re 35,004)/. 

In ■ ctoroi OD (hp 2lilli Dee, the dc- 
tlrtli^tiua wsi itill morf gpncral ; nhleh 
•nu [urtJoluljr fell at Carlidr. at Car- 
DBTTou, ■! Uluucnlrr. at Oxford, al 
HietcT, Bod it Unblin, a* wril at on llu 
Tbutno and tbrougtiuut the countirj. Tke 
tteeple of Trinity t'liunh at Stockt^n-on- 
Tee« «B* blowndown, and ibe tteeple of 
Middt«ibratiKh<ratal>a diraafted. 

In. Uic jtax IB17 a oulmnn vu oreclod 
on Itie Bbick Doirii bill* nnar IfV/fin^loa. 
in honoar a( ibr. iroai connnindrr irho 
bad taken hif tills linm ihat town. Tbli 
moaameot having fviDUocd to ai*ualimah*d 
aaJ loniBwIukl ruinoui condiliait, an In- 
lliKnlial mMtiof; wu hetil at Tauninn nn 
tlia 13lli uf Jaiiusry, a( n-hicli t)io elaair 
waa taken Xty Moat^^a Ciure, c*i{. thr 
High ShcrifTof the oount;, an*) tbc [,ord 
Liouteoant, Lord Portunn, mciveil tfao 
r«lle«iiij[ rraolnlium: — "Thai thU meot- 
in«, deeply lamenliag Ihn ilt«th of (he late 
Uckc uf Vr«l]ington, is dtriiroa* of r«- 
itoriag the oulumtt etectcil In 1SI7 on tbc 
llUrk Domi litlla, in oaionieiiiorBtion of 
bia Tictixici." Tbc molution lmvii>|{ been 
fccoudcd by Bickbiin Eacatt, e>i|. waa 
ciurieil unaniKOUilr, Bad lubioripCioaa to 
tbc auovnt of oaarljr 400'. trero lecoiiMl 
al Ike niertiBi[- 


flAaSTTK PasrSKMBMil. 

K». U' llratT Cbarlea Slutta, m\. \o he 
le of the tbreeCbltf OBBllDtMlonen of Ihp 
be and IIm Uinil Bnetoiitre Oommlaiion rnr 

Rofland and iVale*. 
D*t. t*. Bail GraoTilte dNlartd CrHldtuI 

•f tba Onindl.-«lr,Wiiliaai Mulsairoith , Uari . 

Sir John Young, BaR. an.| Kdoiaiil (.'iinlH«N, 
•Bq> aooni of tlia l*n>T Cod ac) I— laurel l.Y»i. 
mirtli nrafu lAtA L'tianccIInr 'T\\t liuke 
of MclRailla (floliiTiUII. l>>iU .Tnlia Runrll 
CfHvttnl, and Viiraonl I'limrniion (Monrl. 
w PC uircc of ll«r Mal{*i>'> Principal jmtc- 
larltaoriltata.— Tbr >U«hlHan. IdlnanlLVd. 
well t«b« lV*«t<)«Kl oftheCvniinlKH of Tradf 

I ad PirrHfn PlanUiKm*— Thr RlfClit Hoo. Sir 
An Taunj, Ihrt. a^pDinioi CNief ><e«retar> 

Dt.. M. I'M Right lloii. VVilUtffi Kwart 
Olidalaoe to Ik Oiancellnr iu<l L'nder lYti- 
•divrol lb* KLrhfiiuct.— Ihr Hijihl IIdd. air 
CkulMWood, Dart. lob«>|cr MiJdiv'iCoui- 

SHlooae (Or in* JtlDiLn of InJln,— Tbc Hon. 
arl** MbaiD Vlllim to \-r .\<l<o(att-()cfi«^ 
OL— TUe UgU Ifnn. M T. lUlncs to liea l^wr 
U« ConioMMloo'r for Knghmd.- Ilie Might 

Hon. liulnejr Utrbnl lo be S«»cUn at Wat, 
^amea MnoereifT, <w. la Irr AdTucaic tot 
i'T'jtluiil.— llio ItiKbt llDii. sir Jinid K. U. 
Graham. Vict>-Arlin. Ilyilr hirkfr. CH., Kcat- 
Admlral Mauncc t.t. UtikclcT, (Ml., t^iit. 
ihe Hun. Hiirliird Auuilen l>nn<laa. CD., 
Cnjit. .\l«»i)der Hilue, and the lion W, K, 
(.*o»[Wr. lu be Loidi CuiitniliiiiDnen of Iha 
AdoiinKir.— The ¥Xi\ of Uniliorougli lo br 
Maiilrr of lt]p Uock llu unit].— Uiril Alfrect 
llcrl la be Chief bjttfrrj and Uerk Mai 
■htl to Her Majtsly. — Uird Kmnl Krtire 
to ba Vlw-Chamberlain of Hte U«jMty'i 
lloD>cb'ilit.— Lnrd PdIfT tohcCnptala of l{« 
M»J«tr'« HiHi. Corpa of Ui'Dllemrn-aUArst. 
— 1 iHCciijnl 'jilti.'y To be (^|i[jJa or ibo 'Yojinert 
n( lbs tiuinl,— Kicliard l)avl«i lUniian. eaq. 
tq hf Advoclle-Oenec*! Tur !K>uib .tmttaUa. 

/an. I. The EatI of k T., nirhl 
Hon W, 8. Gladstone, L/»<l Vlfrrrl llffTar, 
the lluu- r. W. Charu-fia, a»a Jobn Sadkifi 
tv\. lu be Cuuinllulorieni nt (h* Treaaorj. — 
C<pi, Ihc lloo. Dudl^ (.tuiln FKararalil da 
lbu*,ariilUfr(iiian1*,lohaKi]uprTvroH R H 
[Vin<e Albeit. 

.fan. 3 The Rlirbi lloo. Edward Stnitl l« 
be (.liancellor ot (ne Dncbr of uaeaMer 



PrOKtvHvHf dW PrtfmntHt*. 


J^ i. Tta OMka •/ tap* nA ^^"l^ 

SlMf ■MTU «f IW 'hvn CMMiL-TU Sw) 
fUllMMiliiiliiiil Lard UfBlnwal of In- 
■na— n* Dot* «f AiKflt i«wn l.«td Prtrr 
9mL— IcniatMlnr WUdertoT apiivialBi Vioa- 
PnrtdAt «nh« Baud of Tnda.-Tlw Mfc* tf 
KorMk, K G. IP be Lor4 8t«wrd af H» U»- 
jMtT> lli>nMbaU.-Th« Itfl of VilRnm- lo 
It* Tnmm or Hff lUforr'* R«a**lH>M.- 
VImmdM DraBteinc to MCoawtmicr vT Utr 

.Am. S. VlKniMCkiMtetobaPMtHMMct- 
Omrnl.-Tlif Htiht IU«. Clir WiDiaa MolM- 
M« FabUc BalHliwi.-1'be ■!«»■ Hon. Lord 
SlMl** •/ AM«1n> to W riiWMlrf>a*n*r«l. 
-Tbc KWit Hm. Jofan WroM lo b« ■ IVItt 
CsancinM of Irvluid 

^u. •. TMVODI TorrlarUM to te « Lord 
lkH*Mi>Btoll.KH. VrtMr Alb*rt.-euwtl 
HotaM. M). ht( ck|i*. iiHtirMt,(oitc«M«r 
Ihc Hw. Oono tf C*aU*«e» M-Arau. 

/«. f. Hill Foot, MircvM K D DMI. AtM 
U rMK, Iota ilwimni.— «U l<M4. CtM. C U. 
LntobcliitM -«H1> P«*t.C«0t lX. UouI- 
jnoMn to bt Malvr^llntat, CmM. T. Ilntr*. 
of IW Mlh Povt. Itt ta Mil** aMi UmH.- 
OakMl tn the amj. 

/m.II. TtoMaiqtUMofOnMBdtUbcoM 
of Ibc LggrAi In VTmUoc In (MuMrr W Hrr 

/«■. !>. n«i>rrk WiUlMn fltoOtM. (m. 
UU Cnpl. itifc Royil Linraro, u to om *« 
H.H. Hon. ('jiijm ofOmllMnn-ot-AnB*. Katt noDifri, Lord CnawTik Led 
UpblBvtow, I.U11I Riim, Lord WaUniuli, 

and Lord d« Tahicr, 10 be Lord* Id WAunc 

of IMbowlt. K.T. M W cU«uMt «f Untr 
Caadt, and Wardm of tit* Qniia* Pera.— 
WUIiani UaM*U, nof. lo W CWrk of iIm 0r4- 

Uk. is. Tkc UnebcM *l »utli«rkoil to b* 
Mliirm of iti* Hdtin.^olin Hamona of 
HrMdalbana . K.T. lo b* Lard Ctiamkwtal* Of 
lltr tWniv** Hoi>Mtio)il.-Ur«l -i'Ulonal Ibe 
Hon. I.Mid(nUto Mialt to tw MaMrr cf the 

JM. IT. Ibbtrt Haodriida. rm Aihwalr, 
ta to SolidtM'Oenrrel far gCMIand. 

Jaa. It. Tbc Duke of Wtni»Uia to to 
Mulrrnr lti> llarH — l»th Pm<. Mii"r-0»> 
Jl. Uiu-Ura, UJI. U be CUmrl. 

Hra-J-TMrMf lota*Mnf liieUnl* Juf- 
tkci cfibeCi>nn«<AppnL 

Sir W. P. W««d W to a Vk».U>BnerilQf . 

Xr. Kdurvn Farktf, tt.C. uJ C, Oiicr, «w|. 
I» bo Ka«iM«« to tto Cam tl of LlmimtT- 

Tb W Dndn Becratatin ol ifttir. M»i>- II 
ntuwr (Horn*), r. FM. omi- (C^DloaUli. iiiil 
Lord WodrticniM (PortinW 

Jotait arcrrlariMuf IbaTrntnrT. Rillil Hon. 
W. O- Hajltr, and JauiM Wllaon, raq. 

Joint Mcraune* lo Ibt BmiiI of Continl, 
K.Lo*«.Mi) indSU-T. lUiHnitlon- 

SNTrtar? 10 llie MminltT< Bcraal Ov 
totna, Ml). 

8(crrl«T to tbe I'vor LtwDoard, lion. Cran. 
tHh RartrlfT. 

rrmi* 9n;rel*Hf»,-CltnlouU*iikiiM,«aii. 
and JaffiM Hnrr role, (*i| 10 Ihc IVinc 

Hlnhlrr; 11, W fitly, nq. l*> Iba llonw 
Nrrntirr: llriit; Rulrfrta. rH^tnltoCalMlal 
hcerrlniii Mr. Arlhiir lIUMall I* thaFavdrn 
.sarrtUcT. and M r. rw, tl.CarmdUh, I'tnu 
WrKaril^pl Hmn i^ltrtfu laiiipnntUiril 
oflba AdRiIrallT. anil H. B. C- SunyltOD, («<t- 
14 Iha !«»cm»rj; J. F, CtoijutwII, ray to ibc 
lanl rriiri'ralj C. C'acdwrll.»<i. to Ihc Pre- 
■likot ('( lh« Hoanl at TnAt, and Kdfi' Bmr^ 
rins. rwj, irontinufj) lo tbr TIc^lTniilanl; 


T.U. Uannc. cai|. u dw PnaUanl of tba ■••(« 
of CM>tn>l , Ihe lloa. r. A. aUcb«a«W W Mr. 
Lovr, and A. Hobhonar. nq. to tHr T. K«dU«. 
to*, ai ito aaaw Board: O. P. UnltoD. caq, wi 
IW CUeT »4cr(ttri to brtend L W.M.iaMM, 
•>« to tto Chucdiar «r Ito Oaehf of I«Maa. 
tar; >Dd)L«UbnlMn,««|. toJaM>Vih«& 
rm. Flaanclal dtntttir of iba Traaaury.— 
W . C- S. |[i«.«i^. lo to Chlrf dnvrtacT to Iba 
t«rd rkaaniiar. 


RlShl Han. Maaim BmSf lo to Ota Lanl 
Cbaanflar.— Ahtikam Onauar. aaa. m bt 
Alton*<r-G«*mL and TniHam KMaifc. aaq. 

Tbi liiiiiniannlbii lin Bialli liii ftillniifcll. 
BMoblBcali : SccrttarT^laakr* J.aradr,«at4 
aNRtarr of Baaknab, CliaT>f Bradj. «q-l 
PMrwJMara. Mark tvrrla. fm. ; CM dMEk 
QMlodlM la LWKT. Klvh. K. M-OiMtoiiJ, nq. 

Ut. c. XtUr. tomi(Ar-*t-Uw. mtw haaiwm 
*»oi»tcd Caatlc Adrtwr. 

tb( Ailloalnr cooUHntn Uw boaiclMliI af 
tbf am IdTd Ut«traani-. Hak* FanaoafeVi 
Ifliao ^HrrtaiT ; Utd D«nlwliiB, aiafa 
Slnaard; Uaior b*sat, Vtmfftttnay Mr a 
t.'IC*trann.rtaambrttalu; Cbpt. VUIIb. Um> 
ilpman I ttar ; CopUIn llirvar> Matlararito 
llwM 1 Mr. I. Haltoar, OrnlkBan at Larn: 
Uipi. H. wtniaiM, (;Mii«oun of ibc B«d- 
cbaaibrr ; Dr. KaKkrn.Suntoa loibe llouc- 
boMi IMn liM*. nn\ Cto(Ma.-AI4«>- 
ilcCaDf Cb|>l.lI.Ciul,«lti llvaaarai Cut. 
lb* Ihm. J.J.ItamilicBHbBcct.; dill. A.I- 
PHJ.SM lt'«l.-K<lr«A>ilr<.<l<.CaM». Bnval 
1I*>mG. Uacol.llM Rest.; btetM.HaM H. 
RiDUintf]'. Uren. tinanhi Upt. L.*nl KiUm, 
Hh llaaaarail'airt. A.nianbiirlliMIti Rnl.: 
l>pt.S.T. WUIbnt, snd ftear ; 4.-*nt. C. H. 
Matync«:i. <(b Ucfat Diananii U»t. J. F. 
Vinttt. lllkLancrini Unt.llMHen.J. VF. H. 
HalckiDMn, IMb Uffai OtafMaa. 

b t«rr aad & DnM VolantMT itillr Brtada, 
*r E. K. Prtdaan, Bart, hb to lb«>r Coi*. 
■nandaai.— iDTFineaa, Baaft Utlai, aail Nairn 
MilliU. A. P. G. Cannju, aMirUtoCtet. TUi 
Liirbi Inf and 4lti UfblE^. lo to Mi^r.- 
Tmrr HamMi UMtiit. ll^ra- W. t. Cfrani to 

bp Utal..CalH>rl ; Capt. J. 1). IVtlkcr, late of 

Mlh root, u to Hanr — Jd stallbrdabii* 
UmiU.1V^ll«.K K.tiltl*UiBlgtoCW«wl| 
\iata Pairllobe Unit..('Jriomji R. Diotl.taa., 
laic K^f^ SSd Pool, and K. Blak*, aaq.. Me 
QiBUlB Tib DrafcoD Guard*, lo be Hnien.— 
iai Torftablra Raai Kidlni UliMa, ib« Ban. 
B.O. Monthwa M to LlNi.-Colonel^C)Mafcli« 
Uilltia. Vf. n. DaTrnpnn, cent and W. B. 
Ilfirtr, (rul. Into Uajan. 

Naval I*keiiinK!«is. 

l}te. IT. rt«e.Ailn. Jetin Wrlsbt. and Vlca. 
Adni- W. II . n. Tnmlrtt, lobe Adiainh mi tbc 
half-pty Htl : VlroAdm. Mr8. PTm, K.C B. in 
b« Admiral of the Bluti ttaar-Adn. J. W. D. 
Dnnilaf, C.H. 10 b« Vicr-.^ilmlTal of Ito Hluci 
Ca(>t. 9lr G. n. B. rtcb*-)'. Hirl. ii»l <.'>|.lHn 
II. II. Poarll.lo to flrar-Ailfii>i*li im irxtvrd 
hatr.piT: Cairtala lU tlon. H. J. Hoan, U to 
RMr'Aditilnd or tlir Uluc -To to iKirnllUar- 
Adniralion Ihi lpmt*|iio]>«*rd lit^t.Uie, 
Can II. T. Ik CollHr. Ciut. J. brcaleu, Caal. 
W. lUoiMlFn. capt. H. nanbdpe. (^|M. J.T. 
Oiaia. C«pl. K. Cunua. C.U. Capl. S. Arabia. 

Capl. a. B. Mirlln. C B. tttn of Ibc Vlctorr, 

t^. .h>hn !4iFpb(Tdaa«(i| to lb* 
Parttmaulb, u R>c-Cifta>u la Vite-AdB*. Sir 
T. Csehranc— COam. llfnry Tnillo|Wi In Ral- 
llranakr MOrrtMp. 




Ec<t4tiaiticat Pn^ffrmealt—Birthi. 


Afrmitri rHunud lo un»ht Parliaatnt. 

C<trr«r.— Kilward A1n«na](f . ••Q- 

Jf*»»M.-Ktcbl Hon. Sit Omu* Onr. 

ft>/Vrf-~'**'^ """- WwMil Cintiicrl. 

[All tha D«i« minlileri hue hwn r*-*lM;lni, 
wiUi tbt Mctrliunuf Ml. Si'llrir, nte Member 



Rer.J.P. Liihllixiini.DrvvooiUin. NoMltiiDp- 
tvnili'l Hanonrr Cioonnr at I'rterbamnrn. 

»«. W. PoMBr, (R. of WiiQciliJiin, amrfffk,) 
llOMmty Ciurmri of Korwirti. 

b*. K. C. A44fiM, (lnwlrhurrh B. Ilnrtci. 

KcT.G. D. Mimii, E«M RudlFtsJi v. litron. 

R(T. U L. Alatuiriar. CantAn v. Vurkibin. 

Rtt S Andrrir, Ualmttl R. Dei on. 

RPT J A. AMoa. Bolllnirlnn I'.C Cl)'«liin. 

K»». W. Ayvnl, ^rtlan I'C. Kent, 

R*T. P. !J. linen. W mJpole SI. l>I«r K, Xorf 

IUt. T. R. ililjxii.. Lnland V L*iicuhSrr. 

RcT. D Bflclrrr, 91. Uiibrlrl r.C Plmlica. 

Kri. W II. Il«,.i. c:^un)JV•«r ft. Wanrtckik. 

lUi. T. niiiliy, NviioD t'C' Claucwunblro. 

Krr. T. K. B. W B'lOflil-ni-Lnili, Keirbald- 
llp»ti.A*an V. Wimii-liliirf. 

K(T. J, Briwks. r.C L*nc. 

Bm. W. OiMrf. Kiirtlelil PC. Ui>r4 ■)>■»'. 

llffa.kDilKn. ,\.<i,(:«m|Jtii'li, Kiiii'tiiii t( lyic. 

lUi. R 1' tl.^h. 

B,,. IU>kt, i«l. WukP,C. WIiUre(.»i«l. 

Kit. e. A Imikm, eil. MXhUu F.C. MAlvrri- 

Rrr.OJ.Oarlon.Cullr MiniUin r.C.WIcklow. 
R*v. M. U- Gi>niinn. Caiuutr V. liaiMt. 
IttT.LanlA.CllTnrt.lIonilnntaraih RJlQllblli . 
Ho*. A. H. Hill. Hlfli 9jA\nt H. Itatn. 
K«. C. K. Ilaskrii, I.u>ulian V. Cbnimll. 
RcT. W. JUDM. IliiiDii K. WirwirkMhlre. 
B*v. H.J«IMI.A(hlrwjihR.uulV.<11<>.CIoync. 
KVT. W. U.Jvna. Mottr»iu-ln-Luoi[dfn<Utc V. 

IUt. O' KiMnHlor, Si Paul PC SUurliouBB. 

R<i A.Lyall.St.Uionis-IIai^kchiircti R. LoniJan. 

Kn. J, f.fDn*, 'miinclUTa V llucx- 

■((■, R. Hun, Loiut wliklton l(. Lrlnulnnri . 

R(T. — HMd*. BAiriapillnne V. ilia. C1d<>». 

IUt. W. HaDltn, WIiidkII U. lUntA. 

Rar. W. C. Moion , Kltbun V. Uuroliwhin', 

B«T. W. P«i»rwo, Ut>1ij TrinitT r.C- C«a- 

brook. Kdiii. 
K(*, II. ^ l^iIUnl, tAltiofrton V. Ll4frolii*hii«. 
KfvS.T fiPMDii.umt Hr*i»1(>ii K Norfulk, 
Re*. (I.H I'llre. Aifi KCIUInii. 
Me*. 8> Al. friilcnDre, Urc«n uitl acrnuie V. 

Km- R. T. PoUenry, A«bl(T B. Nonbtmii, 
Be*. W, L. BomitbAli, Hufr Trlnil* I'C WU- 

lankill, SUffiint>nir*. 
Rer, W. Hh«p|«ii), EilK«vlnV. dia. Eluhln. 
B«v. C W. H. H. 9ido**,Cooi1or«tnBf V. NaTT. 

Vm. C I. Bnllkk HrithV. K«dI. 
Br*. E. ^pnlm, TiuIiUiiban SL M*rr R. Hatr. 
■(*■. C' nMDpMn, ^ulh Ulinnii V MliLili. 
■m. A. W. L'[>cllM,4Uh1KltIlliinHll. Notfalk. 
B**. C Ctlermarrk, Wllhironibe-aiirlelrb 

PC. D«*«n. 
R«*. J. WUnu, SI. Paler P «: Hiinn. ana. 
Re*. C r. WlliliHon. Allcicllirc IM' Vorkih. 
Rer, T. mUn, Klitcnly H. itio. LlmcTlck. 

n CAajvtotai^iM. 
Re*. K. B. IWicr, BumlDlnE ChapUIn to the 

BIAni of MmIA. 
n«r. W. M, Bnarord (R. cf V«tl-U*an), In 

L«nl Cbwurrllor. 
Rer. J. D. C!*niiir. I.'iilix]. F.lhiio. Kanl. 
He*. R. IliwI, (1 il.* RoUn^r. 
ICe*. J.A. MbIAIu. I'Aloiiial.Ceflore. 
Re*. U, lloiMlHB.GKil.lmoniuiui.Karrulk 
Rer. A. M. nillocl, .\BTlani, Uxion Hlicei. 


Gkvt. Mar. V«L. XXXIX. 

Ven. K. A. AiovtawA (Arclulwwn of Healb), 

Eiaiulnin£Ch*|itBin lalhfl Bialiop of MmUB ■ 
Re*, i. C. ThninpMii. Kiut RliJluc llDute of 
Corr«*tlOn, Uc*6tl»y. Vorlmhire. 

C>)ltfgMt anit Sritotailit Appointmnili. 

R«T- B. H. ComIf. tlul*rin Lrclarnr, Ckmb. 
R«*. W. i)e Biirah, Doniiellm Lwluror, UnJ- 

Ttnltv ot Dublin, IHU. 
Rav. P. V. M. niknl. Fallow >n4 Sub-Wftnlrn 

cfCtiliet'a CallcfTi Taa mania. 
Kcv. v.. n. Oooiinird, Hi-Jil SUtirr ■»( Elvn. 
Uft. C C lUmny. tl.ll, Pnin-nt nf Klon. 
UrT. J. MilibsM*. PrnrnlKitiililLi uF Phrtical 

i^rltnCfi, >■(. Uaiiil'B Cullnn. [!dinurl(v. 
Rgt. J. PorWr, llaibcinulcal Ma.ibT.DlllfKi*'^ 

liwlltdtluo. 1'arTln, (liriiilrj- 
Rrr. C. P 8b«1i*nl, llr*-l MmKnblii nt (he 

(IraiuiiMr tMoul. ^uJliurT. !«iill«1k. 
H«ir. J. II. Tratrrs, Govtnior of Alforil Gnin- 

an\t f<hov\. 
Kn. U'. Uauod, ittanA Ma>iv[>l>>|. cf llie 

Vt. U. JuDH,H A. Vlrw-PriiK'llMl uribf NM' 

full Trali-lajf Colltf*, CticltoDham. 
M. Mailer H.A. Lrctiirmhin a( Almlolii Ut(- 

ntnre, BalTenitv otOttaiA. 
J. 0*l>Mn, eaq. vicr-I'rniilrm nf (Jurcn'i 

A. SoiKb, 8,A. Vlcg-PrlnapilorHudilcnnold 


JBmHK».,-r. M, lit tol. fat Uer. f. II. 
UarAer, rfiul BarlKr. 


iW T. AiUirllc-n Mowbray, lli« Hon. Hn. 

CoveDlry.aion. IG. AlCulOD.MaviKwEb, 

llie )lAr(bi«nna nf Ktldarf.awn. .\l Kin. 

naini caaEIc, N.U., UJf CkthertlMCaniecIca 

(Ian. Al Hlniilfi) tiovi«i Wort-. ihvOLiiiiiiM* 

Henri di Kan DninUnDi a ton Al ncbtn- 

bam ifcantf*. th* Hnn. Mra. J. il*<llniifili]. a 

•AQ 90. AlCaiic KndhoiiM-.llir. (ti-Mrlfc 

of W. tl. Vwiildiire^fi. «r|. p Kill ami hdr. 

31. Itic Ijily Itnntinciowfr. a dm. 

30. VlKDanlCM Utldttouc, a h)u >n<l Iidi. 

At Snion park. I^a>- ILonM, a wn.. — 

M. At Kalon »<), IS* "Kf- nf Majnr l)rm»by 

Oan*,a«an. W. Al iijc Hrctui). Ilniiac> 

Itordbury, cbt wtl* of ihr Il')ii. tnii Rev. Oo- 

■]i>l[ihlu llaaUiin, a dau. lu Ucrkcler aq, 

Ihe wlfg oT Srdney Hraitkc vi.\. a lUci. 

30. At HraiTi p-foril ^l/e^r, Ibc xiff of Tre- 

hanki' KdriiiFb. pH], ailau. il. At Bviidd 

bouif, IUfn>-), ^'l)rrry. thv lion. Mr*. tUward 
Wralti'slcTi a dau.— Al Hcimr. Ill* "nlft ol 
AD<lr«w lli]<'l>ani»,Mij. H. M. MlnlalnrPlrjup. 
lo IIm 3ni»» CvnfTiIf (niitfii. a tlau. 

/aa- 1. At KiUvMII. Livcrjinol, Hid iTIfe 0< 
lb* Hcv. J. ^. H^jotOfi. IMneipal ol tlio Col. 
Irflnir Instidiilon, i lUu,. — -Al Uublln, Ibo 
Han. Mm. tlaKill, a dnu.^— At rnreal Mil, 

trie vilrtorilriiry^>nBi<tii(,«tq. BanjaiaTtl 

^rii». a tun ) AICIk i*rlarr. Wlt(fw«ll, 

Mt>. U . Iniiiinofrr. mliti. -Al ulmSlailfa 

■tic- VlicniiNii'x rii Hill Ian ri(. prtmaumlTi a 

•DB. who aiin'lt »d only ■ tm hoan. T. Al 

ihB L>Dil|[e, Goldincion. Ileili, Ibc nifn nf A- 

Mcllor, Mf|. aaon. Al Rlcbmanil tbe olts 

of Uraiuby II. CMF«r, aq. 1I«iik*I CItiI Scrr. 
a dau.^-^. Al llie Hsctorr, Uamcf. Sutrey, 

lb* Hife of lb* Rft R. E.OopWo". > Ata 

Id. In Uviwi fVoburnpl. Mrf.Cliarlri Kiiinr. 
ton. Upper TooilBf , a aon —At rallapit, 
Dc*on, iht "rtfc »f W. n Fpiitucm, c*q. « 

itui. II. Al Chaaliam *i. tbe Cotmlaw of 

IXuil, awn.-~.U. Al Ewt lUrxboll lodR*. 
Bunolk. ilic ntlc ol Utm^wa. PmIc, 
a *on. ij. Al i^liailoa-emwMa, NmMIc, 





Mm- Cbartca Mank«i * Ma imI htlr. — 
.It QirtnMMnw. SoOMk^At ttau- Mn. nu- 
fewtld M«T> ■ MK.— ^iw •tr« or l»mr* 
ttMWf r«lnl«, Mq. nt Co^dhan. Kinhin, % 

Ca II, Al Um (team*, tUpMorluin, 
J* A ■%<>■>■ ntt(3u«iie«, * Mn. 


A*. . . ISM. Af AilflAlil*, l^lfe AnMnU*. 
, BUpkcDMU Hun SmU; m«, cf Otrahmaak. 
^■»ij« MB or (k» toWlupk<MOii 3fcufr.n«. 

Uf Ka««Mn»-«paa-'r|Br, W OillwdBt-UMf, 

ttOMrddau. at iW lii»lr*nrT9b9iilFvank, mo. 
(MWIirl ll«rb«tHj|i> 
How I4l AI OUkl Kn> ZMUnI, tbt V«B. 
ncMNcon I )rt»iat amtfUl*. U Ril*, Ikim 
. of iWr Vrn ArcbdMOM Umtt VtlliMaa. 
— At IMtl LllXKoa, ytm KcBttad, Ckuin 
aha JWctewL Ulllr Ilaokhaa^ 9i*rr«ri 
BkaMot, louuent dau ol Ihr Ul(r Jaliu 
nbf«v, Md. orl^nnor, lUap. 
t; At JrriL'ho. Vao UtaMD** ImmI. Bobl. 
' Kklilfi (Varlr, nq H.A., J. P. •( UMWdMv. 
~oTl I4>lllp, «r IXxintnf c«*< Ckmbrliln, lu 
■Uiiilae^ia*, TOiiNt*at (taa. of iIm mTc Dr. 
■sdiSMk, tmnanu 

_Am« W. At bal MalUaaid, Knr 8mUi 

. AKbV'BdMnL AiaiA Ma of Iha ttev. 

iWnrf MavK, Cu«* af OloacMlar, lu 

■■ Biubctti, nnHnal dau. of Ikp Her. 6. K 


ij jIatf.S. AlSVilan, H. DcHv, nu. «4Utcr- 

^hoal )Wa«, ■»« of U* t«i« llavl.1 nMO<. *au. 

tMilcifc M OOicTlf. mini Ami. at t. ftabb*. 

**•• iltlTibKT. WllUun, aeMntl am «f ifca 


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NyVto MMtWTnliwnej'-firace, rfMldM. 

rUmirt RInaitl II**. lartM*. 

X-yt. U. A( »ccMM«tnM, Opt. AM^tfi* 

,, JbhrrI ntrmiot. Wit HidnaQKr. M(ond wn 

■ AT TluHsw Tbotahm. «a«. of Wv^dbja. (Mf. 

19 UatxaiM, aa>r iUil or liaiot UalblMn 

Divlilaaq. II.M. 

ID, AlHtl-l4lli«TK.Au»tntbbaMaerR"ai^v> 
cau. lo Luf relU-Nrraiiaar, accMMl «ia. of thr 
bUUiol.W-. nu«,l.K.ta|a«rXMB«rtk 

Ott.h. At aanpodt, WiUlani ir.fiidr.Ml. 
U ftmilr-CuvilM. third dtn. af llMbu i). 
Ctau*. nq. o( HnfaBora, 

W. Al Xamdw, 8daidt Urat, Chart** 
MtHon WiBk* J<mm, SontMr lUnbUah. vo 
Fanav'Man&ftt, ilta. <rf Ike rer. Urlunt 
of SiKunllr lte|il(*, !<,. Cltic.- 

Jg. AiCajiipro*)!, Jamn-AracM.Mt'itkilaoii 
of Ibeniaa iFdvJ, cm. UIo •# Ailfelttvonfe, 
QOrtlMDEilaMb. to ■rranara-LMlBi.ieaacMi 
aa-arthvUt* a**, wiiiian rum, Rt«i»t «f «i_vn 
Bnoabuni, NonbamliarUiid. — Al Uacm. ewi.— — . 
J*inM nn<l|rt« JMirMfr, au). to Sink-Au, v*t* B< 

jMcftdiu.W Robert KMBr)!. aiq. ol Brlltan, VMBftM 

Sa. Xl R*rni<>da. OigOln KNuiJ f. ITara. 
MaBtrl. forl-AiUDtani. »>n or MM^rK. M. 
Utt*. nr Ilimnutfi. ta nnny-L^ulu. Hd»t 


A. '1 
fv,: ui'W 

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111 ^^f J ttlahirorlh. paq. 

kri. (u KllaiA, ^ltl*tl daq. 

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I'Urt. ITlB Hti. ^^AlKa BMIatI 

i'»nii*vf9l Ao'lrt^-tt-rLoa. 

I I < vind Mit ol tbr hie l.lrni (icn. 

B « . [< Sfjly, II K I i: •«, Ie niulfcll, oKly 

'-1. of [kaUtt Jen. ll»ll'lil''>jD>i., rM. 

■. AIC*kUf(, ltiii>K«V. llMirv |iu>II'')/rM«jw, 
.«M«>rib*UI*C>i>* llmnJtMopp, 



\TOf raraiUll huuat,' bwx.7o TTu^ 
' I, aUaai dui. of Jaa>H Cklsuit, «wi- 

<«Osbarr. — Ail f a*aritoiiH»HWaaiw— ■ 
tndvTkk Cktrtta Ofwf, r*^. aunwD. Utli 
Kml to bniH. dan. <:d Onirt* "■T. nq- "I 
MihM-Bnt'HlttacboaiM, Kaai. 

i. At OMilcr, K«ril>* Pvrf, taq. onl) wn 
<i J. U. PtfTT. aaq. QC. M UraliaB, aMM 
dau. Dlthcuu Otar-AdB. SlrlboBBtLMbtr. 

W. Al SI. PiMna N'twCliami, m^cftck 
VnUan ffMtfM, tv|- tWtal wa o( U« lata 
llaanr WDiUn Huiioa, ««)■ af Mafrrtn, lo 
Sanh-laaMla. loaacK daa. of CharWa CM- 

■lock, nq. of niirtaa cmc — Ai * t 

H«MW«-*<1- Ot Hoa. lUbwl NtTlba 
Capl. Sd LUi Oaarda, aacoai oob rf 
Lard Waoiaek, to <i(«rftaM-SBllT. |< 
dau. of Ik* lal* Oan- Vati Ed*ud Sm 

II. Ar llalk.OluCi««rth.aBa.<^lli 
lo M*r><-AHii, cUeal daa. of U* Ut* 

(if*. Hi> IdwMd Baram, a.C.B. 

IS. A( IK. MArrlitMiiui, Kmnatb tlttUm. 
on. of K«ta« CMllo. <«. Catibocw. i» Jmn, 
widow altJ.R. Baiebar, raq. af Wolbackal. 

tk A( Rtooolb, 1^1. BrMHw. Mb tor. 
(tdot aon of M^oMin. tUr U«arT UrawM, 
«r Brvni 
llanrtin, I 

V Til t^»ta«ilfct^»a«b«. •***««.] 
Ili»ii Amtfnom, IIA. Otnle of Bl NT 
Uffbr. lo SMbH-Jan*, Miy dan. of U' 
J«kn Ttracr, ««. of Anwdal. — Al A 
Uif. Ut fta*. Kndrrtelb Mftr. iMOcd 
iimm C P>Wr, nq. of lt*tf*tan. U 
Woodiudtk ftarnr. to Cbattotw. roa 
*«. of tba taM Mm ftD». 0M|. «l «c- 
— At Uikbwib, ihi KcT. J. H'ti 
Victr of BrMua. CaMbtrtind. to 

atconddau. oT DraablBiOM^ii. At ] 

lOo-MOBcbtlaM. KMt, Ibebt. r. B. C 
dau. o( loba Jacl;wiB Bint, en.— Al ^ . 
oiklbr-HiU, LaM. th* Hav. i. U./#an, ! 
orJnilaODlkR.QUBbrldfPiaoid Inrambral al 
M. AaniHa^t. LItafpuoT, IS Amn-MirT. ''•"' 
of ibi bu Ret. E. Ronla. Rector wf tktnioH. 

AI8I. MKlMl't.CliMlff', th« Rrr. lltDrr 

CmmJiJr, U.A. VInr «f lAilIuall. hW IUkI 

■a*ci7Lk«i'<l«n.SirnobcnC«ulillb, lUt.ia 

Uarr-Aor"*^*^') ■*** "'^ •'*'■*'' B'^wi. 
Uart. of RiroaUHi aail ArdnaiBWCiuo,iJLI> 

At DnMT.Catfl. r.J.I'aiil(>K.Ho):*IWMt 

Fualttat, to Man-Anatk tldart din. el Ibe 
tit«KubFiitl«nkla,'*<l- or ^<^ <>**<■• ^*"l*' 

Al AotU K»q(. Wil'-""'l'^ i-I .Ijw, Mq 

of CiiBilm Tonti. ' : i c(, •r««n<l 

daa. of tf AI«. » > ^ Al «. 

Janta'a, OlOBMUti. '.■■: i\.. J-^n K«rrM, 
H.A. Pnp. Cunlo »l UU Cluulti. ta Ann- 
niaaWlb, MCditd da«< of ibt tt(« JMtf« II<)m, 

ewi. At Abartard. Yort«litr«. Vbt Kri.Cba*. 

I>at> £•'"•' ^'W or AberfMil. lo InNU*. 
irDaB|taiiU«>i>rilwlai«KcT. J, LwidcQi vicar 
of AbtrterA. — At SL PiBoaa, Joba JollM 
■War. XJk. oT Clradalouifa, fc. t* rnacw- 
Albcnloa. IMWtal ilan. of ilH luf Jia« 

FWUInc, of I^Ulnnll. Use <At UaaiiMr- 

aotlih, Mf. J. IT. irAMw, nf aMlbamnlow, lo 
tA«>k.Cilb*rlii& MgnfM <■«. af u« lata 
J«*(|d> CaUlBffMrad. «M.of KonbanploA, and 

Dlarr of Ada. Sir Haiti t^sat. K CR. Al 

ntKUordi8sin,T fTwYnt, rw) of KhI IXr*- 
ktni, KorfDIk, to BHiabHb. atmnd dan. of the 
!at« liriIliia»p*«M.wi "f lt*lloB.Yerk(hlr«. 

At CbilM Oiorth, HvTkbona, IUid<-l|>h 

U«rt Harm*. h«. af Suiaaa. M Olllwnnc. 
Loaua, (Utal daa. of lh( lOa WUIUm Wmt, 

taq. ILA. of Her M^niii'* MtM. Al Da^ 

niofteo. Ilrraf. Hrfnna* Rmw, Mf. at MRM 
CovtI. to HATrttl, d*D. vt Kwbard Wtbti, aaq. 
of Donalnaimi bill. 
». AlK«la«.N.aCbarl«*-Unnl-B«1Mia, 







fWtr-at-tow, of WniininMrr. m Mmhiiii 
■ um iintt. an)r itav. of IMrtA Vital, du 
b«Mk«r. pt IUm. At 61.-- • •• 

b«Mk«r. p( IUm. At et. OMne^ Mannn too, TlaaM, MawM~ acv af Ilis Mt Ou 

•Mrw. WJlliMBUanT»«rilw>7,i^.llMicU MMwn, «.M. E.TJt. Is Rwilr, Mir dU. 

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mWaa OortM ConmMw. BMt Ai Smi- 

MtM, Hall. John V.M«T V«°M*, M. «f 

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Ika lAM UMam iMua. 
ItL Al nnnoath. William UaAn. wj. «f 

Maick anorl. tUni and SBirlaal faauw, Uirfc. 

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pidifMll. «•«. af KiBlMk, UAowUa. roDuoal 
Sm. ar Iba toe Hatar'Ucn. tit AicblULi Qal- 
tomr. KCH. — -At 8[>Mdiw. DtTb. Adam 
WaM»glf», ma. barri(l«r«l4a«. af Darlor 
dale, MW HMbct. lo maas-Bieharduni. 
■air ilw lal* Roc*r Cat. *u. of 8yoBdi>n 

Ml. At Elaniwy, JacuM.^Ml amof Wn. 

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' Hbalti-Jana, cUkai dan. vl Mdunl Clir. oaq. 

•r Mttaitrtl blU. Al IIdIL Ih* Hn .n. Batbo 

AmT. CofaU vt BninJnbuH**). to EIIm-OUI, 
wtomA lUa, of Jafan Tiilsr. *h|- of 11*11'- tu»> 

torm. Al All iliirid', KulghtiliiiJcr. Jm. 

Jaiw, caq. of Knifliulir>d|[c. in Mu)-ltal*, 
Jan. of III'' iitr (;. limrib. tv\. M. K. iiit>ntur. 

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MK Ifd^, lUli LlilLI InAntn. loanirnl aon 

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niM'tlanrletta. Kdti>< duu. of ihunc-aa tia- 
tidaoa, *<q. of Tdloch fatti*, lod (nndiui. 

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l#W«UkaUift tba fUr. rrucil XM^Md, 

FtMlorof f)uthlfu|ba«.Kartha«ptanililn,and 

«r OiMt UiArd, Bntlt. la Tnaiwa-AnB*, 

■•coad dao. of Bjlmilvr KiclimoniJ, aHi. iatt 

•f tha «Mk RaslMml. 

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Bob. Lord ^ JItanrtfrr, |i> Klraiiiir-Amrlia. 
•U«4l din. «f Mr W. (1. Itfllf>n JnllliTk. Harl 

MP. AlW. MAry'iliii^CuilcHaiiinKa. 

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•f Uia WM J*M Writtil, ct<.| of AKkbuB pL 

Nam. At W. Jinca'*, l-adilliiKlan. Kdward 

Maccaa /^.of ^ilVdtM, Deron, 
|a tibb(lla>2(iliinL roaomal daa- «f Ihr Ulr 
Kar. H. T. Umavttl, Vint of Cmeh Si. 

Kkkael.t>0«l. JU biatt'iniinr. Ilfsry Alfred 

JVMaa. eiq. M.U. Munlijcot i>t. UmuU ui. id 
Vnaaea, «uIt ilao. o( Thumaa WiliUuoi «*s- 
M ■wniniwiia.^— At KHmoDtoo, auiliMa 
Soalavy, at^ of UoMmfirrn. naar PUuMUt. 
McDod aon of UaniH Hell Hnuburj. faq. ef 
ClMktm. e«rr«y, ti> KmllTi aldaat dao. of 
Uchard Sootb anitli. raij. of Miutar, Bd- 

■L Al DiRoo,'niMaaa,elda«l aaa of TVo*. 
jMmtb, *«4- or Kaimlrictcia p«rk, to Jaiia, 

••cDnd dau. ttf Iha lata lUBt Uitiban. rmf. 

M-D. or Windtor lodra. Swantca, 

Lmit, M-D. oT^raSaM (LlOflanJi'ltehuii. 

mVlawtlfni. W. Ca»,«at. At :kiiiibai»n. 

— ac« af Ills Mt.CkiH. 

At NrtrlilM^ iba R*r. >ln. BrwtMlM il 
Jlano-, le BarWa, third <Ua. of lb* bU« J. 8. 

UrnadBood. aaii. of Lyo*. Uttat II. #. 

SantifrT, tbUd >da of Air Hanry BoataiTt 
Don. Id Mm t:«rtlU Kapler, dan. of Uaol.- 

G«a. 8ir Gmrri '''apwr, K.C K. At epaaa. 

th* RcT. i>. b. Lttttt, Cwalc td CbManufoo, 
U- IraMvi-Matt. Mth Man. of the Ute Oat. 
R. ('. llmVHfc.k«ciiorofM. PnaatuVia-iW 
liaM.~-At Ctoptbame. Wore IbrlUT.CH. 
n«aanl, Cflnia or Ucr«, Salon, la Jtn#-Cark 
ban. oalr dan. of rnncia Uulliiid, ru. of 

UrDpUHanaOaort. AllVnhoyr.nim.W.O. . 

wfaaradla, aau. to Rnsaiin*, T^annal dan* , 
or Tba lata (Jolm tJotd. m>i- CarAna.^ 
Al »tlUiK*. IU«I. lb* Rav. «B. iSUnt, of ' 
LfMiaWi to Kllcn-Coain. ircmd <t«i. of tba 

Rev, J. il. BMItatr. at •rllla^. At Tiiiiiir, 

Vtalfeawm tcir. {(nine fredtrlck tUamterf, 
aaq. of 84. PMttvbai*. to Moaaile-aaMnDA< 
Japr, rldntdiv.or Lni*it UiMabarK, aaq. ol 
[^lacannlens, K*ii*inKli>n ——At rttlHawalk 
KIM*, Jaftn J>aMo, m>|. O.K. to Uiu.AdUfi(. 
{Mu aUaal dau. or Ibr lilD TV'ilUani Htnry 
Petlar, aa^ tiu of WauHaad, and nlrta of Iha 
latoO. RTTvMr, M4. t.UJi. 
Lttdjf. Attinat HlMbani. Norfoiii. Wm. 

Rjder AuraoT. eiq. or HnMnliill, Tt<ldlnclon| 
10 Rom licCkrc, iOBiu«t its. or Die lUr. 
Ow i M $ttm noi1\l. c-t Gmt \hrchuo. — - 
AtSL Mlcbacl-ii. OtcHei an. ('. ^ TrrwtlttI, 
Uml R.N. onl) ion of Vl^ Aillu. TrrmlrCt, 
l« Ibplat* UtiD-Ctl.Ctsrna 
Ori- I. At Paddiogtoti, Robert Ca»W,aaq. 

or i>niit>urDaxli. alikal «qq of Ctfrt, B. Cookt. 
lale atb I^ncara. lo Rmllr. TOo"f**t Djiu. or 
ill* lac( J«Itn Bury, oiq. OlScarburvusli. 

1. At Ijaocnlaalar. iha Rat. Vimmi Oruin 
fimitf, liacior W l««ibaipt> OImw . (auitli aoN 
orucn ^rJohnautlf. Hart. In klan-Marrlal. 

ElUDgHt d*U.or KotMrt lAlia. I*^. ot lilt K)r- 
nd>. Ilaraf. — Al SldbniT. t>c<i>n, niniiiaa 
L'lMrl»Uani«I/.nu SIM UFDpll^.I rcoi i w rt 
Manflbc: Hn. N. W. IJirnrll. ItfCtsr tf SGw 
l>i>|i«. Id l^inllT.Jinr. vouni:<-ii iau. of Mitai 


nnr dlilmouih. Ai Nilon. lale al Wksu, 

AIiUBiItr UiuliMI /•»•, **n. aldMt aon of 
Wllllani Milrbdl limti. rwi- of Alton rfltlFr. 
llanrlcLablrr. lcFKnr>v-Aii|iiUJi,Viiii>j|'r>l ilia, 
of lliaUtt JaiocaVior, aq. <il l>acUii<:(. Iilc 

or ni(b1. Al St- MuhV •iarbHon. ilit Kr'. 

M. ilnmr, Ktclur uf Ultk lti<nii«.a<l. Ilida, 
and tYllow 0(01. Job n'l mil. (amt. lofiancei, 
younaaai dan. or (ha litt John tVhni«r, tti\. 
nl l-nstvirti, ManelMater. — At at- Mutlo'a- 
iD-tba-Aalda. Bd«1n Cu*6<rr. aau, or itny\*. 
bout, ftturth •OB of WintaiD ColibvU, m, of 
Huobtiryi la KntilT-UarT-Ano, jwun^ni luo. 
ol Ikt lair Ki<4iar(l Cvhli* Et. nq. of Narlbom- 

bcrUnd ^itett aiul Kabcr. At WMtchurcli, 

ShNijiaJilra. Iba Ra*. Uamr >l- '*!'■*■ M.A. 
I^ip. Corata or Aata> lo rriuct>>-n:iiiiii. onlr 

fhildorciaonaCararr.aap.of nhiithiirrfi. 

At Briibton. AJrmlJfaMfr.foii. ur hrvhlvn. 

lo Muy. founcaai dau. or the iat« Diuium 

Pullat, Mq. tVt. R.A. of HcatliAcM Al 

KdlntDnh, liir Hanr; Janin St\va Sttmart, 
UafL of AlUnton. tat:ilialwtn. Hd«I Jto. w 
KotNin Moiiti^iiorrT. n<i. 

4. AKlxfuia. j.L'. sifwn^. NO. er \\iil*a- 
tioroufh, Ucul, lo Cllara. ■ctuiid d*u. or tba 

UlrUit Kmerton.ILN Al I'Dtiin.H R.W. 

Llmjfrt.r^t, A*BtBf4iil tr^tfciBjj lalbvComuiil- 
It* at i'liTT (Jouncll on Educailon, lu Unina. 
aMondiUa. of Robert tlutton, cm. of t^ilnay 
park.— Al l^diUiiitaii. Hobari l^«i i'lord. 



[Feb. ' 

ma. tktrd mn at Mtin-ata. Mr Hwry VIOTd. 
But. M Mw7'-jMf,«alT'««-orHM«TOun. 

■u. Of ATAIbnl. SUBMMll. AIM. (kam^ 

U»D«r*r ig. DmM, t«<>uw< mm «( tb« 1U« 
WUHUD ini(». (M. or H.M. Wlh BwL U 
lUiTTi- uhr dan. of AUtad L«nMU, >•«. at 
TWIimtk MraM. At aiU-Mfsrd, Thomm 

Asm. iMnl dn. of WlllMB^MCk*,c*4.«f 
\tm Fir TtM Wnw, HanOtr. _ 

7. A> llilrbva. T. W. tn>y, au- «f W«*t- 
twnrlMg*. toBliu. Mcoad<ua.M J.HmvMi 
Mq. Bf lllitiiam lull. — At UarlMM. Kortk. 
■■pwih OdI WinUm Arafv. UebI-CoI. 
tM RMfateoadidaiif UiebteK**. P. r^oii*- 
bnd Amntr, [> D. lo IIaiiViu-Uuu, tbsd 
«M. •! U>« UU Adm. Itw Hun. 9m Rah*it 
flli«|lhli, MMt wTdow •r U>Ni IlMry RuhH. 
At 81. Hint<*'^*>'^ l»an ltmHi«itam, nq. 
»I1mi Ma •* thf 111* ArrtalbaM HocMBui.aaq. 
•rcurlM Uak, Arnhtr*, ts HH7.Jwie, 4ui. 

ar Ik* M* David CinMlwn. «iq. I«.r At 

CalcbHtor, DaiiM JTiaitBH. o^. af LMmtcfl. 
■inb aoB of Oantd RM Maadon, aaq. «f 
BMWrah hMW, BaOMk. to Hut-IwiIIImi, 
•aiT dao. or Joba TbuMa IMn, aaq. W Batd 
tau. OokhMtr. — Ai Soke 3t«iria«ta«. ito 
>ev. Hvorr £<■■«<'. lU- Cant* of Cnabraot, 
KaaL ta Mitt Cbdn, Toanctr dii of Hr. 

RlhtrM^^n, of ChatLun. AI OiorMsa, 

Ural, anil AiljuUDI Adolpti Hfrmwia Btrgrr, 
Mk moaiaa iBlkMn. oUM mm cfUianaiar 

M* Ttiwiai AKknr Poadi^ hi), of Momoor 
■a. Dablta. 

(0. AI St, Oaorte^ fUaorri tqaair. Itbnli 
.Vaboa taq. o( Cbarlu at. St. Junn'i u. la 
JoHa-auar*. Tooartal dan. of LMin.-0<a. 

Brim- r.BJ-af MallT lod(a. UadBHd. i 
if. At T«<n«a. TbonM l*m»ard. ot^ af 

LMidiM, In Awo, lakloa at Joka CotUaa. aao. 
IS. At BwtUVt-, Ike RfT. M. W. BmAm, 

lanmbfM oT RatKtUIk. w U»Ma. cWcai dM. 

or w.p. imiMi.eM.«rNMKiiff;t. — ai dtw. 

IWM«.wi4ke.imae, oie Rn. Willan /mar. vf 
nwrsflcU. Haato, to Sanh-lkncarM. aatottd 
daa. of Mr. Jokn rortn, vT Lnaba PHorr, 
Komi.-— AI Utalrartb. JiiMa wirtaqnon 
SmUt, Mq. H.D. ts ADa>.Uaria CkoNfUU. 
««dea( du. of Ika kta HtTUt a«*d. (■«. af >«»• 
DyM#d*, BmIi>- 

K. AI^>iMlliaMn«M,0«on«l{«sri JtrrfM- 
(M, ai^ . Ur of Ika Klnt^ DraiMB tiBMfla, 
eldnt *t>a «f Oowk* IKarr Bnl^Ma, «n. «f 
Colclmirr, la laibrl'Laaartt*, naOflrM on. 
or J<An HdfriOM PsrtiM, laq. of HirTT Oak. 

HmU. AI WMVnltr, Ue Rrt. Uclarlai 

iW, M.A. BMtor of KouhtwKk, Wafv. 
t* Hana<BluaMlk. ddM dHi. at J. 1>. Sbttt- 
paid. «a«. of WoiraBt(r.— AI Sartonask, 
ih« Bar. Joba Oof**, M.A. L«c*ln ortkcr, 
Oxflwd, CUnte of Scartaaawk. is HanlBNa. 

Kobst BaU JCaOt*. caq. M.n Ibfwrli «r 

kUdaln. U amk-l^aften. «UMt dBK, af if B. 

Wllaen, faq. of Iticburad. THtoar. At ». 

MaryMoM. lUmrd Jlnait'»^ *•«• •'i*- 
■ttrgeon of Iki irat-daaa, lo CatknlDt. IMlfk 
du. ofika W* Ra*. Wn. hMv, of nakal, 
Vmn. — *l Onal Itdnn, Wattar AM, 

QttBa«oaiMola(llyttao,Mq. AISt.l>lcr*a rti). t:*rl lf.Rir.!i. to Jaa*. fWnl dan- «j 

Ruan M. JakD HMrr Wndkaai /Ttv. oalv Ufui^iirn liinii.C il IU)«lBn| — AlOob- 
•m af folw KLoii aoq. ot OtoaT«*«r pi. aad lu. JanwiJ. J>i><Miiit. ^ag.toaarilirUU'Jat. 
~ ~ ' ~ IXMiotMI. e«i. •( Huckhun hill. (HtMat, 10 

Anna, dan. af tbe 1bi« Oco. BraddM, ««•. t4 
rnupHL CD, Wnb(d.-7— AI LuMnk, Wi 

Mk maaiaa iBlkMn. aUM mm cfUianaiar 
•nn-, u nMcaa-KllMbt«k.ool]r cbMaftba 
MaTkeoaa Clarka. aaq. U-D- 

■. AI Oalbani, Smmi, llvonr OMrg* 
IMMLoaq. M.P. •Mat win at Uic Htm. Iliaiir 
Iidddi, of th« Ut* 

CoaiM hMW, Sman.uRnttr-Marr-TMaaCMt 

Jm. of Ladr BliallMlb UtVMO and Ik* 1if» 

Bob. Lionel Iia«wra.-^Ai Ai4wkk, near 
lltBck*al«r, Bt^lamtn. roaafMI tMi At Tkaa. 
ffoaU, taq «( lUckatanxnNib, llcrU, w KUia- 
bMk. IkUd dan- of llM X«. Ckwia AKOrd, 
RcMor of Weal QiwbIoiIhmI, torn, 

9. AI St. ADiiPii. r. iflakr, caa. la Htrr- 
KraiL(v*-BIIuWlli-Grer<a, mIv &a. of t«>r 
JCMiib Unitaaaitto* — AI 8l.]a«ca*«, WeM- 
■ilaiter. UMU-Cot. tU Um. Alex. OonfM, 
•ccood aan of ihc Bar! of Abodaeoi to CMii> 
tioo-Emtlit-MarT. »Ma«l dau. of Sir I. F. W. 

H«nohrl, Ran. At Harvlini, lb* Rev. T. 

iVorria. of Urtditard, lo Ano, dau, uf Joba tl. 
Ikaacbamp. mo. of tjoal Uo* IiihiM(^dm' 
t^QM.— At Mlbirirk, Hilb, John Witlt- 
iMd, NO. bamaor-at-lav, in Jaa*-PUiappa. 
llaakimrJir, prannal dan. at Ibr M« 

nttntr, a*4. of nuniilnaa*. to. W»iIom1. 

AI HmAoo P>k<>i.-II, th* miitraer «f Aclkur 
AUmiratM, m|.G. II. l/tmo. fq.vt tUnuiKB, 
UOBibartoiuhlre. ind (ItmI Ottngt tl. W«t. 
nlk)lr>. Id Caihninc-KltHbHli, raaa(*at daa. 
of Ikt laic Ckrlalopbn Aaltaianha. caa. at 
Balk. AI AalM. II«n>. WflUua JiArtoa 

Hanani'RliBMh, IMrd dau. of lb« Ma lUr. 
Woultoir Uitli BniBMi, Kprtor of UMtr Wnt. 
tord. aiidrai«iIt.n,llunLi. — AlUMIcaaCa 
boaaa, bllnbuHb. Jamea LuAoa Umrtitm, caq. 
Il.l>. of Lirnl Ualvrrn. to Uarf.Lyon, (burlli 
dau. i>tltip tnit ''. (.^<apli<ll,cwi vr Jura, N.U. 
-^.\t iiotton. NorthiiDpUiaik.tbrRav.Oraii- 

tWeSvkH tloHanl fyn, lUctM of BaugWin 
■ad rflafonl, SRb son of Om. Howard rirar, 
af eiok« plan. Sloaah. Owkk. to Utly-AojiB, 
■acoml dao of the laie Ma)«(Uiiiiiilar. ITili 
Mai. Inf. — At Caiieanlifii. tbr Kar. iImiimi 
HUhh, Ciirati- a! St. nitld'* |« Rlt«ab«th- 
PnKuo. youiicnl lUn. «f Ik* MM Rn. J>, tl. 
aaaailffa. M.A. RMtoraf aiafBi«B.p*ink — 
At SL OfOTir'a, ThOBiia 8i atarJkrr, tag of 
AniHb, lo>fu««»-llirr.AiiBa, dau, oilbc 

(tlnooa A^aa.caq.oT Ulavd, 10 J**a.AaM««r 
jrouactal dan. ar Ike tue TkonM ffliwr Kr> 

nwMCT, of lAMa««b todn. At Kiwnrt*. 

Aird. Wanbdev. SuOlMAhlrc. Ucmtt OMU, 
mo. of Hart* biu, uor Uodbj. la MutaaM, 
ant7dao.or joaq* W«U>, eaq. of SfdafflaM, 

uIai'si, Jmom*! I'ircaAUr. W. Q. Ton^ 
oaq. of flrda part, la ^nbowaactal dan. of 
C. II. CktAdtar, Mq. Mf of TF<*k*4liarr, aoar 
•( OravMand. — ^Al llalifki, Kvra Sbelia, 
Jamai naiaarilii* LUlr. mo. ilun. R- Art. u 
Blk*. dan. of tlK R«T. Dr. iWur. of Alpfalac- 

1«n, kutor. Dwon. At riMiaead. llob«v< 

lAmUtI*. *tn at Ktmedd>n, l>Tlhah. S.iLC., 
Rdtdburtk. toMary.dao.orJobn Uldlav, Mq. 

FlMlwoad-OB-Wnr. lAn« At tShrambarr, 

adop. ttodwlck W, JUmtv. oq. af CICTfcmir«n, 

EioK>Bl aon of thr Itlo Jobn Uoor*. a*q. tt 
lc«lta. In RrtiKca. >viin(cat daa. of feita 
Hall, ran, af stimiAiirT. 

14. At ^Stn.u)L, Ike lUr, Arthv Cbariaa 
Ga^mMM. H.U. CnrMt of .1L JMwa% Burr 
IN. KdiBDBd'a, lo Harr.Slepb*iw. obtaal daa. 

of tttt Ie«ii clerk, Janara TIbMla, in. 

At wirk«inirtk. ibe ttn. Joka PiaBda Bitri, 
MMnd ana of Halor Unn, to CMilia-Iaabella, 
eldeal dau. of P. Hurtjtin. nij. ot Hwlon ball. 
-^— AI Vinftit«1t«, Ctpiaib Jobn Bick#rsaii 
MaiMaa, »l*t Hrxt- to Uai^'Aane. Toniunl 

daa.or lh# lair'niiniu Tailu.fsq. AIPI7- 

Jmla-IUnnlnibaiB. to Marla-SsfihU. dau. nf 
ihe Ute H. n. 9iiMi(wa)i, *>-i' •>' Awpwkk 
hoDw, nrar llnilfiialeT. 

J<». II AI Asbky d«~la-2aucl>. (lit Rev. 
hlDiilunc trtUttr, ternn^ btnotl. Wttam, 
r*H, 01 l*eBD(. Wantivkililr'. lo I'rtnen-Bar- 
bara. ihB. of lb* Rev- MuioailBke Vmaaur, 
Vicar of AaUit-dNU-ZaiwIi. 





Loud Wit.i^raiiHr ok BkosR. 

Die. Ifi. At Ciiioplin V^rury, Wtt- 
wkktbirc. in tii> iMiili year, tlic Rtgbt 
Hod. IIcD/y CoyCo Verncj, <i|;litli Borou 
^'iUoiiiilibT ie Broke [I'l^ay. 

lie *» tbe Mcoad ion of JoLu m>IU 
Lord WiUon^by de ttrako. nun of Iho 
Iionlioflbc Bcddiamlicr to Kin^ tinoTyn 
the lUrd, far Lady lAnitaNatth. daughter 
of Fnndiflnl Eul of Guilford, K.G. 

Uc «aa a DKCobcr of Oriel coIJckc, Ox- 
fonl, ud «rMt«d M.A. Majr », 179?. 

Ur ■aec««(IeJ to the petitge, Hejt. 1, 
IKIO, ou tb« ilealti vl his Ijruilier Juhn 
Uie Mitnth Lmd. wlio wis uninarnin!. 

In ])44itica lie nru sLtictlr LDtiscciatiTC ; 
but he Lad taken little ur no j.-arl in publia 
KSaiia for tertrtl jrtn put. Hi- noi 
virj fond of mNhmlMl punnitB, aciil hit 
ttMe was priBoipallj daroted to Itic im- 
pnxwiDanl of bia ntalea, nod he was re- 
putad M ono of tho rkhnt fundlioldcn of 
(be ariatocrac; AltbaiiicU frooi tiia ad- 
Tantcdage hii dtatlicoulii aal lie alCajfcUiiir 
DBCi|ie«t«l, be bad been aa wctl «■ uituil 
an tlic ilaf bcfim hta death. Al midnight 
a cbangc wai pctcd«rd. and liia nllrndant 
flmad him apecchlra*. Ilu cnDiUnued In 
aa atiMMit «icnnidi)iu itate until aboat 
two o'cIocIe itic Deal Bfternooo, wheii he 
breathed bU lail. 

He married aa the :ird of March, 182!). 

M«r{>r«t, third ituui(<ilrr of Sir JoliQ Wil- 

Ban. of llodelKjrildau, Ftiittahiri', 

• who aarrires hita, vitliuu: issue. Ilia 

■ Iccilahip'a ajaler, tliB Ugii. Li'uixi Virucjr, 
r^anicd ID 1791 tbe Rer. Rutjnrl BiiciiMil, 
Iltwtaref Lighthome,Wnrw.and Pr«lienil- 

ary ul WiucbMIifr, and Lnd Utue Lnui«a. 

■ bam on Uie 2-tth July. iHiri, rniirrieiJ lo 
I JoMpli Ti>wiiMud, CMj. uf \UeaioD i and 

~ * ; J«Iia Saiaaid, born ou the ITth 

'Oci> IMW, in wkam tlic tills sQd citatct 

are now TMted. Thr prramt Lord mar- 
ried ia IM-U the third dnughlrr of M^jur- 
Gen. Thoina* WILIiani Tnjlar, C.B. of 
' Ofwel), ro. DcTon, latr Licut.-Goicrnrar 
«r the Ooyal Mililoiy CulUsc itt Saini- 
hunt. Mid hat itirue Ikq loiii- 

Tha bodjr of the Ul^Lord WM ilppo4tt«d 

In a naiL recently fDiulruolad, otar tb« 

' <liapel at Coni|iton Veriie;. uu Che 'i'ioil 

1 Dretmbcr. The roounwra were the pre- 

tacnt Lard and hij ddcat lun, Sir ]. U. 

'"Wiltiaoia, Unrt. Joteph TumiiciLd, v^q, 

Hitjh Williimi. <.>«). Willi liU two aoTU. 

I Vllliain Williaiiii, Mq. the Hon. W. O. 

{SUBlay, SfWDii^r Lucy.fK). Afnicr Lucy, 

tmq. 9k. The pall area bomc bj Sir W. 

T. WtuaL', Bart- Colourl North, ibe Iter. 

Jcba LiMiy, and t^ Rer. U. TvwuKiid, 

A nutner«u* body of teoantry beaded Iha 
proMuion; niid it wu ulonad by ilxiui two 
htmdieit laboiiren and eollagcri, each of 
whonmcdTcd aoomplete anit of manmiaf. 

Rkak-Aixc. SikTuod. Tnocuiiixii, 

Oct. 7- In Baton plaei?, Keur- Admiral 
RirThotiiMTroubtidi!*- «»"■ L-.B. Hear- 
AdmiTDl of the Red. ^ l)c|>uly Licutroant 
of the cDUDly of Eladdbxtaii. 

He wu the only ton of Admiral Tbamaa 
Troubridj^e, who wa« crcntcJ a EUniDrton 
the 3Cllh Nil*. I7M. (or liiNiinporlsnl naTal 
lerriirex, by Miw Fiaiirc* Riiclurdaii'n. 

Re entered the Nncj, Jnii. 't\, lT9T,aa 
a (uluiilcer on boan) the CninbriilKC 74, 
gitanl'alii|i nC I'lymouth, hotn which be 
WM dliirhiir|E«d in April, 1T99. In Jan. 
IKfll. h« Joined a* a mld«hl|irnnii the 
Aehille 74, CapL Georj^s Mnrisy. wlCh 
wbnin be codrquoJ, employed In tlie 
Cbaunel sad Baltic, in the Edgai 74, and 
Lcitidoii 99, until Iroiuferrod in May, 
1^02. ta the Leander £0, Cupiain Jamea 
Oughtan. lu the Edgar he nu engaged 
in Ihe liaitle of t-'opKDhigcn. fouxUt on 
the 30th April. I8U1. In July. l-UDS, ho 
waa received on board tbc Victory lOV, 
flag-chip of Lard NeboHi in lh« Mediter- 

raneaai whence, iu Aug. 1^04, be T«mo*ed 
to tbe Naroiaaiu 3'i. Capl. Rom Uaonclly, 
wliicli be left la Feb. foUoH'liig. 

In Feb. ISOO, he naa ta»Ae a LieuccDUit 
»r ti.c Blculidm 74, faurioc Ua ttther'a 
flim ill tlie Rwt Indicai and Tn tbe fallow- 
ing tfiontli ]ir Iji'Cauir- u^ting ComtnaDdcr 
ol till! Hnrrifir 1H. In July of Chat year 
be annitrd in the deatruclion ol the Dutch 
brie *-h(»iboth of H guns, under 
the fortiif Manadoi at tbe capture at the 
Bclgio of 1^ B""*! *'i^ i"' "* ■>'0*ioi> oilli 
a Dutoli Ujusdron, eanaUtinf of the Pnlhu 
fri^tate. Victoria nnd Butnvia Indirnien, 
unit Wlltidoi conoltc, «f which tbe laat 
duly oacaped capture. In the fuilamnf 
muutlk he wai made actinic Coptaio of the 
Mu:a*uc fri|(atr. and in November af thp 
Gnij'lKiundibUeotnmiaiianaa Commander 
btDrinj; the inCcrmeiltiile do-te irf Sept. ^, 

On the 12th Jon. IBOT.lila father kit 
Mndrae in tha Blenbcim, aooompanied by 
the Jita frigate and Harrier bti^, fur the 
pur|io*a cf aauiminx the obief command at 
Ibe Cape of Good Hops. 'Ilia Bleahaini 
uid Java paitod company froni Ibe Har* 
ricr on tbe night of the I »t Teh. during a 
tiolenlgaleiaiid were mot aftcrwordi beard 

of. Capl- Tri>u bridge, in the tiieyboOB^ 

Tijiily orulxed In unttt □( hi* father duriB( 


r. /. d» 7V^k< A. [Fafc. 

bf ••B-lr■ 

««.>UAk Me 
r w*ter. mA Ort. 
tSSI. Oa &« 3aA Jaw. mi. k* wm 

mm II lit i»»Wn— iM^nh 

Al Ifcf MMHl iitWIWi tl lUI ht WM 

fwMri H 9M%tmm fer iki port tl 
Mtotik. Ibr ■Mcfe hr W mA Ik «M- 
■k* h IMT, Wtta« km ra^Mm •■ 
nMMfaMt MAfwWvUtfctkmM* 
M «ffMrfte, M «• Mmm -r rwm. 

MfW Aa r^la U* Vmt. 

Is Awit. IB», be •balMl ■ Mt M tht 

uilihlMnl b Aw. lUI. fat tiw M»- 
gw* W fl>« h iiMfNih M,fc^ far Ifa 

■ Ike SU Xar. MtevkK. *a «ftidi 

£kr had Wm BB Wf-m- Ri UJ 

BvMnWOW. tl. lit*. A-u-Mvtt. 
H%- or Atelnl Iha Bm- Hr Aki- 
■i«hn«M-laffB*-C>ifc'w. O.L.B. 
IM^WI^M- Hti«Mi»dlwir.Mw 
Mh iMn»X>cfciMw T fnit r Mn,TMfc»fa 


»»lJi»«ni Waliw HB*m«,B«M. 
A'W. <«. At Bm — l i. K^ I». Sir 
llowph Wftllit llMrT, Uk lUrd But. 
TM) or AbmMI, m. Cork. 
H< «M tkt Mw Mid k*lr or Bir B<l»«t4 

I 111 liiifcwr f f — "■— "— - 
•r IUIIr«raua CHife. M. Cort. 
If« bwtM. April II. 10M. La^r M«r- 
ftet O-Sryn. tMrd aaJ foaafMl M«r of 
tka prawt MunM of Tbowmrf i •*« 
bv br UrOdp. -iw «»l i« IMI. be M 
bn« lb«r KM urf M dnckun. TIm 
tfrma»mn—\ »Bdwwd,w«iceeMeri 
1. WniM O'Sr^M nam, e«q- "*« 

■irilalliir'"— "-- ^— r^' — "**• 
Ban*f. (aq. rf iW HmV. H—H-i**. 
Mi bH IMW) 3. loMfA Jmm* ntWk 

■r Unl-XoiMri Chwita fV»^ tw 
liiliii I- 1. tHb-ltoteXteiMk m^. 
cM ia tn« to labm CarrtA C^rt%k. 
fcsAMM, M^. •# DraaipHHn-. CM. L«Mrk. 
MAlMiMw, S.H*T>krt.M*fWfaiiaM 
ta lft« y*i HMt SiMirfl.«.«..f rmr 

toCk«lnhantM.B.K. Md C^ (. 
IRMi «. E ifci lMm Mt & BafMarri 
md C pMaf.BMaMiL 

na pmMl BwoM. lb E^ 
WM haca fa IMI. ^ ail t 1 i» 

B*ji*j BvTV^ la^ af n7B%ii 
^*»* ^■lay. wf vwMM ac bm J 

Su T. J. n Tftitmaai, Babt. 

AW. I*. At Tt^KmA 
tUw, y < T4. fc nwa 
Di^an* BiA a DtpaCy 
Hat tuaaaf . 

Ha aw tw dMut ^nM 
tatoJcW TMWd. m^ at 
n^M,bT Wi liiili.aM 
pb«a VaMn- I W a m , laa. 

Ha la f^ ea t aiJ to iW ^^ < ___ 
iW JMik of kto fMWria 1 It J ; m4 omwd j 
Aa oAee af flWfir of L«a«aM« la ISM. j 
Bt wMuiMedB Bnwt WpaiaMdairt] 
iB Aac»t IMI. aa< fai datoWr aT ll«l 
•MM ttar iin t wi a rajaj nuaia h i 
Oa MtWpBfffef an* BHaa to Dt TVafttrA^. I 

Be w an W. n tW trih Awaat IMS^ 
LaBt».ABB>. tktm Jaa gMw «a4 gaMr ' 
oT IHadi CaWaa. eaa. af ffiUmriaa. m. 
0«*aa. and W tWi Mj, «W died oa IM , 
99Bi et OctoWr bat, aMj If, W ^ Waa 
!«• teat uA niaa ^aiMan. TW faiMj 

MN.— 1. UaMpbinda 'hiflM.hteaw- 
(HBor. bora la IM. aid mb hiiM i ■. 
TWawVlUM. aW diad h IS44. i» Ua 
Slit fwi 9. Jota BaMMf^M de -Rif. 
UmA, Mf . Wia 1b INQ, who maniad ia 
IBM Ladr AMtfAt CbAmm, dMcktv «f 
B«4 tZBtWanil-CWriM.CBMli S. A*. ' 
raUMa-HBry. lata of tW IM rrMiiaai 
TW dai«Wan.-l. BUmWA^w vW 
4U Sept. ieiS.B(c4St 1 lMUB.Aaaak 
■MTitwIla l«U M'nAua«W1ilamlUUdL 
Mq. at lUtoB. !(«ciWHWrlaa4 1 1. i». 

■ilnti. Burrlnl in I8S9 tataraoaala Hwry 
TcMpnu aaq. aecoad mm of tW Ian 

H.ri*.dMli^M, iaH,^u, a. 

JoBB-Smaoof , awrrM in IMltoOaorn 
Aritat ttao, n|. BUM taa of Mr Mafte 

1B53.] OaiJVARy^-Admirat Sir TTwuwM Brigg$. 


Acebtt BtiM, late Pm»d«»l cf U* Rar*! 
Urailawj . A. Cwoltn*, narrMd in IKH 
la Wm. Ger*rd WmIiiimIr;. mi). of Wral- 
wnod, CO. tiMft. : 7. S; bills. Cilbcrtne. 
Mwried in 1613 Id tbc Rei. John Siwr- 
I tWri MO of WIlliiBi BpirilBKiCiq- of 
»B h>rk, Shropaliirei B. UaUadti uid 

AvN. SiKTHOMAti Bsia&i. 

TBiM. Ifi. At Die Adinirallr IIduic. 

PotUin»alli, mA ;3, Admiral Sir TWmw 

Briji^ G.CM.O., CoDiBuuJrr.inCliinf 

af IkUport. 

Sir TiinniM Brijp «■■ Ihs only inn or 
Steplieti BriHs. raq. Chtrf Kurionn kt 
BfMiai, In Maidalme, faaniieil dsngbler 
at Janw* rariBf, 04. of L'r«iir, conntj or 
D«mfria«. biotlwr la Adm. Sir T. Hkilftr- 
aha 4l«d tn IHIIS. &iid uncl< ta the preMiit 
fUar-Adm. Sir T. S. Pailtj. H« «il#rri] 
tiM naif Sepi. ID, 1791. u lii>i-vLiU! 
on board Uic BiUcrophon 74| 
aiail«<l t>j liU uncle Capt. Palter, 
lis *Min afUrHnnli cnoinptnied, 
at nldiUpman. intn ih* Vcit|uiniN! 7l. 
ItIob in ItiE river MedwDT. Fmni April 
IT!M antil Ike: juf I7^H he wii nClached, 
tnder Cap*. C. Tflvr. lo ihr Mclufcr 3D, 
DiadfRi 01, and L'Aigle frigaU. aad {Mr- 
tinpatad dariag ilui period !■ lb* opora- 
liona ifaluc Toalan aiid Coralaa la 1 79S-I . 
and bi llotkim'i pnTti*) •ctlont of thr 
Itib March »nd istli Jiil;. WAb. WtLTltig 
ht*m conArawd la the rank of Laeutenini 
oa llie ?tlih s«al. irVT, be wm r«ai<it«ii 
la the Tlll«icVaH« lin, th« fUg-ibip nS 
Uiboa of Karl St. ^'fnmnt. and ha ihiwtl; 
afterriid* joiucd tlie Prinuru Koyil 9t4. 
beariaa ilie ftvt of Rrar-Adni. T. L. 
Pradwlck off Cadii. Oo \\,t lOtb Julv, 
ITWI> b* aotumed Ihn actiaif contmnnd □( 
tilt fiahnMne lii, to «hieli iloup lie wu 
MMallr appointed June 3U. 1800, and 
aarialei in Ih« redaeiiun or Ueuuu. Ud 
th«21UJan. IBOI, in cntnpaiijr -nltli ihc 
CkmUof -ti, be «sp(iir(d 1 ivbcc iRdpii 
Mlh arou, and nkonntliif; 4 fan*, with a 
craw ol 1* men. H* nut *n|>|rd In 
the npf4Uit>n undiT Lard Kaith mid Sir 
ftalph Abercromhj. for bU •erricta during 
nliich be obtained llic 'Torkiih (old medal 
and iLe Order of the CtobccoI , and ■» 
pronHted to peat ra&k by oonmiwon 
dated Iba 24ib oT Julf In ibe aama rear. 

Hb noeoedlitB appohilnMnM afloat 
ware, ta Augvat IdIIowIbi, la the Madras 
U, flac-tlilp of »r Rieliard BielicetaD off 
AleiKDdria; it! leO! ta the Agioeoiut 1)4, 
DM Ibe Slediiermneaa and Horn* atstlau i 
•Ml on ih« i4ib Dre. 160^, to tba Or- 
■Ihu M, id which be captured on the 
IM Sapt.and Ulh Nov. leClS, tbc prira- 
t*«ra Onadiluupc, of 3 guoa and &4 uicn, 
aa4 Saaaaaah, of t pina and SO laea, and 

TM fuboes^Kiitlj wrecked a* ibt coral 
re«f of JamaUa, an the -HA Jan. 1807, 
whan ha wu ptrtunally r«nieil off th* 
bowfptit <ii hit abip lif Uie prtvetit Llaal. 
Henr; BcUej, In a boat beloogiuB to the 
Elepbani t*. 

OulhaSTth April. littlH, Capt. Br^i 
waa apjiainled to the tRcnpomrf aommtad 
of tba Th«*vua 74. iiff rOrirnt; on tin 
Tib af Nov. in Ibe umr yrtt to the Clo- 
rinde SB, on the Kiut India ataltnn, wbcre 
Lt lank. on the SSth Jan. laiU. I'llaBri 
ptifaterr, of 9 gun* and ST men, and 
proved of ioateHBli«rtlc«tn diiaaibarking 
Ibe troopi at the reduction at ibe lalt oT 
PraoM In Dec. 181B. and waa next em- 
ployed la the China Set i lo OcL im4, to 
the Leriathan 74, which ihlp, after agrTing 
oa the Liabon, Cork, and Mad tt«rranaa 
alationa, «** paid off oa the 19th July, 
1816: iiuci on Ihe IStkMajr. IBIB, 10 the 
Qurcii ChariolU 100, u Flag Ciplain al 
PurlaiouiKh to Sir Oxori^ Caiopbell, willi 
whom ha conliuueit uulil FtI>- ii'il. 

I« im CaptHiii Briftiis «■• tii>Ri.iti«te<l 
Rnldent ComniiHioner of thu Nary al 
Btrmaila. lie mnoinl to Maltit in ifll^B; 
allained Ihc rank of Hear' .Vdoiinil iin Ih* 
S71I1 Jilnr, 1 and ira* apimiiilod 
■bout the tamo period ijupciinlaiident of 
Malta Uoekyaril, ichtre hr reinaibail luitU 
183tl, harinji rfreired in 1899 the fraud 
croii of Ihe ordpr of 8t. Miohwl and St, 
Grurfe (or bia lerticei In Ihc Icinporarj 
cotaniaad o( iht Mcditerrantan eijaadroii. 
Ho WM nade a Tlcc-Adiuiral en the i^Jd 
Nor. lUl 1 Admiral. Sept. 3. 1»&0 < waa 
appointed CatoBaQ'dor-iii-t'hipf of Purta- 
noutli ua the letUSeiit. Idil.andhoiated 
Ilia flag on board ilic Vialary a» Buoocaaor 
to Adniial Sir TUuuiaa Bladen Capal oa 

the lit «f nnoher rolloaing. In Ihli 
oapaeiCf he wu mnat actirc in the diicharge 
of hti dutiea. anil might he icrci eiu)) day 
in tilt dockjranl. Hia lioapiuhly and 
bciisvoloiicc were vidcljr aatriidcd, and lio 
«tia a* murh brluvnl id Ibr aociol circU 
af he wai nnlwrrally mpcclcd in the navy. 

Hia rcniaina were conveted to the Ken- 
aal-frem Onictcry for pnnce inlcnaent 
In the vmr raiilt that cnntotnrd lh«c of 
hi) Into wife. Captain Mnrtin. his aoo- 
in-U«. and King (.'«plain, nad Mr. Trip- 
book, hia laeratary and Biecutor, aocoin- 
ptoieit ihe body to Laadon. 

Sir ThoDBaa Brlgsa married, ia 1814, 
laabdU- Harriet, daufhlerof General Tn* 
paud, nod had laaue lliroe aoaa, of whon 
th« eidpat, U«orKt- Camp bell, diedaLiext. 
K.N. ill i«a.i, Hia daughter, iMbcUa- 
Ilarriel, la married 10 Capt. Georna Bobun 
Martb, R.N.. C. B. ucphaw to ibe late illr 
Gaortc Hartln, G.C.B. Admiral ot itw 


Lt^Gen. CHUherow, K.C. — Lt.-Gtn. ShuUikam. 



Oei. tl. AtB«(tan Dooie. Htddlecac, 
la bb 7(Kk jetx. LieuL-Gnenl Jaba 

rClUicnyw. K.C.. Coloucl ol the fifth Pool. 
OmenI Clithcrvir t«i tL« cI4«m mb of 
€briMO|>lwr CUtlMra* , ma. of Biri't VUet, 
in BaMtMkn, eo. HcrtfoM, bj Anne, uoljr 
MirTi«iB( ihnibter of QUbwt JodrtU, nq. 
EIc waa ■npaintod Giui|B In thr 3d 
bo* nmb Doo. IS. 110$; Uniteautl 
M>d Uptda Fib. 91. 1803; CoptaJo •»] 
LitHl-CotODH Orl. A, 1912. He Mrvtid 
lb* Enptita nunpii(n of 1801, and rt- 
evifwriu nfdil : lbs eipediiioa tn Uuo- 
«er hi ISM, uul ibu lo Wakbem In 
1M9. In Dec. IBM be prMCMM lo tin 

IVoidMih, tthtrr )><■ vu frrMUt M tk 
battle af RiUMO, anJ arrnrcl; woanded in 
tbtf of FnntM il'Oiior, »md uieniaeq«ni<e 
ha MMe hfline. lie rqoiMd bdbre tbe 
bftltle of Stluoaaca, in whicb be (nu *ii- 
gajCol i ud «u aKvim woaaded at th« 
«ie^ of BnrgOi. and abUged to rotnm. 
In IHI5 kt ttrrcd in KriBee. 

Ueotiained ibt tuik cl CoIomI la 1BS1. 
tbiLirf Mijoflkncrvl in IMO, and ihu 
«nf licut.- General in 1941. Bcwasap- 
poiated lo tbc cmunud of Ibc 670) rtfl' 
UMl on tho l£Ui Jmi. I»44. 

f>B th* death of bi» ccpnain-pnatn 
Jamra Clillwton. wq. Colonel of the Weit 
MiddlcMX MUitJi, on tbe IJthOct. IS4I, 
he raooeeiod (o the f«{>rf«ent«tu>a (^ that 
# noaMat hmllr,— Oie eolr fmtiij. we be- 
tioTC, of ant Miilqnitjr tn MiddlMex, havnif 
flnt tettbicl Bi Boaioii lloaae in the ptrttb 
of Brailford in tbe mt« orChartea I. In 
the iimon of Jamr* ClitbaraB, eaq< irho 
ma ibe nn and bcir of Sir Chri«£efh«e 
Clilbeto*. Lord M»fM In I&tC, and an« 
of tba eatiieni in fnrliament for the Chjt. 
The Oeu«rsl married ftnt, io Jaa. If)09, 
Sanli.diiiglirnof LicaI-(><-ncta] EbiTtaOt 
of N'ortli Caie, co. Yorh, bj wboiD ho 
had iinie John Chriitie Cl>ib«ratr, hom 
in Dec. ieQ9, Capt, aad Lieut- Colotiel In 
tba ColdaUMm OtHrda ; aad M00odl)>, la 
18SS, MQ)ieMil.eUcMdiiachl«-ef Cturle* 
Pute. eM|. of Wjrek Hill iroiiae, oo. Obu> 
enter, and siller (o Uenl.-Col- Arthur 
Cudiffe Pule, LIcoL-ColoDcl «( the 63d 

Sir WilbMD Aadenon, Bart, of KUnwkk 
Poej. Yorkihire, atad Lc* HsU, LUiGa1n> 

He «u nomlBtlfKt a cadrt m iba Boubav 
cHabGabMcDl in A|>ril IT!>': b«eam0 
Colonel oflbc S3th Nalftc liiAtnte* Sont. 
9. 1826: and a liMil-Otn^rU in Ifl . 
He vat for to«n« jean QuartmaMler- 
(eoenl at Borabaf. 

After ntaraini in trcknd, bo beeunc » 
comUoI rwidem on hl» citaie, and apBM la 
hia neigbboorhood Ibe IncoBo tbai h« dew 
nved from it. braefitia( tb« popolattoa no! 
ontr by the tmabirnait wUeh be »*», b nki 
hj Iheap MIcnHani to their <nau in mffetwl 
•nn nod dcknen >hlcb are m otun ntmdedl 
b; the poor. I'amioeHidpertilCTioeltoilodJ 
Mai at hu part, reedickt th« bvncry atkdl 
MOOOvriDK the ailing, and ontMiajt biM-. ■ 
Mtif to a iilacc ID the ^(ofal reeAll«<.tii}(, 
of Ibe Mirriran of tbave trrriblr rlalta. 
tioBa, A [Hxir-law nardian and ■ na. 
giitnte. ha na blaanHPM in the diaebarn 
oftbedtJli««o*»8cho«w#i andlndawlta 
the aererri ndalloiki of an active tbouk 
unobtTMlTe lilb be tei an aiampaa irbiS,. 
if foltovcd bj all of iladlar poatlioa, euold 
«« faa to ha» a boMOcial sfect on ow 
•oeial oondltloa. 

Ocaeral Sboldhatn nuriad Nor. 3 
ISIfi, H«nielt-Bon»r.da-tl,l«rofTI.on.a; 
RawWi. w). anJ had iaaaei 1. H„riat 
Ratberfau, bora Oct. ii, |«3. rfvenu* 
MTrtad to Lord CarWry; 2. Bd„uo5 
Aaderwm. born at Botnbaj, Uav |2 1826 - 
3. UopoU-Aftbur-PrKujIa. bom .i n^ 
renco, Jnlr2ath, IBi8: and 4. WiUIn„. 
MoackloB, bora )8i). who la deceased. 

M*jo».<JH(aa«LT. V. .^i,n„o!< 
W.e. II. Suddeolf.atiheGrwT. Vntov. 
hotel. Bi»hop«pu«v«iroet. Within, in M, 
SOth Tear. Tliomu Peno AddiKMi. ena oP 
CbilloD Udjte. Soflblh. a Major^GlSnl 
in the army, noil ■ roacitlniB for tha 
eeontiei tif Suirolk and Kttex.. 

Ue wat the eldou aonof Jolia Addboo 
etq. of Sodbar?, bMk«r, (wbo died ' 

I^stiT.-OBmta*L SutTLDTiAM. 

N09. 17. At Dnnminaar. eo. COri, 
•trd T3< Bdaiand WUbani Sbuldbaia, mq. 
a Lieut.- GtnermI in tbe Eaal India Con- 
pan; '■ icrriM. 

He wai the eldest *nn of Arthur Lemuel 
Sbtitdhani, EM|. or Umtniinvaj, obo fur 
■lanji yeara raided at Dmt Park, eo. 
Devon. M'M a I>epulT LIratcnanI of that 
twOMitf, and Lkui. -Coloael nf ibe B**t 
Deren Vpomanrr Catilry. Hi" ntotbee 
■a« KathariavlUria, daughlor of ibe late 

Ifttfl.aged ri^-tbrce.) bj Mar; ^MoM 
danehtrr of Tfaoma* Penu, caq, nbo of 
Sndbar;. banker, Rceei*er.<wetal of Vm 
laod-tu for Snirolk. 

U« waa appoiuud Corvat In the Jtt 
diagOOinaBrda.JUr4.ieoo; Ue«i«n»ttt 
in ia08, and C^laJD I>ee. W. |80S. in 
IWa he waa Aide-de-ramp to Lieut. -Um 
Sir. J. Pulteney , who camaMnded In tho 
Etif«m dbtriei; and after that oSeei't 
rf4iremcnl rrora tbe eUlThewia ippoiat^d 
Major at Hricade ta the troopa in iti^ nuae 
ilUlrid, oait |j«rfu(ini!d the dutj at AMiat- 
ant Adjulailt-fpaeral in tbe ifianiln of a 
•cDior offlMr. In tUI I be becaaia MlIiUrT 
Seoretaif lo UanK.-Onn. Kir J. C. Sbar. 
brook*, and accomiianted bin to No*% 

1S530 M.-GcH. Adduon.—M.-Gen. Caul/eiM.—Adm, Black. SOI 

He firttconUnlntl tlieborougti of Xhtag- 
ianinJalj. IM4&, opponing rh« To-»lMtioQ 
of Sir Fmicric Thij*igsr, thm appolntod 
Attomrr - iJfliirnil. Sir Frederic wm 
delated bj 1&£ lolct to 12b'. AcBlo,stthc 
Kcncnl clectioD of 1647, the nmc piitia 
were coatjHtliCor*, and Sir Pmdcrie re- 
tained hti oeU ooly by a miijnritT af ttro, 
polling li3T0t«K Co l-M. At tna rmant 
Ernrril alection Major -Ovncrtl CaolMM 
nna rchimcd for Abmiijou willmut oppo* 
tiLioii, but Lc did nut tskr liia tent, Mag 
on tbe day of thr Artl utcaiblinj; of Fu- 

Scetit, ndiaiiging at that time to th? 
lOOtli foot, whleli wai tbeti vt^rriag ia 

I Norlb Amcdct. tl« obtained ibo liretot 
nnk of M^or, Juoe -1. 1814; and in 

I SeptoiBber vf that jrear went nith Sir J. C. 
SLcrbroolM in tbe expcditiou to Ibc l*c- 

I n«bsCOt, which took pouMcion of tlie fort* 

! and tower of Cantiiie, Mncebia, Sti. and 
■Im dntraytd tbi: Ancrican b-igate Adnms. 
He fiu (nil liontc wilb iIir dciiiitUbei on 
tbot ocuLsiun, mid in iriimruiiciirr rRcrirrd 
tbe btevet oT Li.-Cultinol, Oot. M.lrfH. 

In IHIfi be ■cconipaniod Sir J. C. Slcr- 
broalt^. M Military Seerelnry, to Qii«liec, 
■liBii lliBt uiriivr wui a|ipc)iatr.d Goremsr- 
iD-cUicf, xiid Coinmiaddr of thr PoroM, In 
Britiiti Ncirlh Ameriiii. Hp rctirrd on 
the lialf-|>ay of aCspuin of rticSlth Foot. 

! He attiincd the nuik at Colonel ta 1937. 

I mi that of Mnjor-tJcQcrJ in ISlG. 

He narritd Juue 1. lUOl, Jane, dnugli. 

I ler of Ciurlts (iilibnu, esq. of KnllrriDg, 

^ CO. Notttiiiin}il(>ii. and lind Uiur one tun 
and fonrdotigbtcr*. I lit »nn. Juhn Char lex 
Addiaon, aq. died in 1)!40, linvinK innr- 
ri«d Aqdi, yountteit dauitlitcr of I'rAacu 
Drsw^in, cMj. Tlie djiu((iit*r» were; 1. 
Mary, narried in Itt.^iri to Jolin Hcnnntl, 
eaq. at Cliapol en h. Krjtb, co. Derby ; 3. 
Caroline; X Eoima, mnrrird in 1>4:l'i2 lo 

, John Addiinn. esq. of fiurougbbridgc, en. 
Soncrsct ; uid i. Saian, niarricd in 1 632 
to Jofrpbi (ccoad ion of tli< Rev, Jobn 
SaiUI, of C«leh««ter. 

An iaqoett wu hv!d apon General Ad- 
■liaon'a bodj, and the verdict wiu " Nntii- 
ral death from an ilTccLtoQ ol thn cbcit or 
heart, and decay of oatiire." 

MAfOR-UnHKaAi. CtuLreiLi), M.P. 

Nov, 1, At Copiwood, CO. Limeriek, 
aged 67. James CauSMliI, eiii- M^or- 
GeneTsI in tbe East liiilian i tiny, a Di- 
rector of the East India CumjiaDy, and 
M.P. fur Abingdon. 

He oaa tbe KTealh and yoMtxgeti ton of 
the Vcn. Jcibn CaulfcilJ. Arthdracon of 
Ktlmore, by Eupbenitn Uurdi>!i »f Ken- 
mure, CO. Uniafrlei. He itai ajj^ioiiiledn 
cadet on lUc Bengal eitabliilinieiii in IT!>8, 
and <ras otliiclicd to tb< 9lli Rci^imeni. of 
Llsht Cavalry, uf wbicl) be became Llcut.- 
Colonel in li^iS. Ilr iiierr«d for leTOntrfn 
yean on militnry dntieJi. durini; <Tliicli he 
Will frr>i|ueii(ly aPtlTely cmployrd in the 
Acid; and nibicquently, in Ibc political 
department, he naa enicaccd (or tncivty 
ycwi Id altnatioaa of |reat trait and re- 
■pointibilLly, in tlie exviciie of jiiJieial and 
fiaul fnnctionH. He waa for anme lime 
naident with lb« Mnort [irincea na (uper* 
lnt«ndmit. Gtnaral CaulfeiJd na alaciad 
■ Director of the Baal India Company hi 
lUtl, after baling bteni ■ catidldale from 
July, IMl. 

GixT. Mao. Vol, XXXIX, 

Riixn-AowiRAi, Bi.jtCK. 

NtiD. G. At Ofroesby, near Yaimoath, 
ia hia 82nd yenr, William ninek, caq. tc- 
(ind Itcor-Adcairal ia bcr Majeatj'a Naty. 

llii* veteran officer bud aeen conaider- 
able aertiue. tic vna midabipman on 
board tbe Leviathan, at Toulon, in Lord 
IIoBc'a atrliuD : and of the Saiu Fartit in 
Lont Urtdgiurt'i. He waa acting Li«ulr< 
nuut uf (be UDil<^ at the takiugof iSutlnaua 
in IT9!'< i^ad from Ihot jear to IHOl coin- 
inand«d the Wnder to Suns Paroil, In tho 
WMt iDdlea, ythtre h» eaptiired aererel 
privateen. In the action nir Ferrol, In 
11^03. be vaa seotar Lkutcnant of ths 
iCotuH. In lliD «Mr ItiOC he waa aenlor 
LioutenDiiiuf tLo£f:yptlrnne,anilcapCDreiI 
witli bcr boata ■ loltnr of maraue of mue- 
rior force, on the eonat of Kpntn. At Ca- 
[>rn)u^(>t>. m Ibn year 1H07. ho wan aenior 
of tbe Caajlirian; in If^OS he wta llag- 
Llcutcnaul of the Polypbcmiu 84 on tha 
Jaiualea Dtation ; and from 18o9 to ISN 
he eomniaiidKd the Bacoon. He waa alao 
employcdon the north-nest eont of Amc- 
rina. lie win advanced tu paal rank 
June 7. IBM : and on the !»<b Oct. 184G, 
ITU pinccil on the liat of retired Rear- 

EiiwAK!) Ksicnr, Ehq. 

A'oir. \9. At Ucidmenliain Tark, Kent, 
aced HA, Edwiinl Kni^bt. cau. of that 
place, and of frhnnton Uouae, Uatnplhlnh 

He waa tlie tecond »on of tlie R«v, 
(icorge Aualeni K««lor of StaT*nton, 
Himpahirc, byCaiaandia, yoanpatdaagh- 
tiir of Ihn Rev. Tbomaa Leigh. IUcti>r of 
ilarpaden. Oxfordihire. Hia yuiuigeat 
hrglher. Admiral Cbarlea Jubu Auttea, 
who has ttcenlly died In India, will foim 
the lubject of an article in our next 
Obituary. One of bta aliteri, Mlia Jane 
Auilen, wna the author of "Pride and 
Prejudice." and oilier popiihur noveli. 

In I7:'4 he lieraue ponns«d of the 

tatatca nt Chantan and Oodm«raham by 

he<)UHt of bit eoufin Tbomaa Kniglil, ot((. 

whMC raatber «m Jane, eldnal dnaihlar 


SOS E.K'nighl,Biy.^C.Sweleuham,Etg.—J.if.Cnpps,Bn/. [Feb. 

ud «olirir of TWbn Monk. ns. of 
Bnckrabiiui Simki, by lluiMb,diucbt«r 
■mI cobcir of ^(cphfR Striac«'< **%■ *^ 
Ovadlitinl, ■&<! Jaai> An>t>n hi* wlfr. 

The hmity nf Knight lircinii.- eitiii-:! in 
Ute oritlntll mtlr linn in Id'?; and Ihc 
nunc tau dnce bren umamiei on fnor dlf. 
ftrrtnt o««»loiii,— hj Bidi«nl Mntin, c«>). 
iij Clriilophcr Miiriii liu l^i-xlier, bt 
ThoMU Mftf , rwi- (ori)ii<>>'lT UrondiUR,) 
>nd bf th« MbJKl of thU nKMutr. 

Bj all rlMiri (a Ikn immnliile ntifh- 
boin&iMd orflfldnitnhaiii Parti Mr. Kni(hl 
who atnod In nwJ, lor Ua randnot lu hU 
BtiiDtrwi tofttalrr, »'il ihr atfabvlitT *lii>«n 
IobU «ilh wii»nb« ««« brought id oon 
tut. «iiher in matur> cann«<lpd witli 
Inulncu or friciiilaliip. 

He married, in 1191. Btlitbtth, tliird 
daajthter of Sir Brook Bridgo, BmI. uid 
b; >ba( Udjr, nbo d>ml ui IKOH, Iid b«d 
■MM lii vuni ■»il Riw d«u>bur«. Tli« 
fonucr ■«», I. Edwtrd ulgbt. t»f. of 
Cbwliin Houae, nba mifTlnl Im in 
ISW Mirr-Dorothi, daatliin aC Sir Ed> 
■vd KMtckbvll, Bart., and BL-oOBdlf, in 
1810, Adda, dau«lilrr«if Jobs L'orUl.Mq. 
of FrreWk PrifTp, HunUi 2. Gt«rge 
XImmdm KhIbUI, r«|. viia U Ibe third 
kubaad of IhlArc da«wer Counlcn N(l> 
MD, widow of Ibe lUnWilliun tint Earl 
NcImd , 3. IlBnrji. a ^^^ ■■ tba armj, 
wbo maiTitd in IftSfi, Cbaiklte, eldMt 
d*aght«r of tlis lute [U*. Edward Norlh*}-, 
CuKH) Af Wlnditr. and wna )«n a wldowtr 
in llU9i 4. Ibc K««. edBird Kklj^hl. 
Hector of tilrvcDbMi. Ilnolii, wbo Diarriril 
Caroliuc, aldett daufbtn of the late John 
Fortel. CM. of Pmfulh Frior'm and baa 
iMiw; &. ChatlM-AriilgF' i siiil G. Ilraal- 

'The dangbtan wftm, 1. Fasar.Caths- 
rioe. manifil la 1420 (o tlia Ri^l Uon. 
Sir Bdwanl KnaUAbull, Ban. M.P. i 

3. Eltnbrth, married to Ednrd Itiw, 
0M|. of Dwie Court, Kent ; 3. Marianne ; 

4. Louian, whn became hi 1847 the (rcond 
wifd nf Ijotii Gnnrcr Aagnata HiJl. of 
Balljrar* (.'aattn, ea, [>onr|[»l, tinrle to lb« 
prrtrnl MarqiitBi nf Dowiuhirr i and 
.1. Cauaudca-Jaiic, who Biairlcd in 1%M 
the ■•tnfl Lord 0*oTse Augofta tlSI. and 
dlvd tit ltU9, iMrlos iaane, 

The hmeral of Mr. Knight teak. pUee 
■I Oodmenriitam ou Kridaj No*. 36, (be 
■arvlee bclni; pnfonood br the Rer. Mr. 
Oel*, Bccior of the naristi. IkaUe* bli 
ieiOMdiaU tmmif, lhe«.rl of WiBoUtfea, 
Rlr Brook Bnil^ea. Wn. Dmdoa, ea^., 
¥.. Rire, r*c|„ Rdw. Hug«Men, Mq , R«>*, 
Mr Rica, and R*T. Mr. lM%k, all«ndp>l. 
bMlde* ft lone liil of tmaBtrj dralrom* of 
Vjiat tbeir MM trlbet* of mprd to m 
g«H ■ IraMard, 

CkunMT 6w«Trwn*i«. Baa- 

^m. II. At Soncftad Booth*. Cbft- 
«Mr*. in faU 66111 fur. ClaD«at l<wHr<B- 
ham. nq. ■ nuglatnt)) lid Dr(Mtj Uen- 
ipiiint of tbit omnlj. 

Ilr mt tbc cldcat aon of Ros»r Ceei- 
b«(biMlii ei^. who ainDtad (he mmo af 
8««tei]lMn o« aui-vaadiae to it* «itato of 
bit Maleraal nneto (add Ihe re()n«oi«ti»B 
of tbt ftnulj of 8«et«nbam MfttnJ at 8o- 
infrfnrd from the rtign «rf Gdwwil I.), hj 
Aniir, daaghtcr of William Archer, MO. of 
Ibe cnnnlj of Warwkh. ilii fathar died 
In 1814. 

In earir lifb hs b«td > eoBWlMkMi l» 
(ha IGth Drngoou, uiA aarmt in th^ 
PvnInMin fram tbe ;«!<"' 1^*09 *<> <>>c Itt- 
minatten of the war iftcr the btille of 
Tontmiar, and «ubac<qu*i»lj with tb« tan* 
rtgiinait at Waterloo. In tberietiof IVW 
he (fid dntf aa Major of thr ^i ChMbIre 
Ycotnanry, embodiid at that tina at the 
eipente of die <nunty. 

R« mamcd. May 1, tHIl, EIumt. 
din|;htr«' nf JohD BdCfaanaD, nq. of 
nonallj, ra. Dnnegal : and bad banc tfaiM 
Kta*. CIcnicat, Bdmoad, ami Jamea i n4 
In daiiKhtrr*. Blin lad Paiwy. 

JoiiM MAKrKM Cnirp*. E»«. 

Joti. i. At Nnrinitlon, near Lowe*, 
aprd '^, Jnlin MnrWn Orippi, cM|. P.S.A. 

TliU (cutlcmnn inhtritird ihn jiroptTty 
of kia onclr, John Martin, nf fttantoina, 
one of tba old Su<««i fimllirt, which in- 
fluded |ia(seifiuTi< iu the p^rtih nf ChlT- 
tinHton, wiib Ihr minor «f ^I an Inn*. On 
which is Ihc old manaiuii of lite Cbal- 
luflcrt. He waa n member of JctuB cot- 
Ifp, Catnbridse, aad {[railnalcil M.A. ytr 
lit. ll*gia» l«03. Before he Mtiled *t ■ 
oonntrj fentleiKan be trarelled tn th" fUnt 
with hb twtor. the eel«brated Dr. Clarke, 
Biid tbc late biih op ol Chicbeeler, Dr. Otter, 
and at ■ Errat eit>rnae colbcttd the Irad- 
in; botaDicil I'lanta Indigonooa to the 
landn through irhirh h* triraUed, and a 
Urf«< rollxriinn of ■tatnea and •ntiqnltie*. 
On hU reinm with Itieaa he tempnrarily 
fijfil lilt rrtldfTiOT at L^wra, at which 
tttno ht and Dr. CUikc married two ib- 
ter*, (be Minn Ruth, line be inntcd 

moat of the Uading fainitica oF (iaMeX to 
tiwpnit hU est«n*i«e mtiiientn. and inbie- 

Snnitl* iRHile moivlficrnt timentBllon* 
-iim {lit collAcllon In the CniteraKy of 
Canibild|[C and olhrr piblic inatituikini- 
AltboDtb it waa not imbllulj ackno*- 
led{ed, it ««f to Mr. C'ri|>pt, aiid hii 
nertonil etpenae, (bat we nre tudebted 
rar the elaborate aeeoont of Dr. Clarbe'a 
Traveta, which, in fad. were Ihc reanlit 
of Kir. Crtppt'a pcnonal iniwatiptiini, 
ridrd bj (he refilled tiiirtieaoa vf liU 



18680 f^outU Pompeo Littn.—Rm. Samutt Let, D,D. 


tusr. (Uvtng butit Norhif Iod Lodge oa 
tba Stanloni mUU, Mr. Crlpiii -filed Iiin 
miiknc« th*r«, wbcn he dcTotcd bimtcir 
to rural pureuiu, npeciftlly t« praciicil 
hoiiiraltura. HU invntigntiuiw wtn n- 
hutble, Knit ihg oountjr goiKralljt »i) In- 
M>l«d to him for Mvertl impartanl addi. 
\\em» to th« VftrlMtN of ipptri and otLer 
tVvit*. \l« iDtroilnced rniiu Itumii ibt 
khol rabbi, which liai iubM>(|tiei]tly htta 
•ncaaitdy grtinn fur ilic iug uf t>ur iliiliy 
farau. DuriBf; a lotia lifv liawoaa VMtful 
tn«Bibar ttt ttiviriy, uJins bj lii* raccg; 
lb* |>hiUnibraplc iii((iiufi«tiii of itoMrx, 
ftiul iMUltlbDlllig b; bla example to the 
■auwal progmtt of Bgik-ultUK, anil utbcr 
UMrotaof Iha cuunij. In liia own nci^h- 
boarinod ha wws beloved for bia ua- 
bomdod libontitir an<l kindiwM. Uaij- 
cf apfiroBoh, hw adtice and iMiaUnTr 
«n« Hndcred vb«ncT«r Ui* acnioc «» 
■olielWI. ht a migwLm« he mi aiten- 
tin l» hla diilfe* an lutic an he \aA hraXtb 
tBperfcrm tbe«n, im) at (ht Itcii;btuii Wiicli 
for nMU J ftan be wiu unccuinsin bis o;- 
loltdlDCc ^ot some ■ycMs pu'. br bii bt«ii 
an imallii, and confiapd vitbin Aaoft. 

He marrWd in \*9f, I'harlotle. third 
riaK^liter of Sit M'illiaui Bmumarl* Kuab, 
of Wimhledun. aail hiu left \**ne. 

CouKT PimrKo LirrA. 

Amg. \7. At an idtaitt^d *g«, Cnuitt 
Pompeo Ljue, nnthor of the PkntfElls lti> 
lUni Cekbri. 

fl« vaa dcKcodcJ matcrii iltf fram tbe 
illuilrlaui httaii' nf Viifxili. TUr C«nti 
dt Brebbia, ■ bnat^b of ihaf fanilf, be- 
enmc nliiiel in Ihn mle lin? in X'M, bj 
Ihe death oT Glulio Vixcanii, whoir oIbubIi- 
tCTikodcoIiCini RiArricd fnto the ancient 
Tuku fainilf of Mtu.lbr rUn daugbtrr 
v«ddia|thc Marcbnc Antonio 1>tt«, and 
the joonoer, Elkubeib*, tbe MarfhcK 
Ponipea Lilta. Tha fanner wa* mother 
of Antonio Dnc ili Lilta, Ch«mbeTlitln ol 
Nepolcan'i lUIiin kJnKdani, and of (be 
Cardiul [4arenrn di I.ltU ; and Ilic latter 
of tbe lobjcct of ib« prevent ootiat. 

tn hif Mrljr doya be •••• (OiDe conudcr- 
■bl« «(T«ic« In the lUlian i;ain[ialgnf of 
N»|Kil<an : bill l>i< name wlU deicead to 
poilerttf bj more KUlntantlat MiiltM- 

Rla Biagmflrcrit worli on Uvgeaealof^ 
uf tlie nuit ilistinjuivfaeil Italiin boiilica, 
both oii*li»g aod exlincl, was comnmce'l 
in 1)^19. It KM pub[iih<d in p&iU. ta 
the Mlent of aboal (he Imge fuliuH.* It ii 

* Qa?— W« haw loohfid M ihe copy 
In tha Utitlsh HuKum, and K nxiriilaof 
t««lv* faadcull. which an all bound iu «Ne 
foUo foluuic—Adif. G, M. 

co|ii«D«lr iLlvatitled «itb Hgnn* of the 
liMnlii and monntnental rfligi«a of luck 
fimitiei ni Sfana, Cattiglioiii, Vlicniitli 
Medici, liuicdatdlal, and Pircolouiint t 
with mcdalf, and jiortnii) careCiillj oo- ^ 
la<ir«d by tbo hani^ from plulUTc* ia llrt 
firiiiuipjl );illtrii>a. The autli'X tbu> ren- ' 
(lered nn iimiioiable boon to art, eren for 
putpusn nf idenlilicition, afaiiut tM ■ 
procoMM of ((iDliation and removal galti( ' 
on in Ilalinn fvlleriM— ibe rtuuUof (bfl' 
Itradoa] dcraj and uurtving poitttj oF* 
nobililf that refoac* to rcoruit icsdt froal 
tbe recouTeei of eommereiol enterpriaa 
and alliance. 

RkV. ftAMITRI, IjKE. U.D. 

Vff. Hi. At Barlr; Rrclorj, Herta, 
xgci r.t), (lie Ret. Saiiiacl Uc. D.D. 
R«cIOTol Dorlcf, Canvii of Briatol. mmI 
Ute lUfiw* frofcMor of Uobtew in tl>4 
Unitsnitjr c4 Cambridge. 

Tbia grMlcman waa nniirkabla fur hi! 
Kuccni in ihc nrigniaiiioa of Uoiuage*, 
entire); iy ku own laborious and peno- 
*erai|{ «ppli-:alion, moitlj ifitbout (h< 
aatiatanee of a living inirtraetor. Of Ml 
iikiaral powen ul aeqniring Unguagaa th« 
linple hisioty uf hi! lite alTortla ampli 
proof. Of the woiideTfal cileut and t*< 
rietf of hi* attaininrnti! aa a •ckoUt IW 
ciideticc in bcfatc lai iii nunteiosi aud VB^ 
luable poblicationt. On tha accuraaj and 
■oliditj of th»*e attainmenU thoie onlj 
•re qualifieii to devtUe ahe have thna- 
Mlvet naalcTed tbe lubjecta to wlik-k Dr. 
Lee lo energeticnilf anil ancctsaAiUf de- 
Toieil hitnaelf. 

Th< foUowiac narreliou of hi* progrnf 
in Uu^Bges ia from a l«lt«' now bafort 
ih« wriur of thia notice, and addcaa i aJ 
bj Mr- Lee. in IXI). 1« tbe Itt^ Jonalhao 
!Kolt. cM|.uC tihrowaburT.* ll It M pic*. 
iintif and fcelinfjlf wfitlrn, nni] unaveya 
(0 cuuiplctD lud uutlifnl ■ jHctaro of oa 
earlr twocr in life, that tlie doeaoteOt 
ibaU apeak for ItMlf. 

" The Am T«dinei)t« of UamiBK 1 re- 
ceived at a rharity acfaool at Loa^nor, in 
Ihe «x)iiiity of Salop, nbore 1 wu bora 
(Maj 14, l;ti3), which M a vilUcc aitu- 
•Inl abinri ti|bl milw from Slii'ow«bnr7> 
U«T« 1 ntoiaincd till 1 attained tbe afe of 
twahv yaara, and (.-a»t thtongb the iuiiaI 
iradUlOH 0( anch inalHutiona iriihoul 
dialiaiuUiiRK mrttlf in an; mpnct ; for, 
as pnolalunent i« the ooly aUtrDtiiTc K*- 
tieraJlj held oM, I, like otlicn, thvot^' 

* TUii fcnlleowu wu far Mvcral jcars 
Peeiiin Socntarjr I" Warren tJaitinsa, 
Ofq. A mitmoir of hint, bf tlie writKr uf 
the pmeot noticr, will he faamA in vol. 
\n\. (M«7 lt»3d) of the GsntteawD'a 


Oi>ITi.'AiiY»^/2n'. Samuel A«, />./>. 

b nMdoU U tt«ld it. At tha ag« ^mvb- 
DCMiiMied I mi fW oat apprtMtlOT lo ■ 
(W|>en(«r «nil ^iner bf RobfTt Corbell, 
Mq. in atiicb. I most roafo*. 1 untlrr- 
vent liitnl>bi|ii telduui aciiiiiraccd in bj 
boy* tt{ my a^D ; but, i>" iiij fnlUrr Jied 
•hfii 1 WM Tcry jonng, nnd 1 knrn U 
wu ant In ilii> powvr of niT moilifr la 
jirovlda lMlt«r Tor m*. u «he ha*l tao 
iBMc la iiii|»pait bj licr om kbour, I 
jadcod it t>«»( to lubmll. \hoM Uic «eo 
«f (cKnltco I fijruiol ■ dftntaiuBtim to 
iHm thr [jitiii IniiKiUKc, (a which 1 w«* 
initintC'l h; tha follMrlOf dNBUMaKMl: 

— 1 Ikn>l hrvii ill tlio habit of rMdiDg inch 
booki u tiappraed to l>« In ill* boUM 
nhere 1 lodged ; but, WKiini; Willi Latin 
quolallour, 1 rauiidmynrlr luabSalocom- 
prcliciid tlivui. Beiut ttaphfei aWul 
thh lime ill the liuililiof of • Rpnan 
Catholic (Aaprl (or Hit Edmrd Smvlh* 
of ActOD narn«]|,«hMv I HrniDj Uiliu 
book* Mid frai(urait]r huH that lanjusg« 
it4di mj naolutian ma conririDed. 1 
inneiliatclr Iwucbt ' RuJdlnuji'* L«tin 
GramniAr * af ■ tunk-aUll, and leant it 
by baart tbraubout. I nnt pnrchaacd 
'Ci>rd«ria»' Oillo^nln, bj Logfon.' 
wUob I foand ■ Ttrf armt aHiatasM to 
ne. Bad aftcnrariij olHainrd ' I^nllck'* 
I^ii Dictionary ; * nlao, looa after, 
'Ikn'a Totuocnt' uid 'Clirkc'* Et- 
«cUe«.' There wti one ftrcMiniLtatice, 
however, wUit'li. u it had >ORir pfTect on 
nf progrcM. I «)u1l ncDtian in thin phux. 
1 one iaj ai\rd one uC tl>c jiricUa, >Iio 
CWBC frctiucatly to ub. to e<*c ■■■< aonnc 
InlbriiMtion of "bich 1 nu ibeii iu ««iit, 
Mbe replied t1>ai > tliarit; bfft%a «t lK>mc.' 
Tbia wat vetj morliryinj. but it only 
wr*ed ai a (limulun lo my ttidcivoart ; 
for ftom Ihii lime 1 rtmUcd, if powblr, 
to eiccl cTUi him. There wai cinp circun- 
MaaMi howsTcr, more poirrrful Id <i|>' 
poHDC toe, and that wm porcrtf . 1 bad 
■t that ttme but tin •Iiilllap a-wc«k t9 
Bubdjtt on, and U) pay ibe axpifUMa of 
WMbioff and lodging. Out of Uiia. ho<*- 
eret, I tqwtod aametliing l" inilifj' my 
deairc tor Icarnioi. wliicb I did, Uiough 
not vitbout cUTIaillnc oijacir of proper 
aitpp^rt. Uy wogct irere, baoeTer, toon 
■Iter raiaeJ ooe iliitling noM'k:, and Ilia 
IMit nar « ihiUing mure, during which 
tine 1 read t)iu Liiin liibli. Flomi, fome 
of Goeni'ii Oriiiuni. CicMr't Cnmmpii. 
taricB, Juitln, .Silhst. Vii-|nl. llcirare'a 
Odea, and 0>id'< Epinlca. It may ba 
atkcd lii>n I vbtaiiivd tlictc buulia i I 
sever had alt at once, but gaiimlly re«d 
one aod told it, the price i>l which, wirh 
a llillc addrd to it, enabled lua ta buy 
BDOtbor, »nJ iliit bciiii read «'a* aold to 
procure ibc Mil. I wu iiijw out of my 
ai>ificu(ii:ciliij>, and dcteiuiUrcd ft kani 

the GfMk. I bongfai. tbercrore. a ■ \Vm- 
miiitter Greek GratRmar.' uid noon alter- 
wardtprocarrdaTntamFiil.iibich I found 
not very difficult nitb tbe BMistaacc of 
' ScbrcTcliiu't Lexicon.' I bouflit aaxt 
' ilirotiiigfard't (ireck l!ieielMa,* wUeh I 
wmto throughout, aail then, in ptuwiaaM 
Id tbc advice laid down in the Eierdm, 
rrad XcAophon'a CyropnUa. and aoon 
after Ptato'i Dialagiue*, some p*Tt of the 
lUail and CMysey of Homer, iTtbagoru'i 
Golden VcrK*, vjth the Coiumcntajy of 
Uierode*, Lociui't LKalognea of Che Utad, 
and aema of tli« fuetc Miiiarea, with tba 
Anligone of SophnclBi. I now ibongbt 1 
mij^t aticEnpt Ibe Hebrew, aod aooord- 
ioKl; procured Bftlinn'i Gmnunar, with 
Itia Lyn Praphetica, and aoon after ob- 
tained • IWtcr, nbi^ I read by the bejlb 
of the Lyra. I next pnrch*»ed Itnitorra 
Oftmmar and Leitooa, with a Hebrew 
Bible, and I now aaemed drawing fait to< 
wanis Ihfi anmniit of my wtthca. but wa* 
far from bcinit umntcrmptcd iu thcae par- 
Miita. A freqwBt IndMBBation in nj 
eyca, with cver^r poaoUe diaeenmganenf 
from thoac abotit me, w«r« eertaialjr pow- 
erful Dppanml* : but babit. aDd litrd de> 
tenniaatlon to procmd, hail nnw inade 
stndy my ircatcat hapfUCM, and I crny 
day returned to it rather at a aource M 
teat from manual labour, niid tbaB|li I 
frit BMny privationi in canae^uroCf, it 
amply repaid mc in that aoliCary aatii^- 
lion whcdi none but n mind iciiuted ai 
mine ni could feel. But to return ; 
dmace had thrown in ny way the Tarpiai 
of Unktio), aod 1 had a Claldaic g^ram- 
mar in Bjtliarr'aL>ri>, with the aaaiatance 
of vliicb and of Scliiiulliir** Laaicoo I aoon 
read it. I ncJtt pruceedrd to tho Striae, 
aad rtsd Mna of GutUi'i TetUmont b« 
the halp of Otbo'a Bj^9]f$xt and Schind- 
Icr'a Lrtlcon. I hod alao oocadonalljr 
looked oTcr clio Saniarilaa Pcntatmdi, 
which difTon littla from Die Hcbreir va. 
cept in a cbang* in letl«r«. I found 
nn di-tBcolty in mdmg it tn ijnotitiona 
when vet I found it, aod wltL quotaUooa 
I wu obli|[cd to contcBt injiclf, aa booka 
in ibal language were eoiiraly oat of siy 

By tbia tlma I bad attaLncd iny twwstj- 
Sfth j«*r, and bad got a good obeac of 
Looli, worth I luppoae abovt til. I wai 
DOW a«nt into Woroeatcrihire to luperln- 
tcnd, ou Ike pari uf i»y maalcr, Mr. John 
Ltc, the rcuairiiiE uf a Urge Iiuum belong' 
iii^ lo tbu Rot. Mt. Cuokn. 1 bogan aow 
li> think >( nacimary to r«linquifli Ibe 
atudj of laagoagpi, aa I ptircrived that, 
howevai aimlont Iho iiiiutiitiiia might 
luiTc apjwand to mc, It wua in my litua. 
tioii ratiieljp uirksa. I autd my bvoks, 
and uadc ucw mulutionai iu fact, I mar- 




Obitdauy. — Rrr. Satnunt Ker, D.D. 


ried, oaodUtMd mT «ulliiig n* my unlj 
■npport. Mid loitiL- prom IBM and in«{niia- 
tjon* UkI bccD maclt to m>?, vtitch iMmed 
of a faiuanlilp nitiiri.' in uif oooupaiiou. 
1 wu airakenril, lioircvrr, fromtbetevieMi 
md ■iiB(E*tiDiui bj' ■ circumsdnce wbii:li 
gave ft ncn Hid djatrcniti; aiipmruicc lu 
njr ntri,iT> ; n lit* bnik*> uut in Ibc 1iulii« 
we were Kpalrinf, In whioli mv UmU, mA 
Kith them ill my tIbwi atMl hopM, were 
enmiuniGit. f rai uow cut on tlie norlil 
withoot a frieoii, a nlitllijic, or c*cu Ilic 
mcana i^f tub*i«Leoc«. Thia, howercr, 
woulil huTc botrtt bat alightly felt bjr me, 
ju 1 liB-l aIhtsjii b««n (h« ofcilil of nUfor- 
Ions, had not tht ptrtner of my tire bMn 
imiaerceil Id tbe Mine slUlciiii;; drcuni' 
■Uncca. Tlitrc ««s, hoircvrr. uu ■liemi- 
tivci wid Bon I began lu think uf Numc 
new court* uf lif«, in vliich my furracr 
■tndiee laigbt pror^ advuitoeeouit. I 
thonght that of a oanntry schoo-toi niter 
would be th« troit likely to answer my 
purpcjie : 1 tlierefoip aiiplieit myself Ui 
Ibe atudy at l>^^^m^''^ KngliiU ICicmaec, 
■nd improTril my^lf in arithmetic. Then 
tiM> hvHcvrr, one ([ranil a1i;c>:tigo tn tliJ*; 
J hail ni oioiiry ti> 'icj^'n, and did licit 
liiioir any frieni] wlia nould br ini-'liiiccl In 

IcBil. In the meaBiiRiL- tite Rfv. Atvh- 
doioon Corbntt liod beinl of my nttnrli. 
tniHiC to iIudT, unci hnTinji been infarmtri 
of nij bcinK in l^nEiior, arnt for mr, In 
order m iufaroj liiniiolf of porticular'. To 
liini 1 CQiiiftimiicatcd my cJrcuiaittaiicGti, 
aiid it t> la hit jjoadnftii I am iudcbtcd 
for the nitnation I at proent (ill, and Hrve- 
ral ot^pr Trry Tnluabln benofils, obiRh he 
thoilfbl pri>ppT grnrrouily lo confer. My 
dreumttaDces Amx (hat lime are ton vrcll 
knofm to you to need any further cluciib- 
<6mi. It i* thruugh your kind aaalatanoe 
I nade myMlf Uina far acfiiuiinled with 
(ha Arable, P«r«ian, and IlindooalBncelnn- 
pufta, of my prog^rMc in wbicli yoii arv 
BDdotACcdly tbc beat jiid(r." 

It tbuB BpjicarB t)iu Mr. Lee liad rai- 
dered hiiiLidf fainilinr widi tlic l>allii, 
OrMJi, Ucbeuw, Clialdoc. Striae, and Ka- 
narllan prttinualy tn hii inlradanliAii lo 
ArcbiUauon C'orbctl and Junatlian Scott, 
ra<|. andcT wIidk.- fnslEring [ri<iulitbt|i he 
iraa brongbt into public DoliL'e. 

To ibc foresoini; nurratiic Mr. aftcr- 
warda Dr. Svoti, hu rentarltcd, that the 
Mafataiice Mr. Lm ao gral«fat]j ipeaka of 
from hiniMilf *' contifted cbidly in a loan of 
books, and direciinic him in pranancia- 
tlon. H« vantad no other. In the ourie 
of » Hit iiiuritlit he na* able not only to 
read and truiuliKK from aoy Arabic or 
IVniait maniiooripl, but to c-oinpotc io 
thoM laDguagaa. (le haa urnt m-: tran«ti- 
tlou IdU AraUe wA Punisn of MVural of 
I^. Johnion't Oriental aiwtoj^ac In Ibe 

Rambler, and of AJdiaon'aVIiion ofl 
in th« Spectator. They ««r« wondarfnilf 1 
wtM done ; and io tht* opinion I am na(A 
aluuulur, aa Ibey hB*n met alao Ibi! appro*] 
tkatiuD of Mr. Jusu Anderaon, "bOMj 
abililict aa an Oriunlatiitt are aulKclratlf 1 
cBlabliibnl to render liia applauae hjgbv] 
■atiBfietory. Mr. Iav, iii addition to bU 
Icnoirledga of tha dead and Eaiileni lan- 
guagoi. baa mado atia oonilderablei ]>n>- 
Qcieney in freiicb. liitrmaii, and Italtiuu 
With hit amaxiuK locilily of aoipiiriNg lau- 1 
inui|[«a he poiinsts (osto for tlo^int Dum> 
poailion. and lini tiu slight poetlunl talontap' 
of *hii:ti 1 haTir Kca tatae apecioiena in ' 
ICnglith and Ljitin i alao a Parody of 
<;rBj'« Odn lo AdTerwily, In Greek andl 
Sajiphio vene, wbicb tomyeleilt Juitg«* 
pronounce a furprising effort oi aclf-iu- 
etruotcd Rcniua." 

For tuD or tbtee yvirt prtvionaly to 
l(<13 (Ibc date of the dliove iftl«r), Mr, 
Lee held the Midterahip oi Bowdler'a 
Fouiidatian Sobool in Shreirabury (wbiub 
he oblaioed tbniugh the inli^rrat of Ari-'b- 
dtncon CirrbiLt), in addition to wbicb bo 
nlno nttimdrid tno acboula as utciiclicrof 
nritbniplic. mid at n frw priTnt? h^^iiBff . 
iaalraclOF in I'triiau and lliiiJuUiitaiifc ta 
\\\r. inna of geiiitlrmen whu eipeuted ap- 
]iuintrarDts in Ibp ei«il at military lervicea 
nf Che llin. I^ait India Cunpany; and 
the prngrmt mnilci by hia piipih ibewedf 
aa Mr. Seotl ntatet, " that be bad Ibc art I 
of «oav«yini; ImowJcJiti; to other* — an ait^ 
n-ot ninayii poiauacd. by the learned." 

In IMI3 Mr. Lee left Sbrevibury and 
obtained an cnjtagement witli the Cliurch 
MiiiiwiBry .Society. In the wme year he 
entered at Qucca a Collrga, Cambridge 
Id I8IJ toob bia docrve of U.A. and on 
bia exaraination by Or. Buchanan hs 
■Itewed anch ikill and prolirieDoy aa drew 
fnrlh Ibe approliatiou of those palruni auil 
friends who hid intervited tbemaelvea iu 
hianelfarci nor should iibc omitted tha;, 
when be mtered colIef(e, bo mu unnc- 
quointed with maths ma lic«, but in the 
coor** of a fortnight be had i|iiallfl«(l blm- 
aelf ta attend a claac which bad gone 
tbrongb lafcrol book* of Euelid. 

Mr. Lk, in the folloirinK year, preached 
a learned and imll directed acnnon at St, 
Cbad'a Charch, Shieinbary, in aid of the 
fitnilt of the Sbrojiabire AoiiUar; Bible 
Soeiety; and at tbt anniTeraary meeting 
of the sane aodety, in the next year, hia 
rnrly friend and palrtin, the Yen. Arch- 
dracnn Corbett. pmideiiC of tlie iii*titu< 
lion. In an in^rnioot adilrrNi, brnugbt for- 
ward the cxlraardioory abiltica of Mr. I^e* 
and drew aq tnulo);]' bctwaco bito and the 
Admirable Cricbton, wbicib, aUhcogh per- 
haps rather forotd io r^ard to same ae- 
complUbmsnts, (an to Mr. Lee, a* ra> 


OniTUAay*— /£nr. Saimut Lft, DM. 


pofotdanuH of 

•|W«ted lugMgM. k 


Ob Ita lUh at Marrti, l»IS. be «h 
bIccuJ, by 8 uiijuTliy of !) to 4. Arabic 
PirofMaor of tba U dI < cnity of Cambrirfxo. 
kavii^ Imcd iiBt (bUi rKmiaatMW hj tW 
Hm. ud 1U«. iba Vioc-CbuHcUor. NM 
fctfiag, bowsMT. bets at evlln|a Iba Uui« 
iMttl Fm taklag hU ilr|nr«f M.A. n- 
qafaita to hb aUndiiiK for ilie cbair, a 
GnM pMMd iba tkiiaM lo rapfilicalr Ter 
■ mutiUmua fran (b« Prinoa Rcfcnt. 
vbtoh iTM fTMioMljr siaolnl bf bU roy*! 
bubuM. H* NMivcil in 1822, uno- 
llnUd «id in tb« SKitt flaUarinf ibiomt, 

k dtploOH Mnfcn4l>( (br •Irtne of D.D. 

ha« lb« Usheradt; of Dalle. I'M* <litl 
aati luwnar, inpiwe fileoco on him m 
■Ulinf , i«me iimc tflMwardii, tbc r«M«a- 
Ablcacu of th« Oftboiloi <ic«* of Cbri*- 
tianily na ovpfMcd (a lbs rmliO(UlJ*iD ol 
Gerniai);. la IKS baoblMJaMl (be tp- 

CBinlmfiit at (.--liiiiilaln uf llic caal at C«ia- 
lidfc aiMl ia IH2-*' bo wo* (>nwBl«il Ui 
Uw t uc lflf y «( Ibkoa wUb Uatrusat«> To 
Um lUtniii 6f B.D. ho MocectUl in I i-2i. 
Ill 1831 bo wu elcMM R«fiat Prirfeuor 
of Hrlinn in iIm (JsiTcnity of Cub- 
bfidp. nilb lU aecompuijtiii itall in tbe 
Mihcrinl of Itriual. Ilia llebrcw \tc- 
larta •■braced aa utesan field of Uti* 
licil cntkwn, UlMtraM hjr Ibibmbm 
tf«m of lAdait and BBdan liMnlan. 
In 1833 the die(PH of D.D. wm cmfbrrtd 
ii|iou him al (.'awbrf^p, (« wbicb Doca- 
aion Dr. T*rU>n, tbe ProfCMOr of Di- 
TiBitir, in bh tlttaal I.atw cratinn, ci- 
pnMtd tbc MJ«iralia« wiUi i-bicb, in 
Mmmon <rUb tbc wbote Univ»r*tCf, b( 
bad b«lMU Ibe MhicvctDtsta »f I'ntfauor 
liM't amuiuf taleul anil iudutir; < diUi- 
tniltj oBlf nccmed to futuuli ■duiului ; 
aoil wbilat m maay uihtr OntrMil Ian- 
piagta hwl nouTM imbi idem lib li(lit 
fivm Ua labows. ll«bf«« capnnllx bad 

b«aO KMU«d froiB UM B(glM( OMMMMiacI 

alba daricnea* and inutaacy la wUob the 
ibiaiual ajrrtem had ao Vatif ioi-alved it. 
Nor IcM did kb ctaMucal mtilltkiB de- 
Maud adniration, aiBco Iba Latin icniKiB 
frbiob Jir. Lm b«d dcliicml do tbe ocea- 
non di»{>b)red tlio atcuiaof bmI tula of 
LMia comiMitMn. In the aaM* f««r, on 
CamMBnaawat Saodajr, June JQth, Dr. 
Ltc alaa preaclieil an EsgUab aennon 
beroTc lli« Uairctiit; aud a lame congrc- 
cation, beins itic limo uf Ibe naeetinx «( 
tba Bfitiib AaMciation (or Ibe PrvmoUvu 
of SckMO. 

Aa a aeholar Dr. Lm vaa at all tteea 
laad J to raoci*e a "pp^"* viUiotU bafnf 
offaaded , anil aa irilliq[ to bnpart lafbriBa- 
tloB to tboiae nbu aariiMlIt aaugiit itfruin 
Um. Uia knowladga of Biblical antl On- 
oHbI litMilKtv waa luafOBMl aud atUu- 

HTc, hk raadiBK daq> anil varied, and to 
tbu wai nnilaa eaaij qnslifiraliun •mV 
wold adoni and dbtiiiKiutb Ilia 
plMiad erilic and aebolar, and *1U na 
dovbt Moaa Mm Baae to bo looi ranrmi 
and reiwvMd la Ibia aad dittani nailsna. 
It mnat. bonerar, be vnalimad tbat Dr. 
Lee differed (roaa otb#r leaned mwb ob 
•«v«ral poinU, and allboa|b it ia i 
that he ann bo rigbtt bianattdiaritwo I 
btm coauiderod a ■tambfiag Uocb !• I 
grarnsiar ituiltBt, beoaiiaa atwb 
aaaa Miafce uM oT booka »p to a i 
pcdnl and in eertaiu naaa In wblah 
ojipouie duclrlBe to Dr. Leo'a ii tangbb' 
aBd then hai tu canaidcr irhelfccr be ihaU 
■dofit Dr. b»'« eolnioB aod anleani wliat 
be ua* ptetMiutli tiBrBcd ? 

Dr. Lc* »pp«an to bare botn oa all 
o«caaioaa micb intBrcatad In tbe aN<Bla- 
(ien of Um Striptvea, bdlcviBs aa ba did 
tbat a dnqi M^ualnunea Biih tbe Bible 
ha* a ((nicnc) Iratb to humble and eu>U 
ibfl mind, and to *u(tm aod varm tbe 
baarl. aad to " OMke (be uoa not omto 
MauBaaulable br l»< un.-eriiy tban ad- 
»irabla for Ua nurtalni^n uud relianee au 
tba Dhine fuwer." He aai a vartoaBp- 
porter bT Iba coMtiiatinn of Ibe natJOBol 
cburab, and alwaya cnnood a doc ajwdetyi ^ 
to pranelia tba apuiloBi weUwa of tbi 
ao^BtM to bie flharft, dki baains Ua i 
d««*owi BMW Ifca doelriaea of baiaaB I 
babilhie*, mi b^ a Henn (ailh in ibr e«-Bp*«1 
ratiou uf Uirioe imiitannc. Hia ptrty ■!•( 
tincvTc aiid practical, not of a tbearclical I 
■fiecwlaliro lutiire. Hcaioidedtba 
taphpieal ijatniwafCBlTinBDdArainiaai*'] 
whklt diYid* tba E*tablid>ed Cbnrcb 
Wt lliiii Ibe neeHnc-bouaea of tb« 
MBiera t oaiuidering il aa oita aiatn datf 
ol tlie Cbriatian nuiualBr, by a caraftil and 
patient nae of all tbe aooraidlile maiu at 
■oalruoliini, to inbroi bimaclf who) an or 
«b*l arr ovt tbi deolaratHMW of Uat| 
Seripture, " and tbeo, but not UU ibcn, t« 
prooMd to Ibj opra u> oihcn tb* whole 
noBBicl vl Uo<I." 

AnoDK ibn maoy Tiluable poblicatioiH 
wblcb bUI form a latti^t moid of tbc ii» 
tinax reacanihca and pcnaTcraoea oT DTi 
Leu Ibe foUoviu naj b« oBVioenlad, la 
llflS,tbe K|Tiae NawXeatanantiandailb- 
aoqiHmUy tb« Old TaOanaBt. Ha adMad 
llw Malay Scrifituna. tba AnHc wtd 
Coptic Pwlter and Go«|iili. and tfaiw- 
latol tlic Book at Gcocab into FlmiMi, 
and vaj lilicwi)« olitor of 3d«flyn'4 Per- 
bUb ud Uiudiwttauta TaatamoaL Ib 
llll7,aBd tboaabaaquant taar, b« aBntMi. 
tended tb« tliadooatanaa Pnjar Book, ud 
Marnins and EtMiiiiK Prayera la PiMie, 
and wrote tba tiJMoty of Iba AbfBlnlaB 
Bod Sjriau Cburabea (or tbe Aninal Iba- 
rott of tbe Cbtirvb Uiaikwary Sudcty 

1853.] OnTTUARY. — Samuel Merrimau. Esq. M.D. 

Id 18V0, Ihs OraiDinitr md Voc>liaUr7 "^ 
ibr New iltulaad L^ii^uigc. Two ScimuiiH 

ErtachcJ Bl Sn. Cluil'* Chuicli. Slm*»- 
aiy, for thn bcacGt of Ihe PurDcliial 
ScliooU. In ISfl.SjlIogcLibrorumOri- 
mtaUlun, ud Lcner ta tlrllamy n^init 
Ui tiwifiaaon oflLf UiMf!. In 1934 iml 
IfSS occnrnd ir» CaiitroTctty «itb Dr. 
HeniLrrnn: ind nbout thit limn he editw! 
Sir W, Jcmrt's Pi-ninn vhioh 
a nsw edition ivp|tcnri.-cl in 1 'i'l^, anil like* 
f )m printed toav ConlrovFriiialTricI^ on 
Clirlirluillyand MAbomrtaniiimbjMnrljn. 
Ht* H«bre« GrUDtniir Bppcnrvd in 18.10, 
•ncl iu the tnmt jtu a Tolaabli? volume of 
Sli Sertnont on the itndjr of ttie Holy 
Bcripturca, ti> wbicli arc antiriod " DU- 
atrtmtioni " on tbc reuonBtiloiicw of Chric 
tianilyi tto a« op]>o>fd in the IlBtion«I. 
Itm in Gernaof, ind an Eiisotitinn of the 
Book of RcTdatioQi. Abn i\\e Liiiji I'ro- 
[oganunl lo Banm*a Paljtgl'itl BiMc. In 
leu. the Tnidn of John Batula, tran*< 
Uted from the Arabic t uid n C<jntrovtray 
onUmritb* QuMtion (ritb Mi. J. 8. Frr, of 
Bridtol. In ll^^t. u SFrmoiion the Primi- 
tive Sahbulli, anA " A U'tter tu Dr, Pye 
Smith on Uiiteoi." In 1837, "llir Book 
of Job, iranilniHl from lli« original H«- 
bntiTi CD irbich is BppEndnl a Criliro) 
CoBuncDUrj cluridatins •Ulitt pUMgca «f 
Holy Writ." lo \%W, n V'initatiati S«nnTiD, 
wMl an ADiv^r lo Dr. VVIi«man on the 
Bnchnriil. a* h«!d )iy tlir Syriun CIturch. 
tbl«)rear alao, B llcbrea.ChalilBlc, and 
(Bb)] Lviicnn. tJoiilci thtar, tm.-ni] 
tntKclluieaaB (anphlcta, smnont, &c'. 
ilti ■ wiotj of contribulion* <o pprimll. 
lilcnhire, ImunI hvm hi* fertiU nnd 
aDtirjng |ien, which \t wonld oxcwd the 
precnit limited i|>*«e farther lo pir(icn> 

An cxi*ll«itporti*iiofDr,Lcr.|«iiLtttl 
■nd preeeated ttj Rkhanl Btani, cai). n 
imthv of Shrrwibnnr, i« plact-d In llic 
Subacription N«"r( R-Min of tlist town, 
fhiai *hioh an engraiing t)v W. 1'. Fry 
ina |>ubD»)ii:il in U3.1 by Phh«r tad Soti. 
lAfidon. Dr. Lee was twice tnairlod. 

U. P. 


Baui^hl MnaftiMhM, E«q. M.D. 
IVov. 32. Aged St. KatBud Mnrinan, 
I M.n. of BmnlC'Cimi, Onunnor^qiiirv, 
[Ud Rodbnumc Cheney, Wilts. 

Tliaaubiect«f chu mtmnir n<u boni tin 
. .Iw S&tb An of October, 1771, at NUrl- 
bcroDgli, in Wiluhirc. llit father. Ben- 
»min,«rit« the rlditat *anol Mr. Niihanlel 
HemiTiBn of thr atniR placr, wha vn ttn 
■oa of anotbtt Nuhanlri, the yoangrtt 
■on of John Merdiuao, ■ caiiUlo ia the 
■my of Oilier CromwcU. Hb motber 
wu HarjF, 4Unt dwa^tsr of Mr. Waiiun 
IU«kM of MaHboroOBh, and nleoi to Sir 

Mii-hnifl Fo«i(T. one of the JaiticM tif HIa 
Mi^ealf'a Court iifKlnK'i Elmch. '■Ii-jwm 
Mr. Benjamin Mcrrinun'ii kc<)'"! wife, 
the finrt UntinE bren a Mim Marten of 
Marlboroagb, aunt to the Urindiri-G«ne- 
r«l Itichard Smith, M.P. who wax im- 
prituned with ThuniBi Brand lluiii>, eM|. 
for bribery at Crlcklntln; bo oflflneo for 
which Ihe ffTinchiin i>F MM hDmuich wu 
I'llcnded (o (hr rirrholdcn of (he ailjdn- 
ias bniiilredii. Mr. Dcnjimin Mcrrimaa 
hnd a lorKe buainc** In MBrlborou|h nc • 
brewer, lie wa« «Uo a man of wHentifle 
punuiti, and the author of (erernl polili. 
cal and other pamphlet*, and eauyi, some 
of whidiwcre incettod in tbcGcnllemon'a 
Magaiinr. He nUn received from the 
Kucjtiy of ArtB ia tbe Adolpbi, and from 
tb# Ittth .\gncultural Socitly, oiedaU for 
T.triouK machine* thAl be inrented. 

L)r. Merriroan wai early aenl to the Free 
Gfammnr School it Mnrlboroash, fnuuded 
hf Kbig Bdward VI. and pcevlded orer nt 
tMt tlaao by the Ker. Juiepb Eilwwili. 
On booODiinK the bead boy of the •ohool 
hed«llrcr«d theanaual Latin qiceehbefbro 
tlii> RcT, Ch*rlM Prtact*. on that genllr' 
niin*«l)elog«woTn In mayor of Ibc borongh 
In Ser4rmber 1TH3. 

In Oelubcr \'H Mr. Hcajamla Mcrri- 
□laaandbii fuoiiljrrnnuitd lu London, nnd 
wry nhortly aftarwarda tti< aoo tvok np 
hU midfiiw with hti unele, Dr. Samnci 
Marrlraan, of Que^n-atreet, May Pair, of 
wboiu • mi'inoir is pabllihed in Che Gca- 
tlcmau'a Magaikuc for la 11^. Of thi* 
ioumcy, j)ruMcuC(il u fhi ai Nt^bury ilie 
prauding day, il it rrcorJed, "the nnil 
morning at ax o'clcMik we act off In tbs 
Niiwhur^ DUIgcnM, eallvd In abort Ihe 
Dilly, wtilrh manned to bring; na tu LoUp 
dna hy a lliilc paal Dtc In tbe twaXn^" 

Dr. Merrimaji'a education in el«»alc«, 
Ac. wai tontinninl )>artly nndcr t)ic tuition 
of Mr. U»bert Roy, of Old Burlington- 
Ktreet.aml purtly by tlia careful tnatnlction 
of hia unelc, undrr ilioBe able diaclpllne 
at B lain pcrind, and Ihat of hh coualn, 
Willinni Merriman, then in icood pracUoc, 
be puriocd hia nicdicil ttndics, and mdo 
became catabliabed in prectiM ai on 

In IT99 be married hia uncle'a only 
Kuriinnii daughter Kna, continuinK. how- 
cTcr, ttin to reside in hi* uni-le'i home in 
Qneea-itrcet ; bat In 1S(T he entered into 
partnenliip iritb Mi. Pcrcf{rine, lo wIiodi 
t<a Boon rFiigned the general pmotice, 
limiting himMlf toLliatof midwifery alotM. 

A va.;aQcy oeenrring ilxiat Ihla lime In 
tbc office of phjiidan-.iceoncheiir to the 
WeilminttcrOencTal Ditpeniaiy.beaoLuht 
for and obtained tbc ippointmenl. Ih« ho- 
ourary lUpIoma of M.D. from Maeiukal 
ooUege, Aberdeen, baling been prerloualj 



OniTUARV^— SowmV MerrinmH, JSVy. M.D. f^Ftlb, 

gnnied to Um. For tlii* n ptvlisitiurj 
utamlMtloii WM rei|iiirMl, wVeb wu very 
klwlly unileruke* ia Landcm b; Dr. 
YkU|nADi tflcraiuili Sir llearj nilfard. 
Bkrt. Uc Will iliiaai>tH.-i»toi;ul lill IBI&. 
Ill 1809 bQKu vlcclcih l« the like offioe at 
Iha MldcUMBX HMplUl, wbire Ibo next 

Cir bf fiMUDMiced hi* KniiniKl ojureo of 
tuTM on mldvlhtj, and oaiitiii<wd tbcm 
rcialmrljr tin the jfmi ItlU. Ho alw Is 
Iflw 1 gare ihrDC courMi of Icctara at 
SI. Btrtbolanivw** Hotpltsl flaHng tbe 
ttwoMnaj ilbiftM of Dr- Oooch. Thu* 
ka Rv^Qcntly leclnred twi^is on the ome 

For HTtnl other vtrj iatervatioD jibt- 
tlcubn conoocteO nltb Df. MrrTiaikn'n 
carl; nrifnulnnal life, and bU oanoMlion 

with Ui« MiiUlMfti llo*p(al, HC refer our 
riMwIor* to a ntoioir of bini publUlied ia 
the Lanotl for tianaher :W. is:i0. 

Dr. M«niinaa'a lit^al ri|ht U practiio 
ntediaac atotc from bi